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Monday Calls; 2011 Conferences

Monday – 06/27/2011

Health Issues with guest(s) Larry and Joanne

Introductory Notes by Wynn Free

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Channeled and Edited by Terry Brown

Transcribed by Connie O'Brien

Terry: Welcome to the Wynn Free Monday night BBS Radio Program. My name is Terry Brown and I am a co-host on the show. A little about myself: I have a degree in Physics. In the study of physics there were descriptions about how things worked, but I wasn’t finding the why behind them; so I became more metaphysical. I got a Master’s degree in Library Science. I set up the library for Tektronix, which is a large electronics company. At the time, they were the largest exporter of oscilloscopes in the world. I started their library; I took it from just a few a books on the shelf that the engineers used, to a large library in the research center as they grew. I went more into philosophical things later; I became a legal secretary in Los Angeles where I was for quite a lot of years, working for attorneys. I will now turn this over to Wynn Free.

Wynn: This is Monday, June 27, 2011. Thank you, Terry for holding the space. I feel like I’m a bus driver, and I just picked up all these people and then I’m bringing them into the call.

I thank you all for showing up and helping to hold the space for this call. Anyone new listening in: we’ve been doing this call now for probably two or three years, and a number of people have checked in regularly and there’s kind of a community on the line for people that are getting to know each other, vibrationally, on the call. One of the unique things about the call is that we have an interaction with a source – a source of words, a source of point of reference – that is in other dimensions, and they identify themselves as the Elohim group and the Ra group. They can look at things down here with an awareness of energetic interactions that we are not usually, most humans, are not cognizant of these interactions.

For example, there is this theory that we have had many lifetimes that have culminated into this lifetime and if you’re a human, you most likely have no memory of your past lifetimes. You have amnesia. From their viewpoint, they say they can see the whole tract from where you started to where you are. They don’t necessarily tune into that whole tract, but they see the relevant things that are impacting your life now that have been started at some other time in the past, and the processes that some people call ‘reincarnation’ and ‘karma’.

What is karma? Karma is the total tract that you carry forward into this life; your total potentials, your total hang-ups, your total relationships with other people that have a pre-set way of being because you knew those people in another lifetime. You meet them again now, and it’s easy to move into the rapport that you had in the past. That can be a good rapport or a bad rapport, but nonetheless, it’s not something that was generated now. The potential for all of us is to operate in the now and position ourselves in a masterful way that we can be above the karma. If you want to be above the karma, there’s a process of letting go, sometimes called ‘detachment’. Most people would say they want to be above the karma, but they don’t want to let go. They’re holding on. What does holding on mean?

For some people, it means holding on to someone you care about who is self-destructive and you get all frazzled inside, because you’re trying to take responsibility for their self-destructiveness. What normally happens is: you lose your ability to help them because you’ve jumped into the soup with them. In a number of our conversations with our sources it’s been pretty clear that anxiety, fear, worry – don’t help anybody. Holding your energy above all of that so that the person can reach towards you helps. Most often, it’s hard to do that. You don’t look at that aspect of yourself, because you’re attached. Oftentimes, attachment comes because of things we don’t know from past lives. For example, sometimes we have a child who could have been someone that helped us greatly, and they are suffering in this life. On an unconscious level, you remember how much they helped and you want to alleviate their suffering, but you don’t know how. So, you get into a frazzled state and usually start suffering yourself. Or, we have someone who hurt us in a past life.

Like years ago, I had a reading from someone who told me that my father in this lifetime had killed me, poisoned me, in another lifetime. Some of you have heard the story, so I’m not going to tell the whole story, but there was enough meat to the story that I was sure it was true. They told me that I chose this particular father because he owed me a life, because he killed me in another lifetime. What happened – I’ll just give you an idea so you can understand how karma works – was what I’ve brought up when I came into this family he wasn’t happy to see me. This is all going on in an unconscious level. It’s like I was never good enough. There was an episode when I was probably fourteen years old where we were having a fight about something and he was pushing food into my mouth to make me eat it because I didn’t want to eat it. Then, I remember going upstairs and throwing up, and when I heard the story that said, it seemed like “Oh my God, this guy poisoned me and now he is pushing food into my mouth!” And, it made sense.

