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Sunday Calls; 2011 Grid Healings
Sunday – 09/25/2011
Introductory Notes by Wynn Free
Audio Link
Channeled and Edited by Terry Brown
Transcribed by Janny Rosborough
Wynn: This is Wynn on Sunday Sept. 25th 2011 and we are having
our grid healing. To those of you who are listening on the
replays or on the downloads, one of the things that goes on
before we start these calls is everyone who is actually on the
call live, signs in. As they sign in there is this phenomena that
happens where people who are on the call regularly get to know
each other. Its not like they know each other in a personality
sense, some may but most of them don't, but they start
recognizing each others’ energy signatures and each of us has
an energy signature whenever we are talking or being anywhere,
our unique frequency is somewhere in the mix.
So on these calls, what I believe we are doing is creating a
group energy matrix. As people say hello, that matrix starts to
form and the energy starts rolling in and it happens before we do
anything formal.
In fact, it’s very interesting, we were on the call on
Wednesday and if you weren't on the call, I suggest you listen to
the replay because it was an unusual call. I had announced
because of so many things happening in the world, that instead of
doing a question/answer call as we usually do on a Wednesday
night call (we did a grid healing kind of call).  Well, I didn't
know what was going to happen. We did a different format of a
grid healing call and Daphne was on the call and Terry was on the
call. I took a shot and asked Daphne to bring through a message.
At first I thought something was wrong because all these strange
sounds were coming through her. They were very guttural and (it)
was not very linear, but as she was making these sounds there was
an extraordinary amount of energy which I think some of you felt.
Then Terry came on and through Terry they said that Daphne was
actually grounding energy beyond words through the sounds she was
making. There was no doubt that the energy on that call was
really, really high. At the end of the call, I usually say
goodbye to everybody, but nobody was talking. It was one of those
speechless moments. So listen to that call because that is
probably one of the highest vibrational calls we've ever had.
Terry, are you on the line? Do you want to make any comment about
that call on Wednesday?
Terry:  What was coming through was Daphne was so exterior to her
body, she was grounding so much energy, that she had become so
large that she had trouble bringing words in because she was
bringing in so much energy and grounding so much energy from the
higher realms and that's why the energy went really high on that
call. It was a beautiful energy.
Wynn:  I was just looking at the energy in the space. That is a
really good reference point, to look at the energy in the space,
look at what is happening in the space. When I spoke to Daphne
afterwards she said that the words were creating duality, just
the fact of speaking, just the fact of translating things into
Gijs was just telling me, he observed that when you call in the
light- (Gijs sometimes calls in the light for us) and you leave
spaces, there is a lot more that happens. Even notice when I'm
talking, I leave spaces. And the energy is in the spaces. So when
we go through and put things into the light, maybe as you speak
you might pay attention to the spaces that you are putting out.
You might feel a little self-conscious at first. See if you can
feel the space in between the words, because everything is
happening in the moment. I'm going to be making everyone feel
self-conscious and it may feel a little weird to you, but let’s
all pay attention to how it feels to put the voice on top of the
space. See how it feels to have the voice emanate from the space.
You see, I could talk like this---(Wynn speaks very fast---but
there are no spaces) or we could put things in the light--(Wynn
speaks very slowly and puts spaces between his words)-- I would
like to send the light to each and every one of you on this call,
that this energy radiates through you, understanding that the
light is you, you are a piece of the light in this realm.
So, in any case when we do this, as we will momentarily, practice
leaving space because what's in space? The space has the energy.
The space has the sources. The space has the expanded hologram.
Then start applying that during the week. Start watching spaces.
Years ago I think I was tapping into this phenomenon of the
spaces and I wrote this kind of funny song called “Dig the
Spaces.”  (Wynn recites the song). I had no idea at the time
what I was tapping into. Intuitively I was starting to see things
in spaces but I wasn't doing any inter-dimensional contact; it
was just in my own consciousness when I would travel around the
country and observe people and play music everywhere.
