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Monday Conference Call 9.12.11

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Host: Wynn Free

Channeled by Terry Brown

Transcribed by Connie O’Brien

Edited by Terry Brown, Valerie Hawes and David Masty

Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee


Terry:  Good afternoon, good evening, good morning, wherever you are. This is Terry Brown on the world-wide net and I am introducing the ‘Wynn Show’, which is Monday on BBS Internet Radio. We are very glad to meet with you on this Monday. Today is the 12th of September, 2011. If anyone is interested in hearing replays of the Monday night calls, they are archived on BBS Radio. You can go on your Internet to BBS Radio and take a look; you can listen to show on the web live on BBS Radio.

Right now we’re waiting for Wynn; we do a simulcast on Monday, where we have people on the phone line and we have people on the Internet radio. Usually what happens about now is that Wynn is out rounding up the people on the conference line, who call in from all over.

It’s an interactive call, so the people on the phone line can talk to Wynn unless they are muted. When we are doing the introduction and when we are channeling the topic, then they are muted so they cannot respond. But anytime he wants to, he can unmute them and they can ask questions. People can also call in if it’s that kind of day when he is asking for feedback or he is asking questions of the audience; people can also call in to BBS Radio if he puts out a request for people to call.

Here we are; it’s Monday; my name is Terry Brown. I often do channelings on the show. For quite a while, we had Carla Rueckert on the line, who was one of the first people to channel Ra. She has had a surgery and been laid up from that and so hasn’t been on the show lately. We’re hoping when she recovers a little more that she can be back on Mondays; she has very valuable information.

I first got into channeling in 1995. I had known Wynn since 1979 or 1980, when I first met him. For a while, we worked together. We were selling a product together and he and I were managers in that company. He then had other products he was selling and I sold some of the other products that he was selling and I even went to some of the state fairs and hired people to sell sunglasses. We have a lot of history together.

In 1995 I met Cherryl Taylor, who was a fairly famous channel and did things like discovering who were the perpetrators of crimes and finding lost submarines for the military; she had done a lot of good work; she was completely amazing. One day, Bob Nielsen who was in our class, dropped his cane over the balcony, it ended up in the flower gardens below and we couldn’t find it.

We were looking and looking for his cane and none of us could find it. Cherryl came out and said, “That’s the wrong way to look for something.” She put her hand to her head and she said “It’s right there!” and we all looked and there it was. She was a totally fantastic channel and she had a class on how to channel and I took the class. The first channeling that I did was part of the class.

Later, Wynn met Daphne and Daphne began channeling the Elohim. Once, after Daphne left the scene, the Elohim knocked on my head and then I started channeling the Elohim.

Wynn, are you on the line yet?

Wynn:  No.

Terry:  I see. It’s his usual contrary-side speaking.

Wynn:  I wonder who said “No”.

Terry:  Gijs is generally the person who introduces people to the conference line. Take it away, Wynn.

Wynn:  So something started knocking you on your head, right?

Terry:  Yes. There was a pressure knocking on my head saying “We want to talk to Wynn.” I said, “Wynn is sleeping, so why don’t you just talk to me and get acquainted with me? We can get acquainted.” They said, “No. We want to talk to Wynn.” So I woke him up and he got out his tape recorder and they began to come through me.

Wynn:  I didn’t believe it though, at the time. I didn’t believe it was the same Source.

Terry:  No, he didn’t believe it. He did have questions.

Wynn:  Did you believe it?

Terry:  I did believe it, because there they were.

Wynn:  You could feel their frequencies, right?

Terry:  I could sense that they were there; I could feel the frequencies; I could feel the pressure of them knocking on my head, “Hey, hey, hey!” to get my attention. I could tell because I can see spirits. It’s not like they had form; these guys didn’t really have form, but they had intelligence and frequencies.

Wynn:  But they didn’t have form?

Terry:  No, not really. They didn’t have form; it’s like it was just an intelligence without form.

Wynn:  We have a real interesting topic tonight. The way this calls works, it started out as a conference call; then we went on BBS. If you’re listening for the first time, you can’t really believe we’re doing what we think we’re doing, probably, the first time you listen. It’s something that you have to thoroughly check out.

What seems to be happening here is that we’re talking to Intelligences in other dimensions and they’re not just normal intelligences. In the track of all our conversations with them, they say they created the physical Universe. If you haven’t downloaded and read my book, you should: The Creator Gods of the Physical Universe Want to Talk to You. All you have to do is go to and fill out your name and email and the book comes in your email.

