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                                                                                Ra'An for June 22,2011

This is Wednesday, June 22. This is our call where we answer questions submitted by those of you who are listening to us. For our first question, we are going to have Daphne on the line. Daphne, before we ask our questions do our Sources have anything to say to our group through you?

The Elohim:

We hear you beloved ones and we greet you in the love and light of the One Infinite Creator. We bring to you an infinity of wisdom, compassion, love and a foundation which you are so much in need of at this time as you are building an ascension stairway between this elemental realm, the physical realm, the bridge and gateway realm and into the further heavens above. We honor you and bless you and ask you to ask for our protection during this somewhat precarious journey, as one needs balance.  And it is a balancing, a bridging and a moving through a narrow strait as it were at this time; the time between now and the end of your Mayan Calendar.

Adonai, adonai and this was the Elohim speaking.

Wynn: Thank you.

The question is on behalf of Terry. A concerned listener asked the question: How can we help Terry from being so tired after she does a session with us. Often times we have commented how Terry needs to sleep for a little bit. Maybe it's just part of the price, but we ask the question on behalf of a concerned participant.

Elohim: The question that you ask is indeed pertinent, not only with vessels and light workers and dedicated servers as Terry, but also with all people who are in an ascension modality, and are working ever so much more biologically on behalf of what is happening in their environs. You see in the time and place and space inter-dimensionally which is transitioning, you are biologically holding more light in your DNA and cellular structures, actually bringing more DNA structure into physicality and anchoring light in your physicality and in your area, in fact, you are being asked to make resonance and to work and in some instances to move to those physical areas on the Christed grid, on the physical planet, in order to anchor and to lift up the place where you find yourself.

Some are fortunate in that the areas they are in are relative pristine and vibrating already at a high resonance and others must deal with more density and more blockage and different levels of history, different levels of stratification of old patterns, which relate not only to human history of recent passage, but of ancient passage as well. In regard to Terry, she is a very, very ancient and powerful soul and a very, very dedicated light worker and light server. In the beginning of her work, if you will remember, and we ask for her to remember also, anchoring and doing this light work did not necessarily tire her out so much.  But in the intervening time, in the years that have gone between, what has happened is there is a recalibration of time and a recalibration of space and there has been a compression and acceleration and she is holding much much more energy for the land and the people and the planet, and anchoring the Christ consciousness grid at a magnitude that is much more larger and more powerful than she was able to do even one years or two years or even five years before. In some ways the tiredness is unavoidable. Yes, she should take care to sleep properly and to rest and to hydrate and to nourish and to eat and not take on more technically she feels her body is able to assimilate. Her physicality is processing more and more as we are accelerating towards a nexus point; a node point, the ending of a linearity in time, and her body is a transmutation station and is anchoring not only to the places where she finds herself, be this the work she doing currently in the Arizona environ of Phoenix and Sedona but also she has light points and light grids activated in places she has lived for a very long time such as the Los Angeles area.  Also the upper Pacific Northwest and even the place that this physical channel Daphne is now in, St. Petersburgh, Florida.   Terry has old connections here as a child and this also goes back to her physical parentage and the lineage of her mother and father and connections to New York, connection to Rochester and her mother having the archetectonics of a physical architect in the 3D. She is anchoring a family lineage which goes back through the architecture on her father's side through the arts. These are very immense structures. She is grounding immense inter-dimensional and physical dimensional structures and gateways and paradigms which stretch beyond the 3D and go into the 4D, 5D, 6D, 7D, all the way out to the center of the Milky Way galaxy and to the emanation of the Ra energy which goes all the way to the 13th Dimensional gate.

Now this is the Elohim speaking and they are saying, this is a long and convoluted answer to your question and in terms of concern, sending your love light and prayers to Terry for her sustenance, for her well being, and for her care will help to alleviate and protect the light work and the love light vibration that she as a physical entity and as a soul entity is anchoring into this density. We hope this has been answered satisfactorily to your understanding. Bless you. Adonai, adonai.

Wynn: Thank you.

Would you like to stay on the line and I might ask another question to you?

Daphne: Sure

Wynn: Ok. Terry are you tuned in?

Terry: Yes.

