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Monday Calls; 2011 Conferences
Monday –
The Connection

Hosted by Wynn Free

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Channeled and Edited by Terry Brown

Transcribed by Connie O'Brien



Wynn:  This is Wynn Free and Terry Brown bringing you our Monday night conference call and we have a really interesting topic and we’re going to talk to sources in other realms and ask them questions.  Terry, are you there? 


Terry:  I’m here.


Wynn:  Why don’t you entertain people tonight for a moment and I’ll go get the conference call.  I’ll be right back.


Terry:  Good evening ladies and gentlemen where ever you are.  This is Terry Brown.  I’m the co-host of the Wynn Free Show and what Wynn was talking about is that it’s a simulcast.  We have people on the conference line who he patches in to BBS Radio and we also have people on BBS Radio.  So before the call he rounds up all the people on the conference line and then he comes back in and he gets them on with his telephone line so they can hear the BBS Radio Show.


We do this every Monday and Wynn picks the topic.  I never know what the topic is going to be because if I did, I’d worry about it with my conscious mind and then try to think of what possible answers could be or some information about the topic.  So that I don’t have to agonize over it, I just don’t know about it beforehand and it works out much better. 


So welcome everybody who’s on the BBS radio line around the world.  We’ll have the conference people with us in just a moment.


Wynn:  We’re here.


Terry:  Welcome, Wynn Free.


Wynn:  You know what’s really exciting tonight is somebody from Philadelphia is on the conference line…


Corinne:  My name is Corrine and I’m in Philadelphia. 


Wynn:  Corrine, what part of Philadelphia?


Corinne:  Actually work in Philadelphia and I’m still sitting here at work but I actually live right across the bridge near Camden, NJ which is very close to Philadelphia.  So I claim Philadelphia because that’s where my physical body is right now. 


Wynn:  Do you work in downtown Philadelphia?


Corrine:  Well, I actually work in South Philadelphia…


Wynn:  You know why I say all this is I’m from Philadelphia… I was brought up in Chestnut Hill and I actually lived in South Phily for a while.  In fact, I don’t usually announce this publically but I used to drive a Mr. Softee Ice Cream truck for at least two summers in South Phily…There were two Italians who owned the company and it was kind of fun to be in this big truck and all these kids coming up.  Thank you for coming on.  Have you been on Message a Day and hearing about my work?


Corinne:  Yes, I have.  I’ve been doing a lot of research the past couple of days.  I signed up for Message a Day and I’m getting those and I also signed up for your small group as well.


(Wynn welcomes people on the conference line.)


Wynn:  This is Wynn Free and this is Monday, July 25th, (2011) BBS Conference Call.  Every Monday we pick a topic and then we ask questions to, I call them “the source” who has been speaking to me through Terry Brown for the past eight years almost and also (through) Daphne. 


Anyone who is exposed to this for the first time, I say this and for those of you who are regulars excuse me for saying it over and over again but it’s a rather important concept, that when we talk to sources in other realms we don’t really have a way to prove that they are who they say they are.  There is a tendency to give up your power and give it to that source.  These sources, who we’ve been talking to, don’t seem to offer much opportunity to do that. They don’t encourage that.  In fact, as I understand them, they’re here to empower us, not to disempower us.  Also, this idea that they are there and we are here is only part of the grand illusion.  In the most accurate sense, they are us, we are them.  They are like the ascended part of us and we are the descended part of them. 


In the course of my conversations with them, there have been many break-through understandings about how realms interact, things that are kind of a mystery down here.  Things like:  Who are the negatives?  Who is the positive?  Who is connected positively with the spiritual evolution of mankind?  In most historical ways we refer to this idea of God.  We have an idea of God and we think of God in the traditional way as a single consciousness that can be everywhere, do anything, knows everything and is there for us.  It is my contention that these group souls have played that part in this realm since the beginning.  The interesting phenomena about a group soul, and this is something I can’t prove, but I’ll say it, is that they have the ability to come together and act as one or be separate, and come together and act as one and be separate; or come together in councils and work together and be separate.  There’s a flowingness to the energy. 


