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Monday Calls; 2011 Conferences
Monday – 09/05/2011
Introductory Notes by Wynn Free
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Channeled and Edited by Terry Brown
Transcribed by Connie O'Brien
Wynn:  This is September 5th, 2011 Wynn and Terry in Sedona.
Happy Labor Day to everybody!
We should have taken a day off; one day we’re going to start
taking some days off because we have so many great shows in the
past that most people have never heard.  Even if you have heard
them, even when I listen, there are things that come through that
you didn’t hear the first time, the second time, or the third
time.  Because of the nature of this call, there are a number of
things that happen simultaneously: one of the things is that we
bring forth information and wisdom about how things work; when
you listen to it any little thing can trigger you into a whole
new change of consciousness (if that’s something you’d like).
 People tell me this all the time.

Most people who are listening to this call are coming on because
they feel the energies of the call; they feel a sense of
community—particularly the people who check-in live.  Those of
you who are listening find little tidbits of wisdom, cosmic
understanding, cellular resonance.  I think the cellular
resonance comes in because many people who come under the
category of what our sources call “wanderers” or “star
seeds” are on this call.  If you’re a Wanderer or a Star
Seed, the chances are, until you’re exposed to this kind of
information, it has never occurred to you that it’s true.  It
adds a whole other way of looking at your life.  Being a Wanderer
or Star Seed means that you are an entity that came from another
dimension that volunteered to take incarnations on Earth after
you had graduated this realm; you didn’t have to, but you chose
to do it out of service for the planet.  Once you’re here you
don’t remember that anymore.

According to our sources, 90% of the people who are wanderers get
lost once they come back here.  Why do they come back if
there’s a 90% chance of getting lost?  They come back because
if no one came back, this realm would move into darkness and
blackness and probably everyone would get enslaved.  The 10% that
wake up make a huge difference and for some of the people who are
listening, who keep coming back over and over again, the chances
are very high that you are a wanderer or a star seed.  You’re
making a connection on this call to your soul family, to the
sources that you came from.  It’s like a mother and child
reunion to do that.

The topic for tonight is “Karma”, which is I believe, a Hindu
word, which has to do with the Law of Cause and Effect: “What
you sow is what you reap.”  Everyone in a physical body has, to
some degree, karma attached to their life.  We have songs written
about karma; we have John Lennon—what’s that song?
“Instant karma is gonna get you, gonna knock you off your feet.
 Better recognize your brother, everyone you meet.”  Sorry for
the bad rendition, but we have John Lennon and then we have Boy
George singing “Karma Chameleon.”  I’m not going to try it!
 I don’t remember the lyrics to that song; I don’t think
they’re as strong as John Lennon’s, but nonetheless, we’re
going to learn about karma: what causes karma, what alleviates
karma, what’s the difference between “karma” and
“processing”?  Maybe there’s no difference.

Processing is when you go into an environment and you pick up
energies from other people, and then you go back to your own
environment, and you’re still carrying the energies from other
people.  That happens all the time to me and to Terry on these
calls.  Particularly a while ago, when we would come on the
calls, after the call was over we’d both conk out!  It was
because these calls are unusual, because we’re feeling the
energies of everyone on the call. 

Some of you may notice that when we have a lot of new people on
the call, the call is sluggish for a while until it picks up.
Maybe the whole call will be sluggish, then a week or two later
it starts to pick up.  Particularly you people who are coming
into the calls regularly are helping to anchor the energies of
the call; you’re going to start to participate in this process
that I am calling “processing.”  When new people come on,
you’re going to be helping with the processing if you’re
really “on the call” and really connecting.  In fact,
you’re going to be the cause, to a certain degree, for making
it possible for new people to come in and for the energy to be
handled.  I’m sure in your own life you may have experienced
this where you’re around someone, and you feel the energies,
and you take it on, and then you have to clear it before you’re
back to your center again.  Particularly if you’re doing really
high-energy spiritual creative things, that is one of the things
that comes along with the package, the processing.
It seems like processing is different from karma in the sense
that it’s much shorter: it can be a day; it can be a few hours.
 It has similarities to karma; maybe it’s more like “Instant
Karma,” so to speak, as John Lennon spoke about.  Karma usually
is long-term, where you’re carrying an ancient pattern.  It
still has to do with processing, but it’s a pattern that is in
your track or in your subconscious, and it’s affecting
everything you do to a certain degree.

