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A Visit with Antonia Lau



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Monday Call 10.10.2011

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Host: Wynn Free

Guest: Antonia Lau

Channeled by Terry Brown

Transcribed by Connie O’Brien

Edited by Terry Brown, Valerie Hawes and David Masty

Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee


Terry:  Good afternoon, good evening or good morning, wherever you are; whether you’re reading a transcript, listening to an audio, we welcome you. This is a simulcast. We’re on BBS Radio, so you can listen on the Internet. Also we have a conference line and individuals call in on the conference line.

You can go to and you can get more information about how to get on the conference line. We do three conference calls a week: Sunday, Monday and Wednesday. Each one is a little different. On Wednesday you can ask questions.

I’m Terry Brown and I channel a group soul and this group soul brings through answers from a very high and loving frequency. It’s a group soul of the Elohim and they have merged, for the purpose of our calls, with the Ra group. This gives a broader frequency, so that you can have a greater chance of connecting and feeling the energy.

The Elohim goes to extremely high levels of frequency. It is very loving; it can be harder for you to feel, since the frequency is so divergent from the Earth frequencies, where the individuals of the third density on planet Earth are grounded.

The Elohim and the Ra group come through and when I do channeling, we contact the entity or group that is the most equipped to be able to answer your questions or to bring through the information. On Monday nights we have a topic that is introduced by Wynn Free. I’m going to leave you in suspense for a few minutes until he rounds up the conference call people then comes in and he will introduce the topic for tonight and perhaps a mystery guest with a topic we’ll be very excited to hear about, a possibility for gaining further information into areas of the metaphysical.

We often have people from all over the world on the call. I’ve noticed that oftentimes the people in the Orient, China, Taiwan, Australia, listen at different times. They listen to the playback line.

There are a couple of ways you can listen to the playback line. You can go on BBS Radio and join the archives with the subscription and you can hear all of our back calls. We’ve been on several years now, so there are a lot of Mondays. We also have a guest sometimes. Carla Rueckert comes in. Wynn, I hear you. I believe you’re on the conference line now. Are you there?

Wynn:  I’m here.

Terry:  Take it away.

Wynn:  This is Monday, October 10, 2011. We are Wynn Free and Terry Brown in Burbank, California. We’re still on the backend of our visit to Los Angeles, to Conscious Life Expo. If any of you are listening tonight at BBS Radio who were at our workshop on Saturday, it was really a great workshop.

Everything we do, the goal is not to have us and you, but us-you, it is all one. We create group energies and when we do that and you notice, as soon as we start doing group energy, time starts moving at different speeds. It passes really quickly, because we’re moving our consciousness into other timelines. When we do that, time is different. 

That’s one of the things that happened at the workshop. I was thinking about it and I always think this way beforehand: “How am I going to keep people interested for seven hours?” By the time the seven hours is up, it feels like we needed another day.

The energy comes in kind of like you’re surfing the energy. It’s not the information; it’s not the understanding, it’s the energy. Everything else is subservient to that; it’s lesser than that. The information does help ground things, sometimes gives ‘Ah ha!’ experiences. It’s always getting on this cosmic bob-sled and riding the waves of time, to that place where time slows down, or perhaps speeds up, but the perception of time is different.

When you start experiencing the perception of time being different, particularly going by fast, that’s your indication that you’ve moved into another dimension and you’re experiencing that dimension. When I was younger and you heard the idea of other dimensions, you watched Star Trek, you’d think of going into the teleporter and ending up somewhere else. For humans, maybe some people do that; I’ve never done that, but I do feel this energy come in and change time. That’s an easy indicator. 

We have an interesting show tonight; we’ll see what happens. We have a guest who I think is interesting. We had a synchronicity today:  

We were in Pasadena and had done a workshop in Pasadena on Saturday; Terry and I used to live in Pasadena. We were really tired after the workshop; the workshop was extraordinary, beautiful energy for many hours. If you were at the workshop and listening in tonight, we are honored to have you paying attention. This morning we were leaving Pasadena and we were going to be going to San Diego and Terry had to get something printed. We stopped at Office Depot in Pasadena.

As soon as we walked into Office Depot, there was this guy standing there who’d been in the booth next to us at the Conscious Life Expo, who had kept bending his neck to see, “What’s going on with those guys over there?” He would come to say hello and he was a healer, and he was had a table out and people were on his table and he was, I think, blowing in their ears and kissing them on the head. I said, “This guy is as wacky as we are.” We ran into him at Office Depot today and we talked a bit. Then, we went and had lunch in Pasadena and we went to a place called “The Corner Bakery.”

