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Monday Call  10.17.2011
Host Wynn Free
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Channeled by Terry Brown
Transcribed by Connie O'Brien

Edited by Terry Brown, Valerie Hawes and David Masty
Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee


Wynn:  This is Monday, October 17, 2011; we’re Wynn Free, Terry Brown, all of you listening on BBS, all of you on the replays and all of you on the conference line. We have what I think will be another extraordinary Monday. Some of you are getting hip to the fact that we’re asking questions on these Monday calls that have never been answered before.


We present this as entertainment; we make no claims. We’re talking to a Source through Terry that says they created the physical Universe. This Source says they have been around since before there was a physical Universe and they’ve observed what’s happened in the physical universe.


For a few years this was something that just happened privately, between me and the people around me and I really didn’t how to put this out, didn’t know if I was supposed to put it out, didn’t know that we could do this publicly and we would continue to get what I think is the same Source and it would stay uncorrupted. But we’re doing it right here on Mondays.


I always tell people don’t believe anything, have an open mind and check it out. For many people who keep paying attention to our calls, there have been profound shifts and changes. I would say the changes come, not so much from the information, although the information can be very profound and it can also create ‘aha!’ experiences and it can also create memories.


Many of you listening, if you keep coming back, the chances are it’s indicative that you’re what could be called an old soul. Or you could be what’s called a wanderer or a star seed; an entity that came from a higher dimension into this realm to help uplift it. You’ve never felt at home here, you’ve felt out of place. Coming into these calls has created a sense of familiarity, of home, of saying, “That sounds right. That sounds like the way it could work.” Keep listening if you’re having that reaction, because for many of you this is a reunion; it seems to be a reunion of our soul families and our physical beings.


When that occurs, it changes your life. It expands you; it makes you more potent in this realm; it makes you more effective and it certainly makes you feel less alienated. One of the things about those people who come in from other realms into this realm is that they tend to feel alienated. They didn’t come here to do the things that other human beings came to do. They came to uplift the vibration in this realm.


Let’s say a quick hello to all the people on the conference call. All of you listening on BBS, why don’t you just ‘think love’ back to us all? We can’t hear you but we can feel you.


Terry: You can feel that.


Wynn: Now we’re going to think love to you, all of us here on the call. It’s contagious, isn’t it? Love is contagious and if enough people could actually feel it, not in an emotional way, not in the wearing of your heart on your sleeve, but as a radiant energy, it would change our planet.


We’ve been having discussions on our Monday calls about all kinds of things.

It’s kind of seat-of-the-pants, of “What do I want to talk about?” One of the things we’ve had in our series, but it’s not been consecutive, is how humans were created. To me, it’s always fascinating. Believe me, I don’t know the answers to these questions and I don’t pre-ask them. It’s like we’re discovering this together, on the line. In our series of questions about how humans were created, to bring you up to date very quickly:


Some tens of thousands of years ago, there were very advanced gold-miners visiting planet Earth in spaceships. These gold-miners for special reasons, some people say it was to protect their atmosphere of their home planet, some people say it was like a drug that would make them expand, like a psychedelic. They were called “Annunaki” or “Nephilim”. They were descendants of Elohim who had come into this realm and forgotten who they were, at least for long periods of time. They genetically engineered humans, as a by-product of their DNA and ape DNA, to be their slaves to mine gold. The humans that were engineered didn’t stay very loyal to being slaves. In fact, they wanted their freedom. They wanted to see where these guys went in their spaceships.


So the genetically engineered humans tried to take over a spaceship and in so doing, blew it up. Now, there were these councils of these Annunaki-Nephilim beings that were deciding what to do with the humans. There were two ideas. To get rid of them, that this was a genetic catastrophe; and they were creating a race that was going to be against them; and fighting with them.


There were two brothers who were in this controversy and the brother that wanted to do away with the humans—this is material that I researched, and any one of you could research this on the Internet and you’ll find various points of view, all fascinating—the two brothers were named Enlil and Enki.


There was a Jewish anthropologist, Zechariah Sitchin, who was translating Sumerian tablets. Sumeria was the oldest culture that we know about on this planet with any records, not as old as Atlantis, but there were no records from Atlantis. Sumeria had tablets. On these tablets, Zechariah Sitchen who wrote books about this, found this story of the gold-mining brothers named Enki and Enlil and then many other people have put their two cents in.