Now I am going to unmute everybody and try to be fast today
because, particularly with doing these workshops at the end
we’re going through a long period. For all of you who are on
the replays, why don’t you listen and see how well everyone
works with spaces.
Gijs:  Wynn, could you clarify what you were saying earlier about
seeing the energy in the space?
Wynn:  You know, it's hard to put it exactly into words, because
we are talking about something that is beyond duality and trying
to understand it intellectually. We come on the line and feel
these energies. If I tried to explain it, my mind doesn't
understand it. All I can say is, “Hey, when we do this, this
works,” and try to explain it the best way I can, and we create
a group energy matrix. We blend our energies and that matrix
exists in the space, not in the words. So the words are just
something that drags our dualistic minds along and the energy
that's in the space is what's really happening.
Gijs:  You mean time space?
Wynn:  Yes, time space. I say all that and it sounds like I know
what I'm talking about but I don't.  That’s the duality of it.
Michael:  A musician will say that it’s not the notes, but the
spaces between the notes. We live in a dichotomy, we live in a
dualistic universe, so one of those dichotomies--besides
day/night and male/female--is on and off and one has to exist
without the other. So you are creating a motion of energy and in
the spaces, is where it can be found. (A dog barking can be
Wynn:  And that dog in the background agrees. (Laughter) The real
bottom line to all this is you can't understand it. Whatever we
say, it may sound like we are really smart and understand it, but
you can't. Terry asks me after we do these calls, “Did that
really happen?” There are no experts here. The only thing that
is possible is to get your mind out of the way. So when we talk
it creates enough rhythm in the matrix that we say the right
thing so that your mind moves back and the energies come in. And
you all can learn to do that. You are learning that on these
calls and of course we have so much expertise from other realms
going in the spaces.
What brought that up was when Daphne started doing what she was
doing, first I got a little concerned and thought, “Oh, oh
what's coming through here,” and then I felt the energy and
then Terry explained it and I thought, “Yes, that sounds
So, with all of us, it’s learning to experience the spaces.
Don't try to understand them. Your mind comes in. Learn how to
navigate around the spaces, because I'm sure it's in the spaces
that the miracles exist, that we access the other dimensions,
where we heal ourselves when we open up to the frequencies of the
higher realms. We come on these calls and it is becoming
When you put out something into the light remember speak slowly,
watch the space in between the words, and let’s see if we can
feel a difference.
Gijs from Magalia, California:  I have 2 requests.
One is I saw that at your old school at Berkeley the students
were occupying one building and there were confrontation with the
police and (the students) were protesting against the way
education is progressing over there. I want to ask the light to
be sent in that direction and for a peaceful solution of this
And secondly I want to ask for the love/light to be sent to the
lost souls, the entangled souls, which happened a long time ago.
I remember you saying that in Sodom and Gomorrah that souls got
lost and if there are more soul entanglements that they will be
sent love/light and that they can be untangled. Thank you.
Wynn:  Thank you and next
Carolyn from Davis:  I would like to ask for love/light for all
those who are in service for others whether they are working on
the environment or they are warriors in Libya or they are working
for organic foods, or are doctors and nurses, Michelle and Barack
Obama, and all those who are helping him (Obama), and all those
who are in service to others, I would ask for love/light for.
Jean:  I would like to put Wynn and Terry and Daphne and David
Wilcock in the light for all the work they are doing, and I would
like to put all of you on the line in the light for your work of
holding the energy and space. Thank you
Michael from San Diego:  I would like to put the energy of
creative expression in the light and also the energy of freedom
of protest, freedom of speech, and freedom of the internet, and
to protect our ability to express ourselves freely.