The real question we’re going to look at today is: how do you
clear that track?  What’s the best way to do it?  And, what is
the best way to ensure that you don’t create more future karma
to be worked out.  We are in this life, and there’s something
called “experience,” and we all need experience, or most of
us need experience.  We need friends, we need intimacy; it’s in
the way that we have experience that we generate potential karma.
 How can we have experience without generating karma, and how can
we clear the karma that we’ve generated in the past?  That’s
not a simple task, and everybody thinks, “Okay let me turn the
television on and clear the karma.”  It’s not going to happen
that way; sometimes it takes a long time.

I had a conversation with a friend of mine today (Suzanne who
does the transcribing for our Wednesday calls); we’ll ask her
question tonight.  I was going to ask it on Wednesday, but it
kind of fits in for tonight’s topic.  It had to do with
suffering and she was asking about the Christian concept of
suffering.  Do we really have to suffer to get back to God?

My take on this is that when you really choose to face your
karma, some of us might have to suffer for a period of time
because suffering is the way that things surface and release,
depending upon your particular karmic track.  Karma sounds like,
or we’re describing it like it’s in the past, but in fact
it’s all here now.  It’s the way your energy track is
distorted and got distorted because of the past and past
incidents.  Now that it’s distorted, how do you
“un-distort” it?

One concept that I had a realization about was that when you
start thinking of karma in your track creating distortions,
it’s very easy to think that you were bad in some previous time
and that’s why you have karma, that because you were bad,
you’re being punished.  First of all, karma can be positive as
well as negative, because when we’ve done really great things
in other lifetimes, we carry those potentials with us.  It’s
kind of like “which nuts are you going to crack in this

One thing about the idea of bad karma that I’ve come to
understand is that oftentimes these karmic tracks got established
through no doing of your own.  You just happened to be in the
wrong place at the wrong time; that’s what I think.  We’ll
ask about that.

To give an example, in the Rueckert/Ra material, Carla talks
about Maldek, one of the planets in our solar system that
exploded and became the asteroid belt.  The entire population of
Maldek became a tangled knot of souls, mangled and compressed
together. According to Terry, often in an explosion souls just
“glom” together and they get tangled.  Ra describes that they
took this tangled mass of souls and brought them in as
Neanderthals on earth, and that Ra spent special efforts to
untangle them, which took thousands of years.  Obviously, those
people were all carrying a track of something as a result of that
explosion on Maldek, and yet the majority of them had nothing to
do with it.  I am sure that many of them were wonderful, great
and good people.  I don’t know about the spiritual aspect of
Maldek, but some of them had to have been spiritually oriented.
Yet, according to Ra, the whole group got mangled and was a mess.

Karma may not just be a personal thing.  You may have walked in
the wrong place at the wrong time.
Some people would say, “If that happened, it was meant to
be.”  I’m not sure I believe that; I think that there is such
a thing as random events down here that occur, and if you happen
to walk into the wrong, random event something could happen that
lodges in your karmic field and your energy field that starts to
get carried forth from one life to another to another. 

In both Terry and my cases, we both have knowledge of some
previous lifetimes where we were killed in unpleasant ways.  I
know in my case that one of those lifetimes was a thousand years
ago, and I was still carrying that in this lifetime.  In
Terry’s case, it was a lifetime that she remembers maybe two
lifetimes ago, where she was killed in a rather unpleasant way,
and she still complains.  Are you there, Terry?

Terry:  Yeah, it was last life.

Wynn:  It was last life.  Is it okay to share this?

Terry:  Yes.

Wynn:  Terry’s memory is she was killed in an unpleasant way by
a jealous woman who knifed her.  Oftentimes, Terry will feel pain
and compression about the knife wound.  I think we could call
that “karma”; maybe Terry did something that promoted that to
occur, and maybe it was her unconscious that promoted it.  Or
maybe it was totally the woman’s doing.  Regardless, Terry has
pain in her chest, and I watched her relive that incident.
This is a rather complex topic, and the key is, no matter where
something came from, how do we get rid of it?  How do we get into
present time?  How do we move into the present and clear
ourselves of these past influences?  What’s the best way?
That’s going to be our topic.  I’m going to open up the
conference line before we go to the channeling and have you guys
share anything about karma...  If there are things about this
idea of karma that have ever confused you, just bring it up.
We’ll try to cover them in the questions.  Does anyone have any
burning thing about the idea of karma?

