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Wednesday Q & A Call 10.5.11
Host: Wynn Free
Channeled by Terry Brown
Transcribed by Rick Vornbrock
Edited by Terry Brown, Valerie Hawes and David Masty
Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee


Wynn:  This is Wednesday October 5, 2011. This is Wynn Free and Terry Brown in Los Angeles and we have a group of people supporting the energy on our conference line. Our call tonight we traditionally call our Questions and Answers Call. I sent my email out at 6:00 and I called it, ďAre You Ready?Ē

We have a couple of people that have done healing requests which weíll put on and I think in general with healing requests, weíre going to keep it with putting the situation in the Light. Some people and I understand this, want us to give some kind of advice and Iíll leave it open if they want to say something. But it is very dangerous for me to give medical advice on these calls or even off the calls because first of all, as you know, with channeling you always have to take everything and make it your own and itís always possible to have a mistake or error.

And I say that over and over again and particularly if somebodyís saying should I have this operation or shouldnít I have this operation or what are the alternatives, it will put me in an awkward position to answer that, because if they donít do it and something happens, theyíll blame me.

So thatís why you have to check with the best of alternative practitioners you can find and Terry recommends Dr. Marshall,  of course, because sheís grown to have a great deal of confidence in his remedies and heís a doctor [of nutrition], so he can do things that we shouldnít do.

So please forgive me if youíre one of those people that are asking those types of questions and understand why it is so difficult to give a public answer, other than putting your situation in the Light and asking our Sources to work with it. Sometimes something does shift for someone, just because we do that.

It seems as if everything I say is in duality. So in duality means whatever I say, the opposite is also true to a certain degree, until you learn to listen yourself outside of duality.

So for example, on one hand some of us have come to recognize an energy on this call. I have the idea, and our Sources have said, that the energy is them. Even before I came to recognize this energy I asked them way back in 2002, ďHow do you work with this realm?Ē They saidóI donít have the exact quote, but something to the effect thatóďWe can project Love Light energy into your realmĒ. I wasnít sure if that was something I could directly experience and where that would go.

There are enough people on this call including myself, but since Iím doing the call Iím not a good witness, but many of you are feeling that energy on the call. I would make the assumption that as you feel that energy and develop your own relationship with itóbecause itís not something thatís just on this call, as the Sources always say itís something thatís available, in their terms, Ď24/7íóthat if you have some issue and now connect with that energy, youíre more in a position to direct that energy into your own body and connect with it. 

How to do that? I would say, if I were going through something that was a physical problem and I wasnít me but I was you, I would listen to the Sunday grid healings, Iíd download one of the really good ones into your computer and I would listen to that part when I actually bring the energy in and listen to it once a day. Then learn to tune into that energy when you hear that, and put in your request in your own thoughts as you feel that energy. Thatís what I would do.

I would stay tuned into that energy as much as possible if I wanted a healing, if I wanted something to happen. When I say this, and remember I said itís a duality, itís like someone is going to think that I have a personal investment whether they listen or not and I donít; I really donít.

In order to do this I have to be fairly detached from the response of other people. I can feel the acknowledgement when things work. I can feel the gratitude of people; I can feel the gratitude that I have. But I have to be detached from the recognition level because that would hook me into a certain kind of, how would I say, distortion.

And Terry has to be detached from the recognition level and as best that we can do it, so that we stay in a pure state of doing this.

Why do you have to be detached from the recognition level? Well, on the human side we all like recognition, we all like people to like us and we all like to do things that affect other people. We all like applause. So the recognition level is like applause.

The problem is when you get attached to it, then you start catering to it and you start playing to it to be liked. That creates distortion; that creates something that would tend, in my experience of this, to compromise the kinds information that we bring through.

So thatís how I understand it. It probably makes sense to you guys. Those of you who are healers and those of you who are listening to these calls that do some kind of service for other people, probably have to have the same challenge of being detached from the level of recognition, so that you can stay in the purest sense possible of giving out of total service, as opposed to either making money off people, charging them for things, or giving readings.

