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Monday Calls; 2011 Conferences

Monday – 08/08/2011

How to Handle the Economy that seems to be falling apart

Introductory Notes by Wynn Free

Audio Link -

Channeled and Edited by Terry Brown

Transcribed by Connie O'Brien


Wynn:  This is August 8th, 2011 and this is our Monday night

conference call.  We were listening to your introduction, Terry

– and you sound great! 


The strange thing about these calls (is) that the people who are

coming on the calls regularly start to take ‘it’* for

granted.  Not ‘take it for granted’ in a casual way, but they

experience it.  It is so unusual that when somebody is listening

for the first time, they can feel like an outsider – you’re

not an outsider.  The reason is (that) if we have it correct –

maybe we’re making a mistake.  Maybe we’re just a bunch of

mass-hypnotized numbskulls, and this is not the explanation. 

Although if you listen long enough to the calls you’ll start

seeing that it would be hard to dismiss it by calling us

hypnotized.  (There is) too much phenomena (and) too many amazing

things happen on this call. 


If we are doing what it seems like we’re doing, we have a bunch

of people in physical bodies and we have a whole bunch of beings

that are not in bodies that are on this call with us.  There are

these bridges between communications – Terry is channeling so

she is a voice for them in the non-physical bodies.  Many times

there are many things that come through Terry that are unusual,

that are phenomena that she can’t know, that is smarter than

her and smarter than me.  (Also) awarenesses of how things work

that are incredibly insightful, and yet no one that I’ve been

exposed to has ever said it before. 

The really unusual thing is that this intelligence, these beings

in non-physical realms, have the ability to blend with us or

maybe we have the ability to blend with them.  It doesn’t

matter which way it looks like, because in the course of these

calls there are energies that come in that many people feel. 

It’s kind of like we’re doing this call and we have this

whole team in other dimensions on the call with us and they

really like to connect with people down here.  They say it’s a

rare opportunity/event/phenomena to make that connection with

them, and not only does it feel good and feel healing, it is

healing.  When you make the connection they can then move through

the energy of your body and things can shift in your body –

like, a depression can lift or a healing can occur.  We do have

many times (where) people call us or email me and tell me that

occurred for them. 


We have this energy on the call and we have access to incredible

information about how things work, how they work.  To a certain

degree what the future holds in store.  I have at least one email

today from somebody that said they weren’t going to listen to

the call because they thought it was going to be fear-based

because the subject line was How to Handle the Economy that seems

to be falling apart.  I suppose that’s only fear-based if

you’re afraid of that.  Of course, it is easy to be afraid of

that, because part of us is surviving in this realm, and having

no economy or having no money means struggle.  It could mean

worse; it could mean starving to death I guess in a very

worst-case scenario which is not very pleasant.  Does it help to

make pretend that’s not going to happen? 


I don’t think so; I think there’s a saying that goes “Hope

for the best and prepare for the worst.”  This thing about an

economic breakdown has been in the works in my material even

going back to the David Wilcock/Edgar Cayce book, where in the

year 2000-2001 they were saying that things were going to break

down in this realm to the point where people had to barter with

each other.  What does that mean?  That means there is no money;

that before bartering services or goods that they have accessible

for other services and goods that people have and they’re not

relying on a system of money.  That was back in 2000 and that’s

been quite some time.  I think that to a certain extent some of

the good energy on the planet has been delaying things and they

still delay things; it may delay things for quite some time. 

But, according to the information of my sources, we’re on the

verge of something.  Then I read today, let’s just say for the

past month, they’re saying “Look at the middle of August,

look at the middle of August” from both Daphne and Terry. 


Today, the stock market dropped 600 or so points.  I think they

said (it was) the biggest drop in 112 years.  Wall Street was

going into a frenzy.  The fact that this is falling apart is not

just random; in particular in our country, we have a policy of

printing money when we need it, and not worrying if there is any

gold or silver or anything to back it up.  I don’t know exactly

how well this works, but I know it happens – when you keep

printing money and you’re trading with foreign countries and

they are not printing money, that on some level their money has

some kind of backbone to it.  Eventually, they’re not going to

want to take your money because your money is just pieces of

paper coming off a printing press.  When they stop taking your

money, (that) means that your economy starts to go into bad

shape, because you’re depending on the trade (with the) foreign

country.  Maybe they take your money but they deal with it in an

inflationary way:  $2.00 is $4.00 etc., or it takes twice as much

money to pay the same bill.  I am not an economic expert, nor do

I want to be but I do know that there is one set of probabilities

that’s very high that we’re going to go through a crisis. 


