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Monday – 06/20/2011

Continuation of Wanderers and Star seeds: How do you implement this knowledge?

Introductory Notes by Wynn Free

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Channeled and Edited by Terry Brown

Transcribed by Connie O'Brien

This is Monday, June 20th, 2011the day after Father’s Day. I was just saying that - some of you know this and some of you are checking it out to see if it’s true and some of you are saying “What the hell is he talking about?”

Those folks who are checking into the conference line are very important and have been very important, because they help ground the energy of the call. When you’re doing a conference line, before we were doing the call on BBS, we’ve been doing this for quite some time. That means it’s got an energy that’s grounded into the grids. Next week (I’m getting more courageous about announcing topics in advance), I’d like to talk about the grids, and how every one of us is making a difference in how that works. I can share with you the things that I’ve derived from my own observations, and then we’ll do a conversation with our sources and we’ll see if I’ve got it right and what they can add to it.

This call, as they were describing it, is to be looked at as a group matrix. It’s not just me talking, there is good information that comes through. Sometimes when you hear good information you have an “aha!” experience: “Wow! That’s how it works!” Every time you have that, it’s a leap forward in your evolution – you’ve jumped, to a certain degree - maybe a lot maybe a little. But “aha!” experiences are very important. A lot of people on this line have “aha!” experiences. There are ways of looking at things and ways of how things work that you already know subconsciously, but no one has ever put it in words. When you hear it in words, your subconscious goes “aha!”. And suddenly, that thing that was in your subconscious goes into your consciousness and it moves you up a notch on your track. There is that aspect of these calls – information that creates “aha!” experiences. I know the topic we’re talking about tonight, for many people, created “aha!” experiences. We have more people checking in the past two weeks than normal; that’s because people are saying “Wow! Maybe that’s the way it works!” There’s one aspect of the “aha!” in the information. Then there’s the other aspect of what I call “the creation of a group matrix.” We do that, in particular, on Sundays; on Sundays it’s stronger. If you want to feel that energy, please come into our Sunday conference calls – conference.; you’ll get the number. We do usually announce it an hour before, but many times that’s not enough to make plans.

On these calls, the energy is also present, the matrix energy. It comes from the fact that we are being a portal on this call for what I call these group souls, or what explains themselves to be group souls, that are really high up in the evolutionary scale, you could say. They have the ability to become one with us, to connect with us. We have the ability to connect with each other, and that does not happen through an act of willpower; it does happen through an act of intention.

Some of you have been in relationships where you really wanted to be connected; even the other person wanted to be connected. But, no matter how hard you tried, you didn’t feel connected; you felt alienated. Maybe you had sexual interchange and you felt a connection, but it didn’t stick; it went away because it’s much better to have sexual intimacy when you have a connection in the spirit realms - or in the higher dimensions; or, in this matrix. When you experience it, you say “aha! That’s what he’s talking about.” Then you find out, slowly but surely, that everyone in your life is in that matrix, and some of them will connect with it through you. Now, you are being a very high service.

The topic tonight is the continuation of “Wanderers and Star seeds”. If you’ve listened to our last two Mondays, we have two group souls that are high in the matrix. They identify themselves in certain ways, and they talk to me through Terry and Daphne. One group soul calls itself the Elohim group. The Elohim group takes credit (we can’t prove so you have to draw your own conclusions by listening to their messages over time) for creating the creation of the physical universe. At one point, there was no physical universe, but there were Elohim souls. They’ve explained where they came from and how it all works, but that’s not the topic of this call. They have the ability to move energy through the matrix, or beam into this realm – again, what they call love-light energy – but, they need people down here with their receivers to tune into their frequency and their antennae up, looking for them. The energy is subtle; it doesn’t hit you over the head. It’s actually an energy that when you feel it, it feels like you but just an extended you, a bigger you, which is actually the truth because we’re all one.

