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Thanks to Suzanne Hayes for transcribing.


                       Ra'An for August 31st, 2011

Wynn: This is August 31st, the last day of August. Wynn in
Scottsdale, Arizona near Phoenix and Terry in Sedona and
tonight we have our question and answer call, where we address
questions that you have submitted to us. We have some really
interesting questions tonight. You never know what is going to
happen on these calls. It's always kind of an adventure, because
one thing leads to another, and oftentimes information comes
through that has never really been shared, to my knowledge
about the workings of the universe. 

And it's not so important to intellectually understand those things,
but many of the people who are attracted to this work are old
souls who have been around. 

According to the information that we get, most of us have had
thousands of lifetimes, on not only earth, but on other planets,
and other star systems.

And there's a predisposition to keep repeating the same patterns. 
It's like you think you've learned, but you know what, it's not so
much learning, it's, well  I have come to the conclusion that it's
finding something like we're doing, that you can suddenly resonate
with the big picture. 

Because if it was just a matter of soul advancement, if you were
one of those beings who graduated this realm, and there are
millions and maybe billions who have, and you are part of the
Ra Group, and you choose to come back and take an reincarnation,
then chances are that you will get caught back up in this realm. 

According to Carla Ruckert, 90% of Ra Wanderers who come into
this realm get caught back up in it.

That is a profound bit of information. 

When I thought about this for some time, my first thought was why
don't people hold their graduation when they come back, why do
they get caught back up in it? 

And the answer I came up with is that the circumstances that
cause someone to graduate, has to do with what happens to them
in their life and what they run across.  And the program that we are
running here is the kind of program  that gives people the
understanding that can allow them to graduate.

Because in order to graduate, you need to be detached from the
energies of the physical realm. That does not mean that you can't
participate in them. It does not mean you cannot feel them. It doesn't
mean you cannot totally love somebody or that you can't have great sex.

The key word is detachment. That you go through each experience and
then let go of it, and go back to neutral, instead of hooking into
the experience and getting addicted to it which starts up the cycles of
reincarnation.  And particularly, if you can connect to the energies of
these group souls which are outside of this realm, you now have a
reference point of an energy you can be attached to, that is not in the
3D realm. So, it enables you to graduate. 

For example, I came into this realm and I had a very difficult upbringing,
and I was screwed up for many, many, years of my life, even though I
have done very far out things in past lifetimes. 

If I didn't have the most incredible synchronicities and circumstances
happening to me and also the releasing of a lot of pain.  It's like, even if I
did something far out thousands of years ago, I should have it all together,
it's not true. 

When you come back in each lifetime, it's like, in a certain sense,
with a clear slate and you carry all the energetics of all your past lifetimes. 

But then you have the opportunity to create it.  

And you pick parents, particularly if you're an old soul the chances are
you picked your parents.  And you might ask, why did I pick parents that
I was going to have such a hard time with?  Well, one of the reasons,
if you're one of those people, is because when you have a difficult
situation in this realm, it almost  forces you to find the truth, because you
can't find it in the situation.

When people come into this realm and havea really easy time of it, say
because they have wealthy parents.  They don't have to worry about
money so very often they have a very comfortable life, but they don't grow. 
They just have a comfortable life.

It's only when you're backed up against the wall, that you are forced to reach
and stretch for truth.  Someone once said that "nobody goes through a dark
night of the soul unless they have no other choices". 

Because once you start going through a dark night of the soul, you're going
to surface all your negative patterns and they are going to come up. 
Sometimes when people come on these calls they start to provoke a dark
night of the soul, and they have to go through that. It's not that I provoke
it, it's the nature of the energy on the call. 

Or alternatively, and this is why people get in trouble when they
see this kind of stuff,  they think, God, he must be negative because when
I'm around him I thought everything was supposed to be all beautiful and loving,
and it triggers all this suffering.  Now it doesn't happen with everybody, but
with certain people it does. 

In fact, Daphne is one of those people and it's more complicated, its not
simple, but when this stuff started coming up, it brought up a huge amount
of suffering for her, and even myself when we're going through that, she
asked; " if this is so positive, why am I suffering so much", and I had to
reevaluate it myself.  I wondered why was that so?

And so, I had to understand how stuff gets surfaced in the matrix to be
released.  If you truly go through it, you're done with it, you don't have
to go through it anymore. But part of the process of going through it
entails a certain amount of suffering, a certain amount of pain. 