Our country has gone through crises before and probably no one is

old enough, but many of you have read about the big crash of

1929.  If you go study that you would find that when there was no

money the government put people to work.  They had people

cleaning cities; they had people building things.  They found

things that needed to be done - maybe it was busy work on one

hand, but it kept people with a paycheck.  Our government can

print money, trillions of dollars, so that we can go to war in

the Middle East.  They can print money to bail banks out –

billions of dollars all over the place, and they’ve done that. 

Would they print money to put people to work? 


There is one thought that there are factions in our government

that would like things to break down, that would like people to

die or suffer.  If you recall New Orleans when Hurricane Katrina

hit, if you had read the newspaper at that time, our government

was acting in a way that was fairly illogical to me, because

there were people who were trapped there and there were people

going in and out.  There were people who wanted to go in boats or

go collect somebody, and they were blocked.  There was this

period of time, for so many days, that people were trapped and no

one was rescuing them; no one seemed to be delivering food and

that – do you remember that? It was very unusual because it was

in the paper and I asked myself “Why is that occurring like

that?  Why is our government not taking care of people?” 


Then you start reading in alternative news and you find things

like chemtrails with funny things in them that when people….

some people may not know what chemtrails are.  In almost every

city and across the country, there are clouds – looks like

clouds, looks like jet-trails, but they’re not.  They stay far

longer.  In fact, sometimes there are a couple of airplanes in

the sky just criss-crossing laying down these tracks of all these

clouds.  They’re called chemtrails.  No one knows why they’re

doing it, it’s never been announced by our government.  You can

go look it up and you’ll find many websites talking about it;

some of them where people are collecting particles and finding

very toxic substances in these things.  Several times people are

saying when there were (a lot) of chemtrails there was also an

outbreak of certain diseases. 


Why is our government doing that all over and country and even

all over the world?  Maybe there’s a reason that’s good about

it, but they’re not telling us. 


Terry:  It’s probably a very costly program. 


Wynn:  Costly program – of course it is.  If you start paying

attention to it, you find out that oftentimes when a certain

dignitary comes into town, the chemtrails stop.  We’ve watched

that pattern quite consistently.  It seems as if there is a

protection for those dignitaries and that they don’t want them

to be exposed to these chemtrails. 


There are many things, when you start looking at it, that in the

past we all thought – even me – that somewhere, someone cared

and if things are going bad someone would fix it.  There would be

a daddy; the government would be a daddy.  If they were truly

benevolent, they would do that.  They would do whatever they can.

 The question is “Are they benevolent and do they really care,

and what is the agenda for that?”  That’s a whole topic which

you can go listen to Alex Jones, you can read David Pike, you can

do searches on the internet.  Anyone who has ever studied 911;

there’s something fishy about it.  Go look up 911 conspiracy,

read it yourself.  There are too many things going on. 


If we have an economic crisis, what are the potentials for that? 

In Utah, the Mormons have been told for a long time to have a few

years of food supply in their basement.  Somebody told me

they’re also minting their own gold bouillon so there’s an

alternative currency.  Other places are doing this.  If you’re

thinking everything is going to be okay, I hope you are right. 

If things are not going to be okay, it’s far better to start

making plans right now on how you’re going to cope.  Of course,

one way of coping which readily comes to mind, is to buy a bunch

of gold and silver and put it in your basement.  Chances are, you

don’t have enough money to do that.  Very few people do.  If

you did, and you did that now you can’t tell anybody about it

because you can’t trust anybody.  They’ll come in, if

they’re having a hard time, and steal what you have.  You

damned if you do and damned if you don’t. 


Somebody asked a question in a channeling one time “Is this a

good time to buy gold and silver?”  The answer was “On one

hand it is.  But on the other hand, it could easily set you up as

a target.  You have what other people won’t have.”  They

said, in that channeling, the best security is community –

really good friends.  People that care about each other, that can

turn to each other if shit happens and can group-think their way

out of problems even if it’s required to leave an area.  Do you

want to be all alone and not know anybody?  It’s far harder to

find people at that point than it is prior to that point. 