You know, we have done readings and got backed up, and thank you all that have scheduled readings who are patient. Sometimes it takes a month or two to get around to it and maybe weíll be able to schedule a weekend like we did and get a whole bunch done at one time, because it is really a valuable thing to get a reading.

Itís kind of like; ďWhat is my highest service, what is Terryís highest serviceĒ. Thatís one aspect, but itís like so much energy; it really is a lot of energy to do a reading, people donít understand it. They donít understand itís not the energy of the actual hour-hour and a half that it takes; itís the immersion into someone elseís field that has to be cleared after the reading. Sometimes I seem to be able to do that quicker than Terry, but nonetheless Terry is the one doing the reading; Iím just kind of like the bridge. 

So it still has to be done; I should say Terry and Daphne both can have that issue. But as Daphne explained: itís important to charge for that, because it balances the karma; it balances the energy; itís like if you donít charge, you tend to hold the space of the person for whom youíre doing the reading for a longer period of time. You know this is all very tricky because there are no rules, there is no absolute; you have to make up your mind and the decisions as you go.

Each of you who is learning to hold these energies is going to be facing similar things, because the way this works is, if youíre truly representing the Law of One, you then always are moving with the energies of Oneness with everyone you deal with, so as you do that and holograms come together youíre always, to a certain degree, processing other people and the speed of the processing is whatís important.

If you have Ďattachmentí to what youíre doing and you allow yourself to get emotional connections with people, the processing can be slower and you can hold it longer. In fact you can get stuck holding energy for people who love you all the time. So you have to love them back in spirit and if you stay in spirit the emotions donít create lingering processing and thatís just how it seems to work.

I think this works even on the grid healings and planetary healings, learning how to move into the space and out of it and reconnect and hold the space. When you have an exalted experience of any sort, thereís a tendency to refer to that experience instead of moving in the here and now to the next experience. The real experience here has to do with flow and learning to flow in the middle of timelessness, learning to be a moving consciousness in a body, learning to let go of each moment and begin the next moment new and fresh, so that your experience is not constantly referring to a past moment.

Of course, when youíre first getting into these calls and you first experience the energy on these calls, there is a tendency to refer to the past moment, because you donít normally experience that energy; so thereís no rule. I mean, itís good to refer to the past energy but the way to refer to it best, I think, is if you got triggered into holding the space of the here and now at a Sunday grid healing, or even these calls, to just listen to them often, so that it moves you back into the here and now and moves you out of holding the space of past memories.

We just did and expo in Los Angeles, at the Conscious Life Expo, and no matter what I do and Terry as well, whenever we do one of those expos for the next three days we are like sleeping. On one hand thereís the energy you put out at the expo talking to people.

But on the other hand, everyone that you meet, everyone that comes your way, when youíre working with these principles of what Iím calling The Law of One or melding of consciousness and youíre holding the space and everyone moves into your space, you have hundreds of people that are moving into your space and at the end of the event itís all over, and all those hundreds of people are still there somewhere in the space and itís very, very tiring afterwards.

These are things that Iím sure all of you go through in your own way. Perhaps youíre not holding the space for hundreds of people, but youíre holding the space for your families, your children, your neighbors and your friends. As youíre learning to do this, learning how to process the energy without it getting stuck is the way to do itóand the best way. It doesnít work to let things get stuck on you; if it worked it would be okay.

Iím sure when you let someone get stuck on you energetically in a relationship, itís essentially what is called codependency and usually the energy doesnít sustain; it doesnít sustain in codependency.

Thatís why, say you if look romantic relationships. Thatís why in that moment of romance there are no rules, no clinging, everyoneís exploring. The energy is really high and then it goes to commitment and this is not bad; itís just understanding the process. Often times when it goes into commitment, the energy then goes way down and you have to bring it up again. Sometimes it doesnít mean the energy has to be within that; every relationship is different; so thereís no right or wrong way to do it.

Some people can bring the energy back, but it really requires both people to let go of any expectation of the other person. Even when you have certain ways of being, like perhaps the guyís going out and working, the womanís really is depending on the money the guyís bringing home and the guyís expecting the intimacy for the balancing, okay?

It does not mean that thatís not appropriate; it is, but the more the relationship is in gratitude rather than expectation, the better the energy works. The more it goes into expectation the lower the energy is.

