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Thank you, Suzanne Hayes for transcribing


                   The Ra'An for August 24, 2011

This is Wednesday, August 24, 2011 and my name is Wynn Free
and my co-host is Terry Brown.

Wynn: It is very important that each person make their own
evaluation of what is true.

The best relationship with our Sources is to be friends. This
is a friendship with a subtle energy but the best friends have
a silent understanding. They know each other, they are there
for each other. You don't have to put on a good face for a real
friend and if you are having a bad day, they don't care, they
are still you're friend, they still give you a support, it's unconditional.
So one of the great things about these guys is that they are that way, but
they are an energy friend and it's not like you have to be
perfect, in fact you don't have to be perfect. Come as you
are, just live your life with high intent and integrity. Even
the dark parts, because we all have dark parts, do not exclude
you from their friendship.

How you deal with your dark parts could exclude you. If
you hate someone because they did something to you and
you do something that is hateful. So learning how to deal
with your shadow side is a very important aspect of the human
condition and the evolving human. Learning how to observe
it by letting it come up whether it's depression, or hate or jealousy.
All the range of human emotions and don't judge yourself. Just
put it in the light.

If you have this model that you are a perfect person then you
will cover them up and feel guilty about them. You will not
deal with those things and they will just remain in your

So you learn how to lift your energy above that. Our Sources
provide a lot of tools to help us. They are already here
listening to us and we will start out by calling in the light.

(Wynn calls in the light)

Ra'An: We greet you in the love light of the One Infinite
Creator. This is the 24th of August, 2011 on planet earth and
we are pleased to make the connection with each and every
person on this line and we are delighted for the connection
between each one of you and what you might call home. The home
where individuals are whole and are loved and are worthy and
are honored. Do you have questions?

Wynn: Yes. I am going to start out with a question from Zoe.
She asks, I understand the moon has a steady influence on
humans and can you help us understand it's influence on human
beings. She asks, how can we show our appreciation to the moon
and I would like to ask is there any benefit to showing appreciation
to the moon?

Ra'An: Thank you.

There is a live intelligence in All That Is, so appreciation
increases loving connection. So, it does pay to give appreciation
to the moon. The way that it influences one is to help them
ground within the field as there is a gravitational pull on
each being. This gravitational pull is increased in times
when the moon is close to the earth and at times when the moon
is not shadowed by the shadow of the earth. The earth and the
moon have a connection that helps set the rhythms of the earth
and it is a loving connection. That is our answer.

Wynn: Thank you.

I would like to add a question to that. In some of the
internet sites and in the research I have done , it was
indicated that at one point there was no moon and that the moon
was towed into it's orbit by ET's, and the moon is an
artificial satellite. Historically, if we go back to Egypt,
there was the Amon god and the Aten god, and Amon related to the
moon and Aten related to the sun, and in general it indicated
that the sun god was far superior to the moon god, bigger in
it's hologram, and that the moon god was responsible for Amon
Ra, for example, which was connected to service to self. Can you
give a discourse on any of that which feels relevant and that
we can make use of?

Ra'An: The matter that makes up the moon and the gaseous
nature of the sun is different. The moon is more congealed
into solid matter, the sun is more gaseous, and  liquid and changing. They
have different influences upon the people of earth. The sun is
very life giving by nature of it's rays, it's heat. It gives
life to the whole solar system. We do not look at the moon or
the sun as being superior. They have different roles and
functions. One may move into a system of thinking wherein they
honor the sun, since it is such a life giving factor, and look
at it as being more of a hero or more of a friend than say,
the moon.  However, it is all part of the solar system and operates
all together. Without the sun, the solar system would have
less life in the 3rd density. The moon as we look at it,
affects the earth and is a balance for it's rotation, and in
earlier times it was able to be moved into a certain orbit to
counterbalance the earth as a further anchoring system for
earth, that could be moved and could be a blessing and a
protection to the earth, and a protection from foreign bodies
moving into earth. However that was a civilization of a very
long time ago that was destroyed as Mars was depleted of life
and another planet within the solar system was blown up. Much
technology and knowledge of how to make life easier and
control weather patterns within the earth plane and in Mars
was lost. Those are our comments.

