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                          Ra'An for August 3, 2011

This is August 3rd, 2011, Wednesday. My name is Wynn Free and
Terry Brown and some great people on the line all over the
country and we are going to ask questions of our Sources
tonight. We have some really interesting questions for
tonight. We started out only doing conference calls and I was just
going to do Monday nights. We started doing Wednesday because
they asked us to do Wednesday. We started Sunday grid healing
because I thought it was really important and then I realized
why it's important to do three calls a week.  And if you read
the Ra Material, many people are on the edge of graduating and
if they are not given support or encouragement, the negative
of the world may pull them in. Coming back and listening to
this energy helps you stabilize in this transition we are in
and helps you focus on something above 3D to keep focused on
because as you focus on things above 3D, eventually you start
holding the space above 3D. It's subtle. You don't leave 3D
but you notice things and don't get so involved. You start
dealing with things with less attachments and as if you are
looking down on them. No attachments means doing things with
no strings, you have to learn how to receive and feel gratitude
but not obligation.

Let's now get started.

(Wynn calls in the light)

We wait for their identification.

Ra'An: This is August 3rd, 2011 and we greet each and every
one of you on the line. Each and every one of you who will
read the transcript and each one who will listen to the audio.
It is with our profound appreciation that we welcome this
opportunity to make this connection as it is with the contacts
that we make that we feel more whole in that we are a part of
everything and in the earth field, individuals have, in many
cases, isolated themselves and we feel the loss of connection.
So it is with gratitude that we offer our assistance and ask
if you have any questions.

Wynn: Yes we do.

Our first question is from Margaret in New Zealand. She has
been listening to all of our calls. Hi, Margaret. She asks why do
people say it's bad to take canola oil? What's bad about
canola oil?

Ra'An: Thank you.

We take a look at canola oil. We take a look at the way it is
raised. It is one of the heavily genetically modified crops
with genetically implanted genes that make it more susceptible
to insecticides. It is raised very cheaply. This is one of the
reasons why it is promoted so widely. The canola oil comes
from the rape seed which is also used as a by-product for
mustard gas and agent orange. There are not enough nutritional
values within the oil. All oils when you heat them lose their
effectiveness for the lubrication of the body system. Oils are
very important in the operation of the body and we suggest
oils such as olive oil, sesame seed oil, walnut oils. We also
do not recommend soy oils and there is much genetic
engineering going on with soy. Soy does not digest as well,
even if it was not genetically altered. It does not provide
the nutrient value of something like olive oil. Thank you.

Wynn: Thank you.

Question: We have read in the Ra Material through Carla
Ruckert that the Ra Group graduated from Venus a half a
million years ago. Where did the population of Venus come from

Ra'An: Venus was included on the star ship route and
individuals eventually settled there, however the conditions
were not ideal on Venus. It was a very hard planet to subsist
on. So eventually the population had to abandon that planet.
They started much like the population on earth as a discovery
planet, in that it was discovered and had drop off and pick up
points from galactic travel and eventually developed a
population which then moved into the area of decline and
disaster and many of the group were lost, and many of the group
graduated and joined the Ra Group. The Ra Group has a core
group from Venus and has been joined by many other travelers

Wynn: There was also a higher dimensional group soul working
with the Phoenicians as they were going through their own
evolution. Do I have that information correctly?

Ra'An: That is correct. They have moved on to higher levels
and are still teachers and are working in jobs of recreation
and formulation of the operation of consciousnesses at higher

Wynn: Thank you.

Do they ever join with the Ra Group in the Ra Group's work?

Ra'An: Yes, they are still available for consulting and still
look in on the Ra Group.

Wynn: Do they have a name that they go by at this point?

Ra'An: Yes they do have a name. It is something like Gheadans.

Wynn: Can we send them our love and appreciation right now as
we are talking about them?

Ra'An: Yes they can.

