Thanks to Suzanne Hayes for transcribing

                              Transcription July 27th, 2011
                                          The Ra'An

This is July 27, 2011 and my name is Wynn Free and Terry Brown

is my associate and we call this our question and answer call

because people submit questions and we ask our Sources those

questions. Terry is what some people refer to as a channel.

She is able to expand her hologram into other dimensions and

tap into this intelligence. This is a group intelligence, it

is not a discarnate entity and they describe themselves as a

group soul and that they are at a very high level of creation

in this realm. But the interesting thing about them is that

they describe themselves to be outside of time and we are in

time. There is something called the Field, sometimes called

the quantum field. There is a field that connects everything

outside of time and they can move through that field and be

with us energetically. On this call, many of you will be able

to feel that energy on the call. It is usually subtle but

there are people who are psychics and intuitives that it is

not so subtle for. They can feel all these presences in the

room, in fact if you stop for a moment some of you may feel

this presence. They are here and not only are they present in

their energies but they can talk to us through Terry. One of

the things about coming to our calls often is that you start

to integrate this energy and it can become part of your

regular experience.

I am now going to stop talking and we have some really good

questions. Terry, are you there?

Terry: Hello can everyone hear me?

Wynn: Yes

We have a little thing we do called, Calling in of the Light

and it's a ritual of sorts.

(Wynn calls in the light)

Do we have our Sources present?

Ra'An: Yes. We greet you in the love light of the One Infinite

Creator. This is the 27th of July, 2011 and we make contact

with each and every person on the line who wishes to make

contact and each and every person who will listen to the call

later or read the transcript. We are available within the

energy field of earth, although that is not our home. We are

available to anyone who asks with intention and desire and we

hear your prayers. Do you have questions?

Wynn: I am going to start off with a question submitted to me

from Clark in Ohio and he asks about the Law of Attraction.

Some of you remember there was a movie called The Secret and

it was a very popular movie that was telling people if you

want something all you have to intend it and bring it in. His

question is, I am attracted to the message but not attracted

to the methods used to sell and distribute the teachings. Is

pursuing this material or trying to use it, putting me at odds

with practicing the Law of One?

I wanted to give a little answer to that. You know intention

works for both the positive and the negative and when you use

intention to ask for things, when you ask for money or

success, without putting the stipulation for the higher good

of all concerned and honoring free will, then to me that is

not within the context of the Law of One. I am not judging it,

but if one is going to use the principles that are shown in

that movie, then one needs to apply for the highest good of

all concerned and honoring free will. Although I did not see

that movie its about the Law of Attraction which has worked

for both the positive and negative. When something is of a

spiritual nature and then it's marketing in order to make

money, how does that work in terms of affecting the purity of

the teachings? I turn it over to Terry and our Sources.

Ra'An: Thank you.

Two questions. The way the Law of Attraction works, and it

works for both positive and negative things, is that when an

individual has an intention; a desire, and they put that

intention or desire on a certain object or goal or result,

they add their own frequency to it. Now other frequencies that

would fulfill that goal are then operating at the same

frequency as that individual has and as such, they are

resonating with each other. So even if it's at a distance,

that intention, that the one individual has, then resonates

the same frequency, the same intention, wherever it is and

these two respond in like kind if they are resonating together

as a musical note that is very much like the first. When these

two resonate, even though they are apart, it is as if there is

no distance and it operates in a mechanical way to place those

two resonating frequencies in juxtaposition with each other.

So it is easy for the one what is resonating that frequency to

then bond with the other that is resonating that frequency and

the two to come together and then that is synchronicity,

however there is a mechanics behind it that works. Now it can

be for a positive goal or for a negative goal. One person may

be terribly afraid of being broken into in their house and

they may be putting out the frequency of fear and the idea of

someone breaking in and some criminal may tune into that

frequency because that criminal is at that frequency and then

choose that person's house.

