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                     The Ra'An for August 17, 2011

This is August 17, 2011 and this is Wynn in Sedona and Terry

in Sedona. We might also have Daphne with us from Florida.

This is our call where we ask questions of our Sources that

you all have submitted. I prioritize the questions that I pick

based on the relevance of the answer to the most people,

that's one criteria. The second criteria is urgency and the

third criteria is if it's the first time you have asked a

question and others have asked many questions. Also if you

submit a question and I don't ask it then please resubmit it

as I sometimes miss questions.

Before we get to our questions there is something called

'Calling in of the Light' where we invite our Sources to come


As for questions about health issues I put the disclaimer out

that we are not diagnosing or prescribing anything and you

should check it out with your own health practitioner.

(Wynn calls in the Light)

Wynn: Do we have our Sources present through Terry?

Ra'An: (Terry)Yes. We greet you in the love-light of the One Infinite

Creator on August 17th, 2011 and we look at your planet and we

look at the individuals who are working strongly towards

having a good life and learning the lessons they have come

here to learn. Always keep in mind that this life time is not

the finality as you are beings of the All That Is and are not

just here for a short time and then nothing. As you continue,

this is one chapter in your life, and if you have a disability

or an infirmity in this lifetime, often it does not follow you

to other lifetimes, however if you are working out a pattern

it can follow you until you get the pattern worked out.

We send greetings to Steven and we send love -ight to Steven

and we see the fervency with which you wish to be healed. This

will help you to heal. We see that your progress has been slow

and we see that the desire is to increase the speed of the

healing. We do not wish you to rely upon us for healing,

because our healings are interactive and they depend upon the

individual, and we fully back you in working towards healing.

We send you love-light and we speak slowly as we are not just

saying words. We are there with you. The healing is dependent

upon the interaction between yourself and your body, and your

nutritional intake, as you need to build those muscles not only

with energy work but with nutrition that can build muscles. We

do see that there are ways of finding out what these nutrients

are. One way is to put a query in to Dr. Marshall. The

telephone number would be             310 320 1132       and

there are people there during the day who would be available

for questions. So one of the most important things here is

that the healing is interactive, and you are very important to

the healing process. We also suggest getting on a Team Shift

call wherein other individuals can each morning or night or

whenever the call is, can send reaffirming prayers for your

quick healing. It is an honor to connect with you and we wish

to be of service to you, and take a moment to send love-light to all

of you. Are there other questions?

Wynn: We have a number of questions. Perhaps before we go into

other questions just let's see if Daphne is on the line, and

if our Sources want to greet us through her. By way of

explanation here that what I have come to understand is that

Sources work with the personality levels of the person. They

work through the mental structures of the person. We may have

the same Source speaking through two people but it won't sound

the same. Are you there Daphne?

Daphne: Yes, I am here.

Wynn: Would you like to bring a greeting from our Sources

through you?

Daphne: I will attempt to do so.e many

souls who have come and joined, even if only for a short t

The Ra Group:(Daphne) We greet you this evening from the infinitesimal

love-light of the One Infinite Creator. This is the Ra Group

sending you love and light and paying you respects and homage.

It is a relatively long time in your earth parameters that we

are able to address you in full and in like and in kind,

together intertwined with the foundational aspects of Terry,

of Wynn, of the one speaking now, Daphne, and of all thime,

to create an energetic braiding and facilitation and anchoring

of these most pristine, brilliant, angelic, pure crystalline

unity consciousness, Christ consciousness on your earth

template, on your grid lines, on your ley lines structures, on

your shifting continental plates which are in fact in motion as we

speak. This is a large chapter that is moving at an advancing

and increasing speed due to the implementation of a higher

octave of ascension modality. There is now possible, which was

not possible henceforth, a reuniting of certain calibrations

contained within this group soul structure on this physical

telephone cable similar to what you know in your technology as

fiber optics, working with your wi-fi and your internet, which

has decommissioned certain unreliable parameters, certain

unreliable structures, which had been co-opted, compromised so

to speak, which had been tainted with negative programming. We

are now able to re-assimilate at a higher level of

consciousness of crystalline purity and for this we are

thankful. A bridge has been achieved, a bridge has been

architected, a bridge has been implemented due to the soul

essences of the number 144 which is reverberating

exponentially in the soul octaves of all who are present. We

give our most beneficent love, light and gratitude for all who

have participated through this and many many time streams for

millenia to bring this structure forward and to fomentation

and to arch-tation to this celestial arch-techtonics of this

inter-dimensional miracle hub. This is a keystone for you.