Ra'An: We thank Daphne for bringing through the answer with such clarity.  And it is from our viewpoint that Terry has increased in the scope of what she is connecting with and anchoring immensely in the last few years, as she has been doing this work.  And it is part of the grounding and processing of these anchor points, and the bringing in of the anchoring of the grids, that sleep is a way to process it and anchor it, so that the anchoring is very solid and so sleep is a very necessary thing in the anchoring process and we appreciate Daphne's vocabulary in bringing through these concepts.

Wynn: Thank you.

Daphne, would you like me to ask a question on your behalf through Terry to our Sources?

Daphne: Yes, that would be lovely. Thank you.

Wynn: Maybe I could ask the question like how can you stay in balance and be centered? Is that ok?

Daphne: Yes, and also, the same as Terry. I am extremely tired these days and I am sure the answer will be somewhat similar but yeah.

Wynn: We ask our Sources through Terry to bring the answer through for Daphne.

Ra'An: The answer is very similar in that the matrix that Daphne is holding in place is very large and extends into the earth grid system, and is holding much energy to work with an awesome proportion and in holding that matrix she needs support within the worldly sphere, so that her attention does not have tocome down to minute matters of more worldly grounding and physical sustenance would help immensely for Daphne and hopefully as the grounding of the projects with Terry and Wynn and Daphne and Cinda gets more grounded, they will be able to bring more sustenance for Daphne and we are very appreciative of Daphne and the work she has repeatedly done in the realm. Again, as in Terry's case in the grounding of such large matrix energies, it takes a processing that can be effected by sleep. We do not have, through Terry, the vocabulary to express as much of the immense nature of the grounding that Daphne is doing within the earth plane, and the work that Daphne is still doing in her daily life even in her subconscious level, as she is connected and we totally appreciate the work she is doing.

Adonai. Thank you.

Wynn: Thank you.

The next question I will give to Terry and this is from Temperance. She asks the next question. Can you offer your day for the anchoring of light and go about being in the now and being in joy for the day and be just as powerful in transforming energy as sitting consciously in meditation to be used as a transformer of energy even to the earth. In other words, she is saying, can we go about and do things and still be anchoring light or do we have to sit quietly and meditate to do it?

Ra'An: No, you can anchor light in your daily tasks in everything you do. It takes non linear attention, wherein you can hold two ideas, two things going on at the same time. It is like multi-tasking and it can take some getting used to, to operate on a level that takes into account more stereo effect or more multi things going on at the same time and as you move into more of a meditative nature, then you will grasp the concept of holding both realms at the same time, as you, as a being, are a part of both realms at the same time. It is a slight shift in your consciousness to be able to multi-task in this way. Take it slowly so you do not lose focus as you move through your daily task in your individual task that you go about for the day. Daphne is someone who has routinely been able to operate at the two different levels at the same time.

Wynn: Thank you.

Now we have a question from Gary Brownlee. I will direct this to you Daphne, ok?

Daphne: Ok

Wynn: This question is about crystals and the part that they may be playing in the current dimensional shift taking place. A lot has been written about crystals; crystal skulls filled with information from Atlantis. Is this important to us in the shift in any way and any other information that would benefit us about crystals in general?

Elohim: Adonai. We greet you in the love light of the One Infinite Creator. The crystalline structure to which you are referring is an inherent mathematical perfected pattern in your 3D and in your 2D realm. In so much that this is a perfected; a sacred geometrical pattern it is an ideal template such as you might have as an analogy, a perfected Bach Sonata a perfected Beethoven Symphony. It is an idealization of a resonance of a vibratory pattern which the DNA is attuned to: the DNA, the life structure, the building block tree of the human and indeed all sentient beings which are on planet earth as we speak, and which are also accelerating and ascending through an evolutionary period of this accelerated time; this time tunnel through which we are traveling, now through the end of the Mayan Calendar, the end of this approximately 26 thousand year cycle.

In terms of personal attunement with crystalline structures, yes, it can be beneficial for an entity to obtain and to hold on one's person or to wear as an amulet or necklace or bracket, certain crystalline structures to which one is attuned and with whom one has resonance. If one feels guided by one's inner knowingness and one's heart pull to move with this energy. This must be a free will type of conditionality.

Wynn: If you are going to recommend how someone would use a crystal, would you recommend a quartz crystal? Would you recommend laying on your bed and putting them on your heart chakra or try to move it around and try to see where it creates balance?

Elohim: Thank you for your continued query.

