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Monday Conference Call 9.26.11

Host: Wynn Free

Channeled by Terry Brown

Transcribed by Connie O’Brien

Edited by Terry Brown, Valerie Hawes and David Masty

Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee

Terry:  Good afternoon, morning, and evening ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, wherever you are. This is Terry Brown from Sedona introducing the Wynn Free Monday Night show. Wynn is out rounding up the conference line; what we have is the simulcast, where people are on the telephone line and people are on BBS Radio. He rounds up people from all over the world on the conference line, Then other people tune into BBS Radio. He should be on in just a minute with the conference people.

Today is the 26th of September 2011 and it’s wonderful to be able to get in touch with all of you. I never know what the topic’s going to be because he doesn’t tell me beforehand and that’s my request, because if he tells me beforehand I’ll get nervous and then I’ll worry about it. So, I never know beforehand. Then, after it’s over I pretend I didn’t do it.

I don’t know what the topic will be tonight, but he usually has some really interesting topics. If you want to hear what the topics were from the previous Monday nights at 6:00 on BBS Radio, they have an archive section. You can go to their archive section and sign up for that for a small amount of money and then you can check and hear the audios every week. We go back several years of doing this. In fact, he had another show before this one that he did, which was called “The Don and Wynn Show”. I don’t know if that’s still up on their archives or not.

I’m the co-host of the show; sometimes he has me do channeling. Sometimes Carla Rueckert comes in; she used to be on once a month. She had back surgery and she’s been out while that’s healing. She’s the one that did the Ra channeling in the 80’s; I believe it started in 1981 and she channeled a series of very beautiful books on the Ra information. She was working with Don Elkins on that, and then after Elkins passed over she didn’t channel the Ra group anymore. She now channels a section of the Ra group called Q’uo and she has a website where you can go and read those channelings. She’s also on the audios in the archives of BBS Radio.

I learned to channel in 1995; I knew Wynn at the time, but I couldn’t get him the least bit interested. He would take me to the channeling sessions I had with Cherryl Taylor and he would drop me off. I’d say, “You’d really love this; the channeling is going to start just as soon as I walk in the door”. He’d say “No, no” and he’d leave. I’d ride home with somebody else.

There was a course as part of that; I went every week. There was a course on “How to Channel”. I did my first channeling in that course and it was an amazing experience because so much love came through. What we were channeling was the Council of Light and so much love came through that all I could do was sit and cry, because it was really amazing.

The channel that taught me was Cherryl Taylor, she was a police psychic and she solved cases. She’d work for the FBI and the CIA and she would find lost submarines and give the co-ordinates. She was totally amazing; she could find lost items.

One day Robert, who was in the course with us, dropped his cane over the balcony into the flower garden and we were looking everywhere for it; we couldn’t find it. We were all down in the flower garden pushing the flowers aside and looking and she came out on the balcony and said, “That’s the wrong way to look for it.” She put her hand to head for a few seconds and then she came over and she pointed to a certain place in the flower garden and said, “There it is.” And, we looked and there it was.

One day my mother had given me some beads, lapis lazuli and I put them somewhere and then my mother was doing a jewelry show and she wanted them back. She wanted them back and I couldn’t find them, so I asked Cherryl. Cherryl said, “They’re at the bottom of a box in your room”.

I looked in the bottom of all the boxes in my room and there they were. She did an amazing series of channelings every week, 2004 through 2006. She’s not doing them at this time, however. There are all of these channelings; I have some of her transcripts, but I would dearly love to get them all.

Wynn, are you on the line yet? He’s not here yet; he’s still out rounding up the conference call people.

The way Wynn finally got interested in channeling was, in about the year 2001 he had a new girlfriend and that new girlfriend began bringing through messages and channeling and they were really astounding channelings, some of them. It was like part of a sci-fi movie even to just listen to them.

He was living with her and he had a channeling one night and he invited me over so I could see what they were doing. He suspected she was going to leave him. I went over and I got a chance to ask questions. I asked questions like, “What is it like to be you?” and she was the channeling the Elohim. It was a fascinating evening.