This is capstone for you. Miracles are possible because you

are miracles, you are Source, you are One. All is possible. All is

love, all is.

Aum (Om)

Wynn: Thank you very much and we are honored to having your

presence coming through the instrument Daphne.

Our first question is for Terry and goes along with our

conversation at the beginning about miracles and healing. In

our book, The Creator gods of the Physical Universe Want to

Talk To You, there were some pages on the concept of Grace.

Corrine asks, if Grace is a separate entity? Do we pray for

Grace to erase our karma or does she do it as she pleases.

Does Grace manifest within this life and our other lives and

how do we invoke Grace?

Ra'An:(Terry) Thank you for your question. We are honored to be with

you and to answer your question. Grace is a group of entities

that work within the umbrella of the Elohim Group and in order

to access Grace one can simply ask for Grace and ask for

healing. One can ask for the intercession of Grace's tools of

healing into your sphere and into your life, as Grace can set

aside the rules of the lower densities and can un-stick locked

geometries, and provide pathways for flow and movement to

begin. In areas that need to be healed, there are areas where

there are certain stucknesses within belief systems which

translate into stucknessess within the body; areas where the

vibration is not moving as it should. The signals are not

flowing through the body as to be in robust health. They would

need Grace to can come in and un-stick things; to gently work

to repair areas, although there other areas within the Elohim

Group that can work repair. Also in the angelic realm there

are angels with propensities towards repairing certain areas

of the body. The Grace Group is pleased and joyful to send

their energy of lubrication, the WD-40, that can move into

an area of stuckness and can begin to free it up. To access

Grace, you can ask and you can also look at your own illness

and your own thing that needs to be changed and see the

rigidity, the lack of movement, the lack of movement then

restricts the energy give and take in the area.  And the area needs

We are looking at Steven at this time also and the area needs

energy and the energy work is very good. The area needs an

unstuckness from the whole hologram of the matrix of the body

then this can then allow the energy to break through and to

flow again through the nerve and muscle systems. When Grace

moves into an area for healing, whether it is a mental area or

a physical area, and we speak in general to all of you, you may

see little specks of gold. These little specks of gold are the

intersection points of the energy from Grace intersecting

stuck areas in the person's matrix, which then as they unstick,

give a little spark of light. Those are the little flecks of

gold that you may observe in your field as stucknesses melt and

evaporate and energy begins to move again. That is our answer.

Wynn: Thank you.

Daphne, would you like to take a question?

Daphne: Yes

Wynn: This comes from Allison in Canada and her question is

much like Lucy's in Orange County, I think. She says, now that I
have found out that I am a star seed, what am I supposed to do with this

information? I am a physically handicapped senior citizen with

visual impairment and I aed this with great joy as I could have

pitched in and helped in anm limited in what I can do. Ten years

ago I would have welcomy way. Now I strive to be positive

and be a light but I am baffled by this star seed thing. Help!


The Ra Group:(Daphne) We greet you in the love light of the One

Infinite Creator. Dearest star seed, the one known as Allison.

We thank you for your query and your question is a

foundational one in the experience of an earth bound entity.

