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Monday Call 08/22/2011
Host: Wynn Free
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Channeled and Edited by Terry Brown

Transcribed by Connie O'Brien

Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee


Terry: Good afternoon, good evening where ever you are. This is Terry Brown, the [co]host to Wynn Free on the Wynn Free show, the Monday night show. Today is August 22, 2011. As usual I don’t know what the topic is going to be. I don’t ever know what the topic is going to be because then I would worry about it.


We have three conference calls a week. On Monday is BBS radio, on Wednesday we have questions and answers where people can ask questions and it’s channeled right there. We have the Sunday grid healing. The Sunday grid healing is on a conference line also. We have the telephone line and then we have BBS internet radio.


Wynn started doing these calls around 2007. We’ve been doing it every Monday night. If you want to listen to any of the archives, BBS radio has an archives you can subscribe to and you can go in and listen to any of the audios.


We had Carla Rueckert come on once a month. However, she had a surgery on her back several months ago and hasn’t been able to come on. She is still healing. We expect her back as soon as she heals further. For those of you that don’t know, Carla Rueckert has been doing channeling. She started bringing through the group soul named Ra a number of years ago. The group soul, Ra, is also the entity that David Wilcock was channeling. The part 2 of the book which Wynn wrote with David Wilcock called The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce, part 2 has channeled data from Ra. It’s amazing data. In fact it made many predictions that have come true since the book came out and since David did the channelings. Sometimes it’s hard to tell from the way they word it what they are predicting but then when the event happens it’s very, very clear that they had been predicting that event. Sometimes it’s political things, or sometimes it’s economic things, or sometimes it’s to do with nature. They are a very positive and loving group, the group soul.


A few years ago I had been channeling the Elohim. We were going to be on something called “Fire the Grid.” This was across the world and it was a radio teleconference. It was to be on at 4:00 AM in the morning. I was supposed to do a channeling on there. Beforehand I had no idea what they were going to say and so I was asking them, “What are you going to be talking about? What are you going to say?” They said they were going to make a big announcement but they wouldn’t tell me anything about it. The Elohim are interesting. When a human thinks something, sometimes you can pick up their thoughts, but when the Elohim has something in mind, it’s not available to pick up unless they want to make it available. So they wouldn’t tell me and then on the “Fire the Grid” as an announcement when I started channeling, they announced that the Ra group and the Elohim group were going to get together and they were going to merge to make a wider frequency, a wider band available to our group so that we could sense them better and to give a wider choice in the groups coming through to provide answers to questions.


One of the things that happens when I channel, is I feel like I’m more intelligent. If I hear a question before I start channeling. I generally go into agony and think, “Oh, no. I have no clue. I have no idea.”


Wynn: Terry, Terry. Can you hear me? [Terry could not hear Wynn.]


Terry: One of the questions was about the tunnels under Bavaria. I’ve never heard of the tunnels under Bavaria but then when I started channeling I actually get color shots and pictures in motion, video, remote viewing in 3D and I could see the tunnels. They were very smooth and not very wide. There were places along the sides, little indentations where somebody could set a lantern and there were areas that opened into wider areas where somebody could almost stand up.


It’s as if when I’m channeling I suddenly increase my frequency and my perception as the Elohim come through and they take me on a magic carpet ride. If they are looking over Texas in the drought area then I get the perception of being over Texas or when they are coming in and looking at the worlf I get the perception of the earth with the blue haze around it. They are huge. They are a similar size to the earth or larger. They aren’t really bounded into a space. So when I’m on their magic carpet ride I’m not bounded into a space either.


Let’s check and see where Wynn might be. Wynn are you there?


Ladies and gentlemen, Wynn Free.


Wynn: This is Monday August 22nd, 2011 with Wynn and Terry in Sedona. Thank you, Terry – for doing a great introduction today. Believe it or not, I almost forgot our call today. Some of you have heard me talk about my habits – I go out to coffee shops and plant myself in a corner. There are so many projects in gear that I just start working on projects I forget anything else exists; for some reason I like doing it in coffee shops. I think it’s because I tap into the people in the coffee shop – they’re a public audience. I’m always learning how to talk about this stuff in a way that doesn’t draw people (to a) conclusion(s). I’ve learned from the Ra group that the best way to impact someone on this kind of material is to make them curious. It’s so controversial that a person has to say, “Let me see what this guy is talking about.” Or, “Is that real?” or, “Could he be making that up?”


