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Monday Calls; 2011 Conferences
Monday – 07/11/2011
Understanding the Grid System
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Channeled and Edited by Terry Brown
Transcribed by Connie O'Brien
Terry:  Good afternoon, good evening, where ever you are.  This
is Terry  Brown introducing Wynn Free who is the host of the
Monday night BBS internet radio call.  He’s out rounding up the
people on the conference line.  This is a simulcast.  We have
people who are on a conference line and also people who are on
BBS Radio.  He is going to be with us in just a moment.  We have
a number of callers on the conference line and then the people on
the BBS Radio line.
My name is Terry Brown.  I am the co-host of the show and at
times I do channeling, in fact, almost every time now.  Wynn
chooses the topic that we’re going to talk about.  I never know
what the topic is beforehand.  I could take a peek on the
computer and see what he’s announced but normally I don’t do
that because I want to not think about it beforehand because if I
think about it, then I could agonize over it and I’d rather
just bring it in through the channeling and have it come in and
just be impromptu answers from the Elohim/Ra Group.
What we do is normally when I channel, the Elohim Group and the
Ra Group, come through.  It’s a mixture of the two.  It’s as
if they are on standby to see which one is the one that can
answer the question the best.  Sometimes the Elohim will turn it
over to the Ra Group to provide an answer.
The Elohim Group is a very, very high energy and they are very,
very hard to sense unless you’re tuned in, like a radio can
tune into different frequencies.  Unless you’re tuned into
their frequency, it’s hard to sense their energy but once you
know their frequency, then you can tune into it and you can sense
them. It’s a very delicate high level, high energy frequency
that’s so loving and it is surrounding me or surrounding the
person that’s looking toward it and the individual then can
sense it.  If they don’t sense it they may be looking at a
lower energy and trying to see it but it is still there at the
very high frequency.  If you ask, so you receive.  So if you ask
then you can find it easier to bring in.  Listening to the
channelings can help you become familiar with the frequency.
Reading the book The Creator God Book which Daphne and I
channeled (with Wynn asking questions) can provide the energy for
you to sense it.  Also, the book, The Reincarnation of Edgar
Cayce, Chapter 17 has a Ra energy with it.  Some people have
commented when they get the book and it’s on their nightstand,
they can feel the energy flowing through the book.  Wynn are you
back with your crew?
Wynn:  I thought I was going to sneak in.  You’re getting so
So welcome everybody.  This is Monday, July 11th, (2011) – Wynn
Free in Phoenix and Terry in Sedona.  This is our Monday night
BBS call.  Just for your awareness you know we do three
conference calls a week and each call has its own flavor to it.
On our Monday call, normally I pick a topic, we talk about that
topic, and then we question our sources on that topic.  On our
Wednesday call normally - people send me questions and sometimes
even healing requests, then we question our sources concerning
your questions.  Last (Wednesday) we didn’t do a normal show
and I had a lot of comments about that.  Our Sunday call, which I
believe our most important call, it’s more designed to—you
have to experience this to get it—it’s designed to connect
with the energies and to create planetary and personal healing,
and bring in these energies from the higher realms in a way that
you can experience them in your body, personally.  It’s very
profound, and oftentimes people come to those calls and they have
healings, they have transformations of attitudes, and it’s very
unique.  I’ve never experienced anything like it (except) years
ago, I did experience something like that in a room.  It wasn’t
on a call but I experienced a man who could sit in a room and
talk and hold the energies and my body would shift.  That was a
reference point for me; I said, “I wonder how he did that?”
He gave me the idea that could happen.  That’s on our Sunday
call.  We do planetary healings where we create a group energy,
and we create group intentions to send and shift around the
I hope you’ll check our calls out, check all of them out.  If
you are new and you want a schedule, write this down:  Go to
Let me introduce Terry.  For those of you who have tuned into the
calls regularly or read my book know that Terry is the person who
has been holding the energy of the channeling and the
communication with our sources on these calls.  She’s been very
dedicated and her intent is really, really pure.  You couldn’t
do these calls just to be entertainment, because you could get a
negative source.  I said that oftentimes you’ll find that most
people don’t do public channelings.  It took me a long time to
have the confidence that no matter when we did it and how we did
it that we would get a positive source.