People say “Well, this can’t happen.”  If we look at the

history of our planet, if we look at the history of our solar

system which we know a little bit of, there have been terrible

travesties that have happened, inhumanities of man to man.  I

don’t believe when they were happening that one knew (or)

believed it would happen.  I don’t believe the Jews in Germany

believed that they were going to be massacred.  I’ve read that

there were even people saying this was so, and they didn’t

believe.  They had to opportunity to leave and they didn’t



There was a planet called Maldek which exploded and became

asteroids.  When Maldek exploded, according to Carla Rueckert’s

Ra material, not a single soul escaped.  When I say ‘soul

escaped’, obviously everyone died.  (Let’s just say it might

be true that) every soul on that planet, or almost every one,

became a tangled mess, tangled up with each other.  According to

the Carla Rueckert channelings, they were moved to our planet and

came in as Neanderthal man which was engineered by the Ra Group,

and that was finally individuating themselves, slowly but surely,

over maybe hundreds of thousands of years.  Hundreds of thousands

of years sounds like a long time, but not by our sources

standards, because they’re not in time.  They can create

long-term agendas and pull them off because they’re not in this



We had an interesting question come up last Wednesday or last

Sunday about karma and how one, little, wrong turn can lead to

thousands of years of lifetimes working that out.  You can be

Pollyanna; and then you can look and say “If these things

happened this could be a treacherous realm.”  Does it help you

not to say that?  Is that a pessimistic attitude?  Maybe it’s a

realistic attitude.  What can you do? 


One of the things we know is that consciousness changes reality,

and that if enough people have a positive consciousness and can

hold the space, things take different turns because we’re

creating what happens.  If you look at our little group and this

is a group that is tapping into that.  Then, you look at the size

of it and look at how hard it is to tell anybody about it and how

little support it gets and if this is one of those groups that

provoke change, then you have to ask yourself “Why is it this

way?  Is everyone going to run to this group when they are

starving and surviving when survival is at stake?”  It is far

harder to welcome people when they’re desperate, it’s far

harder.  It’s like, this is the time to create associations,

this is the time to make spiritual friends, this is the time to

connect with people in our city.  It’s not easy; you’re going

to have to be creative and clever to figure out how to do it and

how to connect with the right people – not just anybody –

but, the right people.  People with high intentions, people that

are loving, and people that want the spiritual community with

other people. 


One of the things that’s not a bad idea is to buy food.  Almost

every town has a 99 cent store.  For $100, you can get 100 cans

of spaghetti and it could probably keep you going for a hundred

days.  I would guess that if things really and truly break down,

then people are going to be trying to figure out how to get

themselves out of it.  People are going to have a natural

tendency to try and take care of each other, and so having some

canned food gives you some breathing room.  Also, water – water

doesn’t cost any money, even though tap water isn’t that

great, just getting fifty gallons and store it somewhere and

little iodine to purify it means you’ll have water on tap.  If

you’re going to do this, if I was going to do this, I would

tell my neighbors “Let’s do this together.  Let’s all get

some cans of food.”  It’s just a good idea.  That way,

you’ll have a bunch of neighbors that have cans of food and

you’ll feel a lot better.  You’ll have friends that you’re

not afraid to talk to if it gets to the point where people are

eating that. 


Even if it never gets to that point, the fact that you did it

starts to create community, starts to create care, it starts to

create connection.  It doesn’t matter whether you need it or

not, you’re not doing it out of fear.  Do you carry automobile

insurance?  Well, you have to do that, but do you carry medical

insurance?  You don’t do it because you expect to use it; you

do it just I case.  The things I’m saying can be looked upon as

insurance, insurance so that if something happens, you’re

prepared.  If you live in a really congested city you know

somebody outside of the city that lives in a small town or in the

country?  Cultivate the friendship; ask them if anything goes

really screwy if you can come over there.  Maybe you’ll have to

sleep in your car. 


Preparing those things doesn’t mean you’re afraid; it

actually can make you less afraid because you know you have

options.  It's good set your options up now, not later.  We have

Team Shift, where people get to do calls every day and get to

talk to each other and call in the light.  Are you in Team Shift?

 You get in Team Shift and you’ll get to know four or five

people all over the country that have a high intent so if there

is an emergency and somebody has to leave the city, you have

friends that you’ve been making in other cities.  Again, it’s

far better to set these foundations up now when you’re not

afraid, when you’re not up against the wall, than when you are.