If you’re curious to start looking at this, by and large there are no glitches. The only glitch that there could be: is it possible that there is something negative that is trying to lead me along and they’re this good that they can look so positive. Could I be making a mistake?  Because with channelings of other-dimensional stuff, that happens to always be a possibility. You can never believe channeling blindly. Just as with a new friend, you can have the gut-level instinct that somebody’s going to be a friend, but it’s not the same as when they’ve been a friend for four years. After a long enough period of time you know people’s agendas. You know what to expect from them. If they’re not going to be trustworthy, some way or another they’re going to show it.


I think it’s that way when you’re talking to a channeled source; it’s like making a new friend. If you’re listening to us today and you happen to be new and listening to us that’s a good way of approaching this. Maybe you’ll think “I like those guys”, but that’s the beginning stages. The people that keep coming back and forth to the conference calls, we don’t try to be friends; we end up being friends. We end up having affinity; we end up creating collective energies. It happens very spontaneously; it doesn’t happen through any technique. It doesn’t happen through any kind of particular knowledge, although there’s a lot of great knowledge on these calls and a lot of great understanding. It doesn’t happen because of that, it just happens. When it happens, you just connect with it, you feel connected. When you’re connected you’re not only connected to the call, you’re connected to these sources who are kind of like our friends on these calls. They’re friends that we can’t see; they’re invisible. But, they have this unique property of being able to extend energy into our space.


I got an email from somebody recently and I responded to it. This is something that people have said before, and I would like to address that:  “Wynn, why don’t you just shut up and let them talk?  We want to hear the Elohim, we don’t want to hear you.”  Some people think that I have an ego about this that I just want to keep talking and then people don’t want to hear the same old thing. They want to get advanced. There’s an illusion that there’s something that’s advanced, that there’s somewhere to go. There’s never anywhere to go. I used to think this when I was younger; I was very metaphysically savvy and I wanted the highest, the most far-out enlightened person to be my teacher. Interestingly enough, I found somebody. Then when I went to their talk, they weren’t far-out and esoteric. I knew they were, I knew they understood all that stuff, but they were really simple. I started to get that all the metaphysical, esoteric stuff – all of it fascinates the mind and in some cases it awakens cellular memories. We have plenty of that stuff in the course of these calls. Beyond that, what is the goal? 


The goal is to connect, to feel a connection, to feel a vibration. When new people come on, they’re the most important people on the call. If I talk over their head and I get to “Woo woo!” and I say “Okay here’s the Elohim, this is God talking to us.”  They don’t know that!  They have to come to that conclusion. What I learned was those people on the line that are old-timers that have been coming for some time are actually holding the energy and the space for new people. If you get impatient when I do these introductions, you may not be allowing yourself to do that. The way this realm is going to transform and the way people are going to graduate is if people hold space for each other. They hold loving energy for each other. When I’m talking, it’s not just me talking it’s us talking. All of you who are listening are part of the energy of this call. That’s what I’ve come to learn; you may not believe that, you may just think you’re passive and I’m going along. Because of the fact that you come back again and again the call has grown to hold a space and you’ve been a participant in the creation of that space.


It’s a very high space; it’s a space that other people can tap into. The real value of what you’re doing and what I’m doing is that new people can come into the space and they can find something to relate to other than “This is all over my head; I don’t understand this.”  Then, they go away. It’s not that I want new people because I need attention; it’s because I know that for certain people this work is going to make a huge contribution to their life. It may even cause them to graduate this realm. If they don’t pay attention to it, they have to hang in long enough so they get it, so that it anchors with them. If they don’t pay attention and they just say “These guys are a bunch of egomaniacs” or, “This is a clique, everybody knows each other – I don’t fit in.”  If they don’t pay attention, they don’t get it. The people that pay attention, so many of them, start to shift their energies and their pattern.