Then one of the questions I asked was, “Can I channel the Elohim?” They said, “Yes; it depends upon my intention.” They said it would be possible. After she left, I went over to visit Wynn and I could feel them putting pressure on my head and knocking on my head, like, ‘knock, knock, knock’. I realized that by the frequencies; I’m very sensitive to frequencies, that is was the Elohim.

I opened myself up and they asked could they speak to Wynn? I said, “Wynn is sleeping; maybe you could talk to me. Then, we could get acquainted with each other and get to know each other.” They said, “No, we want to talk to Wynn.”

So I woke Wynn up and told him to get the tape recorder out. He did and he began asking questions. I gave the answers that they gave me. That started a whole series of question and answer sessions that he went through. He taped them all; then, we put a large amount of them in the book of “Questions and Answers with the Elohim”.

Wynn has taken courses in physics at Berkeley and I have a physics degree from Lewis and Clark in Portland, Oregon. I have a master’s degree in Library Science, which is interesting, because I was a librarian for a while for Tektronics, which is a large exporter of oscilloscopes. They started in Oregon and I lived in Oregon at the time. Wynn, are you on yet?

Wynn:  Yes, I was just listening to you. Good work.

Terry:  Ladies and gentlemen, Wynn Free.

Wynn:  I think we have the conference line on too; are you guys there?—yes. When we’re trying to impress people we tell them how I was a physics major in Berkeley. But what we really don’t put out is my biggest education, when I was hitchhiking around the country, with no money with my guitar and astrology books and we were having miracles everyday and synchronicity. That impacted me more than anything else in my life, because up to that point I was reading about these kinds of things.

This is September 26th(2011) Monday. This our BBS conference call. Terry was just announcing she comes on and she starts giving an introduction while I’m gathering up the conference call. It’s a simulcast between a conference call and BBS. The reason we do it that way is because we started as a conference call.

What I learned was that even though you’re listening and there’s either me talking or Terry talking, we are creating—this is something you have to experience by just checking in with us enough times—we are creating a group matrix. Some of you who are listening, even though we’ve never met and you’ve never come into our conference calls, you’re listening. You find yourself being part of it, feeling connected to it. There’s an energy; so you’re becoming part of the group matrix.

For a long time, that didn’t occur or I couldn’t feel it. The conference call was an anchor for holding the energy, because with channeling, which we do on this call, Daphne likes to call it ‘transmissions’, when you do channeling, it seems like there’s this strange voice coming through somebody and who knows where it’s coming from. You wonder where it’s coming from; who are they? How can you trust them?

Channeling has myriad possibilities. When somebody is bringing through  an intelligence, a voice from another dimension, it could be from a departed soul that’s communicating through someone and that’s fairly close in. It could be from a more advanced departed soul that has a lot of wisdom to share. It could be from what some people call Ascended Masters.

I would say in my experience, to be careful about Ascended Masters, because anyone can say anything. If I call somebody up, I could say, “Hi. This is the IRS.” I could say “Hi, this is David Letterman.” Especially if I sounded like them, how would the person know? When a stranger is talking to you, you have to make sure they are who they say they are. If it’s the IRS it’s fairly easy to call them back and say “You just called me.” That’s probably after a four hour wait to get them on the phone, but nonetheless there are ways of confirming it. If somebody calls you and says, “We’re the local so-and-so; can you give us your credit card number?” If you’re smart, you won’t give it to them, because you have no idea that they are who they say they are. There are a lot of scams that go on that find tricky ways to get you to give your credit card.

When you’re talking to a voice that comes through somebody, it’s up to you; it’s up to me; it’s up to us to figure out who they are and test them and check them and not to believe it, no matter what they say their name is. In our case, it started out with a voice that said they were the Elohim.

When I looked up the word Elohim I found things like ‘the Creator God of the physical Universe’; ‘the name of God in the Old Testament’; ‘the name the Mormons use for God’. I had a lot of conversations with them about that: Can you explain this? How do you work?

They really said the way that humans interpreted ‘God’ was not exactly correct and that they were group energy and they were a spin-off from what they called The One Infinite Creator. They were the first group energy and in many cases throughout our history they have done interventions.