When I became aware of the energetic relationship with my father and I then had to go into the process of forgiving him for killing me. And, it took me a long time. When I was younger, when I was being brought up, I remember I was really closed up. My shoulders were high, and my shoulders were tense. I didn’t know why. In fact, it just seemed like that’s who I was. I didn’t know what was causing it. Of course, I was too young to analyze these things. When I heard the story of how he’d killed me in another lifetime I suddenly realized that I was all “tight”, protecting myself, armoring myself, because some part of me knew he did that.

This is something we all go through. When you start to connect with the higher energies, they’re all above that. When things are above that, the lower things start to clear. You don’t really have to know all the details of your past lives. But you do have to be aware that all those things that keep you from being in joy, being fulfilled – usually, they’re not you. They’re things you’ve taken on as a result of being in this realm for a long time. They can be cleared. There’s a lot of ways of clearing stuff – some people go to therapy, some people go to healers, some people go to shamanic-this. There are all sorts of techniques for clearing these things. Some work. In a majority of cases, I’ve found that things work for a short period, but because the energy is still in your own tract you pull it back in. So, you get a little release and you pull it back in. To truly clear it on some level, you have to do it yourself. What self is doing it?

We’re talking to sources that are us. They’re not these big, giant – they’re a higher aspect of us. They can always be with you because they are you. But, to hear that said verbally and to move into the experience of it is another story. To move into the experience you have to let go. A lot of you are letting go on this line and you feel their energies. Some of you have learned to let go enough so that you feel their energies when you’re off the line. All the vocabulary you hear is even screwed up, because I say “Feel their energies”, I could say “Feel your energies at a higher aspect of your energy.” But this is such a high aspect we can sometimes only hold it for a very short while.

When you can connect with these energies, there’s a lot of benefit. One of them is the healing of your track, the fixing of your track. It’s like you fixing it, but you’re fixing it from a higher level. Some people, when they first come into these calls, and even I when I first started these communications with them – I said “How’s this gonna work?” “If they are who they say they are, what’s going to happen? How do you interact with them? How do you share this with other people? How do you make it important?” So, there was a long period of assimilation. One of the first things that happened was the episode with my sister, where her lupus went away. I am not going to let her talk too long, unless she wants to. Larry, are you there?

Larry: Yeah, I’m here.

Wynn: Is Joanne to shy to say anything?

Larry: She’ll say hello.

Wynn: Give her the phone. Joanne?

Joanne: Can you hear me?

Wynn: I hear you.

Joanne: Hi, I want to say hello to everyone. I wish you all well. I know it’s hard to believe in miracles, until it happens to you. Now I know ??they really exist.?? With me it was like the old saying “The proof is in the pudding.” Also I found …

Terry: We can’t hear her here.

Wynn: Joanne, get a little closer to the mic because we’re having a hard time hearing you. Get a little closer to the microphone.

Joanne: Say hello again.

Wynn: I hear you better. Talk as loud as you can because you’re not coming through too loud.

Joanne: Can you hear me? I’m a little bit weak. I just wanted to say hello to all, and I wanted to wish everyone well. I know I wanted to just tell you that it’s hard to believe in miracles until it happens to you. But now I do know that they do exist; with me, I said before, it’s like the proof is in the pudding. Also I think that your messages are all so beautiful, and your jokes and caring helped me a lot. The jokes cheer me up and that’s very healing and I appreciate you all. God bless you all.

Wynn: One of the things is that when Larry called me and told me that the operation was successful and that her cancer went away, she was in a rehabilitation home and I really was not convinced that there was a miracle in that, I thought it was coincidence. They said they would help and the operation was successful. I took it upon myself – I called it the ‘cheer up committee’ – and I would call her everyday and I would tell her a joke. I told her that she had to tell the joke to the nurses on duty. So, she did. What happened was: she became a really popular patient. If she wants to say anything about that – do you remember the cheer up committee, Joanne?

Joanne: I remember.

Wynn: What happened in the hospital when you started telling your jokes to the nurses?

