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Wednesday Call 10.12.2011
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Host Wynn Free
Channeled by Terry Brown

Transcribed by Rick Vornbrock
Edited by Terry Brown, Valerie Hawes and David Masty
Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee 

Wynn:  This is Wednesday, October 12th, [2011]. This is Wynn and this is our Wednesday Question-and-Answer Call where we ask questions, or you ask questions and submit them to us. Sometimes we do other things on this call, like planetary healings, kind of like a mini of our Sunday calls. It seems the way this call works, in fact the way all our calls work, is that we work with a building group energy. A group energy includes all of us on the call, all of us listening to the call and all of the positive Sources that join with us.

So that’s what gives us an edge, because we have so many people on the call and so many people who are listening. We can’t tell because we’re dealing with invisible realms, but there are a lot of energies that explain themselves as working with us on this call. Many people on the call feel energies around them and it’s an unusual feeling. It’s something that I say, “That’s what I think is happening.” If you’re here listening, you have to do your own analysis and consider whether that’s possible or not.

You know, we have these two group souls that say they’re talking to us through Terry and through Daphne. They answer our questions and they tell us how they work and how they function. The Elohim group soul has said they work with this realm by` projecting Love Light energy into it. I really didn’t know what that meant exactly, although I have experienced Light energy in a room in spiritual groups, and I said, “I wonder if that’s it, if that’s what they mean, if that’s them”.

I really didn’t know the answer, but over time, when I would do talks, there would be this energy and they would say that was them. It was fairly consistent and it matched the energy that I would feel when I would be channeling with Terry.

They say they’re doing that on this call and in particular, on our Sunday call, where we do what I call a planetary grid healing, a personal and planetary healing session; they say that they come and the energies are very powerful, because we’re particularly focused on that aspect of the quality of this interaction.

But again, since it’s all in the invisible realms, it’s something that you have to reverse engineer; you have to sit on these calls and see if you can feel it, see if you can connect. It’s kind of like making an ‘energy friend’ in other dimensions; that’s what it seems like.

The best way to feel that energy is to be relaxed; perhaps shut your eyes and as you’re listening to whatever words we’re speaking, notice what goes on inside you. Notice if you can feel energies moving inside you. I mean, I know myself; I can experience energy in the top of my head, which is your crown chakra, which is one of the main entry points.   

That would be a good question: I don’t know if it’s the only entry point or the main entry point for these energies, so I think I’ll ask that question tonight as one of my questions: “Where do we focus, when we want to feel the energy and make the connection?“

We’re going to start off with a calling in of the Light. This is an invocation; it’s the only invocation we use, it’s the only thing that goes to ritual that we use. We don’t have to use it, because the energies are present whether we do this or not. This is not so much like a magical invocation rather than an intention. You know, intention. A group intention is a modern way of saying prayer.

I don’t like to use the word prayer because it sounds religious. But our Sources have said over and over again that one of their [tenets] is to honor free will. Honoring free will means that you have to ask, and that’s how asking turned into prayer.

It’s easy to start identifying a Source that could help shift energies as God, although in our conversations, they would prefer not to be thought of as some omnipotent God, but as ‘energy helpers’ in other realms, that are a part of us and that we’re a part of them. We’re all one energy in the Universe, so this is ‘Energies’, long lost ‘Friends’, ‘Energy Friends’ reacquainting themselves, I guess could be a way of putting it.

For some of us, we originated with these group souls and it’s like meeting our soul family; re-meeting where we came from before we came into this realm.

Father-Mother God, we ask for the presence of the Light, to surround and protect each person here. And any negativity be taken to the higher realms of Light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, though the planets of our solar system, through the outer energy fields of our planet, through our bodies and into the center of the Earth. And right now, we invoke a group energy connection amongst all of us present. And we invite those Sources that are positive, service to others, honoring The Law of One, to join with us. I should add that we never lose the sovereign integrity of our own souls while we make this connection. And we create a protected space that only the Positive have access to and anything not of that nature must leave now.

Do we have our Sources present, ready to address our questions or give a message?

Terry:  They’re ready to channel.

Wynn:  OK. Let’s just take a short moment of silence and we’ll wait for them.

Ra’An:    We greet you in the Love Light of The One Infinite Creator. We are pleased to be with you, this October 12, Wednesday, 2011. And we send prayers and good wishes for the peaceful resolution of conflicts on your planet at this time. We send protective loving energy and we welcome each and every person on this call.

