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Monday Calls; 2011 Conferences
Monday – 07/18/2011
Money and Financial Survival
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Host :  Wynn Free
Channeled and Edited by Terry Brown
Transcribed by Connie O'Brien
Terry:  Good afternoon, good evening, good morning wherever you
are and whenever you are listening or reading a transcript.
Welcome.  It is July 18th, 2011, and I’m pleased to introduce
Wynn Free for the Monday night BBS conference call/radio show.
It’s a simulcast; he is out retrieving people on the conference
line who call in, and the others are on BBS Radio.  So welcome,
wherever you are.
This is Terry Brown, I’m the co-host of the show.  I never know
what he is going to have for a topic.  If I knew, I might agonize
over it so it’s better to just have it happen and there it is.
I’m often channeling on this show, and sometimes we have
guests.  Wynn and I (Terry Brown) are in Sedona, Arizona.  We
just had a huge thunder-lightening storm which has died down now.
 But, it’s really nice to experience the rain.  It was dry
earlier in the season, and now it’s raining every few days.  We
have a little place with some fruit trees and they are doing well
and we’re hoping to grow some food over here.
My background is:  I have a degree in Physics.  I set up the
library for Tektronixs, which was a large electronics firm in
Beaverton, Oregon.  I went to California and became a legal
secretary and I was a legal secretary for a lot of years.  It
sounds like Wynn is on the line with his conference call people.
Wynn, are you there?
Wynn:   No.
Terry:  (Laughter)
Wynn:  I like to do those things to see how Terry handles it.
Gijs:  I’d like to save her!
Wynn:   Did you feel saved, Terry?
Terry:  Yeah.  I almost responded!  But, you always pull these
jokes and tricks.  When I was a legal secretary he used to call
up with his Arabian accent and complain about the service he was
getting in a legal case.  Sometimes he caught me.
Wynn:  (Speaking in Arabian accent) You’re not supposed to tell
them about that.  “I’m going to sue your office!  We have
lots of oil money.”  She never knew if it was real or if it
wasn’t, so she would go along with it just in case.  (Laughter)
This is Monday July 18th (2011) and my name is Wynn Free.  I’m
in Sedona and my co-host is Terry Brown.  We still don’t have a
very good name for this show.  It’s called the Wynn Free
conference call/simulcast.  That doesn’t say very much.  One of
the reasons the things I do don’t say very much is because I
have a little bit of anticipation of trying to name things close
to what really happens.  What do we have?  Message a Day, The
Spirit Channel, The Wynn Channel.  What really happens on this
call, the Wynn Free Conference Call?
Those of you who have been checking in regularly, who have been
listening regularly, know that this is a very unusual call.  Many
of the things we do are unusual because I’ve never seen
anything like what I’m doing happen in this realm; I’ve been
around a long time.  I’ve been to many spiritual groups and
I’ve been to all kinds of stuff.  I think why we don’t say
what it is, is because you’re not supposed to believe what it
is.  You’re supposed to check it out and prove it to yourself.
If I said it was ‘this’ and you believed (it was) this, then
we lose an opportunity to actually connect and you become a blind
follower, or somebody who has let go of their own – let go of
what, Terry?
Terry:  Let go of their own judgment, maybe?
Wynn:  Let go - of their own ‘volition’.  Every one is a
totally unique, independent part of creation.  Each of us has the
challenge to discover how to live that.  In this realm most
people don’t take on that challenge.  They have been trained
this way – you have to break out of this way:  someone is going
to take care of me.  My mother and father took care of me, the
government will take of me.  Somebody is always going to be there
for me.  Some of us are lucky enough to have that true for
certain periods of our life and that’s a wonderful experience
when someone is there for you; when someone takes care of you,
when someone pays the bills when you can’t.  It’s a wonderful
experience and I would wish everyone to have people in their life
like that.  Or, maybe you’re like that for other people and
that’s a beautiful experience.
But, many more people are getting their backs up against the wall
these days and it’s happening financially.  It’s one of the
Achilles’ heels of this transformation.  If you’re going to
be part of the transformation, you have to stay alive.  If you
have things you still need to do and change and grow, you have to
do it.  You have to figure out what you need to do to make the
shift.  There is a lot to be talked about on that; we’re going
to have a talk with our sources, but I just want to talk about it
from my human level on this thing.
