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                 The Ra'An for Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wynn: This is Wedneday, September 14th, 2011 and Wynn and Terry
in Sedona and we are doing our Wednesday conference call.

(Wynn discusses negative attacks and speaks with several audience
members about their experiences. Please listen to the audio for

Wynn: One of the things about connecting to the higher sources,
no matter where you are normally positioned in the matrix and
it's not easy to shift that positioning quickly.  It takes lots
and lots of lifetimes, but no matter where you are positioned you
have the potential to look upwards as well as downwards. It
doesn't mean you are not supposed to look downwards, because you
are in the world and you have to look downwards, but to connect
to the energies that are behind you as well as in front of you.
Then you are in a good position and you start to grow at the
fastest rate. The key is, is someone making decisions for you or
are you making them for yourselves. Is someone teaching you how
to make decisions or are they making them for you. Many psychics
that are doing it to make a living want you to be addicted to
them so you can spend money every week and so they make
decisions for you. We are talking about negative attacks, not
about that. That would be an example of a negative interaction.
We are talking about things that come upon you that you can't
figure out where they are coming from, that keep you compressed,
they keep you in fear, they keep you contained, they keep you in
panic and out of balance, and how to rid yourselves of those kind
of things.

Wynn: So I will now mute everyone (Wynn does an invocation to
call in the light, please listen to audio for details)

We await for our Sources to identify and greet us.

Ra'An: We greet you in the love light of the One Infinite
Creator. Today is September 14, 2011. As Zoe has noticed, the
energies have been difficult, as Terry has noticed, as Wynn has
noticed. The energies, in their particular configuration as they
impact and cut through the earth field at this time are difficult
considerations. So one can buckle down and expect that they may
have little disruptions in the electronics and in their computers
and that they need to buckle up with a patience that this will
pass. We are very happy to make contact with those who wish it.
Do you have questions?

Wynn: Yes. Thank you very much. We started out having a
discussion on negative attacks, particularly focused on Chris who
is having negative attacks. So perhaps you can just give us an
overall discourse on negative attacks.

Ra'An: Thank you. You have introduced the topic with much
pertinent data. There are a number of influences at play at this
time, that we have already mentioned, with the configuration, with
the star system. As you move into the fall, the sun is not as
available, the weather changes, the days begin to get shorter and
weather patterns shift. As one is in the northern hemisphere and
the movement into the fall time creates a change that is slow, day
by day, but moves one into a different mode. The children go back
to school, the world buckles down into a routine. The children
being gone in the day doing their school routines, and the earth
itself moving into shorter days and more length during the period
of darkness. It is a time of change that individuals adapt. This
change can sometimes be difficult, and weather change can bring
different modes and moods to individuals. Other negative attacks
can be when tempers fly due to the configuration of the stars in
their intersection energy points with earth. As they exert a
strong influence that is generally not known. The moon also
exerts an influence that is similarly unseen and the unseen
influence is then exerted upon the tides and the full moon comes
into play. It is also exerted in a smaller way upon the
individuals body system. So one can then run into the need to
modify their daily patterns, and become frustrated to some degree
with these gravitational pulls upon your body, however slight.

Individuals who are carrying weak areas in their patterns which
can be generated from a number of reasons. They can be generated
by attachments, from influence, from others in their vicinity,
picking up of thoughts of others in the consensus reality,
picking up negativity from the media, as you have just gone
through a period where negativity from 9-11 has been spread all
over the media which creates an upset as one listens to that, and
can trigger past upsets, and can trigger tempers to flare also.
Individuals from high negative can use these moments to ride on
the energy and feel a sense of energy moving through them from
the negative adrenaline rushes that an individual may get. Those
are some of the areas where negativity can come into play but
there are also. One of them is the subtle influence from the
economy. When individuals are not getting their needs met, they
tend to be unhappy and then to spread that feeling to others in
their vicinity as they are not feeling expansive and outgoing.
This can trigger past feelings of inadequacy and this can
compound the issue. These are some of the areas where people can
experience negative attack. That is our answer.

Wynn: You know we were talking earlier about some different kinds
of negative attachments and I just thought we can just have some
more expansion of these ideas. I am sure I am correct and feel
free to clarify it, where there is one kind of negative
attachment that is in your matrix and like welded to it and
continues lifetime after lifetime and then there is another kind
of attachment that would be like a visitor that would come and
go. What is the cause of these two different kinds of negative

Ra'An: Thank you. One of the ways that an attachment can get
welded to someone is doing an explosion as a soldier may be in a
field and may experience an explosion with a couple of this
friends next to him and in the blinding flash of light, their
time sense of each of them, resets to the flash; they orient to
the flash simultaneously and they lets say they lose their body
matrix at the time and since the flash and the sound and the
tearing apart of the explosive device, since it acts
simultaneously on all of the three, they orient their attention
to that instant in time. It give them a basis for moving on
together and the confusion as they have lost their physical body
matrix at that time and they move on and can become confused
about their identity. That is one type and way individuals can be
welded together.

