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                 Sunday Grid Healing August 7, 2011
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Transcriber: Gina Brown
Edited: Janny Rosborough and Terry Brown

Wynn: Welcome to our Sunday Grid healing this is August 7, 2011.

Wynn’s introduction- Just as a little bit of an alert, we did a
session with Daphne and the indications are, according to this
session, we are in for a fairly big economic downturn.  It is
already turning with inflation and there is a possibility of food
prices going up.  I'm not saying this is true and it's not meant
to alarm you, but it is better to be forewarned.  There is a
chance of food prices going up in the cities in particular
300-500%.  If I lived in the city I'd buy a bunch of canned food
and some water just in case.   So I recommend that.  No harm and
it will last for years and sooner or later you will probably be
glad you did it.
I think we have some new people on the call today.  This is a
very unusual call as two things happen simultaneously.  One
reality is you are listening to my voice and I'm saying words and
language and you are interpreting the language in your brain and
taking it in.  The other reality is that we have these group
souls that I have been in communication with that say they are on
this line.  They don't have voices but they can speak through
Terry. But they do have energies, and through the course of this
call, many, many people have reported that they have felt the
energies on the line.  Feeling energies could be looked at as a
phenomenon but there is also something about it that is very
beneficial to feel the energies of other positive dimensions.  It
is beneficial because in the universe it is all one.  We are
them, they are us.  When we feel the energies, we start to make
contact with the higher aspect of ourselves.  That allows a lot
of things to occur that wouldn't happen otherwise.  For example,
healings.  For example, the ability to create group intentions
and transform something in the world.  Whenever we do this we
have the stipulations, for the highest good of all concerned, and
honoring free will.
The Sunday call is special in the sense that it is focused on the
energy.  It's not focused on information, or understanding the
history of interdimensional connection in this realm.  It's not
focused on the questions you submit.  We do that on Mondays and
Wednesdays.  It is focused on the energy and connecting with the
energies.  And it's focused on personal and planetary healing.
When we put things in the light, we don't really emphasize
personal healings although there will be a place in the call
where you can silently work on healing with yourself and anyone
else.  This is a long call (1 and ½ hours) and if I don't create
some restrictions it could be a 2 1/2 hour call.  I appreciate
everyone’s understanding.

One thing about both Terry and Daphne in their own unique ways
that when they are doing the channelings, it sounds like there is
a voice coming through them.  The fact of the matter is that it
is more than that.  They are actually holographically connecting
with energies. There are little shifts when it’s easy to get
spaced out or distracted.  Even I do that.  When I'm on the call
here, I feel like it connects everybody, they connect with us and
we connect with them and then when Terry comes in to channel she
just moves into that field.  That is why it is important, that
co-creation, as it's not like they are just talking to us, they
are connecting with us.

Terry:  One of the things that happens is all of those energies
run through my hologramic body system, my matrix, and so it's not
just a voice coming through, its total perceptive like vision and
sound and where we are at.  Some people might call it "remotely
viewed" and some of the issues we get into are really big things
and it takes a while to process that when we are off the call.
Both Daphne and I have that happen.
Wynn: Do we have any requests at this time?
Gijs – Magalia , California : I'd like to ask for a loving
healing light to be sent to a stable supply and a reasonable
price for our consumables.
Wynn: By the way, they said, when they were saying that, this is
the way things look based on probability vortexes of how things
are right now and that nothing is locked in stone so it may not
happen but it’s not a bad idea to spend $100 in canned food so
if things break down you’ll have some regrouping time to make
sure your nourished.
Gina- O’ahu , Hawai’i :  If there is going to be inflation
that the prices of food and goods don’t go very high and stay
stable and people are able to get themselves canned food and
water to store and be prepared. I also want to send peace, love
and happiness to everyone at this time and may we be nourished in
the Dolphin fun and love energy and Whale energy as well. Thank
you so much.
Wynn: Thank you.  By the way, the reason that things are going up
if it does happen, the situation that sets it up is:  the
government was at one point able to borrow money, now when the
government needs money they print it and they just keep printing
more.  The value of the money is only correlative to what people
believe it is but it has no back up.  The other countries don’t
do that.  So what happens is the value of the dollar in the world
market keeps going down because of the way the government prints
money.   If you notice, we just went into all those wars in the
Middle East and the newspapers report that all the money was
spent, trillions of dollars supporting those wars, where did all
that money come from, it was just printed.  So that’s the
problem.  That’s why this is so in your face.  It’s hard to
fix that when other countries stop valuing what you have.  If
other countries diminish the value of the dollar then it means
things get more expensive, imports get more expensive.  I don’t
know what all the repercussions could be of that but that’s the
Lori – San Carlos : That the supply and every good thing comes
to all those in need easily no matter what happens and all
discordant energies in the world are dissolved and consumed in
the power of the light into loving kindness.
Jim – Tomball, Texas:  I would like to put the high-pressure
zone that is sitting on top of Texas in the light that it might
be lessened and allow moisture to come into the area.  The people
and animals and plants are starting to get quite desperate here.
Wynn: There is a high-pressure air zone?
Jim: Yes, that’s sitting on top of the Texas area.  It's been
here a long time now.
Wynn: I've noticed that of all the things we ask for, the weather
requests seem to be the easiest because it doesn't seem to
violate anyone’s free will.  So, keep us informed.
Jim:  I hope it works.
Ralph- Michigan: I wish everyone love and light and I wanted to
bring everyone who is accepting of the gift of the creator of
love into the light.
Marsha- LA : There’s an increasing amount of raids lately and
one in Venice on the Rawsome Foods and my friend James Stewart is
being accused of fraud and it's not true. I want to bring love
and light because it's taking away the freedom of choice for
food.  I don't know how to word this, but what I'm thinking is
the big corporations like McDonalds; people eat that and nobody
arrests anyone for serving something that’s been in a closet
and hasn't decayed for a year. Yet, when they have these
beautiful farmers who don't hurt the animals opposite industrial
farming, those people are all being arrested. So I would like to
bring grace and love and light and synchronicities to turn this
thing inside out to where it belongs and also to support people
like my friend Jim Cole who are being put in prison for
manufacturing nutriceuticals that help many people. I'd like for
them to be vindicated and for our freedoms to be restored.  We
should have our food choices restored. Then this sweet woman who
has children, she is a single mother and farmer.  Her license was
taken away.  She was supplying James.  She has this gentle farm,
loving, beautiful care of her animals, nothing that hurts the
animals yet they took her license away.   It’s out of control
what's going on.  Yet they let these factory farms flourish where
they torture animals and fill us with chemicals that cause