So, if you're one of those people that's going through that, the fastest way
to go through it is, to accept it. Just say ok, I'm releasing stuff, and keep
surrounding it with the love and light, but don't run away from it.  Let
yourself go through it.  It may take a month or a year, or two years, but
stay with it because once you're done with it, you're done with it, and
you're free of all those things, and you live in a different state of

So on that note, let us call in the light and let me get to our questions
for today.

(Wynn calls in the light)

We wait for our Sources who are pure energy in different
dimensions, not one single energy. These are group souls
forming the answers and bringing them through Terry, and
because they are in another dimension, in another time line,
they can operate in a way of bringing through great
complexities and making them very simple through all the
translation processes.

Wynn: Do we have our Sources present?

Ra'An: We greet you in the love-light of the One Infinite Creator.
This is August 31st, 2011, planet earth with Terry Brown in
Sedona,  Arizona and this is Ra'An. We bring you greetings and
love and we make contact with those who wish to make contact
with us. You may not necessarily feel our energies as we have
a very high delicate frequency and we are available to respond
to your questions. Do you have questions?

Wynn: Yes we do. Thank you for coming forth for us. This is a
message from Colleen. She asks, in this time of numerous
emerging channels who claim to be conduits for Jesus, what
guidelines are suitable for determining their authenticity?  (And
I can make this an overview question. Even channels that are
coming through and identifying with any kind of higher being,
whether it be Archangel Michael or any of the multitude that
are coming forth. How can we test it and what is the criteria?)

Ra'An: Thank you.

There are a multiplicity of beings in the larger world and
these entities can intercept channeling minds and bring
through their own slant on things. The mind of the channel
can also interject different prejudices or thoughts or
leanings that the channel themselves have.

When you make contact through a channeled source, as
every entity has their own energy signature frequency,
this is a frequency that can be recognized. Each of you
on the call has your own signature frequency and we can
interconnect with your frequency. It becomes like a calling
card. It becomes like a familiar face.

One can learn to connect with the frequency and recognize the
signature frequency to tell that you are being addressed by an
entity and the entity is the one it says it is.

A second way to tell if the energy coming through is of a help, or
assistance, is to see whether it resonates with you own
understanding, your own knowledge, whether it expands and
makes larger your own body of feeling of connection and body
of information.

A third way to tell is that there can be the element of the
Christ Consciousness in the channeling when it is a higher source.
This source, whatever source you are dealing with, when you
are dealing with channeling and be challenged to see if they
come in the Christ Conscious energy.

Those are three ways you can tell.

Wynn: A subset question is, does the entity Jesus, sometimes
called Sananda, ever talk through people?

Ra'An: There are individuals that are connected to a higher
body that represents themselves as Sananda. As we look at the
situation, there are a lot of channeled energies; a lot of
beings, that bring through channeled data from entities that
are connected with the movement towards Jesus.

One must be careful, as what we see is that generally there
is an interface between the stated being they are reportedly
channeling and the person receiving the information.  And this
interface, the channel or the group of non embodied beings
that are claiming, and very passionately so, in many cases,
to be Jesus, may be a subset of beings who are working
very diligently and in their own view of saving individuals.

These individuals can be very passionate and very desirous
of connection and have very good intentions at heart, so
your question, does Jesus ever come through any of the

Now when we look at this we see the Father, the Son and
the Holy Ghost and we see that the Christ Consciousness
comes through more often than the individual entity of Jesus,
although it is possible that Jesus also can come through, as
Jesus is working very diligently in the connection with individuals
and the effort to raise them up.

This is a complex question as we see groups, connected to
groups connected to Christ Consciousness, and so there is
often an interface between the Holy Ghost, the Christ Consciousness,
and the individual receiving the channeling. There are very few
who that are connected directly with the Christ Consciousness
and only a few that are connected directly with Jesus. That is
our answer.

Wynn: Thank you.

What I noticed about the Ra Group is that they bend over
backwards not to create a hierarchy and when a source comes
through someone and identifies themselves as a very notable
being in the past, or an Ascended Master there are two things
at play.

One is by making an identification like that, it may
cause someone to pay more attention than if they didn't.

On the other hand, by making that identification can cause
someone to give up their power to that higher being who is
communicating with them. 

So are both of those things true? 

When someone consistently identifies themselves as at the top
of a hierarchy, can that lead to a negative source, perhaps,
by using that identification?

Ra'An: This is a very good observation. When an individual
finds himself giving his power to a channeled source, or giving
his identity or his own mastery, then be very careful as this is
one of the signs of a negative source.