With the visiting matrix, if an individual has sex and the
partner has attachments, he may extend his matrix into the other
person's and with it an entity that can share time and space with
the other one and may move in and out and visit. Another way, is
if an individual may receive a heart or live impart, the
individual may cling to the body part and move into the person
who receives the body part and seek to experience life through
the body part. This is where you have individuals who develop a
liking for say, drinking beer and before receiving the body part
had no interest in beer. Those are two a few of the ways.

Wynn: How about in negative rituals, say ceremonies which we know
happen. Do some of these negative rituals creates a welding of
the negative into the human matrix?

Ra'An: Yes they do. There are certain secret rituals who in
certain organization which unfortunately result in this happening
or certain rituals who promote sending of entities to take them
over and to move them into further sickness by determining the
weakness the individual has and then sending the entities to
attack that particular area of the body that is weak such as
voodoo. So yes, there are negative ceremonies that make use of
this, yes.

Wynn: Do these things become permanently welded, or are can they
become removed easily. By that I mean one that goes from lifetime
to lifetime versus one that is more temporary. Do those kind of
ceremonies create permanent bonds?

Ra'An: Those kinds of ceremonies do not necessarily create
permanent bonds but the criteria here is if the individual
himself has participated or experienced say of being in an
explosion and losing this own matrix and then is holding on to
the others in an attempt to reconstruct a matrix or how to move
on. It is how much participation did the individual himself have
in the setting up or the reconfiguration of his matrix to have
this happen. It does not mean that the person has done something
wrong or has purposely tried to move into such a state but it is
the reconfiguration of his matrix to include such an entity.

Wynn: Can we look at the human population and say what percentage
have had some experience in the past where they were involved in
an explosion and had other entities attached to them? Is that
very common among humans.

Ra'An: As it is not remembered and as it is somewhat frightening
to think about, it is a touchy subject. However sometimes opening
up a subject can lead to a solution and we can say that quite
often an individuals has that but does not know. The ways they
can tell if they seem to have thoughts that are not their own or
if they have impulses they have to fight all the time that they
have something going on with them that they have to fight and
fight. Psychic pressure areas within their space. Thoughts that
occur within the body but not outside that location. Those are
some of the signs.

Wynn: Is it possible to separate yourself if you are thinking you
might have this?

Ra'An: It is. One of the biggest tools is just observation and
just letting ideas that are no welcome to flow through you and
not judge them or fight them but just judge them but let those
which are not welcome to just flow through you and to give
permission for any untoward influences to just leave. We wish to
say one other things here. One of the things that happens in
psychology on your planet at this time is that individuals are
told to sometimes to let parts of them that are unworkable to
simply die and then they notice a degree of resistance to that,
and that is another sign that there is something else there that
can be released. Just give them love and release them and let
them go and once they go they will take the unwanted attitudes
with them.

Wynn: Gjis brought up the question that there were some nuclear
explosions a long time ago, anywhere to ten thousand years ago to
perhaps millions of years ago and when there were these nuclear
explosions created tangled web of souls that were bonded
together. The question is, we know that the Ra Group has worked
with at least one we know of as Maldek from the Carla Ruckert
channelings and that when Maldek exploded it resulted in knotted
mass of souls and the Ra Group untangled them by bringing them
into incarnations on earth in Neanderthal man and continuing to
evolve. In those circumstances where there is a tangle of souls,
on the grid healings, is there a way we could use our group
energy and focus on that that could be of any assistance?

Ra'An: Yes. When you put the light into a certain area there is
an actual a tone, an actual light that is created and if this is
directed to such individuals can go to them and lift them.

Wynn: Thank you.

I have a question. We had spoken Monday about the Annunaki
creating; genetically engineering the first humans which were
combinations of their genes and apes and the Ra Group bringing
tangled masses of souls to be worked out on the earth. Was there
interaction between the Ra Group and beings on the planet who
were genetically creating forms?