Gijs:  One thing... is there a good karma and a bad karma, so to
speak?  Is that correct?

Wynn:  As soon as you say good and bad karma, you’re involved
in duality.  If you did something that was really hurtful, then
the hurt that you created would somehow lodge as guilt, and the
guilt would come up in future situations around the same kind of
circumstance.  If you don’t like guilt, you would call that
“bad karma.”

Gijs:  Is it like when you save somebody’s life; isn’t it
just the opposite?

Wynn:  If you save somebody’s life?  I have somebody like that
in my life now where I knew them in a previous life... and I had
done really good things for them in that life.  There was all
this gratitude, an instant connection, because of that.  When you
meet somebody that you have a really good positive connection
with, it’s usually because they’re a reiteration of the past

Keep in mind that when we talk about past lives, according to our
information, we (may) go back one thousand lifetimes (or more).
We all have enormous amounts of connections out there!  If you
figure in any given life, you probably have touched two or three
hundred people, that means that’s two or three hundred thousand
people out there that you have some connection with.  Any one of
them you could meet at any time, and it could trigger some of the
episodes of that past life, both “good” karma and “bad”
karma, as you call it.  I think that if we’re talking about
duality, we just say “karma” so that we’re outside of
duality without creating a judgment to it.

I would venture to say that when you’re in pain because
you’re carrying past life incidents, we would call that “bad
karma.”  Say, in Terry’s case, where somebody killed her,
knifed her; perhaps she was innocent. perhaps she wasn’t.  You
see, it’s complicated.  Assuming she was innocent yet still had
created a whole track of pain in this lifetime as a result of
that incident.  What was your question, Gijs?

Gijs:  If there is good karma and bad karma.  When they talk
about karma, usually it is seen from a negative point of view,
karma is something bad.  That’s my question, about the good

Wynn:  Even good karma, if it keeps you from being in the here
and now, is bad karma.  This is a very interesting point.

Gjis:  Maybe we should define karma. What is karma?

Wynn:  Let’s say, for example, you were born into a very
wealthy family because you had really good connections with your
parents in another lifetime.  So, you were brought into that
family and you would normally think that would be good karma,
right?  Except, suppose because you were brought into a wealthy
family you didn’t have to grow, you didn’t have to work, and
you didn’t have to work things out with people.  You had a life
of luxury and indolence.  So, what would seem to be good karma
could actually not be in your best interests, possibly.  We’ll
ask the question, they’re listening to us.  They’ll figure
out how to solve this.  Anyone else have a question or comment on

Lisa:  I have a comment; right before I got on the call I picked
up a Sylvia Browne book and opened to the chapter talking about
karma and dharma.  In regard to a bit of information for Gijs in
regard to what is “right,” what is good karma or bad karma,
I’ll just read a few sentences about what Sylvia Browne says:

“What happens to one's karma in crimes of passion or insanity?
There is karma attached but it is so minimal.  For example, if a
mother sees her child attacked and she reacts by shooting the
attacker, then there’s no karma.  That’s passion.  Similarly,
if she were insane or driven to that point, very little karma is
attached to that.  Everything is intention.  A pure motive
carries no karma.
It can be difficult to determine whether harmful intent was there
or not.  So many times after the deed is done, you start
questioning yourself about what your intentions were.  Then you
build up unnecessary guilt for yourself, instead of just giving
it to God.  This doesn’t allow you to go out and do anything
you want, intention is vitally important.  When you really get
into the spiritual throes of this theology, you will question
intent.  How important is it to seek revenge?  How important is
it to inflict hurt?  What are you really accomplishing?  Are you
doing this for your own ego or are you trying to right
Maybe that gives a little insight.