So, we asked about that, and Enlil was the brother that wanted to do away with the humans as a failed genetic experiment and Enki was the brother that said, “We want to evolve the humans back into Divinity.”


Those of you who have been tracking a lot of our information know that there is a connection between soul evolution and DNA. The first seven strands of DNA roughly connect with the first seven chakras. The first two strands of DNA relate to survival and sex; the locations on the body are the seat of the spine and the genitals.


The third strand of DNA relates to the solar plexus, the third chakra, which relates to power. The fourth strand of DNA relates roughly to the heart or compassion. When humans were originally engineered, they were engineered to have two active strands of DNA. Many humans have activated the third strand, the power strand, and some have activated the heart strand.


The medical profession considers these extra strands ‘junk DNA’; they don’t know the purpose of them. The DNA strands, as I’ve come to understand, are like cosmic antennae that pick up the Universe. They’re the microcosm of the Universe in our body.


At the moment we’re born, they take a snapshot of the Universe which is why astrology works; it’s embedded in our DNA. The DNA is like a psychic awareness to everything around it, constantly changing based on the energy fields that it’s in. Also, as we’ve learned, that in this period of time it’s very important to activate the fourth strand of DNA over slightly more than half, which gives you your ticket to graduate this realm.


Let’s go back to Enki and Enlil and this conflict between the two brothers, one that wanted to destroy humans and one that wanted to evolve them. The one that wanted to destroy the humans actually made a pretty good show of doing it. You’ll see that a lot of what I share interfaces with the Bible, but in ways that are a little more involved in understanding things.


In those days, when somebody channeled and the voice said they were God, everyone believed them. But, they were different voices and they didn’t distinguish between that.


They said, “If a voice is coming through and says it’s God, it must be God”. At one point, the being that wanted to get rid of all the humans and start over, Enlil, according to my understanding, nuked Sodom and Gomorrah; the cities in the Bible that were supposedly nuked by God, not nuked but destroyed; and they [reference to Lot and his family] weren’t supposed to look back or they would turn into salt.


Also, there was a big nuclear explosion in the Sinai Peninsula and a huge amount of life, perhaps all of life was destroyed. Keep in mind; these two brothers were looked upon as God. I don’t know if they were seen in bodies; we’re going to ask that question tonight, or if they were able to channel from other realms into this realm and they were just channeled voices.


Enki wanted to save the humans, so he was involved, one way or another, with the building of the Ark and saving all the DNA of all the different species here and putting them on the Ark, so that life could replenish itself.


This dichotomy between these two brothers—are they still alive today? We couldn’t get an answer on that when we asked. Do they have bodies today? We didn’t get an answer on that, maybe we will tonight. There is the indication that the principles of the two brothers are certainly still alive and if we wanted to take a look at the Enlil point of view, which was to destroy humans and create the perfect DNA for a master race, we could perhaps look at Hitler who exactly represented that.


If we looked at the Enki point of view we could look at, perhaps, Jesus who was here to create a vibratory field that perhaps was higher than any that had been on the planet prior that could evolve people’s DNA into connection with the Father.


This is a really big story, because it ties a lot of things together. We can’t prove any of this, except for the fact that Zechariah Sitchin did find tablets that told the story in the Sumerian ruins and we know that was occurring. I think the two brothers were even discussed in those tablets, although I’m not sure; I’d have to go check it out.


We’re going to open up the door to our Sources and ask some more questions about the derivatives of humans; of the different races. Is everyone today connected with the DNA of that original Enki/Enlil episode? Another question is; “Who genetically engineered the Annunaki? Where do races come in?”


According to Carla Rueckert’s Ra material, it said that Ra moved the souls from Maldek; they called them, “a tangled mass of souls”, that when Maldek exploded there was a tangled mass of souls. They moved it to this planet to continue their evolution as Neanderthal man. Was this connected with the evolution of DNA, with the Annunaki? We’re going to ask those questions tonight. Terry, are you ready?


Terry:  Yes.


Wynn:  We’re going to call in the Light; this is like a protective invocation before we start.