The reason people get negative and positive sources is that when
you do this kind of stuff and you get an attachment to the
recognition or self-consciousness or wanting to please people or
wanting to make a lot of money…  Not that you shouldn’t make
a lot of money; one can make a lot of money and send some
blessings to our work so that we do.  The focus has to be higher
than the money.  The focus has to be on service.  When the focus
is on money, your whole intent changes and it becomes
manipulative in a certain way.  Anything that is less than 100%
leaves openings for negative sources.  We’ve been doing this
now for quite some time.  I tell people, “Don’t even believe
we’re positive – in fact, you shouldn’t believe we’re
positive.  You should apply your own discernment and check it out
for yourself.”  The people who are on the line regularly get
tired of hearing me say this, no matter how many times I say it
there’s a tendency for humans to give up their power and become
believers and let go of their scrutinizing ability and their
intuitive abilities and not internalize this.
Our topic today is the planetary grids.  Years ago I heard
somebody talk about the planetary grids and I used to hear people
talk about sacred geometry and I didn’t understand it.  I
can’t really talk about something until I grasp it myself.  I
have to get it on a gut-level thing – it’s not just about
information.  So I hope in this call that I could clarify this in
such a way that you guys can get it on that gut level.  It’s a
reality system that we’re all in whether we’re aware of it or
I’m going to just talk shortly about how I’ve come to
understand the planetary grids and what they are.  Then, we’re
going to have a conversation with our sources and ask some really
great questions that I don’t know the answers to.  We’re
going to (both) discover things together on this line.
You all have some familiarity with the fact that our body is an
energy system.  Our body has meridians – meridians and energy
flows and there’s a science called ‘acupuncture’ which
stimulates the meridians of the body to increase energy flow in
the body.  When the body goes out of balance the energy flows in
the body stop working correctly.  The energy flows in the body
are all connected, I believe one of the words they started using
is axiotonal lines.  In other words, the body picks up flows of
energy from the cosmos, from the solar system and more.  So
we’re always, to the best of our ability to flow energy,
connected to the energy of the cosmos into our bodies.  If we
were totally open, we would be cosmic beings walking around all
the time.  To some extent or another, we can all understand that.
 We can all understand that there are energies flowing in our
bodies.  There are energies flowing everywhere, and it’s all
the same energy.
As we’ve come to learn on these calls, the earth is also an
energy system that is alive and it has flows in it.  So, it’s
going to have flows inside of it and flows all around it.  Just
like the body, those flows of energy get corrupted and screwed
up.  On one hand, they get corrupted by the things men do on the
earth.  We’re part of the earth’s energy field.  As our
energies extend outside of our body, we combine with the
earth’s field – everything is connected.  The earth connects
with the planets; the planets connect with the galaxies.  One of
the things I’ve read but haven’t validated, there are
negative beings in other realms that attempt to control the grid
systems.  The grid systems allow flow of things in and out of
them.  I have a feeling that what we’re doing on Sunday is
(we’re) busting through some of those control things in the
grids.  We’re bringing the energy in from above the grid
system, through the grid system and into the earth.  We’re
helping to orchestrate that.  I don’t see that, I just have the
idea that’s so.
These are questions we’re going to cover this evening.  I think
this is going to be a really enlightening conversation, because
it’ll help us do our work better.  It’ll help you do your
work better, because each of us is a cosmic being to some degree
or another.  If you’re on this line regularly you are probably
learning more and more to be in that space for greater periods of
time in your waking consciousness.
I’m going to call in the light – this is our little
invocation for oneness.
Father Mother God, we ask for the presence of the light to
surround and protect each person on this line, and any negativity
be taken to the higher realms of light and transmuted for the
highest good of all concerned.  We see ourselves in the flow of
energy radiating from the center of the universe, through the
galaxies, through our galaxy, through the planetary fields,
through the field of the sun, through the field of the earth,
through our bodies and into the center of the earth.  Right now
we invoke a group energy connection amongst all of us present
while honoring the sovereign integrity of each of our souls, and
we invite those sources that are positive, service-to-others,
operating and honoring the Law of One, to join with us and we
create a protected space that only the positive has access and
anything not of that nature must leave now.  Do we have a source
Ra’An:  Yes.  This is Ra’An and we greet you in the love
light of the One Infinite Creator.  It is our joy to enter into
the third dimension and entity, and to connect with each and
every individual that is listening or will read the transcripts
or will listen to an audio at any later time.  Do you have
Wynn:  We called a topic tonight – “Understanding the grid
system” and that there’s a bunch of energies around the
planet that are termed ‘the grids.’  I’d like to ask some
questions about the grid system.  Could you, first of all, share
with us from your perspective – What is the grid system?