When I was writing The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? Terry and I used to go to the Corner Bakery and sit there all day. They really liked us when we were there. When we left early, they’d say, “Are you leaving already?” We would be reading and editing the Ra channelings in the book. It was the first time I noticed that when we read those channelings, this energy came in. I remember asking, “Do you think that’s Ra coming in when we’re reading those channelings?” We were talking about that; up to that point it was just the wisdom, but sitting in The Corner Bakery. We went there today and we were having lunch with Garrett and his girlfriend. They said, “You have to meet this lady, Antonia. She has this great radio show called Beyond the Here and Now and you’re going to fit in.”

Usually I go, “Ho hum” People think I’m such a wacko and they ask dumb questions and they never get into it. But I called Antonia and right at that moment and there was that energy of the here and now. We said, “Let’s meet right now.”

We drove to Burbank; we’d been talking to her in her studio and she’s excited to do some shows with us on Beyond the Here and Now. We will give you notice of when we do them. She reaches a lot of people. She has 45,000 people, average, tuning into her shows three times a week, eight hours, 45,000 per hour, worldwide.

She likes us; we’re not freaking her out. In fact, she’s one of us. I’m going to have her say, “Hello; this is Antonia Lau.”

Antonia:  How are you all? I thank you for the invitation for guesting on your show today with Terry and Wynn. It’s an auspicious moment. You’ll realize throughout life that these auspicious moments you don’t pass up. It’s like we’re divinely guided to one another, to disseminate information for the benefit of all of us so this information can come out.

Usually it’s planned prior to birth, so I’m very happy to make their acquaintance and very happy to get into the work as well. I appreciate them offering this time for me to speak on their show as I was offering them time to speak on mine. It’s in essence a Universal connection; I’m quite shocked at the similarities of people we’ve known, people we’ve met. The world is much tinier than we’ve ever supposed.

I thank you for allowing me this opportunity to see you and Terry, to meet with you today and on the spur of the moment. I want everybody to understand that at the time the world is right now, time is speeding up. These things continue to happen, exponentially faster and faster every day. In your own lives you’ll have these strong synchronistic moments that you really should take time to pay attention to. Watch all the diversionary tactics the rest of the world will try to give us and stay on track with these sort of meetings. I’m honored to be in their presence today with Wynn as well as Terry. I’m very happy to be here.

I want to thank you and please; you need to hear them on my show as well, Beyond the Here and Now. It’s on Wednesdays at 10:00 a.m. and again at 3:00, on Saturdays and Sundays 2:00 to 5:00, worldwide. You can go to my website at for more information about me and all my show guests as well as information on how to hear Terry and Wynn. Thank you for that; thank you for coming by.

Wynn:—I think the most important aspect of the way we’re meeting right now is that—remember I want you guys to learn something. We were in Office Depot; we had all these plans and Terry had all these plans. We were going to do this and we were going to do that. One of the things about synchronicities is they seem so easy that we miss them.

We say, “It has got to be harder than this. We’ve got to work really hard. How are we going to get on a show with 45,000 people listening to us?” When we call people up and say, “Hi – wouldn’t you like to have somebody talking to the Elohim on your show?” and they say “What?” It’s like recognizing the moment, and re-adjusting your schedule. That works if you’re looking for a job, it works in simple ways. I’ll tell you, it always happens unexpectedly. I’ve had so many synchronicities.

I used to wake up one morning and say, “Today I’m going have a synchronicity; I’m going to go here and something is…” Nothing would ever happen, okay? Here we were, driving out of Pasadena, going into Office Depot and here’s this guy who was sticking his neck out, looking at us and asking, “What are you guys doing?”

He figured we didn’t look like the normal kind of booth there. I met him today and there he was having lunch with his girlfriend and I said, “We should all go together” which led us to be here, here right now.

It’s the same situation when I wrote The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?. What the story is, I got an email from somebody. You know who Sai Baba is? There was this article that somebody posted on about Sai Baba having sex with his male disciples. It was an exposing of Sai Baba. He sent me this article and this little thing in my mind said, “I wonder who wrote this?”

This is where you’ve got to pay attention to those voices, because we’re all busy and we don’t have time. But, that voice said, “I wonder who wrote this?” I clicked and we ended up on David Wilcock’s website. If it wasn’t for gay sex with a guru, I would have never written my book; I would have never met Daphne. None of this would be happening.

