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                                                                          Ra'An for June29th 2011

I would like to welcome you all tonight. My name is Wynn Free. This is June 29, 2011 and my co-host is Terry Brown. Terry are you here?

Terry: I am here.

Wynn: This is our call where we ask questions and I like to tell people who are new that this is simulcast. There is one signal which comes in through the telephone you are listening on and the other comes into your vibratory field. During the course of the call, you may notice shifts in the energy around you. Our Sources explain themselves to be in other dimensions, that they are not just an intelligence talking to us, but they work as a team and they can send energy, if there are the proper receivers. We have been learning how to be receivers of this energy. When we come together as a group it becomes easier, because we form a group energy and a group energy becomes more visible. I remember when I was first reading the Ra channelings, they said, as you study us, we study you. They described this technique for connecting with them. They said just send your energy up through your head imagine it connects and they send it back to you. They say they have a team of beings surrounding you at all time waiting for you to reach out.

Now what we do to start this is to call in the light. Calling in the light is an intention. It's not just a series of words that is magical. We are creating an intention for oneness and you on the line are part of that if you choose to be.

(Wynn calls in the light)

I would like to turn it over to our Sources through Terry.

Ra'An: We greet you in the love light of the One Infinite Creator. This is June 29, 2011 and it is our joy and happiness and we feel honored that you have joined with us tonight. We offer our connections not only to everyone on the line, but to everyone who reads the transcripts and those who listen to the call at a later date. Welcome wherever you are in any time zone or whenever you listen to this. We are pleased to offer our services. Do you have questions?

Wynn: Yes. We are going to start out with a question from Michael in San Diego. Michael's question is, if time is simultaneous how could a person call back talents developed in other lifetimes? How can we consolidate ourselves from various lifetimes.

Now I would like to make a comment on that from my own experience. I have done a lot of things in past lifetimes and often times it when I meet someone from a given life that they trigger things that I did in that lifetime. Like you have this computer and you have to click on the right icon to get the program up and until you get the program up, it just stays in the computer. That has been my experience on it. Let's turn this over to Terry.

Ra'An: Thank you. Yes, you are correct. There is some training that is involved, so that if you are in a current lifetime and you were a singer in another lifetime and you wanted to reestablish your singing talent there are exercises for the training of singers to condition the muscles in the throat and chest to be able to sing in the vibrance you did in a past lifetime. This talent is there, the memories are there, so that when it is triggered it may start to come back. There are children that are born and they have certain talents from a young age and these are talents they developed in a past lifetime that are being expressed in a current lifetime. You remember in the Akashic Record all that went on with you in your past track and these things that you remember may not be consciously remembered but can be consciously brought up to the surface and one can tell what they are as you have an interest in that area. They sometimes, if they are going to sleep, they see colored pictures of the past life and pictures that have something to do with things they expressed in a past life. For example, a person might have been a clothes designer, they might close their eyes and see pictures of clothes and take great pleasure in seeing the most beautiful clothes. It is there in one's subconscious waiting to be triggered. This is one reason that if an individual in this lifetime feels that they can produce by thievery and produce in a detrimental way, then these can interfere in future lifetimes with their productivity and they remember detrimental experiences, say of being caught or of expressing themselves not in optimum ways will cause avoidance of the area in the current lifetime. In areas where an individual produced and had a great deal of creativity and a great deal of successful interaction with others, can lead to expression in a current lifetime that makes the current lifetime easier as there is a bank of memories to be drawn on, even in a subconsciousness manner. Also they can know what can be accomplished if they have accomplished things in the past lifetime, even though they don't remember what gave them that confidence.

Wynn: Thank you.

Yvonne is on the call tonight and this is her first come in coming in, although she has read some of our material. She asks a question and I converted her question to a more general question. There are many people who are having gatherings, cruises, bringing people together, going to sacred sites. For most people, that is not really something most people can do to travel. Of course all of these different events would be facilitated by different individuals and every event would have a different consciousness. Yvonne's question has to do with coming to an event in Sedona on 11-11-11 and is coming to these kinds of events important? Could we have a little more understanding about how coming together in gatherings work?

Ra'An: Thank you.