Wynn:  Thank you. Speaking of freedom of protest, you may not
know this as it hasn't been in the media, but you can search for
it on the internet, but right now and for the past week or so
there has been a bunch of people camping out on Wall street
protesting the big banks and how money flows from this country
taking it away from the middle and lower classes, how they are
being exploited. Look it up on the internet because they have
actually been allowed to be there up until now but the media is
scared to put it on, or perhaps they have instructions not to put
it on because they are afraid a million people might show up.
Michael:  Wait until 30 million people march on Washington. See
how they could avoid that.
Zoe in Sacramento:  Along those lines, I would like to put into
the light the world economy, and the new economic arrangements
that need to happen so that all people have a fair share of
things that uphold their lives and will come into play in a way
that is just for everybody.
Wynn:  I'd like to put into the light any negative repercussions,
from this information you might not have yet; and this is another
thing you can look up on the internet, but late in August,
reports came in from Russia that there were two explosions; they
called them nuclear explosions, in underground caverns that were
created by our government and around the country there are many,
many underground caverns that are more like underground cities
where people can live and the theory is that if there was a
nuclear holocaust, the elite could go underground. There is
electricity, they can grow plants and food, and they can stay
there for a few years. Having this as a backup could give certain
people the incentive to/or the possibility of creating a nuclear
holocaust. The two explosions, according to reports were reported
as earthquakes. When people analyzed the seismic profile, they
were not the profile of nuclear explosions, they were the profile
of some other kind of explosion. Nonetheless, in the alternative
news area, there was the possibility there was going to be some
kind of retaliation, as a sign to whoever did these explosions
that the elite could not control, and they would do something
horrible. So, I would like to put total obstacles to anything of
that nature and total disabling of any plan for retaliation on
any level that any weapons not work, that people change their
minds and that synchronicities occur to block that. I'd like to
ask right now for total protection from anything of that nature
so we can continue to evolve as a planetary group on earth.
Jan from Ontario:  I would like to put self-love and non-judgment
of self and others in the love/light.
Jere:  I would love to put that everybody’s chakras would be
open as much as possible within their free will and for the
highest good of all so everyone can be more one with their true
selves and in harmony with all of existence, and shine more light
and be the love they are. Thank you
Edna:  I would like to put into the light all our team shifts.
Thank you.
Wynn:  If anyone on the line doesn't know what team shift is,
those are little groups of 4-5 people that meet daily, as much as
each person can, for a short period, say 10 minutes, calling in
the light just as we do here. It gives people an opportunity to
meet each other and have more individual focus of putting their
own issues in the light. Many people have had great, great
results as a result of their participation in team shift, so if
you want to participate go to 
Lisa in San Francisco:  I would like to put into the light the
idea of anyone who has pets, or animals living with them that
they raise their consciousness towards understanding what the
pets need and not project their humanness onto the pets and also
I would like to put my kitty, “Déjà Vu” in the light as he
just crossed over day before yesterday and he was 16 years old
and I want to put him in the light. Thank you very much.
Zoe in Sacramento:  I'd like to put into the light all artists of
every kind around the world that they may be given everything
they need to bring forth the various levels of love through their
work to the general public.
Gijs:  I know that Arielle had a request. Arielle, can you unmute
yourself? She is travelling the country and she is currently
somewhere that she wants to send love/light to some kind of
Stonehenge I believe. She is from Sedona, but I don't know where
she is currently.
Wynn:  I'm not sure we can do this request as we don't know where
she is. It’s a replica of Stonehenge in England, but she is not
in England. She is somewhere in the country where these replicas
are. I'm not sure that Stonehenge is positive in its original
formation. So let’s just send the light to Arielle where ever
she is, to bring love/light in a non-dualistic unconditional way
to her environment. Okay? And we will leave it at that.  Next.
Michael:  I would also like to put in the light all those who are
developing new technology that would mean the new and clean and
earth friendly forms of energy and that this information be
allowed to be freely disseminated.
Carolyn:  I would like the whales and dolphins put in the
love/light and also the coral and the plankton which is basic
food, and icebergs and glaciers and the polar bears.
