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                                       Ra'An for August 10, 2011

Welcome everybody, this is Wednesday, August 10th at 6:11 p.m.
And my name is Wynn Free, and we are going to do our Wednesday
night call where we submit questions that you folks have brought up.
Terry are you there?

Terry: I am here

Wynn: Ok. Now we just came back from Phoenix and I know I am
tired and Terry is tired. I have a lot of healing questions
and I know that can take a lot of energy, just be honest if
you feel like your energy is moving out of the zone just let
me know, ok?

Terry: OK.

Wynn: When we do healing stuff, this is all very experimental
and we never know if it's going to work or how it works and I
wish it worked for everyone. If there is any advice given,
please run it by your health professionals in terms of
supplements,  and we are not health professionals here, and we
are talking to those in other dimensions.  So for the purpose of
any legal issues this is entertainment, and you have to draw
your own conclusions about anything said here. Something is
fairly well known in metaphysical circles is the ability for
energy to heal you and that each of us is a energy body and
it's a multi-dimensional body within a physical body and
healing can come when you can receive energy from an outside
source. Sometimes it seems like magic because we are dealing
with these Sources that are so enormous but we are the
intermediates here and it's very important to understand this
process, that the more you can start off with your mind and
think about it in your mind, because there is a great tendency
to give up one's power in this realm. We start off giving up
our power to our parents, well I guess that's ok because we
are children. Then we give up our power to our schools and our
teachers and then we give up our power to the government, like
someone is going to take care of us and I have learned that
it's far better to assume power. When we deal with Sources
like the Elohim and Ra Group we are not meant to give up our
power. In fact if you have the predisposition to want to give
up your power to them, probably nothing will happen, because
this has to be co-creative.

So on that note, I am going to go through our questions but
first I am going to call in the light, and calling in the
light is just a way of evoking the energy.

(Wynn calls in the light)

Do we have any introductory remarks through Terry, before we
start asking questions?

Ra'An: We greet you in the love light of the One Infinite
Creator. This is Ra'An. It is the 10th of August, 2011, planet
earth and we welcome and honor the connection between each and
every one of you and ourselves: The Elohim and elements of the
Ra Group. We are available to answer your questions.

Wynn: Thank you.

Before we answer the health questions we have a few other
questions. This one is from Gary in Redondo Beach who says,
Steven Hawkins and someone else has a book coming out called
“God Didn't Create the Universe, Physics Did.” or something
close to that and of course I named our book “The Creator gods
of The Physical Universe want to Talk With You.”

So I would say that when this realm was created it was created
with it's own self perpetuating laws, so it took an intention
to start things and then it was designed that it could
perpetuate within it's own laws. So if you are looking at the
way things work, it seems to me that you can look at the
perpetuation of the way things interact and maybe you can see
Darwin's theory of evolution because that may be one of the
things within the evolutionary track of this realm. There was
an intention to create persistence where prior to anything
physical there was not persistence, there was just here this
moment and as soon as the intention dropped it was gone, so
that is my comment on Gary's question.

Ra'An: We wish to make a comment because it is a very
interesting question. The impetus for the creation of the
universe was from the creator gods. It was an actual impetus
from an actual group of entities that were working in
sychronization to create something and they didn't know
exactly what they would end up with but they were amazed that
some of the phenomenon they were able to generate. Within the
original generation, it set up as they call it, the mechanics,
so that the mechanics of the universe were inherent in the
original creation, therefore it looks like it wasn't generated
from actual intelligence but it looks like it was just the
result of the mechanics of the universe and how it works. Does
that make sense?

Wynn: Yes.

It's like even when we make a request on our Sunday grid
healing, often times something happens and it just looks like
coincidence or circumstances so it's hard to pin it on you and
I think that is by intention.

