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Dolphins and Whales

Monday Call 08/29/2011
Introductory Notes by Wynn Free
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Channeled and Edited by Terry Brown

Transcribed by Connie O'Brien
Formatted and sent by Aharon ben Or

Terry: Good evening everybody or good morning or good afternoon whenever you listen to the replay line or whenever you hear this, whether you’re on BBS Radio or whether you’re reading the transcript. We’re delighted to be with each and every one of you. This is the Wynn Free Show and I’m one of the hosts for the show. My name’s Terry Brown. We have topics every Monday at 6:00 on BBS Radio that are prepared by Wynn each week. I never know what the topics going to be beforehand and I don’t wish to know because then I’d worry about it. So I do channeling often.

Wynn: Hi Terry.

Terry: It sounds like Wynn is on the line. Wynn?

Wynn: You guys who are listening to the tape just missed Terry giving the greatest announcement – I said “I wish I had the recorder on.” She was sounding so good I didn’t even want to say anything. Terry?

Terry: (That’s) been my greatest fear – that you won’t show up sometime!

Wynn: She called me up about fifteen minutes ago (and said) “Wynn! Where are you? The show is in fifteen minutes!” I’m on the road, so I said “Don’t worry, I’ll just pull over to the nearest Starbucks”. Those of you who got the email just now, I just sent that out from Starbucks, and here I am, reliably on time. I want you guys to know that Terry is an expert at being reliable; I have to make a huge effort to be reliable. I’m doing a good job, all things considered – we’re doing three calls a week. For a guy who doesn’t like to make commitments, that’s not bad.

Terry: That’s very good!

Wynn: I just show up – that’s the neat thing. It used to be I had to worry about it. Now, I say if I just show up and be myself, what do I have to worry about? Luckily, you guys like us for who we are, so we don’t have to try to be anything. Thank you all for that.

We’re going to be at the Expo in Los Angeles at the end of the month, at the Conscious Life Expo (at the end of September). My talk is on Sunday, and I’m getting more bold. I haven’t every done this before, and Terry doesn’t know what I’m going to do so I better not say because she’ll start getting ulcers between now and then!

Terry: You better not tell me!

Wynn: Luckily, she goes along with me and luckily, she always comes through. We have a really unusual thing we’re doing – we have three conference calls a week. Here is what it looks like is happening, and you have to check this out for yourself. When you talk about things you can’t see or validate I can only say it looks like it.

We have these sources that are in other dimensions and they really want to contribute to our realm. The way they contribute (and) the manner in which they operate is (that) they need to be asked. They don’t violate free will. When they contribute, the amazing thing is, they can beam energy into this realm. When we do our calls – particularly our Sunday call – many people on the line can feel the energies. (So) you feel the energies and then they talk to us and they say “Hi, that’s us. We see you.” The first time that happens you say “Did I feel that? Is that real?” because it’s subtle. It’s a very subtle thing. In fact, I would say that many people have felt the energies beaming in from the higher dimensions but they didn’t realize that was what it was. It just felt good, it felt happy, it felt joyous, it felt connected. That connection comes in our line, people feel it but then it’s very unusual – the source that is beaming the energy in then talks to us through Terry. It’s very casual. It’s not “holier-than-thou”, no overly-sacred. It is sacred in the (most) real sense of the word, but there’s no ritual attached to it; it’s just “Okay you’re here, let’s see what happens”.

I spontaneously ask them questions; Terry never knows what my questions are. On Wednesday, people submit questions and it’s fascinating to watch it, listen and note the wisdom and the answers to the questions… notice the energies that come in. A lot of people who keep coming into the calls have made permanent shifts in their energies. I get emails about this – they start to make the connection and hold it themselves – because the reference point is on these calls. You’re invited to check into all of our calls, as many as you want, as many as resonates and it’s a pleasure to have you! Gina, are you on the call?

Gjis: No, I do not (have her)…

Wynn: Gina is going to shoot herself in the foot for missing this call.

Gjis: It’s about dolphins tonight?

Wynn: Yes. That was my announced topic: Dolphins and Whales.

Gjis: She told me last night she was going to make it, but apparently not.