Talking to a Source like that there’s a lot of unusual properties that happen associated with it, aside from getting information. I think, normally, when we think of ‘channeling’ we think, “I can get some really neat information. I can ask these Sources how to win in the stock market.” I never did that, but I did ask them how to win the horse races and they said it wouldn’t be a good idea to tell me.

The thing that is incredible about them is they said this originally with Daphne; that they were able to beam energy into this realm from their realm. I didn’t know what that meant. They said, “We beam Love Light energy.” We had many conversations; they said they created this realm. I asked them how they did that. They didn’t say, “Let there be Light”.

They said there were these ‘shooting of frequencies’ and ‘spinningness’ and when frequencies were crossing it would create ‘nodes’. I was a Physics major at one point and I said, “I’m not sure I understand this, but I’m not sure I don’t understand it. I don’t know how Terry could ever come up with it”—but it made sense intuitively.

Just to bring people up to date, we’ve had many conversations with them. Originally, it was just myself and Terry or myself and Daphne. But now we do it live on these calls; we send audios to people; we do it in full view of everybody, which for a long time I was kind of scared to do. I said, “What if we say something wrong? What if we mislead anybody?” Eventually I got confident that that did not seem to happen. We ask questions on Monday and we pick a topic.

Tonight the topic is: “How Were Humans Created?”

It’s a kind of controversial topic, because a typical religious person, of any religion, is going to have a very strong idea of how that occurred. On these calls, together with a lot of cross-referencing material, humans were originally created—well let’s go back.

The Elohim starts to create a physical Universe and they’re crossing frequencies and they’re creating solids. Then they’re creating the first instance of DNA and they’re creating the first instance of life. We’re never going to understand how they did that, as much as I ask them we’re not going to understand it; I had to ask them and it sounds like they know what they’re talking about; it’s hard to imagine in a human mind.

Over eons of time everything is evolving. Then they created life-forms; they talked about how they created the first amoeba. I don’t have a clear indication of how the amoeba became animals and humans, but we do know that Elohim souls started to come into this realm and occupy bodies.

What we don’t know is, did they occupy special bodies they created just for themselves or did they occupy bodies that were already here, or both? They came into this realm and originally they could go back and forth. They could occupy a body and then go back. Then they got stuck here.

When they got stuck—this is not from our channelings; in Edgar Cayce’s readings they said they got stuck because of sex. They started having sex with the beings in this realm. Getting stuck wasn’t a punishment; the sex locked them in energetically to this realm. They got pulled into the energy field of a being that was locked into the realm, which locked them into this realm. That’s about as much as I can understand of how that works.

We go on and of the Elohim souls that were in this realm, some of them were positively oriented and some of them were not positively oriented—service-to-self and service-to-others. They had a lot of power in this realm, so they had the ability to control the other beings here. They were gold-mining on Earth, the way the stories go.

Their bodies were not so suited for the environment here and they wanted to genetically create beings in the Earth realm that could be their slaves and mine the gold. There was some kind of genetic manipulation between the Elohim who were in this realm, which I believe were called the Annunaki and-or the Nephilim, I’m not sure. I believe those were the two names that were applicable: the Annunaki and Nephilim.

In the Bible, they talk about the ‘sons of God’ mating with the ‘daughters of man’. They created humans to be their slaves; to mine the gold for them. Last week, we learned that the humans went into a kind of revolt; they were resisting this position of being slaves, and they tried to commandeer the spaceship of the Annunaki. They were not able to do it; they couldn’t figure out how to fly it; they blew it up, something like that. I believe that’s the way the story went; they blew it up.

Then there were a lot of annoyed Annunaki that said, “Let’s forget this human experiment and do away with them”. I didn’t ask all of these questions last week, so we can clarify some of them. The Annunaki were divided between “let’s do away with humans”, and “let’s nurture them back to evolution”.

Historically, this is on the Sumerian tablets that a Sumerian scholar named Zechariah Sitchin wrote a number of books about. There were two brothers that were leading the different factions. One was named Enlil and the other was named Enki. One of them took the side of “Let’s get rid of all the humans” and the other took the side of “Let’s nurture the humans”.