Perhaps in human terms a rough idea of that would be a bunch of guys in a family or they do whatever they do; every Monday night they come down to a local club and play music together, and they happen to be really good.  I don’t know if you know this about music, but I happen to be a musician.  When you play music there is this point where if you’re playing with really good musicians you all get psychic.  So, they know what you’re going to do next.  If you’re listening to good musicians, you sense that and it’s very exciting.  That happens in jazz; probably the group that brought that idea to the forefront was “The Grateful Dead” in rock, in terms of ‘jamming’.  They would come together and there was this great synergy, and you knew they were of one mind.  That could happen in a sports team, where there is one mind.  So in a sense, all is one.  When we talk about group souls it’s just another way of looking at the oneness. 


One positive aspect of learning how this works is that in some way these other dimensions are invisible, we can’t see them.  In some way as we get this approximate understanding of them, it seems to lead to a better relationship with them.  It’s easier to bring in their energies when you can visualize them more closely as to who they are and how they function.  As I get it, they really do want to connect with us.  In fact, many of us could be looked at as the ground crew; that we decided to take bodies to make this connection because when we do, we create circumstances for miracles and transformation.  There are negative forces that don’t honor free will, that would enslave us, that would do anything they could to keep us on a string, that constantly work to sabotage work of the positive forces. 


In religious terms, Jesus called these negative forces ‘the devil’, but we’ve learned the different ways of identifying them that make them a little less abstract; know that they have bodies, they have spaceships, they do all kinds of things but their motives, their agendas are not beneficent.  They need things from us, and they are willing to take them, violating free will.  It’s really a trick to learn how to tell the difference between the positive and the negative. 


Those of you who have been on these calls often know that we talk to a source that has called itself Ra’An. Ra’An is a composite voice that is composed of parts of the Elohim group and parts of the Ra group.  We’ve learned that there are two group souls that are at the highest of this administrative process for our planet, and the Elohim group is at the center of it all and radiates energy throughout the universe and can shift things at a quantum level.  Both groups can do that.


The Elohim group by in large has not had incarnations in this realm.  That’s not absolutely true because some of them have, but most of them haven’t.  According to what they tell me, the ones that talk to us have not.  They are very powerful at the center of it all.  The center of it all seems far away, but in the quantum field, the center of it all is right here.  You exist in the middle of all the time lines, including the very beginning.  So we separated ourselves and when we break down the separation we can start to feel them in our space.  That’s something that many, many people on these lines have experienced. 


We do three conference calls a week; this is one of them.  On Wednesday we do one and on Sunday we do one.  They’re all different.  It’s a rather unique thing that we’re presenting to people, and if you’re interested in listening to our calls get your pencil out – go to 


The other group soul is the Ra group.  The Ra group is composed of souls who have gone through human incarnations, maybe thousands of them; not necessarily on this planet but on other planets as well and even other galaxies.  They have graduated this realm.  That means they don’t have any more karma requiring them to come back into the lower realms.  They still come back; they volunteer to come back.  There are millions of volunteers, according to our information, from the Ra group who have chosen incarnations in this period of time to help with the shift.  Even when they chose to come in, once they’re here they forget why they came.  Just like you; just like me.  We’ve all forgotten why we came here, and yet if I have it right, we have had thousands of lifetimes. 


The nature of this realm is that when you take a body you don’t remember anything.  Each lifetime is starting over, except you carry the same computer.  In other words, if you’ve developed being a great musician, somewhere in your computer there’s a program for being a great musician.  If you’ve developed the ability to be highly technical, somewhere in your computer there’s that program to be highly technical.  We come in, we carry our computers and the way our life directs itself somewhat determines what program we open.  We meet somebody that we knew in another lifetime when you were doing something, and suddenly the program from that lifetime starts to come forth.  We might meet different people and you get a program you have a good connection with and you say, “I’m going to start a career” and you meet people from past lives over and over again.  The key is not to focus on the past lives because the past lives are all here.  If you can imagine that there is no past and future and right now you have access to all these different parts of yourself that are here right now.  All you have to do is impulse yourself to go looking for them and you can shoot them down.  It might not be as easy as that but nonetheless it’s possible. 