When we add for the factor that the thing that is intended or

desired, or what the person has their intention is, because

the person who has the house, may not want it broken into but

they may have all their attention on that and being so

immersed in that thought they act like a beacon for that


If it is a positive intention, then the negative will drop

away and they will have synchronicities with other people who

have the positive intention. When something is prayed for and

we pick up the prayers, we can then magnify by sending our

love light to the area and magnify the intention and make a

holographic sphere around something to then bring in our

intention in fortification of the other intention, for the

highest good, say for healing or for a higher result, a love

light result where all the people win.

Now your second question.

The term exploiting carries a negative connotation with it.

The individuals who are involved in the making of the money,

if they are into the survival mechanism in the 3rd dimension,

and if they are putting the goals of the many above the goal

of the putting out of the good intention, the good result, the

good thing that is being broadcast. If they put the money

above it, then they begin to slant the intention away from the

broadcast of the good result. If they hold in their mind that

the good result is of paramount importance and the result of

the dissemination of that is money, which people in this

particular 3rd dimension society need to live and if they hold

in mind the good result as paramount and do not compromise the

good result to short cuts it for making money, if they hold

the good result as paramount and money is a natural flow back

as a result then it is a good healthy situation. If

individuals become jaded by the money and begin to place the

money above the result; above the dissemination, it will

corrupt. If this is jaded enough this will eventually die out.

One of the reasons is that individuals are seeking the good

result in general, for them and if the flow has been corrupted

toward the flow of money be more important than the result,

then this will be the withering away of the original purpose

for having done the project in the first place.

Wynn: Thank you.

Next question. When Jesus said he would send his holy spirit

or what some people call the holy ghost to comfort us, where

was that coming from. What entity was that from?

Ra'An: Thank you.

This is the band of energy and intelligence and it is a very

high potential and it is a band that exists in another

dimension. It is very pure and is close in. It is accessible

to all individuals if they but ask to receive it.

Wynn: It is connected with the Ra Group and or the Elohim

Group energies?

Ra'An: It is a band on it's own but it is very connected with

the Ra Group. It is like a higher band within the Ra Group.

Wynn: Thank you.

Corrine Burton asked that and she wants to send the light to

Rachael Edgar who has stage four cancer and is preparing to

transit to the afterlife and if there is any healing possible

she asked that it be projected.

Ra'An: We are looking into the situation. The individual is

preparing to move into the light and preparing to receive the

light. It is at this time, the desire of the person. The light

is very comforting, very loving and very much a relief. We

send love light to this person.

Wynn: Thank you.

Next question is from Peg in Oklahoma. I am going to reword

the question. Her question is about the Annunaki which is the

name of some beings who came to earth in space ships 4 million

years ago. They came to mine gold and engineers humans

genetically to be their slaves. They put themselves up as

gods. They were actually Elohim who had descended into this

realm. In the Bible where it said the gods mated with the

daughters of man, I believe it is referring to them. The

Annunaki had a mixed polarity. Her question is what percentage

of the Annunaki would be considered positive and any other

comments that we can know and understand the nature of the

Annunaki and the evolution of humans.

Ra'An: Thank you.

The Annunaki descended into the 3rd and 4th density and they

very much liked to travel so they worked with space ships and

there were space ships and trade routes for space ships. Earth

was particularly important because of the metals that were

available and the civilization of earth had previously been

part of the trade routes, however a disaster happened here

that took them off of the trade routes and hurt civilization

so that for a period there was little civilization here.

