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Monday – 06/13/2011

Are you from another dimension? (cont.)

Introductory Notes by Wynn Free

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Channeled and Edited by Terry Brown

Transcribed by Connie O'Brien

This is the Wynn Free Monday night conference call/simulcast with the BBS Radio and our conference line; and, our listeners and our replay listeners. Thank you all for being here…

This is the Monday night; the date is June 13th.

I’m blown away by the quality of people who are coming into the calls and I’m blown away by the people that come in and go through big changes just because they show up on the calls. Every so often I get emails from somebody – I get emails from lots of you, but sometimes I get emails from somebody that I’ve never heard from, didn’t know they exist, and they’ve been coming and listening to the calls for a long time, a year, and they say “Oh my God, my whole life has changed” and that amazes me. Because it’s hard to believe you could change somebody’s life that you never talk to. That’s proof that the system works. I really appreciate all the emails that you guys have sent, and the sharing of your good experiences and sending care and love to Terry and I. If you really track the story, it’s been a really long haul getting to the place where we found a way to make what we’re doing acceptable and safe.

We have this amazing, interesting talk this evening: a dialog we’re going to have, continuing our dialogue on “Are you from another dimension?” Just to bring anyone who didn’t hear our last week’s call up to speed, as most of you who check into the line even semi-regularly know that we are in communication with a voice that identifies itself as a conglomerate of two group souls that are both way up there in the realms. One of them made up of graduates, got off the wheel of reincarnation from this realm, and the other one is the one who created this realm. I know it sounds ludicrous that we’re doing this, but that’s who they say they are. I tell people “Just keep listening, and you decide if it’s true or not.”

We talk to them on this line and the most extraordinary thing is the energies that come on the line during the calls, particularly our Sunday call. If you’ve never listened to a Sunday call, please put it on your schedule. You can go to and you’ll get the schedule for all of our calls. The Sunday call, I think is not so much based on getting information or (on) questions, it’s based on bringing their energy into this realm in a way that you can feel it. Many people feel it; it’s extraordinary. For a long time I said it was an experiment and I was testing it, because on this side, I’m just talking on a phone line. I say “If I do this will this work, will I look like an idiot?” I kept doing it and I kept getting emails and I could see energy in the room. We have people on the line who are very intuitive and psychic so they can feel the energies, they can feel the presence. They kept emailing me and then our sources would say “Yes, that was us.”

If you imagine we have these group souls in other dimensions that they can beam in what they call love-light energy” into our physical space so that we can feel it all around us. Some of you who are sensitive noticed: as soon as I said “beam in love-light energy” did you notice the tingles come through your body? I did. I know some of you noticed it. They pay attention and all they need is the slightest encouragement, and *boom*, they’re here. There’s no obligation, there’s no control patterns. It’s just pure loving energy rolling through you – feel it? Then, they talk to us.

One of the cosmologies in our long period of conversations which came through both my conversations with them and the book I wrote, “The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce” is the idea that millions of people on this planet actually came from higher dimensions and volunteered to come into this planet to be of service. Once they took a body they had no memory of that decision and they had a tendency to get lost in this realm for many, many lifetimes. The beings in this realm, the humans that have started from the Ra group are called Wanderers and the ones that started from the Elohim group are called Star seeds. Wanderers are Ra downloads, Ra souls: tend to be psychic, they tend to be wise, they say the Elohim souls – somebody asked this question – tend to be geometric, angelic. I’ve said last week that you could take Leonard Cohen as an example of a Ra soul, that’s my opinion. You could take Donnie and Marie Osmond, when they were young before they got started getting screwed up in this realm, as examples of Elohim souls.