The Universe is kind of bizarre, that it will use any flow to create a synchronicity. It’s like paying attention to that little voice inside that says, “Do this.” I remember as I was studying David’s website I decided to get a reading from him, for, I think it was $150 or $100. I couldn’t afford $100; but I said, “I’m going to pull it together; I’m going to get this reading.” I got it. The reading closed me; then I knew he really was Cayce.

Not only did it close me, it was some of the most superb guidance that I could imagine getting about where I was at that time. One of the things that occurs for everyone when they’re going to make a transformation in their consciousness—this is not a pleasant thing, but it’s good to know that it occurs, so that you can endure it. It’s what Christians call the dark night of the soul. When you’re going to make a shift in consciousness, you’re going to go through a dark night of the soul.

The dark night of the soul is not fun; it’s painful. What happens is that you surface all those parts of yourself, those places that you were holding miasmas or pain. It comes up to be experienced and it’s kind of like throwing up. It’s like regurgitating stuff that was in your system and getting rid of it and getting rid of poison, but no one likes to throw up.

Throwing up then clears the space so you’re not busy digesting any junk anymore; you get the poison out of your system. So a Dark Night of the Soul is like throwing up your own past poisons. If you don’t understand it, you’ll run away from it. Somebody said, “No one would ever go through a dark night of the soul if they weren’t up against a wall and forced to do it.”

What’s happening in the world right now is each of us is ending up against a wall; there’s nowhere else to run. There’s no government to save us. There’s no anything; we have to become our own savior, so to speak. We can help, we can get support.

As you move into that, as you let go of thinking that parents are going to take care of you, that government is going to take care of you, as you move into the fact that, “I’m going to be self-reliant; how am I going to work this out?” Then your garbage is going to come up.

For some people, it’s going to come up and they’re going to be really angry. They’re going to say, “I’ve been let down; I’ve been fooled; I’ve been tricked. I thought it was going to work this way; I thought somebody was looking over my shoulder.”

We can remember New Orleans when they had that hurricane. It was actually quite amazing, if you guys recall, how indifferent the authorities were to the suffering people, how people were glommed together, how they couldn’t leave town, how people who could have helped them were blocked from going in. For three days it was publicly on TV and nobody complained; there was no big outcry. How could this occur?

Some of you may not know this, but right now there is an outcry going on in this country starting on Wall Street. I used to be in Berkeley; I remember the Free Speech movements, I remember the tear gas on campus. I wouldn’t call myself a left-wing person at this point; I would say I’m fairly apolitical. I do appreciate that there are people gathering, gathering for a shift of equality of wealth in our country; the middle class is falling into the lower class.

 It’s an interesting phenomenon that’s happening, because people have less money and have to work harder. Yet, there’s a subtle thing that’s occurring that our lifestyles have not totally fallen apart. The reason for that is China.

We’re bringing in goods from China and having cheap communications. Right now you don’t need to spend money to entertain yourself other than to pay your Internet bill. There’s better entertainment than has ever been available, from movies to news to alternative news on the Internet if you’re taking advantage of it. In spite of the fact of an economy that’s falling apart, we still are being very sophisticated in the awareness of information coming forth.

Antonia is an intuitive; she does readings for people; she’s very dedicated in her own part to play in shifting the planet.

Why don’t you tell us how you got your own awareness of higher dimensions and how to implement that of being of service? Antonia and I were walking in there. She had this little bag and I looked inside; there’s her $1,000 condenser microphone and here I am on my little blackberry talking into it. Hopefully, I’m not breathing too loud.

Gijs is my producer; he just kept showing up and he says ‘hello’ to everybody; he reminds me to record and he creates a protective energy. I don’t know if you guys realize that, but Gijs at the beginning of these calls, just by saying ‘hello’ to you, starts to blend energies, so that we can do this and negative sources have a harder chance getting through.

Antonia, tell us a little bit about your background as an intuitive and as I’m sitting here she keeps saying, “I see these things around you.” What were you seeing while we were sitting here?

I know that you and Terry use the word ‘intuitive’, that’s wonderful. I say, I am a professional psychic and I say that with great pride. I believe that there are kindergarten psychics, grammar school psychics and then it goes up to college and post-graduate. It’s not about that, but I’ve been aware that I was psychic since I was five.

I came from an academically based family and no one would discuss this. At first, as a child, I’d know that the phone was going to ring and who was going to be on it. I would just hand the phone over and it was exactly that person. Or, who was at the door, who was going to ring the bell or that it was going to ring. Or, I would actually have dreams about an occurrence within the family structure and then they would get calls; the phone call the next day, as to some big event or some catastrophe that had happened.

