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Host: Wynn Free

Channeled by Terry Brown

Transcribed by Connie O’Brien

Edited by Terry Brown, Valerie Hawes and David Masty

Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee



Terry:  Good afternoon or good evening everyone, wherever you are. Whether you’re reading the transcript or listening to the audio or if you’re live on BBS Radio, or on the conference call, because this call is a simulcast with Wynn Free being the host and I’m Terry Brown, his side-kick on the show; sometimes I do the introductions.

We have about five minutes before we start, maybe four minutes now. I just want to welcome and greet everybody. We have a simulcast, so Wynn is out rounding up all the people all over the world who are going to be listening on the conference line. Sometimes there is interaction between Wynn and the people on the conference line. Sometimes BBS Radio people can call in and can be on BBS Radio. Sometimes Wynn announces that when he’s taking questions.

We do this kind of by the seat of our pants; I never know what the topic is going to be and I prefer it that way, because Wynn often asks me to channel. I don’t get nervous if I don’t know beforehand; if I know beforehand I go, “Gosh, I never heard of the tunnels in Bavaria…” and then I worry about it. That was one of the questions, by the way, a couple of weeks ago, “Tell us about the tunnels in Bavaria.”

When the question came up and I was in the channeling mode and I could see these tunnels, hewn out of stone under Bavaria, that weren’t very wide—they were about as wide in most places as to fit one person wiggling through. Then, there were areas where there were little shelves, where somebody could set a lantern and then there were areas where a person could almost stand up. They tried to go along the line of the natural formations, if there were natural formations like caves or rocks in the ground; they tried to go around those.

It’s fascinating to be able to channel that; when I start to channel I feel like a whole new world opens up. The thing that we are channeling is the Elohim and the Ra group and they are, you might call them energy bodies. At this time they don’t have [earth suit] bodies; the Elohim, the ones that we’ve been channeling, have never taken bodies.

They’re very loving and they’re very wise and they offer their assistance to people, so it’s really nice to have a friend on the other side. They’re available to ask for assistance 24/7. They take into account free will and the highest good, so you can’t just say, “Help me win the lottery.”

I wanted to welcome everybody and Wynn will be on the line in a few minutes with the conference call people, and then he will do the introductions. I got into channeling in 1995 when I was taking a course from Cheryl Taylor and she was teaching individuals how to channel.

At the time she was a rather famous psychic and the police used her to find criminals and the FBI used her once to find a submarine that had been lost. She had amazing abilities to find stuff that was lost and to be able to see what was going on behind the scenes. It was an amazing period of my life, in 1994 through 1996, when I was attending her channelings in Los Angeles, California.

Wynn:  Hello.

Terry:  Welcome – ladies and gentlemen:  Wynn Free … and Gijs.

Gijs:  This is Monday, September 19th 2011 and we’re live on BBS.  Wynn, please take it from here.

Wynn:  Thank you – that’s my producer Gijs. He’s very responsible and he knows we started the tape recorder so he just wanted to make sure that all of you who are listening on the replay lines know where you’ve arrived, which is our Monday night call.

We do all kinds of stuff on these calls; we cover all kinds of topics, everything from amoebas sex lives to “Are we going to disappear in our bodies and go somewhere else”, to how humans were created. I think that was last week, a very interesting show.

This week we’re going to work on solving one of the biggest problems that many of us are facing right now while we’re here on this planet, which is: “How to Spiritualize Money”. Let me tell you I’m going to be lecturing myself as well, as I talk to you guys and give you some ideas about things that I’ve come up with,  things that are starting to work, ways that are starting to work, why money can be such an obstacle for a spiritual person, or a Wanderer. How do we deal with that obstacle and transcend it, besides asking the Elohim “Can you help us win the lottery?” Which I wouldn’t mind; I’m not against it.

I think I told you way back, when I was with Daphne, we were having nightmares with money and they had done this thing where they predicted a newspaper headline in advance. So I said, “Couldn’t you guys help me with the horse races?” I never go to the horse races, but I figured I would go if I knew who was winning. They said it wouldn’t be in my highest interests for them to do that; it would send me back into patterns of previous lifetimes, so we continued to suffer.

“How to spiritualize money”—now, I hope I can pull this off. I don’t know what I’m going to say; I was thinking about it and I said “What am I going to say?” I say they help me; I kind of put things together, but I’m going to share some things that you guys are going to have to make work and then come back to me and say, “Wynn, that worked.” I don’t believe in things until they work. We’re going to put it in the idea level today.

To some extent, these are things that I’m practicing more and more. I can see how it shifts things. To some extent, I’m telling you things that I’m working. On the other hand, I get emails all the time with uTube videos of these guys sitting on their boats in Hawaii with a couple of beautiful babes and saying, “Don’t you want the easy life? Buy my course.”

I’m not sure that’s monetizing spirituality; money doesn’t always have to be spiritual and you can still make a lot of money when it’s not spiritual. If you happen to be a really evolved spiritual person, there’s a real challenge for many people in that. I’m going to share with you why it can be so hard and why we can have so many blocks. Anyone on the line relate to having blocks concerning money? 

Caller: Respond, “Me.”

Wynn: Let’s look at the picture: Let’s just say you’re a Wanderer; let’s suppose you’re one of those high beings that chose to come into this realm. You picked your parents, maybe because you had some previous connection with them when you used to have a body. Sometimes, it’s just because they were available. I know in my case, they told me in one of the readings that the reason I picked my parents is because they were available and that I wanted to incarnate in Philadelphia.

I re-engineered that a number of times, because I had a really difficult father and it took me difficult years and years to get over some of the ways which he programmed me to feel worthless. At some point, I knew the karmic track between myself and my father.