Ra'An: This is a delightful trend of conversation, as we are
able to work with the nature of the universe because we are
outside of the universe. We work with the laws of the universe
and we have some control over the result. We have a toolbox we
can use to make certain adjustments to the physical universe
and we cannot violate free will in doing that. When it is the
will of the individual we can make interventions when it is
for the highest good. So it looks like it is not created but
just a coincidence but there are reasons for coincidences.
That is our comment.

Wynn: Thank you.

Now we have a great follow up question that came in today and
for those of you who were listening to the Sunday calls, we
were kind of recommending storing some canned food, not fear
based but for the same reason you have insurance just in case
something happens. Those people who studied the Bible know
that in the Bible there were times when Jesus suddenly brought
forth fish and wine when it was needed and the question came in,
that if we really run out of food, might that not happen again
so that people could eat?

Ra'An: We would need an individual within the 3rd density
realm that was able to hold up the anchoring end of the
manifestation as it takes preparation and forethought in order
to manifest such food.

Wynn: So we need some more training down here huh?

Ra'An: It is practically beyond training. It is a letting go
and an ability to move between realms.

Wynn: Thank you. That is a really great answer.

The next question is from Karen and it is a health related
question. She has chronic pain and there are very few days she
is pain free. Do you have any suggestions for her? I am going
to mute everyone and then I would like you to push *6 and say

Karen: I am from Louisville, Kentucky. The fibro started about
15 years ago. It is in my muscles and I have to take blood

Ra'An: We greet you with love light. We see that there was a
passing down of a condition to you in the family tree. We see
that optimum nutrition can help to some small degree, things
like getting enough omega 3 and 6 oil, cutting out of canola
oil, cutting out of any sucralose or artificial sweeteners,
but nutrition is not the final answer. We are looking at a
factor in the blood that is misshapen and therefore not free
flowing. As this is not free flowing, it then not only in the
bloodstream but in the body itself; the give and take of
nutrients to cells as a hitch in the transfer of fluids. This
creates a lack of free flowing energy within the whole body.
There is a resultant misalignment of electrical charge within
the body. We will continue to look at this with your
permission and will send energy to misaligned areas which are
very much through the blood that is misshapen. To look at
karmic factors, we remind you that you are not the body and
you have within your astral body a perfectly formed astral
body that can regenerate a new body, if not in this earthly
body now, in a future time. Those are our comments and we
again send you love light and greetings and love.

Wynn: Thank you.

Somebody asked about some of the answers you have given in the
past, you mention electrical potentials as being out of
balance. What do you mean by electrical potentials being out
of balance?

Ra'An: Thank you

There are electrical potentials which are differentials in
charge within an area of the body like a battery has a
differential in potential between the plus and minus terminals
and in the area of the cellular structure, there maintains
positive and negative charge that work together. For instance,
in electrons, there is a positive nucleus and then a negative
surrounding. If the negative surrounding, loses too many
electrons and becomes positive, the operation internally in an
organ cannot make the proper exchanges between positive and
negative and this lends it towards an acidic situation wherein
there cannot be proper exchanges of fluids, of nutrients, of
energy transfer within an organ. This being the case, bacteria
can overrun the area creating sort of a mess therein the
cellular structure can no longer work properly and it looks
like the cellular structure has broken down and there is an
autoimmune response were it looks like the body starts
attacking itself, however that is not the situation. The
situation is that the electrical potentials within the organ
has stopped functioning properly and allowed them to be
overrun by negative bacteria, we don't mean charge in that
case, we mean destructive bacteria which destroys the function
of the organ.

Wynn: Thank you.