Trish in Florida:  Well, just about everything that I wanted to
be put in the light has been put there so I want to double that
and ask for light for my grand daughter who is 18 and has been
really rebellious and horrible and the family is just sick of her
and to heal the whole family and the other family that is
involved and please heal my grand daughter. She won't go to a
therapist, she just turned 18 and you can't tell her anything and
it has been really hard on everybody.
Wynn:  We've got to keep it for the highest good.
Trish:  I do, for the highest good of all. I was just getting
emotional so I had to stop. I pray for them too. She had a plan
that she totally did a complete 180 on; and to just heal her,
whatever it takes, for the good of everyone. (Very emotional)
Gijs:  My love goes out to you and your whole family.
Tina from Decal:  I am placing in the love/light for the highest
good of all, for any situations that affect human beings and
mother earth that may be unknown presently. And when I say this,
there are many upheavals taking place around the world
economically, politically, socially, places like Guatemala that a
lot of times we just don't know about. They go unreported or the
information may be distorted. Also, I'd like to place in the
light the fires in Texas, and other places experiencing drought,
fault lines around the globe including the New Madrid fault in
the Mid-west where liquefaction and sinkholes are a concern. I'd
also like support for grounding and holding of the space and I
would like to place in the light, gratitude and appreciation for
each breath we take that we see the many blessings and joys that
we do have. Thank you.
Zoe:  I'd also like to include the creation and openings for new
jobs for all people who are seeking them.
Jere from Finland:  May I add one thing? I would love to put all
animal testing and all animals that are being tested into the
highest love/light and protection and guidance and healing. Thank
Zoe:  Protect those animals that are being tested.
Wynn:  And I would like to put the seed of what we do on this
line to grow into a tree, to be an anchor that grows energy into
the collective and creates an opportunity for transformation for
the entire planet that we are holding a model here for the
future. Not meaning just us as there are other people doing it
too, but just us because we are the ones HERE doing it and that
we can be used to the greatest extent possible for clearing the
path, for protecting from the negative, for allowing the highest
energies to manifest into this realm for all those who would wish
to access this.
Wynn then directs us through the visualization.
The universe is one energy and each of us is a subdivision of
that energy and oftentimes we don’t experience ourselves as
part of that energy, we feel separated and we reach for the
connection.  So right now, we’re going to make that connection.
 We’re going to make it just through our intention to do it.
The earth is part of that energy of all that is and we as humans
have lived on the earth for many lifetimes.  The earth has hosted
us.  Much like if you have a family and you have a dinner and you
invite someone over.  You are hosting your guests.  They come and
they are in the energy field of your family.  So does the earth
host us and we are always in the energy field of the earth and
the earth is alive.  It has a consciousness.  It has awareness.
As we relax and we put our feet flat to the floor, we’re going
to ask the earth to visit us.  Of course, it’s always visiting,
we’re always there.  We’re going to just put our awareness on
that energy as it comes through our feet, and through our legs,
through our calves, through our solar plexus, through our chest,
through our neck, through our heads, up through the top of our
head and moving our energy, our attention above our head—you
know, these are energies that were always there but we can’t
pay attention to it all. We can pay attention to one thing at a
time--so we’re just focusing our attention above our heads.
We’re moving higher, up to the ceiling surrounding the room
we’re in. Just use your imagination if you’re not feeling it
directly, through the ceiling, through the clouds, through the
sky, traveling through space, traveling through time, moving
through our past lifetimes, coming to the place where we all
blend, where we merge, never loosing our individuality,
simultaneously being one and being separate.  We invite our
sources to join us in that place of oneness.  There is a moment
for every being where we individuated ourselves from all that is.
 There was a moment when the Elohim individuated themselves.
There was a moment where the Ra individuated themselves.
