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Sunday Grid Healing July 24, 2011

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Transcriber:  Gina Brown

Chanel:  Terry Brown

Editor:  Janny Rosborough and Terry L. Brown

This is Sunday July 24 (2011) and I wish everybody a happy
Sunday or whatever day it is when you are listening to this call.

I am going to start using the Sunday notice as a newsletter. 
(Wynn sends out a notice before the call each Sunday.) There's
all these things that are happening that I think people might
be interested in.  For example, David Wilcock and myself are
in a movie called Metaphysia that has been released and it won
first price at the Akasha Film Festival.  I have given a link
to the trailer of the movie today.  

We now have an archive section.  The links to everything we
have sent out on the spirit channel are posted on it and you
can access it, all one word. 
The topics are there and you can browse through them and find
things we have done in the past that would be helpful. 

Also, on August 6th and 7th, 2011, Terry and I are going to
be in Phoenix at the Vision Quest bookstore in the afternoons.
On Saturday I am doing a lecture and on Sunday we are doing a
four-and-a-half hour workshop and Terry will also be there. 

If you have been on our calls or been part of our on-line
workshops, it may not be new information, but there will be a
lot of new people there.  When you come to an event like that,
you learn how to hold the energy and you actually help hold
the energy for the new people. Many of you are really tuning
in to what we are doing here and we are creating a group
consciousness.  The idea of a group consciousness is new for
many people.  How do you create a group consciousness without
losing yourself?  Some people believe they have to lose
themselves but the truth is that everything is in the moment,
so if you can be in the moment you can move into this group
consciousness, and when its over you go back to yourself or
another group consciousness.  In the highest truth there is
only one consciousness but since we are in 3D, everything is
shifting and changing all the time, so we can only do one
thing at a time.

 We are in this group consciousness on this call, and then when
we hang up we move into whatever we move into next.  Some of
you have a group consciousness with your family, or your
friends , or you may be by yourself and can learn to have a
group consciousness with yourself and spirit energies and
that's very powerful.  One of the most important things we do
on this call is we create a group consciousness together while
I just facilitate.  

The group consciousness we create here is
unusual because it doesn't just encompass the people on the
line, we have sources from other dimensions that are positive
and very big.  They join us in our group consciousness and we
can then create group intentions and its VERY powerful.  Each
of us has the ability to create intentions and impact other
realms.  But when we do it as a group, that's when we get into
the aspect of miraculous transformations.  Those of us on the
calls regularly have seen those things happen many, many

Often times when you have a miraculous transformation,
you may ask is that coincidence or is it because we did that. 
That's one of the things that Ra calls the Law of Confusion. 
It's not meant to be clear that something happened because of
Them as that would create subservience, blind following,
capitulation and that is not the idea.  The idea is to create
individual empowerment and when we access the group
consciousness, we are only accessing ourselves; larger parts
of ourselves that most of us have lost track of and it's like
reintegrating things we didn't know were there.  Then when we
do, many people email me telling me it feels like home.   It
feels like what it should feel like which is probably accurate. 

When we access this group energy, we have people, you, who
make suggestions about things that we want to intend to shift.
This is a very rare thing we are doing.  What's most rare
about it is not only are we accessing group consciousnesses
that are huge and are there to help us (we are not the only
people who do this.)  You don't need to be a channeller, or
need to understand metaphysics.  If you pray in the right way,
you will connect with this.  In our case, they are talking
back to us through Terry and relay back their message from the
point of view of the large group consciousness communicating
to us.  That's very rare to have both of these together at the
same time.

Okay, let's start putting things in the light:

 Lori:  San Carlos , I'd like to put the forces of nature in
the love/light to be more balanced and harmonized worldwide
and also put the wildlife in to be protected and sustained and
healed- thank you Wynn, Terry and all.

Cinda: Id like to put the whales and dolphins in the light
especially those on the East and West Coast of America.

Ann: Tahoe: I'd like to put the air, water, Earth, fire in the
light.   Evidently a volcano went off by Barstow, California
on the 23rd (of July) near the Marine Corps area on highway
40.  I remember Ra'an saying that sometimes the magma will
permeate  lovelight through the fissures and rifts, so that is
my intention.

Gina:  Oahu; Hawaii- I'd like to put Gaia in the light and
all animals and humans with emphasis on the Whales/Dolphins. 
Also, a lot of people are uneasy now with Congress, the
government and the financial situation and I'd like people's
minds to be eased that everything will be okay and to send
light to that idea.  In other words to help us get through the
tunnel to the sunshine.