Wynn: I flunked German in high school; I still remember a little. When I applied to Berkeley they rejected me at first; they rejected me because I flunked German. I’ll tell you the story:

My best friend, Marvin, who was like “way up”… we went to the really smart school in Philadelphia called Central High School. He was one of the smartest guys in the class and he was going to Berkeley. At the time they were playing “I wish they all could be California girls” and I said “I gotta get to Berkeley!” Otherwise, I was going to go to Drexel and be an electrical engineer and that was in Philadelphia. So, I wrote a letter to the school telling them how much I wanted to go there. I couldn’t believe it – they made an exception and let me in! I think that was the first time I learned I was a salesman. Once they let me in, my father forbid me to go. He said “If you go there, I’m cutting you off!” We fought for about two months, I said “I’m going to go anyway even if I have to work at night to pay the bills” and finally he relented and I went to Berkeley. You look back on those things, and it doesn’t seem like you’re making such big decisions. I don’t know what would have happened to me if I went to Drexel because in Berkeley I met Jillian. I became a singer/song writer. I learned about Edgar Cayce, I learned about metaphysics, I learned about all this wacko stuff. I don’t know if I could have ever learned this in Philadelphia. Philadelphia was such a little patriarchal city. At least when I was there, people didn’t usually leave, it was the opposite of cosmopolitan. Not many people moved there and it was all father-to-son for many generations.

Even in those days when I went to Berkeley, I was a radical. I came home with my Berkeley girlfriend and we were in the living room doing yoga at my parent’s house. My father came down and said, “What has become of my son? What is going on?” Eventually I dropped out of school to play music and then my father was really upset. I started out being a singer/songwriter playing with Jillian and we used to drive around the country in a Volkswagen bus in the old hippie days. We would just show up in a town, go in the bar and they said “Put those guys on stage.” We were like the hippie-emissaries in the middle of the country. People would throw money at us and then we’d go to the next town. It was driving my father nuts, when he thought I was going to be a physics professor. That was my early training.

Lisa: Today was Michael Jackson’s birthday, and it’s mine.

Wynn: Did you guys hear the story of when Michael Jackson contacted us? But, that’s not the topic tonight. If you remind me, maybe I’ll bring it up. It’s a really funny and great story. At first I didn’t believe it. Of course, I don’t believe anything. It took about two weeks to say “Uh oh I think it’s really Michael!” Can you imagine – when I told Michael to prove himself, and could you sing one of your songs through Terry? And Terry was there saying “Beat it! Beat it!”

Terry: He got so frustrated, because my voice is totally untrained. He tried to make my voice do something and it just wouldn’t do it! He was so upset!

Wynn: We have the tapes of that. I was scared to put it out, because I’m going to really damage my credibility. You guys who keep coming into the calls and pay attention, everything makes total sense. You know we couldn’t possibly make this up. If someone could give me an explanation for it other than it’s real, I’d be happy to hear it. One guy I know said, “Wynn, I know what’s happening. You’re just a ventriloquist and Terry is the dummy.” I said “Oh yeah, I don’t think so.”

The problem is when people hear things they usually don’t take the time to investigate and they make snap judgments about things and I have to be careful about that. It’s already bad enough that the guy who was writing the book The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce has two girlfriends in a row, talking to him channeling the Creator God of the physical universe. You realize how that sounds – like “I wanna be..” I want to be Edgar Cayce, I want to channel – like I actually was jealous or something of that. That’s how it can look! Then you go on and have all the other little things that have happened and you put that out on resume and people say, “Who is this guy?”

That’s why I started Message a Day. Message a Day was a way to introduce it to people day by day from the point of view of my experience. Some people want me to get up and say, “Ladies and gentlemen, here is the Elohim” and we stand back and give deference. What they want and what I see works is when we get on these lines and we open up our hearts to each other, we feel each other’s energies – that’s the goal! We go right to the goal and then we talk to them.

If we’re just listening to this high-up source and say, “Tell me what to do, we’ll do it. We’re your minions down here.” They don’t want that – would you like it if your children for the rest of their lives called you up every day and said, “Daddy, what am I supposed to do today? Tell me what to do.” If you have children, what brings you joy is to watch your children grow up, watch them be successful, watch them be loving and help them become that. At a certain point, they don’t need you very much but they keep coming back because they love you, not because they need you. That’s the optimal level of relationship.

