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Sunday Calls; 2011 Conferences

Sunday – 09/04/2011     


Transcribed by Gina Brown

Edited by Oren Shefer and Terry Brown



Wynn: This is Sunday, September 4, 2011. Wynn and Terry in Sedona

and all of you where ever you are.  This is what we call our Grid

Healing. This started out as an experiment and the experiment

was:  we had been communicating with this voice that said it was

the Elohim for quite some time. When I would show up to do public

talks, there was all this energy in the room and they would say

it was them and that they were helping. There was this energy in

the room and people could feel it.  They would walk out of the

room of these talks and say, "I could see auras. I never saw

auras before." So I asked them (the Elohim), “If I did a

conference call could you show up on the conference call so that

people on the call could feel it?” They said that was possible.

So there began a number of experimental calls so that I could see

if it worked.  I'm very empirical. Just because I think something

is going to work doesn't mean I know it, so I needed to get

validation from people that were on the call that they could

sense it.  

So what does it mean to feel the energy of them on the phone, or

anywhere?  Well, basically the universe is one energy and we who

are in human bodies are at the bottom of the dimensions. 

According to the way they describe it, the physical earth is at a

fairly low level and the reason is because we feel separated from

each other.  In the higher dimensions beings come together and

they feel part of each other, they recognize each other.   In

this dimension people feel separated and they can go on many,

many lifetimes feeling separated. How do you move to unseparating

yourself?  How do you get a feeling of connection when you have

such a long period of feeling separated.  Well, that's one of the

things that happens on these calls. If you noticed how friendly

everybody was at the beginning of the call.  It's because they

were feeling connected.  We didn't really do anything

particularly to connect people.  They don't know each other

except by saying hello on the call.  They don't know what their

jobs are.  They don't know if they are married or single. But

they come on these calls and they feel connected. As you will see

as the call proceeds there will be energies on the call that some

of you will feel.  

Now someone that's new on the call the first time doesn't always

feel the energies. So be patient with yourselves and just track

it along because the energies of the higher realms are not just

here on these calls.  They are around 24/7.  But the call creates

a reference point so once you experience that energy, it's

something you can come back to when you're by yourself during the

week. It's kind of like having an invisible energy friend in

another dimension, in a very high dimension that's there for you.

 It's learning how to prove to yourself that this might be true. 

Once you do that there's an incredible advancement in your own

life path.  So we feel their energies and then we make group

intentions for healing the planet.  Within our intentions is

always the stipulation that whatever we ask for is for the

highest good of all concerned and doesn't violate the free will

of another being. Sometimes we don't know what's in the highest

good and we don't even know what violates free will, so we just

let the universe take care of that and we make our best shot at

asking.  So I'm going to open up the lines and you guys can

contribute your requests.


Does anybody have anything they want to say?


Gary- Redondo Beach: I'd like to put my colleague Cindy

Popp-Hager in the love light. She lives in Sterling,

Massachusetts, and is undergoing treatment for breast cancer.


Oren- Utah: I hear a lot about a false flag operation that may

have been planned, like a fake alien invasion or connected to

comet Elenin, etc.  So—protection for people's consciousness

and not being fooled by illusions, and positive synchronicities,

and interference with fear programs. Thank you.


Gina- O’ahu; Hawai’i : I'm going on a month vacation so I'll

make this jam packed.  I'd like to send love and light to

everyone on Gaia and that people's fears subside and that

everything will be okay. I'd like to send light to everyone on

this line. I love you all, and I will miss you at the time that I

am gone.  I'd like to also send light to the hurricane that's

forming that there's no major devastation, and I really send a

lot of light to all the whales and dolphins at this time and to

the ones that I will be seeing very soon. Thank you so much.


Wynn: Thank you. There is a volcano going off in Japan right now,

so I'd like to put that volcano in the light for moderation, and

there's a hurricane coming in and I'd like to put that hurricane

in the light for moderation.


Zoe- Sacramento: I'd like to ask the love and light to see that

all of those things that are being put forth to the public that

are untrue to be exposed in one way or another so that people are

not taken over by falsehood but have truth to access.


Michael- San Diego : I'd like to put the energy of discernment

and the energy of common sense in the light and also for creative

expression and the energy of solutions (not just on problems)

let's put the energy of solutions in the light. I'd also like to

put free speech and the energy of expression through the Internet

in the light as well.


Wynn: Thank you.


Joanna: I wanted to put two things in the light.  One is that

there's been a lot of difficulty that I know about with people

getting certain supplements and products that they need either

because of manufacturing problems, prices going up, the

hurricanes and different things getting in the way of shipping so

I'd like to ask that people be able to receive what they need in

terms of products in some way.  The other thing is we know a lot

of people right now, myself included,  who are looking for

housing and having a hard time with housing and also a lot of

people who in order to keep their homes are for the first time

needing to rent their rooms in their homes and needing to find

just the right person that is good for them to live with. So I'd

like to ask to put in the light the situation of self, safe

shelter, and building community for everyone.


Wynn: Thank you.


Jim: I'd like to put in the light the situation with radiation

from Japan and some of the activities taking place there

currently. Also, I believe there's also a reactor on the East

Coast in Virginia that has been severely damaged and is being

kind of suppressed.  I'd like to put all of these nuclear

reactors in the light to reduce whatever damage they might



Cinda: I'd like to put all nuclear weapons in the light that no

harm can come from them.