At five, they didn’t know what to do with me because I was this way. At that point, I knew something was going on with me, but I had this unusual love for the Divine or God-Creator that was gotten as a child. I would get myself ready; back then as a child you could walk to church on your own. So I would go, just to be in that kind of Divine Presence.

I ended up realizing by nine, I needed more data, so as an academically-based kid I would pull every adult book off the shelf on parapsychology, metaphysics. I wanted to be the youngest Rosicrucian; that little label on the back for the Mysteries of Life, but I never had the $5 to join. I’ve wanted those mysteries; so, I kept reading everything.

Then, I am a hard and fast skeptic; that has always been implemented since my childhood. Since no one would discuss this, I was a voracious reader, reading this material. And then I started to implement it. I’m a true, deep researcher. What ended up happening was, in that implementation I would end up studying telekinesis, all sorts of parapsychology, but into the history and the depth of it, not just a superficial or a cursory look at any of these topics. Then, after study, I would end up making sure the Universe would prove it to me, by asking them: “Okay, prove it. Okay, keep proving it.” I can’t just read and study and know the technical quality of the material; I have to experience it before I’ll say or espouse anything.

Telekinesis was cute as a kid from thirteen to high school, sixteen or so. The kids would use it to move some objects or things like that or I would use it actually. What I was telling Terry and Wynn earlier was; I didn’t know that the new kids, that didn’t know I could do this, were brought in by the older kids, that did know I had been doing this and they would bet and the older kids would win, because the new kids coming in didn’t know I could do this. I just had fun moving the coin back and forth, left to right, swirling, turning it and letting it fall.

Wynn:  Could the coin be on the table?

Antonia:   On edge, on an end, whatever coin they would pick; they could use their coin and I would take it and I would say, “Which way do you want it to fall—left, right, roll or forward or spin, which one?” Actually it was that it was going,  forward, left-right or fall, or roll, it didn’t matter. A dime was too thin on an edge, but a nickel, a quarter, it was great. A silver dollar, whatever they would bring up I could do it. This went on and on and they would say, “Antonia has the powers of concentration.”

But then, I ended up investigating all those metaphysical sciences in depth throughout our history. I thought it was important; I realized at a very early age that the Divine, or God-Creator, would never give a little girl this kind of a gift for nothing. I knew very early on it came with a lot of responsibility attached to learn only from the right Sources, never the wrong.  It was embedded inside me. That’s why I asked for always that Divine, clear guidance.

Then I learned all those cues for protection and I ended up making sure that I had all those protections always in place, because I never wanted to be attached with what I knew or sensed, even at an early age, was the negative energy out into the Universe. I still had this strong guidance, or this strong connection to the Divine.

I kept that love for the Divine and I kept demanding more proof. I didn’t plan on doing readings. I was planning to be a doctor. Every teacher knew there was going to be this little doctor; I was going to be a cardiologist. Upon going into college I let my parents know—actually before college—I was going to be a nun. I thought, “Well maybe I should use these gifts as a nun, this psychic quality, using the proper stance.” Then I decided “No, I’m not going to be that.” My mother gave me an hour-long lecture as to why that was not good and a good thing she gave me that lecture.

The studies continued and so it was important to me to make sure that the information was disseminated properly. The point is to share the information in the highest way, perceive it in the highest way. I found that today we use the word ‘channel’ so loosely that it’s lost its traditional or original meaning. I would always be circumspect or suspicious of anybody that would channel, because of the negative energy out there. I would watch; they would have to have all these protections in place.

I watched and as Terry and Wynn discussed today, I found that they too said, “It’s extremely important to have the protections in place.” It confirmed exactly what I had said. Any of this work in the metaphysical realm, or in the spiritual realm, must be always in the Light of protection, whether it’s through meditation or whether it’s through your personal connection to the Divine on your own, or your own guidance.

I kept demanding, by the way, all this kind of credibility, all the studies of a voracious reader, a book a week, now five at a time. Always being guided to material; literally as Wynn said earlier, the synchronicity would always fall into place. I would go looking and looking and then the book would literally fall off the shelf or open to the exact pages. I kept following and being guided; I told the Divine Universe, or God-Creator: “Look I don’t have time to screw up this life.”

At fourteen and again at twenty, I stated that. I said, “Please guide me to only material that is correct.” I would know immediately if it was garbage; there’s a lot of garbage out there. Then I would know if was aligning and they would key in and dovetail to more and more information. But I continued to only trust that guidance. What I found was, by trusting through every area of my life instead of 5% of the day or 90%, it gave me a better quality of life. Then knew I was in service with the Light-worker world or the Light-worker force; I call it a platoon.