Joanne: The nurses were like angels, I never saw anything like it; they were very spiritual with me, they laughed with me. Once I started to tell them, they were like angels, the nurses. They just helped me so much and they wanted me to stay there. They were very spiritual with me; everyday we just either they prayed with me or we laughed. I think you talked to some of my nurses there. It was just like, instead of feeling like I was dying from cancer, I felt really well. I felt better than I ever felt in my life, I really did. Then, everything got better with it, and I just felt like I went through all this. I used to tell them that if I hadn’t gone through what I went through I never would have met (them); I got very close with them. I never would have met them and they were such a good part of my life, even though it was such a terrible thing. It was terrible thing, but it just didn’t seem so terrible at the time.

Wynn: All this time we were doing the cheer up committee, I never told Joanne that I had asked a question. I don’t even think she knew that this was happening for me. I thought she would think I was nut case! Of course, she’s known me for many years and she probably already thinks I’m a nut case, but it wasn’t until I got a phone call from Larry and he said “Something really strange happened.” He said “They took her for tests to see if the cancer had come back and the nurse said” … why don’t you share what the nurse said, Larry?

Larry: Her lupus test, which is called ANA, came out negative; she didn’t have lupus anymore. That very rarely happens. That’s very unusual. Ever since then it’s been, everything okay.

Wynn: Joanne is still not well; she still has things wrong with her. Maybe as part of this call, we’ll see..

Larry: There are still things wrong with her, but I think when you call in the light and everything it does seem to help. I definitely see there’s improvement. I’m just happy that you’re able to do that and we are able to have the positive energy to get her better, you know.

Wynn: When Larry told me her lupus went away, and that doesn’t happen. Did the nurse say it rarely happens or it never happens?

Larry: They said it never happens. They said lupus sometimes goes into remission – I know there are people on the line that have lupus – she had SLE lupus, systemic lupus erythrosis; her tests always came out, wasn’t it like 320 or 360, so she definitely tested positive for lupus and she had all the other symptoms that were part of it – the rash, everything that was involved. Ever since then, that was 2002, she’s been… if it’s remission, it’s very unusual. She’s been in remission for nine years.

Wynn: Well it’s not just remission; it was disappeared from the test. Remission still shows up on the test.

Larry: It disappeared, it came zero, it was negative for her ANA testing.

Wynn: Right.

Larry: Let’s forget about the testing, let’s forget about some of the other things. The thing is, she doesn’t have the pain and the aching that you have with lupus. She would always feel like she had like a 104 degree temperature; always a fluish feeling, always weak, having trouble getting around. She’s alert, she’s a completely different person because of that.

Wynn: When I found out that her lupus went away, I went into shock because I said “Oh my god, this is real. There was some kind of intervention.” I then did a channeling; I think I did the channeling with Terry a couple of weeks later.

Larry: I think when you did the channeling they came back and they said that it was filtered. The interesting thing is also her cancer that she had was a sarcoma cancer which travels through the blood. At the time the doctor, when she came out of surgery, said she had 50/50 chance of surviving. She’s been cancer-free I guess this is going on her ninth year now.

Wynn: I asked them “How did you guys do that?” And they said “We just projected a filter in her blood and took the lupus out.” Then they say that if I didn’t do the cheer up committee they couldn’t have done it. You see, she had to be in the state of joy, happiness to get the energy and that’s very important. Some of you that want healings, somehow or another as difficult as your life is, you have to find a way to lift above it.

We’re doing these team shift calls and we make little groups of five people, three to five people that meet everyday for as many days as they can come online. They call in the light and some of those calls for people that want healings I think we should tell jokes, one joke at the beginning of the call and get into the idea of feeling uplifted and that people care. That’s one of the things – it’s easy to fall into a space when you’re sick and even when you’re not – that no one cares, and you’re all alone. It’s not easy to figure out how to get a group to overcome that. That’s why I started team shift and it’s where people empower themselves. I don’t participate in all of these calls, they do it themselves and everyday they manage to lift their spirits. I believe that is a really good way to start an opening for a healing. If you’re interested in team shift, go to teamshift. and Edna is co-ordinating it and putting the groups together and signing people to groups.

You can try it, it’s free! I would suggest at least try it for a month, don’t just come in one day. When you’re depressed you need to be patient with yourself to get out of it. I know we have a couple of people with lupus on the line, so I hope this gives some keys to all of this. Joanne - is there anything else you want to share before we move on?

Larry: Joanne can’t get on, Joanne’s busy doing something right now.