We have a request from Ron who is in Missouri. He says he has
had an off and on situation with an intense lower back pain. I
have treated it in the past as if it was pancreatic issues
using natural means such as diet and castor oil packs and
spiritual methods like calling on elders for the laying on of
hands. All of these things have worked well in the past, but
it seems that if I slip back in the old ways, this thorn in my
side rears it's ugly head and reminds me that I am not allowed
to stray off the path in the least. I am apparently missing
something here and would really like to be rid of this thing
or at least to know what I am doing wrong. Any advice or
actual healing would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Yours
in Christ, Ron

Ra'An: We see an anomaly in the area of the lower spine which
causes friction and pain and when you put castor oil packs it
subdues the friction. We suggest that you take a look at your
acidity/alkaline balance in that there may be an imbalance in
your absorption of calcium. If you would start a program in
the morning with calcium, aloe vera and cod liver oil, this
will help to put your PH back in proper balance. You can find
more about this program by contacting Dr. Marshall at his
clinic. The telephone number is 310 320 1132 in Santa Monica
but there is further here. It has been a long term in growing,
a long term imbalance which has created the anomaly and we
suggest that you keep up with what works and you may want to
get an imaging of the are and you may want to get a doctor who
knows this area and is an expert but will not simply put you
on a medication. You have a good sense of what will work here.
Those are our comments.

Wynn: Thank you.

We have Vicki Burt asks for healing for her daughter Joanna's
eating disorder and co -dependent behaviors and of course they
tell us it is important normally for the person to ask but if
you have any comments for Vicki I am sure she would be very

Ra'An: Thank you.

From your stand point, you can give your daughter a lot of
caring and a lot of love and help to ease her fears and help
her feel safe and cared for. As far as her own impetus towards
her eating disorder, that will be her growth area to deal
with. We feel though that making her feel cared for and loved
would take off some of the pressure of the eating disorder.
There are other factors that are beyond your control, so be
observant on ways that you can help her day by day by
listening to her and getting her to talk about it and getting
her to talk about her relationship with her peers would also
shed some light upon this. Those are our comments.

Wynn: This is from LaVonne in Long Beach. She says: Can you
please put forward a healing request for my ears. I have been
dealing with pressure behind the ears, especially the right
ear after I had an ear infection in March. Is there something
of a holistic manner I can do that will assist in re-balancing
the energy pressure behind the ear. I have need to fly for
work in a little over a week and then there are back to back
trips so any assistance would be received with gratitude.

Ra'An: We would suggest that you be sure to get more liquids
that you can flush more of the residue of the infection out of
the area. To get a vaporizer and make a mist in the air and to
place moist heat behind the ear. To get some very good
pro-biotic and to take a pro-biotic and to take a derivative
of garlic in capsule form. Dr. Marshall does have in capsule
form an immune builder that builds immunity. There is another
capsule that can help to dissolve infection so we suggest that
you get these capsules and begin to take them in a protocol
they can give you to eliminate any infection left in the site
behind your ear. Those are our comments.

Wynn: Thank you.

We had a question someone had asked about why there is a
series of underground tunnels in Bavaria?

Ra'An: They have been there a while and they have been there
for different purposes by those who discovered them. We
originally see that they have been there for an underground
activity. We look back to the men making these and natural
tunnels were enhanced and began to be used by individuals who
were the poor. Those are our comments.

Wynn: Thank you.

I am just going to put this in the light. This is from Linda
and her daughter is having an operation on her back to correct
the first back surgery on August 21 of this year and it will
be an eight hour surgery. They did a fusion the first time on
L5 and it failed. We got a second opinion which was different
from the original doctors who have removed themselves from he
case. We pray for the new neurosurgeon and is world renowned.
She has been disabled for five years and we are praying for a
miracle. I am her caretaker and I am usually tied up during
these calls but listen to the calls when I can. I think you
guys are wonderful, and I appreciate anything you can do.
Thank you very much.

So we just make a request for help and support on that
operation in August.

Ra'An: Yes, we send love light to the surgeon and to the girl
for the best outcome possible.

Wynn: Thank you.

On that note, we will bring this call an end. If you ask a
question tonight, if I did not ask it, if you could ask it
again. It is better to be on line when you ask healing

Thank you everyone and keep in mind we are giving away our
free book, The Creator gods of the Physical Universe Want To
Talk to You. Go to the website and pass
it around. We want to thank all our volunteers and those who
have made donations and we are very
grateful. We thank our Sources for coming in and working with all of us
on this line. Thank you all for sending messages in.


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