In terms of selection of an appropriate crystal, an appropriate color, whether this be quartz or whether this be a myriad of other stones, one is always to follow the directive of one's own inner knowing and one's own sensibilities and sensitivities. One might lie on the bed and feel if there is a different in the orientation of moving the crystal on the person's body, starting with the chakric system, moving from the head, the 7th, and even above the 7th, three feet above the 7th, all the way up to the 13th or all the way down to the root chakra and down to 3 to 6 feel below the feet. One may experiment with these different places and these different attunements. You as a physical being are like a string, be it a piano string, a violin string or a harp string and as one is tuned the frequency diminishes and goes lower in pitch or higher in pitch, resonates at a higher or lower frequency. Each person has their own individual set of harmonics, overtones and sub-harmonics and these must be found out by experimentation by the person who is in the process of discerning. Later on, after this initial process has been gone through, one may use the help of a trusted adviser, someone who works in the healing modalities, to refine perhaps as one might use a piano tuner to tune the wires of the piano structure. Yes, experimentation is a useful tool. Use what you are drawn to. Do not have something forced upon you. Yet it is also useful to pay attention to synchronistic encounters or dream messages. These kinds of things are all the higher self speaking to the lower self and bringing these into realization. Does this answer your question?

Wynn: Yes, it does. Thank you very much.

And just a final section on this. If a person was interested in pursuing this, there are two options. One would be, to go into a crystal store and hold the different crystals in their hand, or put them on their body and see if any of them made a particular resonance, or if they didn't have a crystal store near them, they could go on the internet and look up a crystal store and look at the different crystals and read about them and perhaps tune into one that they would intuitively find the most helpful. Is that a good modality for that?

Elohim: Yes, these are both concrete and positive suggestions in terms of finding resonance and in the obtaining of the desired mineral crystal.

Wynn: Thank You.

Next question is from Clark. I think he is in Ohio. I will address one to our Sources through Terry and he is asking something in the Bible. Often times when we are asked questions about something in the Bible, our Sources may side step this, because there are many people who are using the orthodox interpretation of the Bible and having good success and if you are one who is doing that and using that, than this is not meant to supercede what you are doing that is working. The question from Clark is, what is the meaning of only begotten. God sent his only begotten son into the world. Only begotten seems to be used to browbeat others into submission that Jesus is the only way to salvation and that only Christianity is the true religion. It seems to make no room for others to also be sent by the Creator or the messengers of the Christian God or having the only truth. One translation by Hindi Yoga explains only begotten as referring to the consciousness of Jesus, not the body. Years of research into the original Greek has not helped me discover an error or ambiguity in the translation. Can you offer some more understanding on how or where the original translation got lost if it did and what was the original meaning the writer wanted to convey?

Ra'An: Can you define begotten?

Wynn: Daphne can you help us with the word begotten?

Daphne: To have come into being, to have been created, to have been brought forth into physicality.

Wynn: So the way many Christians interpret it, they would say that other religions don't have an only begotten god.

Ra'An: We look from a fresh viewpoint at the subject and we look at Jesus as a full embodiment of the Christ consciousness, which is rare that an individual embodies that in the earth realm. It is very rare. Some individuals have pieces of the embodiment and some individuals are tuned in but are not an embodiment of the Christ consciousness. As such, Jesus had the ability to bestow healing and blessings on another one that was not so much an embodiment of the Christ consciousness. As far as he being the only begotten son, it addresses his history. Where he moved into the earth realm from an aspect of the Christ consciousness, he took on a body within the earth plane, and as such was a messenger of his father, the Christ consciousness, that could bestow blessings beyond the magnitude of others, upon the individuals that he ministered to. We hope this answer is of some help.

Wynn: One way I have looked at this, is the Jesus came into this realm and he had the ability to hold all his chakras and all his DNA strands open and all around him would be a transmission of energy and that when other people were around him, there would be a transmission of energy which would help them open and that openness was very special and he perhaps was more open than any other being in history up to that time, in his ability to do this in the ability to do this. Is this a way of looking at it that is valid?

Ra'An: Yes, this is a way of looking at it, in that he was a part of Christ consciousness that moved into the earth realm and as such he was a full embodiment of this and so was able to bestow the Christ consciousness manifestation ambiance upon the individuals he ministered to. As we look at other leaders and other ministers, they have pieces and parts of the Christ consciousness, but we do not see anyone else that is such a full embodiment of all aspects of the Christ consciousness.