Each and every person that can anchor and connect with the Higher Positive Realm will help to move the tone of the planet into more harmony, this harmony and love and caring that is needed at this time. It is a role model that is needed at this time. Do you have questions?

Wynn:  I reiterate something you just said: that each of us on this call, all of you listening and although you’re, to some extent, passive listeners, you’re very active in being part of the process. Each of you, individually, has this potential to anchor these energies through your body. This is a sacred thing you’re doing; each of you, as you keep coming into these calls, are learning how to hold these energies. It can, will--and has--bleed over into your regular life. You start to be aware of what you’re doing; part of you is holding this frequency.

People wonder often times, “How am I supposed to be of service?” They have jobs that they think are not a part of All That Is and they have partners, or children, or friends that are not part of All That Is; and of course, that’s wrong because everything is part of All That Is.

As you learn to hold these energies, it’s not necessary to tell people all the stuff you learned on this call; their conscious minds, in most cases, are not ready for this information; some are, a few are, but most aren’t. As you hold the frequencies of these energies, you become a holder of space for those people and they pick it up psychically, they’ll be less afraid.

You know, there’s a lot of fear right now about what’s going on and you help them not be so afraid, just because you’re not afraid; you help them feel better. You go into your office and job and you lift the vibration of your office.

I remember that it wasn’t so long ago that Terry was going into a legal office every day. She was like the angel of the legal office, because she was holding the energy in that office amongst all these attorneys, who were highly stressed from all their legal cases and all the things that were happening.

We have a couple, but not a lot, of questions tonight, but we have some really good ones. I think this is from Dee. She was quoting something she had read on David Wilcock’s website which was The Law of One Study Guide. In that study guide, there was a question about negative sources. Of course, those of you who have been on the call regularly know that The Law of One of One Study Guide was a summation of excerpts from Carla Rueckert’s Law of One channelings. From the period of 1981 to 1983, Carla Rueckert was channeling a voice that said they were Ra, they were a ‘social memory complex’. Her partner Don Elkins, who was a PhD and very smart guy, would ask really good questions to Ra about who they were, how they operated and how they intervened and did things in this realm. Her website is and she has a lot of things, free books, free stuff, on her website, which, if all of this is interesting to you, you might go and check out.

So the question had to do with what the Ra group called ‘transient questions’. I have to confess that we sometimes ask ‘transient questions’, and even in Carla’s work there’s ‘transient questions’. What is a ‘transient question’? A transient question is one that relates very specifically to this time period, to something going on right now: “Are we going to have an earthquake in California?”, “Should I marry John?”

Those are examples of transient questions. The Ra group indicated that when you ask a transient question, you very much tempt a negative source. I do, as you know, review these questions, and sometimes reword them to try to make it more universal.

A universal question is one where the answer is applicable no matter what the time period you’re in. For example, a transient question might be, “Is there going to be an earthquake in California in such and such a time period?” A universal question would be, “What are the universal aspects of energy that cause earthquakes and how can we participate in making less chance of an earthquake?”

OK? Now, that question is true for all time, whereas the first question is transient. It’s like a transient question might be, “Should I marry John?” And a non-transient question should be, “What is the criteria for a human to determine whether someone is a good partner for them or not?” Now that question, the second question, is good for all time and it can be applied 10,000 years from now; the same criteria, I believe, would be applicable regardless.

I’ll read this; I’ll read the Rueckert question. Alignment: When discussing the question the group would ask the alignment indicated, whether or not the questions were oriented positively, service to others, or negatively, service to self.  If the group asked too many misaligned questions and did not listen to the symbolic warnings to cease and desist asking such questions, then Ra would have no choice but to gradually allow themselves to be replaced by a negative entity. This entity would masquerade as Positive in an attempt to discredit the group by giving inaccurate information, most commonly in the form of specific time encoded prophecies of doom that would inevitably fail to come true.

Modern channeling is replete with examples of this. This celestial response to misaligned questions, i.e., the blending of negative entities into an apparently Positive channeled message, is said to be an unalterable universal law. There is no protection against this, except for the alignment of the questions being asked and how well the lives of the participants align with the teachings being given.

Please guard your alignments carefully. This is the main reason why almost all of today’s channeled material is heavily distorted and does not agree on many points with The Law of One series or with any other material. The group became aware of this potential problem soon after Book 1 of the Ra material and became far more careful to never ask transient or unimportant questions, as they were called.