Because they have the ability to rearrange matrices, because they have the ability, from their realm to move energy around, things could happen down here that look like miracles, but to them were just commonplace. At the beginning of all this for me there were quite a few miracles. Even now, there are people that come into these calls and miracles happen.

What’s a miracle? A miracle is when something happens that can’t happen within the laws of physical reality, like when they did a healing on my sister. The laws of physical reality are not the laws of Universe reality. The way physical reality works, it’s a solidification of many dimensional frequencies where it solidifies in the physical, but it starts in the non-physical.

If there is a way to shift something in the non-physical, in the invisible realms and start a process that can go from all those realms into this realm so that something shifts in this realm, suddenly somebody says, “That couldn’t have happened; that was a miracle.”

That was happening to me when I was hitchhiking and doing astrology charts; things were shifting. I’ll give you an example of one of the things: I was living at that time with very little structure and very close to the moment. There was a time when I was sitting on a stoop in Greenwich Village in New York; all these people were walking by. I forget what I said, but somehow I had my astrology books and I’d say “Would you like a reading?” I’d pull the astrology book out and I’d look them up and I’d give them a mini-reading.

I had gotten fairly good at it, fairly astute at it at that time. Somebody came by, who was born on May 28th, and May 28th had a particular connection to my astrology chart. It was six degrees of Gemini and it related to my rising sign, which was six degrees of Gemini. I had learned that when somebody was born May 28th, I felt an energy and I started to identify that energy. That was blowing my mind in and of itself.

About ten minutes later, another woman walked by that stoop in Greenwich Village, and I called her over and I said “Excuse me; you’re not a Gemini are you?” She said “Yes.” I said, “May 28th?” And she gasped and said “Oh my God, how did you know that?” I could never explain it to her.

For the next three days, there was something going on astrologically, which I don’t know; I didn’t pay attention to what was going on, but I was getting all these May 28’s going by me and every time they would go by I could feel the energy and I’d stop them and say, “You’re May 28th”. In that period down I had a friend who was a jazz piano player, Burton Green. He had done some recordings.

We were walking down some bustling New York street with Burton and his girlfriend Elizabeth. It was a crowded street and I looked over and there was this young woman with her mother. That energy went through me and I looked at her, I picked her out of the crowd and said, “You’re not a Gemini, are you?” And she said, “Oh my God”. I said “May 28th?”

I remember her mother grabbing her hand and pulling her down the street like she just saw the devil. I can understand; a stranger stops you and picks your birthday; they would never understand. It looks like magic, but I was sensitive to the energy of that birthday and I had a string of people who were coming on that birthday.

One of the things I kept noticing, because I was such a street person and I was meeting all these people and doing astrology charts and asking everyone their sign, that every couple of days I would have a propensity to meet people of the same signs and sometimes even the same birthday.

It would change, though. It would be like three days it would be this, two days it would be that, then it would shift to this; I didn’t really do the investigation of why it was changing, but I knew enough to say that it’s got to be changing.  

Remember I was a physics major and what I was doing couldn’t happen by the laws of physics; a guy on the street picking out strangers and picking their birthdays out. I wouldn’t have thought of myself as psychic; I didn’t say I was psychic. I just said, “That connected to my chart and I could feel the connection.” I was right a lot of the time.

The way that works is: each of us is a radiation of our astrology. It’s kind of that we have an imprint of the Universe in our DNA. This is the way I figured this out. We’re radiating certain vibrations and if you study astrology, you’ll find that different things interact.

If you’re looking at the love astrology stuff you’ll find, for example, a Cancer and a Pisces can tend to get along, because they have a good astrological aspect and it’s a geometrical aspect. Cancer and a Capricorn might not get along; they have another geometrical aspect that is inharmonious. I think a Taurus and a Leo.

When people don’t get along easily, they actually can get along, but the way it was described when I read the astrology books is, an inharmonious aspect forces you to rise above your astrology. I didn’t really understand that at the time, but I do now. If you notice when we call in the Light I build all this stuff into it, because we’re coming in way above the planets and the Solar System. We’re moving in above astrology, through astrology and into this realm.