Father-Mother God, we ask for the presence of the Light, to surround and protect Terry, myself and everyone on this line and that any negativity be taken to the highest realms of Light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the Solar System, through the energy fields of Earth, through our bodies and into the center of the Earth. Right now, we invoke a group energy connection amongst all of us present and all of us who will be listening in the future or reading the transcripts. We invite those Sources that are positive, service to others, honoring The Law of One, to join with us as we create a protected space that only the Positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now.


Do we have our Sources present?


Ra’An:  Yes. This is Ra’An and we greet you in the Love Light of the One Infinite Creator and we are available to answer your questions. We are mindful of the questions that you have asked and we stretch the concept of time out to take into account the dating of different circumstances you have mentioned.


The explosions on Maldek that destroyed Maldek were many millions of years ago and the Earth suffered consequences at the same time. Life continued on Earth, but was destroyed as far as civilization went.


Some forms were brought to Earth to house the souls that had ended up in a tangled mess on Maldek and to work out their problems with their new connectivity with their surroundings. This went on for millions of years, as the individuals attempted to straighten out their matrix, their soul matrices. 


Then the spaceship travel, which had been prevalent on Earth millions of years ago and as the calamity, the disaster, the catastrophe of the explosions within Maldek and on planet Earth were felt. They, at that time, wiped out the spaceports and the travel to Earth was stopped and Earth went into quarantine.


The individuals were quite DNA-damaged that survived on Earth and they were then housing individuals from Maldek that were working through this trauma. Approximately 433-455 thousand years ago, there began to be spaceship travel with a specific purpose, not of trading in an open way with an advanced society, as had been available millions of years ago, but of setting up an outpost wherein gold mines could be opened and the gold could be taken off.


Gold was used in the building of some parts within the spaceships; gold was used an aphrodisiac of the mind, of the higher chakras, that it could catapult consciousness and increase the vibration of an individual in the upper chakras. It was quite heady from that viewpoint.


It was very prized throughout some of the planets. The Earthlings in that outpost were the ones that attempted to take over the spaceship and did not know how to set the controls to propel the craft into the higher dimension and did not coordinate the takeoff and the spaceship exploded. After that space travel stopped. It was only a rudimentary landing strip for the spacecraft.

Wynn: May I ask a question for some clarification?

Ra’An: Yes.

Wynn: We had heard, prior to even putting this on these calls, that for millions of years the Annunaki had been coming to Earth and there were times when populations were created and then destroyed; and then again created and they were destroyed.

Ra’An:  Yes.

Wynn:  Did they carry a history of millions of years where they knew this was taking place?

Ra’An:  There were millions of years of history which are recorded in the Akashic Records and available to a few.

Wynn:  Could the Annunaki read the Akashic Records? In other words, did they know that they had been coming for millions of years? Did they have any way of knowing that, or was it like a new episode every time?

Ra’An:  They had some records that Earth had been visited, that Earth was very abundant in certain minerals that were very needed in other planets which did not have access to these minerals. The records in the spaceship logs went back thousands of years and do today go back thousands of years, showing the differences in the planetary populations and the changes that have occurred.

There are digital electronic records in the spaceship records computers of their various constellation routes and the people that inhabit the planets in the celestial constellations. There is some mixing of people also, so records, as they went back further, were part of an archived electronic record.

There were some paper records; however, these were not accessed distantly, but they were more accessed over a more current period of time, as their interest in the past was more academic for the uses of the spaceship travel, as today there was more interest in the current technologies in space routes than in past as they were looking to current data mostly.

Wynn:  Question:  The Annunaki obviously were bi-ped, two-legged and looked like humans or we looked like them. In fact we were created in their image. Where did the engineering for the DNA of the Annunaki come from?

Ra’An:  They were very strong and tall and it was a particular section of the galaxy mixed with other stock from another galaxy, as the races progressed, as scientific engineering, genetics engineering, attempted to mix the best qualities of certain races with other races to provide more brilliant minds, more durable bodies, more functional bodies.

There were mixtures from genetic lines, as experiments to see which would produce individuals of great body functionality and intelligence. There were many failed experiments, but the successful experiments tended to be the races that survived.

Wynn:  Genetic experiments were going on from way back when? Was there also controlled inter-breeding, to make ways for DNA to come together? Could different races interbreed and create certain special qualities as a result of that?