Wynn: Thank you.

This is from Edna. I was told by the Sources that I am a star
seed. (A star seed is a being from a higher dimension who comes
into this realm for service and forgets that was the case and
gets lost in this realm.)

Edna asks, are star seeds supposed to do some specific job
here? I wonder if I am doing what I am supposed to be doing.

Ra'An: Thank you. It is not a case of what you are supposed to
be doing, it is a case of your own goal; your own reason for
being here, the reason that you have set, your own self, not
an assignment.

Although there is often a briefing in the other realm before an
individual takes a body, wherein the individual is questioned
and reveals the reason why they want to come to the 3rd density
and in your case, you have some failed goals that you are holding
on to, that you wish to fulfill to do with working with individuals,
with groups to ease their path and make their life better.

In the case of Atlantis things went wrong to do not with
anything that you were doing but to do with the master plan
for the society at the time being interfered with by other forces. 

And this is one of the reasons why an individual can get a
failed goal in a certain lifetime, as the purpose was cut short
and the individual is still oriented in fulfilling that goal.

It is a separate time, a separate place and there are similar
circumstances in place in the earth plane at this time, and
so it triggers subconsciously this desire to find fulfillment,
this working with others.

You are working with others at this time on Team Shift, and each
little thing you do oriented towards helping individuals to
raise their own level.

So this lost goal from the past is pretty big, and you can
release it, as everything is in the Now, and Now is a separate
circumstance, wherein there are similarities but you can shift
and move it into this life's goals.  We hope this helps.

Do you have other questions?

Wynn: Yes. Let me just add. If one identifies with being a
Wanderer, as opposed to thinking of some grand, majestic thing
that you are supposed to do, never miss a single opportunity
to lift the situation, and it can be the most simple of things.

It's the way you smile at people and greet them in the ordinary
ways, consistently, it keeps your energy up. And finding ways
to do that.  Making a call to someone who would appreciate
a call from you.  Somebody who is lonely or sick.

Sometimes we hear you're an inter-dimensional soul, and you
have come here and you can start thinking you're special.  And
that can separate yourself  from your real abilities to contribute,
because you want other people to recognize you.  And the need
for recognition moves everything into a lower level. 

It's the actual doing of things that genuinely contribute to the lives
of other people, is one way of fulfilling the role of a Wanderer.
Am I accurate when I say this?

Ra'An: Yes

Wynn: Yes, ok, so don't miss an opportunity to lift the vibration
and suddenly as you do that, you consciously assume that
wherever you are, you are there to lift something.

And so find the ways to do it and you'll start living in a different
consciousness.  Instead of being in a dilemma of what am I
supposed to do, you will be in the middle of doing it and then
more things will start flowing towards you that allows you to do more.

Wynn:(The next question is about ascension.  This is from someone
who has read the book. 

I would preface this as I have asked many, many questions on this,
and when we hear the word ascension we immediately think there's
going to be this moment when we're all going to disappear from
this realm, including me, I thought that.  And maybe that's still true,
I don't know. 

In our general line of questioning on this topic,  most people are not
going to leave this realm in that way.  After they die and graduate,
in what I think they call an astral ascension, your heart needs be open
slightly more than half, to move into the higher octaves of the earth,
but in a physical ascension all your chakras have to be open a little
more than half from your root chakra to the crown chakra, and most
people won't qualify for that. 

So when we ask questions and when people start thinking, I'm just
waiting for that moment when I disappear, I don't think it's going to
happen.  So I'll still let our Sources address it.  So to continue with
the question)

Is the ascension to 5D going to be a actual physical body change or
just mental or will we experience this in this lifetime? How do we
know that we can trust the portal of the shift to be from the creator
and not just some negative ET?  And what about our loved ones
and our children?   How can we make sure we all ascend together?
She says thank you, Terry and this is from Ami.

Ra'An: Thank you Ami.  We see that when an individual
ascends they generally do not take their body. They do take
their astral body, which moves through the tunnel of light,
which works with them and carries them, changes their
frequency so that they are able to move to the higher
dimensions with openness and for their remaining physicality
of matrix to change its vibrations so it can move to the higher

If an individual ascends and takes their whole body,
their whole body would need to transform to the higher
frequency and the majority of people are not able to make that

Many bodies are in some state of non-optimum functioning
and it is very often a feeling of relief or a feeling of blessing to
let the physical body go and take their new life with a new body
in the higher realms, which does not have the state of dysfunction
that their earthly body may have had.
We hope that answer helps.

