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Monday – 07/04/2011
Why is the Declaration of Independence like the Law of One?
Introductory Notes by Wynn Free
Audio Link -
Channeled and Edited by Terry Brown
Transcribed by Connie O'Brien
Terry:  I’d like to welcome everyone on BBS Internet Radio.  We
are on the air so I am formally welcoming everybody from BBS
Radio as well as everyone on the conference call.
Wynn:  We welcome everyone listening on our replay lines and our
audio downloads, and everyone who is live who has taken the time
this evening to be with us this 4th of July, (2011).  Some people
were wondering whether we’re going to do a call, and here we
are.  Someday we’re going to take a vacation, and then we’ll
play some of the replays; but for the moment we’re still
running strong.  I don’t know if anyone is listening for the
first time tonight.  We’ll probably have a small listenership.
Did you guys read the topic for tonight?
Gina:  Yes.
Wynn:  What was the topic tonight, Gina?
Gina:  Why Independence Day is called Independence Day and the
meaning behind that, I believe.
Wynn:  Wrong.  That’s not what it said.  It says, “Why is the
Declaration of Independence like the Law of One?”
Gina:  Okay, I stand corrected then.
Wynn:  Don’t feel bad about it.
Terry:  I’d be interested in the answer!
Wynn:  I sent out a picture of the first copy of the Declaration
of Independence, at least the first page of it.  It’s really
interesting because it’s all crossed out and it’s the
original worksheet they had.  It says, “When in the course of
human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the
political bands which have connected them with another and to
come and to assume among the powers of the earth separate and
equal station to which the laws of nature and nature’s God
entitles them, a decent respect of the opinions of mankind
requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to
take separation.  We hold these truths to be self-evident that
all men are created equal, and that they are endowed by their
Creator with inherent, inalienable rights, that among these are
life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; that to secure these
rights governments are instituted amongst men, deriving their
just powers from the consent of the governed, (and) that whenever
any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is
the right of he people to alter or to abolish it.”
Isn’t that interesting?  “We hold these truths to be
self-evident that all men are created equal.”  Interestingly
enough, I’m not going to tell you the answer to this.
I’m going to read a couple of things here.  Those of you that
have paid attention to our work; I don’t talk about this often.
 [This is because] I like to talk about Terry being St.
Catherine; it’s kind of like I’m saying she was St. Catherine
and she can handle it without any self-aggrandizement.
When you were somebody in a past life, in most cases it’s just
as good that you didn’t know who you were.  In some cases if
you’re really working on yourself, it’s good to know things
you did so that you can learn from how a pattern got established
in a past life; but, you don’t need to know your past life to
know about the pattern.  What happens is, the pattern gets
repeated in this life, and it comes in and something or someone
triggers the pattern.  So, you don’t need to know how it got
triggered in a past life, you can learn about it from this life.
The problem with patterns is that most people don’t realize
they have a pattern; they think it’s them.  I remember when I
was growing up, when I was young – it felt like that’s who I
was.  I didn’t know I was all screwed up, or as some of you
have heard about my father or this or that – the things that I
internalized.  It feels like you.  One of the things that it’s
really good know is that it’s not you; no matter what the
pattern is, it’s not you.  It’s a pattern, it’s a pattern
that keeps you from being you.  It keeps you thinking you’re
not loved; it keeps you thinking that you’re not worthy.  Many
times these patterns have been imposed upon you by other people
in other lifetimes.  Once the pattern gets set you keep running
it and you keep attracting people to support that pattern.  It
takes a lot of self-observation to first identify a pattern and
second to observe it and third to release it.  It doesn’t
usually happen quickly, as many of you know.  The patterns are
very deeply set.  Even when you know that you feel unworthy and
you know that’s not you, you’re still not able shift it
easily.  There are ways to shift it over time, and one of the
ways I think is coming into these conference calls and coming
into our calls and studying this kind of material, because
there’s an energy on the line that helps lift people above the
patterns and then there is certain wisdom that allows you to look
at yourself and release your patterns.
About three years ago I did a workshop called “The Egyptian
Connection”.  In that workshop I shared all the things that
seemed to tie me to an Egyptian Pharaoh whose name was Akhnaton.