As many of you know, we’ve been doing ‘Message a Day’ for
probably two years now.  We have three conference calls a week;
we have ‘Message a Day’ a daily e-mailing.  We have the Wynn
Channel – some of you know what that is –  We have the Spirit Channel
where you’re getting transcripts when they’re done, where
you’re getting audios when they are done.
I’m now looking at ‘Message a Day’ and all this other stuff
as a beta-test.  (A Beta-test is) what computer companies always
call them – they come out with a new program and they don’t
know if it’s going to work.  They just tell everybody, “Get
our program; tell us what is wrong with it.”  Then they fix it,
then they charge for it.  In terms of money survival, we’re not
doing ourselves or you a favor by making everything free, because
part of oneness is connection, and we have to keep roofs over our
heads, we have to pay internet bills.  I’m not going to turn
around and tell everybody at ‘Message a Day’:  “You’re
going to have to spend money.”  I may at some point, but not at
this point.  I know how this works now, I know how people
benefit, you know how people benefit.  We’re doing some new
recruiting of people – I shouldn’t use the word
“recruit”.  We’re exposing our materials to people and new
people are coming in using the Creator God video
(; look at the video and I’m giving the
book away for free, The Creator Gods of the Physical Universe
want to Talk to You.
It’s a really good idea to give it away for free because you
can’t explain what this is very easily and expect people to get
it.  You can tell people I have a book on the best-selling
charts, metaphysical; he’s giving away his next book for free.
For whatever reason, people will respond to that.  Try to tell
them, “Call your friends up”; some of you have done this,
I’ve heard the story.  Call your friends up and say, “I have
this guy who is talking to the Elohim and that’s the word for
God in the Old Testament and he wrote a book and he wants to give
it to you.”  No one will read it; maybe somebody will.  The
dumb way the world works, without judging it, you take it into
consideration.  (You) say “This guy is a best-selling author;
he has thousands of people responding to what he’s doing.  Look
at all the things people are saying about him!”  Then, people
say, “Let me check it out.”  Don’t go around telling people
the guy’s talking to the source that created the Universe;
that’s the title of the book.  We don’t have to say it
because it’s on the book.  Let people figure it out because
it’s on the book.
When you come from a high spiritual place, even when your life is
screwed up you still came from there or you wouldn’t be
listening.  Other people usually run the other direction.  But,
when you come from a high spiritual place in this realm, you have
a great deal of expectation and standards.  Oftentimes, those
expectations and standards totally block you, because you can’t
flow with the negative.  (For example) I could say “I’m not
going to do this or that, I’m going to make it be the way I
want it.”  But, if I do it the way I want it and nobody pays
attention, then what good is it?
I heard somebody wise say something a long time and I never
forgot it.  They said “If you really want to make a difference
in somebody’s life, you just come in for a really short thing
and you withdraw and you let it go.”  Don’t think about it;
don’t call them every day.  Let it go and then come back to it
a week later and come in for a short period.  We’ve all had
(the) experience where we wanted to make a difference and we went
into something and felt like we really got stuck.  We say, “Now
I’m picking up all their negativity and I have to run away.”
Now I’m talking about, people that you want to influence that
have really big negative patterns.  As you probably all have
learned, you can’t change someone else’s patterns no matter
how much you care about them.  Somehow it has to come from them.
When somebody is going through really big negative patterns and
you get attached to changing them, you’re going to get
depressed.  You’re going to get worried; you’re going to get
concerned.  That’s going to put you into a negative spin
The way you do it is when you’re really uplifted, do something
really nice for that person.  Buy them a present; take them to
lunch.  Don’t just call them up and say, “Dump on me”
because it doesn’t work.  They will dump on you and they may
take your energy.  After you hang up, you’re going to feel
really not so good; you’re going to feel depleted because they
took their energy.  Do something for them that’s unexpected,
one of those random acts of kindness.  I read something recently
that I thought was very wise.  They talked about kindness is love
expressed.  It’s not love that changes the world; it’s
kindness.  Can you think of areas in your life where you can be
kind?  One of the things about someone who is going through
really heavy stuff is: if you just meet them as an equal and
they’re going through that stuff they’re going to pull you
into it.  I don’t mean to meet them as a superior.  I mean to
meet them where you put so much positive energy into it:
“Let’s go to lunch; I’m buying lunch today.  I thought you
might need that.”  Make them feel really good; then, withdraw
for a while, so that something in them wants to reach back.