If you read some of this stuff in history from Zechariah Sitchin and others—and   I tell people, if this sounds fascinating do a search on Enki and Enlil on Google—you’ll find many things about it from people who channel, people who have done archeology. What was happening was, the one brother, who wanted to do away with everybody, was planning to blow up the planet. Apparently he didn’t blow up the planet, but he destroyed all the life forms on it.

By the way, there was an article in the New York Times this week about some scientists that discovered an unusual fossil, in South Africa—gold, right? It was a missing link between ape and humans and it had ape characteristics and a human hand and it was revolutionizing how they thought about the Darwinian Theory.

See how crazy this all gets? It’s like maybe the Darwinian Theory is better than knowing all this. Apparently this is our roots; this is where we came from. The one brother blew up the Sinai Peninsula. There is still evidence, according to certain people, of radiation and a nuclear blast there. The other brother knew that this was going to happen and he decided to rescue some humans and some animals, so that the DNA template would not be lost and could continue. We’re going to find out today.

In that rescue event, was there a spaceship that took all these beings, these humans, up into space to preserve them when this explosion happened? Or was it Noah, who was given the instructions and help on how to build an Ark, and do it that way, or none of the above? Maybe I have it completely wrong.

I did study this enough, so we could ask some really good questions tonight. There’s another group that channels the Cassiopeians. I think the woman’s name is Laura and she happens to be friends with Carla Rueckert. There was a question asked to her Source and I haven’t studied her completely, but I figured if Carla knows her she has some kind of credibility.

They were talking about the Ra material and they said, “How much of the Ra material is accurate? What percentage?” and she said, “70%”. I’ve never asked that question; I don’t think I want to ask it. Then the question was “How much is the Cassiopeians accurate?” and they said about the same. They said it varied from 65% to 95% and they said, “What made the difference?”

The answer was the energy of the people present during the channeling; they held the purity of purpose that kept the channeling clear. You can all give yourself a pat on the back, those of you that are coming into the calls. I know that’s true, but I never heard anyone say that before.

When we are dealing with these group soul energies, we become part of the matrix and we become part of the safety and we become part of the accuracy. Of course, we’re learning as we go to do this publicly, like this. Before we go into the questioning, I’m going to open the lines and see if anyone has any particular things to ask about this particular topic? It has to be on this topic, okay? Are you curious about this?

Gijs:  Very curious, and I can’t wait to hear it.

Wynn:  Every Monday I have to choose what we’re going to talk about. Luckily, I never run out of topics. We could go on for eternity here, and new topics will come up as we go. One of the things about learning about this ancient creation stuff is for many of us, particularly those of us who are Wanderers who have come in from higher dimensions, all of this stuff is solving big cosmic puzzles and creates a cellular resonance, which helps awaken us.

For many of us, either the Elohim or the Ra group might have been our Source family. Even if they weren’t, they take transients and they adopt people. This is a wonderful opportunity to get adopted by those guys, which is a great experience because you now know you’re not alone in this realm anymore. You’ve got a team supporting you in other realms. When that happens you know it; things change in your life; things occur. We have no questions. Terry, are you on the line?

Terry:  I am; I’m here.

Wynn:  I’m going to call in the Light and we’ll start our questioning on this topic.

Father-Mother God, we ask for the presence of the Light, to surround and protect Terry, myself, everyone on this line and everyone who is listening on the replays and reading the transcripts. We invite those Sources that are positive, service to others, honoring The Law of One, to join with us and we create a protected space that only the Positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now. We also combine with each other; I don’t think I said that. Those of you who free-willingly choose, we create a group energy, while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls. Do we have our Sources present?

Ra’An:  Yes. We greet you in the Love Light of The One Infinite Creator.

This is Ra’An and we greet and welcome and express joy at making contact with each and every person on the line. We are mindful of the topic and the questions that have been asked. We see that the contact with Earth in the period of darkness at the period of time approximately 12,000, 13,000 years ago, there is a darkness that fell over the Earth.

Before that, civilization had become wide-spread and there was intergalactic travel, with space pods for landing in several countries, one of them being Egypt and one of them being South America. There was space travel and there was connection upon the trade routes which space ships maintain.

There were Earthlings that had been previously genetically altered to survive within the Earth atmosphere taking seed, genetic seed, from the starlings and from the Earth apes. They had made beings that were on Earth and able to survive on the Earth; however, the Annunaki did not feel that the Earthlings were of a sufficient intelligence to survive or to warrant the interaction.