This has been very much a learning experience for me and for Terry. Terry was so shy you could hardly get her to open their mouth except when they would talk. Even then, she would keep saying “Wait a moment, wait a moment.”  One of the reasons she was saying “Wait a moment” is I think she gets pictures and she has to convert the pictures into words and another thing is she’s kind of filtering to make sure she doesn’t have a negative source. Can she trust them?  That was a very big thing for us for quite some time – do we trust these guys?  What’s their intention?  Do we want to put it out in the world?  Now we are, the way we’re doing this, historically, is unprecedented. There’s never been an internet, there has never been telephone conference calls. This era has the ability to do things that have never been able in this realm.


All of you who are on the call are helping, the Elohim would say, “Helping to hold the geometries; helping to anchor, helping to create anchor points.” It makes it so I can be fluid and comfortable, feel protected – faith that I can say these things and I know when I say them there’s people on the line that have had the experiences that I’m talking about. At one point there was no one having any experience and there was just this voice talking to me and I started putting this out into the world. I had no idea what would happen. I didn’t know how people would relate to it.


I remember when I was writing The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce, there was a place in there where I was going to put something in about Jesus, and Jesus’ connection to this whole thing. David said “No we can’t put that in; we’ll have fundamentalists chasing us around the block.”  So, we didn’t put it in. It’s that controversial, and that’s one of the reasons that I’m so careful not to tell people “This is the Elohim, these are the guys that created the physical realm, let’s genuflect for them.”  There’s a certain equality here, and the beauty of the equality is that all of us can partake of the energy as equals. Wherever you’re at in your own development, in your own place right now – this is a place to come and feel an upliftment of energy, to learn how to connect with these sources in other dimensions to prove to yourself that they’re real (and) to prove to yourself that you don’t die. Your body dies; but, to prove to yourself that you continue.


No matter how much I would say that, there is no reason for you to believe it. But when we have these ongoing live calls on BBS and at other times, and Terry talks to us spontaneously I don’t think anyone who pays attention for a period could in any way believe that we’re making it up or that Terry was making it up, or that we’re crazy. When people hear about it at first, it sounds that way. They just exclude it. They think we’re crazy, we’re making it up or we’re trying to get rich. I’m not against getting rich, but doing this for money has to be very carefully executed because it’s too sacred and precious to turn into a business. Terry, do you want to make any comments on anything I’m saying? 


Terry:  You covered it – in the beginning we had to spend several years just making sure that we could trust the source, and also in connecting with them. At first, they were speaking in mathematics to me. I had to say “Hey, wait a minute, I don’t understand mathematics, like all these formulas you’re throwing at me. Do you have a translation unit that can translate this?  It took us a while to get this together and to be able to trust it.


Wynn:  I tell people who are new to this that you should not trust it; you should not believe we’re talking to who they say they are. You should just watch it for a while and apply a test. What is the test you would apply?  I’ve learned the test – is there anything here that’s taking me over?  Telling me what to do?  Violating your free will?  Creating fear?  If you get a ‘yes’ to any of those things then this is not a good place to be. Or, a place that has those things - it’s probably got agendas. When you come into these calls can you feel a sense of camaraderie?  Do you feel a sense of loving – not just from me, not just from the call, but even the people that are on the call coming back?  Do you feel that sense of love and the way people are connected to each other?  That’s a pretty good thing to be creating. If all we’re doing is giving people opportunities to open their hearts and love each other, then….


Jesus had the criteria ‘by your fruits you shall be known’, or ‘when two or more are gathered, I am present’ and all those things. It’s not very much different from what we’re doing on these calls, except this is not an officially Christian call. According to our sources that Jesus is probably not coming back in a physical body, he’s coming back in the hearts of everyone – the Christed Consciousness. It’s not that he doesn’t want to come back or that they don’t want him to come back. It’s that: who is going to own him when he comes back?  How is he going to be recognized?  How would he prove that he is who he says he is? Some people think “Oh, we’ll just do a few miracles.”  The thing about that is:  if you’ve been in the position I’ve been in, I’ve learned that the negative can do miracles. So, miracles are not enough to prove something is real. There has to be an opening of your heart. There has to be a feeling of love from the higher realms. It has to be beyond your emotions, it’s not just emotional love. It’s a different kind of love, it’s an energy love and if you’re on these calls you’ve come to feel it. You’ve come to understand it.