It’s a very tricky thing to share higher light with people.  I
even hate to use the word “higher light.”  The other thing
that happens is you start using terms like that and you start
thinking you’re superior to other people; you’re above them.
And, you’re not.  You happen to have been lucky enough maybe to
fall into this work we’re doing and have huge transformations.
It was luck; it was synchronicity.  It was the luck of the draw.
You could be creating those synchronicities for other people.
There are people out there who are very evolved; the wanderer
types.  But, they don’t know it.  When you come into this realm
as a wanderer from a high realm and you’ve gotten covered up,
stuck, withdrawn – you don’t know you’re a wanderer.  You
don’t have any idea; you don’t know you had a mission when
you came here.  You just know that your shoulders are tight; I
got a headache; no one loves me; what am I doing?  Here you are
this exalted guy who came down from the higher realms and was
going to change the world.  You still have time.
When I was younger – I’m describing myself – I was really
uptight.  I was a nerd.  I had my shoulders up to my ears, my
aunt used to come over.  She said, “Pull your shoulders down;
what are your shoulders so up for?”  I didn’t even know my
shoulders were up until she said it.  It was like part of my
normal way of being.  I was all stuck inside with my shoulders up
high.  Some of you heard the story about how my father had killed
me in another lifetime and that he gave me a life this lifetime
because he killed me in another lifetime.  When I was growing up,
I understood now that I had a cellular memory of the death
experience with him.  He had a cellular memory about, “I
thought I got rid of this guy; what’s he doing here?”  So, he
was still killing me, and my energies responded.  Even when I
knew the story and I knew how that all worked, my shoulders still
didn’t relax; I was rejecting myself.  I was rejecting myself
for a long time and other people would reject me because I was
rejecting myself.  At a certain point I went through the process
of forgiving my father and I went through a quantum leap, at a
certain point, of evolution.  I did it; it wasn’t magic.  It
was magic, but it wasn’t magic because I was the magic –
you’re the magic.  You’re not separated; there is no
‘them’ and ‘you’ and there is a ‘them’ and ‘you’.
 You see how duality works?  There’s no them and you, we’re
all one.  And, there’s a them and you.  There’s no you and
me, except there’s (a) you and me.  You’re going to eat your
dinner tonight; it’s going into your body.  I’m going to eat
my dinner; I’ve got my roof, you’ve got your roof.  (It’s a
matter of) where do we place ourselves?  We’re talking about
roofs and I said I was going to talk about finances and money.
This isn’t an easy one to talk about, because I know there are
a lot of you struggling.  I suspect it’s going to get worse.  I
could tell you you’re struggling because you’re missing
things.  I could tell you you’re struggling because there are
negative forces that want you to struggle, that would like to see
things fall apart.  I think that could very well be true, and
they don’t care.  They’re holding a lot of the cards in their
hands.  All of the above are true.
What is the key ingredient in moving from where you are?  First
of all, it’s good to be able to suss out the situation; to
really be honest with it.  There is a tendency in people not to
want to look at things.  There is a tendency to be hopeful and
optimistic, and “things are going to get better.”  I hope
that’s true.  Anything I’m saying that seems contrary to
that; (there’s a saying that goes) “hope for the best and
prepare for the worst.”  There are definitely a lot of
probability vortices out there.  What are some of the worst-case
scenarios, and what are the best-case scenarios?  How do you
position yourself right now; this is the key.  You have to
position yourself right now so that you can cope.  Or else you
can say, “My way of positioning is to say when that comes I’m
ready to leave this realm” and you can do that and move on.  If
you feel there are things to do down here; if you feel there are
things to learn…
One of the things about this realm that I’ve heard many, many
people say, and I can’t validate that it’s true because I’m
in this realm and I have nothing to compare it to:  It’s been
said that a being in this realm can grow and expand more than any
other realm.  In other words, this realm is a locus point for
many dimensions coming together.  Whereas in other dimensions,
particularly even a higher dimension, I think you’re more
positioned in that dimension.  So if that’s true, all of us are
in the middle of a great opportunity right now because not only
is it designed where you can grow more; it’s also (that)
we’re in the middle of a dimensional shift.  Whatever your
intention is right now has the potential to shift different
holograms, bigger energies than ever before in recorded history.
What does that mean?