Wynn: I really thank her for coming on, she’s very shy. It’s also in one of the channelings they said: if she participates on our calls more she can have more healing because she taps into the energy. She’s been very shy and I’m so glad that she took my request and came on tonight.

One of the things that makes us depressed is not feeling valued. If you can make yourself feel valued to someone else it starts the healing process in yourself, to really be important to someone else. If you’re in that place where there’s no one to feel valued, there’s no one in your life that seems to value you, then go to a convalescent home and just go around talking to people. You’ll feel a lot of resistance before you do it, but those people who are in convalescent homes or old age homes are lonely, and they really need contact. By doing that, you’ll create feeling valued in a very simple way. That may not be the only way to do it. Think of a way that you can do something where other people really value you. It could be something small and simple but profound.

I think what we’ll do now, we’ll bring in our sources and we’ll ask them about this. We’ll ask them more questions about what actually occurs when something like this happens? How does it work? How does it work through the dimensions? From our realm it looks like total magic. They’ve said many times that in their realm there’s no time and space and many things are possible. Obviously, there has to be an energetic connection here.

I think in my sister’s case, we’ve always been close. When we were growing up we always had fun together. Even though she wasn’t on the line it felt like I was a ‘repeater station’; that the energies came in through me to her, and her high self gave permission for this occur. Through the cheer up committee she got happy enough to allow the energies to come in. That’s a very key element here when you want a healing, you need to be open enough in yourself to receive the energies. Terry, are you ready?

Terry: Yes.

Wynn: Okay. I’m going to call in the light and this is our little invocation to bring in the energies. This is what people do on the team shift calls. The key element in calling in of the light to not just mouth the words but to believe them, to envision it as you’re saying it and have a high intention. Many of you have learned how to do this and then feel the energies as they come in.

Father Mother God we ask for the presence of the light to surround and protect each person on this line and any negativity be taken to the higher realms of light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy that radiates from the center of the universe, through all the galaxies, through the Milk Way, through the solar system, through the planets, through the sun and through the outer energy fields of the earth coming down through our bodies. If you’re feeling this, it starts out at the top of your head. The energy comes in on your crown chakra and some of you can feel the light energy when I say that. And, through your bodies and then into the earth. Right now we invoke a blending of all of our energies – it means that we are becoming a group energy just as our sources are group energies and this place where we become a group energy is not in this dimension, it’s in another dimension. So, we can’t see it but some of you can feel the energy shift.

Another way of looking at it is thinking of the energy coming from the top of your head going way up higher and converging, we all converge. And, in that space we create in another dimension we become visible to our sources and they can move into that space with us and join us, however many of them they would assign to our project. We invite them to join us and we create a protected space that only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now.

Why do we create a protected space? Because we have opened ourselves up to other dimensions, and in other dimensions they’re not just positive. There’s a lot of negative. We don’t want that negative here, so it’s very important when you want to have this experience of moving into higher dimensions that you invoke protection so that only the positive has access and anything not of that nature must leave now. At that point if you’re visualizing it think of yourself like a pit bull guarding the energy field so that you keep it pure. I open it up to have Terry address us and we’ll talk about this.

Ra’an: We greet you in the love light of the One Infinite Creator. This is Ra’an, which is a combination of the energies of the Council of Ahn, which is a translation group for the Elohim,which we are translating for, and the realm of Ra. We are here to answer your questions; we are mindful of what you have brought up on the call, and have asked about miracles.

To us, miracles are part of our toolbox. In your realm, they are considered miracles. In our realm, they are considered scientific procedures which will operate according to the laws of how the universe is put together and when one knows the ins and outs of those operational tools, they can be applied. One of the tools is to establish the correct electrical potential of the operating systems within the body. This can be done through using the tool of laughter, which helps release charge. Laughter takes into account the various aspects that are thought of as improper or uncomfortable, and brings forth situations which arouse individuals to laugh and release pent-up stuck points within the individual; therefore laughter is a very important tool towards releasing built up stucknesses within the individual matrix and within the body that helps ease an individual’s life and interactions in life and helps reestablish right and proper charge.

As the body circuits run on a certain charge that is optimum for a part of the body, and the charge loses its potential then it allows for foreign organisms to come in and to take opportunistic advantage of the body systems. Another tool we have is vibration frequency, as when an area is not optimum in charge it is operating at a long frequency and other opportunistic vehicles of life can come in and take over, and putting the frequency of the opportunistic, take advantage of organism, into the spotlight and focus of that frequency and running that frequency through it, can disrupt it’s life and force and it can take it out of the situation of affect in the body.

