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                                                         The Ra'An for July 20th, 2011

Hello everybody, this is Wynn Free and its July20th, 2011, and this is our call where we ask questions that you have submitted. We have an easy time tonight because we didn't have too many questions. These are impromptu, spontaneous conversations between myself and a Source that speaks through my friend Terry Brown that says they are a conglomeration of these two huge group souls, one of which created the physical universe and the other is made up of graduates of this realm. One of them has the ability to project energy into our space and the other has the ability to become very close to us, almost like right next to us, right inside of us. The way this universe works is that everything is one, but in this realm most of us are somewhat separated from that experience. These two group souls energies are part of the Oneness and are part of us. Why are we here playing this great cosmic game? I suspect the answer to that is not linear.

So Terry, are you ready?

Terry: Yes I am ready.

Wynn: Let me call in the light.

(Wynn calls in the light)

We wait for our Sources to identify themselves.

Ra'An: We greet you in the love light of the One Infinite Creator. This is July 20, 2011 on planet earth and we greet each and every one and make contact, whether you are listening at this time or whether you are reading a transcript at a later time or whether you are listening to an audio at one time or another. It is our pleasure and honor to make contact with you and we are delighted. We wish to make contact as you desire it, to the degree that you desire it and we available to assist you and we await your questions.

Wynn: Thank you very much.

This first question is from Heather and this is kind of an esoteric question. Why was a separation decided upon in the beginning and now that there is this separation why are we all trying to ascend and achieve unity? Is this a never ending cycle? If this is so, what's the point?

Ra'An: Thank you.

This is not a never ending cycle. There are different densities within the universal field. The density determines the degree of separation. Not everyone has decided to come to the 3rd dimension and experience a separated life. In the 3rd dimension and the 4th dimension there is separation, however in the higher dimensions there begins to be less and less separation. In the 5th dimension, an individual begins to have a very good sense of self and begins to get mastery in the area of relationships with other individuals. When they get to the 8th dimension then they begin to lose the sense of self and they begin to have more of a group think. As they get to the 10th dimension they then have the sense of self and the sense of others and they can, in a non linear manner, know that they are themselves and know that they are connected and know that they are not separate. So it depends upon the density where you find yourself. It is a good training ground within the 3rd dimension to have the sense of self but to also learn by being on calls such as this one that you are also a part of the whole and not really truly separated.

Wynn: Thank you.

There are some questions that come to mind following up that particular question and one of them was, that obviously there was a point in time when the Elohim separated, as they originally were all one and they created the physical realm and did the densities get created from the top down, by some kind of intent, or were they a by-product of just the creation?

Ra'An: They are a product of the mechanics of creation. An entity such as an Elohim creates a universal flow that eventually interacts in a complex way, eventually creates galaxies, then the individual can step into those galaxies and get the illusion of being separated because they have stepped into the creation.

Wynn: And as these galaxies were created, there were lifeforms that were created in these galaxies that were originally created in separation. Is that correct?

Ra'An: As the galaxies were created, yes, within the galaxy, the galaxy would mold the energies into separated energies and this would take on a life also of it's own and have the illusion of separation.

Wynn: So, in a sense, the First Cause was the joy of feeling separate and then connecting, going back and forth and then it started to go down and it had a flow of it's own, not necessarily directed by the Elohim. Originally it was directed and then it had it's own flow. Is that accurate?

Ra'An: Yes. In the mechanics of what was set up, the affect was not entirely anticipated. When one is outside of the universal flow, it is a place of being at One. When an energy within the universal flow is set up in a separated manner, then it is in a separated area that it has defined and the creations within that area can then manifest in a life form within the separated area, however, it is all from the fabric of the One.

Wynn: The image came to my mind that it's something like taking a few dogs that are running free and throwing them into a pen and they start fighting but you didn't know that because you wanted to protect them from wild boar. Is that somewhat of analogy?

Ra'An: It is, in that one of the causes of violence is the too close proximity of entities.

Wynn: Thank you.