And so, I would like to ask the question about that phenomenon in relationship to our group, to the questions coming through. How good of a job are we doing of keeping our questions in the realm where we get answers from the highest Sources? Thank you.

Ra’An:   Thank you. You are doing a fairly good job in keeping the questions on track. What happens when the person asks for an answer to a negative question?

The answer lies in the area of the negativity. In order to answer the question then, one has to enter the negative arena and participate in it to bring forth the information. Very often the negative area, if it is in the area of prediction, is not a fore gone conclusion and may enter the minds of entities that are not in full touch with complete information.

The more service-to-others a person is, the more that they have the ability to interact in give-and-take with a broader section of reality, bringing forth more accurate answers. That is some of the answer to your question.

When one asks a question for which information is available, which is applicable over all time or large sections of time, it is a more rewarding answer and something an individual can bring into effect in their own life. With a negative question, it may elicit a wrong answer. As predictions can be changed by enough positive prayer, the outlook can be changed.

Questions that apply to one’s growth are very valuable. Questions that apply to negativity or negative outcome are very limited, as life goes on and moves through the transition and individuals are bright Sources of Light that are not connected with the negative.

They experience changes, transitions and the more that they can move through these with fluidity, instead of getting stuck in the fear mode, as fear brings stuckness, the more that they can move with fluidity beyond the momentary stops and dangers within a lifetime, the more that they can adapt and adjust and continue to grow and bring in positive information. Does this answer help?

Wynn:  Yes it does. I’d like to ask some specific clarifications on this question. For example on this call, we often ask about physical conditions and healings that somebody is having. That is obviously transient, in other words, if somebody has a particular physical problem in this lifetime, they probably are not going to have it in the next lifetime. How does this kind of question relate to this issue that we are talking about?

Ra’An:   If an individual has a health issue and an intention to heal and they bring it to Light, they have enough intention to ask and they have enough intention then to act upon the answer or to use the tremendous backing that they can get by asking the Higher Sources, then they are merely elevating their intention by bringing in more backing for their own intention. When there is a request from an individual themselves, it tends to be a higher intention than if one asks for someone else.

We are reminded of an example in the spring of last year, wherein a mother asked for the daughter, for the daughter to be healed, and the daughter wished to leave, to transition. And therefore the daughter did not receive healing, as the daughter wished to move on into her transition.

When an individual asks for themself and has the intention behind it, then this is noted by the Higher Forces. There is always a choice of the individual and it can increase the person’s ability to intend and receive support in the outlook.

Therefore, prayer for healing can be very good, particularly if it is the person’s prayer. There are many factors; perhaps a person, after a lifetime of not taking care of themselves and becomes afraid of the outcome of that, or uncomfortable and there is a conflict between whether the individual wishes to transition or to stay.

Such a conflict then can move, affect a person’s life and they are hung on the problem and they do not get better and they do not transition. It is the individual’s intention and we are available for assistance and we take all into account when we work with a person.

Wynn:  Thank you. Another question on this line is that we talk about things which would be doom and gloom prophecies of various orders. And yet through recent times there have been certain episodes that have occurred on our planet like tsunamis, where hundreds of thousands of people were killed. I would assume that of the people that were killed, there were a certain number of them who were Light Workers, who were helping to anchor the frequencies of the Higher Realms into a particular area.

If there was a network such as this one, where they got some alert that they trusted, that it would be better to leave an area at a given time, it would have allowed them to continue their evolution and it would have allowed them to continue to be another person anchoring Higher Realms, dimensions of Higher Realms, into this one. So how can we balance the knowledge of something that has a high probability of occurring versus giving a doom and gloom prophecy, and how can we tell the difference if we’re going to ask questions about that?

Ra’An:    There are negative forces that are behind some of the negative things that are happening. And there are predictions that some make that give information and leak information in an effort to help protect individuals. If an individual is in the wrong place at the wrong time and transitions, then he-she will move through the transition and move into an area of farther growth.

There are natural cycles that the Earth must go through and man needs to work with Earth and to listen to the heart beat of Earth and to move, listening to dreams, and listening to the tone of the vibrations around them, [they] may choose to move out of the way, as animals move out of the way and some humans moved out of the way of the tsunami in the India Ocean.