It doesn’t invalidate astrology any more than it invalidates your body, because it’s all part of everything. In Earth, we’re impacted by all those energies of the planets, it impacts our DNA. We’re transmitters, everyone is a transmitter; at the same time, we’re in the transmissions of the Universe, which is a huge transmitter and the main antenna. Everything else could be like a repeater station.

The Universe is the main antenna; we’re picking up all the vibrations of the Universe. They’re going through our Earth-time, which locked in our DNA at that moment; we’re repeating everything; we’re responding to what’s coming in.

We’re in this huge energetic flow that is a big mish-mash and when you let go of enough grounding—I’m not suggesting people do this, but I did it, because I wanted to know how things worked—when you let go of enough grounding you start to flow in those higher spaces. For letting go of grounding I was hitchhiking, so there was no grounding.

I was living on people’s couches and I was having this happen on a daily basis and I couldn’t even talk to people about it. Nobody understood; it was like, “This can’t be happening”. I thought, “Wow, I’ve made this great discovery; the Universe works like this” and then I tried to put it in my music and songs, but that’s not our topic for today; that’s a side-show.

We’re bringing those energies into these calls; I believe; we’re bringing the energies from beyond astrology, beyond everything. Sometime I’ll have Gillian, who was my first girlfriend in college, a Bohemian artist who is into Edgar Cayce. I thought she was the biggest nut case around.

I’ll have her as a guest on the show if I can talk her into it. We’re still good friends, believe it or not, after she got mad at me for leaving her, going on the road hitchhiking and having girlfriends everywhere, we’re still friends.

Some aspects of this show are like The X-Zone. Certain lines of questions are like science fiction. As you who were on a couple of weeks ago and heard our preamble know, we had a line of questioning on how humans were created.

Oftentimes I read things; I cross-reference things; I have read some of this and I kind of had an idea where to go with it, but I didn’t know where they would go. We get information that has never been brought into the public before. I tell people, “Don’t believe this; consider it and see how it resonates. Listen to our shows and if it sounds strange and weird, just think of it like The X-Zone  and go along with it and at some point all these little things might go ‘click’ and you’ll get it.”

The thing about this far-out information is, it hits our mind and it seems just incredulous, but many of us, if not all of us, have had many past lifetimes and some of us were there at these events. Some of us might have been on the spaceships that landed to mine gold.

The story is that there were spaceships mining gold and the people in the space ships are called Annunaki in history. They were Elohim who had descended into this realm; Elohim were just energy forms and they were the Creators of this realm. Once they descended into this realm, usually they wouldn’t know who they were or that they were Elohim.

They would just get grow up in some kind of home life and of course they would be indoctrinated to the society of the time, but they were more powerful than most of the other people; they had more abilities. They were advanced, but they didn’t know why, they just found themselves there. There were groups of descended Elohim souls who were called the Annunaki.

Then they got hooked into reincarnation and they came back for many, many lifetimes and each lifetime was like a new, blank slate. The only way people can figure this out is, you have to come across somebody who channels, who is able to bring in voices. If you get the right information, it starts to prove itself, it starts to create cellular resonances.

You have to test it. Like I said, because there’s a voice coming through, you don’t know who it is. If somebody could ask you for a credit card, it’s going to take a long time testing them out. When people are listening to us, I say over and over again, “Test us out. Test it; test it; test it.

Don’t dismiss it too quickly, because you may be missing a great opportunity in your own evolution.” That seems to be what happens, because when people really do make the connection, they have propulsion in their growth, in their evolution, in their awareness, in their spiritual awareness, in their ability to expand beyond the illusions of this realm.

That doesn’t come from believing what we say; it’s more subtle and deep than that. Believing something just creates a new belief pattern and even if everything we say is true and all you do is believe it, you may as well believe in Communism, Socialism or Christianity; if it’s in your head, it’s just a belief.