I had this amazing reading where I learned that my father had killed me in another lifetime; he wasn’t my father then; I just kind of got him angry; I pissed him off and he poisoned me. This is the way the story went: because he had poisoned me, I had the option to have a life with him this life; he owed me a life.

I’m just imagining this. I don’t remember this, but I just imagine: There I was in other realms and I said, “I want to be in Philadelphia; there’s that guy that poisoned me. He owes me, so I’ll come in through him.” I don’t think I understood or had the idea at that moment how tough it was going to be, that he was not happy to see me. Through most of my childhood he continued to poison me psychically, in such a way that my whole body posture was totally tight and frozen.

When I had that reading, I suddenly started to understand it; it still took me years after that, and probably still is somewhere in my body. It took me years after that to make significant advances to a place where I didn’t self-reject. Why? I was rejected as a young guy.

It’s kind of like he kept saying, “What’s this guy doing here?” Subconsciously of course, he didn’t remember it. I had to forgive my father, which I did. Finally, by the time he died, we didn’t have a highly loving relationship, but we had a respectful relationship. He had grown to give me respect and I had grown to forgive him.

I feel when I’m talking about this that I’m moving energy and he’s really feeling me, but I’d have to ask Terry if that is true; I sense it might be. That’s how energy works; whenever you talk about something, you start to bring it in. I spent a long period of my life feeling—I didn’t go the way he wanted me to go; he wanted me to be an electrical engineer; I wanted to be a physicist; that was okay. I went to Berkeley; but when I started hitchhiking around the country playing music, that wasn’t okay. He was like, “What is my son gone to?” He paid for part of my college education and here I was a total vagabond, playing music everywhere and having all these miracles of synchronicity; that was so very far removed from my life when I was growing up.

I would say that was a big obstacle for me on a subconscious level, to being really successful when I was younger, fulfilling all my dreams. In spite of the fact that I was very talented by worldly standards, particularly in music, there was part of me that still felt worthless.

I could make things happen on one hand and then the worthless part would block things on the other hand. I am sure that many of you listening tonight have had, or are having, a somewhat similar experience with yourself. Since I’ve been there and done that, I know how to talk about it and maybe I can give some keys on how to release this.

The first thing in terms of ‘spiritualizing money’ is understanding that in this realm money is, perhaps, close to the most powerful tool to create separation. As we’ve learned on this line, in other realms we can become one; we can feel our energies together.

We always come back to our bodies; it is always going to be our body for the rest of our existence on planet Earth. When we’re in our body, it needs to eat, it needs to have a bank account and a roof over its head and money is the thing that makes all that possible. Money is the thing that creates and supports our individuation in this realm.

Does that make sense? Now, we want to spiritualize money. To spiritualize money, we’ve been talking about this idea of Grace and how to invoke Grace. Let’s take a moment and look at why money has got particular obstacles to it, regarding the invocation of Grace.

Money, because it’s the individuated method of exchange, it’s either in my bank account or yours, unless we’re married and have a joint account. Most of the time people who are married don’t have joint accounts and they have pre-nuptial agreements. If you’re married, it’s in both of your accounts, but it’s not in anyone else’s.

Now we’re here; we find ourselves in this body and we need to survive. In order to survive in most cases—some people go into communes and they don’t use money; but in most cases, money is the thing that brings us what we need to survive. Now, we have to create obligational exchanges to get money. Obligational exchanges are not bad. I don’t think anyone can be in this realm and escape the necessity for obligational exchanges. What do I mean by an obligational exchange?

Almost all transfers of money involve obligational exchanges. Like: Terry goes to the store. Terry gives the person at the health food store $15 and he is obligated, they have an agreement, to give her a gallon of raw milk: obligational exchange. You work all day, for eight hours and you have an agreement with somebody that for every hour that you’re at that job, he’s obligated to pay you $12 an hour: obligational exchange.

That’s not bad, as long as everyone completes their obligation. In other words, you work; you get paid, done, no karma, no debt, free and clear. What happens when you create an obligational exchange but you haven’t fulfilled your part of the obligation? Now you get guilt, most people do. I won’t say everyone does, but most people get guilt.

Until you fulfill your obligation, that guilt hangs in there. If you have guilt from here, guilt from there and guilt from somewhere else, you’re walking around with all this guilt and you’re saying, “How come I’m having so much trouble making money?” —guilt.

Some of us have obligations that we haven’t fulfilled from other lifetimes and so we can’t even figure out where the guilt comes from, where the blocks come from. Now you have to balance all that stuff to get rid of the guilt.

Another way of getting guilt: Let’s suppose a guy marries a woman. Now we have a different kind of exchange. It still may be obligational, but the exchange usually is not quantified. In other words, unless she’s a prostitute and you say, “Okay, honey, here’s $20.” or “Here’s $60. Let’s do it.” And then, obligation is fulfilled.

I am not de-sacred-izing marriage here; I’m talking about lower levels of exchange, where two people come together and usually the guy is going to bring in the money and the woman is going to take care of the house and nurture the guy and nurture the children. Whether it is spelled out or not spelled out, it’s usually the underlying thing in a marriage, at least on some level. Somebody has got to bring in the money; maybe the woman is going to bring in the money and the guy is going to stay home and take care of the children. At the obligation level, as long as the exchange is balanced it’s okay.

Now, the guy says “I’ve got a roving eye. I want to go out and have another woman.” He finds another woman and leaves his wife. Now he’s decided he’s not giving her any more money and he doesn’t have any to give her. Maybe he would if he could; but he’s got to make enough money for two women now; because his wife was depending on him and he suddenly broke the contract and is not only not living with her, but she has a family and kids.

He may not realize it in the moment, but he’s setting himself up for guilt. He’ll be coming back a lot of lifetimes to work that out, because he left her and broke his agreement with her and she is suffering.