Wynn: Thank you, anyone else?


Tameron: I'd want to put the military in the light, those who are

out serving and the vets that are suffering from PTSD also those

that are missing arms, legs and suffering from loss of limbs,

struggling for homes, things like that, a lot of medical issues

like wheelchairs. The necessity for them to move on with their

lives. Thank you.


Wynn: Thank you, anyone else?


Zoe: I'd like to put into the light all education world wide,

that the new spirit of inquiry and the new ideas and new ways of

thinking as opposed to the old ways of thinking be introduced and

take hold in education all over the world.


Gijs: I want to send the love light to the communication between

all positive higher sources that the communication through planet

Earth may be more widespread that more people may benefit from

this and for fear to be taken over by love.

 (Wynn does the visualization).

Wynn: Thank you. (calls in the light) Father, Mother God we ask

for the presence of the light to surround and protect each person

on this line and any negativity be taken to the higher realms of

light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We

see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating in the center of

the universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way,

through the energies of the solar system and the planets and

through our bodies and into the center of the Earth. Right now we

invoke a group energy connection among all of us while

maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls, and we invite

those sources that are positive, service to others, honoring the

Law of One to join with us as we provide a protected space that

only the positive has access to, and anything not of that nature

must leave now. I turn it over to our Sources and they address us

through Terry…


Terry (RA'AN ): We greet you in the love light of the one

infinite Creator. We're here with you this September 4, 2011. We

make contact to everyone on the line who wishes contact to be

made. We realize your individual situations and are available for

help. Expression of those things that you wish assistance with

can be made in many ways—through a desire, through asking, or

through an intention that things change.


We are aware of the things you have put in the light today.  As

we look over the Earth and the over the areas that you have

mentioned, we see the storm, and we see that it's not fully

organized. There are winds and thunderstorms, and there is

drenching rain. We take a look further at the weather patterns

over the U.S. that are directing the path of the storm (Irene),

as well as the other storm Katya. We see the prayers of the

people. We see that the media has more and more forecast the

pathways and have anchored this down through broadcasts, and we

set that aside. We send greetings to the clouds, to the systems.

We see that there are not as many people praying at this time but

merely assuming that the pathways are a foregone conclusion. It's

through prayer that things are able be brought about into change

(and through intentions), and so we set forecasts aside. We see

that Texas has not had enough rain and we see patterns of highs

that are keeping this in place, and we work with this, with

setting forecasts aside.


We thank each and every person on this line for helping with this

process and helping with the anchoring, and helping with the

intentions and the prayers. 

We send love and light to Cindy Popp-Hager for successful


We see there is “much ado about nothing” with comet Elenin.

We see that some people are propagating rumors, and others are

saying and projecting the truth.  We give support to those that

are protecting and saying the truth: that their message may calm

down the fears moving through the internet and even some radio

programs. We send love and light for discernment and for the

internet, that the voice of discernment be heard within the

hearts of each and every person (but yet allow freedom of speech

for the internet). In the long run the outcomes will tell what

the truth has been.


Caution must be used in discernment: that one does not take

random events are not connected with something such as comet

Elenin, if events occur simultaneously, to put them under the

category of influence from Elenin. This is where discernment is



We see discernment is also important with with the choosing of

energy choices, and that events such as the one in Japan with the

reactor lets people know the dangers and make an impetus for

development of more common-sense sources of energy that are not

harmful to the people and to the planet.


We send love and light to all people who are producing good food.

 We note again that discernment comes into play in this area, in

that your planet is biologically active and humans are working

and developing synergistically within this biological

environment. When companies manufacture pesticides they work in

the arena of this biologically active environment.  By creating

GMO crops that have a gene of pesticide in their growth, they

upset the human balance of the synergistic relationship between

humans and the biological surroundings. So you end up with

situations where a high percentage of pregnant women and new

babies born have within their system an upset in connection to

biological survival as the pesticide gene then gets in their

system and kills off biologically beneficial bacteria in their

system. They then have upsets in their digestive system and in

their synergistic connection with their life surroundings that

they would not have had.  This is where discernment comes in the

development of products for use in the human sphere and the

growing of food. 

We send love light to all the agencies who are transporting food,

all the farmers who are growing food, and support to the little

farmer, as it is becoming harder to survive in the atmosphere of 

farming because some of the  bigger farmers are using methods may

not be quite so healthy, not all big farmers, but some for the

profit motive.


We send a blanket of protection; we send a curfew of sorts, upon

the hauling and giving out and the use of nuclear weapons. We see

dangers in this area, and we then move to the hearts and minds of

those who could possibly use these weapons and ask for them to

hear the prayers of the majority of the people for peace. 

We send love light for the communication between all people and

the higher sources and the love light that exists in the higher

realms that it may be manifest in the Earth plane and between

people in their relations with each other. 

We send love and light to the Dolphins and the Whales as when

Gina said this we connected vibrationally with the Dolphins and

the Whales much to their joy.


Lastly, we send love light that the fear of each individual can

turn to a centering and a confidence that they are important and

worthwhile, and that they have the abilities to overcome all

barriers and obstacles. Is is through contact with barriers and

obstacles that they they can grow and learn to avoid barriers and

obstacles, and can learn that they are senior to barriers and

obstacles, and that love is senior to barriers and obstacles. We

send thanks and love light and appreciation and we feel honored

by each and every person here. We leave but we do not leave.


(Wynn does the planetary healing.)

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