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                                                     July 13, 2011

This is Wednesday, July 13. This is Wynn Free and Terry Brown in Sedona and we are going to do our standard Wednesday call tonight where we ask questions which people have submitted and many of these were submitted last week.

(Wynn calls in the light)

Do we have our Source present?

Ra'An: We greet you in the love light of the One Infinite Creator. This is Ra'An and we are with this this day the 13th of July, 2011 and we are delighted to move into the earth plane and make contact and greet each and every one of you on this line. Do you have questions?

Wynn: Yes we do. I have a question from Mary Jones. A lot of people are talking about aliens, the shift and many other things. Many of them feel that aliens live among us now, some good, some bad. David Wilcock says not to be afraid that there is an overwhelming dynamic to the situation that will protect us. I know that in the Law of One we were told this same concept; not to be afraid of the future because those here who helping us. From our Sources point of view, I would like to have continued validation of that idea and that we don't have anything to fear from outside influences from outside planets, or other star systems. She did not ask that but I am adding that.

Ra'An: Thank you. When one is orientated to their own balance within their own system, their own matrix and oriented with the positive higher forces, then there is protection. Another aspect of this is to maintain your own individual ethics, as when you maintain your own balance and your own ethics and your own positivity, there is nothing for the negative to get hold of within your system to reel you in. There are other alien groups that are in your solar system that have journeyed to earth and back and there are visitations within your own system. These craft come in and are cloaked so that generally you do not see them. There is some interplay between other systems and the secret government. There is some talk about disclosure and there are individuals who wish disclosure and others who feel this is a great mistake. It is felt sometimes that such disclosure would bring too much upset. There is much that goes on out of sight, out of the medium's hearing. It raises questions for those astute individuals who are wanting disclosure or wanting more information about what is actually going on.

As far as positivity and whether there is danger from those guys or other star seeds or travelers from dimension to dimension or from planet to planet, they generally keep out of sight and there is a guaranteed code in effect for planet earth as it is generally felt that the governments and people in control would not take wisely to open inter-galactic travel at this time. If a space ship landed, should you go? It depends upon the positivity or negativity of that space ship. In general, the greys are using the human race to further their own race genetically as they have run into problems and they would not like to lose the ability to do that by being openly negative to the population of earth. Thank you.

Wynn: Thank you.

I am going to add a question here. In many circles and many different messages from people, there is the implication that the battle between the negative and positive has been won and there is nothing to worry about. Could you comment on that?

Ra'An: That is a very simplistic answer to a very complex question. Who is it that the battle is against? There are many battles and many areas at play and more would have to be looked at to focus in on who the battle has been won against. We see that there are silent causes for things such as economic troubles and they are caused and the people are led through economics. If you consider that one of the main battle fields, it is not yet won. If you consider the ET forces such as the greys, it is at a standstill and there is nothing to really to be won. We would need more clarification and we suggest that anyone who has been told that the war has been won against negativity to clarify who are the participants in the battle before proceeding further.

Wynn: Thank you.

Another question I would like to ask in that many people today talk about the entire planet ascending and moving to a new level and the implication is that all people will move with it to this new level. Now it has never been my understanding that that is true and that goes back even to Carla Ruckert's readings where they said a small group of people will graduate, a small percentage, and the rest will be cycle repeaters. So I would like to get a current assessment of that and people can make up their own minds about what is true but I think when people here that the whole planet is ascending, there is a tendency to give up your motivation to get better, to grow, because you think its all being take care of. So I think this is an important question for many people to get our Sources point on this particular question.

Ra'An: Thank you.

The planet vibrationally is being impacted by higher vibrations and it is ascending in frequency and as it ascends in frequency individuals to survive more and more need love and a helping hand from their neighbors in groups. This is leading more and more people towards community and harmony, but on the other hand as conditions and economics are placed in the way of people harmonizing as when one does not have enough money or enough to eat then they can become very traumatized. Good neighborly love towards the others in their community, so as the natural processes leading towards more and more love, the process of economics that is being thrown in the way of many people is a degrading process and creates blocks towards the ascension of many people. The whole planet is moving towards the higher frequency and in order to survive in the higher frequency, one needs to open up their hearts more. As things move slightly faster they being in motion, and being in motion, this is them in a greater connection with the others around them.