They wished, particularly Enlil, wished to start the project over. He did not like the independence that the Earthlings projected and felt that the Earthlings would not be able to fit into the galactic model of beings that could interact in a galactic sphere. They were too independent and too self-willed and not enough service-to-others, so he felt that they should be annihilated.

His brother Enki felt that the Earthlings should be given every chance and both Enki and Enlil had descendants that were in the Earth sphere, the combination of their own genetic line and the apes. What we are going to tell you now has been blocked out from history and it created a black-out of the continuation of information flowing from the past history of Earth to the present, as it was so severe as to create a period when the destruction was so severe that the memory was blocked out.

They blew up the Earth stations for interaction and this was blown up by Enlil and his descendants. This was not wished to be blown up, by Enki and this continued to be a blackout through which the history and the pass-down of historic facts was lost as the nuclear explosions were so intense that they could not remember and pass down information from generation to generation, as those generations caught in the cross-fire in this destruction were bound up in a tangle and could not remember.

The earlier incident, four million years ago, was when the gold-mining was established by the Annunaki on the trade route and they established an outpost on Earth to mine gold. They also had humans that they developed genetically to take over the mining of the gold as the Annunaki could not readily survive in the Earth atmosphere and they needed to develop beings that could survive, as the Earth atmosphere has many biological factors which then would disrupt the life-force of the star people they call Annunaki also known as the Nephilim.

About five of the Earthlings in the particular surroundings of the gold mines felt they were very deprived and that the opulence of the spaceship people and the people on the spaceship was such that they lived a life of leisure and pleasure and they did not feel it was fair that they themselves had to work in the mines and to work with the loading of the gold.

They wished to see what was beyond the Earth. When the spaceship landed to pick up its supply of gold—this was about four million years ago—they loaded the gold onto the spaceship, but they had a plan that they would take over and commandeer the spaceship and place in bondage the people flying the spaceship and make them take them to other areas to see what was beyond the Earth and to take part in the opulence that they saw in the spaceship.

These five individuals, when the spaceship landed and the crew had loaded the gold onto the ship and it was ready to take off, made their move to take over the ship.

Some of them went on to the spaceship and they were confronted with weapons that they did not understand, and the remaining ones were set to release the spaceship, as there were mechanisms when the spaceship took off to move it from this dimension into a higher dimension and there were specific routines they had to perform. The individuals performing these routines were individuals that were taking over the spaceship, but they were not well-versed in how to release the spaceship and they released the spaceship before the timing pattern was such to turn it, move it, into the higher dimension.

The spaceship, being out of synch in its vibratory movement, then blew up. They did not intend it to blow up, but they did not know how to operate the mechanisms to release it into flight, so it blew up. This ended gold-mining for a while on Earth.

Then later on there were again movements and the establishment of space ports in South America and in Egypt and there were again the connections between the Annunaki and the humans and again, the Annunaki felt superior and they felt that the humans were not being cooperative and they, under Enlil, purposefully blew up the space ports to prevent other interaction between the Annunaki and the Earthlings. Do you have further questions?

Wynn:  Yes, I do. You started out talking about 12,000 B.C. and then you went back to four million B.C. Obviously 12,000 B.C., according to all my information, was the time that Atlantis blew up and the approximate time of Ra Ta in Egypt, bringing in Atlantians and welcoming them to Egypt. Historically we have this indication of Noah, who rescued a lot of beings at the time of a great flood. Was this connected to the destruction of the Earth, either four million years ago or 12,000 years ago, or were there similarities in both periods?

Ra’An:  The period of the destruction of Atlantis and the tidal waves—there are several times when tidal waves have taken over continents and people have been rescued; for instance, Lemurian people were rescued and shuttled to India. With Atlantis, people were rescued and shuttled to Egypt.

Wynn:  Were they rescued in spaceships or were they rescued by Earth-bound vehicles?

Ra’An:  They were rescued in airships.

Wynn:  With airships—if you want to share this, was the biblical story of Noah connected with these rescues?

Ra’An:  Yes, as there was an individual who attempted to rescue the different life-forms and species so that they would be continued.

Wynn:  Did Noah represent someone with a physical vehicle, an Ark, as it’s listed in the Bible, or is that symbolic for a space vehicle?