The Elohim is on this call; they’re paying attention. We’ve learned, over time, they’re paying attention to us right now. If you’re on this call and you’re open to it you can say “It’s okay to pay attention to me” and you may feel like a little surge of energy through your body. At first you’ll think “Am I making that up? Is Wynn suggesting that?” So, you have to keep checking it out and learn about that energy and see if, in fact, it is this group soul that calls itself the Elohim. Of course, they talk to us – they talk to us as a group through Terry. That’s going to happen in just a few minutes. And the other group soul identifies itself as the Ra group. They did not create this realm, up to our conversations at present, but they’re graduates. They’re souls who have taken on bodies and come into this realm and then graduated. I suppose some of the Ra group could have been former Elohim who came into this realm and really got lost here and ended up in the Ra group; I guess that’s possible. I don’t think I’ve asked that question; maybe I will tonight.

Both group souls have volunteers that choose to come into this realm after they don’t have to – the Ra group and the Elohim group. In last week’s channelings, discussion about this – there will million upon millions upon millions, I think they said seventy million of Ra and ten million of the Elohim are in this realm. In most cases they’ve forgotten that they choose to do that, because once you take on a body in this realm, you have amnesia. When an Elohim soul comes into this realm, they call it a Star seed, and when a Ra group comes into this realm they call it a Wanderer. Both are different – both have different predispositions, both have different abilities, both have different ways of being of service. Many of the people who are attracted to this material that we’re presenting, and other spiritual groups, tend to be these inter-dimensional visitors. This material is helping them wake up.

On this call, we’re going to ask – the topic is… if you are an Elohim soul and if you are a Ra soul, what can you do with that information? What is it that a Ra soul would have the best time and easiest time manifesting here, and what would an Elohim soul? We’re talking in generalities, because everyone listening is a totally unique being with their own path. Theirs is going to be certain generalities that are going to be true for most Elohim souls in this realm and certain ones for Ra souls. Then there are “mutts” – one time they said Terry was a mutt, that they were making, the Elohim – were making her an honorary member; that Daphne is more of a pure Elohim soul. Terry, we might find out why Terry became so open to Elohim energies on this call. With that all said, let me see – it’s 6:20 we can start early on and go into a conversation with them. We start out with a little invocation for the creation of this group matrix:

Father, Mother God we ask for the presence of the light to surround and protect Terry, myself and everyone on this line, and everyone on the replays; and that any negativity be taken to the higher realms of light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the universe, through the galaxies, through the center of our galaxy, through the Milky Way, through the Solar System, through the planetary fields of the Sun, through the energy fields of the Earth and through our bodies and grounded into the center of the Earth. Some of you can feel the energy right now. Right now, we invoke a blending group energy connection of all of us on this line. and all of us on the replays, while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls. We invite those sources that are positive, service-to-others, honoring the Law of One, to join with us, and we create a protected space that only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now. Before we started this recording, someone was on the line and they were talking about some of the negative sources that are down in this realm and even interdimensionally. That’s why we always create this protected space. It is like a wall between us and the higher sources; it’s very important when you make this connection with higher dimensions that you keep a lot of protection going. On that note, we wait for our sources to identify themselves, and any comments they want to make on Star seeds, etc. before I ask questions.

Ra’an: Thank you. We greet you in the love-light of the One Infinite Creator. This is June 20th, 2011 – planet Earth. We are pleased to be with you, and we are mindful of the questions that you have in mind that you have brought up on your introduction. We greet each and every person who is on the line and we consider the connection sacred, and the communication sacred, as it is not very many times in the history of mankind that we can have such connection. Daphne, in the past, has provided some part of the connection to the realm, and different lifetimes where she has also accessed the Elohim energy and channeled.

We are mindful of your question about the difference between the Star seed, and the difference between the Elohim and the Ra/Wanderer. In answer to one of the questions that you brought up, the Star seed, the Elohim soul, when they come to the Earth realm or into any three dimensional circumstance – they have more of a working knowledge of the geometries in back of the creation of the realm and the creation of forms. So they do have a propensity for geometric configurations and mathematical configurations. As such, when they come in, they are less grounded in the actual – there is a word we are searching for here – mechanics in and outs of the financial systems, the workings of the third dimensional realm, the jealousies, the lower level emotions – that one may get into if they are in the realm, and they may not know how to handle these situations very well as they tend to be very pure and very loving souls.

Then the Ra group, the Wanderers, when they come into the realm, they have been grounded in Earth-type situations and they are more masters of how to survive and how to negotiate the ins and outs of the emotions in the third dimensional realm. Those are a couple of the differences between Wanderers and Star seeds and between the Ra group souls/group individuals, and the Elohim individuals.