 People will trust it far better if you do it now. 


We have our sources with us through Terry, and I thought I’d

get their take on some of this.  We did do a conversation through

Daphne a couple of days ago, and they said based on their

probability vortices, this could be imminent.  They said it

didn’t mean it would have to be; it didn’t mean it couldn’t

be delayed.  The thing is, even if it’s delayed, it’s still

going to happen.  I don’t see a way for it not to happen

whether it’s sooner or later.  Maybe it can be put off for

years and I hope so.  Maybe it can’t, and the stock market took

its biggest plunge today in 112 years.  That’s pretty big. 


Father Mother God we ask for the presence of the light to

surround and protect each person on this call and any negativity

be taken to the highest realms of light and transmuted for the

highest good of all concerned.  We see ourselves in the flow of

energy radiating from the center of the universe, through the

galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the planetary systems,

through the energy fields of the earth, through us, through our

bodies, through all our chakras, through our feet, and into the

center of the earth.  Right now we invoke a group energy

connection, a blending of our energies while inviting those

sources that are positive, service to others, honoring the Law of

One to join with us.  We created a protected space that only the

positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave



Ra’an:  We greet you in the love light of the One Infinite

Creator.  This is Ra’an August 8th, 2011 Planet Earth.  Earth

is poised, many countries are poised, on that fulcrum point that

could go either way.  Right now what is needed are individuals in

the planet who are secure.  Security does not mean money;

individuals who are secure in their own beingness; it means being

grounded, it means being centered.  One of the ways one can

center is to see themselves in the flow of energy from the center

of the universe to the center of the earth – that they are

within that space and are centered and that economic situations

are not senior to things like being centered.  Knowing one is

worthwhile; one is valued which we value you.  In spite of not

having any hold; in spite of not having much of anything within

the physical realm,  one is still valued, one can still be

grounded.  Do you have questions?

Wynn:  Yes.  I want to ask some questions on behalf of all those

people that feel that sense of anxiety; that feel that concern

for their families, for their children, for their relatives, for

their friends.  How can we visualize the highest possible outcome

and be on the verge these potential breakdowns at the same time? 

What can a person do, in concrete action, to help them move


Ra’an:  The first thing is to be centered and have a sense of

self-worth that is not connected to the economic system, for you

came in without money and you leave without money. 

During the time of your travels in the third density you need

shelter and food and community which helps foster growth. 

However, you are not a child of the third dimension, you are a

child of the Universe and your role on Earth is one of attaining

growth, one of obtaining community as community leads to the most

growth, where one is communicating with a group of people that

they can give and take and have affinity and community with. 

When one loses that which very often people can lose that in the

pursuit of money and material wealth, then their goal is

lessened; they lose sight of who they really are. 

To start with, to gain sight of the centering of who you really

are and that you worth while and that you are valued, then to

reach out to the people around you that you trust and would care

for to set up groups, as within Team Shift.  Groups of beings set

up of support where one person can support another.  In the

calling in of the light we come in and also can support

individuals within the group and help them be centered within

their own life.


To set up community, to set up individuals that one can give and

take with, meetings - community meetings, get to know your

neighbors.  This can be very helpful and ultimately put the

framework for rebuilding, as individuals as they get to know one

another, get to know what each needs, what their material needs

are, and how they can help, what jobs they might do to be of

service to another.  This can all help.

Wynn:  You see in some cities, even in New York City, the

neighbors are getting together and doing community gardens on

public land that wasn’t used for anything.  Maybe it was going

to be built on but no one ever built on it.  It’s a small

gesture, but it’s a big gesture because it gets people in a

neighborhood working together. 

I would say that there is going to be a lot of room for

leadership in the days to come. and leadership being able to …

e.g., obviously you’re anxious about the economy.  We are all

anxious about the economy.  It cannot be solved individually. 

Let’s just suppose you tried to solve it individually and you

took loads of money and you bought an island, I guess you could

do it that way.  You could go to the island and no one could get

there and you’ll grow food for the rest of your life and

that’s going to be your life from that point. 

Most of us don’t have that option; not even close.  

