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Monday – 08/15/2011

Manifestation:  How to bring something about that you want to bring about
Host:   Wynn Free
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Channeled and Edited by Terry Brown

Transcribed by Connie O'Brien


Wynn:  Hey, we are on the air.  Welcome! It’s Monday August 15th, 2011 and Seth at BBS just asked us if we’re ready and I said, “We’re never ready.”  In fact, Terry and I have both discussed this.  Not only are we not ready, (but) after it’s done, it’s like it never happened.  But it does happen and this is a conference call simulcast.  It’s actually a four way conference call.  There’s Terry, myself, our conference line and then our extra terrestrial, inter-dimensional friends that don’t need a telephone line to connect with us.  Those of you who are regular listeners know what I’m talking about, that we have a vibration connection that happens on this call.  So stay tuned and you can experience it yourself where we have conversations with a conglomerate group soul called the Ra group and the Elohim group.  The Elohim group say they created the physical universe.


So there’s wisdom, understanding, (and) information about how things got started here, how things got screwed up and how you as a human can cope in this period of time which they call a dimensional shift.  As you may have been noticing the world is changing. 


(The conference line joins the call at this point):


This is Monday August 15, 2011 and this is our Monday simulcast/conference call between three participants (actually maybe three million participants), it’s a conference line and an internet show and some interdimensional sources that don’t need wires.  


Terry:  There are people from Australia, New Zealand, England, Finland.  There haven’t been so many people from China, although there has been (a few) people from China and Taiwan and Hong Kong.  But the call falls in the middle of the night, so I think the people over there generally read a transcript or listen to the audio. 


We do transcripts; we have a wonderful volunteer group that do transcripts, and we send out transcripts and we send out audios so people can listen at a later time if they couldn’t make it when the show aired. 


Wynn: Today we have a really interesting topic. The topic is “How to Manifest.”  Any of you all wonder how to manifest?  Before we go into it, if anyone wants to volunteer something they really want to manifest that they’d have trouble doing, and what their experience was because they need to get that energy in it.  When we go to the channeling part, they might address that in particular - you never know. 


What is manifestation?  Manifestation means bringing something about in the real world, in your life, that is not there now. It could be a love, it could be more money, it could be a closer connection to spirit a more direct connection, so you know it’s there.  It could be – now don’t say you want to win the lottery.  You can say that, I guess.  I was saying that for a while about seven years ago and I was getting dream messages quite regularly.  In one of the dream messages they said “here are the numbers”.  I woke up and I couldn’t remember what they said.  I don’t know if they were right or not.  At different times I’ve thought maybe they would tell me the lottery numbers; I actually think they could do it but then I realized that would not be a good thing for them to do.  The reason is:  if they told me the numbers to win the lottery everyone would get on this line for the wrong purposes, the wrong reasons.  The goal is to empower yourself, to realize you’re powerful enough to bring something into your life. 


Being powerful means not just you; it can be you and your own expanded hologram.  It doesn’t mean power like, “I’m going to make this happen.”  That doesn’t usually work.  I think there was a guy who wrote a book called Power Versus Force.  David Hawkins.  There is a difference between power and force.  Power is something you radiate and force is something like you push really hard.  We want to access our power to make things happen; we want to access the understanding of how to get energetic help from other dimensions to make them happen.  We always want to use the highest good of all concerned and honoring free will to make things happen.  Each of us has more potential, including me, than we’re using.  Each of us has more ability to do it.  Most of us keep cycling around and wonder why things keep staying the way they are. 


Does anyone have something to share about something they’d like to manifest that we can put into today’s soup? 


Julie:  I’d like to manifest a loving husband. 


Wynn:  It’s finally getting lonely with just the rooster? 


Julie:  It’s not the same.  I can’t get him to get a job. Damn it.


Wynn:  Wait a second.  You have to look out what you ask for.  You want a loving husband with a good job.


Julie:  No, I never asked for that.  I’m kidding about the rooster.