One should not merely assume they are ascending just by virtue of the fact that someone said the whole planet is ascending. It is an individual thing and as we have mentioned, road blocks can come in the way by man made interference in the process, for instance, road blocks in economic harmony and slanting outcomes by manipulating products, transport of products, economic difficulties such as lack of jobs by slanting the money minds so that individuals will run into difficulties which will hold them back from and open heart and full expression within their God given rights to interact with others. That is our answer.

Wynn: Thank you.

Next question. This question asks if identical twins are twin souls? Also what is a twin soul, if there is such a thing?

Ra'An: Thank you.

We would think that perhaps a twin soul, is a soul that has split, however when we look at twins and we look at the splitting of the egg within the female that may cause twins to occur, this does not indicate necessarily that the soul has split, however, different souls may occupy each twin.

Wynn: So twin souls don't necessarily need to be twins.

Ra'An: They do not have to be twin souls, however being in the womb for the gestation period puts them in proximity to each other so they may be very much in synch and in the shared space they in sharing this space very much can identify with the other and be intuitive about the other.

Wynn: So they can end up having ESP without being twin souls?

Ra'An: That is correct.

Wynn: Thank you.

This is the best question of the evening. We've been told many many times that our Sources honor free will and we need to ask them for help when we need it. How exactly shall I ask for help?

Ra'An: Thank you. You do not have to ask in any particular manner. Probably the best way to ask is to really want help to happen, as when you wish help to happen, which doesn't have to be in words, it can be in words, but it is an intention. If it is in words the intention needs to be behind the words. The intention to get better, the intention to heal, the desire, the hope, the prayer to heal to make a change in whatever manner that one wishes for the change to occur. When one is in harmony with the desire and the intention, there is a love light; a physical light that one cannot necessarily see, except their psyche, although some are able to see it and this light can fall over the individual and can make a respite for the body to heal for the electrical system to repair. One can also pray or bring the intention for others which can bring the light to them. If the person's intention is in alignment with this desire, this prayer, this intention for them, for the change that is desired, then the individual will have an easier time with healing.

Wynn: Thank you.

I have this idea that if a person wants to ask, if they come on our Sunday calls, when we focus on connecting the energies, would they have an easier time being heard or have their intention penetrate?

Ra'An: One of the ways that it would be an easier time is that their focus is being brought to bear on it, as when one is so focused and when such as ourselves: the Ra Group, the Elohim Group, the Angel Group, when we are there and surrounding. It is the way that the intention can connect easier as there are many of us and when we put our intentions behind your intentions then this is a fortified, magnified intention and can bring healing faster.

Wynn: Thank you.

Here is a question from Dee. She was told that she came from your realm and was a wanderer and that she came to earth with the ability to heal and do intuitive readings with great energy. In her past, her blood was typed as AB+ but there is an extra chromosome attached to her blood that makes it impossible for her to have a blood transfusion. Is there any inter dimensional connection with her having this extra chromosome and having come in from higher realms? If not then can you share why I have this extra chromosome?

Ra'An: It is a genetic phenomena that is passed down to you, and one of the reasons you have chosen this body, and it does give you an extra edge towards being an intuitive. You asked why? It is chosen by you as in your nature, this is what you would like to do, to be an intuitive, to give readings. It is an extra focus point within the body that helps stabilizes your ability to do readings.

Wynn: Do all people that do readings have this extra chromosome?

Ra'An: No. It is a situation that some have but not a lot.

Wynn: Thank you.

This is from Edna asks about her daughter. How can I help my daughter open her mind about the real meaning of life on earth and that she came here for a special reason and she will need to see that sooner or later.