So you can kind of grasp the intuitive signatures of both groups. All of them tend to get trapped in this realm. Why did they come here? They come here because if no one ever volunteered to come in from the higher dimensions into this realm, this realm would fall under the total power of the negative and everyone in it would end up enslaved by the negative. Even knowing that you may have had only a 10% chance of figuring out your mission, it was a great sacrifice to come into this realm against those odds knowing that if no one did it, the realm was lost. One of the things that’s happening on our calls is that we are helping to connect people’s energies with these higher group souls. In many cases they’re being reconnected with what would be your soul family, where you came from. One of the great values of you being an interdimensional soul in this realm is that you have the ability to make that connection and feel the energies. Now, they have a ground crew – we’re the ground crew and they’re the sky crew - and we both need each other to make the planet evolve, to raise the vibration of the planet.

Many of you wonder how to be of serve and guess what? What greater service could you be than just holding the frequency of the higher realms in this realm? As you do that you automatically become more loving, you automatically keep changing people’s energies. You don’t have to do big ceremonies or be a Shaman and burn incense and all that stuff. You are the source. Many of you are learning that.

We don’t usually take questions on Mondays but there were a couple of questions that came in which I will try to get to. Terry has been kind of fairly tough, but she doesn’t like me to go too long. As seamless as it seems when Terry channels and as easy as it seems, it usually still makes her tired and she has other things she has to do. Some of you may know that Edgar Cayce, towards the end of his life, became famous. There was an article about him in The New York Times and they were bringing bagfuls of mail into his house from people who needed his help. His sources told him that he should only do two readings a day; if he did more than that he would endanger his life. But he wouldn’t follow their suggestion, and he did eight readings in a day and he died shortly thereafter. It has something to do with the pineal gland. So when Terry tells me to take it easy on her, then I respect that. Terry, are you there?

Terry: I’m here.

Wynn: What is your experience when you channel for too long a period of time?

Terry: While I’m doing it, it’s really, really a good experience, like it seems real clear and things are just coming through and everything seems real easy. But then when I disconnect from those guys, everything that we covered… like, they have such a global look. They might be looking at the collective consensus reality of earth, or they might be looking at the whole planet; and, we see the planet like as a globe. When I come back to my own self it’s a whole big shift. Then, all of a sudden, I get real tired because I have to process that. For instance, I got really tired when we looked at the nuclear reactors in Japan, it seemed easy to look at them. Then, afterwards it’s like shifting back to my own consciousness and I just to sleep for a long time to take into account the two worlds.

Wynn: Yeah. That’s the explanation for why we do this; why when we stop early we have to give Terry a rest. That’s why sometimes, I talk a long time at the beginning – because some people think “Wynn, shut up! Where are they?” I’m doing two things – I’m first helping to create a platform of energy. The more happy and the more fun we’re having, real fun with each other, what we’re doing is we’re creating a group energy in this realm. When Terry starts, we have a group energy talking to a group energy, instead of there (being) nothing to anchor their energy to. We’re creating the foundation so they can anchor their energy and the more anchored it is the more easy it is for Terry. Otherwise, there’s too much of a gap between where they are and where we are. When you channel and there’s a big gap, it’s my belief that’s when people get negatively attacked, because there’s this gap between where you’re channeling form and the physical realm. In that gap, partially, is the negative. So, the better job we do of saying ‘hello’ in the beginning and greeting each other and then genuinely open to start with, the safer and easier it is to bring the information through.

It’s not normal to be doing this publicly and if you look throughout history you’ll find not very many instances where somebody was public and bringing the Elohim through in a public way that lived to tell about it very long. We’re doing it! All of you who are on the calls are very much appreciated, because you are holding the energy; that’s not just me entertaining you, it’s us holding the energy. I’m facilitating and Terry’s the mouthpiece. On that note, let’s go into our questions.

Last week we talked about Wanderers, Wanderers being from the Ra group. Wanderers tend to come in more as ‘Lone Rangers’ down here. The way I got the picture: Wanderers are still exploring the Universe; they’re having fun. It’s like they’re Universe Surfers: “Let’s go to earth!” Let’s have a lifetime in Jupiter (for example); they have a certain amount of freedom. But, they come to earth and they probably get stuck here. The Elohim group tends to come in as groups and they come in as groups and they take care of each other more. An example of how you come in as a group: If you start a religion and then have those that are born in that religion be Elohim souls - it puts them all in the same group. Supposedly, the Mormons were a religion of recent times that had a lot of Elohim Star seeds come into it.