It means bringing in synchronicities; it means bringing in new
friends; it means, “What are the possibilities?”  “What are
your possibilities?”  The first thing you have to think of to
get into your possibilities is to start thinking out of the box.
The next thing is, spend a certain amount of time doing things
without worrying about the results.  On the internet now there
are so many ways to get connected to people that you could have
never gotten connected to before.  There’s Linked-In, there’s
FaceBook, there are so many of the social networks.  There’s
somebody on those social networks that needs an employee – how
do you find them?  I believe that if you can learn the basics of
internet there are going to be one of the highest potentials for
an ongoing income.  There are things you can do – do searches.
There are a lot of scams so you have to use your discernment.
All you have to do is think of a question and type it into Google
and you’ll get 500 answers.  “How do I make money on the
internet?”  I guarantee you’ll get a lot of scams, but
you’ll get certain things that are real.  Any question you can
think of, just ask it into Google and the magic genie of Google
spits out the answer.
Think of what we had to go through in the past.  This work
we’re doing right now, if it wasn’t for the internet, none of
this would be happening.  Not one thing!  Maybe it would have
manifested in a different way, but the internet is almost like a
technological example of oneness.  Suddenly, everything is really
close and everyone is very close.  Why am I here because of the
internet?  I started writing articles for a web magazine.  If I
hadn’t written those articles, I wouldn’t have interviewed
David Wilcock; I wouldn’t have met Daphne.  I met Daphne
because I was at a conference writing articles for that web
magazine.  If there was no web, there would have been no
articles.  I have been exploring very carefully – there are
people who are going to make millions on the internet, even right
now.  At least before we get to the place where we all barter.
That’s invariably going to happen.  Because, the ways of
reaching people and touching people are so complex.
When a layman thinks of the internet, you think in old-fashioned
terms; I did.  You think, “Just put an ad up, then people read
your ad, then they’re interested in what you have and they come
and they spend money.”  Well that’s like a small part of it.
The difference is, in the old days if you wanted to sell
something you had to open a store.  You had to imagine that the
store would be successful in a certain area; you’d have to buy
your merchandise and put it in the store and if no one wanted
what you had, you’d have to go say, “I better try some other
merchandise.”  Then you’d buy some more merchandise and every
few days you’d be buying new merchandise until you figured out
what people wanted.  The thing about the internet is that what
would have taken months to figure out in the past, you can figure
it out in days.  It’s all instantaneous.  You put a word up,
“I’ve got this.”  You use Google Ad Words, you use many of
the ways to get people’s attention.  And, if no one is
interested in what you have – well, they may be interested but
you may have said it in the wrong way.  There’s a better way to
always say something.  So on the internet you can test things,
you can say, “I’ll try this, I’ll try that, I’ll try this
other product.”  You can find someone that needs some talent
that you have.
There are so many clever people.  There is one guy who set up a
business where – luckily, I have people volunteering,
transcribing everything but if I happened to have money and I was
willing to pay people –he has a whole organization of hundreds
– I think they are in the Philippines.  (There are) hundreds of
Filipinos and people want something transcribed and they go on
and submit (it) and he charges so much per page and he sends it
to one of the Filipino people and a day later it’s transcribed.
 If a guy is writing a book; he can just dictate into the phone
and in a week he’ll have his whole book written.  Think how
easy that is!  Somebody could do that business in a small way.
Oftentimes when you see somebody doing a business of any kind and
you think how clever that is – you could do that business!
Maybe you wouldn’t have a hundred Filipinos typing things,
maybe you would just do it yourself and charge $12 an hour.  If
typing happened to be one of your talents, go around to local
offices and say, “I need to pay my rent; I decided to do this
service.  If you have any dictations, send me the audios and
I’ll have the pages up for you the next day.”  That’s
I thought of that because I read this article somewhere about the
guy with the hundred Filipinos doing it.  It triggered me to
think (about) the process that you can go though to find
opportunities.  You start doing that for a legal office or some
kind of office that needs things typed and the guy is going to
say, “This is cheaper than having a secretary.  I don’t have
to pay insurance, I only use her when I need it.”  Suddenly,
you’re making an extra $70, $80 a day.  If you get enough
business you can raise the prices and make $160, $200 and you
have a service that as long as there’s any business, as long as
there are any professionals out there, somebody will use you and
you will be typing things.  You’ll be saving them money and
you’ll be making enough money to survive and you’ll be
carrying the frequencies of this love and light wherever you go.