Wynn:  I remember thinking about that years ago, and I thought of
the soldier that went to war.  He was killing people because he
was really into defending his country and proud of his country
and so that even if it wasn’t true that the war was an
honorable war, he believed it. Maybe he wasn’t going to get
karma from it.  Whereas if he was killing people and getting off
on blood lust, so to speak, then he would get karma for it.  It
would go into his track.
From reading about this and asking questions, I get that when you
come into this lifetime, your high self somehow determines the
lessons you need to learn to balance the previous stuff.  So
it’s not completely random—the family you’re brought into
and the challenges you have as a youth—because there’s some
kind of high-self work there so that you can process things in
the best way.  The way you’re attracted to people and the way
you gravitate towards certain people in your life, even when
they’re not good connections, are processes that take place
that you need in order to relieve yourself.  It’s like personal
relationships oftentimes are difficult: a lot of processing takes
place.  A lot of things come up in personal relationships, love
relationships.  It’s one of the fastest ways to process your
shadow, because of the way it surfaces; it won’t surface that
way in other kinds of relationships.

Any one else have something about this particular topic?

Isis:  My question may sound silly. I’m trying to take
responsibility and live in loving harmony with everything.
Sometimes recently I’ve been having a lot of difficulty: when I
cut the grass, I ask for forgiveness, and I tell it I'm trimming
it and please forgive me.  It’s like a haircut that I would
give to myself.  But I have some other things going on in my
house—there’s a mouse in the kitchen.  I have a hard time
killing a fly and a spider.  We have a big farm of ants in our
backyard that is always stinging my dogs (we have four dogs).  My
mom wants to get rid of this farm; however, I don’t want to do
it, but I understand it’s becoming a problem.  In these types
of things, plants and animals, you could say they’re in lower
densities.  How do you balance it?  I want to live in harmony; I
don’t want to harm anything; I want to love everything because
we’re all one.  How do you... balance your well-being, being
sanitary and all those things?  Do you create karma with those
things?  Can you just ask for forgiveness and just move forward?
It may be a silly question, but I’ve been wondering.

Terry:  There’s nothing silly…

Wynn:  If we go back to what Lisa was reading, it seems like it
has to do with intent.  If you can honestly feel that animal's
invading and doesn’t deserve to be there, maybe it’s okay to
kill it.  If you can’t, I’ve watched Terry catch spiders and
walk outside and throw them back into the garden.  So, she has

Isis:  Sometimes it’s workable, but other times… for example,
we have one mouse that’s just out of control in the kitchen,
then it’s “Oh, which one do you choose?” I guess we can
always work around it.

Wynn:  I’m sure they’ll make a comment on it.

Isis:  It’s kind of silly, but…

Wynn:  It’s not silly if you think about it.  It shows a great
love and concern for life on your part, which is a beautiful

Isis:  Because we’re all one!

Wynn:  Don’t think of it as being silly.  Terry, do you have
anything you want to say from your human side?  She can say
something if she wants to, but otherwise…

Gina:  It is a beautiful idea to respect all living creatures
everywhere.  In terms of karma and dharma, I don’t really know
the difference between the two.  Karma offers some beautiful
lessons for us to learn from because we do play out our karmic
lessons, I believe, every day of our lives in one aspect or
another with all the interactions we have, whether it be over the
phone or in person with someone or reading something in a book.
I think we’re here to play out those karmic lessons and to
learn from every experience.

Wynn:  Karma and dharma, they are both Indian words.  I would say
karma is the track you carry, the law that says “What you reap
is what you sow,” and dharma is the path you walk on from day
to day. Your job, your family in present time, is your dharma.  I
think there’s a connection to dharma and duty; I’m not sure
if Terry knows those distinctions, so I don’t know if I want to
ask them.

Lisa:  Can I say something?  Sylvia Browne says dharma is only
another word for “responsibilities.”

Wynn:  So, it’s the path you walk on?  Similar?

David Wilcock just came out with a book with a big New York
publisher: The Source Field Investigations. It's the same
publisher that publishes Sylvia Browne.  David is probably on his
way to, I hope, great notoriety. I don’t believe he talks about
channeling in it; it’s made for the public to bring the public
into this whole idea of the shift.  His publisher is talking
about getting him on some major talk shows.  He wrote it to not
be more far out than would make him publicly accessible.  Terry,
are you ready?

Terry:  Yes.