We see that in general, depending upon the variables you have mentioned, it can be a very good thing, as getting together with others on such a forum is generally beneficial in that everyone is generally cheered up and it becomes an experience of worth to the individuals who go there, particularly the speakers have much wisdom to impart. One needs to be careful that one does not simply trust the leading person of the group as there has been instances in the past wherein the leaders has led into circumstances which have created a very detrimental experience, for instance, the sweat lodge in Sedona that caved in and killed three of the members. So one needs to check out what is going on. One needs to, in the seminar, in the convention, maintain their own integrity and their own viewpoint and their own sense of protection, that they do not in open trust run into a detrimental circumstance. In general, these conventions are very worthwhile and make an atmosphere where one may be introduced to many ones that can become friends and can meet others who are of a similar bent and be a very good forum for meeting others who are moving along the same path as yourself.

Wynn: Thank you.

Now, we have a couple of people asking about finances and I know that for some people it is a critical thing. People get backed up against the wall, where the rent is due and they don't have the rent. They have things they want to do, somebody doesn't come through, particularly in this time, more and more people are entering a space where many people now are looking at the possibility of a financial melt down. In particular I want to mention April who wants to do a book. She doesn't have the money to pay her rent. She has a child. She says, if she didn't have a child she could sleep in ditches, but not her son. She sent out twenty-five resumes and no responses. She needs some way to break through this, she says. Now I remember different things that have happened. For example,I remember several months ago a really nice guy knocked on the door and said, hey, do you need anyone to do any repairs around the house. I am really cheap. I didn't use him but I knew he was going to get some work. We might have this great idea of what we want to do but it's not coming back to us. What can you do. One thing is to go on welfare and if someone is too proud for that but who cares? It's available and I don't have any trouble taking money from the government. If you are in dire straits. Go out door to door and say, I am cleaning houses because I have to pay my rent. You just have to do other things while the sychronicities are coming in.

I am now going to turn it over to our Sources through Terry.

Ra'An: Thank you.

As we view your energy we see the disappointment and the fear and it's hard to come into a cheerful place and not be paralyzed by the fear and to feel badly that you don't have the money for the rent. It is a very difficult circumstance. If you can get your energy moving and as Wynn said, to contact people, even if it isn't expected it will lead to anywhere. For instance, talking to someone in a health food store and looking at the board and seeing if there is anyone who needs a nanny. If there is something that you know how to do that you could ask people about, because it is through talking to others that you will find out about the availability of something and this action of contacting others, even in you know it probably won't lead anywhere, is the beginning of a cheer up for yourself and others may know of someone or may have other leads you can follow up. You can also take a look at papers as there are papers in coffee shops and see if there is any need for housekeepers. Sometimes there are agencies which have housekeepers they rent out for the day and they can make some very good money in doing that. What you need essentially is contacts and cheering up and you can build upon one contact upon another. Something that has been said about selling is that you get perhaps one yes out of certain number of no's, so each time you get a no it is bringing you a little closer to a yes.

Wynn: Thank you.

The next question is from Dianne about asteroids that are coming close to the earth. Are there outside groups that are protecting earth from these events, either guys in space ships or you guys?

Ra'An: Thank you.

We see that at this time we are not protecting in this manner. We respond to requests and if someone would request, we can be on the alert. As we look, we do not see events of this catastrophic nature coming into the field of earth. We see that the earth has some protection in the atmosphere that generally burns up the incoming material. The larger asteroids as they move through and close to earth, has a certain motion that the configuration of the solar system and the density of earth, creates a path that does generally not bring it into the earth sphere for the very large asteroids. Concerning other races or entities that may be protecting earthy, there are protecting spirits around earth who job it is, to protect the various sections of earth and they have some effect and influence on keeping these asteroids out of earth sphere. There are many huge, by your standards, sector protectors in the spirit realm, protecting earth. We are somewhat compartmentalized so that protection is in their realm and we are more overseers beyond that.

Wynn: Thank you.

Thank you Dianne. She mentioned she was finding some typos in our book so we can fix them. I haven't mentioned this in a big way, but just to tell of who are listening, that our book, which used to be called Questions and Answers with the Elohim, is now called, The Creator gods of the universe want to talk to you and I didn't have the courage to use that name but I have been using the other name for quite some time. In any case I decided to give it away to help more people to discover us. You can go to and there is a really good video and share it with other people.