If you start being a voice of people’s needs; like in the

course of your day, keep it in the back of your mind.  Think of

the people that you really do have affinity with and call a

meeting and go to a local restaurant.  Don’t do it at your

home, because maybe you ought to decide who you would let into

your home and who you wouldn’t.  Go into a local restaurant, go

in, ask for a meeting room; you might want to have dinner.  Just

have people talk about their concerns, just be the facilitator

and let each person say, let them know that if things get into

trouble you want to have a group of people that connect with each

other that can help resolve it. 

If you can hold the space, the spiritual space, even though

you’re dealing with something that’s physical - you don’t

have to go into all spiritual stuff.  They don’t have to know

about dimensional shifts and Ra and the Elohim, at that point. 

Just extend your loving to them.  Knowing about all this stuff

– I’m going to pose this question:

There are many people who become students of the shift; they

listen to every spiritual person, they are knowledgeable

metaphysically – what’s the connection between having all

that knowledge and actually qualifying for graduating this realm?

Ra’an:  Thank you.  One can have knowledge but knowledge is not

useful unless it is able to be held, sensed, experienced - and

put into effect.  One might try, when one gets some knowledge, of

thinking how one can put that into an experiential thing in their

life, because without the experience the knowledge is dead.

Wynn:  Another really good idea right now is to start going and

supporting the Farmers Markets in the area, and get to know the

people that sell there.  Those people have farms; they grow

things and usually at Farmer’s Markets there are great

opportunities to meet other people.  People that tend to go to

Farmer’s Markets tend to be more open than other people; I can

say that because I’ve gone to Farmer’s Markets.  It’s a

great environment to meet people in your local area and to meet

farmers and to start supporting farmers by buying from them. 

And, to get to know where their farms are, because at some point

personal connection with those people may not be possible.  If

you’re their customer right now, then it’s a great

opportunity to make those connections. 

One thing that I’ve done when I’ve wanted to open my energies

up; this can work anywhere.  That is: go to a restaurant, but

don’t go to a busy restaurant – go to a restaurant where the

owner is really going to appreciate your patronage, where no

one’s there.  You have to pick your restaurant carefully

because you want gratitude; you don’t want his desperateness

rolling all over to you, trying to convince you need their most

expensive dessert.  That won’t work.  Oftentimes, a restaurant

owner who is not having enough business will usually have

gratitude for someone that eats there.  If you eat there a couple

of three times you get to know the waitress, you’re suddenly

flowing energy.  This is all about flowing energy.  This is all

about expanding your matrix, and you need to do something, you

need to take action and you need to be of service.  Just going to

a restaurant is a great way of getting your energy moving  when

your energy is moving you’ll note that there are periods of

time where you’re really depressed and you’re really

withdrawn and there’s other times where you’re really open. 

Start paying attention to the open times, because when you’re

open is the opportunity to connect and meet new people – not

when you’re depressed and ‘woe is me.’

There are all these flows that each of us is doing.  We’ve got

all these little spinning flows – one of them is depressed, one

of them is withdrawn, one of them is lonely, one of them is

broke, and another one is joyous and another one is open. 

They’re all moving in different providences of your

consciousness.  Learn to recognize them so that you can pay

attention to your own flows and take action when the flow is


In other words, when you’re having a terribly depressed day is

not the day to go looking for a job probably.  It could be, you

could switch your day around, so there are no rules about this. 

On a day that you’re feeling a little bit uplifted, that is a

good time to look for a job, because you’re probably thinking

“Oh my god I’m going to go look for a job; I’m feeling good

today and now I’m going to get rejected all day and at the end

of the day I’m going to be depressed.:  But, don’t think


It was interesting, Terry and I had the TV on the other night and

we were watching Suzie Orman.  She took this guy out of the

audience and he was having troubles because he had $100,000 in

student loans and there was no way he could dismiss them, he

didn’t know how to pay them.  He got a job but he was only

earning $25,000 a year or something.  He felt like he was lucky

to have a job.  She called him up and she said “Can you feel

that they were lucky to have you?  What would it take for you to

feel that they were lucky to give you that job?  Can you feel

that?  Can you offer enough to someone else that you can say that

they’re lucky to have me in their life?”  Not that they

don’t deserve you, because they deserve you; but, you’re not

lucky because of it, you’re making such a big contribution to

them and you know it.  And your self-worth goes up. 

When you have a job there are little things you can do to invoke

Grace.  A job is something which is something which is an

exchange; it’s an area of obligation.  I work eight hours I get

$8 and hour at the end of the day I get $64.  You do your eight

hours and you got your $64.  You could be lawyer making $200 an

hour but it doesn’t matter; it’s an exchange.  