I’m not asking for a guy with a good job.  I’m asking for a loving husband.  He’ll have plenty.  I know he will.  There’s no doubt about that, but the rooster, that was a joke.  He won’t go to work.


Wynn:  He won’t, huh?


Julie:  No.


Wynn:  Well, he helps the chickens create more chickens, doesn’t he?


Julie:  Well, I have serious questions about his productivity.  He’d be the first one to run if there’s a hawk.


Wynn:  He’s not very protective.


Julie:  Well, he is but he’s a baby. He’s a coward.


Wynn:  Julie has a loving husband.  Tell me something, does he have to be super good-looking? 


Julie:  Oh no, I don’t want him to upstage me. 


Wynn:  Okay.  He doesn’t have to be rich? 


Julie:  Well, it wouldn’t hurt and if he’s not rich when I meet him, he will be because I will empower him. 


Wynn:  Okay, now there you go.  Now that is a smart woman; she understands something there. 


Julie:  He can be ugly, too; I don’t mind him ugly but he has to be nice, he’s got to be very loving. 


Wynn:  Is it okay if he likes sports? 


Julie:  I prefer he doesn’t.  That’s tough in America.  Usually I’ve ended up with movie producers and writers.   Maybe someone that wants to play a game of tennis or golf.  I’d rather just eliminate all of that, frankly.  But, that’s tough.  Maybe I should go for an Indian guy and he does yoga.


Wynn:  Anyone else have something they’d like? 


Lisa:  Yes, yes, yes.


Wynn:  Who’s that?


Lisa:  Lisa. I want to manifest a larger place to live; I’ve been in my apartment way too long. 


Wynn:  Does that mean you need to manifest more money, right?


Lisa:  Yes. Yes.


Wynn:  Either more money or a bargain. 


Lisa:  Yeah, was it not for the money situation I would have had a bigger place. 


Wynn:  Keep in mind; this is the time for synchronicities.  If anyone wants to be a husband – I’ll send it Julie, she lives in Ojai, she’s kind of artistic.  You have to be strong; she’s very strong-willed so you have to be strong to be around her so she doesn’t run over you. 


Julie:  I don’t know about that; he doesn’t know me that well.  They can call and find out for themselves.  I’m very loving and I’m funny. 


Wynn:  She’s very funny and she’s an actress. 


If anyone owns a house or a big apartment – does it have to be in San Francisco?   Lisa? 


Lisa:  Not necessarily, but my first choice would be San Francisco. 


Wynn:  The Bay area, right?


Lisa:  Right.


Wynn:  How about Berkeley? 


Lisa.  Sure. 


Wynn:  How about Palm Springs?


Lisa:  It sounds kind of nice.  It’s a little warmer there, isn’t it?


Wynn:  Yeah, you just need to have the money to pay your air conditioning bill.


Lisa:  Oh, definitely.


Wynn:  Okay, and who else? 


Zoë:  This is Zoe; I’d like to have my writings be widely read in the public, to a public that they will be helpful to.  So I have to get them published. 


Wynn:  Have you put them up on the web? 


Zoë:  Not yet. 


Wynn:  That’s the first thing.  Anyone can put anything on the web.


Zoë:  I’m trying to get that together but I’m also trying (to get them published).


Wynn:  If you get it up on the web I can send a link out to our group and say, “Hey, read Zoe’s writing.”


Zoë:  Yeah, I know but I want a publisher. 


Wynn:  Zoe, excuse me for saying this but publishers do not mean that your writing gets read. 


Zoë:  Well, I know that so that’s why I’m asking that it should be read.  I want both to have a publisher and to have the publisher put the material in the hands of or in reach of people (for) whom it will bring good to their lives to read it.  


Wynn:  Being an author and having a book out there, I can tell you—now, let me just say, you can hold your vision because you can make something happen beyond anything I say potentially--but the way that I have watched things work in the world is publishers want to know that people like you.  For example, David Wilcock just got a publishing deal with a big publisher in New York; the reason he did is because he had two million hits on his website. 