Especially at this time of man’s greatest evolution and the shifting of the paradigm as well as Earth’s evolution at this time, we are all being called together to help all those souls that may not be aware or are having inklings of all that this is about, to help them to further their understanding.

It doesn’t do any good if Terry or Wynn or I make it; everybody we see at Christmas at K-Mart, I say, has to make it. It’s a big deal—those of your brothers and sisters on the planet that all of us and all of you promise to inspire with this other knowledge.

This is the real portion - we are humans yes, in this physical body. But we are souls that are infinite that live forever, one soul that lives. We get into these nice little clothes and these nice bodies, different countries, cultures, each and every life in what I call ‘Earth School 101’ to make sure we’re continuing our growth.

I always say Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, Mohammed, Moses. They’re still working on stuff; we’re no where close. Those are our mentors and sages as inspiration, and yet, still live a human, fun, enjoyable life – a full, rich life. My whole point in all of this is to state at this time I have been dedicated, my entire life since five years old which is unusual, to the dedication of service to transmit or get information to get rid of the myths and misconceptions out there so we can all grow.

It’s essential in this lifetime that we open up to this new knowledge, but in the highest way.

Back to that word ‘channeling’; no entity that is of a high soul will ever enter the body of a person or use their throat. That would be an egotistical and usually dark entity that would use the human energy.

What happens is the word is now translated to mean someone that actually hears or sees and listens and then, because they choose to be of service, offers the information for the benefit of those who choose with their freewill to accept it or not. There is usually a knowing in the person that downloads the information for the benefit of all.

And there will be a knowingness in the listeners of that absolutely and to be assured of that knowledge, that it’s of the truest Source, it will be a knowing inside self. I’m pretty protective; I make sure that I do my work in the highest way with all that protection and only of others of the same quality of Light, or that Light awareness.

As you see on this show today, this happened in a matter of mere moments. We all could have been selfish; we could have gone our different ways; I mightn’t have met them or answered the phone. I thought it was unusual today, because I was called to a meeting just before I got this phone call, just about a half hour before.

I never take naps; but in the past, when they call me down during the middle of the day, I know they’re downloading information. I went to my office and I stretched out; I said, “I’ve got to go down.” I never do that. I said “Something must be happening today that is quite different.” I was awakened maybe fifteen minutes later by the phone call saying, “You’ve got to call them now. You’ve got to call Wynn and Terry now.” I thought, “Alright.”

Literally in a matter of moments, through L.A. traffic, at the height of what is nearly rush hour, we’re meeting here in the Burbank area at the studio. It’s essential that you understand there are no mistakes; there are no accidents on the planet. We probably have been connected in a past life and we all have a duty.

When you hear our voices, when you hear the information, it’s supposed to plant the seed or ignite something inside self, because you know it is time for you to do what you promised, not the hamster-wheel stuff you’re doing, that we all get kind of caught in. That was to detract you from your soul growth. This time frame is literally to build you to grow closer to the Divine Universe, this Divine Information and stop being in the dark.

70% of the world population is in the consensus state; that means they don’t have a clue. Only 5% of the world population is spiritually aware; the rest of us are in between or in those first realms. It’s important to understand that if you’re listening to this show, that you have an awareness that something isn’t the way they’ve taught you; something is a bit different from what you’ve seen and offered by Wynn and by Terry or Daphne or myself is information for your greater soul growth, if you but choose. It’s always free will.

I am very proud to be with them today and I’m very proud of my audience as well. My own show is being turned concurrently right now into a television show and I’m thankful, because we’ll get to an even a greater audience that needs this information at this time. It’s essential; you have to understand there are no accidents. Timing—I listened to Wynn’s earlier topic at the beginning of this show and he said the exact words I said; “time is different”, at a time when I was being regressed by a very well-known author. The actual words I said while under hypnosis was, “Time is different; it’s the time before time.”

Wynn is talking the same words I said which ring a cord inside me.  I thought, “Was he there, did he know?” We are all truly interconnected and so ultimately it is for your benefit to drop the guard but keep your protection; that’s quite different.

Open to positive enlightened information; always be discerning; do your own research; deeply be guided; always ask to be guided to the material, so you can easily get rid of the riff-raff out there. As you open, then you will learn how to produce your own protections in these moments of divine timing.