Itís always that way in relationships; being grateful for what the other person contributes to you and vice a versa, as opposed to having expectations of what they should give you. Thatís a real key to making things work and usually you cannot make someone else do something.

So if you can find in yourself the way to be genuinely grateful for the other person, you are probably opening up the door for them to be grateful for you as well. You canít say, ďLetís be gratefulĒ; gratitude is a spontaneous thing.

Acknowledgement is a human thing; even appreciation is a human quality, but gratitude, in the way that Iím defining it, is not a human quality; itís a Divine quality. Itís just as Iím grateful for all of you who come on these calls and hold the energy here; I feel the gratitude from our Sources for all of you who hold the energy on these calls. I know that many of you feel the gratitude that weíre holding these calls and that it becomes a consistent reference point that you can count on.

And that gratitude allows us to sustain the energy for three calls a week and for even over an hour. We used to keep it at an hour and now it runs over, but yet the energy sustains because itís sustaining on the gratitude we have for each other. That is the quality that you can aim to bring into all your relationships. That will keep you closer and more connected to The Law of One and the energies of the Universe.

On that note . . . are you there Terry?

Terry:  Yes, Iím here.

Wynn:  I got Deeís message. Iím going to do a mini-session like we did a couple of weeks ago as part of this call.

This is a really critical time on our planet. I donít know if some of you guys are following David Wilcock. Since the book came out, he doesnít usually identify in public with being a channel or Edgar Cayce. He talks about most often the state of the planet and heís made connections with a lot of insiders who have inside information and heís still human, so he could get mislead.

Some of you that have the belief that because we channel we just know everything, itís a mistaken belief. Carla Rueckert, at one point, said if youíre dealing with channeling and you want to have most consistently the most positive of Sources, then your questions have to be focused on Universal truths which are [as] true 10,000 years from now as they are now. And we donít always do that; she doesnít always do that. We are all here in the here and now and there are things we need to know.

To give you an example, that whole conversation that I just had on gratitude, that whole explanation: that is information that holds true no matter what time youíre in; either 10,000 years from now or 10,000 years ago, I believe thatís a fairly Universal concept about gratitude.

But when you ask questions about something very specific, then youíre not asking about something thatís 10,000 years in the future. ďAre we going to have an earthquake in California next week?Ē Thatís a question in the here and now.

David, when heís dealing with here and now things, doesnít usually refer to channelings. He doesnít usually refer to dreams. He himself has learned that that is not necessarily reliable information. In fact when I was writing The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? one of his channelings said that both Cayce and Wilcock had negative sources at different times.

So once you build that into your framework, concerning channeling, it means you canít give up your power to channeling. You take what you learn; you take what you can add, but you donít become a blind follower of channeling, because that will very much tempt a negative source. Anything that tempts you to give up your power is negative right off the bat. Usually our Sources answer questions in such a way that you donít have to give up your power to take in the answer.

In other words, if I can teach you, or if they can teach you, how to make a decision, the criteria of making a decision, the criteria to apply discernment, that will probably be as true 10,000 years from now as it is now. But if I make your decision for you, then Iím disempowering you. Iím saying you canít make a decision; Iíll have to make it for you.

So when you are listening to these calls, and we have new people on the line tonight, thatís a very important consideration.

On that note, Iím going to call in the Light. Last time we did this we had Daphne helping. If you recall, Daphne was rather nonlinear, to say the least, but there was a lot of energy coming through. Right now, there are so many things on the table planetarily that are potentially negative. They call this the Galactic Dark Night of the Soul. I think itís very important that as the first priority, to keep those energies of our highest intent active and to keep the requests for interventions active.

Father-Mother God, we ask for the presence of the Light, to surround and protect each person here and any negativity be taken to the highest realms of Light and be transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the Solar System, through the Sun, through the outer energy fields of the Earth, through our bodies and into the center of the Earth. And right now we invoke a group energy connection, a blending of our energies.