Sometimes a guy gets sick and the woman takes care of him and maybe he was earning a living and now he can’t. That’s a different story; that’s a circumstance. If the woman loves the guy, she will do everything she can to make sure she can take care of him, even when that was not part of the original contract. This is how the world works: exchange, obligation, unfulfilled obligation, guilt, karma, etc. and we’re on this merry-go-round that goes on and on and on.

In the highest sense of the word, unless you have a totally quantified relationship, particularly in emotional relationships, it’s very hard to even know what the rules are. How do you move through this into ‘Grace’? How do you spiritualize money so that it’s not such an instrument of obligation?

Obviously, you can’t run away from the nature of the obligation of money; it’s always going to be there, because you can’t have relationships of Grace with everyone in this world. If you did, you could go to the supermarket and say, “Our family is hungry” and they’d give you a bunch of food to take home. You could tell your landlord, “I can’t pay you this month” but then he couldn’t pay his mortgage and he’ll lose his property.  So, you see, it’s all very intertwined.

What you need to do is to lift your vibration above the level of obligation a little bit at a time. When I was younger, I didn’t do it a little bit at a time. I did it in a huge way; it’s one of the ways things happened to me that I learned so much about how higher realms worked. I had no way of putting it into practice, I didn’t have a clue; I was getting an education.

What happened to me was: I was in Berkeley and I was playing music and I had been reading all these spiritual things. I said, “I don’t really have a direct experience of God; I want to understand God. Is there a God up there? How does this work?”

I remember I had a woman I was living with; we’re still friends, Gillian. I left and said, “I’ve got to see if there’s a God out there.” I went out on University Avenue and started hitchhiking. I had some astrology books and little sack on my side and I had my guitar. I was scared; I was going to say shitless but I shouldn’t say that. I was scared. I said, “What am I getting into? Where am I going? Where am I going to end up? This could be dangerous.” I was a pretty sensitive guy at that time and not very worldly.

It was like, from the moment that I started hitchhiking, it was as if I jumped off this huge cliff and went into free-fall because I didn’t know where I was going to sleep; I didn’t have any money in my pocket and I started having synchronicities every single day.

I would meet people in one town and then I’d re-meet them in another. I don’t want to go into the whole story, some other time. It’s an interesting story, because things were happening that could not happen by the laws of the world. Statistically, it was impossible.

That hitchhiking trip probably took three years and I ended up in so many different cities and started playing in little coffee shops and I said to myself “There’s a double reality out there. There’s this reality that everyone is living in, and then there’s this other reality where things happen fast; you think them.” It would be like you’re thinking of a song and you turn on the radio and there’s the song on the radio. Everything is happening. I’m sitting there watching it and if I try to tell that to somebody it sounds like they better put me away.

I used to do astrology charts; I’d meet somebody; I’d be in the back of their car and I’d pull out my astrology book and I’d say, “You’re a Taurus with a Gemini rising” and I’d do an interpretation and they’d take me home with them. I’d stay on their couch and I’d stay a couple days. Maybe I’d go down to the local bar or coffee shop and play some music and then go back on the road again. My songs were getting better and better, and I decided maybe I should go to L.A. and be successful.

Looking back on all of that, I actually had let go of all obligations. All my relationships were micro-cosmic in the moment. I’d get what I needed; I’d go to the next one and I’d get what I needed; I’d go to the next one and  the energies moved so fast that it was unreal. It was like a sci-fi movie. Everything was being handled; I was being protected.

I look back on my songs now and I know that some of the songs I wrote, I was channeling them. I was connecting with Ra; I said, “Where did this come from?” I would write a song; I didn’t know how it would end and suddenly it ended and I said, “How did I make this work so well? How did I make this flow all the way through?”

I wasn’t doing it. When you hear something that seems like a great work of art or that hangs together, you think that the person was really smart who wrote it. You think they did it with their mind, but they didn’t. They got in the flow and the words came through them and they were accessing multi-dimensions. Things were being put together far better than their mind could ever put it together. Like with the great paintings; a great painter doesn’t know what he’s going to paint or maybe some do.

I would say probably they start putting the brush on the canvas and then they say, “If I put yellow there, I’ll put green here.” Terry used to paint; she could probably tell us about that, there’s this unfoldment. Then, they look at the painting and they say, “Gees, how did I do that?” How can you apply this to your life? How can that experience apply to your life?

The way it applies to your life is: almost all of us are strung up in this realm with obligations of one sort or another: obligations to people that need us, obligations to pay the rent, obligations to support your children. Now you have to need money to make sure you cover all your obligations and so it’s kind of like you’re strapped in. How do you get out of that strap?

This is my suggestion here:  you start out a little bit at a time. You start to loosen up the energy regarding money. I was going to throw an idea out and I want to see if you guys do this. I’d like to get a report back. I would like everyone, for the next week, to give some money away. I know many of you are tight and when you’re giving it away, you may not have a big budget but you can afford a nickel; some of you can afford a dollar. Some of you can afford a hundred dollars or a thousand dollars.

Who are you going to give your money to? Go out on the street, go up to a stranger that looks like they’re needy and say, “Here’s a dime”. If you’re too nervous to go up to a stranger, go into a local church, give the minister a dollar, and say, “Would you give this to the person that needs it the most?”; if you can afford a dollar. If you can afford ten dollars, give them ten dollars. Every day find a way to give some money away with no attachment. See the energy that comes back on that and you’ll start to understand the nature of ‘Grace’. You’re re-programming yourself.

There’s that famous saying: ‘Random Acts of Kindness’; it’s a very deep saying, because it’s the same idea. If you want Grace, you have to do things with no expectation of anything in return and not creating expectation from other people on your part of anything in return. No matter how broke you are, give some money away.