Once they are in this realm they have no memory of why they’re here and what they’re here for. If you look at the Mormon doctrine you’ll find that it says “You’re coming into Earth and when you leave this realm, you’ll be making planets and star systems.” No other religion says that. Mormons don’t know this is true. But, if you look at Mormons you’ll see a group of people who take care of each other better than anyone else, any other religion, that tend to be very effective in the things that they do; they tend to be very successful. They tend to be very good-looking and that’s all part of being an Elohim soul in this realm. They also have no wisdom of this realm. If you look up the statistics you’ll find more Mormons are in the CIA than any other religion because they are so effective the negative would love to harness the Elohim souls in this realm. It’s very amazing the way it actually works.

I’m not saying any of that’s true. I have made my own observation that Mormons are different, not all of them, in general there’s a big difference. Why are they different? I mean, they’re just another religion, what is that religion creating people that have a certain aspect that’s different? It’s not because of their religion; it’s because they are Elohim souls. Originally they were all Elohim souls and now 30%, in one of their messages, said they were Elohim souls. We’re going to find out more about Elohim souls in this realm. Other times in history when groups of Elohim souls came in, even how Elohim souls came into this realm and because of their power once they were in this realm became negative. Much of the negative we experience in the world was because of Elohim souls that came in and took power. I don’t think I’m wrong; I think we’ve asked that in channelings, but if they want to correct that they can. This is a key to the way our realm has evolved into what it is.

Father Mother God we ask for the presence of the light to surround and protect Terry and myself and everyone on this line, and any negativity be taken to the higher realms of light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through our solar system, through the planetary fields and the sun, through the outer energy fields of the earth, through our bodies and into the center of the Earth. Right now, we invoke a group consciousness, a blending of all our souls, honoring the free will of everyone while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our individualities, and we invite those sources that are positive, service-to-others, honoring the Law of One, to join with us to create a protected space that only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now. Do we have our sources present?

Ra’an: We greet you in the love light of the One Infinite Creator. This is June 13th, 2011 and we are in the process right now of focusing into the seemingly tiny space of the area of Sedona, or the area of the channeling entity. We then greet each and every one of you who are listening to the call or listening to the playback line or reading a transcript and it is our joy; as if it is a Great Reunion when we come together, as many of you have been Wanderers and have been long away from home. It is a joy to make connection again with each and every one of you. You had commented, Wynn, concerning the individuals who are from the Elohim group who move into the earth. The individuals do have wisdom; they are very loving or tend to be very loving individuals, particularly when they first come into the realm before they have taken on so many traits of the consensus reality in the realm. They have not learned as yet the ins and outs of the frequencies in the lower dimensions. It is somewhat unnerving for them but over time they do master it, over lifetimes. Do you have questions?

Wynn: To start with we talked about there’s twelve million Elohim souls in a body. Some of them…

Ra’an: Yes.

Wynn: End up being service-to-self, I believe. Once they’re here and they understand the power they have in this realm. I don’t think they understand why they have the power; maybe you could comment on that, how that happens if it does. What percentage of the twelve million would be called service-to-self?

Ra’an: They come in with some magical abilities and qualities which were their nature on the other side. They have the confidence within themselves that they can apply within the third dimension. This confidence can lead them into over-reaching and over-expressing their power, as it is not totally clear to them that they may over-ride others due to their magical qualities and abilities. They have a task in front of them of learning how to integrate the lower frequencies into making a new life for themselves in the third dimension.

They may, due to confidence and lack of impediments in their path, lack of frustrations, naturally be more powerful than other individuals and may experience less blockage than other individuals in the third dimension; particularly those that have been in the third dimension for a while. Sometimes, they may then, not taking into consideration the other fellow, as the other fellow is so easy to over-ride, they may become in love with their own power and have to go through a period of expression of their power until they learn how to use the tools of the third dimension that are available to them, and to consider others in the give-and-take. They do have a background of a very loving space, which can help guide them through this totally new life in the third dimension. Do you have more questions?