Now, for those of you who are listening that are new, shut your eyes for a moment and imagine this energy moving through the top of your head and you may see some Light in that area. Just imagine the possibility that there is a place that exists right now where our individual energies coalesce and come together. And we here on this planet, in spite of the fact we feel separated, can connect with that energy prior to the point of separation, right now. Our Sources are also up there in that area, in the same zone and can join with us.

And we invite them to join with us and we create a protected space that only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now.

And we invite our Sources to introduce themselves in whatever way they would choose, through Terry.

RaíAnWe greet you in the Love Light of The One Infinite Creator. This is October 5, 2011, Planet Earth. Focused out of Los Angeles, California; Wynn and Terry and making contact with each and every person wherever they may be, in whatever time zone and welcoming a connection between all, whether it is reading a transcript or listening to the audio at a later time or live on the conference call. It is a profound connection; we feel very honored by this connection and very appreciative at the opportunity to come close and to connect.

We see that this is indeed a time of tension; a time of opportunity to grow, a time when some negative sources may be seeking to have a negative greeting. We send Love Light to dispense with negativity and for the highest good, to bring it to the highest reaches of the Universe and dispense and dissolve it. We speak slowly as we are not merely saying words. We are working with the energies. We see negative connections that individuals have attempted or are attempting to put into play. And we do not wish to honor it with our attention, but merely to take the negativity off it and to dispense with it, to install mechanisms that these plans may not proceed, and that the higher order and the good of the majority who are kind and working hard to better their lives and the life of their families and we send our Love Light and support. We turn this back over to Wynn Free. Do you have questions?

Wynn:  Yes. I would like to take just a couple of minutes of silence and each of you hold that energy of protecting our planet, protecting the space of the future that we are part of the creation of, here on this line, we and others, that we ask and hold the space.

There are many things that we canít do as humans. One of the things we can do is hold the request and intention of the highest positive Sources to intervene and do what they can do, to maintain a future thatís not fraught with fear, thatís not fraught with unnecessary deaths, thatís not fraught with negative sources that have agendas which are not for the highest good of all concerned.

This is very real. Much of what happens on our planet, much of history has been distorted because there have been agendas by negative sources. And we are asking with all of our hearts for as clear a path into the future as possible.

That doesnít mean thereís not going to be rough roads, because Iím sure there will be. But blocking what looks like may be terrorist activity, explosions, nuclear weapons, intentional creations to create disease and viruses, and intentional creations of frequencies that are in the air that are impacting us, we are at the nexus point where our intentions can make a difference to the collective of humanity. So we will just hold the silenceÖ

RaíAn:  --We send calming energy to the Mideast, we send calming energy to Damascus, we send calming energy to Syria and we send calming energy to certain areas of the United States and we hold that energy. We take negative energy again to the highest realms of Light to be transmuted and dissolved and to take tension off of certain areas mentioned and also certain individuals, who are key in movement to the next era.

Wynn:  Thank you. Weíll just hold in silence right nowÖ

RaíAn:  We send Love Light and healing to Zoe, and Love Light and healing to Dee and to Deeís husband, to Danielle and to Lawrence and to each and every person who at this time can hold in their heart and mind an individual they wish to heal. We send Love Light and healing to Lisa in San Francisco. We send Love Light and healing to San Francisco, also.

Wynn:   Thank you.

RaíAnWe send Love Light and healing to Jean and Jeanís grandson.

Wynn: Now a couple of the healing requests for tonight. One is from Nancy. I am just going to read this. ďI have asked Source why was I having issues in seeing clairvoyantly with my third eye, the pineal gland, and to please guide me, so I can get an answer.

Iím under the care of a oncologist, I told her six months ago that I have a dizzy spell of unknown origin, so she did an MRI. On her appointment, yesterday, which was Tuesday, they reviewed the results of an MRI of the brain that had been done two weeks ago. She informed me there was a mass within the pineal gland which measures 8 x 8 x 8 millimeters.

The radiologist says itís probably benign. I will schedule a follow up appointment with a neurologist to get additional information. I do not plan on surgery or radiation treatment.Ē

And her question is ďWill I be able to clear this mass using complementary and alternative methods such as taking supplements like melatonin, doing colonics, doing juicing for brain tumors, or will it require that I follow a medical doctorís treatment and regime?Ē I donít think we can answer that, but Iíll let our Sources use their wisdom to see.