Ra’An:  Give us a moment. That was symbolic for a physical Ark, not a space vehicle

Wynn:  Noah had a knowledge that this was coming; was he communicating to Enlil? Was he communicating to the Ra? Who was giving Noah this knowledge?

Ra’An:  Give us a moment. He was communicating with a scientist at the time who was in touch with other individuals, scientists, who had inside information about the plans.

Wynn:  Let’s go back to four million years ago when we had these Annunaki who were mining gold. Were those Annunaki who were mining gold aware of the celestial Elohim? Were some of them aware of the celestial Elohim at that time?

Ra’An:  No.

Wynn:  So they didn’t have people who were channeling and bringing through information where they could track their origins?

Ra’An:  No.

Wynn:  The Bible refers to the Elohim and they talk about the ‘sons of God’ mated with the ‘daughters of man’. I would assume that was talking about the Annunaki in the Bible. Would that be true?

Ra’An:  Yes and that was the later time, not the earlier time.

Wynn:  In the later time, the Annunaki became aware that they were connected to the celestial Elohim; is that true?

Ra’An:  Give us a moment. Yes, there were prophets that were connecting to the Elohim and were bringing through information for some of the Annunaki.

Wynn:  At that time, was there a cooperative relationship between the celestial Elohim and the Annunaki? Was it a collaborative, co-creative relationship in some way?

Ra’An:  There was a collaborative co-relation with some; however, the main amount of Annunaki were headstrong and felt superior and did not feel the need of the connection.

Wynn:  These two brothers four million years ago, Enki and Enlil, I would assume like all energy forms they continued and perhaps even reincarnated, or perhaps they operated as energy beings. Can we know how they continued; in what forms they might have shown up?

Ra’An:  Give us a moment. After they completed that lifetime, they still reincarnated in relation to each other and they were in an adversarial condition in various lifetimes, as some of the biblical characters.

Wynn:  For example, in the Old Testament was Enlil connected to the being Yahweh?

Ra’An:  Yahweh was connected with both of them; however, Yahweh was eventually relieved of his duties as he had formatted too harsh a connection with them and he eventually was relieved of his duties by the Ra group.

Wynn:  Did Enlil and Enki ever take incarnations in human bodies?

Ra’An:  Yes.

Wynn:  Are there names in history that we would recognize as one or the other, if we could know that?

Ra’An:  Yes. However, at this time we do not wish to specify.

Wynn:  What was the connection of what’s called the ‘reptilians’ to this Annunaki group and the two brothers?

Ra’An:  There was one group of star people that were reptilian and they figured that if they used some of the reptilian seed in the genetics, that that would make the ability for new life on Earth, the new man, to succeed better in the severe environment of the Earth sphere. However, it gave the new group of Earthlings a genetic connection with the reptilian group and the harmonization of frequencies with it created a bond wherein the reptilians felt and had some control, over the humans.

Wynn:  Am I correct in thinking that as all these genetic lines got inserted into humans, it also allowed say, reptilians to come in and take human bodies; Annunaki to take human bodies, because their genes were represented in the line?

Ra’An:  The Annunaki soul that had been on the Annunaki line, could leave that line and come into humans and the reptilian could leave that line and come into the humans and as such could influence some of the genetics, influence some of the Earth beings and even make some appearance as shape-shifters.

Wynn:  In Atlantis, according the Edgar Cayce, there were two groups. There were the ‘Sons of The Law of One’ and there were the ‘Sons of Belial’. The Sons of the Law of One were identified as ‘service-to-others’ and the Sons of Belial were identified as ‘service-to-self’. Were these groupings connected to positive Annunaki coming in as ‘The Law of One’ beings from other planets, coming in as ‘Sons of the Law of One’ and the reptilians coming in as the ‘Sons of Belial’?

Ra’An:  When an individual took the human body, they then identified with the group that they had the most resonance with, so that when the Annunaki came in and took a human body, they could then move into whichever group that they wished and whichever group they identified with.

It is not a straight line; it is fuzzy, which group an individual could identify with. The reptilians were foreign to the Annunaki and they had abhorrence of them, so the souls that came into the reptilian group tended to be of a lower nature and more of them would identify with the Belial group.

Wynn:  The Belial group, yes. Today we might say, that in many human bodies there’s a cross-current of DNA which is reptilian, Annunaki and ape. If that’s the case, does that mean a human can be shifting with a resonance through their lifetimes between one group and another? Would that be common?