Zoe:  Oh, I’ve heard this before.  Yes, that’s a point. I’m willing to … that.


Wynn:  Also, in today’s world, the way things are working now is not the way they were working five or ten years ago.   The internet has changed everything.  There is so much material available for free that you have to think, “Why would somebody buy your book?” 


Zoë:  Well, I have somebody who is already willing, has read it and is interested, and is in a position to help me get an agent for me. 


Wynn:  Oh, good!  Well, don’t pay any attention to me then.


Zoe:  Well, I didn’t tell you that before.  How could you know it?  


Wynn:  Okay, It’s just that I know it’s incredibly challenging.


Zoe:  Well, I know that.  I really know that because I have been working at it for 25 years.  I know it’s very difficult but this is a work that I was inspired to write it and I think it is supposed to reach people; and so I want that to happen.


Terry:  What’s the subject?


Jim:  Is it spiritual writing or metaphysical writing?


Zoe:  It’s a historical novel that was a past life that a friend of mine felt he had lived, and it’s a life that was lived in the 1100’s.  The thing gripping to me about the story was that he lived in times that were every bit as difficult as ours, or worse, and he never once in his whole lifetime lost his integrity.  He has a whole spiritual message that doesn’t come up and slap you around but is just inherent in the whole story. 


Wynn:  Well, we’re broadcasting that, so if anyone that’s listening wants to read it, email me and I’ll make sure Zoe gets it.


Edna:  I would like to remember my past lives; like to remember my abilities.  I’d like to use it. 


Wynn:  Remember past lives.  You better put for the highest good of all concerned on that one. 


Jim:  I would like to meet Wynn and Terry and Daphne in Houston, Texas. 


Wynn:  That’s easy – just sent us plane tickets, rent us a hotel… we’ll all be there. 


Jim:  It’s really strange to have a town this large and have such a very tiny amount of spiritual activities like the types of things going on here. 


Wynn:  It’s interesting to have a world this large and have so few people even have the first clue of what’s going on.  Thank you, Jim.  That one is really possible – all we have to do is make an event happen in Houston and we’ll show up.  Maybe Daphne would (not), but Terry and I would.  Terry and I would show up for Motel 6, but if Daphne’s coming it has to be the Hilton.  She would stay at Motel 6.  Anyone else? 


Gijs:  I want to ask for Message a Day and what you are doing, your great work with Terry and Daphne and with all our sources to become something big that many people will not only reach it but that they will profit from it. 


Wynn:  All of you find Oprah’s website and tell her about us.  Then, find George Noory’s email and tell him about us, even though he knows about me – George Noory, “Coast to Coast”.  If you send enough emails out…the challenge is how do you tell somebody about me without them thinking not only am I a wacko, but you’re a wacko. 


“Hi, I think Wynn Free would be a great guest of yours.  He and his girlfriend are on the air and they talk to this source that says they created the physical realm, they started religion.  It’s really important for people to hear about it.”  Have you ever tried calling somebody up and telling them that?


That’s why I’m giving my book away now; get them curious and say go to this guy’s site and get his book because then they can read the story and you won’t lose your friends. 


The topic tonight is “Manifestations:  how to bring something about that you want to bring about – for the highest good”.  People are volunteering their own challenges.  It could be anything for money, love, spiritual growth – but it should be something that’s possible. 


If you want to learn to manifest, there’s a sales technique. If you go to salesman school what they say is, “If you’re selling something to someone, make them say ‘yes’ four times and then ask for the sale.”  Don’t just go right to ask for the sale.  For example, let’s suppose somebody is talking to George Noory and they wanted to introduce me to him.  They might say “George have you heard of Wynn Free?” and he would say, ‘Yes’.  “Did you enjoy his book, The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?  And he would say, ‘Yes’, because I know he read it.  They might say, “Do you think he is sincere?”  George would say, “I think so, yes.”  Then you say, “How come you haven’t had him on your show?”  And “Geez, I don’t know!  You’re right, he should be on.”  Follow? 