Ra’An:  Thank you.  In your system of math or pictures of the
earth, there are lines which are drawn – latitude and longitude
lines.  These are not what we look at as the grid system.  These
are organized ways of looking at locations on your earth.
However we look at the grid system as electrical potential in the
area of the atmosphere above the earth, and these electrical
potentials are along the location points of the magnetic north
and the south pole and are lines of demarcation where the
electrical potential flows into the – we have words that the
individual channeling does not know – the magnetosphere, the
lines of flow of electrons from north to south within the
electrical grid in the sphere surrounding the earth.  There are
certain locations where they enter into the earth and then they
flow in a direction that is moving from north to … give us a
moment.  The electrons flow into the earth and as the earth picks
up charged particles from the sun, and as it moves in the various
locations in relationship to the rest of the solar system, this
grid system shifts up to some degree in location.  It is a moving
flow; it is generally thought that everything is strict and
stable.  However, everything is created in the now over and over
again, and is the result of all of the energies coming together
that keeps it in its certain position.
Wynn:  Thank you very much.  Continuing this, I just want to make
sure that I understood.  These grid energies – are the
electrical, are they magnetic, or are they etheric, or a
combination of all three?
Ra’An:  They are a combination of all three, as it starts with
the etheric and is put into place and the energy held into place
by the etheric.  Then, the movement of the particles and energies
through the space creates the magnetic field.  It is a creation
in progress.
Wynn:  You know there is a word that people have used called
“nodes.”  Is that an area of high amplitude; is that an area
where lines cross?
Ra’An:  Is that an area where the lines what?
Wynn:  Is that an area of high amplitude, high strength of the
energy?  Is it an area where grid lines criss-cross?
Ra’An:  It is an area of intersection of flow lines, and it is
not necessarily high amplitude, but can be low amplitude as it is
a resting point in the intersection of areas.  As you view the
earth there are certain intersections where the flow changes
direction.  These would be called ‘node points’.  There are
points in between where the amplitude reaches out over the earth,
and it is these areas where the energies can get stronger; it is
altered by the rotation of the earth, also.
Wynn:  There’s a lot of negativity on earth.  If there’s a
war, if there’s people cutting down rain forests; if there are
things (where) either humans are hostile to each other or where
humans are hostile and aggressive to the environment, does that
impact the grid systems of the earth?
Ra’An:  Yes, it impacts the grid systems as it can create
intense disruption in the flow of the electrons in and through
the areas and the structure can get upset and can create a
momentary disruption where the energies of creation and all of
the energies to do with the planetary rotation and the rotation
of the solar system can fill in the area again and begin to
create a new homeostasis in the area.
Wynn:  When the grid systems gets screwed up because of things
happening on our planet, does that mean the flow of energy from
the cosmos gets screwed up into our planet?  Is the grid system
the mechanism for the energy to flow through to get to the earth
and to get to us?
Ra’An:  The energy, the localized energy, around an area of
disruption often will disrupt the outgoing flow and the ingoing
flow and it can then be readjusted and overtaken by the flow of
energies incoming within the planetary system and the rotational
spin of the earth, which then will tend to repair and heal the
holes and disruption in the energy that has been created.
Wynn:  Do they get healed or do they stay broken?
Ra’An:  Pardon?
Wynn:  Do they get healed, does the energy get repaired over
time, or does it stay broken?  What is actually the mechanism,
i.e. If on a Sunday call we send light to a given area or through
a different area are we participating in repairing the grid lines
in that area?
Ra’An:  Yes.  You definitely are assisting in repairing the
gridlines, as when there is an area of disruption that has been
created by war and explosions then the surface of the earth has
been disrupted, the energies have been disrupted, the spirits
that are protecting the areas have been disrupted and they will
be renewed and healed by the incoming energies in the attempt to
Wynn:  Thank you. With the grid system we have places like the
pyramids, how do you say that place in South America – “Machu
Picchu” – different places that people consider nexus points
or special points or sacred areas: are those places are still
sacred, or is that just something that was in the past and the
energy has shifted?