Wynn: Well we do. Thank you for being part of the grand

Ra'An: Their frequency is very very high and they send us love
light and it is hard to form into words of dense frequencies
of the 3rd dimension.

Wynn: Thank you.

Colleen had a question about the Monday night call. We talked
about someone's high intentions further intensified when others
share their high intentions. Do these high intentions from
humans create interactions with the Ra or Elohim?

Ra'An: Thank you.

By high intentions we mean strong intentions. That would be
one definition. Also intentions of high integrity and high
motivation. These are impetus for not only the Ra and
Elohim Groups but through all connection with all
intelligence, as consciousness and intelligence exist in all
things and it shifts the electrical potential to some slight
degree of the surrounding intelligences to identify; to get
the communication; to resonate with that intention. The
higher, the intention, the stronger the intention, the more
fervent the passion is behind the intention, then it creates a
stronger resonance. The Elohim and the Ra Group can thus pick
up these intentions and resonate with them and if it is an
intention for the highest good can then put themselves behind
it, increasing the intention further by the agreement and in
resonance with that intention. Then the object of that
intention being at a similar frequency to the intention begins
to resonate, even at a distance and then can find
identification with the source of the intention. The intention
can then can begin to be fulfilled.

Wynn: Thank you.

What you are talking about is a sophisticated way of
understanding prayers, yes?

Ra'An: Yes it is. As prayers are intention. If prayers are
merely mouthed they do not contain the impetus, the passion,
the fervor, the desire for fulfillment and they lose a lot of
their impact.

Wynn: I am sure some people are listening to this and
thinking, ok, that's wonderful. How can a person have a high
intention? In their conscious mind they want to have a high
intention, but how do they go from the desire to have a high
intention, to the actual creation of a high intention?

Ra'An: Need is one of the things that creates fervor and
passion. It is not so much that a person sits down and decides
to have a high intention. It is that there is something that
they really, really within their heart that they want to see
fulfilled and this intention, this reaching out broadcasts and
it is this broadcast that then reaches others and creates the
beginning of fulfillment.

Wynn: So when we read in the paper about a mother who's child
is caught under a car and she lifts it up and pulls it off of
them, that would be an example of a need creating a very high

Ra'An: That is correct.

Wynn: So when a person wants to have a high intention, then
somehow they have to have a need to have the intention. If a
person says, I want to know God. I want to connect to Ra and
the Elohim. How do they get the need that makes the intention
so high that they get that?

Ra'An: It is a need for wholeness, a need for communication, a
need for connection, a need for knowing that one is not alone,
that one is part of a family; an integral part of a family and
through reaching out, then they can receive answers and reach
fulfillment. If they isolate themselves and do not reach out
to others then it becomes very hard, bec growth is made
through connection.

Wynn: Thank you.

Of course they need to be there when they don't even know there
is something to reach for, so that part of the work we are
doing is making you real so that people say, if that is real
there is a possibility of a connection. If they don't have the
possibility they don't reach. Right?

Ra'An: Yes and also, people's fabric is made up of more than
one dimension and so they inherently have the need and the
ability to connect beyond themselves.

Wynn: In olden times, biblical times, there was an idea of
making a covenant with God. Like if I do this, will you help
me. If I go out and help the poor maybe God will help me back.
I think that is the example of a covenant and is that still

Ra'An: If a person makes a covenant or does not make a
covenant but fulfills the reaching out, where in the
circumstance you mentioned, the reaching out is the connection
with the people that they are helping, the individual then
grows in ways they could not have dreamed possible and opens
themselves up to circumstances that create growth. This can be
instigated by making such a covenant to go out and help

Wynn: Just the act of going out and helping people starts to
raise your frequency and starts to expand you into other
dimensional awareness and that automatically would create more
opportunities for connection I would think.

Ra'An: Yes.

Wynn: From the question above, does this nullify working
extremely hard for something. Must we deserve what we are
praying for?

