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Wednesday Call 10.19.2011
Host: Wynn Free
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Channeled by Terry Brown

Transcribed by Rick Vornbrock
Edited by Terry Brown, Valerie Hawes and David Masty
Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee


Wynn:  This is Wednesday October 19, 2011, with Wynn and Terry in Sedona. We got back late last night after being in LA and Palm Springs. I was thinking many of you who are on the line have really good stories. Not a funny story, that’s on Sunday with the ‘Cheer-up Committee’ on Sunday, but a good story of some kind of phenomenon that has happened to you. Alright, maybe you had a vision of something, maybe you had—anything, that’s out of the ordinary and positive.

Gijs:  I’m thinking of asking Gina if she has a story that she can share with us, an experience she had from her trip.

Is there a story you want to share with us, Gina?

Gina:  Oh, my goodness, many stories and I’m going to email Wynn this story. But I’m going to share a ‘download’ that the humpback whales gave me while I was on my trip.

Gina:  Whales, humpback whales. The whales operate on such a higher, deeper level. Because they’re bigger, their energies are so much greater and when they work with you, they work with you on a deep body level, as well as the dolphins. But the whales are able to go very, very deep; you know; they’re very, very big. Basically, the vision that I got, just to summarize it and not discounting the magnificence of it, the vision that they showed me, they downloaded to me, is that they are in a circle and they take turns and they go down head first to the bottom of the ocean as deep as they can go. We’re talking thousands and thousands of feet down; they pretty much go to the bottom, I mean, you know, probably the abyss, or close to that plane and they blast energy with their sonar or echo location. Then they kind of finalize it off with a blow, a quick blow, out of their blow hole; like we would blow our nose, in essence. Then they would cover the blow hole back up because, you know, they’re under the water.

Then the whale comes up and the next whale goes down, does the same thing, comes up and they take turns doing that. They let the babies do it also, but the babies are not strong enough yet; so they just kind of let them practice doing it, but it’s a pretty magnificent thing. It’s my understanding, that’s how they heal the planet.

Voice:  Hmmm, that’s beautiful!

Gina:  And I am so grateful and honored, that they would think me important enough to share something of this nature with me. It’s my honor and pleasure to share it with all of you. Thank you, Gijs, for asking and the kids and everybody I come in contact with. A ‘whale of a tale’, that’s a ‘whale of a tale’ for you.

Wynn:  You also have to consider the possibility you could be delusional.

Gina:  Yeah, but I don’t think so, because they put me right out when I was on the boat and they were right there. They were in the water; there were four of them; there were two males, a female and a baby. The image I saw was the three adults and one baby, so I believe they were showing them specifically. They were under the water a long, long time from what I understand and I was out for about 30 minutes, if I have to gage it. I went into a very, very, very deep sleep.

Wynn:  Before we start officially, do any of you have any questions from the Monday call, those who were on it? That was quite an extraordinary call; even I had to listen to it again.

Gina: It’s amazing how they’re able to make the template for humans like that. That’s pretty cool.

Wynn:  I don’t know if you guys realize this, but they kind of explained how star seeds get here. You know how they talk about star seeds, right?—and wanderers,  from other dimensions? They say when they come in, they program the DNA to the existing body, to refit them. So, I mean there are still more questions, but that was kind of an ‘ah-ha!’ for me.

In any case, let’s get on with it tonight. And Terry, are you ready?

Terry:  I’m here.

Wynn:  Terry and I are still tired. If we sound tired it’s because we are; we got in around 2:00 last night. A pretty intense two or three weeks of great things happening suddenly, but still it’s like it all comes down on you when you return home and you feel like sleeping for two days. So we’re going to call in the Light; we have some questions.

Gijs:  Wynn, I think that running into Antonia is also something great for everybody. For the highest good of all concerned, you could say, running into her and doing stuff together, I think that’s great.

Wynn:  Oh, yeah. Well, a lot of things happened and it’s interesting, because that was really the first time that Terry and I were on the road where Terry got into it. Usually I’m good on the road, because remember, I was a troubadour. So all kinds of synchronicities would happen to me and they were happening to Terry and I both on this trip, so that was kind of neat.