It’s a period now where that kind of discernment is very important, because in the future there could be very charismatic people coming forward that are from the negative and say “If you don’t do this you’re going to go to hell” and “If you don’t follow me you’re going to go to hell.”  There was one story where they were going to project holograms of Jesus into the sky and everyone would defer. Or, spaceships are going to land and everyone is going to defer. I don’t believe those things are going to be positive; I am willing to evaluate it at the time they happen, I’m willing to run it by my sources and of course I’ll share that with people. But, you have to learn to decide if you can trust me and trust my sources.


What good is it if you’re just running around looking for the right authority to follow?  If you’re doing that, you’re not empowering yourself. You’re giving up your power to an authority. When things break down and I hope they don’t; according to all indications we’re going to have some major breakdowns. Most people are going to get really PO’d at the government because they were depending on the government and the news and all these things. Those things are not reliable. They’re not positive, even – or, they’re mixed. They’re controlled and the discernment over the next period of time is going to be very important. These are lessons of discernment. There really is nothing to follow here, there is just showing up. We don’t have any tithing; I’m detached from whether I do this or not. I don’t need to do this; I’m not doing this for the attention I’m doing it because I guess I can do it. It’s just is in my face; and, that it’s hard to get somebody to do it. I started doing it and it started working, so we continue and we’re going to continue doing this. And, that other people have just been responding so well, that I’m so grateful that we have this opportunity to do this at this period of time, in this critical period of time, and make this contribution.


It’s not just a contribution of support; those of you who come into our Sunday grid healings know that it’s a contribution of bridging inter-dimensional energies into this realm, which is huge. It’s a huge thing to be doing that. It means that you’re creating a seed that could make huge shifts over time during the evolutionary patterns of humans. This is all, we’re just sowing seeds, and all you people are part of helping to create the seeds. I don’t know if that’s real for you, if you can internalize that. I know somebody is saying “Wynn when are you going to shut up and channel?”


We may not do a channeling tonight. I didn’t make an announcements because I got so engrossed in writing something. I had something I was going to bring up and I thought “I want to bring that up when I make an announcement.”


I’m just going to see if anyone has something they’d like to say. We did that one Wednesday. Terry, do you mind if I do that? 


Terry:  No, that’s great.


Wynn:  Give you a break tonight?  Each of you is part of divine creation, and each of you has a story. Some of you have had great shifts as a result of coming into our calls and by sharing it authentically – don’t do it to please me. If no one comes forward it’s fine if we have dead silence and I’ll find something to talk about. If you really have something you can authentically share, just doing a testimony will help. You never know who you’re going to help and whose life you’re going to change because you shared that. (Because) somebody said “Hey I’m going to keep coming back to those calls. That sounded real.”  Remember - if no one says anything, I can retire!  Does anyone want to share anything that is on the line?


Dee:  I wanted to share. As you know I’ve been going through some health problems. They’ve escalated lately, but I wasn’t able to get on the calls. Last week I got on the call and I’m on tonight and this raises my energy level. I believe it is helping to heal me because my energy levels are raised, my spirit’s raised and I’m getting better. I haven’t been able to get on the calls and I have last week and this week. Just being on the call tonight I’m feeling much better, so I know these energies – I can feel them, I can feel them around me when I’m on the calls. I just know they’re there, and I know they’re good and I know they help me.


Wynn:  You can feel a difference - when you haven’t been on the calls for a while, there’s a shift in your energy overall? 


Dee:  Yes.


Wynn: Thank you so much for sharing.


Gina:  The synchronicities are so numerous, I’ll pick out the highlights. I’ve been with you Wynn at least two years now.


Wynn:  You haven’t “been with me”. Gina, you’ve come into the calls. It’s not about me – it’s the calls and the energy on the calls. I want to make sure about that distinction.


Gina:  I’ve been coming into the calls for about two years now and I had some challenges in my life and I started asking the sources for their assistance – one being selling my house. Against all odds, it was truly miraculous that my house indeed finally sold under the most miraculous conditions. I attribute that synchronicity happening. My ex-boyfriend came back briefly and I attribute that also to the sources.