Ra'An: If you feel that you do not deserve what you are
praying for, that will cut your intention to achieve it. If
you have done work behind the thing you are trying achieve it
will bring in the results, not only feeling that you deserve
it but by opening doorways that will help you achieve it.

Wynn: Thank you.

Question: There are two points of view circulating around the
planet right now concerning ascension and division of souls.
One point of view is that it's going to happen in a particular
moment and that everything will shift in that moment and
everything will separate and the other view is that it is
going to be a gradual process. Are both of those views
possible and the outcomes is still unknown or is there a
predisposition that it's going to be one or the other?

Ra'An: There are already people that are in the process of
ascending. There are circumstances which are creating the
opportunity for ascension more and more and there is a
possibility of many people ascending at one time, so it is
possible that both scenarios and outcomes have not been
determined fully.

Wynn: If there was a moment when many people are going to
ascend at one time, is there a time where that moment might
occur, like December, 2012?

Ra'An: Since the results are not in at this time we do not
wish to predict.

Wynn: Thank you.

Gjis wants to send light to his brother in the Netherlands who
committed suicide a while back, and is there anything you
would want to comment about that?

Ra'An: It is good to send the light to your brother as he can
use the light as he has come from a somewhat isolated,
although he has taken on a higher frequency and it is helping
him to send the light to him and give him support and the
fortification that he is a worthy being who deserves to move

Wynn: Thank you.

Pina asked the question after she hear about Gjis's question
and she was thinking about her cousin who committed suicide in
early July, just a short while ago. She says she is in a
loving space with the situation but her family is not.
Somebody had given her a reading to make sure he crossed over
and she came to learn about a loving service he performed for
another man who committed suicide after murdering his family.
He assisted in their crossing over. So her general question
is, what is the moral impact of suicide?

Ra'An: First of all we look at your cousin and see she did
have some thoughts that kept her close to this realm, however
she has also been released and has moved to the other side but
still wishes to come back briefly which has to do with some
unfinished business, however the work done with her to release
her has helped very much. Each time there is a suicide there
are different circumstances, different outcomes and different
potentials. Very often when an individual commits suicide they
are inclined to come back to recreate the circumstances that
caused them to commit suicide and again have to live through
those circumstance and learn the lessons they did not learn
because of the suicide. Not all suicides are like that however,
and if one is in dire straits and in great pain and there is
no relief for them at that time, if they cross over it can be
a relief to them and a putting to an end the period of
suffering. They still may have to come back to re- experience
the circumstances that let them to that situation and learn to
handle the situation differently but learn the lesson to
per-empt the movement into the dire circumstance; in other
words to learn the lesson to avoid the problem. These are
areas of great growth for a person. Also if a person commits
suicide, they carry that impetus as a solution into another
lifetime and if they do not learn the lesson leading to those
problems, they will likely come back to re-experience the
problem. Eventually they will in many many circumstances be
more kind to themselves and find other solutions and learn to
avoid those problems. So in general, in many circumstances, it
is some area of their life that has been mishandled or has not
been able to be dealt with adequately and they will come back
and experience the set up of those problems again, until they
can learn the elements of how that problem got there and how
to deal with that type of situation without a suicide. But all
circumstances are different.

Wynn: Thank you.

When a person has to come back to resolve a problem like that,
they keep them in the loop for tens of thousands of years,
until the circumstance becomes right to resolve that. It that

Ra'An: Yes, this is correct. It takes as long as it takes.

Wynn: So when we are in this life right now, there is great
benefit to resolving our karmic situation now rather than
putting them off to some future time.

Ra'An: Yes that is correct. Observe yourself and love yourself
and be kind to yourself and give yourself patience and time.

Wynn: And I imagine that is a good reason to generate a high
intent to make a connection with the highest of forces you can
while you are still in this body.

So on that note will be saying goodbye to everybody and thank
you so much for being here and for coming on these calls and
holding the energy. Without you we would not be doing this. 


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