Ra’An:  That is correct; for instance, Earth had a genetic line that was succeeding on Earth, and then there were experiments to increase the durability and functionality and intelligence of the line.

Wynn:  At one point we asked a question about, “Where does the soul come from?” The answer was: the DNA would attract the energy from The Field and the soul would form around the DNA.

When we take this aspect of the soul forming around the DNA and add that to the idea of reincarnation, maybe the idea of reincarnation is far more complicated, because in each episode the body is going to have a unique DNA based on the parents, based on the astrology, based on the genetic engineering. How does this tie in with the principle of the DNA attracting the soul and reincarnation?

Ra’An:  The All That Is is One Spirit. It is One Being. As you electrically place a boundary around a spatial projection, the part of the All That Is then begins to vibrate within that particular housing, begins to have localized experiences within that particular housing, begins to sense and perceive within that particular housing and experience within that housing and begins to reach out from that housing.

As you have organs in the body that are bounded by tissue, the organs begin, within themselves, to take on their particular function that genetically has been programmed for that particular structure. Then, the other housings also have the intelligence and functionality developed. The skin, the housing, the bones make a housing also.

The individual electrically begins to function within the body housing. This is integrated with the surroundings; the star systems, the Earth location and localized areas take on functionality and localized intelligences begin to communicate with each other and to work together.

Wynn:  Could we say that our soul is in a constant state of change as a result of all of the vibrational influences we are taking in from moment to moment that are impacting our DNA?

Ra’An:  You could say that and that is the case. The individual’s housing is, at a vibratory rate and is renewing in the Now; is existing in the Now; is being created in the Now and is in constant change. The cells of the body are constantly renewing. They are renewing in accordance with the patterns that have been set up for that species there, as the interactions with the star systems and the localized area of Earth, the localized surroundings of the individual, consensus reality, the realities of the individuals further set the pattern.

If one was going to break through the patterns and break out of the pattern of consensus as to rate of healing, rate of growth, constants that could possibly change, then they could break through and out of such change as they move to a new belief within their consensus.

Wynn:  Thank you. There is this idea that humans have reptilian DNA mixed in somewhere and that some of the people that talk about the reptilians that are adversarial are connected to this reptilian part of a human. Is there an understanding we could have about how that got started?

Ra’An:  In the development of life forms, the reptilian form was very hardy and added strength to body structure and stability and flexibility. Therefore, in the genetic experiments it was layered in, as one of the functionality aspects of the body.

Wynn:  So, this was part of the Annunaki genetic mix in the creation of humans where the reptilian DNA was included?

Ra’An:  That is correct and also, it was fairly basic in the ape structure and in other species functions.

Wynn:  On our planet there are all the variations we have: we have plants; we have different races; we have dogs; we have hybrid dogs. Are many or most of those things the by-product of genetic engineering?

Ra’An:  There have been many breeding programs among the people of Earth to make dogs smaller, to make certain pets of dogs, make dogs look certain ways and they have taken, to start, creatures, for instance wolves and have domesticated them and then made them in certain ways that they would end up with certain characteristics.

It was not even a very sophisticated program, but it was different groups within the Earth plane that worked with the species to engineer them, or to breed them in ways that would better serve their individual purposes. To breed a small lap dog, to breed a small dog that would be in the tradition of the Orient, the Chinese, that would have certain small characteristics and satisfy certain passions, or desires, of the ruling class.

So much of the breeding was done by individual groups for their own particular purposes and ending with a product that would then suit their own purposes, but later was genetically reproduced as a line. The original purposes or circumstances of many of these species have been lost, the knowledge of why they were developed.

Wynn:  Was the reincarnation of the species the same form? I’m still trying to visualize how reincarnation ties in with the idea that a DNA can attract a unique soul from the field. The DNA attracts a unique soul, but then when an individuated energy that’s already been individuated comes into that stream, it now changes the DNA of the being.

There’s obviously the symbiotic relationship between the DNA attracting energy and the energy that comes in, actually changing the DNA that’s doing the attracting. Am I on the right track here?

Ra’An:  Yes, you are.

Wynn:  Could you explain it? Is there any better way to explain it than what I just said to understand that?