To live in the third dimension is somewhat, we would say, a symbiotic relationship with Mother Earth and to learn to listen to the heartbeat of Mother Earth and to not be as concerned if there is a transitioning, as it is the end of a chapter and the beginning of a new chapter of a new growth of a new chance of a new life.

There is not a secure ticket that keeps one safe at all times; however, if one listens very carefully to the vibrations and allows Mother Earth to go through her cycles and to get out of the way if that is what is needed, this will help a person immensely.

Wynn:  If we ask questions about those kinds of events, do we tempt a negative source?

Ra’An:    We are a broader band of frequencies than the Ra Group; we are also the Elohim Group. We are a steady tone, a steady frequency. We hold our frequency if we look at a negativity; we see it from a higher view point; we do not judge it. We see the individuals as children of God, though they may be very distorted, very ‘service to self’ and not even know what ‘service to others’ is about.

We hold our frequencies and we do not judge, therefore we are somewhat protected from attack; for it is when one judges and makes wrong and does not see the whole picture behind the negativity, that one can be taken over and attacked by the negativity and then one is a threat to the negative. We are not polarized; therefore we hold our flame, our frequency, in love.

Wynn:  So to paraphrase that, what you’re saying is that because we have a combination of the Elohim Group and the Ra Group, there’s more protection from asking those kinds of questions and falling into to a negative polarization. Is that my understanding?

Ra’An:    That is correct, as we temper all of our engagements with non-judgment and love.

Wynn:  Thank you. I’m going to ask a question that goes back to Atlantis. Those who read the Edgar Cayce material would have read that in Atlantis there were two groups. There was a group that was called The Children of The Law of One and another group that was called The Sons of Belial.

In general, The Sons of Belial would have been a service to self group and The Children of the Law of One, I would assume, were connected to the Ra group or higher. In the Edgar Cayce material there were many people who knew Atlantis was going to implode and destroy itself and there were many people who left Atlantis and came to Egypt and South America and brought Atlantian technologies, spiritual technologies, to those areas.

I would assume those were The Children of the Law of One. The question is: “In that they left, they must have had some fore-warning of this imminent destruction of the continent of Atlantis. Did that warning come through groups like this one, where there was a foreshadowing, a prophecy of what was to occur?”

Ra’An:    There were similar times, in the time of Atlantis, as to now. There were space pods in various countries which enjoyed space travel and bringing of products and the taking off of minerals from the space pods. There were, similar to now, groups that wished destruction and there were devious things going on just for the purpose to see what could be brought about, like the genetic manipulation with animals and humans. And the individuals were part of Belial, were more open towards the genetic development of the combination of animal and human beings.

They felt that this might bring some kind of unknown advancement. The Law of One group was pure and in their consciousness wished for the highest good and for the development of ‘service to other’ individuals, of which Edna was a part. The Law of One individuals were affected by the students of Baal and it created an undercurrent, which became a tide that overwhelmed progress forward. That is our answer.

Wynn:  Are some of our group, people who are listening to this right now, derivative of The Children of the Law of One in Atlantis?

Ra’An:  Yes.

Wynn:  Besides Edna. Yes, thank you.

Terry:   Yes.

Wynn:   So, now Edna has a question. Oh, before I leave this topic, I’ll add one more question.

There’s certain individuals that are very spiritually oriented, who when they have undercover information about certain potentials that could be happening, plans of the negative elite, so to speak, that could be very destructive, they let people know about it, because it’s their feeling that by letting people know, that by making it public, they can sabotage or they can undermine the plans of the negative, because their plans become known. Is this a valid way of doing this kind of thing, is making these kinds of things public a positive? Can this be a positive action?

Ra’An:   Yes. This can be very positive and this has helped to avert some disasters already. As their countries sometimes give a warning when there is something planned by the negative and some other countries have published predicted outcomes of actions of the negative that are reported to be positive—for instance a false flag operation—to make some protection or escape routes or an alert of what to do, in case of a certain disaster. In fact, for a while, some of the groups were using these false flag operations to then actually, during the false flag operation, conduct the object of the false flag operation to create at that point some disaster.

After it happened a couple of times wherein the false flag operation contained the disaster that was supposed to have been drilled against, then other countries began to pick up the drift and to publish information, that negative individuals were going to be using a false flag operation to actually conduct the disaster that the drill was to teach how to handle. And when some other countries began to publish this information, then the false flag operations stopped having the disastrous part to it.