You have chosen the earthly experience, not for the

ramifications of physicality or lack of physical mobility, but

rather for what you can bring to it as a soul and star

essence. Your energetic vibration extends far beyond what you

can do with your five physical senses and even your mental,

emotional and intuitive senses. Your sense of beingness. What

you exude and share and assimilate and bring to consciousness,

within your own matrix, and thus touching the lives and

matrices, hearts, emotions and love joy aspects of all of

those around you. This is the reason it is in your dialectic

part and parcel. It is the package you have given others and

will continue to give in which ever way, essence, and form you

may be willing to share. Judge not yourself by your magnitude

of physical expression, the hue of your ability to give in the

way another might be able to give; to create in a way another

might be able to create, for each entity has it's own unique

soul signature; it's own frequency, with specific overtones,

harmonics and vibratory patterns, which are not able to be

duplicated with exactness by any other star seed. Give as you

are able. Call on our assistance. To do so consciously

empowers you and promotes physicalised healing, joyfulness, a

sense of service, a sense of motion and a sense of kinetic

forward moving joy, liquid love light and color essence of the

gold and silver gold aura, glowing and flowing through a

diaphanous vein shaft conduit, that has precipitated in it's

exactitude for your soul, and the soul beingness and harmonics

and oversoul harmonics of other angelics in your soul group,

and in the space/time continuum in which you have chosen to

serve. This might be much for you to understand and comprehend

with your mental structures. Be at peace with the energetics

with what we have to tell you and know that we are signaling

you from home.

Aum (Om)

Wynn: A follow up question.

Somebody who is a star seed and and doesn't really know what

they are supposed to do, by coming on to our calls and

connecting with the energies, are they not doing a service of

just bringing that energy into the physical grid system and the

environment where their body is located? I ask that of Daphne

as a follow up question.

The Ra Group:(Daphne) We thank you in the love light of the One

Infinite Creator for bringing more focus and clarity to the

previous query and the answer is a resounding, yes, oui, da. In the

multi-dimensionality of all that you are, we would ask you

to realize consciously that you are a translator, transmitter,

transducer, organic, creative engine of the love-light force,

physicalized in an organic structure in this 3rd density and

interlaced among many different densities, many different time

lines, many different structures and substructures, harmonics

and subharmonics, and simply by breathing, by your breath, by

your beingness, by your essence, you are constructing,

architecting, and with your imagination, imagin-eering, as in

imagination plus engineering, universes upon universes of

possibility with every second of experience. You exist. Time only exists

in the dualistic perception, in the dualistic consciousness.

You exist both within and without time. As you reach out of

time, you become non-dualised, you become timeless and thus

you are able to reach back into Source and to heal your

physical body, to heal your physical miasmas, and to heal

whatever you have partaken of and shall partake of, as it is

free willing and chosen by yourself, by your soul, by your

oneness as by All That Is, in the great collaborative effect

of creation. This is our message, a combination of the Ra and

the Elohim as we are now braiding the polarities of the male and

the female, and bringing them to a balanced point, and a

stillness point, and a equilibrium point, where there will be no

more need for duality and thus no more need of separation,

imagined from Source.

Aum (Om)

Wynn: Thank you.

There was recently an audio of a talk I had with a Source that

said they were the Guardians, through Daphne. They talked

about something called a Galactic Night which was going to

begin tomorrow August 18. We had two people who asked for

clarification on the meaning of this Galactic Night.

Ra'An:(Terry) Thank you.

We look at a configuration of stars, planets and energies

affecting humans on the planet at this time. There are

interactions between individuals and their surroundings.

Individuals have a choice of how to react; to become cosmic

consciousness beyond galactic influence and are centered

within the center of the solar system and the energy between

that and the center of the earth. As one is centered and in

alignment with their own self and in alignment with the

highest sources and the highest integrity, they become less

affected by galactic influences. There is a configuration of

energies that is separating. It is more separating starting on

the 18th. This separation does not have to affect individuals

who are aware of how to not be affected by it, and how to stay

centered and how to stay connected to the higher Sources and

how to remain loving. Individuals who are not so centered may

come under the influence of the dark separation of Source that

has to do with the way the energies come together in the field

of earth, in the field of the sun, in the field of the

resultant energies from all planetary influences. There are

influences which are being brought to bear upon the sun and

the sun is responding with solar flares, and this result can

have some disruption of electronic equipment during that time

period. Individuals, whether in the galactic night or not, can

rise above it and stay centered within their own sphere, their

own integrity, their own love light, centered not only within

themselves but centered within the energies of home, within

the energies of the Elohim and the Ra Group, and so in this

alignment ride out any undue influences, either directly from one's

own psyche, or indirectly from such areas of energy coming at

earth from areas such as the sun, or other areas such as

distortions of the ley lines by energy striking the area from

the resultant position in the galaxy at the time. That is our


Wynn: Thank you.

This is a health related question held over from last week.