Also we have the Ra group, and as I’ve come to understand the Ra group, I gave their opening description as a group soul that is composed of graduates of this realm.  They can work with us; they can work with us two ways.  They can talk with us through a channel who can bring information forth and they can also send energy to us. 

As I was writing The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce I learned that Edgar Cayce and David Wilcock were channeling the Ra group.  Right now, David refers to the Ra group as “Management”.  I noticed that when I looked through his last blog, which is kind of a good way of understanding them.  They manage a lot of stuff in other realms; they manage, protect, and they say that they work when they are called.  They work with us when they are called.  Otherwise, they leave us alone.  So somebody has to be looking for them. 


So what we’re going to do is we’re going to interview (them), as long as they want to do it, I haven’t asked them; I’m assuming they’d like to do this.


We talk to the voice that says Ra’An, and we don’t usually separate the Ra group out and we get answers from both although sometimes the Elohim says there’s an answer from the Ra group or someone in the Ra group. 


As we’ve come to understand it, the Ra group was very active in Egypt, the Pyramids; in Jesus’ time.  One time I asked the question through Daphne when Jesus said “Father”, who answered his call?  The answer was “The Ra Group.”  So, the Ra group has looked like God, and so has the Elohim group. 


If you go into the semantics of it, since the whole universe is one energy and that energy could be looked at as God, these are the hugest subsets, to my understanding, of that energy.  They work, and they make plans, and they have councils – to give opportunities for transformation in this realm.


Another thing I’ve learned is what causes transformation.  What is it that one could get out of being around a highly evolved spiritual person?  What would they be trying to do to evolve us?  So the way that I understand evolution, the way evolution works, is that each of us is a human with a spirit attached to it.  The spirit has the potential to go through many dimensions.  We also have an energy system in us and we have DNA and when we can bring energy in from higher…let me just say, when we can be in the space of energy that can open up our different chakras, then we open up our DNA.  When enough of it all gets activated, *boom* you are now anchored in higher realms and you don’t have to reincarnate again.  You’re now operating in another dimension.  As you keep doing that and go higher, it gets thinner and eventually you’re in a pure spirit form and perhaps you’ve connected with the Ra group. 


The key is, we did a talk on this one night, this idea of energies that move through your body and activate DNA. 


So there are seven chakras in the Indian/Hindu systems which represent energy centers.  There’s the solar plexus, there’s the heart, there’s the throat, there’s the third eye and there’s the crown chakra, so each of those connects to a strand of DNA. 


So, if you’re in the space of someone who has an open heart that is radiating love energy, then that energy goes—you have to be open to it now, you just can’t be in the space, you have to be open—that energy gets received by your heart and then starts activating your DNA.  If you’re in that space enough, then you will be able to hold that space open all the time. 


So, for example, if one was very diligent in growing maybe you would go to a meditation group every morning and every morning they’d bring in the energy of higher spaces and you’d sit in those energies, and after a period of time you incorporate them into your life and hold them.  Maybe you go to a religious service once a week.  Maybe you go to a Yoga class, or maybe you come to our calls because on these calls that energy is also present, but it’s not coming in from the physical; it’s coming in from other realms.  Many of you have noticed that. 


Take a moment when we stop; sometimes you get preoccupied with listening and it occupies your conscious mind and you lose the awareness or the touch with the other dimensional stuff that’s happening but just take a moment and see if your heart feels open; see if you sense a presence around you that’s positive.


Some of you feel that and I would believe that presence is one of the ways the group souls make themselves known.  In The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce the Ra group said, “If you want to contact us, send energy through your crown chakra to us and we will send it back down in the form of love light energy.”  You guys know that we do that every Sunday.  That’s part of how I developed that meditation that we do and so many people experience it. 


Try it right now – send the energy up through the top of your head and imagine that there’s this loving source that can catch your energy but not trap it, catch it and send it back down to you as what they call love light energy. 