That probably wouldn’t work with George, but the idea is to say things that bring a person to say ‘yes’, because if you make them say ‘yes’ three or four times, and then you ask for what you really want they’re in a ‘yes’ state of mind, and so you really increase the chances that they’ll say ‘Yes’.


Okay, here’s another one.  Julie meets this guy.   Can I use you Julie? You’re not going to get mad at me?  You’re not going to sue me for defamation of character?


Julie:  As long as you’re nice, Wynn. 


Wynn:  It’s a stretch, but I’ll try.  Julie is next to this guy and she thinks, “This is a guy I could really like.”  Now, imagine, she’s sitting next to him and she says, “So, you want to be my husband?”


Julie: Oh, God! That’ll have him running for the bush!


Wynn:  No, she wouldn’t do that, but she could say something like, “Do you live alone?”


Julie:  It’s too forward.


Wynn:  That’s right.  You can’t do that.


Julie:  I hate to say this but you have no clue how to be a woman.


Wynn:  You know what?  I’ve never tried to pick up a man yet.


Julie:  Well, you should give it a try and then come back to me and you’ll maybe coach me better.


Wynn:  Okay, you’re not a good example Julie.


Jim:  Have you ever spoken with Mike Quinsy, Wynn? 


Wynn:  Mike Quinsey, he interviewed me.  I was on his show quite some time ago, he’s in Australia or England. 


For those of you who are listening we don’t usually do this kind of conversation at the beginning, but occasionally we do. 


Sometimes people say, “Wynn, shut up.  When are they going to channel, when are they going to talk to us?”  They’re kind of missing the point, because when you just want to listen to channeling it makes it sound like “Tell me what to do.  We’re all worthless; Wynn is worthless.  Wynn doesn’t know anything; we just want to hear it from those guys.”  Nothing could be further from the truth: that each of you is part of it all, and part of manifestations is moving into worthiness.  That is easier said than done, because you can’t just think yourself into worthiness. 


Everyone here, everyone listening has had many, many, many lifetimes of feeling totally worthless.  We’re trained to feel worthless, most of us.  I’m not saying everyone, most of us.  Our parents felt worthless and in the world, when you feel worthless most people respond to you like you are – that’s the way the world works.  So you keep getting feedback for being worthless and then you start to believe it on a very deep level.  How do you switch from worthless to worthy? 


That’s not the topic of tonight’s talk but it is a point regarding manifestation.  It came up because of people who sometimes say, “Wynn how come you’re not letting them talk?  How come you’re hogging the stage?  How come all you guys are talking, because they’re not talking, you’re talking.  Why are we taking the time up to have you talk? ”  Because every time each of you comes forward and says something, not only are you throwing your chip into the ring, you’re throwing yourself into the light, you’re also making yourself worthy enough to have a bunch of people listen to you and you’re not being self-conscious about it.  Each of you represents something that a million people are going through and when you share it you are holding the consciousness for the million people that didn’t share it and you spoke up and said it, you’ll be of service.  When you do that there’s a feedback that comes into you that says when you’re not even thinking it, “It feels good.” 


It feels good to be able to speak in front of people, not to be egotistical just to be yourself.  And, no one is saying, “Julie, what did you say that for?  Be quiet!”  Julie, excuse me for making you the bad boy today.


Julie:  Oh God!  Not on this. He’s got my head on a rock. He’s turned me into a boy now.  I’m going to have to come and get you, Wynn.  That’s it.


Wynn:  (Laughter) In any case, when you come into the calls and you really grasp, particularly on our Sunday call, that just by showing up you’re doing a service to the planet and you really grasp that, not believe it but you get how it all works.  If no one down here held the space for this energy to come in, this realm would be toast.  When you get that you’re doing that, and you’re supporting that and your presence is casting a vote into the collective it starts to make you feel the beginnings of a sense of worthiness. 