The tsunamis here in Hawaii we were spared by the grace of God; once again, a complete miracle that we were spared. Both times, this year and last year the tsunamis were heading straight for us, all of the islands actually, and they were heading toward my island of Oahu and once again I asked the sources for assistance and miraculously both times, both years, we were saved from the tsunamis. I say this with profound grace and thankfulness and appreciation for everything. Words cannot even describe how sincere and grateful that I am for all of this.


Wynn:  Thank you so much for sharing Gina. Those of you who have not checked it out on Sundays, you probably get announcements for what I call our grid healing. On the grid healing we create a group energy, we create group intentions to shift things on the planet honoring the highest good of all concerned and free will. On these grid healings, we’ve had really so many circumstances of shifts occurring. When Gina said the tsunamis, we were putting that out on the grid healing; and, there have been numerous cases.


Again, it looks like coincidence. I’m not going to tell you to believe it. It’s one of those things that you have to just keep paying attention and see the patterns and say, “Could this just be coincidence?” Another good one was in New Mexico where somebody put the fires, “Could we have rain?” and the next thing it rained for three days after it hasn’t rained since last November.


Could be coincidence – believe me, I don’t want credit for doing stuff like that!  People think I’m doing this, and I’m not. We’re all doing this and we’re all part of a relay station for energies of the higher realms. We’re learning how to do it; we’re not believing it. When you actually do it you can feel the shift. There’s a learning curve, but it’s not a learning curve through education; it’s a learning curve through showing up.


Isis:  I have something to share. Since I started coming on the calls it’s been amazing for my spirituality and I’ve seen changes and it’s gotten to the point where I even feel the energies with me sometimes like ten times a day. I feel like I’m on drugs. I just can’t find a better description, it’s so beautiful.


One of the reasons for me: I moved from New York to Arizona like a few months ago. There were tendencies in my environment of people being pessimistic and negative and a little bit of drama sometimes. It was so interesting when I got news back from actually where I lived and where I worked. It was a little bit of a surprise; it could be taken as coincidences. I was living with this lady and she was renting a room from me. She was a little bit pessimistic and stuff. Even at work there were some people.


Both places within two months: my company was almost shutting down in two months when I left. I was like “What happened, we had a great year!”  I hadn’t worked there for a year. With my roommate everything started crumbling down on her through her life, everything. I can see that sometimes we attract those things, we manifest because she had a tendency to do that. I know that when I was there, it seemed like everything was holding together everywhere. I don’t attribute it to me, I sense that sometimes you’re just a help to make sure that you ground light and love here in whatever way, just by being there. It could be a coincidence, but in my observation it was like “Whoa!  I left and everything just crumbled down in two months.”  There were very dramatic things that happened when they told me. I don’t want to get into the details. I was surprised; we do hold the energy even though we don’t think so. That’s my thought. Or, we don’t feel it.


Wynn: Thank you so much for sharing, Isis. What amazes me is every so often I get an email from somebody who has been coming to our calls and I don’t even know them. They’ve been kind of listening anonymously and a year later they tell me how much their life changed. It blows my mind that can occur. If any of you are listening to the call right and that’s happened for you, send me an email. We really like to hear that. It makes us feel that all the energy we put into this has been worthwhile. I always share them with both Terry and Daphne. Of course Daphne used to think she was nuts and I was nuts when this first started. As many of you know, she was on the line last Wednesday and did an awesome job. I wouldn’t be surprised if she continues to make a contribution on these calls. Thank you very much Isis.


Zoë:  I read on the internet about the Sunday call and saw the announcement for it for a few weeks and decided to try it because my spiritual life has taken me to a place where I don’t want to be in a church anymore. I don’t want to be in any specific religion anymore but I wanted to continue spiritual growth. I especially missed not being able to try to do something that was good for the earth and for other people in the world in the company of other people. You do get that from church. That’s why I came on the Sunday call to try that out. It has been wonderful for me. I think I’ve been coming on now about a year and a half I suppose. In that time I have felt the energy come into my living room.


Fairly recently I’ve begun to be able to feel the earth buzz under my feet, which I have never felt before in my life. What I’ve gotten is a very expanded sense of what there is, that everything is spiritual and also a sense that we are connected to something that is very safe and very powerful and very loving and that is in partnership with us whenever we want that. It’s looking for that partnership. I want to thank everybody and you Wynn and Terry of course and everybody else responsible for seeing to it that these calls come up every week.