Somehow it’s got to go from beyond the belief to an experience of something that shifts you, that changes you and makes you grow, makes you more loving, makes you more aware. If it doesn’t do that, if you’re looking at things that are just beliefs, they can be interesting, but don’t stop looking, because if you stop and you just have a belief pattern, you’ll stop growing. Something that is going to make you grow goes far beyond belief.

We have the story of these descended Elohim; they were gold-miners who decided to engineer a being to be their slave to mine gold. There was a cross of DNA between them and apes and they ended up with the first humans. After a period of time, the humans became rebellious and the Elohim were far more powerful than the humans; more power psychically, obviously technologically.

They would try to set themselves up as Gods so the humans would obey them. They told humans if they did this they were going to be punished. After a certain period of time, the humans got hard to manage. They looked at these Annunaki as they were, living the life of luxury, coming and going in their spaceships, while humans were working away in the mines. This is something we’ve never heard before anywhere; they decided to take over a spaceship and take it for a ride.

I hope I’m getting this straight; I think they took over the spaceship and when they tried to start it, they didn’t know how to fly it. So, it blew up. The Annunaki said, “This is not working; these guys are too rebellious. They just blew up our spaceship. Maybe they killed some of the Annunaki when they blew up. I think we have to back up and get rid of these guys and start over.”

There was also an indication that there was a planetary code of non-intervention in the local evolution of a planet. Apparently, in engineering these humans, the Annunaki broke that code. There were two brothers: one of them wanted to get rid of all the humans and the other one, whose semen was part of the genetic makeup of the new beings, had affection for them and he wanted to grow them into God-realization. That’s not something that’s going to happen in one lifetime, so the two brothers were in conflict.

The brother that wanted to get rid of all the humans ended up nuking the Sinai Peninsula and perhaps other places. The brother who wanted to save the humans was guiding Noah—I hope I’m getting this right—to build an Ark and put enough humans and animals in there so the genetic codes would not be destroyed and could continue. That’s what I remember from our talk two weeks ago.

Some of the backup for this, as far out as it sounds, is there is a Jewish Hebrew scholar Zachariah Sitchin who was, I think, an archeologist. He was going into the caves of Sumeria, and Sumeria is the oldest culture on the planet that we have records of. It’s not there anymore, but there were caves with writings and Zachariah Sitchen would be going into these caves and then had to translate the writings.

He recorded this whole story of these two brothers, Enki and Enlil and wrote a number of books about it. You can look him up on Google; I’m sure you’ll find loads of information. Essentially he told the same story, about Annunaki ETs landing on Earth and engineering humans for the purpose of being their slaves.

If you go through ancient history, remember in the Bible it talks about chariots coming from heaven? Probably those chariots that are coming from heaven were spaceships, flying saucers and the inhabitants of the planet thought that they were their Gods.

When we read in the Bible that the Sons of God mated with the daughters of man, we’re probably reading about the Annunaki having relationships with humans. When we read that humans were created in the image of God, we might be reading that they created humans with their DNA and we looked like them.

It gets far more complicated when we ask them questions about this. “How did different races get developed? Where were the Chinese? Where did they come from? How did all these Wanderers come in? How do the bodies change from Chinese to Japanese to Aborigines to Eskimos to Indians?” We’ll ask some of those things tonight.

I’m talking a long time as usual; I am setting the stage so everybody knows where we’re going to be going with this conversation. I am not telling anyone to believe anything that comes up; you’re welcome to think of it like The X-Files; let it sink in and see if it makes sense.

It does fit in, then when you start to study the Bible and you read about the fiery chariots from the sky and the Gods coming down and that the Sons of God mated with the daughters of man, what did that all mean? We wonder about Noah and the devastation; so many of these things cross-reference so well with the Bible.

I should say in case anyone is listening, that the Elohim and Ra whom we talk to, to the best of our knowledge, don’t have bodies. They’re pure energy Sources at a very high level of density and have the ability to project energy into this realm. They told me that when I first asked them, “What do you guys do?” they said “We can project Love Light into your realm.”

I didn’t know exactly what they meant by that. Over time I learned that when I would give talks there would be all this energy in the room and they said that was them. That’s one way to distinguish really high Sources from lower sources. Lower sources can’t, to my knowledge, project energy into a room; I won’t say that’s absolutely true.