If you can’t figure out where to give your money, go to our website because you’ll be supporting our work. Go to and put a dollar in there every day. Don’t do it for me; if you do it for me or you think you’re doing me a favor, you’ll ruin it. Do it because you’re part of this work and you supporting this work and you’re putting the energy into this work. If Grace is operating in this work, you’re tapping into the energy of Grace.

What I’m telling you now is the real basis for tithing, if you were a church. I’m not calling it tithing; I’m just saying a dollar, but it could be more. In the old days, they needed a lot, because if people were going to congregate, they couldn’t just pick up the phone on a free conference call or go on the Internet and spend $20 – it’s a little more than that on BBS, so they could be on.

They needed buildings! If you need buildings, you need serious money. When you need serious money, if people appreciate having a building and if they appreciate the place to congregate, somewhere the rent has got to be paid on that building, and so the churches had to say, “You better give us money if you like meeting like this.”

This is in the best view of churches; I’m not going to go into the plus or minuses of religion but here we are, we’re congregating on a free conference call; we’re giving a lot of you support on an on-going basis. That doesn’t mean we don’t need money; we do. But, we don’t have to support a church. We have to support Internet bills; we have to support our own roof over our heads. Because of the technology, if 30,000 people gave a dollar every week, we’d have $30,000 a week. Some of you have been doing that; some of you have been giving more money. We are so appreciative of it, but more than being appreciative, it’s the balance of tapping into the energy of Grace by supporting something back that supports you.

I’m not saying to do it with us; you can have fun and do it any way you want, with any one you want but every day do something and learn how to do it and to detach yourself; learn how to do it and totally let go. Then go home and feel the energy because now you are tapping into the energy of Grace—you’re starting to.

This is an experiment, because I’ve never told people to do this. Make sure you don’t give away too much money, because if it doesn’t work, it’s not my fault. The point is, you shift your energy patterns about money and you say, “I just gave some money away. There’s a dollar. There’s two dollars.” Keep it within your budget. You say “Okay, I can afford to give away five dollars a week, and I’m going to give five dollars a week away forever.”

Have fun doing it and notice the energy back. The purpose of this is to change your attitude regarding money, to start seeing money as little pieces of paper with energy attached to them. When you open yourself to look for a way to have more money, you open up to the receiving end of the flow—not just the giving end of the flow.

To get that, you have to let go of the patterns that keep you obligated. It doesn’t mean you have to deny your obligations, but you let go of the attachment. They’re just there, let yourself reach above them. I’ll give you an example:

Years ago I was selling things at shows. One time, I was totally broke and I wrote a bunch of bad checks. It was on a Friday and I took a lot of inventory to a show. When I first got there, I was just saying, “I’m so concerned; I wrote all those checks; what if I can’t cover them?”

Everybody was walking by me; nobody bought anything. They could feel my angst. I said, “If I stay in this mood all day, my checks will bounce on Monday.” I switched my attitude around and I started having fun with everybody. People would come by and I’d say, “Hello, how are you doing? Try these on…” Before I knew it, I had a few thousand dollars by Sunday night. 

It’s true all the time for everyone; when you sit in your anxiety about money, you have a very hard time making it. You’ve got to take moments; if you’re looking for a job and you walk in, you try to look good. You try to pretend you’re looking good and hope he doesn’t see the anxiety—he sees it! He does see—not everybody sees everything, but most people see a lot of things about each other.

I see things about you guys; you guys see things about me, you see things about Terry. It’s okay to see things because it’s all there. Even if I don’t say it, it’s in my field; it’s in your field. What you need to do is get something out of your field.

If you’re going for a job, walk around and give five dollars away and then go to the job interview; try it. Now you’ve totally re-grouped your attitude about money. You walk through, there was a homeless guy there and say, “I’m giving this to you,” no reason.

Don’t get involved; don’t talk to people and don’t be their friends, because then you’re getting something back; it takes away the Grace. Just give them the money and then go to the next guy, and give them the money. Do that five times and go into the job interview; you’re going to be smiling; you’re going to feel happy.

You’ve switched your energy around. Whereas, if you went into that interview and you said, “Oh my God, what am I going to do? How am I going to do this?” The guy is going to feel that and who wants someone like that working for them?

If you’re going to choose someone to work for you, you’re going to want to choose a happy camper, not somebody that’s mopey and depressed. No matter how poor you feel you might be, if you’re going to walk around being mopey and depressed, you’re not going to create an opportunity for yourself. I’m talking about jobs, but it also has to do with Internet businesses. There are so many ways to make money now for somebody that’s innovative. There are so many people who have found little things to sell on eBay and developed niches.

There’s a store called Big Lots that’s a discount store in Phoenix and Los Angeles, that used to be called Pick and Save. I happened to be down in Phoenix. I went to Big Lots. They have such good prices and the prices just seemed so cheap compared to what you would think they would be, because they’re close-outs; it’s like the 99 cent stores.

As I was checking out, I said to the woman there, “Do you guys have people in swap meets coming in here and buying things and selling them at swap meets?” The prices were so low you could triple the prices and they would still be low. She told me, “No, but we have loads of people who are putting things on eBay coming in here.”

Think of that; you can buy a product for two dollars at Big Lots, sell it on eBay for ten dollars and then keep selling it and find other products and sell them. There are innovative ways to get through the system.

Okay, so you have to learn eBay; you study it. You look what other people are selling. You put in search words and find things. Don’t give up until you find something. Maybe the first product you try is not so easy to sell, but you sell a few. But, maybe the second product goes through the roof; it’s one that everybody wants.