Wynn: Thank you.

Can you explain what the Christ consciousness is?

Ra'An: This is from our viewpoint of the Christ consciousness, looking at it, not from having gathered the information from books or the Bible, but looking at looking at in the live manifestation of the Christ consciousness that exists at this time. It is a band of consciousness that is available to individuals in the earth plane. It is living light, living liquid healing energy. It is consciousness that is condensed into living, healing intelligence, that is intentioned towards the good of mankind; toward the highest good, towards the highest healing available to mankind and it is an actual band of consciousness that is surrounding and moving through to various degrees, depending upon the openness of the individuals in the earth plane, moving in and through and available to the earth plane and to higher aspects which do not fit into a localized realm.

Wynn: Thank you.

This is a question from Dlyana in Canada. I have been a regular follower of your work for almost two years. I have never missed a show by using the replays. I have read all the written materials. I discovered you through a beautiful synchronicity and have no doubts from the beginning about the existence of our Sources and the truthfulness of the information that came through because it resonated do deeply with me right from the start. I would like to think that I have been able to connect with our Source through the grid healing and also I am alone many times. But I still feel like my life is falling apart, even more than before. I don't understand why I have not asked any questions, although I have many. This is my first time. I don't know where to start from, and I am in a point in life where I don't know how to live. I am isolated, depressed, jobless, in panic and recently experienced some health issues. Also a big part of my stress and sadness comes from family situations regarding my brother. I am in desperate need of healing on all levels, as well as I would like to request for my family regarding my brother. Can our Sources have a look at the situation and shed some light on what it is that I can do to get myself up and what can I do and my parents do to help my brother. He is currently living in Belgrave, Serbia with my mom and no one knows what is wrong with him. Is he crazy, and why? Any negative influences? Please help. Thank you and blessings to all of you, including all those wonderful people who are following their work.

Let me point out that often times when we ask information about somebody else, they haven't really asked themselves, our Sources are limited as to what they can say so they don't violate the free will of anyone.

Ra'An: We see that there is a strong connection with her brother, and we see that some of the connection in that the give and take on the psychic level is not healthy as there is a drawing in of the energy towards the brother, and there is a desire for Dlyana to help, and Dlyana wishes to provide solace for the brother, to provide what the brother needs to satisfy this drawing of energy that is moving and is being drawn from her towards the brother. Some of this is unhealthy and does not help the brother. In any aspect that is unhealthy, we ask for the angel Ariel to help to move into this for protection for Dylana, and that any unnecessary bad or detrimental influence from the brother, the shuttle be taken to the higher realms and transmuted and the healthy part of the connection remain there. We ask for help with the brother to help to reestablish a balance within that relationship.

Wynn: Thank you.

The last question for tonight is from Dee and she asks to put her husband Bobby in the light and she is having strange health problems whenever she exerts herself or in any manner get stressed out. She has a pain from the top of her stomach area across her upper chest, down her arms and then down her neck and back and is short of breath. She is asking for a diagnosis but I don't know if we are going to get that but she is asking if its her heart or an ulcer or what can they say and can they help and fix it without diagnosing it which would be fine.

Ra'An: Thank you.

We suggest that we give a reading to her as soon as possible, and we see undue influences. There are influences within the area that are nerve racking and detrimental, and we send love light, and we are talking slowly as we are looking at the situation. There is some cross over of the flow between the husband and Dee and we are asking that the cross over be cut and the pain be relieved. There is some empathetic cross over and we asked that that be cut and relieved as empathy in the area of taking on symptoms is not helpful. It is an intense desire to help the husband but by taking on some of the symptoms will not provide help. As we look at it we ask for cessation of the empathetic cross over, and that you be strong within yourself, and from that position of strength one can provide the best help and through the reestablishment of your own strength and can provide an example for the other in that situation. Those are our comments and we send you love and light.

Wynn: Thank you very much and we will do that reading in the next twenty-four hours.

On that note we are going to bring this to a close. We thank Terry and Daphne for coming in tonight.

Ra'An: We thank Daphne also. It is a great honor to have Daphne join us and we are very pleased to have Daphne working with us here. Adonai and love to each and every person. We honor you and appreciate the connection that each and every one of you is making. Adonai.

Wynn: Thank you and thanks to all of you for being here and supporting the energy of this.







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