Wynn: Thank you.

Given that a person when they leave this realm goes into a
tunnel of light, if a person knows that, while they are still
conscious in their body, will they remember that when they are
dying and trust that light tunnel, and can they be sure it is
not a negative portal they are going through?

Ra'An: There are often angels that come in to guide one to the
portal of light as the angelic realm keeps track and observes
and is available for help. We are also available for help also
assistance to guide one.

When one is passing to the other side, their consciousness
moves out of the body, and they are still as aware as they
were in the body and hear the conversations of people, and
know what they are saying even if the body is unconscious.

When one moves into the tunnel of light, there is a feeling of
support and healing of caring and moving and shifting them
to the higher frequencies. If a lower source comes to them it
will be known.  As an entity might come and attempt to bring
them into a lower realm situation. The individual him or herself
is the generator of their own matrix, and if they have negative
leanings, then they may pull in a negative source that may
attempt to identify with that negativity within them and then
guide them into some negative situation.

As far as remembering when they pass over about the
tunnel of light, it is more of a soul matrix process of moving
over simply the astral and leaving their body and then
connecting with the opportunities available to them in

Since their intellect is still functioning, their knowledge, their
consciousness moves out of the body and they are still
conscious even though they are out of the body and if they
are remembering in the body, then they will probably
carry the seeds of remembering out of the body.

If they are are overcome by fear, and if they are not in a
loving state then they may not be able to connect with the
frequency of the tunnel of light and may not be able to
recognize the angels that come to help them.

They may may go off in a state of separateness to become
a ghost or to try to continue to live their life. Some people
do not realize that they have passed over when they die and
they still feel alive and so they walk around assuming that they
are alive and people can hear them, but they are quite upset
when people do not hear them. We hope that sheds some light on it.

Wynn: Thank you. That is a great answer.

Dennis asked a question about the law of karma. He has heard
sources say that karma does not exist in the higher realms as
it does in the 3rd density. What is the implication of that
when choosing the negative path?

For a 3rd density entity, is it possible to act in Service to Self
and build up karma. What happens in a higher density when
possibly there is not karma anymore, which is his assumption
but an entity chooses Service to Self actions. What will happen
to that entity, will he disintegrate?

Ra'An: Thank you for your question. If an entity has karma and
they move into the higher realm, it is very likely they will
take their karma with them, and although they will drop the
infirmities of the body to their great relief, they will still
be caught up in some disturbance within their soul matrix. 

And then they insist on coming back to earth because it feels
that on earth is where they can complete this incompletion.

When an individual moves to the higher realm, we do not see
that they are devoid of karma, although it can be very much
easier for them in the higher realm, and we see that there are
laws that karma operates by.  It is not laws laid down by
some unjust individual but laws that are woven into the
mechanics of how things work in the universe.

When an individual has enough growth that they can learn to
operate without triggering these laws, then they can be free
of karma and move from realm to realm with impunity.

Wynn: Thank you.

I would like to ask a question about what I was saying on the
beginning of the call.

When circumstances that create someone to graduate this
realm occur, because they run into a situation like what we
are doing here, which enables them to connect with energies
of higher densities and release their earthly attachments,
because the deduction was that if Ra souls keep coming
back and they get caught up again in reincarnation, then it's
not the advancement of the soul that assures it will graduate,
it is coming into contact with something in their life that will
re-stimulate that graduation, that possibility. Is that accurate
to any extent?

Ra'An: That is greatly accurate. It is the coming into contact
with a situation that reminds one that they do have other life
besides their life here, and that this is simply a transition
within the earth plane and all is not lost when one dies.

If they take the growth that they have obtained in this lifetime
and in earlier lifetimes and they grow, and they can take that
with them.

When one dies they can take things with them and this is one
of the things they can take with them, this growth that they
have made; their opportunities and their giving and caring
and communicating with others and being touched by things
and reminded of things in the earth realm can help them when
they move into the higher realm.

Wynn: Thank you.

We are going to bring this session to a close. Do you have any
closing comments before we separate?

Ra'An: We see the individuals on this line. We see you
energetically and we send you love and kisses and we are
honored to be in contact with you.


Wynn: Thank you all for being here and for supporting this.
This is very special that we gather like this and experience
this perspective from other realms. I hope you will check out
our grid healings at 10 am Pacific Daylight time. Thanks to


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