Thanks to Suzanne Hayes for transcribing.


                                                                                          Ra'An July 6, 2011

This is July 6, 2011. My name is Wynn Free and this is called our question and answer call, but I sent a message out because I want to turn this into a wild card. I do have some questions and some of them are important and we are going to ask some of those. My constant challenge is how do I create maximum growth, and most of you on the line have come into the line many many times and experienced the energies on the line which is pretty amazing, an unusual thing to experience in this realm. Some of you have had fantastic and unusual transformations and moved more into feeling the center of yourself. Some of you who listen to the replay line are sitting in the bleachers, and I get emails from some of you and I really didn't know you were there.

Now that I have said that who wants to say something?

Jean: This is Jean. I'll say something. I just wanted to say that since I have been with our group I have seen some gigantic shifts in my reality in my life and I have shared them with my Team Shift group and they've had them also. I have also put my grandson Nicky in on a healing session and his immune system was really low and he is doing wonderfully now, and I am so happy and I know that everything is going to turn out just like it's supposed to. I have learned to project what I want and every day is just a joy to be here. That's what I have to say.

Wynn: Thank you for sharing.

Now is there someone on the line who has a lot of anticipation about saying something, and who is willing to speak through their fear to just say something?

Trish: I just want you to know that this is Trish and I think it was Sunday I had asked about my grand daughter. She is the one who graduated and did a complete 180. Things aren't perfect yet, but it's bearable and my son is handling it so well and I think it's because Terry put that in the light and I broke down and cried when she said it.

I am 64 and the last fifteen years have been a huge financial struggle. I had a job in financial liability and worked at the same place for twenty-five years and then was asked to resign after they went through a bankruptcy. My son was my life and my grand daughter was my life. And they were living behind me in a house they had built, and I gave them everything I had because they got engaged.  So now I have retired early so we have less money and it's been a struggle. All my life I had everything I wanted and I grew up like that with BMW's and designer clothing. I have been divorced for thirty years. I have been married twice. I am living in an apartment, barely making it. In the past when I would have say only 20 dollars in my bank account, something always came along and I forget about that, but I am kind of back to that, not thinking about lack and just trusting in that.

Wynn: I want to say something. You can attract things and you have a very high ability to cause synchronicities and you have very powerful energies if you reach for them and find out what you are passionate about. One of the things is that you have to rise above all the circumstances. Get away from everything and contemplate how you can use your energies, and those things we worry about keep us constricted. Thanks for coming forth.

Trish. Thank you very much

Wynn: Who else wants to say something?

Gjis: I am not shy. I'll speak up. I was born and raised in Holland and grew up in like  Bible belt circumstances. I had the opportunity to travel to America and move there and fell in love and had two beautiful children. I did not believe in God but my wife brought the movie home, the Secret, and I started reading about spiritual healing and message-a-day has really changed my life. I am very happy to be here and I thank you and Terry.

Wynn: Gjis introduces these calls and he just started to greet people when I was coming in late. He helps people feel relaxed and helps Terry and I when we come on. These calls are about the creation of group energy. Each of you is a unique expression of the divine, even if you don't know it. I am doing the Law of One workshop this weekend and I am planning on doing some other workshops. I highly recommend it. It is and if you use the code 48 you get 5 dollars off.

I am planning on having some of you doing some workshops and there are a lot of talented people in this group. I want to do a dark night of the soul workshop but I probably should do that one. This makes you connected more than just a passive audience.

Is there anyone really nervous about talking?

Nancy: Well I am really shy. Actually what I would like to tell you about is that recently I had my aura picture taken and the reason I did it is because when I would walk by little children or babies and they were crying, then they just stare and be quiet. I would have people walk up on the street and tell me I had such a beautiful aura, but they can see it but I can't see it. I have a lot of green and a lot of blue. Are you familiar with the process?

Wynn: Yes, I am very familiar with it.

Nancy: So it turned out really nice. I have no black holes and the lady told me I had all my chakras open and I don't have to worry about if my heart charkra is open.

Wynn: Tell us something about yourself.

Nancy: I live in Florida. I lived in Oxnard for a little while. I have done all kinds of things. I pumped gas at my uncle's station when I was little. I was a real estate agent and insurance sales person. I have been a computer analyst and right now I have kind of settled into an administrative position with a company. I have been married twice and I have a daughter who is 32 and I am single and live with my cat.

Wynn: I have a question? How would you like to facilitate a call like this where people just talk about themselves?

Nancy: I could do that.

Wynn: I think you would be good at it and it would good for you and good for other people. When people get a chance to share, not just listen. I can have another shy person help you.

This is what I mean for creating opportunities for being of more service. Think about it and you don't have to answer me here.

Nancy: I said yes.

Cindy: Wynn I just wanted to say that I am one of those who is very shy and I got a job where I ended up teaching three day seminars and which is not my nature, but it was very liberating and when it is a subject you are very passionate about it and it just pours out of you.

Wynn: Sometimes the shy people are not hungry for attention don't share energy as well.

Anyone else like to say something?

Suzanne: This is Suzanne Reed and I also have a quick comment. I have been a long time listener and I keep a copy of your book by my bed and I flip through it occasionally, and had a chance to share something with somebody and I thought it was going to be the key to really help them. My sister is suffering from severe depression and she recently told me that she was thinking of taking her life. So I am so excited and I brought the book over to her to read chapter 17 and I said Monica look at this, this is wonderful, you gotta read this. But she gave me back the book and I don't know if she read it or not. But it is a wonderful book.