Find the genuine ways to do something extra.  Not to give

somebody this, but just to do it.  Sooner or later somebody is

going to notice you.  #1) When you get noticed you’re going to

have job security.  #2) You might get promoted.  #3) You might

get a better job.  If somebody is working as a super market

cashier and they just think they’re too good for that job -

they should be doing this, they should be doing that.  Chances

are, they’re going to be stuck there for a long time.  How

about if they’re a cashier and they are so cheery and they

smile at every customer that walks by and makes them feel good. 

They’re a Wanderer; their job is to cheer people up and

they’re in the perfect position.  People come to them all day,

and that’s what makes their day go faster because they’re

going to cheer everyone up that comes through that line.  Before

you know it, somebody comes through the line that has a company

and says “I love this person around my company.  See how cheery

they are!”  Before you know it, they got promoted.  They got a

good job.


There are certain jobs that are totally skill-based; if you learn

the skill, you can then get a job.  But there are a whole bunch

of other jobs that are trust-based, and if you can give off

enough good energy so people trust you…  

I remember when I was in High School in downtown Philadelphia.  I

was fairly young; I think I was fifteen or sixteen years old. 

For whatever reason these guys had this electronic store called

Soundtronics and I had the key to the store.  I was there alone;

I would take money and they never even had a thought that I was

going to steal from them.  If you can develop that kind of

impeccableness, those kinds of people are harder to find,

oftentimes, than people with skills.  How many people have you

heard about someone that went into business and their partner

emptied all their bank accounts out and left the country?  Trust

is such a great quality to build, to be impeccable in your

relationships with people.  There is something that happens from

that.  You become worthy when you’re impeccable; you put out

worthiness and people get it.  Your words are slanted; you know

you’re going to live up to what you say.  You know you’re not

going to cut corners.  These are qualities that would bring you

into spheres of people that you want to know.

Start now – it could be life and death in the next months or

years - the quality of worthiness, integrity, trust.  It’s

hardest to be in that space when things are tough and when

you’re desperate.  It’s a lot easier to make concessions. 

I’m not saying to judge yourself if you do, because it’s not

easy.  What if you’re in the place where you don’t have any

money and you steal a loaf of bread so your children can eat? 

Believe me, I would be the first to forgive you and I would

suggest you can be the first to forgive yourself if it ever came

to that.  Do your very best to develop a track record of

integrity; of keeping your word, being impeccable about your

word.  Prove to yourself that you can do it and it will change

the energies you put out to other people.  You will be able to

assume responsibilities, and that will create long-term security.

For each person it’s going to be different.  Let me ask our

sources – what is the connection between integrity and

connection to the higher realms? - trustworthiness and connection

to the higher realms.  It seems to me it would be hard for a

person who was devious to energetically connect.  Could you share

why that is so?

Ra’an:  Yes.  When an individual is in the higher realms,

particularly, things move very very fast.  The reach that a

person takes is determined by the person’s own trust in

himself, his own belief that the reach is going to be received. 

If the person has been devious, then automatically that comes in

- whether he is worthy of a good receipt from the other person, a

good flow back from the other person.  He may project upon the

other person thoughts, as he has been devious that they are

probably devious.  As you are in the higher realms and are moving

at a very high speed, there is clarity of intent and purpose. 

There is more viewing of how things really are with the other

person.  If a person has been devious, that means that they have

likely hidden their deviousness and as they get into the higher

realms and they attempt to communicate, they are unable to hide

their deviousness, and the flow between the two people is

automatically corrupted. 

It makes it very hard if one is devious or is unethical, to

interact, to give and take, at the speeds that are required at

the higher realms and at the crystal clear clarity that there is

of thought between individuals at the higher realms.  Therefore,

individuals who are devious and criminal rarely make it to the

higher realms.

Wynn:  Thank you.  

It’s 7:03; let’s just take a moment of centering before we

end the call with our sources.  Let’s ask them to work with us;

some of you know how this feels.  You can feel their energy, our

energy, coming into our space.  Shut your eyes.  Some of you may

have noticed it coming in through your crown chakra.  Let’s

just have a state of connection and union and balancing.  Just

bless yourself, be worthy, have courage.  …and we’ll see you

next time!


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