However there were reasons to come to earth to mine gold. The

density of earth and the fields of earth were heavier and

required a more dense being to inhabit it for periods of time,

therefore the genetic engineers on some of the other planets

got together and met with the Annunaki who were operating the

space ships and the miners and they made an agreement that

they would genetically engineer a human to be particularly

acclimatized to the earth atmosphere. They put a few of this

group they had genetically engineered together into a specific

atmosphere dome to see how they did. After these individuals

were proven to be operational, they were put into the earth

plane in south africa in encampments like mining towns with

restaurants and truck drivers that would work with the miners

to bring in the gold. These humans did very well in that

climate and were able to survive the more dense atmosphere of

earth. So the Annunaki did develop individuals who did work in

the mines and would be of a more rugged frame, that they would

be able to withstand the work, which was heavy work and that

they would be able to survive in the atmosphere condition of

earth more easily. At first there were only a few and there

were Annunaki who would work with the crew and set the crew

into their certain tasks and it was not as much of a slave

relationship as much as it was working together. There was

some animosity that developed among the humans at the heavy

work that was required and the seemingly wonderful lifestyle

that the Annunaki and the miners who took away the gold and

they became dissatisfied with their lifestyle and there was a

mutiny of sorts that set back the mining community back very

far. Those are our comments.

Wynn: Thank you.

The next question is anonymous. My nineteen year old

stepchild, physically a male, says she/he is actually female.

My own intuition says she/he is in between. Any help in

clarifying the spiritual role of the trans-gender in general

would be greatly appreciated. They want to start female

hormones in September and thinks that she/he is impulsive and

should explore the spiritual aspects first. Thank you.

Ra'An: Thank you.

This individual has had other life times as a female and it is

more attractive because of the more experience in the female

gender. It is not so much to do with the spiritual nature as

to do with the fitting in and the interactions within the

earth realm and the comfortableness of the role of the life.

We see life as being one element of a chapter and the

individuals life is a chapter within a whole series of

chapters when an individual has experiences in 3rd dimension

when they have chosen this type of life. The individual can

learn by taking these steps. They can learn by not taking the

steps but either way there will be learning. Those are our


Wynn: Thank you.

The next question is from Allison in Canada. In November, 2005

I had a stroke leaving my vision impaired so that either I see

double or distorted. My eyes don't work together. My

equilibrium is affected. I assume this happened so I could see

things differently. Is that true? I was told after the stroke

my vision would be restored and I would have a complete

recovery. I am a star seed and indigo so undoubtedly I am

still here for a reason, although what help could I be to

anyone, self included, is questionable.

Ra'An: Thank you.

There is learning in all aspects. One of the things of

learning in a situation like this is the the physical

condition is not final and learning is continuous and there is

a learning here. Do not depend upon the body for vision. The

individual has a sight, a vision that is not entirely from the

body but is of it's own and to learn to gain one's own

equilibrium and own vision, independent of the body, can help

one to stabilize and to move later on to other realms, knowing

that one is not the body. We embrace you with love light. This

is the first part of the answer. The first step is to embrace

the body as it is. The second step is to picture your own

vision; your own stability. The third step is to show the body

this as a goal and to ask the body to regroup, to refocus, to

remember and to put the new stability into place. Also to make

sure to drink enough water, and liquids and maintain the

proper alkalinity of the body because when the body had

alkalinity, the body has greater capacity for healing. That is

our answer.

Wynn: Thank you.

This is from Greg. He asks how can he find his evolutionary

duo. He does not define evolutionary duo but he welcomes them

to find the exact definition from his mind. So he might be

testing us here. I will leave that with you to figure it out.

Ra'An: You will know when the tool is reestablished and it may

not be totally apparent as with a duo they are never totally

in sync and so there needs to be more a working together, to

move off the rough edges, to increase operation as a duo so it

might not be apparent that the duo is together, however, you

will feel the resonance. That is our answer.

Wynn: Thank you.

We are going to finish for tonight. If we could just take a

moment to feel the energies and move these energies through

your body, ask for healing for yourself and for those you are

connected with.

We thank Terry and our Sources and everyone who listens to

help us hold this energy during this time of planetary

transition and I urge you all, if you haven't done so, to

participate on our Sunday call where we use our group energy

intention for planetary and personal healing and focus on that

energy during that call. Thank you for being here and we will

see you next time.


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