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          Ra'An for Wednesday, September 28, 2011

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Alright, this is Wednesday, September 28 and this is our question

and answer call.

We were just having a conversation before you guys joined us we

were having a conversation and Gjis said, Wynn is getting good,

we should start the tape recorder. I never like to start the tape

recorder because someone might think I am being the performer and

before that I was just being the BS'er. (laughs). You don't have

the responsibility of having a lot of unknown faces listening to

you. One of the things when I first started doing these calls, I

said, I had better be careful what I say. People are going to

quote me and I am going to be all over the internet and people

are going to say, Wynn said this and Wynn said that and that was

a little bit of fear consciousness but it was also a bit of

learning consciousness. Is Anna still on the line?

Anna: Yes. Now do you feel less self consciousness knowing all

those people are going to be listening to you? You don't feel so

lonely now?

Anna: I don't feel so lonely now.

Wynn: We are all going to beam Anna love and all our Sources on

the other side.

Anna, are you open to receive?

Anna: Oh yeah, I'll be beaming up to heaven?

Wynn: We are just going to be silent and focus love energy into

her heart and her whole body. (silence on line)

Ok, Anna you are going to send it back to us now?

Anna: Ok

Wynn: If anyone could tell others how to let go of our patterns

and how to be a new person and they could switch people around

that easy, the world would be a different place. But these

patterns are so deep. I have learned about some of the people I

was in past lives and some of those around me and studied the

people they were and their personalities and it just blows me

away how similar they are now to what they are then. Maybe they

were famous then and they are not famous now but their

mannerisms, their habits, their intelligence, their sense of

humor, etc. Basically you would think you were a new person in

each new life but you are not. It's as strong as David Wilcock

and Edgar Casey. For example, there was a man named Harmon Bro

who wrote about 4 books about Cayce and he lived in the Casey

household. He was a very sharp guy and he experienced Edgar Cayce

firsthand, and he kept saying how Cayce kind of resented being a

channel and people coming over and saying, ok, now go to sleep.

Imagine yourself in that position. He felt that his own self

expression was contracted and if you have watched David Wilcock,

it was me who convinced him that this book would be very

important and that his channelings are important. Right now he

does not present himself to the world as a channel. When I met

him he was being a scientific intuitive and he was probably right

that he could reach more people in being a scientific intuitive

than being Edgar Cayce. He has a New York Times best seller

called Source Field Investigations where he puts together all

these historical prophecies and tries to indicate that we are in

the middle of a shift. He didn't want to be known as a channel.

No one wants to be known as a channel because people think you

know all the answers. The reason we are getting away doing this

is because I have figured this out. I learned over time that I

was creating a very valuable function in the manner I was doing

this. I may not channel but I hold an expanded hologram. When you

do that, how do you know you are doing that? You are just weird.

You see things others don't see and so the expanded hologram to

hold a safe space for someone who channels can be in that space

and bring through verbal messages, but that space holds the

energy of those beings and the message is on top of the energy.

So I have the ability to hold the space, but I didn't know I had

it. I just knew that I didn't fit and everything was boring and I

imagine that over many lifetimes I have done all these things and

so they are not interesting. Ra said in one of my night readings,

“you finally have found a job that you don't get tired of.”

Because of all of that experience it allows me to hold the energy

in a very human way. On one hand, it's sacred and on the other

hand it's very human and bridging from the sacredness to the

humanness. In fact and we have a question about that tonight.

Some years ago I would not believe I was good enough to do this.

When we started putting this out I just wanted to stay behind the

scenes but it's evolved since then.

Everyone here is worthy of love. So let's go into this now. Terry

are you ready?

Terry: Yes

Wynn: (Wynn calls in the light)

Wynn: We wait for our Sources to identify themselves and become


Ra'An: Thank you. As we approach the end of September, the

configuration of energies have changed. This is Ra'An and we

greet each and every one of you in the love light of the One

Infinite Creator. We are delighted for this opportunity to make

contract with each and every one of you, whether you listen to

the call live or whether you listen to an audio, or read the

transcript. We are pleased to make contact. Even if you read a

transcript, the energy; the frequencies come through and in the

book, The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce in part two, the

frequencies of Ra come through in that and there is an aura about

the book and in David's new book there is an aura about the book,

about the Source Field and it is a wonderful way to connect to

the energy, to read these materials and listen to the replay line

and to listen to the live calls and to also listen to replays of

some of David's talks also. We ask if you have questions.