An example would be the false flag operation where, in the London subway, the police were conducting a drill on how to react to an incendiary device set off in the subway and during the drill, such a device was exploded. That is an example of using the false flag operation to actually bring about the disaster at the same time as the drill.

So this now is picked up by other countries, as they have noticed the coincidence with the disaster with the drill in more than one circumstance and they publish, before the drill happens, that this may lead to the disaster and since they have been publishing that, the drills have not lead to such outcomes.

Wynn:  Thank you. I want to open the line for a moment. Alright, is Edna on the line?

Edna:  Yes, I’m here.

Wynn:  Edna, would you ask your question about past lives and resonance and put it in your own words right now? Thank you.

Edna:  Yes. My question is: We talked about having all the lives are simultaneous, all our past lives are happening right now. So if it’s happening right now, can I just go back and change something that in our mind was a past life happening right now? If I was in Atlantis and I want to change something back there, how can I go back?

Wynn:  Now, I don’t think you can re-change history. In other words, if for example, if all past lives are right now, and we’ll ask them, it would be like: “Could I go do something in that past life and change everything in the future that happened as a result of that?”

Let’s suppose you did something that was not good; it caused harm. Could you redo that?—probably not. You could redo your connection to it; you could redo your guilt with it. But you can’t change what actually occurred, because once it occurred in the physical it got locked in to the physical. Physical is always a combination of everything in the past.

So it would be like: You have this huge garbage truck that’s carrying around all these things, maybe garbage is not the right word because they’re not all garbage, but can you kind of stop the garbage truck and throw something out of it? Probably you can do that. You can probably do that, but you’re not carrying the garbage truck around.

But the impact of the garbage—it was laying around in garbage cans; it was smelling; it was that; it’s not going to change the impact of that garbage, but you can throw it out of the truck so you’re not carrying it anymore. Well, we’ll let them answer that question and get their take on how that works.

Ra’An:     [period of silence on the audio]… in that life there is a consciousness with all, with all those people that interacted with you. And one of the difficulties in changing something, is that the individual that you interact with at that time may still be living that incident and may still be harboring animosities and this may make it difficult to release the garbage from that life.

So, one can ask for forgiveness of all of Consciousness that was oriented towards the connection with you at that time and ask that all of Consciousness move to release that. Therefore whatever is carrying into the now can be more easily released and forgiven and dispensed with. Perhaps you, as we are speaking, can feel chunks of it release and disconnect and let go. That is our answer.

Wynn:  Thank you. That’s is going to be our last question for tonight and we’re going to bring this session to a close. I would like to mention that if you have asked questions in the past that were never asked and you think they’re important and they’re still important, please re-submit them.

Often times you have no idea how busy I am; you might have noticed that for the last two times, I didn’t even send out a little notice before the call. We had gone through speaking, doing a lecture at the Whole Life Expo, at the Conscious Life Expo, and then we did a workshop, Terry and I, last Saturday. We were so tired; I could barely open my eyes; I’m just finally coming around. So when I’m in that kind of space, things fall through the cracks; don’t take it like a rejection, or that your question was not good enough, or your healing request was not worthy; just ask it again. Ask it more than once, because I do read everything and I will feel your strong intention in asking that question. Unless I think it’s totally inappropriate, eventually I’ll get to it.

Gijs:  Wynn, do you still want to ask regarding any energies coming into our crown chakra? 

Wynn:  Oh, right. Thank you for reminding me, there we go! I said I was going to ask this question, that when we feel the energies of the Ra group and the Elohim, do they only come in through the crown chakra or do they come in from other chakras as well?

Ra’An:    Thank you for your question. They come in through the crown chakra mainly. The other portals being the heart chakra, the balls of the feet, the bottom of the feet, underneath the armpit, the foundation chakra, the assimilation chakra, the heart chakra, the expression chakra, the third eye can all bring in information in its own particular way. So there are other ways, other openings where information can also come in.

Wynn:  Other than information, just streaming of energies, feeling energies—that  would be more through the crown chakra?

Ra’An:   Streaming of energy can also come in through the other chakras we have mentioned.

Wynn:  OK, thank you. Alright, that will be our last question. Thank you all for asking your questions today and for all questions in the future. Thank you all who are on this line supporting the energy of this call. Thank you all who are listening and being touched and reached and we’re honored to provide this service for you. We’ll see you on Sunday during our grid healing. Thank you.

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