Wynn:  Father Mother God, we ask for the presence of the light to
surround and protect each person here and that any negativity be
taken to the higher realms of light and transmuted for the
highest good of all concerned.  We see ourselves in the flow of
energy radiating from the center of the universe, through the
galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the energy fields of the
planets, through the outer energy fields of Earth, through our
bodies and into the center of the Earth.  Right now, we invoke a
group energy connection amongst all of us present while
maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls.  And, we invite
those sources that are positive, service-to-others, honoring The
Law of One, to join with us and we create a protected space that
only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature
must leave now.  We open ourselves up to the source that
identifies itself as Ra’an, a conglomeration of two group
souls, for our questions tonight.

Ra’an:  We greet you in the love light of the One Infinite
Creator.  This is September 5th, 2011, planet Earth, and we greet
each and every one, wherever you are and whenever you listen or
read a transcript.  It is our honor; we are honored by the
connection and we send love light to each and every person.  We
are familiar with the questions you have put forth.
We see dharma as the person’s path in bringing forth the
conduct that will create a life of joy and a connection with the
higher realm.  We see karma as a terrific tool for providing
growth for an individual in his path, in his way through, and in
his successful successive lives.  Karma provides a tag, a tab, a
sign that there is something there to learn, that there is
something that is not completely satisfactory.  If it is in the
case of “good karma,” there is a feeling of joy and success
in connection, as when spirit is present, connection provides the
higher path, the better path, when the connection is in harmony
and in love.  Do you have questions?

Wynn:  Some of the questions people asked... I’m going to put
forth the question Suzanne asked me on the phone today: “How is
suffering connected with karma?  What’s the benefit of
suffering, and why is suffering connected to Christianity in such
a strong way?”

Ra’an:  There are several questions.

In the third dimension, where one is connected with factors that
are of the physical realm, suffering can be taken on from the
connection with the body, as the connection with disruption in
energy flow within a body.  When an individual, if it is not
karma-connected, leaves a body, they leave such suffering behind.
 There are many kinds of suffering, but there is one thing in
common between the different kinds of suffering.  In all
suffering, there is a disconnection, a separation, and then there
is created pain…

Wynn:  We’re talking about suffering, there’s pain; but with
pain in the body there is a disconnection when you die…

Ra’an:  When there is a disconnection, for instance, when an
individual has a cut there is a disconnection between the
different tissues; there is a separation.  The impulses to stay
connected back-up upon the tissue, and this lack of flow of
electricity creates a back-up which then jams the tissues, and
this back-up creates pain.  So, too, when an individual in a
relationship has a disconnection plugging up the communication
and cutting off something that once flowed. The energy backs up
upon the person, and there is no outlet, and this creates pain. 

If the individual is released in a body death from the body, and
then does not experience the body trying to reestablish energy
flow, then the release can be very beautiful.  So, suffering
involves disconnection.  If a person has karma from a past life,
there may have been disconnection, and the individual is trying
to reestablish some kind of a flow, some kind of a reconnection
with a person or thing, or an occupation.  And, when they can
reestablish flow, then pain will subside.
Does this shed some light on some aspect of it for you?

Wynn:  Yes.  Does the person have to reestablish flow with the
same entity, or are there other entities that can substitute
where they can complete that energy?

Ra’an:  It does not have to be with the same entity; it can be
within the general subject or topic wherein the original flow was

Wynn:  Can the person work this out on the inner levels, in other
words clear that need for the flow?  Or, do they need to find
somebody to work it out with?

Ra’an:  If they could within their mind recapture the original
circumstances and then release it within their mind, the other
person does not have to be present.  Once freed in their own
field, their own matrix, they reestablish the ability to
reconnect; then if it is psychological pain, it will release. If
it is some aspect of the body that has been injured, then it can
readjust after the body is left and the karma, the disruption in
energy, does not have to carry over to the next life.  Many
times, a wound in one life will create a suffering in that there
is a withdrawal of energy from that area.  The person finds it
painful to connect with the disruption in that area, and
withdraws energy; therefore in the next life they continue to
withdraw energy and there may be a birthmark or some mark in that
area, or a drooping eyelid, or some sign of the past karma.