Wynn:  Thank you so much Zoë. It’s great to hear your experiences, because the only way we know this works is when people tell us. It’s not like you’re looking into a room of smiling people and feel the energy. We can feel the energy over the phone lines, it’s so great.


The first time we did a Sunday grid healing and I brought in that visualization, I was thinking “Uh oh I think I’m feeling something. I don’t know if anybody else is. They’re going to think I’m nuts to be doing this.”  For a couple of weeks feeling that way; feeling the energy myself and getting so many feedbacks from people that “I can feel it.”  If you’re listening and you wonder what it feels like, you’re just going to have to come into the call and check it out yourself. It’s a demonstration of The Law of One. It’s a demonstration of actually feeling the energies of the people on the call.


I suppose I could do that on a Monday and a Wednesday. Maybe we will towards the end, but newer people have to come on the calls more often to get their receiver tuned in, so to speak. People can come and they have doubts - which is okay; they have skepticism this is okay; they have concern about whether we’re positive - which is okay. Test it over a period of time, you have to draw your own conclusion and not believe me. I’m not going to tell you we’re positive. If I told you I was positive, I’d probably be negative. Really, the positive doesn’t want you to believe it until you use your own discernment and test it out for yourself. 6:46 – anyone else?  Silence.


I’ll tell you what I was going to talk about this week. I’m going to delay it until next week. Interesting topic – what happens to me is that I start finding things on the internet and I read about them and then I start cross-referencing what I’m reading about with our sources. I start asking them questions. Then I go back to the internet, I try to find external validation that we’re getting that correlative information. For example when I first was writing The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce and then Daphne started channeling. Of course they did this phenomena of predicting that newspaper headline. That was not enough to convince me they were positive, it just convinced me that Daphne wasn’t crazy.


Then I asked all the questions about the shift that were coming in through Wilcock. At that time, I had been making very extensive studies of Wilcock’s channeling but I was not sure I could trust the information; I couldn’t validate it. I could validate that Wilcock vs Cayce; I could validate the voice speaking through him was extremely wise; I could validate their vantage point. They really had a very unusually high vantage point in the way they looked at us. But, I couldn’t validate the details of the shift.


Then, when Daphne came into my life and started channeling, I asked question after question and every one was spot-on with the information coming through Wilcock and it’s not information Daphne knew. I started studying Carla Rueckert and there was correlation after correlation in the Carla Rueckert Ra channelings. Oftentimes, I come across information that no one else has talked about or that they’ve alluded to.


For example, there was a series of channelings some time ago where they were talking about gold miners that came to this planet and bred humans to be their slaves to mine their gold for them. That came up in a channeling; I had never heard that before. Then I started researching the internet and I found there was a Jewish scholar by the name of Zecharia Sitchin who had written books about this and that on the walls of caves in Mesopotamia… there were stories about these beings that came from the sky about this gold mining. It was kind of matching what came up in a channeling.


I’ve done more research on this; the beings were referred to as the Annunaki. The Annunaki were descended Elohim souls that came into this realm. The jury is out about whether they’re positive or negative; some of them are positive, some of them are negative. When an Elohim soul comes into this realm they have tremendous power. They have power of transformation or power to control – depends on what they do. Nonetheless, the Annunaki were gold miners and they bred humans to do their gold mining for them because they didn’t want to do it themselves. Was that horribly negative? I don’t know. We might not be here if they didn’t do that. Do you enjoy being here? If this story is true, if a bunch of gold miners came down.


Then, the way the story ran would be: that the humans that they had created were created to not have all their DNA up but just a couple of strands of DNA. In general, those with the higher strands of DNA have the ability to control those with the lower strands. If somebody has their power chakra open, they can easily control someone with their first two strands open. So, humans were bred not to have more than two strands I believe. They started evolving and one of the stories that came up is they started evolving because of sex. Within sexual interaction they were opening up their higher chakras. They became rebellious and the Annunaki were trying to control them and they would say they were God and that they would be punished if they ran away or if they did this or that – they had these powers.