Sometimes people come on our calls and they hear the way we are and they hang up. I hate to lose people from at least exploring it. They’re expecting something exalted; they’re expecting something way above the water-line, and something to defer to and they come here. We’re a bunch of people giggling and having fun with each other, which is the manifestation of spirit being present! It’s the manifestation of spirit being present. When they come in, we’ve already done the job, so they’re like the icing on the cake. That’s how I experience it and that’s how I feel comfortable in the relationship because I don’t have to be other than I am.

I had a conversation with a really good friend and she may be on the line tonight so I’m not going to say her name. I thought something very profound came up in our conversation and she doesn’t feel well and she feels there is something wrong with her. She’s looking for therapists to help her. This has been going on for quite some time. I had this realization and I told her what I saw and I think this is true for a lot of us, a way of looking at something. Right now, there’s this time where there’s a very high energy coming into our planet and it surfaces things, and when things surface instead of looking at them and saying “There’s something wrong with me”. What I told her was “Think that you’ve got a thousand lifetimes behind you and now you’re processing them and releasing them.” Within some of that there is a lot of anguish and there’s a lot of pain and suffering and it goes away by releasing – processing is the best word, I think.

Instead of thinking there’s something wrong with you when stuff is coming up just say “I’m processing, I’m releasing it. I send love to all the stuff, I’ll go through it.” I had a reading from David Wilcock at the very beginning of all of this, probably in the year 2000. They said something in the reading – the Ra group said “There’s going to be days you’re going to get up and look in the mirror and you’re going to look like Frankenstein.” I said “Uh oh, I don’t want to look like Frankenstein.” They were telling me I was going to be processing past lifetimes and past stuff and they were letting me know it was okay just go through it. When stuff comes up, there are really two things you can do: You can process it or you can bury it.

Most people bury things that are unpleasant and they create distraction after distraction: “Let’s watch television, let’s do this, let’s do drugs, let’s get laid, etc.” All those things are distractions from processing. “Let’s have a new boyfriend, a new girlfriend and get in another co-dependent relationship.” So, you put off the processing – you put it off and then you die and you come back again and you put it off a whole other lifetime. And then you put it off… If you start looking at the stuff that’s coming up and say ,“Thank God this stuff is surfacing. Thank God it’s coming up so I can deal with it and I can let it go.” It’s the probably the fastest way to get through it – acceptance.

If you’re on this line a lot, you learning about Grace which means you can tap into very high levels of loving energy that can help free those things quickly. They don’t get freed by magic if you’re not doing your end of the work down here, and if you keep moving into distractions, if you fill your life with distractions, then it’s very hard to get Grace to come in because there is no space for it. The energy is all filled with what you’re filling your life with. Letting there be an empty space so that things can come up and everything is not filled – which is what opens up the door to the higher realms. There was this famous story where Terry and I were in Las Vegas; this was a few years ago.

Terry had never channeled before publicly. I was on a TV show there and we went to somebody’s house that had a party on our behalf. [It] was my worst nightmare, but I had to go because it was catered. Then she had this meditation room and she wanted Terry and I to bring in Elohim energy into her room. I had no idea what to do. We went up to the room and she had all her friends – all her friends were healers, Shamans, Native Americans – she went around the room and each one had a little thing “I bring in St. Germaine, and I bring in Chief ‘Packatoocha’” and they were shaking sticks and doing “Woo woo!”

Finally, all eyes looked at Terry and I and they said, “Okay, we’re ready for the Elohim.” I looked at Terry and I said “Are they saying anything?” She looked back and she said, “They’re saying there are too many energies in the room and there’s no room for them.” And, that was the channeling. That was quite profound; we said that, but I don’t think anyone got it. They wanted something to go “We are the Elohim and we are here and all of you people are such beautiful beings of love and light being here.” That’s what they wanted – and all they said was “There are too many energies in the room and there is no room for us.”