Look through and see: “What is it that everybody wants? What is it that’s going to look expensive but I can buy cheap, that I can make the value up.” Now, you go into the local Big Lots store and start putting things on eBay and you have a market that’s world-wide; once you find the right product that everybody wants, you’ll be selling and selling it and before you know it, you’ll be on your boat in Hawaii waving to people, selling courses on “How I Made a Million on eBay.”

This is the way it works. There are opportunities out there right now and all you need to do is be innovative, buy low, sell high. Another one: There are a few rich people still in the world and they always need help. One of the reasons it’s hard to get jobs with them is because they don’t trust anybody. They let a maid into their house and suddenly the silverware is gone, or something else is gone. How do they open the house up? They have all these things that are valuable.

Find ways so that you can be trustworthy; if you are trustworthy, put references together that say how wonderful you are, that people can call. That convinces people and then you can convince somebody else.

If you’ve had a lifetime where you’ve done devious things, there’s going to be guilt in your system, and you’re going to have a hard time convincing someone that you’re trustworthy, until you get rid of that guilt. You better not look for a job that requires you to be trustworthy, because you’re not going to look trustworthy even if, your entire life, you’ve never done anything wrong. You’re still carrying track from previous lives. I wonder if this all makes sense.

I hope this is interesting to people. These are things I’ve learned. You’ve got to spiritualize money; you’ve got to change your attitude towards it. One of the ways to do that is to give it away in small quantities; it can be a penny, it can be a nickel, it can be twenty-five cents, depending on where you’re at, small amounts.

But, do it every day and get into the habit of thinking “Here, and let it go.” I mentioned the option, If you want to support our work send us a dollar; send us two dollars. When people make donations to this work, it makes me know that I’m doing something. When we started this, we didn’t know if we were doing anything. We didn’t know if we’re reaching anybody. We didn’t know if people think we’re nuts. We did it anyway and we kept doing it and we started getting emails.

One of the practices I’ve been doing myself and experimenting with is: I have this idea that you’re not supposed to sell spiritual things and that it would be exploiting Spirit. The real problem is not that you’re not supposed to sell spiritual things; there are Bibles everywhere. Somebody prints them; somebody pays for them. God doesn’t pay our rent; Spirit doesn’t pay our rent, no matter what you do. You need to have some way to pay your rent if you’re doing spiritual work.

On the other hand, it’s hard to tell somebody what we’re doing. Most of you who are on this line and listening, kind of discovered us by serendipity. You found an ad that we ran for The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?. You signed up on our list; you started getting emails. Then you started getting invited to something else; and sooner or later you said “This is really cool.” How would it be, if the first time you went to sign up on that list, it said “twenty-five dollars”? You wouldn’t be here; you would have missed this opportunity. You would have said, “This guy is just trying to make money.”

The nature of what we’re doing has to be developed as an ongoing rapport; then it’s gratitude-back that says, “They’re really working hard. I’m going to send them money. I can see they deserve it.” Then it comes back to us; this is all totally in Grace, when it’s done that way. It’s not like I’m charging you. The gratitude increases the energy of the exchange, of the vibratory exchange. It makes us feel good; you’re making us feel good, you’re making yourself feel good.

Part of this group is dedicated to the experience of Oneness and part of it is we all still have our separate bank accounts and our separate homes. So there has to be a common balance. Gratitude and—I don’t want to use the word reciprocity because there’s not an obligation. We’re keeping doing this the way we’re doing it.

I started a new list, it’s not on I’m really trying to figure out how to work this; I don’t really know what I’m doing, so I’m playing it by ear. We tried running an advertisement we paid for then,  then I’m sending some follow-up emails and I’m putting things up for sale, so to speak. But, they’re not really for sale. What happens is, of the people who downloaded the free book, someone goes through the shopping cart and if they want something, they can either pay a suggested donation or they could give more, or they could get it for free. They can decide right there. It’s not like I’m saying, “If you want to listen to this audio, it’s going to cost your fifteen dollars”. The suggested donation might only be three or four dollars, but you can give more than that or you can get it for free.

Every time I do something like that it’s a little scary, because how are people going to respond? Are they going to think I’m trying to trick them? What am I doing? So far it’s been kind of neat and a really good experience. With some people we ask three dollars and we suddenly find forty dollars.

The idea is that the person decides their level of relationship and decides their level of gratitude. Maybe they’ll get ten things for free and they say, “I really like this” and then on the eleventh one they say, “I better give this guy something; he’s working his ass off and I’ve been having all this great response”. It’s kind of a test to see if that works. We’re at the beginning stages of testing it.

I know the work we’re doing is really valuable; I know that. I know from all the responses, people changing their lives, people having miracles. I know it’s valuable. To move it out into the world, to get other people to pay attention to it is a trick. I don’t mean a trick like a con; as you guys know, it’s really hard to talk about this to someone and have them think you’re not a nut-case. There’s got to be a little life-preserver hidden in all the garbage of the world. When somebody sees that life-preserver, they grab it and they take a look and then they find us. That’s kind of how I see it. In order to throw the life-preservers out, it costs money. If we don’t charge anything we never have enough money to throw more life-preservers out.

What’s a life-preserver? It’s a banner-ad on a website that introduces someone to my book. It’s me giving a talk somewhere and talking about this. It’s something when someone gets exposed and they decide to reach back. The more I do that, the more people reach back. I know a certain percentage of people that reach back are going to have profound epiphanies, just from observing you guys.

This is a new thing. If you’re on thecreatorgodbook you’ll see those emails. I’ve anguished with it because I know I have to ask for money; I know that, because otherwise we’ll never throw life-preservers out and it’s damaging the reach of the work and it’s very important work.