Ra'An: The Annunaki were genetically creating beings who could
survive in the earth's atmosphere. There was more than one
instance of humans on earth as the cycle has been several times
that the humans developed on earth and then in a nuclear blast
become nearly extinct, not in the same state of civilization.
This has been a cycle that has been repeated quite a few times on
earth. So the individuals who were developed from the earth, say
23,000 years ago or so, were given souls that could work out
their karma by the Ra Group and also earlier souls were brought
in as Maldek exploded millions of years go. Early man were given
these souls so that they could work out this entanglement as it
has taken millions of years to work it out and it is still not
worked out totally.

Wynn: Thank you so much for sharing this information on this
topic which is something that very few people pay attention to or
are aware of. I wanted to go to a couple of people who have had
healings on this line and then we will end this call. One is my
sister and her husband. Her husband is on the line. She still
goes through a lot of issues in her body and Mary had sent me a
whole list of symptoms. She is bedridden. Her right thigh and arm
which is enlarged, another had to do with her bladder. She is in
pain. She was recommended to have a more alkaline diet and it has
helped but it's still severe. There is a whole list of things
here. Maybe I will take each one of these at a time. Her right
thigh and arm are twice as large as her left side and they don't
know why. Do you want to make any comments on that?

Ra'An: As the symptoms go together to a major cause is a lack of
flow of liquids in and out of the body. As you have mentioned the
kidney and the pain from the kidney and the whole flow of liquids
in and out of the body. There is a blockage in the lymph areas
that is backing up fluid into the cells. Do you have other

Wynn: Is there anything that can be done like massage to move the

Ra'An: Continue to work with the bringing of alkalinity to the
body and the replenishing the body with B vitamins. Dr.
Marshall's vitamins are recommended and they are from a live
source. There are some difficulties in using B vitamins from
other sources. Massage can always help to stimulate the body,
particularly when one is laid up in bed. Gentle message. The
liver, which is the area which detoxifies waste can be stimulated
to work towards dispensing waste better, however the kidneys need
to be fortified first in order to be able to move the toxins off
and be able to move the waste out from the swollen side of the
body. One of the key things here is to stimulate and heal the
kidneys. You may take a look at Marshall's formulations and speak
with someone at Marshall's office concerning the stimulation and
the care of the kidneys to help support and heal the kidneys that
they may heal of that pain and to move the toxins off and to be a
good channel for the flow of the build up of liquids that is
causing the swelling of the right side. The strengthening of the
kidneys will be a doorway toward the release of other toxins also
in the body from the liver and the gall bladder and these areas
of the body. That is our answer.

Wynn: Any comments on her osteoporosis. Has the bone loss

Ra'An: Moving into an alkaline body is a very good start. Dr.
Marshall has a vitamin D3 that would be very beneficial to
strengthening the bones and helping the absorption of minerals
within the body. It is very easy to take and by taking a few
drops of vitamin D 3 from a little dispenser bottle. In the
maintaining of the alkaline body, this will help strengthen the
bones. The acidity of the body has been one of the reasons why
the bones has deteriorated. There is a certain formulation that
can help both the maintaining of alkaline body and to stay on the
routine is fairly easy. In the mornings to take some gold calcium
powder in water and aloe vera with it and to take cod liver oil.
This will all help the bone system.

Wynn: Thank you.

Moving on. Dee Collier asks for support and healing for her and
her husband. For her husband Bobby who is struggling daily with
his health and to just put this in the light. Carolyn Ware in
Rhode Island is looking for a job and we just ask for healing
light for all those on the call and those who are listening. It
did come up that right now we are going through a difficult time
and a lot of people are experiencing a very difficult time right
now. How long would we expect this cycle to last before this
cycle lifts?

Ra'An: It is not a consistent strength of dissonance, however as
the full moons come, it will intensify between the full moons and
will lessen. Some days will be harder working with this energy.
Those are our comments.

Wynn: Thank you. On that note we will leave room for any closing

Ra'An: We send love light to each and every one of you on the
call and our energy heart goes out to you all. You are living in
an environment that is difficult and we admire your fortitude and
send you support and light.


Wynn: Thank you

I would invite anyone who is listening if you can, we are doing
something new on our grid healings and it's kind of exciting. At
the end of the sessions we have little chat rooms open for people
to meet and talk to each other. This particular Sunday, in one of
the rooms, Suzanne Hayes is doing a discussion group on the Law
of One. If you would like yourself to understand the Ra Group she
is kind of an expert but it's not just the information but a
chance to talk to each other and share thoughts in a small group
environment on the phone. We will see you all next time and thank
you all for coming and thank you to Gjis for greeting everybody
on the call.

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