Ra'An: She is, within her own self, working through this. She has come to do what she is attempting to do; to interact and to move through difficulties within the earth plane and as she moves forward in time, she will experience the things she needs to experience while she is here. She wishes to partake of the 3rd dimension and is not too interested in getting into the 'whys' at this time. Hold your questions and thoughts for her and hold her multi-dimensionally in your mind and know that she is cared for.

Wynn: Thank you.

This is from Loreno. I often fall asleep when I am listening to the replays, but when I wake up I make sure I listen to it again without falling asleep. Is it necessary to consciously listen to it, or does it still work even though I fall asleep?

Ra'An: It will work to some degree even if you fall asleep at a subconscious level. Falling asleep may or may not give you more access to the information, depending upon the subject matter and the stress of the day. If you have stress in the day it can simply be time to fall asleep. Make sure that you do not go by any words that you do not understand. If you hear a word that you do not understand, stop the tape and look up the word as this can cause a sleepy reaction.

Wynn: Thank you.

Next question is about Jean in South Dakota and her question is about her grandson Chris who has a problem with his bowels. The doctor put him on Miralax and now he is pooping in his pants and even wipes some on their home. He was grounded from doing anything for a day. Is there something I can do to help him before he starts school next month. I am babysitting him and his brother every day because of my daughter's head and neck pain. Thank you for your comment.

Ra'An: Thank you.

There is something that needs to be changed in the diet that the system will not handle the food in this manner. We suggest running it by someone in connection with Dr. Marshall and seeing what ingredient they may suggest or what protocol they may suggest to bring this bowel system back into proper homeostasis. We suggest that there is a lack of probiotic materials in the digestional tract and that is a start to get some probiotic capsules or kefir or food that can bring the proper probiotic and to keep him off GMO foods and off soy products and that is a start.

Wynn: Thank you.

I would suggest that on any advice like that, you run it by your own medical professional. We are not doctors here so take it as entertainment and decide for yourself.

I think we have one last question today. This is from Terry in Florida regarding her son Jamie, age 40, in West Virginia, who has been a drug addict, and has been so for about twenty-five years. He tries so hard and he is able to do well for a short while, and then it's bad as ever. It seems that the more he tries and the more I pray and ask for help the worse it gets, like he gets sabotaged. I wonder if he might be possessed. The last time the Sources said my son had to ask for himself. My question is how is that going to happen? What can I do or what can be done to instill that requirement in my son. How can that seed be planted. I need help, my son needs help.

I am going to share something. Just recently there was someone who purchased a reading for his daughter and it helped tremendously. Will it stick? I don't know, it's up to her. No promises it would work but I will turn this over to our Sources.

Ra'An: We see a huge dependency upon the feeling that the drugs give and a huge desire for that feeling to continue, which is a desire for things to be ok, for things to be euphoric.  Until the individual sees the need, then it is his volition that he will return to the drugs. You are a good mother and you are hoping for the best for your son and often when one is in that drug like situation, they do not see things in the way others see them. You can do things to show that you care. You have to provide nutritious meals, if he eats there, as his body is deficient and that is one of the calling cards of being on drugs. As we are looking at this, we are speaking slowly as we are looking at the situation and we send you love light as well as your son. We see the situation and we send you thanks for such a big attempt to set things right, and such a big desire to set things right. The son needs to create his own importance, otherwise it is merely sending him in a direction he does not wish to go, although deep in his heart he wishes he could. Those are our comments.

We were wondering about the build up in the arteries and we suggest that she get more information about Co-Q-10 and Reishi from a very good source, B vitamins and things that can keep the blood clear. Be very careful of hydrogenated oils. As your system is on overload and therefore you need to be more sensitive to the effects of things like canola oil and other hydrogenated oils, although some products on the market are touted as being good for one, they are not always good. As you have some interest in nutrition to analyze the foods you are eating and the effects of those foods on the blood. Extra care is needed at this time to keep the blood at the best possible posture.

Wynn: Thank you.