Wynn: How does this relate to the Biblical expression of “fallen angels”?

Ra’an: Angels are of a lower realm; “fallen” is a catch-all word and there are so many complexities and situations, we do not wish to place the majority of these people into a category of “fallen”, as individuals are in the third dimension and they may become obsessed even, with power, and may use short-cuts to obtaining their will and they can then fall into a category of “fallen”. We would not call them “fallen angels”; there are angels in the category of individuals that are inhabiting the heavenly realm and the individuals in this heavenly realm start out in the realm or move into the realm and become angels, they can then become “fallen angels.”

Wynn: How about archangels? How do they fit into this? Like Michael….

Ra’an: Archangels are a particular category of angels that have, in general, earned their wings. They can literally do things and have learned things that can help others and they have generally honed in their skill at helping individuals in using the skills in their toolbox to help others. (They) have thus earned, as we mentioned before, their wings. They generally have larger wings, as this often will help facilitate them in their tasks; also, to protect them.

Wynn: Do the archangels have a conscious awareness of their connection with the higher Elohim, in some cases? Or, all cases?

Ra’an: They do not call them generally the Elohim, but they are very familiar with the flows and use us as part of their toolbox.

Wynn: Do archangels ever come into physical embodiment; or partially come in?

Ra’an: As archangels, they have, in some cases, manifestation skills and can make themselves visible, particularly to those earth beings who can see energy formations.

Wynn: So they make themselves visible as energy formations, but not really taking on physical bodies?

Ra’an: No, not really taking on solid physical bodies in the third dimension.

Wynn: How about Elohim souls that take on bodies? Do they lose their connection to the Elohim in most cases? The celestial Elohim?

Ra’an: As with anyone who comes into the third dimension and takes on a physical body in that dimension, it is disorienting to their past memory track, as other influences come in and over-ride their memory. For an example: a body has many cells, it has many life forms in it, it is a composite. When an individual takes on the body they then are viewing through these many life forms, many cells, working together. As such, they have taken on the cloak of the realm, of the third dimension and tend to forget. Although within their own self they still have all of the vibrance, all of the resonance, with the higher frequencies.

Wynn: Thank you. When people come on our calls they have a very easy time feeling the energies on the call – some do, and some do after a period of time. Some feel it in their bodies, there are different ways that people feel the energies. When people feel the energies real strongly, is that an indication that they’re a Wanderer or a Star seed?

Ra’an: It is not necessarily an indication of that. That is not necessarily an indication they are Star seed or a Wanderer; it is an indication that they have a clearer view, a clearer sense, of self. Not so much interruption within the life-force so that it is much like a clear pool reflects an image. They more stress, the more turbulent pool. A more turbulent pool does not reflect the image and there is more going on that disperses the energy before it gets to the individual.

Wynn: Thank you. We have the question from a couple of people is: how can they tell if they fit under the category of Star seed or Wanderer? I do know that we had one person that had a reading a couple of months ago and we particularly asked that question. They were told that they were an Elohim Star seed; I know it shifted them. I know it increased their connection just hearing that information. How can a person, what kind of self-test, can a person do to see if they’re from a higher dimension? I also know there are people that come from many different planetary populations: the Pleiades, the Arcturans. Maybe Pleiades and Arcturans also stem from Elohim or Ra in some way, way back when. I think that’s a second question. Let me ask the first question, that is: how can a human on earth self-test their indications to be an interdimensional being here?

Ra’an: They can look at information on Star seeds, information on Wanderers; there are books on Wanderers. They can see which they resonate with and what vibrates their space with identification and the feeling of familiarity. Then, they would be able to identify with one or the other, or neither.

Wynn: I know there was a guy named Scott Mandel? I forget his last name, Scott Mandel something… Mandelbrock or Mandelkin perhaps?

Ra’an: Mandelker?