Wynn: Yes we do have questions. Thank you.

Edna has a pretty good question about the creation of events.

Here we are on earth and we are tumbled around with events,

seemingly unconnected, although some of us have had

synchronicities and some of us have have experiences that what

seems like random events may not be so random. This says, we have

new events for every moment and do we affect everything at every

moment? Then she had a dream that she was changing the

mathematical formula for the creation of certain events and the

question is, am I really doing it?

Ra'An: Thank you for your question. Everything is in the now and

is created in the now and individuals do not generally have a

clear understanding that they are affecting their surroundings at

every moment. At a very deep level, they are setting a course,

they are making agreements that are coming about, so as you move

into your thought divining soft formula, yes you are actually

changing events, but also know that this is a free will zone and

there is a consensus reality, so this is all taken into

consideration in outcomes and also, there is an outcome that for

as far as learning goes will be most beneficial and have the most

fulfillment for you. These interconnected workings of you and

relationships to the consciousness of others and the path of All

That Is in connection, come into play, as you move through this

series of events in a way that gives you optimum growth. It is

not always the easy road or the pleasant road but it is the road

that gives you much growth.

Wynn: Thank you.

This is a question from George in Australia. When sitting for the

purpose of attuning to God's pure light energy; breathing and

visually drawing the energy into one's being, does the energy

immediately qualify to a positive or negative state depending

upon the spiritual attunement of the sitter? In other words, will

God's pure light energy be just as effective as flowing through a

dirty pipeline, a person who chooses to dwell on the obscene

level in him or herself, one who has the ability to channel the


Ra'An: As one is in the 3rd dimension has taken on the coloration

of the 3rd dimension through the body, the minerals of the body,

through the mind and the through the connections that the mind

has made that are coming to play in their own life, then this can

skew the individuals path in the direction of that mindset. So if

an individual is thinking on board, in himself and resonating

with frequencies of a lower nature then this will connect him or

her up with surroundings that are of the fabric that make up

these frequencies and of the nature that they are looking at.

Intent has something to do with this as someone may have an

obscene sense of humor but may be releasing tension in other

people and they may then are moving through the obscenities and

releasing built up areas within a person and allowing people to

move through it. It depends upon the circumstance of the

individual. There is not a given rule except that if an

individual is connecting with frequencies that can be

disconnecting in nature and they are not going through it for the

purpose of moving through it, and then connecting, then it can

remove one further from God's path or their own path in

connection with Spirit or All That Is.

Wynn: Thank you.

A question came up in my mind and that is, if one studies

spiritual practices through the history of human kind, there is

one kind of practice that for example the Buddhists ascribe to

that attains to getting rid of desires and to become spiritual

one must release desire and they spend a long time to be able to

do that. Then there is another practice that says that desire is

part of the human side and it's learning how to work through the

desires. Someone said, it is through need we create, and so when

we have no more desire, we have no more need to create. It is ok

to need and through our need we would learn.

Ra'An: Thank you.

When an individual has a need then the individual can feel the

need, for example the need to communicate or the need to eat or

to get angry. There are certain functions a body takes on by

being in the physical realm such as the reaction to danger. If a

person sets out to eliminate all need and desires, the question

is, is the person merely shoving these desires and needs under

the rug so they are not seen and this may further disconnect them

so one have to be careful when trying to control the system.

Perhaps a better way is to observe and to see what it is. Perhaps

a person is sitting on a pin they would have to move. This is an

early warning system that there is something that needs to be

done. A child may have to communicate by throwing tantrums to let

the parent know there is something that is needed until they can

get the communication system. Therefore communication is very

important in working with an individual's needs until they can

get to an age where they can communicate. Therefore communication

is very important in working with an individual's needs. They

should be given the opportunity to express what their needs are,

so they can learn to work with them instead of suppressing them

out of existence. When one gets to the point where they can

become aware they are a child of the higher forces then they can

move with that in mind and they can non-linearly connect to both

sides and become more the master of these needs. This places them

in the light of the higher vision and puts them in perspective

when they have the higher vision and therefore they can control

these needs and desires and temper them so this is not a

suppressing of the needs but looking at them from the higher


Wynn: Thank you very much.