You won’t be working for someone.  If you need to move, as long
as there’s an internet, you can continue to do it over the
internet.  You can develop it anywhere you want!  You have a
There are a million undiscovered businesses like that that no one
is doing.  If I had the right person who was really, really sharp
and could lead other people I’d love to put a business together
that could be taught and easy that would help people.  I’m
keeping my eyes open; if you happen to be listening and you’re
one of those people who know how to have leadership and know
enough about computers, email me because there’s a great
opportunity here that would help raise money for our work, help
all the people who are coming on board.  I got three ideas
I’ve come to accept one of the good things about me is I can
see how things work; I can put patterns together.  When I was
younger, I took it for granted.  A couple of times I was with
someone and I remember I was at an Expo called “The Japanese
Expo” in Los Angeles.  There’s was this Japanese fellow who
had this massager that looked two thumbs going around in circles.
 He had it sitting on a table – this was probably fifteen years
ago – and I looked it.  I told him, “You’re marketing it
all wrong.  You should take that massager and tie it to a chair.
Put five chairs in a row and invite people to sit down so they
can feel it.”  Then, I walked away.  A few months later I was
at a fair and I saw a booth with all these same massagers tied to
the chairs in a row.  There was that guy – he did it.  He
became a millionaire.  In the next year or two everywhere in the
country – every festival, every county fair, every home show
– had a booth like that selling these massagers.  I said,
“How did I not make money on that?”  I didn’t really care
– he was a nice guy and I said it.  So I see how things work,
and if I wasn’t doing what I’m doing right now with this work
I would be doing something of putting things together and making
something work in a big way.
Now, my vision is to make this work in a big way and make this be
the Google of the new paradigm.  We have all the tools in place;
I don’t know if you guys can see that or realize that, but the
tools are in place.  We have a template; we have a template that
is working.  We’ve gone through the beta test; we’re holding
energy for lots of people and it’s working for them.  We’ve
done it for nothing and it’s still working.  My idea is to
charge people $35 for six months and look at what they’re
In certain ways, Americans tend to appreciate things when they
pay for them.  It’s almost no money and yet look at the benefit
someone could get.  They may even get more benefit if they pay
money like that as opposed to giving it for free.  Of course, it
needed to be given for free up until now.  Why did it need to?
Because I didn’t know it would work.  I don’t want to charge
for something that I don’t know is going to work.  It’s like
I have a new medical therapy, and I’m going to say, “I’d
like you to come over.  I want to try my new therapy of healing
on you.  Give me $200.”  I’d be an idiot; you don’t know if
it’s going to work, I don’t know if it’s going to work.
There really was no way to know if this would work except by
working it; by creating it.  All of you who have been on this
call have been part of the creation; you’ve been part of the
beta test; you’ve been holding the energy proving that we can
do this.
What are we doing?  I don’t even want to put a word to it
because as soon as you put a word to it everyone thinks they know
what it is; even now I don’t know what it is in a way that I
could put a word on it.  I do know I can jump on it and ride it
like a surfer.  It’s an energy that’s a wave.  If we turn
into the ‘Google of Spirituality’, that means that all of you
end up getting jobs that are for holding, for example answering
the phone.  Who is going to know how to support this better than
you who have been listening on the calls who have been part of
the process?  So I’d like you all to just hold that vision.
It’s not going to happen just because of the vision, by the
way.  It’s going to happen because I made that video, and because I decided to be a little more
courageous, and instead of calling the book Questions and Answers
with the Elohim – no one knows who the Elohim is – I called
it The Creator Gods of the Universe want to talk to you.  It’s
more like, “What’s he talking about?”  Then, I made that
video and we put the video up.  I put the video up, you can go
look at it.  It’s up on
If you want to see an interesting website there is a lady who has
a site called ‘Crystal Links’.  There’s only one ‘l’ in
it –  She’s a little Jewish lady in
Brooklyn, her name is Ellie, I can’t remember her last name.
She’s psychic, she does readings, she’s studied metaphysics
all her life.  She put up a website called
She has everything on it; it’s like a big smorgasbord.  Egypt,
crystals, flying saucers, ETs – I believe she wrote all the
pages.  I think she lives alone and all she does is work this
website.  It gets two million hits a month.  We put the video on
her website and *boom* a hundred people a day signing up.  We
just put it on two pages of her website, because it costs $50 a
month per page so I wanted to make sure it worked.  I could spend
$500 a month with her, I could spend $1,000 a month, but I have
to test it.