Wynn: Mandelker. He wrote a book called “From Elsewhere” which was just about this topic. He said he had a little quiz in there for someone to take to decide if they were from elsewhere and some of the things he talked about, some of the qualities of people who are Star seeds/Wanderers, he just said from elsewhere. They tend to be alienated; they tend to be the kinds of people with chronic fatigue syndrome or called the New Age hypersensitivity things. They tend to be very interested in spiritual things and sometimes UFOs; they tend to be very sensitive, they have trouble being in public, some of them. Everyone is individual so, people are going to be on their own path. That’s why were have all these qualities; he said these were general qualities that (Star seeds) had. They didn’t feel interested in the normal things that motivate other people, and it was like they were looking for their path and they had a really hard time finding it in the third dimension. Or, if they did, they found some way – they were an artist, they were a musician, they were painter. Maybe even an ambulance driver or a host at a hotel who was greeting people, using their ability to care and to be vibrant, to share their love with other people even though they did not know they were Wanderers or Star seeds, they were tapping into the qualities that made them feel fulfilled and not alienated. Is that in the right ball park of accuracy? Those kinds of descriptions?

Ra’an: Yes, it is. You mentioned vibrance: an individual, who comes in as a Star seed or as a Wanderer to a less degree, has a vibrance about them. They have a, we would call it, an “energy burn” that blazes away. It is a light that is part of mechanics, it is called out from the mechanics of the entry of such a soul into the third dimension; it’s an energy-burn, a vibrance, a radiance. It is very attractive to other people; they’re attracted to it like a moth to a flame, or can be. This is part of the reason that these individuals get chronic fatigue syndrome: that they extend a lot of energy just within their vibrant glow within the earth realm. They do need nutrients to really support their body that they may maintain this vibrance and also they need enough sleep that they can then support their pituitary gland, and it can recover in the sleeping time, that they can resume their vibrance in their waking hours.

Wynn: Thank you. I don’t know if you can answer this question through Terry because she does not have a conscious awareness of astrology. Somebody asked a question: are there any clues in a person’s birth chart that would indicate whether they were a Wanderer or a Star seed? That’s something I bet Daphne could answer, but let’s see if anything can come through on this.

Ra’an: Give us a moment. There is a correlation: the Wanderer is connected more with his past, where he has been in the past, and his life cycle from the past that he has established. The Star seed is more connected with the vibrance of the blazing stars and are more hooked up directly to the energy of the formation of stars when the individual comes in. In other words, the Wanderer has more of a memory of the task which then takes some of the influence of the star’s formation off of that person, and allows the person to be more in confirmation to his past, but the Star seed is more clear, more like the pool of clear water that can reflect the stars.

Wynn: Might a way of looking at that be (we talk about) the light that comes in from the center of the Universe always when we call in the light; it goes through the galaxies, our galaxy, the solar system. A person, an individual in this realm, can position their energy according to their expansiveness, in the solar system or above the solar system. A Star seed, the natural positioning of energies might be above the solar system; then they work through the solar system, but their radiance starts above it. Whereas, a Wanderer might position their energy within the solar system, so that astrology would tend to have more impact on them. That’s me kind of putting things together. Does that make sense?

Ra’an: The Star seed can be influenced more by the star system in that they, are more reflective, clear pool for energy and can resonate more easily with the configuration of the stars. (And) the Wanderer has been here and there and different places and has more of a memory of the areas where he has been that is superimposed upon where he is. It can blunt the effect of the influence of the stars.

Wynn: Does that mean the Wanderer would be more influenced by the planets?

Ra’an: (He) would be more influenced by the planets and the stars only in more of a blunted way; more of a way that would configure that individual into a past situation. The Star seed would be more with the now and more able to change and to be open for energies in the now.

Wynn: Am I true in saying that because Terry does not have a background in astrology it’s harder for her to answer a question like this?

Ra’an: It is not Terry answering this question; it is us that answers the question.

Wynn: I meant in order to get the formations through her mind to identify the areas; is it more difficult for her to express it?