Zoe:  Sacramento:  I'd like to send love/light to all the
people deliberating in Washington, looking for a way, that
both parties will accept, out of the financial situation.

Tina:  Sedona: I'd like to ask for  blessings for the animals
and wildlife in the world and especially to stop the slaughter
of the Northern Rocky wolves and wild Mustangs.  They are
under fire and this particular administration is not friendly
towards them and there have been laws passed that are very
detrimental and if it starts with the wolves, it'll go to all
our wildlife.  So I'd like to ask a special prayer for them. 
Thank you.

Oren: Salt Lake City:  I'd like to ask for assistance for all
beings on the planet to heal past life karma, past life tracks
that are limiting us and creating fear, and closure in the present.

Gijs: I want to ask for the loving energies to be sent to the
secret Government. that they will straighten out stuff and act
for the people instead of for themselves.  Also ask for the
love/light to be sent to those situations and relations which
are in harmony currently, so instead of going against the bad,
being pro the good.  Thank you.

Michael:  San Diego: I'd like to put the energy of
transformation of consciousness in the light.  If we can all
take a step forward, we can eliminate a lot of this if we can
get everyone to just step forward, up. Also freedom of speech
and communication of the Internet.

Wynn: Great.   I'm giving away my book Creator Gods of the
Physical Universe Want to Talk to You  and it's a really good
way to introduce this to people.  They can go to website: and the person downloads it and is
introduced to what we are doing and can be put on the mailing
list.  We don't have to try to explain it to them but let
nature take its course.  The people that resonate with it will
end up being on this line.

Joanna: Eureka : I'd like to ask for the love/light to all
those wanting to increase their vibration and evolve on the
planet, who are struggling because they are having a hard time
incorporating the new frequencies, eclipses and artificial
barriers or obstacles like HAARP or chem trails or anything
getting in their way of being able to integrate the new
frequencies and move forward.  I also like to ask the
love/light to help open peoples' minds and hearts so that
clean non-toxic food, water, air and shelter is available for all.

Brian:  Sedona: I'd like to ask for a creation of a group mind
collective consciousness around the planet for all those
involved in environmental work and all those in power who want
to support environmental work to form an alliance and work
together for solutions for the planet.

 Carolyn:  Davis:  I'd like to ask for light/light to all those
who are refugees.  They are all over the planet.

Zoe:  I'd like to ask for love/light for the sun as it's
making its transition, that it can be smooth and easy for it
and since we're in its path behind it, that we would gain in
that smoothness also.

Tamara: New Mexico: I'd like to put the fires in the
love/light.  Also to give thanks that we have been getting
rain which is a blessing.  We have been getting very light
showers off and on since the last Sunday grid and hopefully
we'll continue to get it.  Also the firefighters and people
who work in safety and medicine also I want to put in the
love/light.  I don't want to forget them either. 

Wynn:  This is another situation that looks like a
coincidence; it could be, as we've been putting rain for New
Mexico in the light starting a couple of weeks ago and then I
got an email I think from Belinda, saying the day after the
grid healing, it rained for 3 days and it hadn't rained since
November.  So if we had any intervention on that, we thank our
Sources for helping.

Brian: Sedona: If we could ask for the healing of the
environment over Arizona and for rain  here in Arizona that it
can quelch the fires here and bring the monsoon season back to
what it used to be in the Arizona zone.

Michael: San Diego : For all the people who are looking for
their own personal, physical  healing to be put in the light
and there be the energies for them to be ready, able and
deserving of those healings.

Joanna: I live at an organic orchard and we hardly have any
fruit this year and every year we have less fruit, so I'd like
to put the organic orchards and farms in the light and to
correct whatever the cause is, whether it be the bees, or the weather.

Zoe: I'd like to send love/light to the new economy that it
appear on the planet as quickly and easily as possible.

Wynn: On this next part of the call, we are going to do a
visualization which helps us connect with the energies.  (Wynn
does the meditation)

 Wynn: (calls in the light)

Terry (R AAN): We greet you in the love/light of the One
Infinite Creator.  This is RAAN ,July 24, 2011.  We look at
the coordinates within and out planet Earth and we see a fresh
new energy moving through the outskirts and atmosphere of the
planet which then is intersecting and bouncing off and
harmonizing with the surface of the planet as the planet has
layers.  In the layers above there are weather patterns and we
see the concepts, we see the items, the changes that the
individuals are asking for and they are affecting all that is.