Wynn:  Thank you.  If Terry’s high self gives permission, could
you share how she could release the knife wound that she
remembers from her past life?

Ra’an:  There is a misalignment in the area of the knife wound
in the back; there is a misalignment within the muscular
structure, and this would need to realign.  It has conformed to
the cutting of the tissue in the past life, and the energy was
withdrawn from that area and so it was not able to reconstruct
fully in this life. To put some attention every day upon it, and
to picture it healed, and picture the alignment in order, will
help to some degree.  Then the area can begin to flow the energy
in a normal pattern, which then will reestablish energy flow to
the area.  Heat is one sign that healing is occurring.

Wynn:  Would there be outward modalities, say like acupuncture,
massage or energy work, that could help speed the process?

Ra’an:  Energy work could help, or using the massage machine;
if you set up the massage machine to run it over the spine, not
even for a long time but just for a few minutes every day will
help tremendously.

Wynn:  Thank you.  A question that comes up—I’m using Terry
as an example but I would assume that many people have these
kinds of ruptures in their systems that are creating pain in
their bodies with carryovers from past life incidents.  Could
Grace be invoked to speed this process up?  If so, how?

Ra’an:  One could ask for Grace to work with healing in the
area, or one could ask for healing in the area and the energy, a
force that had the most ability to heal, to work with that area
in the name of the Christ consciousness, so that one does not get
a negative source.

Wynn:  Thank you.  Some people have done what perhaps we would
call really inflictive, negative things on other people in past
lifetimes.  It is my understanding if that was the case that they
would have a lot of guilt this lifetime.  The guilt could create
immense suffering but it’s not obvious where it’s all coming
from.  Could you explain a little about that process and how, if
one is in that particular dilemma, the best way that they could
clear it?

Ra’an:  Yes.  If one has committed an atrocity, say, in a
certain lifetime and as that atrocity has certain frequencies,
certain motives involved with it, then in this lifetime those
frequencies or those motives may appear as frequencies or motives
in the matrix of the individual.  As such, they then attract
those frequencies to themselves and it can be in some other of
the flows.

For instance, one could feel the motivation to do a similar thing
to one’s own self—that would be self-to-self.  Then also, one
might, since they were sitting in that frequency, feel what they
had done to another.  And, since they were in that frequency,
they may wish another to do it to themselves, or feel that
impulse to pay themselves back.  Or, they may be curious and then
see others do it to others.  They may have an interest to try to
understand why they had those ideas that may go through their
head without understanding where they came from.  Then, they may
wish to watch movies and to see similar things happen in movies
that they hope can give them (some) relief from these thoughts or
these subconscious impulses, or the subconscious and (apparently)
unfounded intentions that seem to be with them, and they may use
movies to attempt to release these feelings.

Wynn:  Does that work?  Can that work, watching movies that
trigger those things?

Ra’an:  They may make the pattern worse, and they may trigger
it more as the original incident comes more and more to focus: it
applies more force in their psyche, and it may become worse
before it gets better, before it releases, and they may not
understand what is happening.

Wynn:  If a person has an incident like that, and they just
don’t feel well all the time, can they process it just by
letting their feelings come up and pass through them?

Ra’an:  This is a very good way to work with oneself, as the
feelings will pass; even though it seems like they may never
pass, they will pass.  It may take as many as three days for them
to pass, but the idea is to not act upon them, to simply let them
pass, to observe them.  At some point, a person may start to see
a reconstruction within their mind of the original thing that
happened.  Even though it is hard to look at, if they can simply
observe it and let it go by, then each time that happens it
releases a little bit of it, and life events, so to speak, can
run the original incident out.

Wynn:  Thank you. Two other things I’d like to ask about in
terms of releasing heavy patterns from the past: one of them is
good works.  I’ve heard people say that if you do good works
and make real contribution to the lives of others, it speeds up
the process of releasing the guilt from the past; it kind of
balances it.  Could you share the effectiveness of that approach?

Ra’an:  Thank you. This may not work to release the original
karma; however, it may help the individual in building up his
idea of himself, his self-concept, his self-worth and his feeling
of trustworthiness, so that he can trust himself to be a helpful,
worthwhile, contributing individual. This can help to give him
strength to handle and just simply observe and let pass through
any karma.

