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June 15, 2011 Wednesday with the Ra'An

This is Wednesday, June 15th, Wynn in Phoenix and Terry in Sedona. Thank you all for joining us and you who are listening on the replays. Tonight we are going to be asking questions that you have submitted. We never know what's going to come up on the Wednesday night call. There is an energy on these calls that is far greater than the information we bring forth. It is something that each person has to check out and evaluate for themselves.

On that note, we have a bunch of questions and are you ready Terry?

Terry: Yes

Wynn: There are a lot of people who are volunteering to make these calls possible. We have people transcribing, people sending out emails. Suzanne Hayes in Show Low and Connie in Missouri and Gary and Gina doing transcripts and Jim in Chicago is helping in sending things out and without those people this wouldn't be happening and I thank them all for their support.

On that note, we are going to call in the light. This is my invocation to bring forth a group energy. It's quite amazing what people feel over the phone line and not even in the same room and they can feel this great energy. Our Sources say this is them. They say they can project love light energy into the realm.

(Wynn calls in the light)

We await our Sources to identify themselves and introduce themselves through Terry.

Ra'An: We greet you in the love light of the One Infinite Creator. This is June 15, 2011 and we make contact with your earth plane, with each and every individual who is on the call, or who listens to the call later, who listens to the replay line, or reads the transcript and we also make contact with the whales and dolphins and we bring in their energy of love also and with each of the light workers on planet earth. We are delighted. There are no words for the joy in brings us to make contact with each and every one of you that is listening or reading the transcripts. Do you have questions?

Wynn: Yes. This question is from Pam Hamilton. I think she is Tulsa, Oklahoma but it is a general question so you don't have to completely tune into her. She asks her question from her own point of view and the question is: When our karma has been balanced and resolved is it possible for the Higher Self soul to answer no to our requests for pain free health?

Ra'An: Yes, it is true that karma can be balanced. It is also true that you do in balancing the karma have an atmosphere that you resolve the issue without painstakingly working through each item that you have built up karma on. If you can resolve the energies in a burst or flash of energy, you can counter or balance as you say karma. It is not necessary to painstakingly live through the balancing of karma for each thing you have done in the past. You have asked further concerning pain. Pain is we pulled this whole issue apart, pain is an area within the body which is of the wrong electrical potential. There can be many other things besides karma which creates a lowered electrical potential and these things, one can isolate out and correct. One is nutrition in your diet. What is the things that is going on now is increased radioactivity in some areas of the world which can unbalance electrical potential in different parts of the body, leaving the body open to attack from bacteria and leaving the body open to a lower immunity. There are various means to correcting potential. One of them is to make sure you have an alkaline body. When there is alkalinity within the body circuits there are more electrons available within the body to correct electrical potentials. In order for healing to occur there needs to be a higher level of electrons available. So these electrons can do the work of healing. When you have an acidic body which can be the result of drinking a lot of sodas and a lot of energy drinks then the body can become too acidic and this can take electrons so they are not available to do the work of healing. Now a person can have karma which then can orient them in a punishment towards themselves to lower their electrical potential so this is a mixed bag; mixed source of the problem. If one corrects the karma they can be more oriented towards bringing more health to their body and not running their body down. So these things interplay with each other. However, an individual may live in an area, say Japan, where there has been this huge accident of radiation and this radiation then can affect people. There is such a thing as consensus reality of a whole group, which then the individual may simply have gotten to the wrong place and the wrong time if they happen to be traveling through an area where there is a consensus reality within the group that there be a retribution of some sort in that area. It is tied in, perhaps remotely, with some past karma. So it is a mixture and there is negativity in the 3rd dimension which can be brought to bare upon situations wherein the individual may seek to avoid negativity and turn out to be healthier. There are other factors such as the intention of the individual. The individual may seek to return to the heavenly realm and may have had a contract to only be here for a certain numbers of years and they may opt out and return to the heavenly realm. We hope this sheds come light upon your questions.

Wynn: I would like a clarification. We know that signals travel through the nerve system to the brain and the pain of something has to travel is a message to the brain to register pain. Is all pain caused by electrical potentials? If somebody sprains their ankle, if somebody burns themselves, somebody has cancer eating up their bodies, does it all come down to electrical potentials causing the nervous system to send a signal to the brain?