Terry: What it was: the Elohim is such a delicate, high frequency and there were all these really heavy frequencies all over the room. And, they couldn’t get through to the people because they were all being knocked over by all these heavy energies.

Wynn: When I say “Let go of your distractions and leave space” it’s similar. It’s a similar idea. If you want to make connections with these energies, open up to being empty. Open your vessel and be neutral. Don’t try being neutral. Learn how to do nothing; learn how to be nothing. You stand the greatest chance of having it flow into you. When you feel it, it doesn’t feel like an external force, it feels like you – but, a better you, a higher you, a more joyous you. And, it is you because everything is one so they’re us. You can carry that idea and work it (if you really do that) there’s a good chance you’ll make the connections.

We’re going to talk about dolphins and whales tonight. As a limited Earthling I’ve read about dolphins and whales; I’ve read channelings of them where they refer to them. I know dolphins have been referred to as being more evolved than humans. Another story was that they were humans that chose to come in as dolphins because then they couldn’t use technology and screw things up. I almost said the bad word there! They were holding the energy of the grids.

What does it mean to hold the energy of the grids? I used to hear that term a lot – I didn’t understand it. It seemed like science fiction – grids? How do you hold energy for the grids? I started to intuitively get that when we do these calls we are holding the energies of the grids. When you’re doing that you can’t see it. You start to feel it – you feel exalted, you feel expanded. When you’re expanded you’re expanding through the energy fields of the earth; you can’t see it but it’s shifting the energies. For as much as you can be expanding, you are holding the energy of the grids.

If you look at dolphins, they’re really expanded all the time – they’re having a good time, they’re smiling, they have wonderful emotional energy. I’ve read they hold the energy of the grids and our sources have said on our Sunday calls that when we send energy to the dolphins the dolphins more than any other living entity can feel the energy and respond to it.

The whales are a bit of a mystery. Obviously, they’re really grounded. If I was going to take a guess I would think the whales would hold the energy of the earth. That’s just a wild guess because they’re so big. Native Americans hold the energy of the earth. When we do our Sunday grid healings, when we feel the earth - that’s kind of a normal experience for the Native Americans on our planet – so I understand. Let’s just create a space; when I to do this – we’re going to bring in the energies of our sources which are two group souls. One of them at the beginning of the creation and the other ones half-way down who are working together with us (so they say).

Did you notice the shift when I said that? I’m just pointing out the energy, that shift – if you noticed it, you’ll say “What was that? Is that what he’s talking about”. Just consider the possibility it is what I was talking about – and, that’s how they feel. You’re learning their frequencies every time you’re on these calls and you tune into that energy. It doesn’t feel like a stranger, it feels like you – a better part of you, a bigger part of you. In fact, that’s what it is – it is you. Are you ready, Terry?

Terry: Yes.

Wynn: Father Mother God we ask for the presence of the light to surround and protect each person on this line, Terry and myself, and any negativity be taken to the higher realms of light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, our galaxy, through our Solar System, through the outer energy fields of the earth, through our bodies and into the center of the earth. And right now we invoke a group energy connection amongst us all while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls and we invite those sources that are positive, service to others, honoring the Law of One to join with us; and we create a protected space that only the positive has access to. Anything not of that nature must leave now. We wait for our sources to greet us.

Ra’An: We greet you in the love light of the One Infinite Creator. This is Ra’an; the date is August 29th, 2011 based in Sedona, Arizona. We take a minute and we make contact and greet each and every person on the line that wishes to make contact and be greeted. We are honored that you have come to this meeting whether it is on the conference line or on BBS Radio or listening to the replay line or reading a transcript later. We offer profound thanks to the transcribers for all of the transcriptions.

It is a very special sacred occasion when we can come together like this when it is through these connections/communications; that hopefully we can work to prevent destructions on the earth plane that have destroyed civilizations in the past. Do you have questions? Do you have questions?

Wynn: Yes. Our topic tonight is Dolphins and Whales. I know that dolphins and whales are very special animals, and I wanted to understand a bit how and why they’re special. Maybe we can start out with just an open-ended question about dolphins: about why they are special and where they came from.