Wynn:  How about the idea of forgiveness?  If a person can have
some idea of what they’ve done, or even if they don’t know
exactly what it is, if they are experiencing the effects of
overwhelming guilt—sometimes guilt comes up like being
apologetic for yourself, feeling  worthless...  If they are
feeling those things, is there a way to apply self-forgiveness to
release those energies faster?

Ra’an:  Yes.  Forgiveness of self is very important, and one
should distinguish between implanted thoughts of being worthless
and thoughts that are their own.  If their mind is simply
relaying thoughts that have been laid into them in the
past—say, in growing up, a parent has been very hard on the
child and looked at the child as if the child is worthless and
will never amount to anything—[then they could] isolate the
source of that and in that case forgive the parent, forgive the
person that implanted the implant, not to buy into the idea that
has been laid in, but to just simply forgive whatever sources
laid that concept in.  Then to see one’s own person and forgive
anything that they have done in the past that they do not feel
right about. Then they can move forward in their life, having
completed their thoughts about that and learn from that, so that
in the future they will act differently.

Wynn:  Thank you.  Finally, the idea of processing. To me, there
is some kind of connection between processing and karma, although
processing seems to be a fairly positive process which allows one
to help others.  Obviously everyone has got to do it themselves.
For example, there are times when we do a call and the energies
all become one on the call, and when the call is over we’re
really tired.  I don’t know if in the other realms this is
experienced, of any lingering energy after a call or if it’s
totally clear.  Is that processing of the energies on the call in
the way that I see it, is that true?  I use the call, but I
imagine that everyone moves in and out of circumstances during
the day, and they’re picking up energies from everything
they’re in.  Some of the energies pass through and some of them
stick and then they have to release themselves from those
energies that stick.  Could you share a little bit from your
perspective about that process?

Ra’an:  Yes.  When a person has total acceptance and no
judgment and total love, then things do not stick.  When a person
has judgment and concern, then things stick.  If a person is free
to flow in and out of a situation without attempting to change it
but can simply let it flow through them and look at the
circumstances of it with love... Another factor is that when an
individual has charge or concerns in an area, and they are
touched upon by another, and one picks up that concern from the
other and has similar propensity towards concern, then they can
be affected to continue to try to work it out after the call is

Wynn:  Thank you.  I’ll just ask one more question, and then
we’ll close this session.  I thought we’d address Isis’s
question about the feelings she feels when there's animals,
there’s bugs, there’s mice; is there karma that comes from
killing those kinds of creatures?

Ra’an:  It depends upon the intention of the individual, and
there are circumstances where there is such a conflict between
the invading population and the individual that it is necessary
to set the boundaries and to clear them out.

There are two ways: one of them is harder, because they do not
(the insects, ant or mouse population) get the message. They are
in a war, so to speak, for resources, and this creates a problem.
If one looks at it from the other side, one can set their mindset
to a loving solution, an asking of forgiveness from that
population and an intention that they move their hive, or their
home, to another location.

In some circumstances it may be necessary to enforce it, and when
it is totally invasive, or somewhat invasive, just to set the

Wynn:  Thank you.  Anything more you’d like to share with us
before we close for the evening?

Ra’an:  We have an outpouring of love for each of you and for
the circumstances that you have undertaken.  We know there is
suffering involved; from the perspective of the other side, there
is home where the suffering is alleviated.  We leave but we do
not leave.  Adonai.

Wynn:  Thank you.  I’ll make a formal announcement, but this
Sunday on the grid healing, if we can pull it off, we’re going
to do some little sub-discussion groups after the grid healing on
different topics and different people will lead them.  Suzanne
Hayes might lead a discussion group on the Law of One, or
somebody else might have a healing circle.  I’ll see the people
who come forward that have something to offer.  It’s more of a
discussion, just people getting to know each other.  We have
people that are listening to these calls, but we don’t know who
they are; they never get a chance to express themselves. We want
to create an environment where people can meet each other and
harmonize, and we’ll figure out all the topics.  Pay attention,
because for some of you this may be a really valuable thing to
partake of. 

On that note, we’ll say goodnight to everybody.  Happy Labor
Day.  Thank all of you who are on the line and who are listening
that are supporting the energy of this work.

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