We look at rain in areas of drought wherein it is not only
Texas and New Mexico, it is areas of Australia, it is areas of
Africa which needs rain and we send healing and tranquility
and love/light,  to the peoples of Africa as well as the
peoples in any area of drought, and to Arizona to Brian's
request for monsoons to return and we envision rain for not
only areas of southern Arizona but for areas of Northern Arizona.

We send love/light to the Congress and we look at the Congress
and the difficulties they are having with agreement.  We ask
Grace- the unit of the Elohim to send her WD-40 healing and
the release of interlocking geometries that there can be an
end to the deadlocks and they may come up with a plan for the
economy.  New economy is not established in a flash.  It is a
process that may take gradiently a while to establish and we
integrate those ideas in love/light to the Congress and the
Senate and the leaders.  As the U.S. goes it also has a large
affect upon the world economy. 

We then move to send  love/light to all the families that are
working very very hard to make ends meet and to make sense of
the problems that have beset them.  

We send love/light to the whales, to the dolphins not only in
the East and West Coast but all over the world- as they are a
stabilization factor in  the creation of a more cosmic
consciousness holding this ideal for all of consciousness of
the planet.   They are a multidimensional creature and both
whales and dolphins are multidimensional and can access
different dimensions and can help stabilize not only the grids
of the Earth but the consciousness of people on the Earth.

We send love/light to the water and we give it a minute to
permeate water everywhere and we see that individuals, their
bodies, are to a very great degree made of water and we then
send a message that individuals everywhere will be able to
harmonize and integrate their life better when they have
enough water within their system.  It lubricates all functions
of the body and prevents wrinkles and allows the individual to
move  in and out of their daily duties better. 

 We send love/light to the internet and to freedom of speech
everywhere.  For this is another thing that lubricates the
actions and responses within a person's life.  It helps them
to release trauma and helps them to move with the energies.

We send love/light to the sun, and the planets, and the whole
solar system with its integration with the Hunab Ku and we see
that in-streaming energies are activating not only the sun and
its reaction and change of solar cycle but also activating the
volcanic systems and melting the snows and the glaciers in the
Arctic which makes their  summertime  longer and the weather
warmer. We send support to all the factors such as these. It's
not only Earth that has melting at the poles, but  there are
other planets also.

We then, in the light of this, take a look at the organic
farms and the lack of fruit that have come about this year due
to extreme cold frosts in the spring. We also look at earth
currents and see that some have changed due to the changes
within the Gulf .  The oil spill  has lowered the temperature
of the gulf which has created some change in earth's patterns.
We allow for a moment here for readjustments as readjustments
start in the etheric with the placement of the concept that
eventually can manifest.

We send love/light to each and every person on this line as
you are anchors and helping immensely towards restabilization
and holding stabilization within the group-think and within the
manifestations within the Earth plane.

We send love/light to the firefighters everywhere as they are
doing a magnificent job in general. 

 We send love/light to the refugees everywhere that they may
find themselves and find their home and begin a new life.

We send love/light to the animals everywhere and people seeking a
new life and a new home that they find support and to be reestablished. 

 We send love/light also to individuals who are caught up in
cycles of karma and that are therefore unable to find closure
and they are not able to heal what it was that happened. They
carry an injustice in their heart even though they don't
remember or they have a conception of how life is, based upon
something that was laid upon them in the past of this life or
a past life and we ask that these individuals everywhere can
find support and can look at their own patterns and observe
them and know that all makes sense based upon how they have
oriented themselves and that these patterns can be observed
and clarified and come to front to be known to themselves and
as such then they can compare them to the realities that they
can then create for themselves when they do obtain closure
within their past.

Again we thank, we appreciate our brothers and sisters, the
light workers and each and every one of you.  It is with
profound appreciation that we make this contact and we are
available to you without or with the phone line- and we are
there for you. We send love/light to each and every one of you
for a magical day today and continued  upward string of
growth.  We leave but we do not leave.  Adonai.

Wynn: Thank you very much, and  thank you both to our sources
and thank you to everyone on the line who are contributing
your own energies and being extremely important in anchoring
these energies in this realm.

The next and closing part of this call is where we do a
visualization on a planetary level similar to the
visualization we did earlier on a personal level.

(Wynn conducts the visualization).


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