Wynn: Thank you. In my own observations and in some of our previous conversations, it was discussed that the Elohim group comes in as groups in many cases – I don’t know if all cases, but many. They create circumstances in this realm where a group can come in and try to be comfortable here, so to speak. It’s been our understanding that the Mormon religion was basically started to be a way-station for Elohim souls to come into this realm. It’s probably the only religion that says “You came into this realm and when you leave, you’ll be creating stars and planets.” There was a conscious intention of the Elohim to bring through the doctrine that Elohim souls could flourish. If you study Mormons, and you look at Mormons, I’ve noted that they are different from other people in ways that I don’t think you can just attribute to their religion. If you happen to know Mormons you might run this by.

One of the things about Mormons is that they tend to be successful; they tend to make money, they also tend to be very successful at multi-level marketing. There are a number of companies in Utah that are multi-level companies that are run, or their main distributors are Mormons. As I talk about this, there is no implication to that the Mormon religion is better than any other religion; just that it was, in particular, an attempt to bring Elohim souls into this realm to uplift the realm, because the Elohim souls have a certain amount of connection to the Elohim, an easy connection, which can bring a very high vibration in. The caveat here is, in many cases, even in that circumstance it’s gotten screwed up and they tend to lose their original purpose and caught up in the doctrine.

Going back to those things, using them as an example of Elohim Star seeds, they tend to create successful businesses. When I observe how that is done, it’s done inter-dimensionally. When a Mormon is doing a multi-level marketing company, they seem to have an inherit ability to create a family feeling in that company which is a crucial thing. I think you all know what multi-level is; it’s like Amway, HerbaLife, etc. Am I kind of hitting the nail on the head here with an Elohim soul having the ability to create family circumstance? Also, being able to project energy through geometries to create successful business ventures that fit that model?

Ra’an: We see that individuals who come in from the Elohim group tend to have a closer-knit family group, as their whole previous experience is based in love. It is through this caring that they are then able to be successful, as they include others within their sphere of influence.

Wynn: Okay. They also tend to take care of each other very well. On the other hand, there are people who would look (I don’t know if I should pick Mormons here as an example). I’m not going to say anything more about Mormons… Oh! One other thing – there is they tend to be attractive and they tend to be blonde, blue-eyed attractive. And, angelic sometimes – is that a quality of an Elohim soul in this realm?

Ra’an: An Elohim soul would be more likely to choose such a body in the physical realm, as it would more express their artistic, geometric, creative nature.

Wynn: Now – if somebody learned they were an Elohim soul, if they looked at the patternings the way we described it and it fit them, how could they use this information to enhance their life and their ability to be of service?

Ra’an: They could know that they are not alone, that they have come from a higher realm and that they have a history of love and they have a history of interest in the higher realms in geometric configurations. And, they would know, then, when they feel that in the third density realm, where that has come from.

Wynn: So they could draw on…

Ra’an: They can use their loving nature towards companionship situations exhibiting and experiencing companionship in this realm. This will give them a better grounding in the realm.

Wynn: Thank you. Let’s talk about a Ra Wanderer soul in this realm. Might a Ra Wanderer soul in this realm… I’ll give you the rope and the door to talk about it.

Ra’an: The Ra Wanderer soul is seeking something – they are seeking a higher fulfillment and they move around seeking this higher fulfillment. Oftentimes after an individual has been in the realm a number of times, they have taken on some of the coloration of the realm which includes different emotions that are sometimes not easy to express. They are seeking fulfillment and they are seeking freedom, which adds to their moving around into different circumstances.

Wynn: So – they are still gaining experience of the realm?

Ra’an: They’re gaining experience in the realm. However, they are still attempting to deal with past situations which are impinging upon them and they have not satisfactorily, in many cases, dealt with past situations.

Wynn: Am I correct in the assumption that throughout history the Ra group has, on the other side, attempted to work very closely at different times with Ra Wanderers down here to create organized attempts at lifting the vibration of the realm?

Ra’an: That is correct, as there is an organization and structure within the Ra group in the off-planet or as you would call it “the other side”, and these individuals periodically send souls into the third-dimensional realm who wish to help uplift the realm.