Gijs:  Wynn, I happened to read it last week, and what I remember reading was they said to breath through your crown chakra so you inhale and when you exhale just pretend it goes through your crown chakra and they will send it back to you as packets of thought.


Wynn:  Okay.  So breathe in, as you take a breath in, see the energy going from your breath up through the top of your head and above your head.


Julie:  Wynn, this is Julie.  I have found it much easier than that.  The time they did the healing on me, I just focused my awareness basically at the top of my head and they came immediately.  I just did that now and it’s so powerful; it’s easier than the breathing.


Wynn:  It doesn’t mean there is one way to do it.  Thanks, Julie, for sharing.  In general, since that was their words and that’s the way they said it, I’m just using that.  Really, anytime, when people meditate, they don’t even know it, they are most likely connecting with the Ra group. 


In any case, I’m going to stop talking and we’re going to go into a channeling and we have a lot of time tonight.  So we’re going to see what we can learn from the Ra group about how to make a better connection with them, things they’ve done in the past and any guidance they’d like to give to our group.  We have a little invocation to bring in protective energy:


Father, Mother God we ask for the presence of the light to surround and protect each person on this line and any negativity be taken to the highest realms of light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned.  We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the energy fields of our planets, through the outer energy fields of the earth coming through to the top of our heads through our bodies and into the center of the earth.  Right now we invoke a group energy amongst all of us on this line who would like to participate, maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls.  We invite those sources that are positive, service-to-others, honoring the Law of One to join with us and we create a protected space that only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now. 


Now this is Wynn just making a comment:  You notice, we asked for their presence, we asked for them to work with us.  I didn’t use the name ‘Ra’ or the ‘Elohim’ but they’re included in that group.  I don’t like to use their names in that particular invocation because when people listen to us who have a predisposition about how they like to name these sources, I don’t want to confront their way of doing it.  They don’t care if you use their particular name; they care that you’ve made a connection with the energy and can feel it and can ask and reach.  That’s their concern, so I don’t use the names in that context.  Some people might say ‘God’ and feel this energy and that would be probably the same energy.  We’ll talk to them about that; this is a very interesting topic to discuss publicly. 


I hope Terry is not muted; maybe you should say something, Terry?


Terry:  Yes.


Wynn:  We hear you.  Let us know when a source is present.


Terry:  They’re present. 


Ra’An:  We greet you in the love light of the One Infinite Creator.  This is July 25th, 2011 on planet earth.  We welcome the contact with each and every person that wishes to make contact with us and we are available for contact.  We believe this subject is ‘The Connection’; and we as Ra’An are speaking as the voice through Terry Brown.  We make connection.  We are available and we see religious groups who are praying, and who are praying fervently, who expand up from their crown chakra five feet, four feet, six feet – and they are seeking so hard to reach connection with all that is, or God and we are a part of all that is and we are multidimensional and are available, and we do hear prayers and we do work with the individuals who are praying and we do make the connection. 


However, many individuals do not believe, since they cannot see the response, they cannot see the energy that is responding, they do not know for sure if they have connected.  So the ones with the faith that they have connected do make the connection; however, in order to better sense that they have connected, they can use (the) following guidelines: there can be a sense of fulfillment, a sense of being heard; there can be an experiencing of a particular energy, a tingling within the toes, a color– a light pink color. 


We see connection is made.  We can sense what individuals are praying for; the more fervent and the more intention behind the prayer, the more the person seeking the change that they are praying about, the more the prayer will penetrate the dimensions.  It will not only be heard by us but it will be heard by all-that-is, and it will set synchronicities going to help effect a change; not only with us.  There are millions of us, so we can put a lot of shoulder weight behind the prayer if the prayer is for the highest good of all concerned. 


If we hear a prayer and the prayer is not for the highest good of all concerned, then usually the intention is not as strong; however, if it is very strong we do not put our shoulder behind the prayer if it is not for the highest good.  That is where witchery and some of the lower forces come in to make take-over scenarios happen.  We evaluate a prayer from all stand-points for the highest good, and if it is for the highest good and the intention is totally behind it for the person praying then we can put our shoulders–so to speak–behind it.