Next question. We have some healing requests. Zoyie was asking

for some healing for her back. Also healing for Carol Sabin.

Zoyie is having swelling in her back, pressing on the sciatic

nerve, causes pain when she walks and at night at well. Are there

any recommendations for those issues?

Ra'An: There is a disconnection in the flow of energy. There is a

build up in the lymph. We see that the kidneys need to be

cleared. We also see a misalignment in the area. We will continue

to look at this. We also see such healing such as echinacea.

Something to clear the kidneys. Drink enough liquids to help

clear this out. You might also give a call to one of Dr.

Marshall's assistants and ask if there is a formulation. They

have a formulation of herbs that help the kidney's clear. Discuss

your symptoms with them and see if something is needed to pick up

the activity of the adrenal gland. Whenever there is pain then

the level of the electrical potential in the areas is lower. The

raising of the electrical potential is needed so this part can

heal. We see a blockage in the flow of energy. We take that under


Wynn: I do not like to ask those types of questions. It borders

on an area we are looking at someone's body and tell them what is

wrong with them. This is for entertainment value and if you want

to, check it out go to your own health professional. Zoyie

understands the nature of what we are doing and is running this

by her own scrutiny.

I want to close out this call and ask a general question about

the galactic dark night of the soul that Daphne and others are

talking about. Let's have just an overview of this question where

anything might happen.

Ra'An: Thank you.

These are very difficult astrologically right now. The vocabulary

of this channel is very limited. Bringing up the shortest days

and the days gets shorter and the sun changes in amounts as you

near the galactic equator, then the energy upon the sun

intensifies and it puts the sun under intense pressure which has

created a solar flare minimum that were suppressed and now as

your planet nears the galactic equator, the solar flares are

beginning to erupt which can place extreme pressure and make

energy streams, can make the northern light, the passage of

particles into your sphere which have been shot out by the sun

can put some of your satellites in harm's way and make pressure

upon earth and in turn can increase earthquake frequency and


The attraction of the particles in alignments gives different

spins to the particles within earth's sphere creating different

alignments and different frequency fields which is disconcerting

to some and cause tempers to flare and the influence of some

negativity can be more pronounced within the earth's sphere,

negativity can have more of a hold in a period like that.

Everything is magnified so that if the individual can overcome it

and come through it, they can have more intense emotions and have

more progress and more growth telepathically and be more gifted

at such a time. Be careful when traveling in such periods as this

moving in through October. Keep with moving in with the grid

healing as this can help anchor the energies into the higher


Wynn: Last Wednesday we had a special event with myself and Terry

and Daphne on the line and it felt like the energies were very

powerful. Was there a special, unique interaction of the three of

us that brought in extremely high frequencies on that call?

Ra'An: Yes, particularly Daphne with your support was able was

able to bring in a whole level of higher energy into the sphere

to the callers and those opened to those frequencies.

Wynn: So we all opened up to those holograms during that call. I

would like to draw a conclusion from that has an exceptional

healing power on the planet, correct?

Ra'An: Yes and no in that there are other influences you might

say that are influencing things and it did raise the level of

those who were open for it to be raised.

Wynn: Is that a valuable energy to bring in on our grid healing

on Sunday's?

Ra'An: Yes.

Wynn: Since Daphne brought up Elenin up in her channeled I

thought I would ask again.

Ra'An: Yes it is at a close approach to earth right now but it is

not going to hit earth. We look at they energies at this time. It

is a small comet. We do not see that it will be having any

significant affect on earth. One thing the comet is doing is

moving between the earth and the sun which cuts through some of

the energy flow with the sun which may release some of the

pressure that has been brought to bare on the sun by being in the

vicinity of the galactic equator, which then can in it's relaxing

of pressure for a short time can trigger some solar flares. We do

not see three days of darkness.

Wynn: Thank you very much. I am just going through a few more

healings and we are not going to ask to get comments on them just

to send love and light. Tamara Harbor is sending light to her cat

who was suffering named Fred who departed. Then Fred Bell in

Laguna Beach one of the founders of BBS who passed over.

Ra'An: Yes, we send light to Fred the cat and it was Fred Bell's

time to go.

Wynn: I think that is all we can do tonight. Thank you all for

supported me tonight.

Ra'An: We send love light to Zoi's condition and we offer

connection at all times. We are here and we leave but do not

leave. Adonai

Wynn: Thank you all for being here.

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