If I’m making money, if I’m charging for things little bits,
then I can keep affording these kinds of things and all of this
can explode and some of you can have jobs that know how to hold
the energy for people.  Some of the people that are volunteering
can get paid.  Don’t send any applications yet, we’re not
ready for that.  I’m asking you to hold the vision.  When you
look at changing the world, when you look at having enough people
holding the space for a transformation – probably the last
chance for that to happen is the internet.  It’s the last
chance, and I’m going to work it.  If any of you have any ideas
please e-mail me and also pat yourself on the back for hanging
Not everyone hung in – people didn’t hang in.  They came and
they went.  Some of you have hung in for a few years now – a
couple years, a year.  You’re hanging in – you’d think it
doesn’t matter, but it does.  It creates a path and a track in
the consensus reality; it creates a ground for this work.  As it
gets more grounded it can have more reach.  This is not easy to
get grounded because it doesn’t have an easy ground in the
world.  Where do you plant it?  If you go to a book publisher–
if you’re lucky you might find one – but the chances are,
you’d plant it at the book publisher and no one would ever see
it.  It would just be sitting there hoping that somebody would
see it because he’d never put any money into it.  Where do you
plant it?  Do you open up a building, call it a church and invite
everyone to come over and say, “Hey, do you want to hear
God?”  That won’t work.  There’s no place to plant it.
Maybe you guys don’t understand that but I did.  I was hitting
my head against the wall.  “Where do I plant this?  It’s so
crazy, it’s so out there.”
Somebody just sent me an e-mail saying, “I thought Wilcock was
out there” – this is somebody who just downloaded the book
and I read it – “but you’re even further out than
Wilcock.”  I’m not saying that in hierarchal way that I’m
better than him, but the experience that we are putting into the
world front and center is real.  All of you have been coming into
this line all the time, it’s like you lose track of how far out
it is.  I lose track of it.  It’s very easy just to stay within
the confines of all of the people who hold the space and are
comfortable in doing it, rather than going out and put myself
somewhere else.  Every time I put myself out into something new I
hold my breath and say, “I hope this is okay,”  because
there’s always a concern, this is so controversial that you
could get people chasing you around the block for doing it.  It
has to be done really carefully and thought out and tested
because it’s not like anything else; it has different
implications than anything else.  It’s not easy to see that
when you’ve been coming into the lines for months and become
part of the energy here.  It just becomes normal, but you’ve
changed your lives.  This energy here has helped do it.  You’ve
empowered yourself; you’ve made connection with these sources
in other realms.  You’re living day-to-day with these new
friends, some of you.  Some of you are still working through
stuff.  Don’t judge yourself if you’re working through stuff
because you’ll get through it.  We’re putting out what people
need to get through their stuff.  So don’t judge yourself.
I hope I talked enough about money – that was the topic.  We
had all those Benjamin Franklins there.  I’m thinking about
what I said, there are things I know would make money in
today’s economy, I know it.  I have the vision to see things; I
just have to be very careful about what I personally take
responsibility for because this work is too important.
Somebody sharp, I’d say let’s try something – I’d do it.
I’d work it with someone and let them learn how to do it and
then train other people.  We’re doing that with some people on
different things right now but it’s all volunteer; there’s no
money.  We’re still figuring out how to make ends meet, but
it’s getting a lot better.
I’m not going back and charging for ‘Message a Day’; (but)
on the people that sign up on the I’m
not going to announce ‘Message a Day’ to them.  I’m going
to announce it as a six-month subscription program for $35.  For
$35 they’re getting:  ‘Message a Day’, invitation to
conference calls, invitation to Team Shift.  We (now) have people
volunteering for all of that; that’s the only reason that is
going on.  I couldn’t possibly be doing this myself.  I would
love to see all those people who are volunteering quit their jobs
and get paid to do this full-time.  That’s the vision; you can
all share in that vision.  In this realm, money is power.  In
addition to anchoring energies, the more stable and secure you
are the better anchor you will be for higher dimensional
energies.  I’m going to shut up; I’ve given Terry a break,
I’ve talked a lot tonight.  It’s 6:48 – Terry?
Terry:  I’m here.