On the other hand, I don’t want relationships of obligation. I want to give everyone the chance to discover this on their own so if they give something, they do it through gratitude and not because I was squeezing them to say, “Come on this weekend cruise for $500 and you’re going to be enlightened”. I’m not saying that’s wrong, that’s just not my style. That tends to reach kind of the elite people, and so many people who need this and they’re really Wanderers; they came in from other dimensions and they’re out there in the sticks; they’re out there in the cities; they’re out there struggling. What we’re doing can change their lives.

Terry, are you back? Have you been listening? Did any of that stuff make sense to you?

Terry:  Yes, it did. I listened to almost everything.

Wynn:  This is a good topic. I’m teaching myself because I’m talking about my issue. One of the things is; if you’re a Wanderer, Wanderers hate obligation. I might choose to live in my car on the street rather than to get a job, especially an oppressive job. At least living in my car on the street, I could get up every day—I did this for a while. I was living in L.A.; Terry knew me.

I was parking on the street; I’d go to the health club to take a shower; I just had the Life of Riley. It was fun. It was like every day was an adventure and I somehow made enough money to eat, but having a place to live was the furthest thing from my mind.

I didn’t want a place; if I get a place then I’ve got to pay rent; I’ve got to pay for gas; I’ve got to pay the electric; I’ve  got to do all these obligatory things. Every time I set myself up to do that, I ended up doing a bunch of things that I hated; I didn’t like what I was doing. Here I was supporting a structure and I said, “What do I need a structure for?” So, I got a little RV and I was sleeping in the RV. It was like my days started to become adventures. I’m not telling you guys to do that; you’ve got families.

One of the things about families is that, if you happen to have a good family, you’ll keep coming back into this realm. You know, very often the grandchildren were the parents, or the great grandchildren. You ensure a safe place to land when you’re in this realm. If you’re really a wild and woolly Wanderer, you don’t want a safe place to land because that becomes a karmic track that keeps you coming back to your family and you don’t want it; you want freedom.

You have to figure out where you’re positioned; you have to be true to yourself. It’s 6:55; we can probably go over a little bit.

Next week I think I am going to do a talk on “Why Does Wynn Talk So Much?” This comes up occasionally and people send me emails “Why don’t you shut up and let them talk? We want Terry.”

There are a couple of reasons for that. I know that I set up a group energy on a personal level; I’m creating a bridge, so that by the time Terry is talking we have a ‘safe space’ for them to come through and for her to channel. We are not just having a voice come through Terry; we’re a group matrix. We are creating a group matrix in this realm and they’re joining our group matrix. Part of my talking helps create the group matrix, makes it safe; that’s one thing.

The other thing is, I’m not attached to being the center of attention, but I have my own destiny to fulfill, as does everyone here. Part of talking is my expression of fulfilling my destiny as a unique being in this realm. Just because we’re talking to the Elohim, just because they created this realm—although historically most people would think I’m supposed to give up my power and defer, genuflect; it’s not my experience that that’s what they want.

The lower negative sources like that, because they want to suck your energy, but the high Positive Sources don’t want that. They enjoy it when they’ve helped. Let me just say, they’ve helped me overcome a lot of my patterns; they’ve helped me empower myself; they’ve helped Terry empower herself. I think Daphne is getting on board with a certain degree of self-empowerment. Some of you have had that experience, that this is not taking away your power. If you approach it in the right way it gives you power, but loving power; not controlling power. That’s the idea.

Did anything I say make sense?

Callers:  Yes, yes.

Wynn:  Is anyone going to try my experiment of giving money away during the week?

Caller:  I have a job interview coming up, I’ll try.

Wynn:  Before your job interview, spend a couple of hours walking around the street and give money away, okay?—just small amounts now, within your means, small amounts. Give me a report back. I’m not guaranteeing you’re going to get the job and the most you’re risking is five bucks. You’re really not risking it because you’re doing it with your heart.

These are slow builds; you can’t expect the first time you do it that everything shifts. You have to learn energetically to let go of the attachment, that’s why you’re doing it. This is an attachment that we’ve carried lifetime after lifetime, so giving these small amounts of money away is re-training yourself that it’s just money. Even in small amounts, it’s just money. Do it regularly until you have a different attitude towards money.

If you’re afraid to go up to people on the street, go to different churches. Walk up to somebody and say “I’d like to give a dollar to somebody in this church that really needs it; here’s my dollar.” You’ll change that person’s consciousness; no one ever does that, right? Do it. Try it. Go to some relief agency. Right now, I’m sure they’re all over the place because people are going broke. Go somewhere and do it and see what happens. Terry, are you going to give some money away this week?

Terry:  Yes, I will try it.

I heard a story once about a guy who would always stop at one of those freeway exits and there was some guy there trying to collect money, or an entrance to a freeway somewhere. He would always stop and give him a little bit. One time he was stopping and his passenger said, “Why are you doing that?” He said, “Every time I do it something good seems to happen.” He was giving the guy a little money and there was a huge accident up ahead that, if he hadn’t stopped, he would have been in. He just continued to do this policy of giving him just a little bit.

Wynn:  I was living in Pomona and I used to go to the Post Office. There was this fairly down-and-out Black guy who was panhandling in front of the Post Office. I looked at him and I said, “How do you expect to make any money when you’re so unhappy? You’ve got to cheer people up if you want to make money.” I gave him a dollar and I said, “Put this dollar in your back pocket and think of it as a magic dollar. Don’t spend it; just keep it in your back pocket.” I forgot all about that.

Probably a month later, I went to the same Post Office and this smelly guy came up to me and hugged me, and I didn’t remember who it was but it was the Black guy that I gave the dollar to. He said, “My God, when we walked away, people kept giving me money. It’s been like that ever since. What did you do?”

 I don’t know what I did; I just gave him the money with a really good energy and he got it. Most of the time people don’t get it, but for some reason, it worked. That was a direct experience of that.