I think in one question, they answered that it’s very rare that can occur. We do this on our Sunday calls; higher Sources can project energy all over the planet, it doesn’t matter where you are. When you’re on that call people feel the energy. If you haven’t attended one of our Sunday grid healings you have to check this out.

If you’re going to be a skeptic you can say, “Maybe he’s suggesting this; maybe it was this or that”; you can think all those things. But, check it out and see, because I tested it. It’s hard to explain what it feels like, until you experience what it feels like to feel the energy of the higher realms coming through the top of your head and through your body.

Where does that come from? Then Terry starts channeling and they say, “We’re glad to be here. That’s us that you’re feeling.” You have to watch this over and over again. When people come to our calls and come back something miraculous happens; something shifts in their life. Somebody heals; they heal; they transform.

It doesn’t happen for everybody. I’m kind of getting the feel of who it can happen tforand why. It can happen with everybody, but I think one of the reasons it doesn’t happen is because there is a pre-disposition for a human not to let go; you’re holding on. These kinds of things happen when there’s a letting go, when there’s a flowing. This is trust; it’s like jumping off a cliff and knowing that you’re going to be okay.

Wynn:  Terry, are you ready?

Wynn:  We have this ritual; this is our only ritual, which is calling in of the Light; it’s only just a ritual, if you do it and there’s no energy behind it. For us it’s an evocation, an intention that actually creates what you’re saying, when there is energy behind it. I do my best to always put energy behind it, my own high intention; so let’s go with it:

Father-Mother God we ask for the presence of the Light, to surround and protect each person here and any negativity be taken to the highest realms of Light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy, radiating from the center of the Universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the energies of all the planets, through the Sun, through the outer energy fields of the Earth, coming in through the top of our heads, through our bodies, through our feet and grounded into the center of the Earth. Right now, we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls.

What are we saying? We’re joining our energies in other dimensions, all of us expand; we’re touching each other’s energies. This is voluntary, so if you’re checking this out it doesn’t have to happen. Just listen with your mind:

And we invite those Sources to join with us; remember this is all happening in invisible levels, so the only way you know it’s happening is you’re one of those people who is clairvoyant and you see energies in other realms, which some people have reported to me, that they actually do see those things. They say “Who are all those beings?” I don’t see them; but I do feel a shift in energy when they come in.

So we invite them to come in and connect with us and create; we want only beings that are operating out of the highest good for all concerned and honoring The Law of One.

What does it mean to honor The Law of One? It means that everything is part of you; there’s only One Energy in the Universe. When you honor the Law of One, when you are truly honoring the Law of One, you can’t hurt another, because hurting another would be hurting yourself. I should say ‘intentionally hurt another.’ If we have beings that are honoring The Law of One, they are here to be of service to us and we create a protected space that only the Positive has access to, and anything not of that nature must leave now.

Do we have our Sources present?

Ra’An:  Yes, this is Ra’An and this is the 26th of September 2011; we greet you in the Love Light of The One Infinite Creator.

Wynn:  Thank you. Do you have any comments or additional clarifications concerning the preamble I gave to this talk this evening?

Ra’An:  There have been a number of stops and starts in the populating of Earth in recorded history and sometimes companies such as coal miners have discovered some of these previous civilizations. For instance, a coal miner once discovered a gold chain in some coal. Other miners discovered a very smooth, beautiful wall that had been totally embedded in the coal.

There were civilizations at four hundred and fifty million years ago, civilizations at seven hundred and fifty million years ago and for some reason, it has been the history of Earth that these civilizations have gotten to a certain level and then have been destroyed, much as when you look at Easter Island and you see Easter Island had flourished and then suddenly the people had disappeared.

Earth is a particular biosphere with many kinds of plants and animals and bacteria and microorganisms. It takes a particular genetic coding for individuals to be able to survive on Planet Earth. Civilization was wiped out at various intervals. 75,000,000 years ago a civilization was wiped out and before that they had a civilization much like ours, with an Army and a Navy and Marines and the various parts of Earth were bombed and had various plights of people. 75,000,000 years ago the populations were much like ours.