The next question is from Belinda in Santa Fe New Mexico. She is on our weekly meditations and she is says the entire Los Alamos, forty miles from Santa Fe has been evacuated. My room mate is a hot shot fire fighter and he said that if the fire reaches a certain point in Los Alamos then they would have to clear a two hundred mile radius. Officials say that we don't have anything to worry about but this is the nuclear dump facility for the entire United States. You can imagine what is there. They say you can see the smoke from outer space and they are monitoring the air but there is so much waste up there, is there anything we can do? We call on the Elohim and see if they can help us, ok? After work I will go home and meditate on it. This is serious. Thank you so much.

Ra'An: Thank you.

We were looking at the situation before the call tonight. We were checking and wondering anyone would be on the call from that area. You can act as an anchor. We smelled the smoke as we are speaking. We are in Sedona but we are also non linearly there at the fire location and we see that there are barrels of nuclear materials at the dump site but not only at the dump site but areas that have been used for explosive testing of nuclear materials in the past which can also release plutonium in the air if these areas burn. This fire is out of control and we see a great deal of potential for this to be a disaster if it keeps on without it being mitigated. We see that Terry in certain cases has joined with us to fight such fires in a grounding motion and as we speak we are speaking slowly as we are putting grounding motion as the flames are of a frequency that are feeding on each other and are hard to stop. Maybe one can notice that this started with with the danger from the nuclear facilities in Japan and the world attention focused on Japan which then put focus upon the 104nuclear facilities in the United States. Now, at this time there are 3 locations with nuclear reactors that are in danger, two from flooding and one from fire. The fire is at a very high frequency as fire is. What you put your attention on, you get and there has been a lot of attention on the danger of nuclear facilities and now 3 more places are in danger in the United States and there is no time to move the toxic materials from Los Alamos. We smelled the smoke as we speak as we are over the whole area with our consciousness at this time and we note the fear. We see that is needed is a dampening; a lower of the frequency of the flames of the fire, to lower the frequency into the normal manifestation range of matter.

Wynn: Thank you.

I think she is asking for rain.

Ra'An: We are also asking for rain, however we are also working to lower the frequency. There are some lessons to be learned by facilities such as Los Alamos, in that when a danger occurs such as is this fire, it indicates a danger for the future and such dangers should be heeded wherever the nuclear facility is, that it can averted or the facility moved as soon as the danger is over so that in future times there is no danger. There is a process for converting toxic waste back into non-toxic waste which is to reestablish the electrons within their orbits of these materials which would turn them inert but this has not been researched.

Wynn: Thank you.

We have one more question and I going to ask this from Gary. Gary Brownlee is in Redondo Beach and he is a Trager® practitioner which is a kind of a sophisticated, not exactly massage but he has developed a theory that pain is our unconscious mind's way of telling us something needs attention. My daughter is going through some confusing times right now and yesterday I noticed a very tender sore spot on my left lower arm right near my elbow. I can hardly bend my elbow without out a lot of pain. This has gotten much bigger, swollen and feverish. According to my theory it has to do with my daughter. What is needed is for me to reach out to her and support her but in order to do that I would have to take the physical actions and bend my elbow.

Ok, now I turn this over to our Sources.

Ra' An: Thank you.

There is an empathetic connection there which if you spot the source, then give the source back to the individual. It is you trying to help heal your daughter and taking on pain for yourself, so let it go, as you can best help by not emphatically not experiencing this pain.

Wynn: Thank you.

So just let me look at the healings here. Anice in Phoenix and she would like to send healing energy to her nephew who is twenty months old and lives in Denver and has breathing difficulties and minor medical conditions.

Daphne has been going through a lot of energy shifts and feeling new energy and she is very sensitive to planetary shifts which she feels in her body.

Ra'An: We suggest that you do a channeling at a later time on this as we have focused our attention upon the fire in Los Alamos. It is a critical situation.

Wynn: Thank you. Well on that note do you have any closing words before we end?

Ra'An: We thank each and every one of you for participating and it is profoundly appreciated and we care for each and every one of you as you are our brothers and sisters. We are there and honor the connection. Adonai.

Wynn: Thank you for answering our questions and for being here. We thank every one on the line or on the replay line and every one who is volunteering. Again you can get my book for free, and make a note of our Sunday call. We say goodbye to everyone.







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