I remember Carla Rueckert … had this small group in Louisville, Kentucky that was a channeling group, back in the 1980’s.  They were channeling for a few years all kinds of things, including discarnate souls.  Then, Ra came through her.  Ra is a group soul that is responsible for a lot of the spiritual evolution on this planet.  Ra said they waited hundreds of years to find a group with the purity of intent where they could come through and it would be okay.  You realize that?  Hundreds of years for a group that would have purity of intent for them to speak through!


You see when you’re channeling group souls, it’s different.  It’s not just some discarnate entity that has something to say; it’s wisdom, it’s activating a part of the universe and bringing it into this realm.  Historically it gets abused.  People go on power trips, people go on ego trips, people go and do all kinds of things and it turns negative, even to the best of their intentions. 


So they found a group that they trusted to hold the energy.  I asked,“How long has it been since someone has figured out this connection between the Ra group and the Elohim group?”  They answered it; before I give you the answer, I don’t know if this is the right answer.  I can just tell you what they said, “25 million years.”  


I don’t feel exalted; I feel like I have more responsibility than I ever dreamed of wanting to have.  This is a rare opportunity of what we’re doing; they extended the trust of bringing this through, and we haven’t violated the trust and you haven’t violated the trust.  So many of you that are holding the space for it, and you can pat yourself on the back for doing that, all of you who are listening to these tapes and feeling the energies of it. 


Its 6:41, and now people are going to say, “We’re off in fifteen minutes and they haven’t talked to us yet.” 

I thank all of you who volunteered and whoever is doing the transcript tonight is going to have a lot of fun reading this. 


As each person tells their story, they’re telling not just their story, they are telling their piece of the puzzle and it is all so important.  I thank you all who came forward and shared. 


I was going to give my little bit on manifestation – there are a couple of things that you can do. 


There has to be a physical action that is taken to cause something to happen, and prior to the physical action there has to be either a prayer or a high intent reaching into spirit so you can attract it to you.  So, what do I mean by a physical action?  Let me say that I have watched people who have been on our calls. Some of you have watched them.  Some of you don’t know all the things that happened.


Somebody who had a house for sale for many, many months and no one looked at it; they started putting it in the light and the next week they had three offers.  They got their asking price; they were prepared to go down 25% and they got their asking price.  Someone else sold their house after putting it in the light; there are different healings and this and that. 


So if you really want something you have to take a physical action but prior to the physical action you have to ‘pray?’ – I don’t like the word ‘pray’ because it sounds like a religion, but you have to hold the visualization in your mind of what you want to happen. 


For example, if you were going to call somebody, like if I was Lisa, I would put an ad in the paper and I’d say:  “Very good reliable tenant with stable income needs a great place to live at not too much money.  Can do caretaking and other help, like to live in a nice neighborhood.”  Put your phone number or your email – that’s the physical action.  You can’t make something happen without putting a footprint into the world that wants something to happen. 


Before you do that, if you’re on Team Shift, if you’re on one of those calls, for a few days keep putting that out into the light; contemplate on it.  See the holograms connecting.  Write your ad in such a way that it has energy to it, that people can feel you as opposed to saying:  “Looking for nice house, call Lisa.”  Make them feel you.  Say something that makes your own – “really nice tenant, long term, reliable income – looking to get a more spacious space.  Not much money, but can housesit; can do different things to help justify the separation in what your place might be worth and what I can afford.”  If you held the energy for that and put that out for two months, I’d be willing to bet you’d get a phone call for just the right place.  You have to take a physical action. 


There’s Doo-be Doo-be Doo-be Doo-be Doo:  ‘Being’ is holding the space for it to happen; visualizing it, seeing it.  Seeing that whoever you get involved with is going to be totally blessed because they do that with you.  That’s the ‘being’; the ‘doing’ is putting the ad in the paper. 