Wynn: Could we say that the warrior spirit might be more of the quality of a Ra Wanderer than an Elohim Star seed, just in general? Maybe not… there are exceptions, but in general?

Ra’an: In general, yes.

Wynn: Those beings that have been in this realm that have been warriors, so to speak – spiritual warriors – Joan of Arc for example. I don’t know if she was a Ra group. But, Martin Luther King – people who went out on a limb, sometimes risked their lives, became martyrs – might they have a predisposition to be Ra group?

Ra’an: They can be Ra group but they also may be mutts, who are travelling around, seeking to make a better universe.

Wynn: They’re mutts?

Ra’an: Yes.

Wynn: One time I think in one of the discussions, it came up that Terry was a mutt.

Ra’an: Yes - in that Terry has been in different situations in different realms, and has been seeking answers, and so has moved in and out of different situations and different groups.

Wynn: Do I fit that category also?

Ra’an: Yes. You also do.

Wynn: I’m also a mutt? Thank you. Has Terry ever connected with the Elohim group in other lifetimes as she has in this lifetime?

Ra’an: A very long time ago – ancient, ancient, ancient times. Yes. Terry has worked with our group in the past.

Wynn: Was that on this planet or on other planets?

Ra’an: No. This was in the sixth dimension.

Wynn: Not even in a physical embodiment?

Ra’an: That’s correct; and, also in the seventh dimension.

Wynn: Does that mean she was looking down into beings with physical embodiments?

Ra’an: She was working with models for physical embodiments.

Wynn: So – it was a time of creation that she was doing this?

Ra’an: It was at the time of creation and at a past time of creation; and we also remind you that creation occurs in every second of every now.

Wynn: I guess I was going back in the timeline realm where the physical – there was a point where there was not a physical universe and then there was. It was in that space before there was a physical universe; there were beginnings of dimensions amongst all the spirit beings?

Ra’an: Yes.

Wynn: Terry was…

Ra’an: Terry was involved back then also.

Wynn: I might have been involved back then?

Ra’an: You also were involved, yes.

Wynn: Terry has told me that…

Ra’an: It is interesting that people such as yourself and Terry keep taking responsibility for the realm/realms.

Wynn: The realms. I see; because at some point we were part of the creation of the realm(s)?

Ra’an: That is correct.

Wynn: I see. Very interesting. So when we are doing this work we are tapping back into that period, actually?

Ra’an: Yes – remembering also that all is now.

Wynn: Yes. We have a double existence, because we’re in time and we’re out of time and we talk about that a lot on our calls. If somebody identifies with being a Wanderer in this realm, how can they make use of that understanding to better their experience, to better their service, to better their mission?

Ra’an: As an understanding of their own self and propensity, and they can take a look if they feel that they are in the category of a Wanderer – they can take a look and see what it is that they are searching for? What fulfillment are they seeking that they haven’t gotten? And, therein lies the keys to their current purpose and existence.

Wynn: Thank you. In terms of all of this, there is a category of indigenous beings who were created in this realm and are on one path of evolution. Am I correct on this?

Ra’an: Can you give an example?

Wynn: Like, for example, (it’s) sometimes said that Native Americans were purely of this realm and evolved for millions of years through this realm. In other words: there was a discussion at one point that in ancient times there were master geneticists who were able to manipulate DNA, and the DNA would pull in the soul to match the form of the DNA. The soul, it seems in my understanding, that soul was not a, wouldn’t come into the category of, a Star seed or a Wanderer but it was a new soul that was going to evolve in this realm. Is that accurate? That there are numbers of people…

Ra’an: We see that the indigenous people, some Native Americans as we look at them, are within their own realm; they have connected so solidly with the Earth and developed along with the Earth, and are protectors of the Earth and keepers of the Earth and keepers of the genetic trend/progression, genetic progression, of plant species and food groups, and even keepers of animals. This is along the line of what they have developed and where their interests lie in being the keeper of the realm, of the various life-forms in the Earth realm.

Wynn: Are Native Americans totally indigenous to Earth, or did some of them come from other realms or other star systems, and then move here?

Ra’an: Some of them have come from other star systems, and over time of so closely being connected with life in connection, in close connection with the Earth. They have become keepers of the Earth/nature realms.

Wynn: How are they going to fit into this shift that is occurring?