Ra’an: There is little or no information within this person’s data bank concerning astrology or this subject. If there were more data within that, it would be a broader answer or a broader way to work with this subject.

Wynn: That’s exactly what I meant to ask. I didn’t mean she was answering the questions but that her data bank doesn’t have the access to the information to bring it through clear. Whereas, if we asked this question to Daphne it would be a whole different… sometimes people wonder why Terry and Daphne sound different. Part of the reason, as I understand it, is when they’re talking through either one of them, they have to access the data banks and use the memory formations…

Ra’an: Language.

Wynn: Language of each individual in order to get it formulated into words. That’s why it can sound very different through Daphne or through Terry. Am I getting that correct?

Ra’an: Yes; however, at some point there are different levels of Elohim that are also being accessed which also creates a difference.

Wynn: Difference frequencies in communications between the two?

Ra’an: Yes.

Wynn: Okay. I know in one of the questions we asked, this was a question quite some time ago and I think it’s in the book that we wrote about this. The question was answered in such a way that it said Wanderers tend to be more psychic and more intuitive; Star seed tend to think in geometrical forms. They tend to sometimes be more musical; astrologically, it seems like the planet Uranus (this may be too much for Terry) seems to connect with Ra group. Uranus is the quality of spontaneity, flashes of brilliance (or) genius. You have thoughts popping into your mind, putting things together in a brilliant way. Astrology would call that Uranian qualities: the way Uranus is aspected in your chart. Neptune is a planet of spirituality, of flow, of spirituality.

Ra’an: Flow and grace?

Wynn: Flow and grace, yeah. It seems like they would embody more of Star seed qualities, whereas Uranus would embody more of Wanderer qualities. I am saying this from my own experience of astrology, because I used to do astrology charts. But I don’t know if we can get that confirmed through Terry’s structures but I’ll put the question out and see what happens.

Ra’an: The qualities of clairvoyance are available to Wanderers as to everyone; Wanderers have the ability to see, they have more of the experience to identify what they are seeing. So, they have a clearer view of many of the things coming from frequencies within the third dimension. The Elohim see more in terms of geometric shapes and more in terms of energy-flows and they can look over situations that the Wanderers tend to look through.

The Elohim can look at situations and energies and see the flows and the results, whereas the Wanderers look more within what has happened. You had mentioned different planetary influences; it has to do with the energies of these particular solar bodies, for instance, an individual connect with.

Wynn: Yes.

Ra’an: Neptune is more of a spiritual in nature, it is more of a gaseous nature with more elements of a lighter nature. Therefore, the energies are more like that of a Star seed than Uranus, which is more of the frequencies of the chemical nature and grounding nature of the third density. Therefore, individuals who have been Wanderers can identify more with Uranus and be influenced more by Uranus when it is within their chart.

Wynn: Thank you. Maybe sometimes Daphne will grace us and we’ll ask questions about the planets like this. We’d have a different take on how it all works.

Ra’an: We’d love to have Daphne to channel.

Wynn: Okay. It’s 7:06; they told us we could go over and I’m six minutes over from Terry’s limit. Since we have some time, instead of doing any more channeling or any more verbal transmitting, maybe we could do a silent meditation and give you permission to work with all of us on the line who would like to participate in feeling the energies. Is that okay with you?

Ra’an: Yes.

Wynn: So – we thank Terry, we won’t bring her back, we’ll just stay in the silence and let ourselves be worked on. This is a free-will, permission moment so if you don’t feel comfortable then that’s fine and maybe some other time. For those of you who feel comfortable, let’s just bring those energies in. I’m not going to talk for the next two minutes.

Let’s see if all of us on the line, all of us on the replay line – this huge grid of energy each of us is bringing to this realm. Are we connecting the higher realms and connecting with each other?

Thanks Terry, thank you our sources. Turn in your questions for this Wednesday:; we’re getting really great questions lately. Thank you guys provoking the things that everyone wants to hear and we’ll see you all soon.







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