Ra'An: It does move down to electrical potentials. When you burn yourself, then you have created a disconnection within some area of the skin or body. This is a total disconnection of the proper electrical potential so the nerves on either side of the burn attempt to move through as they did before, to transfer or bridge the signals through, however, there is build up because these signals in the area of the burn can no longer be sent through. There is a cut in the circuit, so to speak, in that area of the body. In a break of a broken leg, broken ankle. There is a disconnection of the bridge, the electrical circuit in this area. There is a disruption in the flow of current and this backs up and creates pressure upon areas which did not receive a pressure previously and this pressure creates pain in the area. This back up of charge of electrons creates a burning sensation that is translated into pain.

Wynn: We know that healing can occur and transformations can occur so I think behind Peg's question is, how much can we influence an electrical imbalance through our intention, through our connection to the High Self, through our connection to the group soul energies bringing those in to impact a shift in the body.

Ra'An: One can change their mood, their tone. One can instate laughter which helps the currents to flow better. One can have better nutrition which provides electrons that can then be available for healing. One can be connected to the higher forces so strongly that they can provide electrical potential to areas that need it. One can get a machine, a modulator machine that would provide extra electrons for healing and restoration of correct electrical potential.

Wynn: Thank you.

This is a question I never asked last week. This is from Clark and Gary and has to do with the heart chakra being open.

Is there a way to monitor or measure how open your heart chakra is? I think it used to be closed before my stroke and my stroke was part of my path of beginning to be aware and open this chakra. Being new to living from the heart, not the head. The old engineer part of me wants to be reassured or know if I am on a heart path now. Can Source energies bring me any discernment on this right now. Now that was Clark's question and I think I will read it separately from Gary's question. I will turn the floor over to you.

Ra'An: Thank you.

It is important to connect, not only with the higher forces, but to connect with others you have an affinity with. It can be a joy to take items within your life that can bring you joy and you can then sense joy. One of the things that you can tell is if you can receive joy, so that it is not only giving but also receiving. When your heart is open then you can be open to receiving, even if it is very small things within your life. Sometimes often in fact, a stroke can orient an individual more to having an open heart and can reorient the individual to the importance of life and love of those that they are connected to, as well as those in the higher realms.

Wynn: Thank you.

Let's take a moment and those of us who really have open hearts, lets just focus on that heart energy and surround everyone who is listening on this call with heart energy and if you feel a tug in that area, I am open to receive and let it in. Let's just take a moment right now to do that. Imagine like a big beam of love aiming right at your chest.

(silent pause)

Wynn: Ok. Now we are going to ask Garys question. Recently, you have described people of being various percentages of negative and positive. Do these percentages correspond to how much the heart chakra is open, such that a person who is 51% positive would have their heart chakra 51% open. Could we be doing something that we consider positive but it is actually negative? If so, what could be look for as clues or indications that something is indeed positive?

Let me make a comment here. This is something I asked questions about, including Carla Ruckert about this and surprising enough when it came to the heart chakra, it is possible for an open heart to be negative. Our Sources can clarify this because it has to do with focusing the energy on yourself so it goes into your heart. According to the Ra Group, you can be negative all the way up to the 6th Density at which point you can switch. The point you switch has to do with the Law of One. You can't be negative and living in the Law of One, because the Law of One means you see everyone as part of you, and you cannot have that experience if you have any degree of manipulation or abusing other people's energies. It is a good question and it's tricky figuring this out and that is, heart chakra 51% open, does that mean a person is 51% open positive? Can be doing something that we think is positive but is really negative? How do we figure it out? That question is from Gary Brownlee in Redondo Beach.

Ra'An: Yes, you can be doing something negative that you think is positive as many of the elite think what they are doing is very positive and they have beliefs that direct them to do negative things in the name of positivity and the higher good of all, for instance, one such belief is that there are too many people on the planet and they would have to lower the number of people on the planet and this is something they believe is positive, however, from the higher good standard, as we look at it, we see that this is a very narrow viewpoint that is aimed towards preserving much of the resources of the planet for themselves, so it is aimed for themselves, although many of them would deny this saying it is for the good of earth, itself. Concerning having 51% of your heart open as a percentage, this is achievable as a person grows and takes into account more individuals more than just himself. The exception is the negative who is taking into account himself but is directed more inward and is passionate about his own progress. These individuals, as they reach into the higher levels, will be hindered by their belief in the service to self as they have a barrier toward open communication and open give and take of love as they have energy directed towards their own self and taking for their own self rather than a give and take. This limits them from going higher than the 6th dimension as they are unable to sustain their matrix in the higher realms.

Wynn: Thank you.