Ra’An:  One could find problems in overcoming certain tendencies of a group with the certain genetic characteristics and could have difficulty that could provide growth to them for overcoming those certain tendencies or traits of the seed. It was not only three groups; there was not only Annunaki and reptilians and the ape. It was also the Pleiadians and also a group from the Andromeda System and other groups that were mixed in, to give a wider base for the expansion of humans. When the individuals were born, some of the children would revert to one star group over another and would have particular gifts or particular adversities.

Wynn: When we say that Pleiadians were involved, was there a way that Pleiadan DNA got into the mix?

Ra’An:  Yes, the DNA of many star groups was collected on the trade routes from different star systems and was collected as a prize by the genetic scientists. They then would use these mixes to see what they could come up with that would be stronger mixes, more intelligent and more able to survive in the Earth atmosphere.

Wynn:  That was the Annunaki that were doing that?

Ra’An:  Yes.

Wynn:  When we’ve read how the Earth was a mixture of beings from many different star systems taking incarnations here, it was the Annunaki moving through all these systems and picking up the DNA that were creating that?

Ra’An:  They were creating the new individuals scientifically and making them available to Earth. It was not only through sex that this was propagated; it was through the modification by adding different genes of different groups to the fertilization of the eggs and different experiments to inject different genetic seeds into the ovum that they could experiment. Many of the creatures that were born were rejected and put to sleep, as they did not work. But one in perhaps very many, like a million, would be an exceptional being.

Wynn:  We have groups on Earth that are very different, obviously with different genetics. For example, the Chinese have different bodies, different appearances and different make-ups; their qualities are quite different than Caucasians in their personalities, in the way they think. Could we use that as an example and perhaps understand; were the Chinese part of the Annunaki experiment?

Ra’An:  Give us a moment. There were different groups that came to Earth as outposts and were started much like the Europeans came to America, like Columbus. There were different space groups and in the period when the expansion of the people on Earth was taking place, before the destruction, people were outposted in groups and these groups developed together in relative isolation within a certain area and hung together and so reproduced with different qualities.

Wynn:  In particular, with the Chinese, did they have a particular star system that they were related to?

Ra’An:  Yes they did.

Wynn:  Can we know which one?

Ra’An:  We get a section of Andromeda, Andromeda Five.

Wynn:  And Native Americans, do they have a particular star system that they’re related to?

Ra’An:  They were a mix and they mixed with and blended with groups from the Siberian and from the South American as those groups moved toward America. They were blended while they were still here, with other groups.

Wynn:  Thank you. I think the last question for tonight; maybe I’ll ask one more after this, because this may not have a happy ending. Of all those beings that were destroyed by the flooding or the nuclear disasters, or whatever, what happened to their soul matrices? Did they end up being tangled web messes of souls matrices like happened on Maldek? Did they get untangled?

Ra’An:  Yes. The individuals who were blown up within the Sodom and Gomorrah area and within the Indian area ended up very much in trouble and as to reconstruction of their soul matrix and unable to operate and have been seeking, struggling to work it through. The individuals who did not get involved in those blasts carried on to become the people of today; however this blast wiped out memory of what happened.

Wynn:  So it was traumatic; that tangled mass still exists right now?

Ra’An:  Yes and struggling, also the karma of that blast with the land. That is one reason that it is such a hot spot, as it is the area of the Indian and Pakistan border.

Wynn:  Did the Annunaki get karma with this whole episode with humans? Did they get bound into it?

Ra’An:  Some of the Annunaki got bound into it and took Earth bodies with the desire of straightening this all out and still are working on it.

Wynn:  Thank you. It is 7:05 and we’ll bring this session to a close. Is there anything else that you would like to share before we finish? Thank you so much for being so available to bring this unusual understanding of the history of humans to all of us. Anything else you’d like to share?

Ra’An:  We would like to lift this heavy energy at this time and to move into the energy bringing in the higher realms of peace and love and lift the karmic energy of destruction. This can benefit all of Earth, because as it rides as an unconscious overlay in the past of Earth, individuals, in an unconscious manner, take it on and tend to dramatize it.

We would like to lift into the higher realms of Light this overlay, that it can be cleared from the Earth field.

 We leave, but we do not leave. Adonai

Wynn:  Thank you. Let’s all take a moment of intention prayer to lift that energy from our planet. Just be silent on that.



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