The next question is about this comet, Elenin and the question is how will that be affecting us and there is a question from Connie. Can you tell us what this in-coming space object is. It's too small to be Nibiru and some scientists say it appears to be under intelligent control: a large space craft. Are you aware of the object we are talking about?

Ra'An: Yes, we see the object. Your maps are two dimensional. When we look at it we see it in all it's interchanging dimensions. It is moving around the sun in an elliptical orbit and it is disrupting the envelope within the solar system. We look at it's orbit and we see there may be some interruptions in communications and it moves through the areas of satellites or close to them. We see some effects in the earth field, but we do not see major collision or damage from disasters.

Wynn: Is this a space craft or a natural object?

Ra'An: This is a natural object.

Wynn. Thank you.

Here is a good question from Hort in Ohio.

The higher energies are coming into earth. Do they come in waves and wave patterns? If so, do they match any known phenomena here on earth in frequency. How long is a period of each increase and decrease? Can we see any measurable or visible clues as to the increase and decrease of intensity of these waves as one would watch the waves on the ocean. Can our Sources help point our attention in the right direction to make this more obvious and more visible to our five senses?

Ra'An: Thank you.

These energies do come in waves and it is a result of the spinning of the earth and the rotation of earth around the sun and the position of the other planets at any particular time. In the location where Terry and Wynn are located in Sedona, the energies are stronger because of the relative position of earth in relation to the center of the galaxy and during that time the psychic-ness of the individuals will increase. At other times, the earth is in the way, blocking direct access to the positioning towards the center of the galaxy and the psychic-ness is not as high, however the psychic-ness is generally higher for all people who are able and wish to, and have the intention to access it. The psychic-ness; the clairvoyance is higher in that the energies are more resonant with the individual involved.

Wynn: Thank you.

Now there was a guy who was doing experiments. He would have people pick names and numbers and see how many were psychic and what he found was, was then the earth was aligned with the galactic center, which meant that was when there was the most energy flowing, people would be far more psychic and guess far more numbers than when it wasn't.

This question is from Edna. My cat Kiki ran away last night and I would like to ask our Sources if they could offer any assistance in guiding her home safely. This is the second time this has happened and I miss her a lot.

Ra'An: Thank you.

Sometimes when the energies within the areas are increasing, the animals feel the need to go hide. We send Kiki a homing signal; a beam and a comforting.

Wynn: Thank you.

This is from Melonie. I live with two dogs and 3 cats and I am deeply bonded and I wonder what happens to them during this ascension process. I would never leave them alone to die in fear. Do animals have souls. Do they ascend also. This is my greatest concern.

Ra'An: Thank you.

Animals do have souls and they are able to reincarnate and give your animals a lot of love and they then will give you love in return and it will make it easier for them in the future. They also can ascend.

Wynn: Thank you.

Do animals have the same thing with open hearts and I believe dogs are of a lower dimension and cats are of a higher dimensions. Any comments on that?

Ra'An: Yes. With any animal, human or cat or dog, it makes it easier for that animal to have an open heart as they are able to move in and out of situations and move in and out of the higher realms and back. The greater their heart is open, the easier it is for them to move into the higher realms.

Wynn: So if they really loved their master and their master left this realm it might go against the animal and their highest evolution if they were lonely and abandoned.

Ra'An: It could make it harder for the animal but having had a loving relationship it will make it easier to have re-establish in the future.

Wynn: Thank you.

On that note I guess we are finishing on time. Why don't we just shut our eyes and take a few moments with our Sources and bring in that energy into the space around us and in this planet.

I thank everybody and thank all of you who are listening. Believe it or not you are all very important to the work we are doing. Even if you are one of those people out there we never talk to and we don't know your name, just by being here your energy is participating and it's helping anchor this shift energy while our planet is going through such a metamorphosis.

So thanks to Terry and Gary and all those people who have been volunteering. I wish you all a beautiful loving night and I wish you all healing and the releasing of hurts and pains and anxieties inside you. I wish you all synchronicities and bringing things into your life that you really want and are for your highest good.







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