Ra’an: They will in their own projection, their own intention and desires, move into Earth situations so they can keep their commitment in fulfilling of their duties towards Earth functions.

Wynn: Are there other races on the planet that are similar to that, say Africans who have somewhat of tribal connections?

Ra’an: Africans, then are a different matter; some tribes of Africa have been out posted here from Sirius, the planet, and they have developed their own story moving from generation to generation and now they are being broken up as groups and incorporated more into life in other lands wherein the slave trade was the starting of the breaking up some of these histories that have been passed down for so long.

Wynn: How about Eskimos?

Ra’an: Give us a moment – Eskimos were a movement of people from the further south into the northern regions and have developed their own culture there, and their own life within the harsher elements in the north. They, as such, have lost some of the qualities of the group that they have come from, and are affected by civilization more, much more, at this time.

Wynn: Were they originally Native Americans?

Ra’an: Some of them were Native Americans and some of them were Asian.

Wynn: If we go back to the Bible and we talk about the tribes of Israel and the lost tribes of Israel – we’ve never asked this question. Is there any information that would be okay to have about those tribes?

Ra’an: Can you give a general time period?

Wynn: It goes back – I don’t even know the history of this, but I know that somewhere in the Bible it talks about the Lost Tribes of Israel. Like, were Jewish people, Hebrews - Ra Wanderers at the beginning?

Ra’an: When we look back into this aspect of Earth history there is an aspect of it that is very hard to look at; what has turned some of those people into Lost Tribes has, in the time of Atlantis, and we do not wish to get into this very deeply – at the time of Atlantis, there were civilization outposts over much of the planet, and there were wars and there were nuclear disasters and there were earth changes that set some of these individuals adrift, and they lost their touch with their own history.

Wynn: Thank you. Perhaps a closing topic here is: we know that there are planetary races that are service-to-self that are almost, not 100%, but a high percentage are service-to-self. The way that I understand it, they suck energy from others, and their whole existence is based on how to get energy underneath them that they have access to. Some of them supposedly don’t look like humans, they look like insects or reptiles or whatever. Where did their evolutionary start from? How did they get into this realm? Was it part of the natural evolution of the realm? Did they come from another dimension or another universe into this realm? How did they come to get started?

Ra’an: They developed on another planet, and they seeded here in an effort to farm the individuals here to provide them with their needs, much as a rich landlord would have slaves, only they were ugly and they attempted genetically to upgrade their own sense to take on some of the aspects of more confrontable appearance. They maintained some of their reptilian thought-patterns, but some of it has been ameliorated by inter-breeding with Elohim souls and more humanoid individuals.

Wynn: Thank you. Would one call Indigo and Crystal kids Wanderers and Star seeds?

Ra’an: Star seeds, yes.

Wynn: So they come more from the Elohim…

Ra’an: Star seeds more, but also some Wanderers, yes.

Wynn: And there are other planetary populations that some people channel, like the Pleiadeans and the Arcturans – are they derivative of the Elohim/Ra groups?

Ra’an: At some point, they have developed over a period within their own group, but they were out posted by Elohim and Ra groups also, and the – we would call them, there was an Earth, a civilization, an ancient civilization – with travel between planets which created settlement of different planets, as they became available to settle.

Wynn: Thank you. I think we’re at the end of time; is there anything that is important to share about this topic that I haven’t touched on that you would like to address before we close the call?

Ra’an: Perhaps like as we said when we started, the Elohim souls have a big advantage of having this huge background in love and geometry, and they struggle at times to deal with the lower emotions that they run into in the planetary population. So, they stick together and they have close-knit families, which does provide, as there is strength in numbers, and support – does help provide financially for the group. The Ra souls sometimes do not know what they keep searching for, and it is the love connection that as they have run into various emotional situations in the past and frustrations in war and frustrations in working through some of the more baser situations they run into in the Earth plane; they get confounded by that and were they to let all let go and connect more with the Elohim and the higher realms of oneness and love, they could find more what they are seeking for in their wanderings.

Wynn: Thank you. Thank you so much for being here and answering our questions, and thank everyone who is on the conference line for holding the space and everyone that is listening and everyone who is listening to the replays. I’ll open up the line in just a moment.

We’ll see you Wednesday, and don’t forget if you have questions: for Wednesday night.  







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