Wynn:  I heard you say yes, I guess you are there.  Do you want
to have a conversation with them?  You don’t have to; do they
want to talk?
Terry:  Sure.
Wynn:  For anyone who is listening who is new, Terry is what some
people call a channel.  She’s learned how to blend her energies
into other realms and bring through an intelligence that explains
themselves to be group souls.  Not only are they intelligences in
other realms, they have the ability to flow energy into this
realm.  If you want to read the whole story, I’m giving the
book away for free – don’t miss the chance.  Get  Just sign up or look at video and read
the book.  Share it with other people; that’s the big thing.
Just send it to everybody and say, “You got to read this.  This
guy is doing something really interesting.  It’s really changed
my life.”  However is authentic for you, but just get it out
there.  If we do that and they do that and they do that, one of
the things that is happening is that there are a lot of people
floundering right now.  There are a lot of reasons to be afraid
right now.  We’re throwing people life rafts.  It doesn’t
mean we can pay their bills or that some calamity isn’t going
to happen around them.  What it does mean is that many of those
people will stay out of fear and some of them will graduate this
realm who may not have otherwise.
When you do this, it is a great, great service you’re doing to
tell other people about the work we’re doing.  The easiest way
to do it is to give the book away. I want you to know when I
decide to do things like this, I don’t ask them.  I don’t
even feel that it’s “right” (to ask them).  In some ways
from their level, they’re not here, they can’t see all the
possibilities.  Some people think, “Wynn talks to the Elohim,
they tell him everything.”  They don’t do that.  If they did
I probably wouldn’t be talking to them because I’m too
strong-willed, I’m too self-directed.  As I’ve learned how
they work, they want co-creative relationships; they want to
connect as equals.  Even though they have a larger hologram,
there is seamlessness in the connection.  We’re going to talk
to them.
One of the unique things about what we’re doing is that
they’re not just an intelligence talking through Terry.  If we
have it all right, they are at the center of the universe and
they can project energy through the entire universe.  They need
beings, as far as I can tell, who can turn into the energies;
otherwise they don’t go anywhere.  What we’ve been learning
how to do on these lines is to tune into the energy, and we feel
it.  If you’ve come into these calls regularly, particularly
our Sunday call, that energy that is focused on feeling the
energies.  It’s very, very powerful and so I encourage you to
check it out.  I’m going to get a bunch of emails saying,
“Wynn you talk too much; how come you don’t let Terry
talk?”  Terry, is there anything you want to say on your human
Terry:  No, I’m pretty much into the channeling …
Wynn:  Father Mother God we ask for the presence of the light to
surround and protect each person on this line, and any negativity
be taken to the higher realms of light and transmuted for the
highest good of all concerned.  We see ourselves in the flow of
energy radiating from the center of the universe, through the
galaxies, through the planets, through our bodies and into the
center of the earth.  Right now we invoke a group energy
connection, a blending of our souls, while maintaining our
sovereign integrity of our individualities.  We invite those
sources that are positive, service-to-others, honoring the Law of
One; to join with us and we create a protected space that only
the positive has access to, and anything not of that nature must
leave now.  Do we have our sources present?
Ra’An:  Yes, this is Ra’An.  We greet you in the love light
of the One Infinite Creator.  This is July 18th, 2011.  We are
delighted to be with you and to make contact today, whenever you
may hear the audio of this or whenever you may read any
transcript of this, we are delighted to make contact with you.
We are mindful of the subject that you have presented tonight.
One time we said, “Due to our lack of experience, we do not
have a total grasp of money; however, we have a grasp of love and
connection.  We realize that it is through connection and
communication that you are able to bring energy to yourself and
exchange energy and give energy to others.  It is through
communication and making contact with others and supporting each
other that you learn how you may help others and may then be
remunerated for this.  We look at China and we see the economy in
China getting better and we know that the people in that country
are willing to exchange services, even though it was not for a
lot of money.  By being willing to provide what was needed, their
economy and society is getting stronger.
Those are essentially the things that we wanted to bring up; we
also applaud Wynn Free for thinking of how to eventually provide
jobs for individuals who are able and willing to contribute, and
can supply needed services and to exchange it for remuneration
when there is enough demand that money is flowing into the
coffers and the availability of jobs can be remunerated.  The
tasks that people perform can be remunerated and compensated with
money.  This is sorely needed, and the economy at this time.