Historically, that pharaoh is known as ‘the heretic pharaoh’,
because he did something very, very controversial and he had a
really difficult time of it.  If you’re aware of Egypt, you
know that Egyptians have many gods.  Akhnaton, according to Carla
Rueckert, was talking to Ra, one of the few people in history
that Ra was communicating to.  His wife was Nefertiti.  As a
result of talking to Ra, or communications from Ra however they
came to him, he came to the conclusion that the Law of One was
the way things were, and that Egypt was being run by the
negative.  At the time, the priests were using their connection
with all these gods to control people.  They were doing
sacrifices, they were doing all kinds of things that the negative
does today in secret societies.  In fact, they were the Egyptian
version of it; but, they weren’t secret societies, they were
openly running the country.  So, this pharaoh outlawed them;
said, “No more.  We can’t have this worship of these negative
He became rather unpopular; he was very popular for a while, then
he became unpopular.  He was causing a lot of people to lose
their jobs, and not make money; also, he was doing things that
were for the best interests of the spiritual evolution of the
planet, as opposed to what was best for the political needs of
Egypt.  He was pharaoh, and he was supposed directing the armies
and doing all the head of state thing, and he was doing something
else.  Eventually he moved the people who were his followers to
their own city about two hundred miles outside of the capital of
Egypt which was Thebes.
As I was studying this – I’m not going to tell the whole
story, I have a workshop called ‘The Egyptian Connection’ and
I’ll tell you where to get that workshop.  It’s a four-hour
workshop and it is very profound.  There were a number of things
that would tie me to Akhnaton when this first started, and it was
very hard to believe it.  It was also, the whole episode was so
out-there, so science fiction-y.  One of the things was I was
getting dream messages.  This was in 2002, and I had a voice
talking to me in my dreams and was looking over my shoulder and
giving me wise guidance.  First I thought I was making it up; I
had Daphne having the Elohim talking to me, I had voices talking
to me in my dreams, and of course I was writing the book about
Wilcock, The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce.  When I asked in a
channeling, I said “Who is talking to me in my dreams?”  They
said “Akhnaton”.  And, I said “and Ra?”  They said
“Under the auspices of Ra.”  Then I said, “Did I know
Akhnaton?”  And they said, “You were his right-hand man.”
Then I said, “What was my name?”  And they said
“Amenhotep.”  I went on the internet and I wanted to see if I
could find a picture or a statue of myself, I was looking for
validation of this.  I found out that Amenhotep was the name for
Akhnaton before he changed his name.
If you want to understand the Egyptian terminology of the time,
‘Amen’ was the name of the lower god; also the moon god.  It
was the god that the priests were worshipping and all the other
Egyptian gods were subsets of that, Osiris and I don’t even
know their names.  And ‘Aten’ was the sun god, and that was
the god that Akhnaton was pointed towards.  His name
‘Amenhotep’ – ‘Amen’ represented the moon god and the
previous three pharaohs were named ‘Amen’ – Amenhotep I,
II, III, IV and he changed his name to ‘Akhnaton’, which was
the sun god.
When I asked in a channeling who is talking to me in my dreams,
and they said I was his right-hand man and then they said my name
was Amenhotep I kept studying this.  I said to myself, “Why
would Akhnaton have a right-hand man with the same name that he
changed?”  In other words, Amenhotep was the lower god form.
As I put it together and put it together, eventually I found out
Daphne had a very striking similarity to the statue of Nefertiti
and Nefertiti was Akhnaton’s wife.  This was in 2002 and I was
researching for the book I was writing, The Reincarnation of
Edgar Cayce.  I was at the Bodi Tree, the metaphysical bookstore,
and I was in the Edgar Cayce section.  I was buying books to try
to write the book I was writing and put things together.  There
was a book that was misplaced and it was called My Son Ikhnaton.
I said, “I’m going to buy this and read it and see if it
brings any clues into this story.”  As I read it and I was
particularly reading the character of Nefertiti, I knew that was
Daphne.  It was after that that I looked her picture up and saw
that she was the same as the Egyptian bust of Nefertiti.  This
was a channeled book, it wasn’t a historical book.  Somebody
channeled it and it was Akhnaton’s mother who was speaking.  
There was another book called Born of the Sun – the story of
Akhenaton.  about this history of Akhnaton – by the way, this
is also a channeled book, also Akhnaton’s mother speaking.
There was a very interesting thing about these two books, because
there was a villain negative priest named Akenset and the same
priest was referred to in both books, but never appeared in
Google.  When I looked up Akenset, there was no historical
reference to Akenset and I thought that was a very strange –
not a coincidence because at the point I believed both books had
the same channeled source.  At the time it struck me and gave
certain validity to these books.
Let me tell you a little bit more about Akhnaton before I go
through that.  Akhnaton lived 1300 BC approximately; eventually
his city was destroyed and (there was) a bit of mystery as to
what happened to his body and what happened to Nefertiti’s
body.  In these channeled books, there was an assignment that
Akhnaton was doing under the request, I assume, of the Ra group.