One of the ways that a person can connect is by reading the Ra material and the energy is, the frequency is, contained within the words that one is reading.  It vibrates the whole book to that frequency or the whole audio to that frequency and sends that frequency out to the consciousness of the individual.  So this is another way that a person can connect. 


If one looks at pictures of Wynn Free in a state of connection, sometimes one can see our very light pink color around him.  The Ra group, which we are also a part of for these calls, we appear with blue-colored orbs with individuals from our group, (we) seek to connect, and to be available in lectures and talks.  We also send and connect those orbs with individuals who are praying. 


There is a group-think within our group, and this is expressed in the second part of the book The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce.  When one reads this book one can feel the energy and can connect with the Ra frequencies.  We, which includes the section of the Ra group and section of the Elohim group, have merged our energies for the particular purpose of working with this group to increase the frequency that is available to people to make it easier for them to sense the connection. 


Those are our initial comments on connecting.  You may feel us love–as a part of ourselves extends to you–experience great love.


Wynn:  Thank you.  When someone reaches out without a focus, in other words they just say, “God help me” how is it decided on the other side who is going to come forth to answer that or assist that?


Ra’An:  It depends upon the frequency; there are many groups that are assisting.  One of the groups is the group of angels that are normally in connection with the heavenly realm and they may be of the frequency or the inclination or have a specialty that can thus go in and help that individual person.  So it is a connection, a synchronicity and frequencies that connect the individual that is praying with the individual or individuals who will thereby help and will appear and surround the individual and make available possible synchronicities or a bridge to things that will help that individual.


Wynn:  Thank you.  I happen to be open to the Law of One book, Carla Rueckert’s Law of One book.  We give two of her Law of One books away free on this package we have; you can go to the package if you go to www. for like $50, and you get The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce; you get a whole bunch of stuff where you can listen in or read these messages from these group souls.  They have said over and over again that the more you read and expose yourself, the more chance you have of tuning in to their energies. 


Here is something that was said through Carla Rueckert – this was an entity called Hatan who was part of the Q’uo group.  This is not exactly Ra, but this is what he’s saying:  “We have been contacting people of planet earth for many, many of your years.  We have been contacting at intervals of thousands of years those who sought our aid.  It is time now for many of the people of this planet to be contacted, for many now have the understanding and the desire to seek something outside of the physical illusion that has for so many years been involved in the thinking of those on this planet.  The process we are stimulating is one which is self-generating.  As more and more of those who desire our contact receive it and pass it on to others then those who receive this passed on information will then themselves be able to reach a state of thinking and understanding sufficiently to tune, shall I say, with our vibrations in order to receive our contact. 


So this is how contact works – it is first necessary, if the entity is to be able to receive our contact – for him to become of a certain vibration as a result of his thinking.  This is greatly speeded by involvement in groups such as this and then is finally done through meditation.  In other words, the verbal communications given to the entity by the channels such as this one (of course they are referring to Carla Rueckert) create a system of thought and a desire for spiritual awareness that raises his vibration. 


We are sorry we cannot step upon your soil and teach those of your people who desire our service, but my friends, as we have said before this would be a great disservice to those who do not desire our service at this time and we are afraid we would have little effect in bringing understanding even to those who desire it.  For understanding comes from within; we can only guide, we can only suggest.  We are attempting to do this in such a way that the seeking of the individual will be stimulated to turning his thinking inward – inward to that single source of love and understanding, the Creator – it is part of us all.  We are very privileged to have you join with us in this great service at this time in the history of your planet.  This is a great time, a great transitional period, in which many of earth’s people will be raised from their state of confusion to a simple understanding of the love of their Creator.” 


Addressing this to Terry:  Is that fairly accurate?


Ra’An:  Yes, it is.  The frequency of the individual who is praying is taken into consideration, and the entity or the group that is the best suited to handle, in a beneficial way, the frequency and to be able to operate at those frequencies are the ones that will answer the prayer.  One needs to be careful that they, within themselves, do not generate and harbor negativity and negative frequencies in that; it is situations like that that they can then pull in negative beings which can be very detrimental; therefore one must always have vigilance and maintain their own ethics and purity and positivity in order to connect with forces that are of the best help and intentions.