The world is really going through great, rapid changes, as I mentioned earlier and a lot of people are waking up and not knowing where to go. If you’re tuned into this moment, or into this show, you’re in the right spot at this exact right time for your soul. It’s your free will choice to be aware, or you can push it off, but isn’t it really time to just wake up? Isn’t it time to look past your daily grind?

We’re offering something, this knowledge for your greater growth and evolution. It doesn’t do you any good if we do. We have to grow as a consensus; what Wynn is talking about is connecting to the consensus of Divine Hierarchy, even past that. Mankind at this level of evolution is at the third level of density or awareness.

There are beings throughout the cosmos, throughout God-Creator’s cosmos, that are level twelve spiritually, physically, mentally, technologically; we’re at level three. I call that first dog level; they love us; we’re lovable. But they know and remember that they were there too and so they’re granting us this opportunity to pull us even higher at this time and in a very long time, we too are finally evolving to that next realm or that next level.

This is all unexpected; I believe in an organic show and they just gave me my meal. I usually give the meal at organic show and they gave me today the meal of their organic quality on their show which is quite a juxtaposition from the Universe; a wonderful happy trick but I accept it willingly and thankfully and honoring them in that opportunity.

The information that you would find in the materials that they offer, don’t just gloss by it. When you read the material or download the information from Wynn’s site or the information that Terry or Daphne might offer, I want you to protect and prepare and then open to receive it.

I remember just reading the Edgar Cayce material. It takes at least one to three chapters, depending on the person, to understand what the heck he’s talking about. Most people would throw the material away, or the books away and I would persevere. Open to the information; ask to receive it fully and help to integrate it into your knowledge and then you can decide, but always in a protective manner.

If you don’t know how to do that, I’m sure they suggest on their websites; if not I can suggest on mine: In the material, remember; this is not what you’re going to get in your schools or in your daily conversation at work. This is material that it takes time for you to look through, but it’s for the benefit of your soul growth.

The interesting thing is, in my work I’ve done over 50,000 readings for clients all over the world and I think I stopped counting in 2002 and that was a low estimate at that time; I was trying to be kind. What ends up happening is: all this material—I’ve seen people that would sit back and they’d do a career, their job, they’d get a nice house, but we don’t take any of that stuff!

We don’t take the toys, the bank accounts—we don’t take any of that. All they’re going to ask, “What did you take?” is greater soul growth and evolution and they’re going to ask, “How have you left the world better than when you came?”

In that vein those are the most important moments of your life. We understand you have to have all this quality of knowledge, but try to work past the normal mundane knowledge in the world and open to this material that’s being presented. If you’re not sure of understanding, ask to bring it through to be understood in full detail for you. Just ask them—Wynn’s work, Terry’s work, Daphne’s work, my work—all the work, Cayce’s work.

This is information that the powers that be don’t want you to have. Unfortunately, they don’t know better. It’s a sense of intellect superseding spirituality; you promised down here that you’re going to raise your spiritual awareness to match your high intelligence and your physicality to match, all three have to be in balance. It’s like the DNA chain; you raise one you have to raise the others.

It’s important that you open up; it doesn’t do you any good, like voting democrat and republican in the same house. If I do it, all of us have to—it’s a consensus of all this, as human evolution. You don’t leave somebody behind. We actually inspire you to come along. In this inspiration, please honor yourself on a soul level even though you may not know what that is. This material will help you discern who you really are, what you’re really here for and why you’re opening to this material at this time.

Classically we usually turn a deaf ear. We go back to Homer Simpson on the TV and that’s the way the negative side is laughing at us, because they assume we’re not going to evolve, that they’re going to continue this same hamster-wheel journey and they can continue to dominate. We have something new for them. Light is now aware on the planet in highest degrees it has ever been and literally you have been feeling that Light, that synchronicity in your own lives, that intuition and pumping and we knew about this happening years and years ago.

Thank you for honoring me with this platform, Wynn. I’ll give it back to you sitting comfortably there. I’ll turn it back over to Wynn and Terry.

Wynn:  All I can say is, “It’s really good that she’s positive, after listening to all that.” She is. Following my gut instinct I knew she would be; what an articulate, beautiful person, who can express all of those things for us. It’s 6:42; we have plenty of time. The people who have been coming into our conference calls and are on this call right now have such a great job; I tell them and they’re starting to understand it.

The very first time we did a conference call, it was a little scary and we didn’t do a channeling. I was just talking; I thought, “How do I even talk about this stuff?” Then we did it for maybe a year or so. We got up on BBS Radio and I asked questions about it and they said, “Let us work on it; we’ll bring the energy through the Internet.”