Wynn: Thank you.

Edna has a question. We have been taught, and this is not
something we can directly validate, that there are millions of
star seeds and millions of Wanderers on this planet. (Wynn: Let me
just make a comment that star seeds and Wanderers are entities
from higher dimensions, that would not normally be required to
take a body karmically, but have chosen (volunteered) to come
here to either experience what it feels like down here, or to
be of service. In general star seeds originate from the Elohim,
and Wanderers originate from the Ra Group; two different group
souls.) This question is what about the rest of the people who
are not star seeds or Wanderers. Where do they come from?

Ra'An: Thank you for your question. There is a time factor
involved in all of this and many individuals who you would not
call star seeds or Wanderers are individuals that have
originally, many, many ancient periods of time ago, moved into
the physical realm and have gotten stuck in the cycle of
reincarnation and are working through things. They do not
appear to have the same abilities as star seeds and Wanderers
as they seem to have lost them over time. Many times when you
see the person who is incapacitated in intellect or in
physicality, they have gotten into karmic situations which
they are working through, and have lost sight of their origins. All
individuals have come from the other side.

Wynn: How about those beings that were genetically created or
worked on by the Annunaki, where they bred ape genes and
Annunaki genes and humans were the result?

Ra'An: There are individuals who are mainly of the body system
and are working on the intellect, and the systems of energy and
matrices within the body, that do not have a star seed or
Wanderer or other individual that is guiding, and these
individuals are working within their own body system to
progress through life. They do not have the same dimension of
foresight and adaptability as others and they may not live as

Wynn: What percentage of our planet's population might be of
people who fit this category, who are not starseeds or Wanderers
who are indigenous to the earth, those who were mixed with ape
genes and Annunaki?

Ra'An: We do not see the question as quite clear as there have
been star seeds and Wanderers both who inhabited these human
bodies who were instigated by these Annunaki and they used
apes and the Annunaki to foster, to plant a more adaptable
human who could withstand the higher density of the earth
atmosphere, and others from other planets did not survive very
well in this atmosphere, so the majority of individuals of star
seeds and Wanderers have taken these human bodies. We do not
wish to go deeper at this time to look at percentages.

Wynn: Thank you. So just to repeat, the genetic experiment of
the Annunaki to create bodies ended up in a certain
percentage of individuals who just evolved on the earth and
another group that was occupied by star seeds and Wanderers
and higher dimensional being occupied those bodies to
experience this realm. Do I have that correctly?

Ra'An: Yes. It is possible that a star seed or a Wanderer or a
walk-in from another galaxy or civilization can walk into
these other bodies.

Wynn: Thank you.

Next question is from a man in Nigeria. One of his
assumptions is that there is a grand council with the Ra and
the Elohim, and the other is that things in the Bible there is
a lot of indication that a lot of beings from other dimensions
took on occasion, the position of God in different events and
some of them might have been the Ra and Elohim Groups but the
question has come up that Yahweh was of the Ra Group but then
took it upon himself to do his own thing. That being said I
will ask the question.

In the grand council do negative forces sit there together
with the Ra and the Elohim. This question is most important to
me if we consider the Elohim intervention in the case of Job
in the old testament. He says this question is integral in our
unfolding educational process. So I will turn this over to

Ra'An: Greetings to you in Africa. Thank you for your question. The
earth is very ancient and has been through different periods
of civilization and different periods of peoples that are in
different stages of growth. The Elohim and Ra have made a
collective consciousness, which is not really a council which
works with your group, and have come together for the specific
purpose of working with your group. The Council of Elohim is
one of the bodies that are working with other members of the
Elohim Group which help to guide the connections of the Elohim
with the earth population, and there are other governing bodies
of the Elohim that work within the governing of the Elohim
itself in their different functions. The Ra Group has a
council of it's own which helps to organize and govern the Ra
Group. Yahweh was a member of the Ra Group who was given the
station to help guide the Hebrew tribe. The connection of
Yahweh at the time as more fierce and warlike which was given
a bad orientation by both the nature of the obstacles and
challenges that people were undergoing and the growth of
Yahweh at that time, therefore in the different periods of
civilization of earth and a different openness of the people
to the Higher Sources means that in different periods of time,
the people who were interpreting the messages of the Elohim
were filtered through the consciousness of those in the earth
plane as well as the Ra Group.

