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This is an important call to listen to. We recommend that if you
read the transcript, take the time to listen to the audio as well. 
We bypassed the normal question and answer format to do a
special healing session. Our planet is in the midst of a lot of shift
right now and just by listening to this 
call and participating in the
energies, you can make a difference........Wynn

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               Ra'An channeling for September 21, 2011

This is September 21st 2011, and my name is Wynn and I am in
Sedona, Arizona and my associate on this call is Terry Brown, and
Daphne is also on this call, so anything can happen. If you got
my email for tonight, I wanted to structure this call in a little
different way. Normally on our Wednesday calls, people submit
questions and Terry channels the answers and if you are one of
those people who are new on the call, I will explain something,
as I see it, the way things work on these calls.

There is really two communications going on on these calls. One
is going from my voice, through the telephone into your ears into
your mind or I should say mine or Terry's or whatever you are
listening to. Your mind is there, sorting out information, deciding
what makes sense or what doesn't make sense. Sometimes there
is some wisdom on these calls that says, I understand that. Wisdom
is where somebody says something that you almost know, but you
didn't quite know it consciously and it kind of puts things together.

Another thing on these calls is they are all different, you can
never know what to expect and they are all fairly unplanned and
we are communicating with what explains themselves as group souls
or group matrices. The first kind of communication is in your
mind and the other kind is vibratory and many people on these
calls have felt energies and shifts and transformations that go
far beyond what's happening in your mind. The mind is thinking
all the time, and it wants to understand more and of course in
the western world the mind is very dominant. Most of us have had
some experience picking up vibrations, we call them vibrations
and we meet someone and they have good vibes, or you meet someone
else and they have bad vibes, and you don't want to be around

So what's unusual on these calls, and this is something you
can't believe until you have the experience, and I can just
foreshadow it so that you'll keep coming and checking it out.
These group souls have the energy to project energy from their
dimension to our dimension. When there are people who are tuned
in and looking for the energies it gives them permission to do
that. Their general M.O is that, we don't do things unless we are
asked. Now as you start to come into these calls, these group
beings in other dimension sounds like unreachable, and yet on
these calls, there is a familiarity that happens and in some ways
they are as real as you and I.  So you have to listen to them for a
while and the experience becomes like having a friend somewhere
else. It's not like you have to give up any power, you don't have
to defer anything, you don't have to believe them, you don't have
to prostrate yourself, you just have to feel their energy and the
neat thing about feeling their energy is that if feels like love.
It feels like something is loving me, so you love it back.

Now historically this has happened in different times in our period,
and people have that experience, and it's so awesome that
sometimes it's been relegated to the idea of God.  But they are
not God in the way religion makes God out to be. I asked them
early on, do you really like it when humans worship you and they
said, not really. They said we are kind of your equals but we are
in another dimension. We are able to be your friends, to be your
equals and when you connect with them it lifts your vibration.

So we have experienced people on the call having healings. We have
experienced people changing patterns in their lives that were
chronic. We have experienced asking questions about things that
you think you could never get an answer to. We talk to them very
causally and I don't mean disrespectfully, very respectfully but
not in terms of giving up your power. The idea of this is not to
give up your power. You are all humans and you are all part of
All That Is, and each of you is, in your highest sense, able to
be a co-creator with All That Is, in your human body. I have
everything human.

They explain they are group energies and they have the ability to
work with each other and work in a team and to separate into
councils and look at things that are needed. A good description
is if you are going listen to a group of musicians and they seem
to be connected to each other. When one musician plays something
the other musician feels it and knows what the others are playing
before they play it. There is a sense of joy and so we have two
groups souls and we are learning how to interact from them and
how we can benefit personally and as a planet.

I am learning this just as you guys are. They don't say Wynn do
this or Wynn do that. When you are following orders you don't
become co-creators and it's not spontaneous. They don't exactly
know what to do in this realm to make it evolve and they learn
from us. What we are doing on these calls seems very unusual from
their perspective. There is no belief in anything, there is
nothing to follow, there is just showing up. There is all these
energies, the call is over and people feel self love and enough
people do this to say, how do they do that? It's not me. I am
like a bridge. I am allowing myself to connect to these energies
and everyone else connects with them. It's not a charismatic
thing. Even if I stop talking, there is energy in the space.

On our Sunday grid healing calls, we focus on creating an energy
connection and when we have that connection we have the ability
to create intentions and the intentions instead of just being us
alone making an intention, we are coming together as a temporary
group energy in this realm and it's very powerful. Things can
happen that are beyond miraculous. It's one of these things where
you have to keep paying attention and prove to yourself. When we
do this we are expanding our own fields and are behind what can
be called a veil. On these calls there is an opportunity presented
to expand. You don't have to do anything. When you expand you
begin to have expansions in your own karma. We call the miracles
on our realm but in their realm it's very fluid and things happen
in a big flow. Here things are rigid. When we access these fluid
realms we have a chance to shift things in this realm. Sometimes
this turns into a healing. We have had times when we have put
things in the light and suddenly a hurricane changed direction.
They were talking to the hurricane through Terry and the
hurricane agreed to reduce it's power.

If this is all true, we really need some good intentions on our
planet right now. There is stuff happening. When humans get
together like we are doing right now and all of you who are
listening to the replay, it creates a vortex for energy to come
in from other realms to come into this realm. Once I asked if
they could stop a nuclear weapon and they said, if there was
enough people asked. That is the kind of things we are doing
right now. We are coming together, saying, we need your help

That does not mean the everything is going to change to perfectly
great, because it's not, but there are certain potential
disasters that maybe we can play a part in offsetting. I always
say, if we ask for anything, there are stipulations in the
asking. We can ask for anything, but the overall stipulation is
that it be for the highest good of all concerned and honoring
free will. What does that mean? It means that suppose somebody is
sick and they are sick because they are supposed to learn a
lesson and it's painful for those of us who are watching but they
haven't learned their lesson and until they learn they're lesson
they are going to have to be sick.