Most people have never experienced that. When they go traveling, it’s like a vacation; they go into a protected environment. I kind of go traveling and I come to life. I’m not going to try to explain it; I’ll get in trouble. So here we go.

Father-Mother God, we ask the presence of the Light, to surround and protect each person here. And any negativity be taken to the highest realms of Light and transmuted it for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the energy fields of the solar system, through the outer energy fields of Earth, through our bodies and into the center of the Earth. Right now, we invoke a group energy connection and we invite those Sources that are positive, service to others, honoring The Law of One to join with us and we create a protected space that only the Positive has access to and any anything not of that nature must leave now.

I thought we would start tonight, since there’s so many changes in the world, to ask our Sources what would be good things to send healing energy to, before we ask our questions. Like what circumstances in the world would be good to put in the Light at beginning of this call right now? We’ll just turn it over to them as they speak through Terry and get that information.

Ra’An:  We greet you in the Love Light of the One Infinite Creator. This is October 19, 2011. And we move though the spheres of Earth, through the atmosphere. We connect with each and every person on the line or who would read a transcript later and we profoundly thank those individuals who are doing the transcripts and making this information available.

We are mindful of your question and we see that there are pressures from various sides upon the individuals on Earth at this time. One of them is the weather and one of them is the drought in certain areas. And there are also economic situations that provide problems for individuals.

It is a time to get to be friends with yourself, to know that you are not a child of the Earth; you are a child of All That Is. And you are very loved and you always have a home. If you feel lost or alone, then you can refocus to know that we are here. We are here sending you vibrations of wholeness. And we can help in some situations, if it is your intention.

You are treasured and valued beings. This is one of the most important things. You are senior to economics; you are senior to weather; you are senior to your body. And you will survive your body and you will resume your travels in different chapters, through the galaxies through the various homes that you find. But you always have a home within the Oneness of All, within the Love of the One.

Do you have questions?

Wynn:  Yes. Someone who listens to our Monday call asked a question about the Annunaki: Are they coming back? We were listening last night to Erich von Daniken who wrote The Chariots of the Gods. He was saying that incidents of gods or god in the Old Testament were actually ETs.

There were spaceships and they would come and they would be referred to as things that came out of fire and space and would talk to people. They said they were coming back and, of course, the Annunaki—we’re told this whole story about Enlil and Enki and not knowing where they are now, what form they’re in now and maybe they’ve already taken incarnations here. Maybe they’re in bodies already and in human form and have entered that process. But the question is:

“Is there a positive ET species out there that’s expected to return to Earth anytime soon?”

Ra’An:  There are positive entities out there from other galaxies, other dimensions and there are both positive and negative. We concentrate upon Positive; they are out there. However, the Earth at this time is only slowly preparing itself for information about them. There are those of media that bring in some information here and there. There are conferences, there are seminars, there is information coming in.

It is not thought at this time to have a landing on the White House lawn. They are here but they are not showing themselves, as it is considered a slow process to introduce the general populace to the idea that they exist. The general populace does not believe that they exist, although more people believe in their existence than have previously believed in their existence.

A little information is here and there and the question is about the positivity, as there are members of the alien races that are very positive and would like to help. However, they do not feel that at this time it would be accepted to show up in their spaceships. Previously when they have showed up in their spaceships and set their spacepods down and built buildings to house spaceships and to provide landing for them, there were dissension factors within society that made it difficult for these and at various times their spacepods were destroyed.

We look at one factor here; they are coming back. There is one particular race that feels at this time that they would be very instrumental in helping mankind. At this point they’re not showing themselves, as it is not yet time for them to show themselves and the population still is not ready. Those are our comments.

Wynn:  Thank you. Could we know which that race is who are you referring to?

Ra’An:  They are the Annunaki that were here previously. That is all we have.

Wynn:  Thank you. Jere in Finland has asked for his mother Arja, could be placed into the Light for guidance and healing. She has had some fluids in the back of her knee for long time and she doesn´t want the doctors to suck the fluids out because it´s been done before and it doesn´t fix the problem and it´s really uncomfortable.