Wynn: Isn't that chapter on Healing The Original Wound? Hey Suzanne. Would you like to like to lead a discussion group on that chapter? If you read the book then the wisdom is in you too. The thing about wisdom is there is different levels of wisdom and not everyone is upgraded to experience the wisdom in that book or in the Law of One or from the Elohim. I decided I needed to be a human bridge for people to help them understand this. So when someone is service to others and can tap into just being themselves it works.

Tom: This is Tom from Rockville. I am pretty shy too but I want to say something to Ms. Reed about the book. It would be nice if her sister read the chapter and became less depressed, but I don't think you should worry about that because you tried and that matters and because it didn't work out exactly as you meant, it was that you tried.

Wynn: Thank you Tom. I am so glad you spoke because you are a beautiful part of this line too. Anything you want to share about yourself?

Tom: This is all very new to me. I deal with people with disabilities and social security and including a fair number of people with depression. You may talk to someone and then three years later you may hear back from them and they say that talking to you made a difference.

Wynn: Thank you Tom. Who else wants to say something?

Isis: I am so shy. I am a fashion designer. I was lived in LA and New York and I felt it was not fulfilling anymore with a lot of cut throat people and superficial people and I felt a little asphyxiated and my spirituality was being affected. People were seeking power, and it didn't matter hurting people and it was wearing me out. So I moved where my parents are in Nogales and seeking more spiritual stuff and helping my mom and my step dad. These calls have changed my life. I am so grateful everyday when I feel the energies I tell myself it is so beautiful. I have been looking for this forever.

Wynn: Thank you so much for coming forward. Do we have anyone anonymous in the back ground who never says hello who wants to say anything?

Terry: How about Chris.

Wynn: Chris. Are you there Chris? Are you going to say anything?

Chris: I am here but I am good. I am feeling it. I was in that dark place for a while and I am coming out of it, so let me feel it.

Wynn: Super

Temperance: I feel like I should explain why I don't speak.

Wynn: I am going to introduce the Massachusetts giggler who is Temperance and she is an extraordinary being who is very intuitive and she feels all kinds of energies and spirits are around her and she has all these spirits and they are loving it.

Temperance: Now Chris explained exactly my reason. I cannot be here and there at the same time. When I speak I have to be in my mind and in my body, so I just don't say anything. I like being up there. It's not that I am a snob or anything, it's just that I have connected and speaking pulls me back into my body.

Wynn: un huh. Thank you so much for sharing.

Terry: That was one thing I totally understand what Temperance was saying. I was working with a lady and she went exterior from her body and she went up to the ceiling of the room and I also went up to the ceiling of the room and I wanted to say something to her but I couldn't because I was up at the ceiling with her so I came back to my body and she followed me back and so it's very real.

Temperance: Yes, thank you.

Wynn: Thank you Temperance, for sharing that and for being on the calls. I don't leave my body and go into the ceiling. I stay in their body and go into the ceiling. I am not one who goes out of their body. It feels to me like I am in the center and then I expand into all this space but I don't see it. It's not like I am seeing other beings but I can feel energies and I can feel Temperance on the call and she grounds energy on the call. She is so consistent. Like Gjis creates service by saying hello to everybody, and Temperance creates service by holding space in the back ground even though she doesn't say anything.

I hope Suzanne transcribes this because each of us in telling our story is being part of the energy and we take ourselves out of the audience and having your own expression of divineness, and it's not different than channeling with the Elohim.

This is your opportunity to speak. Ok last chance. Anyone want to say anything?

Terry: I noticed that a couple of years ago when I was in Sedona by the airport and someone put the hurricane in the light and the earthquake faults in the light and the Elohim assigned different individuals to anchor the energy for different earthquake faults and right after that then we anchored the energy for the hurricane and some of the people on the call said after the call they were really worn out. So it isn't just the Elohim and Wynn and I but everybody on the call is acting like an anchor and helping to change the energy. So I thought I would share that.

Wynn: You know I am doing an experiment. I am giving away the book The Creator gods of The Physical Universe Want To Talk With You. Get a book or share the link with somebody. Don't tell them too much and just say this guy is giving his book away for free and here's the link:

We are going over on time tonight. Terry? This call isn't making you tired is it?

Terry: No but there was one question you mentioned at the start and I wondered if that wasn't urgent.

Wynn: I will put these questions about for healing. Get your pad out and write these down and if they want to address these questions then they can.

This is from Jean and it's about her grandson Chris who has a problem with his bowels and he is pooping in his pants and when I was a baby my parents told me I used to draw pictures with it in my crib.

Is there anything that you can recommend because he is supposed to start school next month.

Dot: I could probably help him because I do healing sessions for a living and I would go back to where it started and what emotional trauma that was triggered. I am getting that he feels guilty and a lack of self confidence about something and that needs to be healed. I could do the healing through the person; the mother or aunt or friend. I am just offering that.

Wynn: Would you be willing to do this on an experimental basis, so that in the future if I get confident I will recommend you.

Dot: I would do it gratis for the lady on the phone.

Wynn: So Dot, send me an email and I will forward it to Jean and you too can connect, alright?

Dot: Yes that's wonderful.

Wynn: This is the time to put any request out and we will take a moment of silence to do that.

I want to thank all of you who shared and I want you to know that by just sharing your story you have done an incredible service because you are holding space for all those others who listen. I thank the volunteers and transcribers and Terry and Gjis. We will see you next time and have a good evening.







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