Wynn: Thank you Marsha nice to hear you this morning.

Ann- Tahoe: I like to address the air and water as a form of our
consciousness within everything and add the love/light to it to
neutralize these negative energies that are coming out and to put
love/light into the Supreme Court.  Evidently, recently they
passed a ruling in favor of an individual and states for their
own sovereignty and freedom and that the government doesn't have
a right to infringe upon that. I'd like to see that expanded out
into all the cases.  That would be great.
Wynn: Great. Thank you and next.
Joanna – Eureka: I'm not sure how to word this but I would like
the love/light to bring a balance between individual freedom, and
compassion, and community, that people are moved to share what
other people need, without feeling like it's an infringement on
individual rights or their individual needs and also that the
governments of the world have more compassion and stop cutting
programs for the poor and elderly and mentally ill.
Wynn: Thank you.
Zoe – Sacramento:  I'd like to ask for love/light for those in
Washington who are going to be taking the next step toward
figuring out the budget cuts etc. that there be a remarkable
spirit of cooperation and understanding, compassion and love
among all of them.  And also that all of the people of the world
have all the provisions they need to continue their lives in a
healthy way.  Thank you.
Oren – Salt Lake: I'd like to ask that the moon and any other
mass control systems that are being used by the powers that want
to be, to influence mass hypnosis, etc. and various forms of
control over the population, be interrupted and interfered in
whatever synchronistic ways can be, any forms of control that are
taking away our sovereignty and free will of people on the
planet.  Several people have said that the moon is being used by
negative E.T.’s to project certain forms of vibrations and
energetic thought controls, things like that, that maintain the
Wynn: Let's include the moon or any artificial means of inducing
thought forms into people’s minds that are not from the divine
or their own.  Okay?
Zoe:  That the moon be able to maintain its own sovereignty.
Michael – San Diego: I would like to put the energy of creative
inspiration into the light as we continue  to download more and
more of our divinity, that we can embody this energy in creating
a new world, and freedom of speech, communication, and freedom of
the Internet as usual. Thank you.
Wynn: Thank you.  Anyone else?
Marsha: There is a lot of talk about the comet Elenin and if
their is the  possibility that it could impact or have any
negative effects on the Earth or anywhere, if there could be
synchronicities aligned with the highest good..
Wynn: A question was already asked about that on our Wednesday
night call, and they said it was not going to impact the Earth in
that way, and I hope that's true, but just in case they were
wrong, we can ask that it be deflected.
Gina:  Also planet Nibiru.
Wynn: Yes.
Michael: Yes, but we are going to build a giant toll-booth and
charge the comet and planet a fee for coming into this galaxy.
So that will fix the economy and we've got it made. ha ha.
Greg – Simi Valley : I would like to invite love/light to our
mass media system so that they turn over a new leaf and start
speaking the truth and what's really going on that's important
instead of trying to only report on negative things to put people
into fear and insecurity and start speaking the truth and
what’s important.
Wynn: Very good. The negative controls the media and I hope that
Edna: I'd like to put everyone's financial difficulties at this
time in the light.  Those worried about their houses.  I know of
people who are really having problems now and would really like
to put them in the light.
Carolyn- Davis:  Countries that are having physical conflict so
that more lives can be saved.