Ra’An: Thank you. Dolphins are special in that they are connected with the higher dimensions and have the opportunity to move in and out of the higher dimensions and to be multi-dimensional even though they are based in Earth. They are in the watery liquid which makes their ambience, their abilities and existence, to flow and to not be as stuck in the clinging to spaces that humans get into.

They are in their watery environment and they move with the tides, with the flow of the water, and this frees them to connect with the higher dimensions to move in and out; and also to not get so locked into ‘stuck’ disagreements with others. So they have within their own realm a way of dispensing with any potential negativity, and they have a collective consciousness that is more fluid and loving and more adapted to life that can expand a loving consciousness to the others in the group and the others of other species.

Wynn: Thank you. How did dolphins come to be, both on a soul level and on a DNA level? Were they designed to bring in higher dimensional beings? Were they beings that existed at higher dimensional beings occupied? Where did they come from?

Ra’An: They are beings that existed, like forms, that existed, that were originally within the Annunaki genetic experience, and this moved into the earth plane millions of years ago; there were different sea creatures even as early as 450 million years ago. The survivors of earlier disasters were the more adaptable in the form of the whales and the dolphins, and they had a caring within their pods that allowed them to foster life within the pod and to survive over millions and millions of years. After the sinking of Lemuria many of the advanced souls that were in Lemuria took Dolphin bodies. Terry was one of these individuals that took a dolphin body at that time. That is how she met other dolphins and interfaced so easily with the dolphins and it brings them great joy as within their consciousness, their group consciousness - remember Terry and other individuals who after the sinking of Lemuria took Dolphin bodies as there was a deficiency of human bodies at the time. Dolphins are very intelligent and they have a lot of power within their thought process and a lot of understanding and a lot of caring and a lot of love.

Wynn: At this time, could we say all dolphins at one point had human bodies in the past?

Ra’an: No, we could not say that as the dolphins re-generated and replenished themselves, other beings of the Elohim group or even (not so much) the Ra group but other beings who were looking for experience; even beings who had not previously had bodies on the earth plane who like the dolphin affinity and intelligence and love and came in for the dolphin experience. Even some had not had bodies in the earth plane previously, but they found the higher dimensions had chosen to come in and take a dolphin body and to hold the consciousness of earth in a higher tone by the virtue of their being in the dolphin and whale bodies.

Wynn: In humans, when a higher dimensional being comes into a human body, they have amnesia – they have the veil. If an Elohim soul comes into a dolphin body, do they have any knowledge that they were an Elohim soul?

Ra’an: They also lose their memory; however, they have the support of the group consciousness of the dolphins and they hold this consciousness within their matrix that allows for guidance.

Wynn: They would tend to feel the energy of the higher realms?

Ra’an: That is correct; and to move in and out of the higher realms with more fluidity than is possible with a human body.

Wynn: Even though at a conscious level they would not understand it, they would feel it.

Ra’an: That is correct; it would be as if it was part of their experience.

Wynn: Yes. Can a dolphin soul choose to go back and forth to a human experience, to a dolphin experience? Do they get trapped in reincarnational patterns or do they remain free?

Ra’an: They can go back and forth and reincarnate as a human and then as a dolphin then as a human and they can then pick up karma from the human experience.

Wynn: Certain humans I meet that are very fun-loving and joyous and innocent, sometimes I think they were dolphins. Are those qualities that I would recognize in a human that was a dolphin in the past?

Ra’an: That is possible, although not necessarily so.

Wynn: But Terry was a dolphin. I know if I don’t ask this question I’m going to hear from someone that wants to ask it, so I’m going to take the liberty… if you think I’m violating their free will then just decline on answering it. But, was Gina a dolphin?

Ra’an: We do not wish to answer that on this line.

Wynn: Alright. That’s what I thought. Even though she would say “How come you didn’t ask?”

Let’s go to whales now. Tell us something about whales, their consciousness and their role in this realm.

Ra’An: Whales have a slightly different derivation, and the genetic preparation of the whale body is a slightly different genetic line, and the individuals that inhabit the whale body and observe the whale experience have a very large matrix which the whale body allows them to express in physical form.

Wynn: Are they connected to the earth, are they connected to the grids, are they connected to both?