Wynn:  Yes, thank you.  It’s one thing to pray and feel energy and it’s another thing to pray and hear a voice.  How do you figure out if you can trust a voice that’s talking to you when you’re praying?


Ra’An:  There are false gods, false voices that are not from the highest sources.  One, by maintaining their own purity and their own integrity, has the best chance to connect with the highest source.  If one pays attention to what the voices or the concepts brought into the individual are saying, then one can tell whether it resonates for the highest good within them and if it doesn’t then they need to terminate that connection and reset themselves to be able to bring in the highest sources. 


The mind generates voices which can appear to be like commands for false information which do not resonate with the individual as being correct.  These should be let pass by, as there have been many lifetimes that individuals have had in ancient times, and much false information has been fed into the computer of the mind, so that it goes off like a program of positivity, negativity.  So many times when an individual is being positive, automatically the negative half of that will come in automatically.  This should not be listened to but should be let pass on and go.  One should be very vigilant to be a sentinel that they do not act upon such negativity, as these are merely circuitry that has been established in the mind and it should be let go as it will eventually run out, so that the mind does not continue to act in such a positive/negative feedback circuit.


Wynn:  I would imagine that when one does this and one prays and one looks for guidance from “outside oneself” I say “outside oneself” but there is no outside oneself, it’s all oneself ultimately, but when one looks for that, if one has a track record of say, being deceitful or dishonest or any other expressions of lower, negative traits, then that would automatically probably qualify them to bring in negative sources.  Am I correct there?


Ra’An:  Would you repeat that?


Wynn:  The question is:  “If an individual has a track record of acting out of integrity, lying and cheating, drinking, and then he prays, would those attitudes make him more vulnerable to a negative source?”


Ra’An:  Yes, it would in that they have past situations that have brought distortions into their field which then cause the outward look of the individual to be distorted, and one can find within their life, situations which are not fulfilling, which can be (determined) by observation to information about where their distorted thinking lies, as one naturally wishes to connect with others and to be in harmony and when one finds themselves with distortions that do not make total sense to themselves, there is a sense behind it that they can find. 


However, there may be distortions that cause them to bring in distorted information where they are bringing in information from the outside and putting their own spin on it.


Wynn:  Thank you.  How about if somebody is innocent, like an Elohim angelic person?  Does their innocence protect them from negativity or can they also have a negative source?


Ra’An:  When one comes in as an Elohim, they are innocent at their beginning and they take on the composite of the genetic line and of the body and of the body systems which can contain something that is foreign to them in that it causes them to have some of the impulses of the body system, of fight/flight response and they may have difficulty dealing with this and with human emotions which then can get into anger and hostility based upon those survival mechanisms that the body has in its computer system and it may make it quite hard for the Elohim individual to know how to man the controls at the helm of the body and can lead them into a confusion.  It takes experience with the body system to learn how to use the control systems of the body and balance it with the automatic responses that a body system can experience.


Wynn:  Thank you.  In the book The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce the Ra group says, “We’re always surrounded by a team of beings who are there to be at our service.”  I think that’s a really nice idea that that’s true – could you explain a little more about that and how to take advantage of that team?


Ra’An:  There is a team that is not even thought of or known: it’s part with guardians; guardian beings who watch over an area and give it love and nurturing.  There is an intelligence in everything, and one can ask the intelligence of the plant, of the surroundings, of the bush, the tree, of even the town - one can ask and one can get information.  So this intelligence is interactive with the individual although the individual very often does not pay attention to this, and the individual can come into a lack of connection with a surroundings by not observing the needs of the surroundings.  Or, one can harmonize (with) it and pay attention to this and then the plants and the surrounding intelligences, faeries, the divas, will work really hard to support the individual back. 