He was inspiring, making the environment for, souls to become
Christed in this city.  What Christed means is knowing how to
live and express the Law of One.  The Law of One means that
you’re me and I’m you, and we’re here in this temporary
separation of my body and your body.  He was creating
environments for people to experience the Law of One in a
community where they were living together.
According to this book, there were about one hundred people that
he succeeded with and he sent them out of the city.  He had to
sneak them out; they had to go with the Hebrews because the
priests didn’t want this to happen and they would have been
killed.  A hundred people who were able to live in the Law of One
left his city and they started living in the caves somewhere
around there; I don’t where, I can’t remember where.  There
was a specific function for these hundred people, because they
were to create a very high vibration unity in these caves.  Of
course, they passed it onto their children; the high souls came
into that group.  This was all a plan of the Ra group.
You want to understand how the Ra group works; they make plans
when they work with this realm, making attempts of lifting the
vibration here.  This group of people became known historically
as the Essenes and when Jesus was brought into this realm –
Jesus needed a high vibration community to grow up in so that he
could hold the high energy that he was meant to hold.  The
Essenes were that community, and that was all started with
I’ll give a plug here on my workshop; it’s called  Some of you have had Egyptian
incarnations, and if you have when you listen to this workshop
it’s going to trigger you right into a really deep
understanding because you can start to see how the Ra group works
and interfaces with this realm and creates situations and
circumstances that can allow the kind of evolution required so
that people can graduate.
I just have these two books here – don’t worry I’m going to
get to July 4th.
Quote from Born of the Sun, the Story of Akhenaton by Ehrton, 1st
Books Library:
“This group spoke a language which is known as Aramaic. They
did not remain isolated in the Dead Sea but formed compounds in
Palestine where they cloistered and lived holy lives.  They were
known as the Essenes.  When Jesus was about to appear, many
reincarnated in Palestine to form a protective ring around the
child.  The three Magi who travelled afar to bring gifts and
honor him were ancient souls.  The many who occupied the Essene
compounds where Jesus found protection and comfort were among
them.  By that time there were thousands, but always the original
fifty men and fifty women returned to hold the light.  Akhenaton
reincarnated as the high priest, Occsi, of the Temple of the Sun
in Heliopolis, which welcomed the child with his parents as they
were led to Egypt.  There he received his early training and was
finally Christed at that spot.  Tyi reincarnated as Judith, head
of the Essenes.  (Tyi was Akhnaton’s mother.)  She and Occsi
worked very closely in Jesus’ early training and eventual
Christhood, and the dissemination of his teachings in the early
Not only did the early faithful incarnate to form a protective
link around Jesus, but have done so at subsequent times in
history.  The time of King Arthur was one; the Hueggenots of
France, the early formation of the United States of America are
only some of the most noted.  They not only hold the light in
bodily form during crucial times, but also carry a collective
consciousness that holds the Light for others from spirit during
incarnate period.”
And then it goes on to say here: “The soul of Akhenaton walks
the earth at this time, not in one body but in 60, each carrying
a facet of his mission.”
Actually the guy that wrote this book believes he is one of the
60.  He and I have sat together and talked about this.
“They have come from the future folding back time to building
the City of Light at Akhetaton.”  Now this is interesting –
“Though Jesus …will walk among us, the Second Coming of
Christ is Us.”  That was from the book Born of the Sun.
Now the other book was called My Son Ikhnaton.  In that book it
says “Ikhnaton lives in the earth today; Ikhnaton accompanies
those who walk in their journeys of light and those who seek to
give light to men once again.  Ikhnaton will seal his lips as to
his light; he will give light in what he is now speaking, not of
Ikhnaton of the past nor of other bodies in the past. He will
recognize …the faces of those he knew in Egyptian days.  In
this Ikhnaton will be similar to the sphinx, who—now this is
not me, I don’t feel this way but I’ll read it—who
inscrutably knowing, all-wise and unspeaking, will resolve Light
and his going into the Eternal Way.
From the past, Ikhnaton will be drawn the great reservoirs of
strength he used before, and then once again will begin to know
light, for into Ikhnaton’s hands in the earth today has been
given a key;  he’s fast approaching the time of unlocking the
mystery within his mind, light and heart.  He will reveal once
again the scrolls of the memories between the two ages.  This
will enable them to climb upward beyond the historical into the
If all that sounds interesting and you want to hear the whole
story, go to
I’m just going to say one thing but I’m not going to tell the
whole story.  I’m going to leave you all with a question.