The higher good for all is that we don't know all the implications
but we honor that principle that is in effect. The other thing is
honoring free will. In this realm there are some boogie men; some really
negative people. People who want to enslave you, that want to
kill you, want to poison you and unfortunately we have to find a
way of dealing with those people. We cannot just say we want them
dead right on the spot because that dishonors their free will to
be who they are. If they did that and someone was actually
eliminated that you put the label evil on, that would come back
and visit us in the future.

Now how do you transform the negative? One of the ways is to be
soft and flowing, like in the Grand Canyon where water which is soft
breaks down the lock. So the more positive we can be, the more you
dis-empower what is negative and the more fear we have the more
we empower it because they thrive on fear.

So, what we are going to do tonight is ask a few questions that
people have submitted and I am going to ask some questions about
how to best do this healing meeting we are having and how this
works. Is Daphne on the line?

Daphne: Hello.

Wynn: If you go along with this we are going to call in the light. Both
Daphne and Terry are the people who were in my life and brought
through these messages and brought through my initial introduction
to this and they are both on the line tonight. Do you feel up to answering
some questions?

Daphne: Yes

Wynn: The key to this is when we are talking about any
channeling, and in particular mine, it doesn't mean we are
supposed to believe these things blindly, but how can we integrate
these things into our life on an ongoing basis. What happens is,
that you move out of just being a human and become a divine human,
and everyone likes that idea. Sometimes it's like surfacing
negative stuff, it's not like I described early and whammo, I'm

Each of us carries ancient patterns from other lifetimes and
invariably you are going to be put up against negative patterns.
When you start taking this seriously, the responsibility is so
awesome I would not say you are lucky. It's an honor and a privilege
to be able to be worthy to do this but it still takes dealing with your

This is not meant to take your free will anyway, but just to enhance
what you already are. We have an invocation called
The Calling In Of The Light.

(Wynn calls in the light)

The topic today is how do we as a group on this line create the
clearest connection to create planetary transformation, to create
obstacles to the negative, utilizing our connection with the
higher realms. If Terry and Daphne go along, I will let our
Sources speak through each of them to answer this question. Is
that ok Daphne?

Daphne: Yes, that's fine

Wynn: Ok, so I am turning it over to Daphne now first and
particularly ask for Ra'An so we don't have anyone new giving me
different information than we are used to.

Daphne: Greetings, we come to you in the light of the One
Infinite Creator. We anchor the idea, pictel, glymp.

( During Daphne's channeling, we direct the reader to listen to
the audio at this point to make it more clear.)

Wynn: Thank you.

Terry, are you on the line? Can I turn it over to you?

Terry: Yes

Wynn: We would like to ask that same question.

Ra'An: We greet you in the love light of the One Infinite
Creator. What happened just now was very profound in that we are
anchoring in the sphere of earth to bring the love light of our
realm into your realm, anchored and merged with consensus reality,
and moved into the plane of the lower consciousnesses, moved into
the plane of the earth realm. We continue to anchor as we speak.

This anchoring is needed to raise the tone of the earth realm as
there are factors within the earth realm that do not wish change,
and do not wish to release their power and has anchored their
power into the financial economy; pocketbook of all of the people
of earth.

We look at Pauline, ( Before the recording of the call,
Pauline commented she was feeling the energy in her body.) and
see it is experiencing the effect of much turbulence and friction
between earth and other parts of earth, and we send love light to
Pauline, in her sensitivity is also anchoring and processing a
large effect that is playing upon the people's of earth in this

We see a general angst among the individuals of certain
countries as change is un-anchored from the old and is changing
to a new paradigm, and it is hard to let go of the old anchors and
individuals, particularly some of those who have been empowered
are not amenable to release their power or to let the old
paradigm go, and individuals are protesting and really don't know
what the target of their protest is.  To them it is the anchors,
for them it is Wall St. and they are demanding change, which will
help change the consensus reality, however behind the bankers,
behind Wall St, there are other individuals who cling, desperately,
to control the reins of finances and are unwilling, practically to
the death, to let them go.

We send love light to the whole of earth. We see some parts are doing
better than other parts. Some parts are into the change and other parts
are holding on to the old financial structures. We see that there may be
tribulation coming.

We thank Daphne for bringing through our grounding; our moving
down into the earth sphere, the anchoring forces bringing love light
into the sphere of men, hopefully it can touch the hearts of some of
those old paradigm people as they are placed to some degree, some
part of them, to send them love, to touch their heart and let them know
that if they move with love at this time, they can achieve the safety that
they so desire by clinging so heavily to their precarious, tenuous,
financial gain.

Thank you.

Wynn: Thank you.

So we are just going to take some silence now, and we are going to
hold this space of transformation, of asking for any of the
possible negative outcomes that would be violating the free will
of all those people who are reaching for higher ground, whether
that's comets, whether that's nuclear explosions, we ask for
synchronicities to block them. We ask for interventions to disable
them for the higher good of all concerned, and on behalf of all
the human light workers we are inwardly asking for this on the

Wynn: Ok. I'm not going to ask any questions. Those who have
submitted questions we will deal with them later. We are going to
bring this call to a close and ask that all of you hold the space
for a while after the call if you can, and all of you who are new,
please come on Sunday to what we call our planetary grid healing
and we focus on bringing these energies in on that call. All of
you here are part of this just by showing up, you are part of it,
you are the angelic light force and it's hard to realize this but
all you who are listening are part of these transformations and
thank you for being here.

Wishing you all a very great evening. Terry and Daphne and all
the rest of you.

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