Ra’An: They are connected to the grids and to the magnetic fields, and are connected to the earth as the earth is an outer-matrix within which they orient themselves.

Wynn: Where did the whales come from? We heard the dolphins were genetically engineered by the Annunaki millions and millions of years ago.

Ra’An: The whales also, by an earlier group, were engineered and there was some DNA taken from the whales to produce dolphins. It was in ancient times that these were engineered.

Wynn: So there’s a DNA connection between whales and dolphins?

Ra’An: Yes.

Wynn: When these animals were engineered, did they take existing creatures and modify them or were they able to start from scratch and build a DNA template?

Ra’An: They took existing creatures and they mixed different creatures to experiment to see what they could get. Then, they noted a small whale and they fostered it and they broke the codes of the DNA to learn how to make that whale, that creature, that pre-whale stronger and to begin to have the qualities that they wished and they did some genetic engineering to use whales for food.

Wynn: When they were genetically engineering these beings, did they know what they were doing? Did they say, “We’re going to create a creature that can help hold the grids together?” Was that part of their concept as they were doing the engineering?

Ra’An: There were very few of them that had that idea. There were a very few scientists that were able to see this picture, but many were working in the dark and working from a lower standpoint, particularly with the whales.

Wynn: Like scientifically, like “Wow! Look at what we’ve just done.”

Ra’An: That’s right. We could use such a creature to supply food.

Wynn: We understand that in humans there are twelve DNA strings and that the opening of these DNA strings opens us up to expanded holograms. Do dolphins and whales have twelve strands also, and is there a similar awakening and a connection of DNA strands and expanded holograms?

Ra’An: There is twelve strands, but a mutation of one particular of the strands to make it more stretched out, and this then integrates with the whale body and so the DNA is more unwound in the whale.

Wynn: The DNA is more unwound – more strands of DNA are open in a whale, so to speak?

Ra’an: In a dolphin more strands are open because of the dolphin energy and the resonance of the DNA. However, in a whale it is more stretched and more rigid.

Wynn: I see. As we move into fourth dimensional earth, are dolphins and whales all going to graduate this realm? Is that like part of their nature to graduate into this higher realm earth?

Ra’An: There is a spirit kingdom within them within which they move back and forth and are briefed and debriefed, and they can move into the human realm and take part in ascension; but they can move back and forth, the whales. The dolphins particularly can move back and forth.

We take a look further: the dolphins have the bigger ability to move into the higher kingdoms and can move into, say, the heaven realm and explain and debrief from their experiences in the dolphin realm. The whales generally find it harder to operate in the higher realms and to move into the higher kingdoms. They have more a propensity for owning the space and more of a propensity for control, as they have had to do, in the operation of their large whale bodies.

Wynn: Thank you. Almost time to finish our call. Maybe as a last question: Is there any way we can utilize this understanding of whales and dolphins as humans on a personal level, like on our conference calls when we do grid healings? Sometimes it’s indicated that dolphin energies can partake of our work, they can feel it.

Ra’An: That is correct. And we send love and greetings to Gina.

Wynn: Thank you. Is there anything more than we’re doing in terms of interacting with the energies of dolphins and whales?

Ra’An: You can just continue to interface, and they will support you energetically as you connect with them as their role is very loving and supportive; and, as you send love light to them it comes back to you. It also spreads out to the human race—the Joy.

Wynn: Thank you. Do we have anything you’d like to share before we close this session?

Ra’an: We and the dolphins thank you for this opportunity. The dolphins express profound gratitude for this connection, and it is transferred throughout the dolphin consciousness as a very supportive and healthy connection that invigorates them with love light.

Wynn: Thank you. On that note, we say thank you for answering our questions. Thank you Terry and thank you everyone who is listening and thank our volunteers. Those of you that are coming in on Wednesday remember if you have questions, I usually get more questions than I can ask, but I prioritize them by if you’ve never asked a question before you stand much more chance of me asking it. If it’s a question of high urgency for you personally there is a high chance that I’ll ask it. If it’s a question of general enlightenment that many people can benefit from the answer it increases the chances that I will ask it. Good bye to everyone, and thank you!

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