We also have great love in our realm, and so surrounding a person with great love light can help to reestablish that person’s sense of worthiness and sense of being a valuable, integral part of the all that is. As such, can help to reestablish charge because when one does not feel one is worthy it is an impetus towards losing the optimum charge to make the overall running of the body optimum and balanced. It then opens the door for opportunistic organisms to take advantage of the body because when one does not feel one is worthy, then they begin to release control. As they release control they lose charge and operational ability of the body, opening it up for opportunistic organisms to then take advantage of the situation and of the body systems. We hope this answer helps.

Wynn: Yes. Can you tell my sister something since she’s listening – what could you tell her to help her have further healing and further health?

Ra’an: Keep up the jokes and interactions as much as possible with others. The interest that you have in the computer and getting a give and take can help, and keep a cheerful countenance with jokes and this can help. Get nourishment of a proper balance for your body, which is to say keep your body alkaline, as when your body is alkaline it can help the flow of electrons within your body. And, as there is enough electrons, an optimum number and even greater number of electrons which occurs in an alkaline body, the electrons can then, when there is a surplus, be available for healing in certain areas. Having an alkaline body keeps the system open for healing and reestablishment of proper electrical charges within the body. If there is a question on how to keep the body alkaline, you could call the Dr. Marshall’s office at 310-320-1132, and ask for the number of ingredients and the proper protocol for keeping the body at the optimum alkalinity and how to measure your alkalinity to make sure that you have established this alkalinity. This will allow for the vast opportunity of your body to heal.

Wynn: I should mention that there is something called litmus paper – if you just look it up on the web – it’s a little paper that changes color that shows the alkalinity or acidity of your body, depending on the colors. So, you can find out if your body is acidic and you can probably do a search on the internet for ‘alkaline diet’ or ‘alkaline substances’ and you’ll find probably many, many pages where people talk about that.

When you worked on my sister and you put this filter into her blood, how did that work? Did you move through all the sacred geometries; did you become very small, part of you, and work in her bloodstream because the opening was there?

Ra’an: Give us a moment – we have an angelic group that works specifically in specific situations… give us a moment. It was an electronic grid that moved over the body and in the moving of the blood and the lymph, precluded that frequency of a pathogen and was then able to create the die-off of the pathogen and to help purify the blood.

Wynn: Thank you. You know we have people on the line tonight, many of them having maladies. Is it possible, if we take some silence, to have you work with all those people who are reaching for help?

Ra’an: We can work with those people. We are mindful that the ones that are on the call and the ones that have mentioned that they have lupus, and that are in your group – we see that there are some … this is difficult for us to say, as we enter into the realm of medicine in this case and we do not wish to interfere with any chosen treatment that a person is getting. Some treatments that a person gets makes a stand-off between the lupus and the medicine, and holds the lupus in check but also sets up … give us a moment.

There are centers within the body that are, in the case of lupus, are open to the reestablishment and growth of the lupus; biological centers within the body where these pathogens propagate. It uses the body system for the propagation, and the medicines then hold the pathogen level at a certain level, but then the pathogens tend to fortify themselves from the attack. Then, sometimes the medicine needs to be made stronger, or there needs to be made more different medicines also to work with it, and in these instances it take a higher electrical potential to create the die-off. When the body is not in the proper acid-alkaline range, this makes it harder. The medicines make it harder in some cases.

But, we are mindful of your questions and desires and the people that do have lupus, their intentions and we suggest that you go back over some of the things we have said about establishing proper electrical potential. There is a medical doctor in Texas called Jerry Tennant that has achieved the curing of lupus and one can look up his telephone number on the internet – Jerry Tennant – and check out his protocol.

There are other factors such as teeth that have been infected. The dentistry tends to propagate infection and acidity within the body, and placing metal in the teeth for filling the teeth. The metal is a bleed-off electron robber, which tends to rob electrons from the body and then creates an opportunity for pathogens and infections to invade and it makes it very hard since the teeth are on the various meridians in the body, to open up those meridians towards healing if there is infections in the teeth. We could go into detail more; however, we do not wish to do so at this time. We suggest that there are supportive protocols within the earth frame that can help to take a person through medical procedures that can take a person through to more optimum health.