From John in Sedona. He has questions about the medical tests which

have come up with nothing and yet he has these symptoms. He says: I

had a fever only after sundown a few weeks ago, with a skin reaction and all my

joints hurt terribly for days. The pain moves from place to place. My symptoms
are more chronic now, such as intestinal, pelvic, and kidney area and especially
under my left rib cage.  So I turn this over to our Sources through Daphne.

Ra'An:(Daphne)  We greet you in the love-light of the One Infinite

Creator. This is a response to a query by the beloved entity

known as John in Sedona Arizona, USA. We sense in the entity a

progressive deterioration of physical symptoms resulting in an

aberration of alignment. This is due to lack of interior

mobilization of energy due to a shifting frequency within the

body, as the body is aligning and alighting to higher

implementation of soul consciousness and awareness and soul

contractual experience, which is upgrading and shall continue

henceforth for a period of approximately two months. We are

aiding and assisting said entity in assimilation of a detoxification process.

It would be very helpful for this one to partake of

nutritional supplementation in the liquid known as the aloe

Vera, B complex and phyto-enzymes; those enzymes which

utilize the body's abilities to enhance absorption of

vitamins and minerals from being exposed to sunlight. Please

know that the discomfort that you may experience now is part

of a regime of clearing the body of 3d toxification,

resulting from too much reliance on the physical absorption of

the meat products and the nonorganic products which may be

imbibed in the diet. To clear this system, it is asked that

you free willingly absorb much more of the pure water, more

periods of rest, more periods of reflection upon the service

your soul has committed itself to at this time and space, as

you already have made a high caliber

of service connection, and contractual connection with those

around you, and in so doing are tying the knot at a higher

notch. Your essence is greatly appreciated and we give credit

to you and thanks from the highest Sources and realms for your

participation in this group amalgamation and restructuring in

your Sedona vortex amplification locale. Please ask in two or

three weeks for an update of your condition. 


Wynn: Thank you.

I will give both Terry and Daphne closing comments from

our Sources. Also let me mention that if you are taking these

calls seriously and you see the importance of them, please

give our book away, The Creator gods of the Universe Want to

Talk to You, and it's not hard to do. Just have them go to and they will get a free copy of the

book and they will eventually get invited to these calls and

you may be doing someone a wonderful great service.

Terry, do we have any comments through you for closing?

Ra'An: (Terry)We are happy to make this connection and we stay and

are on call, so to speak, so that you may share your inner

most thoughts with us and we are available 24 hours a day and

7 days a week all the time to hear and to assist and to send

you love light and words do not express our love and

appreciation. We leave but we do not leave. Adonai

The Ra Group:(Daphne) We bring to you the message of the One Infinite

Creator. We bring to you, yourselves, and we bring to you

ourselves, for yourselves and ourselves exist as one pillar of

infinite consciousness; a diverse spectrum which is ever

flowing, ever catapulting and ever resting to gain the

stillness in the center point of your own knowingness and

exactitude and harmoniousness is to self realize the infinite

perfection that exists in every moment of your experience and

creation. Be aware of the perfection in each moment, thus

freeing yourself from the entrapments of time and space and

even karmic contracts because Grace releases the binding cords

of karma, which is simply a law of multi-dimensional physics

of cause and effect. Be at cause not at effect, thus brings

peace, thus brings joy, thus brings light, thus brings

harmony, thus brings beauty, thus frees you to the vibration

of ecstasy.

Adonai, Aum

Wynn: Thank you. We will be here Sunday on our grid healing.

If you have never attended one please do. It is a way to be of

service and a way to ground these energies into the location

of your own physical body. My thanks to both Terry and Daphne

and my thanks to all those who are volunteering. Thanks to

Gjis for greeting everybody and thanks to our Sources for

working with us and trusting us to bring this work through

this time on our planet.


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Channeled information is not meant to be believed blindly.

Sometimes information may bleed through from the conscious

mind of the channel. It is possible that a negative Source may

interfere. Apply your own discernment, take only what

resonates and discard the rest. An answer to a question is

meant for the person asking the question and you have the

privilege of listening in because sometimes you can gain

insights from the answer. However,  even though the

circumstances may be similar, do not merely assume the answer

applies to you.. This is not meant to replace seeing your

doctor, dentist or any alternative practitioner.  Some people

get healings here, so you can be open to it.