At this time earth is moving into a higher vibration which
allows for a more loving connection, and it is this that allows
us to come through bringing messages of love-light from the
highest order of the Elohim. We hope this had shed some light
on this question.

Wynn: Thank you.

It is interesting that we asked that question, because I just
checked my email and somebody sent a last minute question in
asking who was Yahweh and what was their agenda, so we
covered that.

Now we have a question from Nancy Jones in Florida. She took a
seminar on sound healing and she was told that tuning forks
could be used to change and balance your vibrations and
chakras and during the seminar the teacher made the statement
that a certain tone would releases all attachments to prior
incarnations when this tone is made over the solar plexus.
Now, she makes a lot of assumptions here and one is that that
is true that you can put a tuning fork over your solar plexus
and suddenly all your past incarnations are gone? Well that
does not make sense to me. Nancy goes on and says, why would
be want to release incarnations unless she means the karma
associated with those incarnations.

Ra'An: Thank you for your question. That is a very interesting
question and the chakras have a resonance with the different
tones so moving a tone over a chakra can reinforce that chakra
and help it to be stronger so at time there is karma from past
lives and if they intervene with the movement of the chakra,
the spinning of the chakra as an individual holds onto
distortion from a past life, therefore if you hold the tuning
fork over that certain chakra and reinforce the vibration of
that chakra it can help to clear, however, the person is
holding that distortion within her or his field and as such
they are distorting the vibration of the chakra so if the
karma is very strong and traumatic it may be hard to clear,
however holding tones resonant with the individual chakras
can help support and help reinforce the person.

Wynn: Thank you.

Alright, I think our final question has to do with this period
we are in now, Daphne calls it a dip or a catalytic period
that started on August 18th and is supposed to continue for about
60 days and the question is, is there anything you would like
to share with us concerning this 60 days, and anything we might
expect to occur and anything we could use our positive
intentions to detour that could have a negative impact?

Ra'An: One of the things to look at here are the individual
lives of each and every one of you and as these energies
permeate the earth sphere, one can move to stay grounded by
looking for or imagining the Hunab Ku and that energy coming
through the individual and into the center of the earth and to
keep grounded within this and to not be diverted and stay
alert and stay within your own center and the news has a
natural disruption, volatility in the stock market.
Abnormalities in the weather that can cause one to become
ungrounded or worried and scared so it is important to stay
alert and observe it and not move into the disruptions that
you may see around you. The area of weather, the different
sections of the world that are in flood zones and other
sections of much rain during this period can create a problem
and we send love light and we send a stabilization. The more
people who pray for stabilization, the easier it is, even the
weather to normalize. As all is intelligent and even factors
such as the weather are affected by consensus reality. The
more people that are grounded and centered and do not become
the subjects of media upset, the more stable life on earth
will be. That is our answer.

Wynn: Thank you.

I know these calls are helping people to stay centered and
stable and if you value that impact on yourself be sure to
take the opportunity to pass the book around, and just share it. You never know when
something is going to resonate with someone.

Let's take a moment as people have asked to put the hurricane
in the light and asked if it could be diverted or modified so
that it doesn't cause devastation in the areas it is coming in
on. Let's take a moment and just hold the space for the
highest good of all that the impact of the hurricane be

Ra'An: We suggest you put it up on your Team Shift calls
starting tomorrow that the affects of the hurricane can be

Gjis: Can we also add that Texas be put in the light for rain.

Wynn: Yes.

Then we have a specific request from Dee and her husband for
balance and health and let's include anyone on this line who
is working on a heath issue or asking for anything to ask for
the assistance from the higher realms. We will take just a
moment of silence.

Ra'An: We suggest that anyone, whether they are having health
issues or not, maintain their body in an alkaline state because
it is very difficult to heal in an acidic state.

Wynn: On that note we'll bring this call to a close. We
thank Terry for being so dedicated to this work and to all of
you for listening to our replays and coming into our Sunday
grid healing which are specifically dedicated to healing and
transformation of our planet and to those volunteering to get
everything working. I appreciate it very much.

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