So we’re going to the moment of individuation and we’re at
the beginning of time, at the beginning of space  We’re at that
place of innocence, a new-born baby, energy baby, prior to all of
our past lifetimes, prior to all of our karma.  In the place of
grace, in the place where everything recreates itself at the
moment of intention, and when we’re in this place we create our
intentions always for the highest good of all concerned; always
honoring free will; learning to shine like the sun.  The sun
doesn’t decide who it’s going to shine for.  When it shines,
it shines for everyone.
And we bring the space back down, down through all the timelines
and as it comes back down it fills in the gaps and the spaces and
the distortions of our field, our hologram.
Finally it comes back through the top of our head and we are
linked to all that is.  We are linked to source.  We have always
been linked to source but for many of us, we didn’t know it, we
forgot it.  We got compressed in the veil.  We got contracted.
Move that energy down through our bodies.  We can direct it.
We’ll go quickly and in particularly we’ll center ourselves
in our heart.  Take a look inside yourself and see if you can see
the patterns that block you.  Look in your heart, look for areas
of unforgiveness and judgment.  Think of those times in your life
where you were hurt and collapsed and contracted.  Somebody did
something to you.  We all have them.  Let’s forgive them right
now.  Forgive ourselves and release these blocks in your heart.
Think of something you’ve done to someone else, something
despicable, something hurtful, where you may have expressed
You know the world is a reflection of us.  The negative exists
because of us.  We give it the power, so let’s take the power
back.  The more we forgive, the more we release.  We’re not
doing it not just for ourselves, but for everything you’re
plugged into.  So the responsibility here is to clear yourself
and then everything that’s plugged into you--your family, your
friends, your husbands, your cities, all starts to shift.
We go through our solar plexus and our genitals and clear the
energy, all the way through, through our legs and back into the
earth.  Experience that feeling of being your individual body
connected to all that is, the celestial realms above your head
and the earth below you.  It’s all you, it’s all us.
Right now, while you’re in this space, right now connected to
the things you’re connected to, bring it into this space.  You
can choose what you bring in--your family, your friends, your
wife, your husband, your neighbors.  Think of someone that you
have a hard time with and see if you can see them in their soul
and see if you can feel them beyond their meanness if they’re
mean, beyond whatever they do that pushes your buttons.  See if
you can see them from the top down.  See if you can see and
understand the way they got distorted the way they became
uncomfortable and send them love light from that space without
responding to the negative space that pushes your buttons.
I’m going to turn it over to Gijs who is going to call in the
Gijs:  Calls in the light.
Dear God/Goddess, source energies, we ask for the presence of the
love light.  We ask the love light to surround and protect and
connect with each person who is here with us.  We ask for any
negativity to be taken to the highest realms of light to be
transmuted for the highest good of all concerned.  We envision
ourselves in the flow of this energy which radiates from the
center of the universe, through all the galaxies, through our
galaxy, through the solar system, through all the planets and is
coming into the outer energy fields of mother earth.  This energy
flow is entering our bodies through our crown chakras, flowing
through us, feel the energy, and radiating from our feet into our
planet earth. Right now we invoke a group energy connection
through all of us present; we maintain the sovereign integrity of
our souls.  We ask for only positive sources honoring the Law of
One in free will to cooperate for the highest good of all
concerned.  We ask those sources to join with us as we create a
protected space where only the positively oriented sources have
access to.  Anything not of that nature must leave now.  We are
all one and it is now while being surrounded by the creative love
light, we wait for our sources to speak to us through our
dedicated friend, Terry Brown.
Ra ‘An:  We greet you in the love/light of the One Infinite
Creator. This is September 25th 2011. We seek and contact each
and every one of you where ever you are located.
We are delighted and honored to have this opportunity to make
connection and to bring through love/light, grounding, anchoring
into your realm. Not only through everyone on this line but
through all the light workers who are open to bringing in this
energy. And we are mindful all at the same time non-linearly of
everything that you are asking for. And we send love/light to
each of your projects which is for the highest good.