And now, few days back it got really worse, she can’t bend or walk and she feels forced to get it punctured and she scheduled a time for an operation for next week. Jere is hoping that maybe there’s some intervention or some Light or guidance or synchronicities that can help find the right person who could fix it holistically or whatever is for the highest good.

Ra’An:  Thank you. He may try calling Jerry Tennant in Texas, the State of Texas. Give us a moment. Jerry Tennant is an MD and he is a holistic practitioner that knows some gentle means for eliminating pain. He has a modulator that can help regulate electrical potential in areas that are painful. He also knows of means of fortifying the body with nutrition that can be specifically targeted toward healing.

One of these is to bring the body to an alkalinity. When the body has alkalinity, the healing can begin when the electron, the negative electrons are prevalent in the body, then the body can use this electrical potential to heal. Diet can be instrumental in bringing the electrical potential around as can be the bio-modulator that he has.

Jere could call his office in Texas and can ask for a consultation with Jerry Tennant. He is an MD and a naturopath and has studied nutrition and the effects of serious factors upon the body and illness. Those are our comments.

Wynn:  Thank you. He also has a website.

Ra’An:  Yes, he also has a website with some information.

Wynn:  When this kind of information comes through Terry, either Dr. Marshall or Jerry Tennant, it’s like, it’s kind of a blending bleed through of Terry’s subconscious mind because she’s into alternative health. So look it up; see if there’s resonance; send him an email; see if he’s worked with something similar to that kind of issue before, before you decide to spend any money with him. That would be what I would do. Thank you and we send the Light to your mother.

We have a question from Leslie who is requesting healing for her brother Ronald M. who has lung cancer which has spread to his bones and she asks for healing for herself to get through this.

I think I brought this up and we asked this before. “I suffered a mini-stroke a few weeks back and stress, waiting to hear what the doctors were going to do. So let’s send Leslie M. and her brother’s Ronald M. [the light] and actually she sent this October 14th so I didn’t ask that before. Do you have any comments on that?

Ra’An:  Thank you. Again, there is cancer present. It is the body that has body parts have gone into a lowered electrical potential. And we take a look. We see confused energy channel lines criss-crossing and the flow of energy through the body in these parts is befuddled and confused. We see sluggishness. We see the diet is not fortifying the body. The energy channels within the body are not clear. As we are speaking, we are looking at the body. Much work is needed.

We look at the intention. There is an attitude of overwhelm from the state of the body. This further lowers the electrical potential within the body. We see that if this person would like us to further work with him that perhaps he could get in touch directly, as when a person asks with their intention and desire for healing it counts for very much. Do you have further questions?

Wynn:  Thank you, just looking here. Kim S. has a healing center in Sarasota, Florida and somebody told her to have a pyramid with her when she does healings. She doesn’t say anything more than that, except the question is: “What is the significance of a pyramid for my healing work?”

Ra’An:  Give us a moment. Thank you for your question. The pyramid can help the healing process in that a confirmation, the formation within the pyramid of the energy structure focuses the energy toward the center of the top and the energy then can be accessed easier by the Divine and transmuted toward a higher vibration.

It has been shown that in pyramids that have been built in various areas of the world that seeds germinate better, more seeds germinate, life has a better quality, plants grow stronger. That is our answer.

Wynn:  Ok, we will accept some closing comments from you and then we will close this call.

Ra’An:  Thank you. We sent Love Light for the growing interest in the connection with the Elohim group and your realm. We see that the interjection of the liquid Love Light into your realm can take hold easier when more individuals are bringing it in and are open to it. This has been rarely tried, but it has been even more rarely accessed by people. And this is a great undertaking that has the ability to change the future of the world. Adonai.

Wynn:  Thank you. And I’m not going to ask them to say any more, but I am going to put in the Light, Diane G., Lisa’s friend who’s just died. Let’s just hold a space and our Sources to work with her and maybe we’ll bring her up next week for a peaceful transition.

Ok, on that note I thank you all for being here today. Thank everyone who has been helping with transcriptions and everything else and of course, Terry and Daphne.  We will see many of you on Sunday at our grid healing. Have a great end of the week.

Lisa:  Thank you, Wynn, for putting Diane in the Light.

Wynn:  You are very welcome.

Thank you so much everyone. Have a good night.

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