Maybe we’ll go into some discussion with our sources through
Terry about this.  I guess about two years ago, out of the clear
blue sky, Daphne or Terry said the reason I chose to incarnate in
Philadelphia, which is where I was born, is because I was one of
the founders of the country.  When I was young I worked in
downtown Philadelphia at an electronics store and once a week I
would go to Independence Hall and stare at it.
I asked them, “Who was I?”  They said they wouldn’t tell
me; I had to figure it out.  I did figure it out.  There was no
doubt in my mind when I read their story carefully, that I had to
have been that person.  I’m not going to tell you who it is;
you can email me.  If you get the right person, I might say,
“Yes.”  I never told this story publicly and I’m always a
little bit hesitant about identifying with somebody who is
famous.  I told you that much – it was just very interesting
because they said that people were going to come back and be the
founders of this country.  And then, they told me I was a founder
of a country and I do look like the guy.  Go look up the founders
and see who I look like.
There was a very high intent in the creation of this country to
create an environment of freedom, of checks and balances, of a
Constitution of ways that the government could not abuse power
between the three power sources:  the Congress, the President and
the Supreme Court.  Yet here we are, and it seems like it’s all
falling to pieces.  That’s good, I guess, because maybe if it
truly falls to pieces something will rise out of it.  Before I
risk sticking my foot in my mouth and saying anything I’ll be
sorry for later – Terry, are you ready?
Terry:  Yes.
Wynn:  I’m going to ask questions that I’ve never asked, I
don’t know what they’re going to say.  We’ll see what
happens, just for the highest good of all concerned:
Father Mother God, we ask for the presence of the light to
surround and protect every person on this line, every person
listening, Terry and myself – and any negativity be taken to
the higher realms of light and transmuted for the highest good of
all concerned.  We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating
from the center of the Universe through the galaxies, through our
galaxy, through the planets, through the earth, through our
bodies and into the center of the earth.  Right now we invoke a
group energy connection while honoring the individuality of each
of our souls.  We invite those sources that positive, service to
others, honoring the Law of One to join with us while we create a
protected space that only the positive has access to and anything
not of that nature must leave now.  Do we have our sources
Ra’An:  We greet you in the love light of the One Infinite
Creator.  This is Ra’An and we are here on this 4th of July
2011 moving through Terry Brown and Wynn Free from Sedona
Arizona.  We greet each and every person on BBS Radio and the
individuals on the telephone call.  It is our delight to make
contact, and we appreciate each and every one of you.  Do you
have questions?
Wynn:  Why don’t I open it carte blanche here for you to share
anything you want about what I just said, and about the founding
of our country.
Ra’An:  Thank you.  We take a look at the country and we see
that many of the individuals who are responsible for the founding
of the country still have responsibility and take care to bring
responsibility to government, and there are many on the sidelines
working in their own ways to bring stability to the country and
working as light workers to bring through honor and truth.
We also see that you were working very closely with Akhnaton, and
were sharing space with Akhnaton in that lifetime and that much
of what you read in the book today is correct.  Akhnaton is as
the segments of him in the countries are alive today and working
to bring responsibility to government and more than one of the
segments of Akhnaton were founding fathers of the country.
It is a great celebration today and we see a revival of the
force, the life energy force, towards responsibility in
government and toward the regeneration of life force within the
country of the United States.  We experience the fervor with
which so many people celebrate the 4th of July and remember the
country.  It is a renewed energy and it is heartening to see.  Do
you have questions?
Wynn:  The story of Akhnaton talked about him in that book
dividing into sixty separate souls after that.  That was the very
first time I ever heard of someone dividing into separate souls.
Could you explain a little about that?  Is there a master soul
that oversees all the individual souls?  Are they all equal in
their connection?  And, why did that occur?
Ra’An:  There is a master soul that has not been discovered yet
in the Akhnaton energy, and you are in touch with him and helping
him and he is helping you.  There are other souls that have
broken off, and he is also working through them and is helping
them as they are helping him.
There was a synergy that was developed over millions of years of
sharing the same energy, the same purpose, the same goals, the
same space.  There was a time when his soul originally as
separate ones came together for a purpose of furthering the Law
of One.  They, in the time of Akhnaton and after, began to seek
their own separate energy still working for the Law of One.
Wynn:  Was Akhnaton an embodiment of the master soul or was he a
fragment of it?
Ra’An:  Akhnaton was an embodiment of the whole soul that
consisted of these individuals who had gotten together in the
name of the Law of One to work toward the betterment of mankind
and to work responsibility together under the Law of One.
Wynn:  So it’s not like Akhnaton split into 60, he was already
a combination of the 60 that were all working through him.  Is
that what I understood?
Ra’An:  That is correct.