There are so many things that happen on a psychic level that you can’t see, that you don’t know if you do something, you’ll invoke it. It’s like learning how to invoke those things in other realms so that they come back. As you start to give from your heart, even little amounts of money, it’s my contention that you start to invoke Grace. When you have to do it you can’t say, “I’m giving ten dollars a day. Where’s Grace? Come on Grace, I did it; I did my part; where’s yours?”

You can’t do it that way, you have to let it go completely. You can’t even have the expectation that Grace is going to come in, you have to let it flow. Do it as an experiment; it won’t cost you that much and it may make you feel better, even if nothing happens.

Terry, should we just have one little comment on this topic before we shut down? It’s up to you, because sometimes it’s good to give you a night off. What do you think?

Terry:  Okay, we can see what happens.

Wynn:  Alright, I’ll call in the Light and we’ll ask a question or two on this topic.

Father-Mother God, we ask for the presence of the Light, to surround and protect Terry, myself and everyone on this line and any negativity be taken to the highest realms of Light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the energies of our planet, through the outer energies of our Solar System and then the outer energies of planet Earth, through our bodies—get that; through your body, you’re connected—into  the center of the Earth. Right now we invoke a group energy connection among all of us present, while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls and we invite those Sources that are positive, service to others, honoring The Law of One, to join with us and we create a protected space that only the Positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now.

Do we have our Sources present?

Ra’An:  Yes. This is Ra’An; it is September 19, 2011. It is our joy to make contact with the people on BBS and the people on the call and everyone that will listen to the call later or will read a transcript.

We look at money as an exchange; we look at money as a flow; we look at money as energy, not as quantity. There is an energy that one gives to another, an energy of thanks, an energy of caring, an energy of appreciation, an energy that is in payment or appreciation or thanks for something that the individual has taken or given. We look at money; it is not necessary to have money, as some planets do not have money, but they do have the exchange of energy and they do have something that can be exchanged.

When one gives money away, they can have a flow both ways; that is giving away something of value and receiving in return appreciation and thanks and a lifting of another individual. The exchange of energy is the real thing behind the money-flow, not paper, not some ‘thing’; not a quantity, not a dead thing.

 If one puts one’s energy behind the exchange, then they can experience both inflow and outflow and not get a stuck inflow that money has to come to them and always to them and to hold on tight to it. When you can have the flow both ways, it increases your ability to take in money and the appreciation that is experienced in the process of the exchange. Those are our comments.

Wynn:  Thank you. Is my idea of giving small amounts of money away freely every day, small amounts within a budget, a good one to help change somebody’s attitude towards money?

Ra’An:  Yes it is; in that if someone has a tight grip upon the flow of money and the flow in money in one direction, they can break this tight grip and increase the energy-flow both ways and by freeing up the flow of energy in and out and in and out, this will allow for expansion in the inflow of money. So, your idea is exactly correct.

Wynn:  Thank you. Thank you for coming forth, any closing comments?

Ra’An:  The flow of money in opening up the door for two-way flow can, if on a big enough scale done, can help revive the economy, as one of the things that has happened in the economy is that people are holding on tight to the money that they do have. We appreciate and thank you for this contact, Adonai.

Wynn:  Thank you. I wanted to tell one story that popped into my mind that I don’t think I’ve ever told. It’s the way something happens through Grace. I would call this Grace; it happened to me.

In 1999 I got an email from someone and at that time I was [thinking], “Okay I’m going to be a poet”. I needed to interact creatively; I started writing poems; I started sending poems out. My life was totally frustrated; I didn’t want to do what I was doing. I was in a rut. I started sending poems out over the Internet. Somebody invited me to write articles for a magazine and I said, “Of course, I’ll do it.” I had never written articles; I had never written prose before. I only wrote poetry.

They started paying me, not a lot of money, $150 I think it was, for an article. You can go look up those articles; they’re still on the Internet. The magazine is called Spirit of Ma’at. Just do a Google search on Spirit of Ma’at and my name and you’ll find the articles I wrote in that period of time.

I was thinking this was really a small thing. I was thinking, “How do I make a living being a writer?” During that period of time I got an email from someone and they had an article in the email about this spiritual leader in India whose name was Sai Baba. Maybe some of you have heard of him; he’s very famous. He has an ashram; he’s helped a lot of people; he’s got charity organizations on one hand. On the other hand, he was seducing the young male guys that would come into his ashram and allegedly having sex with them and it started to get on the Internet. Supposedly he was doing that; I did enough research that it seemed like he probably was. Who knows, maybe that was good for people.

We look at it from our judgmental places and we judge it like that’s wrong. On the other hand, maybe it wasn’t. Maybe he was speeding up people’s karma. I’m not going to evaluate that, but he was allegedly and, according to my research, doing it and I’ve watched other spiritual teachers, who have been very effective, whom I’ve learned from, where it’s come out that they were having what would normally be illicit sex.

It became very embarrassing to them. I’m not sure if they’re right or wrong with that. Maybe there’s a part of them that’s compromising, their human side and another part of them that was pure; I can relate to that. I got this email about this guy that was allegedly having sex; it was an article someone wrote.

Years ago, I was very aware of that spiritual teacher in India, I was paying a lot of attention to everyone, who had any kind of shingle out that said they were spiritual. I was trying to understand things. I said to myself when I got this email, I had this urge to say, “I wonder who wrote this article?” There was a link in the email to the website of the author of the article and guess where I ended up? David Wilcock’s website—David Wilcock wrote that article and he was wanting to expose what he thought was this compromised teacher.

When I got to his website, my eyes popped out of my head, because I started reading things and I started reading his Edgar Cayce connection and I said, “Oh My God”. I called the editor of this newspaper that I was writing for and I said, “I want to interview this guy. I think he’s the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce.” She looked at his website; she called him a wacko. She said, “You can interview him, but I’m not going run it until I read the interview.”