I would like to suggest that many of you don't take advantage of something that exists right now, and that is the internet. It is such a huge resource of things that can help you and all you almost have to do is type in the question in Google, like natural cures for arteries and if you don't get the right answer, refine your question and then you will get all these suggestions. Then read them all and the testimonials where people had the same problem you did. There is so much resource and all you have to do is just ask the internet and it comes back with loads of answers.

I am not going to ask the last question. I am going to read it and I am going to comment and maybe we will ask it next week because it's 7:09 and Terry asked me not to keep her too long. The two things that came in are related to what we talked about earlier. There are people walking around saying that everything is coming together and the whole world is going to shift and I got two emails reiterating that perspective from things happening in the world and from different things they read. In my opinion the things that people are saying are not accurate but I am not going to ask them this week.

One is from Gaboraga in Nigeria. Hello, and I hope you are enjoying your okra soup. He says, as a UFO hovers over London last night I began to think the age of enlightenment has finally come and in the 4th dimension do we get to break the time barrier? Do you notice all the implied things there, that there is a UFO over London, the age of enlightenment and everything is going to happen. It is my opinion that as soon as you start to focus that it's going to happen to you, you are leading yourself astray because things are going to happen but unless you are tuned into the frequency because you won't see them because you will be in a lower dimension or a different time zone. So what is so important is that we learn to tune into the frequencies. The reason I am going this many conference calls each week is because I know they are helping people to tune into those frequencies but on some level you cannot be just a follower of these calls. You have to make it work in your life and you may not be popular with those around you when you are enforcing your own freedom and privacy so you can hold the space of this higher dimension. If you worry about being popular you may lose your chance to graduate.

The other question is from Horst. This is my opinion. The popularized Mayan calendar end date is December 21, 2012, however Carl Calleman who has researched it extensively says the end date is October 28, 2011. Which is correct? Calleman has found that the nine levels of Mayan pyramids correspond to the 9 evolutionary cycles of life on the planet. We are now in the 9th wave which leads to unity consciousness which will be completed October 28, 2011.

Horst, you will notice that in there is the indication we don't have anything to worry about because the 9th wave leads to unity consciousness so we are just going to flow and wait for the right date. My take on this is that the December 21st, 2012 is the date of the highest energy. But just as summer goes into fall there is a date where it shifts, that particular date, it may be really hot on that date or cold a week before and is all rather imprecise.

The energy is here now and getting stronger and the key now is to use the energy and use your intention because never before in the history of mankind has the power of intention worked as powerfully as it does now.  Because of this high energy we are in. Unless you use your intention, unless you organize your life, unless you keep yourself protected from negative influences and people psychically taking your energy, you are going to miss it. So you have to be tough. You have to be true to yourself. You don't help other people by placating and enabling them. It's better for them to figure it out for themselves because it's just like giving them a bandage. It hasn't fixed the problem, and that is my opinion on that. Is the Mayan Calendar wrong? Is it a year earlier? If it is, it does not mean that everything is going to change and we are all going to be floating around. I would say that the only danger in the Mayan Calendar is because it is creating so much anticipation and expectation that the negative might try to take advantage of that and try to do something that would fool us. So I would be very aware of anything like that that happened anywhere near that date. That is just my opinion. We will ask our Sources next week about that question.

On that note I thank everybody who is here. I thank Terry and our volunteers. We did a workshop and I am going to put the workshop out and it's very good. When we do a workshop and you reach back and you pay the small amounts of money that we ask for it, it helps make the connection. I want to do a workshop where we interact. The last workshop was more of a lecture. Always new things come out in a workshop because there are things I can say in a workshop which I cannot say in this environment. In a workshop, because people spend money, it creates a more protected energy. I am not just in the public and people want to hear what I have to say. I would like to do a couple of different workshops, and I would like to do smaller workshops one on one, smaller groups and help people specifically with the big obstacles they are having.

There is so much you can do in knowing information but at some point the tire has to hit the ground and we have to get through our obstacles. I will do the best I can in those workshops to help you get through those obstacles. I am going to say good night to everyone and thank all those who asked questions.

We will see you Sunday for the grid healing.







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