Everything that you folks are experiencing has been like a developmental energy over time. The energy had to flow through the Internet so that you could sit in front of your computer and feel it; it didn’t just happen. This is not ordinary. It’s public. It’s putting out these very sacred things in a public way and every one of you who is sitting there, listening on the phone, listening on the Internet, is part of the construction crew. We’re constructing matrices and you’re being there, you’re not just an audience; your energy is above your head. Your energy is bringing energy into this space. You are coming in as pioneers, energy pioneers, changing the matrices of the physical Universe, just by opening up on these calls.

You see, it’s your opening up that opens me up; I’m just being a reflector and so are you. We’re reflecting back and forth and we do it in love and we access the energies of creation and we bring them through and put them right here, right there. We’re as close as our next breath.

All of you who are around the world listening, you are not far away. You’re only far away physically; I can feel you. Can you feel me? Can you feel me in this space? Can you feel them in the space? We are re-creating energy on this planet, right now, as a team. Some of you are wondering “Is that really true?” Others of you know; you can feel it.

You know the part you’ve played; you know that you’ve changed the energy in your physical location and you’ve had confirmations of it. This does not mean that everything is always perfect. You should have seen Terry and me yesterday; we were actually fighting. What happens is, sometimes I go off the deep end; I do it sometimes; then I say, “Don’t mind that; I’m just clearing stuff.”

That’s part of being in this realm and doing this work; you process a lot of things. It’s okay to process things; it doesn’t mean you walk around like a bodhisattva all the time. This is one of the wrong images that people have; I used to have that. You have this idea of enlightenment and bodhisattvas and Buddhas and Jesuses and that someday you’re going to walk around and go, “Love; everything is so beautiful; you’re so beautiful.” I haven’t ever experienced that. I experience it for moments. I wrote an article one time called Perfect Moments not Perfect People.

I’ve always found there are people who have greatly inspired me, then I find things about their lives and I say, “They didn’t handle that so well and they didn’t handle this so well” but it doesn’t matter, because they inspired me and it was a perfect moment of connection. This is a perfect moment of connection.

We haven’t even talked to those guys, but they’re all around us. I’m just going to free-wheel this and see what they’d like to share in this moment. If you happen to be listening and you’re new at listening to us, we create on this show group energy matrices. We become one with Sources; let’s just say what they think happens, because everyone has to have their own experience. We have Sources that talk to us, that talk through Terry, talk through Daphne, that explain that they are creators of the physical Universe; they are the guides for us down here and that when they talk, they don’t talk to us; they talk as part of us. They talk through Terry, as part of Terry is them. They have the ability to give perspectives on things that would normally not be so obvious in this realm.

Those of you who have been listening have learned many things about how this realm works; we can’t prove we’re right so it has to resonate. They have never ever even been brought forth in the history of mankind that I’ve ever read; maybe they were in the Alexandria Library.

There was this library that had all this information in it that was destroyed. I think I was there; they told me one time that I was there. This is the kind of information that the lower forces don’t want people to know; that’s why they burned the Alexandria Library.

So, let me just put this power supply in my phone. We have our cheap little Blackberry. The one thing it does have in common with the expensive phone is that it has a condenser mike. Those are all little condenser mikes.

You know, I used to work at a radio station years ago in Philadelphia. So I used to be an engineer and run the audio. In the days before there were computers so somebody had to actually turn it up, turn it down, turn it up, turn it down.

I’ll tell you guys a story in Philadelphia. I was on sign on. I was doing audio and, of course, in those days the station would sign on with the Star Spangled Banner. I would get up out of bed, I was really tired. I had to drive probably a half an hour to get to work. I remember, I started The Star Spangled Banner and it was running at 78 instead of 33. Everyone was looking at me staring daggers at me. There’s a guy called the correlator and he would say, “Punch it in, punch it out.” So The Star Spangled Banner ended too fast--probably half the time. Then there was this dead silence and everybody was looking at me and I have to confess that I felt guilty.

Probably two weeks later I made it up because what happened was I came into the show. The correlator was like the director. He would direct the commercials and at those times it was very precise. There were little dots on the commercials. He’d said, “Roll them.” 10-9-8-7-6-5- Roll this one. You had to roll them exactly at the right time so they would pick up speed so 10 seconds later you would punch it and put it on.