For example, Julie, she’s muted now so she can’t talk back to me. I’ll give you an example:  I want to meet this nice guy.  Well, what you do is—one example, there are many things you can do—first you hold it in the light, you visualize it.  You see the person.  Some people say you should write it down.  Write down all the details of it and then go to the library.  Go to the library in Malibu if you want somebody that’s well to do.  Go to the library in Santa Barbara or Montecito. Don’t go to the library in a more impoverished area.  Dress really nicely and give it up to spirit and do that once or twice a week to the point where you forget you’re looking for somebody, because you can’t really remember you’re doing that.  You have to be in the moment so your radiance moves out from you.  Whatever it is, you have to visualize it then you have to take an action.  If it’s for the highest good when you visualize it you’ll get support in your visualization from these guys on the other side. 


Remember, they are you –so they--the part of you that’s there wants the part of you that’s here to be happy and to have things that make you happy, if things make you happy.


Terry are you there? 


Terry:  I’m here.


Wynn:  It’s 6:48 but I don’t think they have anyone in the timeslot so we could go another ten or twelve minutes on that, okay? 


Terry:  You’re doing really good on how to manifest here.  Visualize and taking action – that’s really right on!  It’s not complicated.


Wynn:  No, it’s not complicated.  Of course, it has to be in your flow. If you just started taking piano lessons and you wanted to be a member of the Boston Philharmonic, it’s probably not going to happen.  That’s not in the flow, it doesn’t fit but if you were taking piano lessons and you were going to play for your family, you could do that because that’s easy.  Your family would always say it’s good. 


It’s kind of like if Julie’s looking for a person and she wants somebody that could at least take care of himself.  Of course, you never know when it’s going to happen.


What I’ve noticed is when you do this and it happens, it is so easy that you think it couldn’t be it because it was supposed to be hard.  Sometimes I missed the very thing that I was asking for because it was so easy and then it walked away and I said, “Oh my God that was it.”  You have to be careful not to let that one happen. 


Let’s bring in the light and ask some questions on this topic and see what comes up. 


Father Mother God we ask for the presence of the light to surround and protect each person here and any negativity be taken to the higher realms of light and be transmuted for the highest good of all concerned.  We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the solar system, through the outer energy fields of earth, through our bodies and into the center of the earth.  Right now we invoke a group energy connection amongst all of us present and we invite those sources that are positive, service to others, honoring the Law of One to join with us. 


Feel them coming in – and we create a protected space that only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now.  We await for our sources to identify themselves.


Ra’An:  We greet you in the love light of the One Infinite Creator.  This is Ra’An, and this is August 15th, 2011.  We are delighted to make contact with each and every one of you today.  We are aware of the manifestation and your talk and your desire to learn more about manifestation. 


When we move from non-existence to existence, we are manifesting and we have a flow and if one is in a flow, if one is in movement, then it makes it easier to manifest as you can pick up and intersect, come in contact with more opportunities when you are in a flow in a motion; therefore, it is normally necessary for you to take some action.  It doesn’t really matter; the action doesn’t have to be perfectly correct, as the Universe will guide you. 


For instance, if the writing of Zoë could be on the internet, this is an action and when it exposes Zoë to more ideas and just the action of putting it up gets the motion going.  In the making of the motion then there are more opportunities for discussion, for ideas that someone might send in, for interaction concerning it for feedback.  It gives energy coming back to one, because one is in motion and one is bringing in energy on the subject.  This gives encouragement, which then increases one’s ability to manifest and the confidence that one can make a manifestation even if it isn’t to start out with the ultimate, final destination it can get more and more perfect toward the ultimate manifestation as more opportunities arise and one sees how to channel the energy. 


For instance, concerning the Message a Day and getting the group bigger and bigger of people who are helped and paying attention the work that Terry, Wynn and Daphne are doing, and we as the Elohim are doing.  As the action is taken of putting it on the internet, the action is taken of doing the broadcast, of answering the question, it brings a bigger body of data that one could then work with; it brings an opportunity for more and more people to come in contact which then can grow the more people who become interested.