Also, there are very large spirits that are guardians of large sectors of the planet, and there are many levels of guardians and intelligence that work together to make sure that the planet, and that particular sector, is being nurtured.  Then there is the angelic realm with angels who watch over groups or individuals and may stay at a distance but they can come close if they are needed and minister love and care and guidance and healing.  Then there are higher forces such as the Ra group, such as us the Elohim group, and we work with these lower realms to nourish and support them. 


That is our answer.


Wynn:  Thank you.  Is there any particular historical times when the Ra group has done interventions in this realm that they consider very successful?  For example, Sufis and Zen seem to be – they’re different.  Was the Ra group connected with Sufism and Zen in the creation?  Did they talk to somebody?  I often thought the Ra group was connected with AA.  In the way it was set up it seemed like a Ra group concept whether they were particularly involved in the inception or not.  Anything the Ra group wants to share in the specifics of all of this we open ourselves up to that information.


Ra’An:  Thank you.  We work with particular individuals, who have come from the Ra group to be within the realm, and we are available to them and they often go back to the Ra group to do work with us, the Ra group; and we then work with the individual when the individual as a Wanderer goes back into the realm to work with individuals in the third dimension, and we work with that individual Ra member who is working to bring up the tone of the planet such as yourself.  We surround and protect and communicate with that individual and he has the help of particularly the Ra group and during his work he becomes an open channel or a bridge for energy to come in from the Ra group to the earth plane.


Wynn:  Thank you.  When you’re working with that individual do they necessarily have to receive verbal messages from you or do you just support them in their intentions with energy?


Ra’An:  It depends upon the individual.  Normally we support them with energy and we send phenomena to help, and synchronicities to help the individual and supporting the individual depending upon the individual’s awareness and the openness that the individual has.  Sometimes they will get into a body-line which is blunted, and then we do not give them the concepts so much we give them the energy support for their life-force.


Wynn:  When people ask, synchronicities are one of the ways that something happens.  Synchronicities are where something comes to you that looks like coincidence but isn’t.  I think synchronicities are very, very, very important, and each of us has something that we would perhaps like to happen in our life that’s not happening whether it’s finding a love, finding a job – something that we need and we can go bang on doors and use the sweat of the brow to try to find that. 


A synchronicity is where it comes in like magic.  Sometimes it’s so easy you don’t even realize that you have it.  Somebody sits down next to you and you start talking to them and they’re just the answer to some prayer you’ve had.  When somebody is working on creating a synchronicity or asking for it or asking for something, we have a lot of people that say, “Help me win the lottery, let me know the right numbers.”  From your perspective, how do you work with enhancing a synchronicity?  What do you do to help someone bring in a synchronicity?


Ra’An:  First of all, the individual himself, and we use ‘him’ to include ‘her’, as the language is lacking words for it.  We see that when an individual is attuned to the outcome that they really desire, they are operating at a frequency that includes that outcome, even though that outcome has not happened yet, and as they move within the frequencies that include the frequencies of the outcome then the particulars that go together to make up that outcome automatically are attracted to that individual as there are connections between the same frequency; they operate at the same frequency and it is a bridge, an open door, into the result that the person would like. 


We see this then.  Also the individual is asking and we see them, we hear them, we sense them asking, and we see the resonances around them with even colors extending out, reaching – little reaches and rhythms extending out, then it is easy to join with them in their celebration of bringing in this outcome.  It seems like magic, or like a synchronicity that somehow happened unexpectedly, but it is how the universe works.  It is part of the mechanics of the universe and it is easy to support this kind of enthusiasm towards a total outcome, or an outcome that is not negative. 


If the outcome is negative that they are desiring, then there reach will be blunted and they would need to use force in some way, force to force the issue and it becomes harder for synchronicities to happen, because the nature of man is generally a good nature.  If they are negative, they have to use a lot of force or we call it maybe “funny energy” to override the nature of man and the nature of connection between all that is.