So the same correlator that was staring dangers at me when I ran The Star Spangled Banner at 78 instead of 33—over-slept. Everybody was there saying, “How are we going to start the station?” This was a scary job. You had to do everything perfectly. I said, “I’ll do it.” This was so easy to make a mistake because you had to coordinate it running everything and I did it perfectly. So the guy came in probably half an hour later and I was his best friend. We never even wrote it up it was so perfect. Usually in those days every time there was a mistake it had to get written up. It had to get posted and everybody read it but no one even knew there was a mistake because I did such a good job. What was his name? That was Bob. We became best friends after that in Philadelphia. That was KYW, Channel 3 in Philadelphia. Mike Douglas and I forget who else.

I don’t even know what we’re going to talk about. Usually we have these great topics, we’re just going to like wend our way through, as we’ve done this whole show. We have wonderful energies so it doesn’t matter what we talk about.

Father-Mother God, we ask for the presence of the Light, to surround and protect all of us here in this office in Burbank and all of you, everywhere, who are listening to this show. We release any negativity into the highest realms of Light and be dispersed; transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the energy fields of all the planets, through the outer energy fields of the Earth, through our bodies coming in through our crown chakras, through our feet and into the center of the Earth. Right now, we invoke a group energy connection amongst all of us present while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls. We invite those Sources that are positive, service to others, honoring The Law of One, to join with us and we create a protected space that only the Positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now.

Terry is going to be our point of reference for these communications.

Ra’An:  This is Ra’An; we greet you in the Love Light of The One Infinite Creator and we greet each person in this room. We are delighted to greet Antonia and we thank Wynn and we thank Daphne for setting up this opportunity and we thank Cherryl Taylor, who was the instructor of Terry Brown on how to channel. We greet each and every person on this line and for each and every person that desires it, we make personal connection. We are a free will entity or group of entities and we only make connection when a person intends and desires it. We are mindful of the brilliant beautiful energy in the room and we are mindful of the brilliant and beautiful energy of the people who are listening.

At this time we are at third density on your planet Earth. This type of energy is needed as Antonia has mentioned. The majority of people on your Earth plane today work on consensus and although within their hearts they wish the best for all, for their families, for their lives, they can be overridden by consensus and the media can, in their glorification and their protection of the news of disasters, can help to override the brilliance and the beauty and the total intention of individuals to have their own love, their own lessons, their own beautiful life and their connection and communication and their dedication to the lives of others for the highest good.

They can become overwhelmed. So we take a moment and we send each and every individual Light Worker, each and every individual family-person that is working toward the good of their family, working against the harder economics of the time to make things, to feed their families; to make ends meet. We send them all Love Light.

We send the Love Light to the whales and the dolphins and we enlist their energies. This may seem strange to many people; however, the dolphins and the whales are very highly intelligent and intuitive beings, and they love the connection. They help hold the energy tone of Earth.

Right now, it is important for each individual everywhere to know that you are a beautiful being; you are a child of not the Earth plane, but a child of the All That Is, of Spirit. As such, you’re not the bad economics, you’re not the tough times, you are someone that can be senior to this. If you find yourself without money, without food, you can still know within your heart you’re senior.

You are in the Universe, but you are not of the Universe. You are from beyond the Universe and as such from the point of One, from the point of Spirit, you are safe within that. You may feel lost; you may not know your coordinates. You may be identified with the consensus. You may be identified with tough times. However, you are beyond that. You are a child of Love and as you can experience the love even in the tough times; you can move out of the difficulties.

We love you more than you can ever imagine and we are with you and available to you to connect if you wish.  24/7.  We do not need the phone line; we do not need the conference line; we are there and we are of a very high energy. If you read The Creator God book that Terry and Daphne and Wynn have brought through, The Creator Gods of the Physical Universe Want to Talk to You—Wynn is offering it for free and you can download it:—you can hold the book in your hand, feel the energy. You may see a color of love, light pink. As we come through, our energies come through as a very light pink. The resonance of love. Do not take anything in to become part of yourself until you resonate with it, until it makes sense to you, until it is yours. If anything that we say does not resonate with you, discard it; it is not for you at this time. We send you love and appreciation for this opportunity to connect. Adonai

Wynn:  It’s 7:03 and we thank you all for being here; we’ll be here again Wednesday night. If you have questions, just submit questions at  If you’re listening for the first time, welcome. Watch for when we’re going to be on Antonia’s show and we’ll let you guys know.

We say goodbye to everybody.

Antonia:  I want to thank you and hope you tune into my show as well and download the book. Thank you.

Wynn:  Alright. Okay, everyone’s unmuted. We’re still running the tape, so if you say goodbye to everyone who is listening to the replays, let’s just say, “We love you.”

We’ll see you later.

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