Wynn:  Something that someone could do that wanted to see that happening, just every day take fifteen minutes – scan the internet.  Find some metaphysical people; find some people and say, “I think you’d enjoy this book.  I saw your website.  This is really contributed to my life –  The author thought it was so important that he’s putting it out for free.”  Do that every day – you never know what’s going to happen.  Somebody reads it and says, “Wow” and they put it on their Facebook page and 3,000 people suddenly say, “I’m going to get that book.”  You never know what domino is going to hit a whole bunch of dominoes. 


It happens because of our efforts.  Little things like that, you never know which one, you create the high intent, you start searching the internet.  When I do this, I find that spirit starts guiding me.  Even on the internet – in the old days you had to drive around, walk around, meet people.  Now, there are billions of people on the internet.  Of those billions of people, many of them can be contacted and you might change one person’s life, you might change 5,000 people’s lives through one email.  And, you never know which email is going to do it.  You don’t do it with any thought of response, you just do it consistently.  Anyone who is listening, feel free to do that.  You don’t need my authority to do it; it’s something that could make a big difference.


Ra’An:  To say a few words about Lisa’s desire to manifest a larger place to live:  actually getting out there, looking on Craig’s List, seeing what people have available, what opportunities there are – someone to housesit.  Just take a look at what opportunities there are starts the motion going and one has to be careful that one uses discernment in answering ads and determining what is out there.  However, by sorting through it and using discernment one can find opportunities that if one didn’t take any action they wouldn’t know about. 


Concerning Edna with desiring to know her past lives; her past lives are with her and everything is happening at the same time.  The past lives are all there, so paying to attention to the dreams, writing it down, paying attention to déjà-vu, paying attention to the pictures she may be seeing – gives one a clue to the orientation.  She is feeling the interest; she is feeling connection; her this life experience are connected up to other life experiences and it can grow with just little flashes.  Then the little flashes can become bigger flashes, like a puzzle being put together.  You’ve got a piece here, a piece there, and a piece over here but it keeps making more and more sense as the discovery of one’s past grows.


Wynn:  One of the things I’ve learned about rich people is that one of the qualities which is at their highest on their list whenever they are looking to do anything with anyone – is trustworthiness.  If you want to find somebody that needs somebody to watch their house or be in the guest house, and you make a resume with references and all the reasons that they can trust you.  It’s not so much about talents or abilities – a little bit about that – but, the trustworthiness because rich people don’t want to look over your shoulder.  They don’t want to monitor everything you’re doing.   They don’t want to see if you’re stealing from them.  They want to know that they set you, and you do what you do and they don’t have to watch you.  Then they get a job done and their freedom is not impinged upon. 


There’s all kinds of rich people out there that are looking for people they can trust.  So if you’re looking for an opportunity, make yourself trustworthy and put something together that communicates your trustworthiness to someone else, that makes it easy for them – particularly references, people that know you for a long time that will say something nice about you.


Ra’An:  We might suggest also it can be the other way around, too, where she may wish to obtain references of the people to make sure they are trustworthy.


Wynn:  That’s right – make sure that you’re not getting involved with someone that is going to do you in.  How many times do people get jobs and they’re promised this and that and the other thing and they work and there’s supposed to be a balloon payment at the end and then they never go the balloon payment and the person says, “See you later.”  It’s hard to fight a rich person.  You can, but they’ll spend the money for lawyers and whatever and find all the reasons to try to prove that they don’t owe it to you.


The other thing is – let me ask the question:  What is the best way to create the visualization and the support from the higher realms in bringing through a manifestation?