750,000,000 years ago the population was more like a cross between the Indians and the Chinese. There have been various times when there have been spaceports established, as you can surmise by various landing fields in South America where the patterns in the ground can only be deciphered by looking at them from high up.

The individuals on Planet Earth 55,000,000 years ago were mainly non-human; there were the dinosaurs and various forms of animal life. Humans that came in were the gold miners in South Africa in particular, to mine gold. The Annunaki did not survive well in the atmosphere and so they developed genetically a group that would be able to survive the rigors of the Earth biosphere and would be harmonious with the biological system here in the Earth plane.

At some point, the miners, perhaps four hundred thousand years ago, it was the beginning of a very small outpost and the miners had a little town with a little restaurant and trucks that would transport the gold to a space station way point. The flying saucers would then land, pick up the load of gold and transport it to other points, where it was then used in manufacturing to make gold trinkets or to be used in commercial enterprises. It was a big trading commodity.

It was at this point that a group of humans decided that they would overtake the spaceship and would fly it and would then once on board, be able to see what was out there. Of the individuals that took over the spaceship, some were on board, but some others took over the crew that were specifically housed to release the spaceship from its moorings and use the codes at each of the anchor points that held the spaceship down to release it synchronisticly at the same time, so that it would then be able to reeve up and then be able to move subsequently into other dimensions and become invisible in the third dimension.

They did not understand the process and the spaceship simply blew up. This was the end of gold-mining until the Annunaki, in our history books, could have a plan later on thousands of years ago, 20,000- 23,000, to again develop a crew that would come to Earth. 

They were very curious as the scientists are now, about how to do genetic engineering and they were able to engineer a human by mixing the ape, the human and the Annunaki and experimenting. Through many failed experiments, they came up with a creature, a humanoid that was able to withstand the rigors of Earth and they put them to work in the mines and bred them from their own gene pool.

Meanwhile, other explorers of other races were coming to Earth to start outposts. Some were able to survive the rigors of Earth and they were particularly called to see which gene patterns within them would be able to survive on Earth.

They would land and they would start outposts. Some were unsuccessful, but different races from different planets came and then also there were individual groups who needed to start a new life and they would come. Subsequently, their genes would change as they were in the planet sphere: the Chinese developed their slanted eyes further, to help against weather and sand of some of the desert areas. Individuals in Africa developed with darker skin that was not so sensitive to the climate and could help them survive better.

Wynn:  Question: for example, the slanted eyes of the Chinese and the dark skins from Africa, were these developments as a result of environmental evolution, were they the result of other planetary DNA continuing to mix in with humans, or were they the result of specific genetic manipulations to help the bodies match the environments?

Ra’An:  The answer would be yes to all three questions. The individuals that came into the Chinese area were from an area that had dark hair and were similar to the Chinese characteristics; however, in living in that environment it was further accentuated; the individuals that came into Africa, the same thing and the Scandinavians the same thing. The environment is more favorable to certain characteristics within the humans and they were the ones that would have the characteristics more developed; those are the ones that would survive the best.

So that was what the result was, to accentuate certain characteristics within that environment and that was a result of the individuals living in the area and changing to better fit the environment. However, individuals that came there came with characteristics that best fitted the life in the environment, because the other groups that tried to survive there did not do as well.

Wynn:  Thank you. As far as the Annunaki are concerned, it sounds like this started a long time ago and then it didn’t work. I assume when it didn’t work that means all life was destroyed. Then it started again and all life was destroyed. Then it started again and maybe three or four times, most recently in the tens of thousands of years ago and it stuck. Asking questions about the Annunaki, how long was their life span? Did they reincarnate and continue this over millions of years, the same beings? Were they advanced enough to remember their past lives in this continuation?

Ra’An:  There are several questions here.

Their life span was longer than the typical life span here on Earth today; it was 98 years, approximately. Of course, that did not account for accidents and transport for spaceship travel, as the Annunaki were-are a more adventurous group and tend to move into situations where they could, in their risky behavior, have a cut short lifespan. Would you repeat the next question?