Wynn: I wanted to make one comment, that Edna is helping to keep
team Shift coordinated and what team Shift is, is if you like how
we are talking now and feel comfortable hanging out with some
people that understand what's going on, Team Shift is small
groups of 3-5-6 people that meet every day.  You don't have to be
there every day, but be there often.  You get assigned to a
group, or you help pick a group and then every day you put things
in the light and you build a little community of people holding
the energy, so instead of just listening to me and Terry, you
learn that you can bring in the energy yourself and doing that
every day, or often has a great impact on your life.  Many people
feel isolated and alienated in this shift and that no one knows
what's going on, so it's a group of people and it's free. It’s
only working because of people who are volunteering: Edna, Gary,
Bogdon, Gina, Suzanne, Connie who are doing transcripts.  You can
go to  People who are participating in
Team Shift are reporting a profound shift for themselves because
you stop feeling so isolated and alienated because you have a
group of people and if you really get to be friends with those
people, if you are authentic, if something happens in your city
and you have to leave, you'll have some friends somewhere else
that might take you in, in an emergency.  It's a good balance
over the next period of time since anything can happen. It's
another side benefit of doing it.

Lori- San Carlos: It's important to buy seeds, and no, not from
Wynn- (conducts the guided visualization)
Wynn (calls in the light) Father, Mother God we ask for the
presence of the light to surround and protect each person on this
call and any negativity be taken to the higher realms of light
and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned.    We see
ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the
galaxy, from the center of the universe, through our bodies, and
into the center of the earth.  And right now we invoke a group
energy, a connecting of all our spirits while maintaining the
sovereign integrity of our souls and we invite those sources that
are positive and service to others, honoring the Law of One, to
join with us.  We create a protective space only the positive has
access to, and anything not of that nature must leave now.