Ra’An:  To ask, and to even in a group like Team Shift, to have several people asking so that the vision is intensified, and to put down the vision, exactly what it is that you desire so that you can put out that vision.  Keep that vision in mind.  For instance – let’s take Julie’s circumstance: 


Julie, although she’s not with somebody right now, can have a vision of what she would like, an interaction that she would like, functions she would like to attend or things she would like to do with the other person.  And, vision them doing the thing together – going on a picnic.  Then when she has these things in mind and as she meets somebody she can see whether the other person likes similar things to do.  She can then, in her mind, when she finds somebody that likes similar things to put out possibilities of things that they can do together or see that the other person suggests something that Julie would like to do, and has interests in the area the Julie would like to participate in. 


Then, as individuals that she knows talk about their friends, see how that reads to Julie.  Like, someone may be talking about a friend that likes to go to this function or do this, or go to picnics and likes the home life, likes tending chickens and something that they can share together, and say, “That would be an interesting person to meet” and work out a circumstance where they could do something together and share humor or something that they both like.


Wynn:  Thank you.  It’s 7:06; we’ve gone over.  I think we’ve covered the topic.  I’ll open up the lines and just see if anyone wants to say anything and if there are any comments in closing.  But don’t ask a direct question, (but) they’ll cover it if we didn’t cover something.  You guys that are listening on the radio if you ever want to call our conference line you can; or, if you called on the BBS number, Seth would have interrupted and said “Wynn, you’ve got a call” and you could have made a comment.  So anyone that’s on the conference line, if you have anything to say or ask about all of this.


Gijs:  One question that I would like to ask still is in addition to what was suggested “Simply ask”, what is the best way to ask?


Wynn:  What is the best way to ask?  Does anyone else have something? 


I’d like to make a comment from my own experience.  You know how they said moving puts you in cross reference to other energy fields that starts things in motion?  I find myself when I get into a state of motion and I think I experienced this in a very high degree when I was younger and I was hitchhiking and I had this amazing daily experience of synchronicities.  I got into this “zone” where things would cross my mind and they would happen.  It was almost like I was synchronized with the Universe.  I had let go of all my grounding and just tossed everything to fate, to circumstances to coincidences.  When I first did it, I didn’t know what would happen and then I found myself in a zone. 


Even now, I’m planning on taking a trip, doing things on the road just by myself, and I know that when I do that I will attract circumstances that I wouldn’t attract if I’m just sitting in a room in Sedona.  That’s one of the things that I do. 


The question is:  “How do we ask, and how do we get in the zone to know we’re heard?”


Ra’An:  The answer is when you ask – let’s say that you are just simply by yourself and you are asking.  It is with the intensity with which you intend something, it is with how you visualize something happening, how you envision it within your mind.  How much you desire it.  This adds a great deal.  Then, when you add motion to it, where you are actually doing the work to make it happen, you are putting forth some effort,  that adds to the intention, it shows good faith that you are working towards it. 


This is one way to ask; it doesn’t have to be in words, it doesn’t have to be in…. even if it’s visualized, it helps.  But, if it’s not visualized, if there is just this strong intention, then it’s still good.  It all helps, it all moves together.  It’s not only us that hear and answer; it is the Universe..  It is the intelligence around you.  It is the vibrations that you put forth that synchronize with someone else’s vibration who meets the other half of the equation.  When the other half of the equation is met and there is resonance then it can’t help but come together.  The greater the resonance, the greater it comes together.  Does this help?


Wynn:  Yes.  I used to think the thought that if I’m looking for something there is someone that’s looking for me and there is somebody that’s looking for you.  There is somebody out there that wants to find you just because you want to find them, and how do you create the circumstances for the two of you to find each other?  That’s where the movement and the action comes into play.


It is 7:13 and I’ll repeat:  “Give my book away, www.” If everyone here just gave three of those away by email a day, we would start expanding like crazy.  It is working; the book is impacting people.  Most people don’t think you’re crazy when they read the book.  It’s got too much backup to it.


We’ll be on Wednesday if you have questions,, send them in.  Thanks to everybody and thanks to our sources.  We’ll see you later!


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