ďI am always grateful for your response. Youíll be part of my love associated with Wynn and Terry and all who participate.Ē Thatís Nancy.

RaíAnThank you, Nancy, thank you for your query. We take a look at the area and we give some preliminary guide lines; not to take in fluoride in toothpaste, nor in connection with drinking water and to take in pure water, as one thing that can happen, fluoride can precipitate some calcification within the pineal gland. Although we donít suggest this is what they have discovered. We also suggest drinking pure water, because the pineal gland needs pure water.

Also the elimination of fluoride will help the operation of the thyroid. We suggest getting a second opinion from a medical doctor by the name of Jerry Tennant in Texas. This doctor has made some discoveries on health and healing that are not well known. We suggest also that you get information from Dr. Marshall and you may call and ask to speak to Rachael at telephone number (310) 320-1132.

They may be able to shed some light on this, as it is very important to maintain an alkalinity within the body, as healing can occur in an alkaline environment. However, if the environment of the body is acidic, it makes it very hard for the body to heal itself. There are psychological aspects of this also, and we take a look at those and we send you Love Light and caring and suggest you send Love to yourself and honor yourself, in appreciation for your own presence, as we send Love Light to you also. Those are our comments.

Wynn:  Thank you. We have a gentleman named Ameire who has cataracts. Iím sorry I cannot give you his location; my computer is shutdown, but weíll send Love Light to Ameire and maybe we can bring up his question again next week, when I have the computer open.

RaíAn:  We would like to comment upon this. We would like to send Love Light to Ameire and we would like to again suggest two things. One is, the eyes have certain nutritional requirements that are not often met in an individualís diet. These things have been combined; the nutrients needed have been combined and put into a formulation called, ďEye ComplexĒ. That is available from Dr. Marshall; again the telephone number is (310) 320-1132. He can ship this to anywhere link where Ameire may be. Second call Dr. Jerry Tennant. Heís an MD, but he is a leader in the knowledge of the eyes and the knowledge of cataracts and what may be done to resolve cataract issues. Again, he is in Texas. And we send Love Light to Ameire and his desire for sight.

Wynn:  Thank youóand finally Dee.

I think that Ameire is in Orange County now; now I remember it. And if Ameire is listening to this, I strongly suggest he comes to our workshop on Saturday in Pasadena. If heís in Orange County. Itís a rare opportunity and thereíll be opportunities to ask some questions at that workshop.

Dee asks about smoking and obsessive behaviors and any recommendations to help with that.

RaíAnThank you. Smoking sends a film to the lungs and it clogs not only the lungs, but moves through the artery system as the lungs release oxygen into the blood stream. These molecules of smoke can deplete the ability of transfer of oxygen to parts of the body and make respiratory troubles as the buildup continues and increases over time. 

This may be one of the problems that has made it hard for your husband to revive himself. When an individual has depleted oxygen, it makes it hard to be cheerful. And we send Love Light to both you and your husband and suggest that there is in smoking a desire to continue to raise the blood sugar level and to feel that lift.

However, when one suddenly stops smoking it can cause release of those molecules and can cause a downturn in mood. One way to stop smoking is to, a couple of times a day, to breathe totally out so that there is a breathing out, to expel all air, then to fan the fumes away from oneís mouth. However when oneís lungs are in very bad shape, one should be careful with this process and do it very only gently. As oneís lungs may not be up to the release flow in breathing out, be very gentle and do not go beyond comfortableness. Those are our comments.

Wynn:  Thank you. All of you who are listening that have healing requests or wanting healing, take a moment and bring that energy in for each of you.

On that note, we will bring this call to a close. I thank all of you who are on the line and helping to support the energy of this. We send gratitude to you and to Terry and the people who are volunteering and people who are making donations. Thank you so, so much. It is so appreciated.

And if youíre thinking about it: Even small amounts help and when theyíre done in the right consciousness, in the consciousness of gratitude and reciprocation, I believe it comes back to you as well. So on that note, we are going to say goodbye to all of you and we can hear you.

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