They were creating fear – this was the instance of how some of the paradigms today got established. This may be wrong, but you can go look this up:  ‘Annunaki gold mining’ and ‘four million BC’. I didn’t ask all the questions, but our channeling started me off on it because they said the first instances of humans was four million BC, and then I got an incredible answer to a question:  “They’re evolving, creating DNA manipulation and creating beings through DNA manipulation, so where does the soul come in?  How did that work?”  We asked that on one of our calls and whetherit’s DNA manipulation or just a normal birth, where does the soul come from?  I don’t believe in all of history I’ve ever heard this answer about that. Where does the soul come from?


The DNA pulls the soul in!  It pulls the energy from the field which is random and the DNA forms the energy around it so now the field is individuated according to the DNA. When the physical body dies that individuation in the field continues and then it comes back in the next body. If there is evolution occurring, then the soul ‘evolves’ around the DNA – the energy that forms around the DNA is evolving with the DNA. In my mind something goes *click* and “That’s how it works.”  The Elohim we’re talking to – I said “Do you guys create souls when you see a body down there?”  They said “No. The soul was an automatic creation of the DNA.” 


There is something else in this period of time that came up a number of times on the internet and it had to do with two brothers:  one was named Enlil and one was named Enki. They were involved in this genetic experiment.


One of them was a genetic master and was the prime creator (web reference to: master scientist/physician Enki). When the humans started to rebel, one of them wanted to do away with the humans and the other didn’t. They were having huge fights.


On one hand, the galactic council was a little annoyed that they did this genetic experiment because there was a policy of non-intervention, free will. Like the old Star Trek thing where not to interfere with the culture of a planet, and they had made a huge interference. By the way, they didn’t just create the DNA from scratch; they took some of their DNA and combined it with ape DNA. One of the apes and the humans were the result of that combination. There was a recent article that somebody sent me that there were 223 genes in a human that couldn’t have come around by the normal evolutionary path, that were new and different. I don’t understand it scientifically, but the implication was they had to come from aliens.


Humans were combinations of apes and Annunaki, which for four million years kept growing. I know there is more to the story than I’m telling you. I know that there were attempts to destroy humans by the one brother who was antagonistic to all this happening. In one of the things I read, they said “The negative brother, or the brother that was wanting to destroy things, came in as Yahweh and was influencing us as Yahweh. And - the God that was jealous, possessive, sacrificing, the god of fear.” 


That’s what I wanted to explore tonight. Everything being equal, we’re going to explore it next week. There’s a good chance we’re going to get information that has never been presented in the history of mankind about this period of time. You can all go look up Enki and Enlil and read some of that. Remember when you read this stuff doesn’t mean it’s true. I read a bunch of stuff and I look for correlative things on the internet. When I find enough of them I start to get the inclination that it’s probably true or there is something to it. All the things have different angles oftentimes so you can’t get to the root of it.


I tell people you shouldn’t blindly believe our sources, but you should add the information to the mix and see how it fits and usually it fits pretty good. This is going to be a really interesting call. It is 6:58 and we’re going to come close to bringing it to a close. Terry is there anything you want to say? 


Terry:  I just appreciate the opportunity to be able to do all this because it’s along the lines of what my purpose was in being here. I just express my thanks to our sources and to all the people who are on the line.


Wynn:  There’s the saying that “If there’s a sound in the forest but there’s (no one to hear it) is there really a sound?”  Those of you who are finding this important (are) making it have a sound, making it expand.


Thank you all who are listening; if you’re listening to the replays I hope you forgive us for not doing a channeling tonight. We’re leading up to some interesting things. Remember we are humans, just like you, who are doing this. As we give ourselves permission to be human in a sense it gives you more permission to be humans. There is no holier than thou in this group, there is just coming together and group energy. Keep in mind we’re going to keep giving our book away, You never know who’s life you’re going to totally transform who reads it. if you want to participate in our Team Shift calls.


With that, we say “Thanks to BBS, thanks to everybody who is volunteering.”  We’ll see you Wednesday – if you want to send a question. We’ve been taking healings so you can put them on. No guarantees – experiment, we’ll see what happens. We’ll see some of you Wednesday.

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