Wynn:  But they didn’t continue operating together, they
continued operating separately thereafter.
Ra’An:  Right – but the energy is still tied very closely
Wynn: So in the Declaration of Independence, were there a number
of people who were embodying the Akhnaton soul energy who were
participants in writing that?
Ra’An:  There were participants that were embodying the soul
energy of Akhnaton in the founders of the country; they came
together as they were attracted towards the founding of the Union
and thought that it would be a chance to put into effect a
country wherein people could practice their own freedoms and
could embody the unification that they had so long held as an
ideal where an individual might be free.
As far as the signing of the Declaration of Independence: there
were many that contributed but not all that signed and we see
only a couple that had embodied the fragments, that embodied and
had moved on the track along with the group with Akhnaton.
Wynn:  Thank you.  Is it a common thing to have a person have
many souls joined together for a significant lifetime?
Ra’An:  It is not generally known; however it is common in not
usually such men of magnitude that join together.  There are some
that join together out of common misfortune.
Wynn:  When souls join together for a common purpose like that,
would the negative also do that sometimes?
Ra’An:  The negative can do that; however, it is more complex
in the case of negative.  It is more that individuals join
together through some misfortune and then become negative.
Wynn:  Like souls die in an explosion together or something like
Ra’An:  That is correct.
Wynn:  How about someone who is a great spiritual leader like
Nelson Mandela or Martin Luther King or Gandhi – were they
conglomerates of souls or were they individual souls?
Ra’An:  They were conglomerates; however not of the magnitude
of Akhnaton, and not as many.
Wynn:  Different conglomerates.
Ra’An:  Yes.
Wynn:  These individual souls have no memory of this, but they
have potentially access to the energies if they do the right
thing or they have the right synchronicities.
Ra’An:  If they are open to receiving knowledge; it is all
written in the Akashic Records, and it may be accessed but it
takes one that is totally open to see it.
Wynn:  In present time it seems like there’s aspects of the
American Dream, the American ‘Ethos’, the Intent – that
have become very distorted within the context of what some people
call Secret Societies that are service-to-self that are behind
some of the negative things we see.  How did we lose the original
energy-intent and have that come into place?  When did that start
to occur in the history of our country?
Ra’An:  It is a continuation within each individual as it
brings to bear on the whole and the resultant is what you see.
It started in past history and became tempered by current
Wynn:  Can we know in past history when that started?  Did it
start hundreds of years ago; did it start twenty years ago…?
Ra’An:  It started with the entry of souls into the physical
Wynn:  So it started at the beginning of creation?
Ra’An:  That is correct.
Wynn:  It’s just been an ongoing balance between dark and light
throughout history?
Ra’An:  Yes – and the balance between dark and light are
harder to move through.  There were periods, bands, so to say
when civilization became very advanced and also weaponry became
very advanced.  The weaponry was then moved against the people
and it overwhelmed the people’s soul matrix and ability to move
freely.  There were periods when this got very hard for
individuals and periods where the darkness moved in, in the name
of light.
Wynn:  How can we fix all this now?
Ra’An:  It is fixed, by each individual observing themselves
and learning the truth of themselves, the truth of their
patterns, how they can get back to the original self before
picking up unwanted patterns and unwanted energies from others.
The self is a radiant being of beauty.
Wynn:  So basically, the reason the negative exists at
macro-level is because of the power that it’s given by each
Ra’An:  Yes.
Wynn:  If enough individuals shift, the negative then dissipates?
Ra’An:  Yes, it will lose its grip as individuals move into the
truth, then the holding on of negativity will dissipate.
Wynn:  Okay.  Well, I thank you very much for bringing those
clarifications forth tonight.  Is there anything else to say
before we close this conversation?
Ra’An:  As we look across the United States we see great
celebrations and the bringing together of families.  This often
happens during a time of holiday which then makes the country
stronger as individuals unite, communicate and get together and
befriend again each other.  This is the true strength within the
We leave but we do not leave, and we thank you for this
opportunity to be with you and each and each and every person who
is connected or listening or hears this.
Wynn:  Thank you very much.  I just wanted to announce:  I’ve
made the book The Creator Gods of the Physical Universe want to
Talk to You a free download, and you can download it at  If you haven’t read it, then please
do.  If you have read it, please share that link and just tell
people to read it.  They’ll get on our list and for some people
it will make a big difference.  Maybe we can get a million people
reading it and paying attention to this work – I’d like to
put that thought out.
I thank Terry, I thank our sources and I thank everyone on the
line.  Happy 4th of July!
Gina: Thank you Wynn, thank you, Terry.  Happy 4th of July.
All:  Bye, thank you, love to all.

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