Wynn:  Thank you.  When I’ve had synchronicities in my life – and I’ve had a lot – the things that would come in would come in off-center.  Like if I aimed right at it, it wouldn’t (happen)– for example, we have a movie project we’re working on.  Right now it goes back and forth between being in the forefront and the background.  In order to have a synchronicity for me I’d have to go into an area where movies are made.  I have to go to Beverly Hills or Malibu and I’d have to then go have a good time, go sit down at a bar, do something off center, visit stores – but, keep that in the back of my mind.  Oftentimes I’ll end up having this intuition, like, “I should go in there” or “I should talk to that person” and I’ll start talking to them and that’s exactly the right person.  It never happens on demand (and) I can never be sure, but whenever those things have happened, it’s been a combination of intention and intuition and randomness. 


It would be like when people find the love of their life – they went on vacation.  That’s random, because when you go on vacation you’re out of all the boxes that you’re normally in.  They do something and they follow their intuitions and suddenly they meet somebody that is the right person,  whereas if they were in the rigidity of their normal routines they probably wouldn’t have been open.  They’d meet that same person and they wouldn’t have been open to it.  So it’s the way you meet something, it’s the way you pull it in, as well as the specific person that makes the difference. 


You have to do something; you can’t just sit in your room and say, “Okay God, give me a synchronicity – give me this, give me that, give me that.”  Even if you’re depressed, you have to get up, walk out the door and start shaking some trees so that something can fall. 


We’re going too long, it’s 7:17.  I’ll turn it over to our sources through Terry and have any final comments.  Then we’ll close this session off.


Ra’An:  Thank you.  When you are promoting something or working on something, you will do best by finding commonalities with other individuals.  If you go straight on and try to sell something, if you meet somebody that has a commonality in that area then it will catch fire. However, normally it needs to make a channel and the channel can be started by the little spark of commonality, of common interest, with the other person. 


So it is that then you obliquely come to a goal, that you may meet others, that the relationship can be experienced helping together,  (and) can hit on commonalities which then can be guided into the main point.  However, one can find individuals who may be open to the project by getting to know them and getting to know what there is in common between you and the other person that then could spark a common interest towards working on the project together.


Wynn:  The thought crossed my mind – I was going to give an example because maybe somebody can use this.  Normally if I get my hair cut I go to Super Cuts and it’s $12 or $13, but if I wanted to meet somebody who was really, really in a high flow maybe I would go to an area and spend $75 for a hair styling – you would never call it a hair cut, it would have to be a hair styling – and I’d sit down in the chair and as the person was working on me the first thing out of my mouth wouldn’t be, “Gees, I’m looking for someone to help me on a movie.  Know anybody?”  No.  The person’s doing my hair and he’d say, “What do you do?” and (I’d answer).  “(I’m) an author,” and I’d talk about my book a while and I’d make myself interesting.  After a period of time, when I knew that I caught their interest I might say, “By the way, we have a really great movie project with this guy.  You might know somebody that can do it.”  And then they’d say, “Oh yeah, I know just the perfect person!  Let me call him up see if he’s open to meeting you.”  I’m using an expensive hairstylist; I’m using the whole thing. 


Maybe all you want is a job.  If you’re living in Silicone Valley, find out who all the Google people have do their hair.  You can’t guarantee that something is going to happen so you may have to be willing to risk $50 instead of $15; save up your money and get a $50 hair cut and get to meet the person.  Once you’re there – here’s the trick – once you’re sitting in the chair you have to forget what you want out of them, you have to forget it.  You have to just talk to them and win them over through your authenticity.  If you just want something from them they will pick that up and then it makes it manipulative and you lose the energy. 


Even on these shows whenever I talk to you, I have to forget that I care about whether you like me; I have to just show up and start talking and the energies come in.  It’s like learning the art of showing up and maybe it took a great intention to show up, but once you’re there you have to forget all the preliminaries and be present in that moment.  Then, you can create a synchronicity, or you have more chance of attracting a synchronicity. 


We’re going over; Terry is going to clobber me for going so long.  Its 7:22, we’ll end this session.  Thank everybody for being here; I thank our sources.  If you have a question for Wednesday,, send them in.  Even if you have a healing question, send it in – we’ll try to get to all that we are submitted to. We’ll see you next time.




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