Ra’An:  There are energy patterns that are set up over the
whole earth and in the past, ancient times, there has been the
understanding of how the grid lines flow on the earth and there
have been pyramids built all over the world that have been set to
stabilize the grids, particularly in the time of Atlantis.  They
are built on nodes and amplitude points of the grid system and
are set to help and stabilize the grid systems and to keep the
energy flowing consistently as an aid to the earth.
Wynn:  So in the time of Atlantis, they understood the purpose of
the energy systems and they consciously used things to keep the
energies flowing in the grid system – yes?
Ra’An:  Yes.
Wynn:  Then did that continue over in ancient Egypt when the
Atlanteans came to Egypt.  Were the pyramids part of that attempt
to keep that grid system flowing?
Ra’An:  They are.  They are part of that grid system.
Wynn:  Are they still important – the pyramids?
Ra’An:  They are still important and are still working to help
stabilize the grid system; however, there have been recent
earthquakes that have shifted the grid system and have placed the
energy grids in slightly different points.  There are some areas
where the pyramids are now covered with water and they are still
assisting.  However, they have been somewhat damaged, and if one
were to take the grid system from them and expand on the grid
system from now and move it over earth, fit it over earth, it has
shifted slightly.
Wynn:  Thank you.  Are there situations and circumstances in the
solar system where negative forces attempt to control the grid
system through portals?
Ra’An:  Yes.  There are races that understand the grid system
and have been using it to arrive and depart.
Wynn:  In other words, they need these energies.  These energies
are like tracks for beings to come in and out of this realm –
Ra’An:  Yes.
Wynn:  Both positive and negative?
Ra’An:  Yes.
Wynn:  Like if there were no grid system, they couldn’t be
having this, there would be no life probably.
Ra’An:  Would you repeat that?
Wynn:  Is the grid system a pre-requisite to life on earth?
Ra’An:  Life is everywhere as the all-that-is is one thing that
has been broken down into different energies…
Wynn:  Terry is getting muddled, so she needs to take her hands
off the microphone.  We didn’t hear the answer to the last
Terry:  Okay.  This is Terry and I’ve totally gone out of the
channeling now and I don’t understand, what were we talking
about?  Hold on let me get back into the channeling.  Can you
hear it now?
Wynn:  Now you’re clear – you had your finger on the
microphone and you were getting muddled.
Ra’An:  From this standpoint we can barely hear you on this
phone at this time; but, we were speaking of the grid system of
earth.  Do you have another question?
Wynn:  The last question was:  The grid system functions to flow
energy from higher – let me just pose this as a question.  Is
the grid system’s function to be a bridge to bring energies
from higher realms into the earth plane?
Ra’An:  We look at your question as being sort of upside down.
The grid system is the result of the energies of all of the
forces that are brought to bear on the area of planet Earth.
Wynn:  So it’s created from the earth up rather than from the
celestial realms down?
Ra’An:  It is created out of all that is, not up or down.
Wynn:  Okay.  I’m not in Sedona right now holding the energy
for this, and I can tell it’s hard on Terry, this particular
topic.  I think we’ll just not ask any more questions this
evening and bring this session to a close.  We’ll let our
sources say goodbye to us and if there is anything to say.
Ra’An:  Thank you.  It’s that the phone has not been working
well and it is very hard to hear what you say.  We thank you for
this and we apologize for the technology drop here, and we send
love and light to each and every person on this line.  Adonai.
Wynn:  Thank you.  I thank Terry very much for being a trooper
and we got through that.  I hope we got to the information
that’s important.  I did have more questions and maybe we’ll
continue them at another time.  Maybe Daphne will come in,
because one of the things that has come up consistently about
Daphne is that she’s one of those people – we all affect the
grids, all of us – but, she’s one of those people that in
particular part of her function in this realm has been holding
the grids together for the earth.  It would be really interesting
to see if I could get her on the line and we could question her
about this.
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I thank everyone who is on the line tonight.  I will see you all

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