And, we love you and we send our love and light and greetings to Joanne and Larry.

Wynn: Thank you. Let’s take a moment and bring those energies in; I said I was going to do this. We can imagine these sources projecting love light from where they are into our space, invisible fingers of energy that can move through our bodies coming in from the top of our heads, maybe not in all cases, but they seem to say that’s a way they come in. We’ll just ask that all of you that would like something to shift – this is an experiment, we’ve never done this like this before with them live – let those energies - you have to be open to receive, you have to ask - to let those energies pervade your system and that your unique need might be met.

When we move on and if you’re feeling those energies you can ask for them to stay with you, I believe you can, I’m going to say you can – keep those energies moving through your body even after this call ends, for a good period of time.

I’m going to ask one more question and that is: obviously with my sister somehow it was connected to me because she didn’t know anything about this and yet we were able to do it. Can you explain the process where someone down here is a ‘relay station’ for the energies that can be projected towards someone else? What are the best preparation(s), if you want to be a relay station for the healing of someone else who doesn’t know that this is going on? How does that connect, also, with free will?

Ra'An: Thank you. One can always send love light to an individual and when one sends love light to an individual, the physical love light goes to that individual in present time, wherever they are, even if they have passed over it can go to that person. When one prays for a better outcome, a light is created – a physical light – that some individuals can see. This light then goes to the area and helps the area to lighten and to have a better (there is a word that we do not, that this individual’s brain does not know. We don’t know if it is in the English language, but if we could say it in other words, it would mean “all-encompassing energies within a framework are helped to optimize by one sending love light.” Then, it is up to the individual who may not know someone is praying for them, to respond and if an individual’s intention is to cross-over or transition, they may not pick up on the love light energy to move into a healing mode. So if an individual is praying for another, they do not know/that does not know that they are being prayed for, it can help the other individual. If the individual has the intention to be cured they can pick up on this increase in tone and energy and move into a respite, like someone grasping a rope thrown to them if they have fallen into a well. They can grasp that, and love light can begin to spread through their body and to heal various centers in the body. If we are summoned, or are aware, or we see in our scans that individuals are seeking help, we hear their calls, and then we also go to them to help them heal.

Wynn: Thank you. Let’s take another moment of silence and those of you that have someone that you connect with energetically in some way, let’s project this love-light for their healing. If you want to just keep it for yourself, if you’re working on yourself that’s okay. Those of you who want to send it to someone else, that’s okay. Ask for our sources; ask them to assist in whatever happens. We’ll just take that silence right now.

Let’s take another moment and let’s send the light, let’s call on this energy and focus it on my sister who still could use some further healing. If Joanne is there ask her to be open to the energies, or Larry you can be like the relay station, see it coming through you and around her.

Let’s do this for all, the two other people on the line or anyone else that is listening to this that has lupus.

Gjis: Wynn, may I mention Carla Rueckert?

Wynn: Yes, Carla Rueckert – thank you. Let’s send this to all of you on the line who have lupus. And, we’ll send this to Carla Rueckert. We’ll send it to Caroline from Uganda who had a motorcycle accident that’s recovering. We’ll send it to Diane Gartner’s daughter, who is going through a challenging time. And we’ll send it to Larry, my sister’s husband who is on the line who is going through some health issues.

We’re going over. I’m not going to have you all say good bye tonight; I want you to hold this space, work with it. If you’re somebody who has health issues, you might remember when this audio comes out and save it and perhaps listen to it often.

This is a little experiment; we’ve never done this kind of thing exactly like this before. I just send my love and light to each of you for the clearing of whatever issues you have in a health way and every other way. On that note, I’m going to stop the recording. They say “We leave but we do not leave”? Maybe I’ll let them close it and I’m just going to end the call after they give any final words.

Ra’an: We send love light greetings to everyone on the line, everyone who listens to the call later or reads in the transcripts of it, and we are delighted to make this connection. We are available to you for healing with our toolbox, and we are open for your prayers. We leave but we do not leave. Adonai.

Wynn: For those of you that have come into the space hold the space. When the call ends it really doesn’t end; the space continues – hold it and ask for what you need. We’re going to end now. Bless you all.







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