We send love/light for the concern of Trish for her grand
daughter and we send love/light to her grand daughter who is
struggling to attain her own identity and wishes to become
grounded within her own centre and is struggling to find the way.
We send love/light to Lisa's cat, Deja Vu, and we send love/light
that this kitty cat may make connection with the higher realm. We
send love/light to pets everywhere as they are a help and
stabilization for their owners in many cases.
We send love/light to the whales and to the dolphins and as
always we get a burst of joy and energy back from this connection
with them.
We send love/light to all the artists as they are the ones who
are holding the torch for human progress in human creativity and
expression in the 3rd dimension and higher.
We send love/light to the light workers as they bring forth new
means of connection and help harmonize and heal individuals on
planet earth.
We send love/light to Team Shift to bring in connection and
grounding of the love/light of the higher realms and harmony into
the earth’s sphere and to ground it.
We send love/light to Arielle who is travelling and to her
surroundings and the object that she is sending love/light to.
As we look at the changes that are coming forth we see that the
hearts of more and more people are opening and that they are
connecting to the higher source and the love/light and are
attempting to communicate. The internet is an open channel for
communication and bringing individuals together and is changing
lives and we send love/light to its operation and the ability of
individuals to use this means for freedom of speech, and that
individuals everywhere can begin to access their ability to
freely speak their heartfelt mind and to attain a new level of
To the individuals who have lost their homes to the fires of
Texas or other places, we send connection that includes the ...we
search for words and know there are no words that adequately
describe the connection we make with them to grasp and to
understand and know their grief at what they have lost. And that
they may, after grieving and expressing this, they may move on
and be supported and may rekindle their energies to rebuild and
to make a new and even better life. And we send love/light to
Texas that they may get more rain and that the drought situation
may be alleviated and that the fields may again turn green and
the wheat will again grow and the animals may again thrive.
We send love/light to a transition that can be fundamentally
sound within the economic system and the leadership system on
earth and that all the people that are demonstrating to express
their dissatisfaction can peacefully be heard and their ideas may
be incorporated into a new and just system.
We send love/light to all those individuals seeking jobs and all
of the people who are creating jobs that they may find new ways
and new openings to turn the earth into a paradise as they find
new sources of energy that can again spread energy, enthusiasm,
and excitement into the growth of economies everywhere. And that
they may also take into account the earth, that the earth may be
considered and given what the earth needs.
And we send love/light to all the organic farmers and all farmers
everywhere that they may use the best that is possible towards
producing and distributing the best and most nutritious food to
everybody and that anybody who is seeking to promote the raw
foods and the nutritious foods to the populous can be supported
and that the opponents may be converted or moved aside that these
individuals who have the hearts and welfare of the populous and
the nutrition of the populous so much in mind, can find
break-throughs needed to bring their products to the market.
That a new energy of creativity, including the artists and the
light workers, can bring forth enthusiasm and the people
developing alternative energy can catch the enthusiasm of the
populous of earth and this can start a new economic growth that
can transform life and bring peace and can bring health and good
life to people everywhere.
We send love/light to Barack Obama and Michelle and leaders
everywhere for the bringing forth of ideas and plans and
governing that can be for the highest good of all concerned.
We send love/light to each and every individual everywhere that
they may have non-judgment and forgiveness and thus be able to
put past differences to rest or conflicts and be able to move on
in a healthy manner with their life.
We send love/light to the fault lines and the New Madrid fault,
the Atlantic ridge, the ring of fire, as the faults have been
uneasy. We send stabilization and anchoring.
And we send love/light to each and every individual on this call
and express our profound appreciation for the co-anchoring that
we all are doing to help bring a new life and an enthusiasm for
life to the planet.
We leave but we do not leave. Adonai
Wynn:  Thank you. We will just continue very quickly... (Wynn
leads us in the closing meditation)

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