Wynn:  The next question was: did they incarnate in similar ways that we’ve learned how reincarnation works? Because they were fairly advanced, did they carry memories of their previous lifetimes into the future?

Ra’An:  Some of them carried memories; however, the majority of them did not carry [memory of] lifetimes, but were born into families, much as people are born into families here on Earth. Although their life was more adventurous and they were able to space travel, they did not generally remember their past lives; they also, in coming into the third density, would take on aspects of the veil which would cloud their previous memory.

Wynn:  What planet or planets were their origins?

Ra’An:  They spread out throughout the galaxy and into other galaxies; they were adventurers and they wanted to see the galaxy, to see the Universe, so they spread out. There were encampments, or there were towns, where they would take hold on various planets upon the space route that they could, in their adventures on the space ships, they could take hold. There is another planet that was their main planet that is in a different dimension, which they generally populated.

Wynn:  If it’s okay to know this, where are they now?

Ra’An:  They still operate on the space routes. There are space jockeys; some of them have settled on various planets, some of them are on Earth and have forgotten their lineage. They have really spread out. Their home planet has settled down more and there are many living there and as their boys grow up, some of them elect to become part of the space ship fleet; some of them elect to become part of the merchant travelers and others tend to run shops and raise food for people.

Wynn:  If we were looking at them in general, what might we say is the division of service to self and service to others of that particular group?

Ra’An:  We see two divisions. There is a group that are working service to others that are 51% approximately service to others. There are other groups within them that are 58% service to others, and then there is a minority that is service to self, with 28% or 25%. It depends upon the degree of service to self. If you take it on a sliding scale, moving down to a few that are violently service to self, it would only be approximately 2%.

Wynn:  I see. We talked about the two brothers: the Enlil and Enki; brothers that got into this conflict. I would assume that event is one that happened in the most recent of the Annunaki gold-mining episodes, I think you said roughly 20,000 B.C.? Is that accurate?

Ra’An:  There was, approximately in that area of time, when the history of Earth changed as Enlil and the others in his camp wished to annihilate all the space platforms to stop space travel here and to get rid of the fledgling humans.

The final general edict came down from above that that was alright to annihilate them. It was alright to stop the flow of individuals within the human range; it was a failure to mix the Earth ape lineage with the Annunaki lineage and it deserved not to proceed. But they wished a higher, more intelligent lineage that they envisioned to be developed.

Wynn:  Thank you. I think I’ll ask one more question. I can tell that Terry is being a real trooper; she’s been going a long time now, so we’ll finish with this question and then we can pick up this string at some future time. The question is: there are two cultures that we’ve read about that we believe are true. One was Atlantis and one was the continent of Mu, which have been talked about in our channelings.

The beings in these two continents, were they derivative of the Annunaki? What was the Annunakis’ relationship, if any, with these beings?

Ra’An:  They were a mixture of the Annunaki and this civilization was wiped out in the weapons of war and natural disasters.

Wynn:  Were the Atlantians and Lemurians created, genetically engineered derivatively from Annunaki at a previous time?

Ra’An:  Give us a moment. There was another source that came in. There was another source from another star system that came. The Annunaki was somewhat involved, but not as much as the influence of another group.

Wynn:  Thank you. That will close our line of questions for tonight and if you have closing comments for us we will stand by.

Ra’An:  We send Love Light to each and every one on the line and we are there for you and appreciate this connection. We are a family; all it takes is to open the awareness to sense a vibration, the higher vibrations of love that resonate around you. We love you and we leave, but we do not leave. Adonai

Wynn:  Thank you, all of you listening, all of you listening on the replays thank you so much for being here and holding the space, so that we can do this. We couldn’t do this if you weren’t holding the space; you can acknowledge yourself.

We will see some of you on our Wednesday call and on our Sunday call. Thanks to Gary and Suzanne and all the people volunteering and thank you Daphne, for getting this all started. I think she’s on the line? Thank you, if you’re listening.

We also thank Seth and Don at BBS.

We’ll see you next time.


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