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Thank you, Suzanne Hayes for Transcribing Ra'An.

                         Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

This is Wednesday, September 7th and this is Wynn Free and we are
doing our call where we ask questions that you all have
submitted. One of the things about being a host of these events,
is that it does not put me or even Terry above our humanness. We
are all still dealing with human issues.

We have this consciousness that is talking to us who identifies itself as the
Elohim and the Ra Groups who have been human, at least as far as
the Ra Group is concerned, and that they give us new tools to
add to our humanness; tools that expand us and help us to
understand how things work and help us to participate in bigger
flows than we could have otherwise and resources that we can draw

Sometimes I have conversations with people and they might
say, everything is inside you. God is inside you. I say that is
true, but everything is outside me too. Like when you get into
the Law of One and you move into the space where we are all part
of each other, we move into the space where we are all part of
the Elohim and we are all part of the Oneness in the Creator.

Notice that as soon as I said that the energy changes, and we
start becoming that. So we start moving into that and it's about
becoming friends with the invisible part of yourself. Really
realizing there is no limit on how large that can be, but at the
same time it does not absolve you from being human, of needing to
eat and take care of your body.

Let's just move into our little calling in of the light, now

(Wynn calls in the light)

Wynn: Do we have our Sources present?

Ra'An: This is Ra'An. Terry and Wynn Free in Sedona, Arizona and
greeting to every person on the call. We are honored to be here
and to make contact. We give a minute to move into the earth
sphere more fully. Do you have questions?

Wynn: Do you have any comments on the conversation we were having
before we started the recording where I was talking about Adam
and Eve in the Garden of Eden and I was making the speculation
that perhaps the indication of eating the apple was not from a
high source but from a lower agenda to keep humans from having
intimacy that would cause them to evolve.

Ra'An: We see that the story has a greater, broader genesis than
a particular incident than that. That one needs to be aware and
have discernment about what is being presented to one. The story
dates back to ancient times. We do not see that it was narrowed
down to sex.

We see that it was of a broader nature to suggest discernment to
individuals, and when an individual got close to another to maintain
their own integrity and their own discernment, so they did not, by
virtue of the fact of attempting to be close and to have good sexual
relations, to enter into an area that caused compromise in other areas
of their life.

There were feelings in some humans that the space people were
taking advantage of them. They would show up in their space ship
to pick up the gold and they would be well dressed and having fun,
and as some of the workers would load the gold they would sense
the opulence of the space crew and the passengers, and they would
become very angry at their lot in just continually working and
not seeing any of the opulence that they knew they were given
through their work to the people in the space ships picking up
the gold.

Therefore they created such animosity that they attempted to take
over a space ship and commend-ere it, although they had no knowledge
of how the space ship docked and how to release the space ship
from it's docking station and they created a huge explosion of the
space ship on one of it's trips. This created animosity and a set back
as the Annunaki felt they could not work with the earth people any longer.

They felt that the race had been genetically put together and had
a bad seed. Not all the Annunaki wanted to destroy the earth
people and write them off and start over again.

The people on earth were particularly bred using creatures that
were on earth, mixed with Annunaki sperm to create earth beings
that were more intelligent, that could survive the extreme
biological diversity in the earth plane, and be able to live in
it's atmosphere.  As many of the Annunaki could not live within the
earth atmosphere for long, based upon the high diversity of
biological factors that would give them strange illnesses.

There were then diversities between the Annunaki and the earth
people and some of them began to attack the earth people, in an
attempt to wipe them out so they could start other means to mine
the gold. It was very devastating to them when their space ship
blew up due to the take over of the earth people, not all of
them, but a group of them who represented the feelings of the
people on earth and the resentment toward the opulent lifestyle
of the visitors.

There being then nuclear wars that devastated parts of the Mid
East and a blanket came down upon them about what had happened in
their past because it was too awful to deal with.  So the survivors
blanked out the history of what had happened and civilization was
left in lock down condition, and did not go very far and succeed.
Stories began about eating forbidden fruit and when you ate
forbidden fruit it led to disaster. That is part of the story. Do
you have comments?

Wynn: Yes, During this period of time, I believe we are talking
about 4 million years ago and perhaps into the future. Where was
the Ra Group in their own formulation of themselves. Did they
exist? Where they evolving? Did they play any part in the
connection of earth?

Ra'An: The Ra Group is not a physical group and they were
checking in and they were available for assistance, but during
that period there was not much reaching from the people towards
the Ra Group.

Wynn: Were the Ra Group working with other planetary populations
during that period where there was reaching?

Ra'An: Yes

Wynn: Next question. This is a question about something called
Initiation. Many groups throughout history have used that term
where an individual makes a choice to make a greater commitment
to a certain group. That may even apply to baptism as a kind of
initiation. Indian masters who initiate their disciples and
certain negative groups, secret societies who have their
initiation. I would like a general discourse on initiation and
the positive and negative initiation ramifications, and how one
can know if initiation is a positive thing.

Ra'An: Generally, initiation in its broader terms are set to
channel a person's responses in a certain area, and their creative
endeavors into an organized unit and there are several things it
can be meant to do. To move the person into a behavior that is
socially acceptable within that group, it can be positive or it
can be negative depending upon the goals or intentions and works
of that group and the creative interactions of that group.

It can be, in cases where the people are vowed to secrecy, it can
be a hindrance to the person who in general is depending upon the
group and the goals and activities of the group, can be a positive
thing or a negative thing.

In cases of, say baptism or the initiation in Egypt, can be an assistance
to the individual that when they stepped into the initiation and the vows
that they could then operate with more freedom and gain more knowledge
than when they were operating inside of the mores of that particular
group. Do you have further questions on that?