Those are our thoughts.  Do you have questions?
Wynn:  I’ll make some questions up on the line of topic.
I’ve looked at the way synchronicities work; the way something
new comes in.  This is true with me as well.  You get into a
comfortable place and you’re not getting what you want,
you’re not at the place you want to be, but you’re
comfortable.  To get to the place where you want to be you have
to make yourself uncomfortable.  I happen to be very willing to
do that; I’ve done it over and over again in the past years
because if I wanted to do something I would do it even if I had
to sleep in my car to do it.
The people who want something to happen have to create a movement
of frequency outside of their protected space; they have to have
a movement of energy so that their energy moves into arenas where
someone else picks it up and reaches back.  Everything starts on
the other side; everything starts in other realms.  I can kind of
see how that works, even my human side, that I will see that I
did something months ago and I met somebody months ago and it
looked like it was going to go nowhere.  Months later the energy
is still there and they come back.
One of the things about synchronicities is you have to hold the
intention of a result, but you can’t look for the result; you
can’t expect the result.  You have to go into the arena where
the result could happen.  I think when that happens I think you
guys can help; you can find things and help lubricate it.  When
somebody is just sitting,“Do this for me, do that for me, do
this for me, help me get money, help me get a job…” -- how
does that look to you when they’re saying “Elohim help us”
or “Ra help us”.  What do they have to do to get that WD-40
spread in the matrix so that they can get what they’re really
asking for?
Ra’An:  We see that an individual can raise themselves up a
notch to move into a creative zone.  It is in the creative zone
where an individual can move into creation.  If they’re merely
in the zone that already has been created, then he is limited by
the factors involved in that positioning  because if an
individual needs to earn money, they need to move out of the box
that they’re in if they are not earning money, and move into a
zone where they can get that money flowing in in exchange for
In the corporate arena, there are still many jobs available for
individuals who can provide a service for that corporation;
however, within that framework, they need to fit so that they can
provide the service and fit into the corporation.  However, an
individual, even if they have one of these jobs, may like to move
into a more creative job or a job that makes more money and as
such, if they wish to work for themselves they can set the object
to work a little bit each day on learning a new skill; learning
photography, learning the internet, learning PowerPoint, Access;
learning Word.  Some of the skills that will help them even if
they move into something on their own and can, although while
still working within a framework, can step out of the framework
for a short period each day to learn skills that are oriented
towards what the individual wishes that they could be doing and
earning money within another area.  It does not have to be all
learned at one time or looked at as a maze of things that have to
be accomplished all at one; it can take a little bit each day and
increase their skills.
Wynn:  Thank you.  What do you think of my idea of having Message
a Day become the ‘Google of the new paradigm’?  Do you think
that’s possible?
Ra’An:  We see a comparison of Google to Message a Day…
Wynn:  Maybe a mini-Google; perhaps it’s an over-stretch.  The
idea is to plant it solidly as something that is on the internet
that people will hear about and people that are attracted to it
can find it.
Ra’An:  It is a nice thought and a good goal that could be
implemented and we, in looking at Google, see that they have a
unique philosophy of creativity.  The employees take part in this
creativity and there are many aspects that serve many needs that
individuals want and so Message a Day could be broadened to
service individuals in broader needs.  This is a good thought to
work towards and develop.
Wynn:  Could we hypothesize that Google is a good example of a
company that is built on the energies of Indigo and Crystal
children in the way they conduct themselves?
Ra’An:  Yes.  There are many individuals working for Google
that are very bright and are using their skills to interface with
society in ways that are needed, very needed.
Wynn:  I’m not going to over-tax Terry; thank you so much for
joining with us tonight.  Do you have any closing words?  (And)
we’ll say goodbye.
Ra’An:  We are very pleased with the thoughts for expansion in
the area and we are with you and behind you and are making our
energies available and we move our energies in a broader range
over earth and we send support to all light workers, all families
everywhere – mothers and fathers – that are working towards
the good of the family, as families are one of the strengths of
the fabric of the human experience.  We send our light to each
and every person that is listening.  Adonai.
Wynn:  Thank you.  Thank everyone here, thank Terry, (and) thank
our volunteers.
Anyone wants to contribute any money so we can do more
advertising and help this expand, go to  I think that’s all.
All:  Thank you.  Thank you. It was wonderful.
Gijs:  Thank you all very much.

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