Ra’An:  So when, say the Elohim have a whole group, a whole area, of individual, non-differentiated, to some degree, beings, whose purpose is to create housing units, for individuals wishing to experience within the lower dimensions; so we position, we section off, space in the model, according to the final result and there is a specific model for an ideal human.

Then, if we approach it from the other direction where we, as the Elohim, have set into motion spinning housing units known as galaxies, and within the galaxies streams of energy of life are developed into strands and the strands are intertwined and at different frequencies, so they congeal in different layers and they intertwine.

There is intelligence embedded in these strands, in the twisting of the strands, which then are an embodiment of life. These strands then, as their embodiment through life begins to resonate and interact with the cosmos, with the galaxy spin and there is an intelligent energy within the DNA unit.

This DNA then can flow in long cords and create a Fibonacci cycle with nodes that can begin to collect structure around it. And the structure then becomes a housing unit for the life force that has been picked up and focused in the spinning energies by the spinningness and the housing that thus developed and creates a life form.

Then these life forms can be integrated into more complicated housing units. Within the body, the DNA, within the various species pattern forms, can begin to develop and take on the aspects needed by the body for the individual organs and the individual parts of the species. Within the over-all housing of the body, a resonance develops and the synergistic action develops. 

This body can live and can grow and can take on life within a planet’s atmosphere. Then it can eventually develop a rudimentary consciousness that can grow and learn and become a soul. Then other energy entities who are in the ethers, so to speak, working, say with the Elohim, can see such a body functioning and wish to experience this.

Say they had never had a body form before and they were spherical and they were intelligent in nature and they came over the body and began to experience the sensations of the body and decided that they would operate through the body and take on the experiences of life in the third dimension. Then they began to change the DNA to their own particular purposes and their own particular intelligences and they then could move from that body upon the body death, say, into another body and then reprogram that body.

So, you have a couple of ways that souls can be formed. One, through the presence of the body functions and the DNA within the body and the other through consciousness that had just come in and been created. Where was that created from?—from a spinningness, from an intention coming in from All That Is, that had decided to become more localized; perhaps very, very big, perhaps the size of a galaxy, or even larger.

Then, within that framework, it had moved into a smaller area or taken on, a certain space or territory, setting up the anchor points for that territory and then had, within that framework or housing that they had now developed or established, and their intelligence, their own unique track of experiential consciousness and then eventually, taken on a body and moved from body to body. Does this make sense?

Wynn:  This could go on for hours. This is an incredibly deep conversation of understanding the interaction between bodies and energies. What came up while you were talking was: It seems like the Elohim can get pretty detailed in creating a rudimentary body form or housing, but after a while the intelligences in the 3D take over some extent of the evolution of those things through genetic splicing and make it more sophisticated. In other words, the celestial Elohim does not create a complete human functioning body, but they’ve created the building blocks for it and then other intelligences…

Ra’An:   Templates.

 Wynn:  Am I kind of correct here?

Ra’An:  We create templates.

Wynn:  The templates. So you could create a template for a full body, a full-functioning body.

Terry:   That is correct.

Wynn:   …and it wouldn’t have to be a very simplistic—do you still do that; do you still create templates for bodies, or are you just working with the templates that have been created?

Ra’An:  We still create templates and we create repair templates.

Wynn:  Does that mean some humans today might reincarnate into a more repaired body at some future incarnation?

Ra’An:  Some templates are found wanting, in that the functionality is worn or loses its functionality and so there are upgrades.

Wynn:  Thank you. It’s time to end our show. I’m so grateful Terry has been able to hang in on this line of questions and hold the space and everyone on the call is holding the space. Some of you notice this energy that was moving through your body as those answers were given. That energy is one way of feeling the connection with these Sources.

I would assume that when you feel that energy you’re also going through a certain DNA evolution, just by the nature of feeling the energy. I’ll just ask that final question before we say goodbye:  Is that true?

Terry:  This is Terry. We dropped out of the channeling mode and we have missed your question.

Wynn:  I’ll tell you what; we’ll just save that for the next time we bring up this topic. Thank you Terry so much; that was a great, great session you did. We wish you all a good evening. I hope that was somewhat comprehensible.


Lisa: It was riveting.


Callers: It was great! Thank you! Thank you!


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