Wynn: How can one know when they are taking vows with
something that is positive or negative. What would be an indication
of some type of negative initiation?

Ra'An: A negative initiation would be where the individual in his
broad spectrum was more confined or restricted from expansion or
growth, or asked to do things not within his own value system, or
when they feel held back or confined. When they did not resonate
with the goals outlined and did not understand the goals they
were asked to operate in.

Wynn: Thank you.
There is a gentleman named Martin in England and he has built
huge groups on Facebook and other social media on the internet.
And he is frustrated because he has learned some of the higher
principles of the dimensional shift, and people find they are not
interested in hearing about it and he asked, how can he do better
in these circumstances to have a greater impact on people?

Ra'An: Each and every person is in a certain place in time and
space and they have their own particular interest. The majority
of people are not ready for change. It takes a person who is
ready for change. That is one of the things that is happening now
with the economic system and the weather. It makes a person seek
change and brings them into a space where they are willing to
look at a higher purpose, they are willing to change aspects of
their life that they have not been willing to change previously.
They may need to look if there was something more beyond their
current existence. When they see that the things around them are
no longer reliable and are failing, they may then seek to
communicate with others more or to be open to look at the changes
one can make within their own self, such as opening the heart,
which then can bring them within reach of ascension when the time
would come.

Wynn: Thank you.
Nancy Jones was in a race last Saturday morning and saw many
chemtrails and later she got the flu and she is asking was her
flu connected with exposing herself to something within the

Ra'An: The answer is yes.

Wynn: Is there something she can do to diminish the symptoms?

Ra'An: Building up of the immune system. Working to detoxify the
body, particularly the liver of some of the metals laid down in
chemtrails. Aluminum, barium, and drinking lots of liquids to
flush the system. There are a number of things like echanasia, and
golden seal which can help, which are natural. Oregano is another
one. To have a humidifier to help the system deal with build up
of mucus. Things in general to build the immune system. One of
them in particular is to keep your body alkaline. This is one of
the bigger things a person can do for their body is to keep their
body alkaline. This gives the body more potential to fight off
things such as viruses, influenza which are in the environment.
That is our answer.

Wynn: I would imagine that if anyone is experiencing a day where
there is a lot of chemtrails, it would be a good day to spend
less time, and particularly to avoid intense exercise, outside. Is
this true?

Ra'An: Yes that is true. If you look up into the sky and you see
those white trails in the sky and they do not dissipate and are
not contrails but hang in the air and sometimes you can see the
drift of particles coming from the trails. As it is spread in the
skies, it falls to the earth and you breathe it in if you are
outside. On a day of heavy chemtrails it is best to breathe as
little of it as possible. When you do breathe it, then the body
has to deal with it.

Wynn: Thank you
Howey Tapway asks, when 2012 comes around are we all going to
evolve. Is there a better way of explaining what we can all look
forward to?

Ra'An: Thank you.
2012 will come and will go and it is an area where the earth is
as it is now in the process of crossing the galactic equator. As
such, the energies are higher from the direct alignment with the
center; the Hunab Ku, the center of the galaxy. The energies
being higher there is more propensity to be clairvoyant. It is
easier because the frequencies have shifted and has sped up.
Everything has sped up and everything has a little more emotion
and as such, individuals can have a little more emotion within
their own psyche. They will be a little more psychic. So it is an
opportunity for awakening and for growth as we move through 2012.
We have been moving into the plane of the galactic equator for a
number of years and it is simply intensifying. In 2012 we will
begin to move out of the equatorial plane of the galaxy. So it is
a time for intense growth. A time when one can see their patterns
more easily and move through their patterns more easily and
outgrown their patterns more easily. It is a time for wondrous
opportunity for growth.

Wynn: Thank you.
The last question is from Gary Brownlee. (Wynn speaking; when I
first started having conversations and I was studying David Wilcock
it was said that the earth was moving from 3d to 4d and there would
be a graduation and those beings who had their hearts open would
move to this higher octave earth. Since that time, there has been a
number of people talking about 3d to 4d to 5d and maybe even 6d.
This has to do with different dimensions that represent different
levels of consciousness, so 3d represents roughly speaking the
3rd chakra and 4d would represent a realm where hearts would be
open and generally more compassion but I think there is also the
negative there because the negative would turn that open love
into self love and narcissism. The negative does not disappear
until 6th d where you move into the Law of One. In the context of
the Law of One, you cannot experience separation; everything is
part of you so there is no room for service to self and service
to other combined because if everything is part of you, service
everything is serving yourself.)

So this question is having to do with 3d to 4d to 5d and in a
language that a human could understand, is the plan now going to
shift to 4d, or are people going to go to 5d or are things similar
to when we first started questioning about this?

Ra'An: Things are still the same as when you began asking about
this. There are some people who through their role are able to
move through it clear into 5d or 6d, and the majority of people, if
they open their hearts, will be able to 4d and to move into a
higher frequency; a frequency of love and a frequency of joy.

There are some individuals who have figured out how to move into
4d and still be negative. It is through their profound intention and
through their self love that they are able to move into these realms.
How can one avoid them? One can be true to their own heart as
Shakespeare said, if you are true to your own heart then these
individuals have no light upon you, no access to weakness that
can tempt you away. That is a short summary of our answer.

Wynn: Thank you.
That would be our last question for tonight. We now leave space
for closing comments and then we will close this call.

Ra'An: It is a joyous occasion when we come together and we
profoundly appreciate each and every one of you and to appreciate
this opportunity of service.

Wynn: Thank you

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