The next question is also from Clark. I am going to paraphrase it. It has to do with implications in the Bible that seem to imply that Christianity is the only true religion. Things like 'only begotten' in John 4:9, God sent his only begotten son into the world. He says one translation in the Hindi Yoga explained only begotten as referring only to the consciousness of Jesus, not the body and he did research into that. We all know that the Bible was re-edited three hundred years later when Rome was taking it over by making it the official church religion they edited it by the Council of Nicea so that many things are not like they originally were. So could you comment on this idea of Christianity of being the true religion as implied by some of the statements in the Bible.

Ra'An: Thank you.

We look at life as a whole. Life is sacred and it is brought forth into manifestation within the realm and within the various realms and the religion has to do with the maker; the Source of life. We look at the ancient history and see that Christianity was recent and if it were the only true religion, then would not account for the beyond; the God Force, the All That Is, that has created so many situations of life and put into that perspective, we ask you to weight the answer.

Wynn: Thank you.

Edna in Washington asks the question: How can I be certain that I am working on my mission or that I am doing what I intended to do before I came to this third dimension? I would also like to know if I am a star seed. Is there something that needs to be accomplished and I'm not seeing it? I wish I could get back to the universal memory of everything I am. Thank you.

Ra'An: You carry within you the memory and the memory and purpose bleeds through into all that you do; into the orientations, into the love that you give, into the physical matters that you project yourself into and into the work that you do with Team Shift and you are connected to us, to the Elohim, to the Source energy and are expressing it and bringing it through into the realm in all that you do and your movement and in your connections. If you, within your own life, feel that there are areas which are not directly related to that purpose, you can use time to hone them in better. Life is a long trek and you are in one chapter of your life. In this lifetime there is room for honing in on your purpose more as time goes by finding something to do that fulfills you, that you feel fulfilled by, and moving out of other situations, for instance in the job area which you feel you have outgrown.

Wynn: Thank you.

I might mention from my own experience, when you look at things from one point of view, your mind is trying to understand things, like understand I was this in a past lifetime or I was that, but my experiences that there are cellular memories that are far more profound than in your mind and that things come up about past lives in their own time and if you knew them before their time, they could screw you up. In other words, I happen to know of some past lives myself because I have been duplicating some of the energies of those past lives and if twenty years ago if I had known some of those things, I would not have been ready for them and they might have screwed me up and I might have gone on an ego trips so there is a wisdom in the universe in the way things unfold and things don't unfold faster than you can handle them. So you have to assume that where you are at now and where your knowledge is, is perfect, and that as you continue your path, those things will come forth.

We are going to do these two people who have healing requests. One of them is Gjis. He worked for a lady named Eve Hutton in Chico and he noticed her physical discomfort and she told him she only had weeks or months left to live and he sat down with her and did a prayer and it turned into a great moment of connection. He asked her if it was ok to ask for a healing and she agreed so he talked with her last Sunday and she is going down hill, no energy, and her doctors gave up on her and he wants to know if there is any inter-dimensional help for her in this circumstance. This is from Gjis and the request is for Eve Hutton in Chico.

Ra'An: Thank you. We look at the situation and we see there is much support that is needed for her in this case on a physical level. From our standpoint as we look at the cells in the area are tired and they do not have good electrical potential. We will take this under consideration.

Wynn: Would it be good for Gjis to call her often at this point, even if she were to pass, I would think that calling her would make sure she feels loving energy.

Ra'An: That would be very good as the simple contact and knowing someone cares would help no matter which way this goes.

Wynn: Thank you.

Dee says her husband Bobby is having problems with adema; swelling due to water retention, and then the doctor gave him diuretics to get the water off his lungs so his lungs don't saturate. Today because of this we had to go to the hospital to get IV fluids for dehydration so this is kind of a double edged sword. Maybe our Sources can send him some healing energy and see if anything can shift.

Ra: An: Yes we will do that

Wynn: It's nearly 7 and a good time to end the call. Do you have any closing comments?

Ra'An: We are sending energy to Bobby.

Thank you, each and every one of you who come into this call and we look forward to these visits with you and we send you all our love light. Adonai.

Wynn: Thank you.

I want to tell you all that we are announcing our book which has it's own website, and it is called “The Creator Gods of the Physical Universe Want To Talk To You” and we are putting it out for free and in such a way that people are encouraged to share it with others. I will start the mailing tomorrow. The website is:

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On that note we will say goodbye and see you all next time.






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