Terry (RA' AN) This is RA’AN we greet each and every one of
you.  This is August 7, 2011 in these times wherein there is
effect from the Star systems and configuration of planet's in the
solar system and Mercury is in retrograde, that we extend
love/light to each and every one of you on the call, who reads
the transcripts, who listens to the audio at a later time.
We give our profound thanks to Gina, Connie, and Suzanne and any
transcribers who work to make the information available.  We
suggest that each of you at this time install precautions in your
life, observation of your surroundings- your particular places
where you purchase things and you instill wisdom in your spending
of money, and your economic circumstances in putting some
provisions aside.  This is always good even in very good economic
times to have a plan that a store of food can be laid in, in case
of some detriment to the supply or your ability. We suggest this
not as a disaster plan but as a way of life. That one can look
into the future and provide for your family and self and have
things available instead of on a day-to-day plan.
We send love/light to all people who are working to support their
families and to maintain or to establish a healthy lifestyle and
healthy style of eating for themselves and their families. We
note that one of the major suppliers of raw food in the Venice/LA
area which extends into Los Angeles and Santa Monica and
surrounding cities has come under attack and we send love/light
to the people who are involved and all the people would purchase
food from Rawsome that there may be a resolution. We send love
light to James Stewart and to the suppliers to his facility in
Venice and all of the people who were relying upon his source for
raw healthy food.
We further expand our view to look at the water in all of the
Earth. We send light/light and clearing and molecular vibrations
of love to all of the water supply whether it is in the oceans or
in an individual’s particular body. We take a look at
individuals and how much water you may be consuming, and we
suggest that if an individual does not have enough water it can
have profound effects upon the body's systems. If they have
enough water, this can also have a calming effect on individuals
and can make all the systems of the body flow better as the body
needs water for the operation of the whole body system.   And
although an individual can still perhaps operate with less water,
it can hinder body functioning in ways since it is gradual or not
noticed.  Many may have noticed as they get older they look more
dehydrated but proper water and proper fats within the diet can
fill in some of these areas and plump up areas someone may have
thought were because of age.  Proper oils are also important for
the functioning of the body and lubrication of the individual
body parts.
We then send love/light to all individual farmers who are
producing good products that a body can make good use of in its
pursuit of health. We send love/light to all seed manufacturers
who are not using genetically modified products. We suggest
what's already been suggested from the caller Lori to buy seeds.
Some seeds can be used for sprouts. This can also be healthy (if
the sprouts are grown in very good sanitary conditions).
We see some people concerned about the comet Elenin. We do not
see it producing such drastic effects as some people are
predicting. There may be some disruption of electronics; however,
some of this can come from the sun at this time.
We send love/light for freedom of communication and freedom of
the Internet, freedom that all people everywhere can freely
communicate for the highest good.  We take a look at the media
who are doomsayers and predictors of doom and we ask that there
be more stories of human love and human compassion and more
animal stories wherein there can be the stories of heroism of
pets and the good bond between many pets and their owners.
We send love/light to Jim Cole for the ironing out of his
problems so that he can proceed forward with his products.
We take a look at Texas and we have been looking at Texas off and
on since Jim has mentioned the high pressure area.  It is also
over parts of New Mexico and we look at the rain moving in. We
envision rain moving into the area, but not in such large amounts
as to be a determent. We speak slowly here as we are not merely
saying words but are over Texas.  We are in the stream of flow
from the Gulf of Mexico and other converging streams. We see
there are two ways to work with this.  One way is to dissipate
the high pressure area and not simply move it over another area.
We send love/light for good suggestions and decisions to the
Supreme Court and we see that sovereignty for the states is a
good thing so it is closer to home and people can make decisions
better for their own area than can be made for them from a
distance. We send love/light to the senators and also the
representatives and Obama that they can make good decisions and
can apply the principles of their heartfelt, well-reasoned ideas
to their job and the wishes of the constituents within their
jurisdictions rather than to follow lobbyists.
We take a moment and we look at programs to induce mind control
and the effort to automate mind control by use of machines, which
in our mind is ridiculous and does not work and confuses
situations and boomerangs against the people who are trying to
make that work.   It is false reasoning that they attempt to put
into place.  However the human spirit is beyond that and beyond
such control.  It simply adds a confusion factor into one’s
space and makes it hard to deal with one’s life and hard to
come across one’s own reasoning. It makes it harder.  One needs
a free mind to observe and to make decisions based upon the
current situation. We send such ideas to people that are
instigating such programs that they come to their senses.
We turn the program back over to Wynn Free and we thank each of
you on the call as you are soldiers in the land where there
should be plenty and there are barriers to the dispencement, and
to bring a land of peace and plenty to all. We profoundly thank
each and every one of you and we appreciate you more than you can
know. We leave but we do not leave. Adonai.
Wynn: One of the things I am learning on these calls is that we
are the creators of our lives.  The Elohim and the Ra group are
co-creators with us.  They can add to us, we can add to them.
But as we expand our possibilities, we become miracle creators.
Because in their realm, what we call miracles is just common
place.  It's those of you who experience synchronicities that
know that, and that it is through our intention that miracles are

Those of you who listened to last Wednesdays call, there was a
very interesting little session where I asked what causes us to
be able to increase our intention to the level where it
penetrates and changes things and the answer was "need".  Need is
what causes our intentions to be amplified.  I mentioned how we
have read how some mother’s son was trapped under a car tire
and she picked up the car and moved it over to free her son so it
was need that created that intention.  If we look at the
circumstances of the world, as things get tough, it gives us the
opportunity to use our need to create miracles, to create
connection, to increase our intention to where we become more
than we would believe we could be.

So, when we see things that look like difficulties, and we can
meet them head on, they can be provocateurs for our own self.  In
The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce, one of the things the Ra group
said was that the breaking down of things was going to create the
opportunity for people to help each other and to reach for each
other and in the way they helped each other,. and in the way they
responded to it, was going to create the opportunity for more
people to graduate this realm.  Keep in mind this is one lifetime
over many, many, many lifetimes and that this happens to be a
unique lifetime.  In this lifetime, according to our Sources,
there is going to be a separation of souls; those that graduate
and those that repeat this realm and in order to graduate, your
heart has to be open.

So, the circumstances of a sound economy, and the circumstances
of people needing each other creates the opportunity for your
heart being opened.  A book I read was talking about "the dark
night of the soul", and it said that most people won't go through
their dark night of the soul unless they are up against a wall. 
They will always go for a distraction.  They will always go for
something that will keep them from going through a dark night
because going through that dark night means the surfacing of your
pain. So the world circumstance is pushing us against the wall so
we have to go through our dark night.  We can look at that as a
blessing because you might say...would I rather have the little
tough time economically and learn to reach for my neighbor and
graduate this realm, or would I rather be comfortable here, but
not necessarily having an open heart....  Being comfortable means
being comfortable, it means having your expenses paid, it means
feeling superior if you have a lot of money and oftentimes it
means putting up walls and barriers.  You don't need other
people.  You can take care of yourself.  So, needing other
people, needing each other pushes us into the position of raising
our intent so that we can learn to access that miracle making
part of ourselves.

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