I did the interview. That’s up there; you can go look it up: Wynn Free, Spirit of Ma’at, David Wilcock. It will be the first thing that pops up on Google. She called me back and she said, “Oh, y God! You’re right; he’s Edgar Cayce. I think you’re the guy that’s supposed to write the book about it.”

I never even thought I could write a book; it was the furthest thing from my mind. I put myself out to the Universe that I didn’t want to be doing what I was doing; I needed a change in my life. I had no idea how to make that change. If I was linear I would have knocked on doors and said, “I want to be a writer” but I didn’t even know I could write. It’s the strange way that we need to pay attention to our intuitions. On some intuitive level, when I got that article I clicked on it to see who wrote it.

If I didn’t click on that article, if I didn’t send my poems out to strangers to say, “I need to be a writer; I need people to read my work.” If I didn’t do that, I wouldn’t be here now and God knows what I’d be doing.

Those two things: sending my poems out and clicking on that link totally changed my life. That’s the way a synchronicity occurs; that’s the way Spirit brings something to you. It can happen for everyone in their own way. There was a lady who sent me an email who has been coming on our calls. I spoke to her a couple of years ago. She lives in Las Vegas and she was saying “I’m a real estate agent. I’m going broke.  I might lose my house. Nobody is buying.”

Six months later, I never talked to her, she’d been on our calls and she sent me an email and she said, “I can’t believe it. I’ve been coming onto your calls; I’ve been coming onto Team Shift and something shifted inside me. I’m the only one making sales in our office. I have so much money coming in I don’t know what to do with it.”

I see that kind of stuff happen and it works. You have to work it. Some people think it’s magic: “The Elohim just do this. Heal this person. Bring me money. I want to win the lottery.” It’s a reciprocal relationship; you have to get your energy above the lower levels, so that you can have your antenna up above the veil to attract things to you.

Then watch carefully, because it is so easy to miss the very thing you’re asking for. It’s so easy to miss it; it takes that intuitive action of clicking on the link and feeling the energies. I don’t even know why I clicked on the link; I’ve gotten lots of emails and I never click on the link that’s going to pursue them any further. In this case, I did and that’s the reason I’m here right now.

Thank you all so much for being here. Thank you Terry; thank you everyone who volunteering. Thank all of you who are making donations and all of you who have made generous donations particularly. A dollar from someone who has five dollars to their name is worth a lot more than fifty dollars from someone who has a million dollars. Although on the obligation level, we appreciate the fifty dollars; but, the small little things get the energy flow going, and it was more of a sacrifice to give a dollar when you’ve only got five dollars. You don’t think it makes a difference, but it does.

It makes a difference two ways: it builds the energy for what we’re doing; and it builds the energy of Grace from your end if you do it in the right attitude. Do it often; small amounts often, so you keep re-programming yourself so that money is no longer an instrument of obligation. You open yourself up to the receiving.

When you give with no sense of obligation, you open yourself up to receiving with no sense of obligation. There’s a lady coming on this line, I’m not going to say her name, she’ll probably listen to this and call me up and yell at me for telling this story.

I met her a few years ago, and I was up in Northern California. She was kind of down and out and I took her to a talk I was giving. I remember having all this conflict in me: Should I take her? Shouldn’t I? I’m giving a talk; is she going to embarrass me? What am I going to look like, walking in with this lady? “I remember going through all that and I said, “You know what? I feel an energy here. I’m going to take her anyway.” She came to the talk and then she was living in her car and she was a little bit out of balance; she was not very worldly.

She started calling me. I gave her my phone number and I gave her my business card. Then she started coming in on the conference calls. She ended up in Hawaii and she was trying to find jobs in bed & breakfasts. She got a job and she would lose it. She’d get another job and she would lose it.

She was living in a tent on somebody’s porch. I related to this because I spent a number of years of my life doing that in my own way. I was a songwriter; I was an astrologer, so I had a really good way of giving back to people something. She didn’t have that, but she was still living one place to another.

There was this homeless guy whom she was helping and she was caring about. Then I hear the story about a year ago; she tells me the homeless guy suddenly got an $80,000 social security check; they had back payments they’d missed and he bought her an $8,000 car. She was going to the local churches and the people had a room, an apartment, and they let her move in it.

I wouldn’t say she’s totally together; she’s wondering what she is doing in this realm. But it was just amazing, an $8,000 car. You never know where things are going to come from when you’re out there and you never know what act of kindness is going to bring something back to you a million fold. You can’t do it for that, because then it’s not pure anymore. You have to do it for the purity of the moment to change your energy, so that you can receive more purely.

We went a long time tonight, but I think it was interesting and I think it’s important. Thanks everybody. I want to see everybody making more money in this world right now and having no fear about running out of money and changing your patterns so they bring in synchronicities and that things get better.

We’ll see you all later. Thank you, Ra’An.

Gijs:  Wynn, you were on fire.

Wynn:  I was? Thank you.

Gijs:  As you say also in The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? you have put lots and lots of time and energy in it and that’s a great book and I want to thank you for that.

Wynn:  Thank you. I could write poems, but I didn’t know I could write prose. I got to tell you, David Wilcock’s new book is #18 on the New York Times Bestseller List. It’s called Source Field Investigations, and there’s a mention of my book on the back cover of his book, the book he and I wrote together. Our book is getting a lot of notice right now. David’s book is #50 on Amazon; go look it up: Source Field Investigations.

Gijs:  Have you read the book?

Wynn:  I haven’t read it yet, but I might have to. We’ll see everybody later.

Gijs: Thank you all. I love you all. Good night.




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