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Monday Call 10.31.2011

Host: Wynn Free
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Channeled by Terry Brown
Transcribed by Connie O'Brien
Edited by Terry Brown, Valerie Hawes and David Masty
Formatted and sent by Aharon ben Or

Happy Halloween! This is Monday, October 31, 2011, Wynn Free and Terry Brown in Sedona and this is a simulcast between a conference call and BBS Internet Radio. I apologize for getting on so late; the guy who owns BBS has been answering the door with trick-or-treaters all night. He had to delay the show and I’m trying to see if he’s listening.

Wynn: Do we have anyone new on tonight? We had a number of people who downloaded the Creator Gods of the Physical Universe Want to Talk to You book and I invited them onto this line. We’ve actually been doing this call on Monday nights for quite some time. I decided to do an introductory talk tonight, but being Halloween it may not have been the best night to do it. If anyone is new on the line, I’m not going engage you or embarrass you, just say ‘yes’ if you’re on the line for the first time.

Voice: Yes!

Wynn: Thank you! We also have people listening on BBS, so we’ll figure there are people listening on BBS for the first time as well.

I assume that most of the people who are listening probably read my book that I gave away for free and have been getting occasional emails from me. Everyone is muted and there will be time for questions. If you’re new and you feel like making a comment, I’d love to have you, but there is no obligation; wait until you’re comfortable.

Obviously, if you’ve read the book, if that’s all you’ve done, it sounds like a science fiction story. It’s very hard to believe that the kinds of things that could happen, that are talked about in the book, could actually happen to someone. When I was younger when I would be exposed to spiritual people, I remember that my father had the attitude that everyone always had an angle. The question was; what was their angle? Angle was his word for agenda. I remembered discovering Yogananda, The Autobiography of a Yogi; if anyone has ever read that, you know that this guy told the story in that book of all these miracles that happened to him in India and his face was so sincere on the cover.

I remember saying to myself, “I wonder what his angle is?” I don’t think he had an angle; I think he was coming from a pure intent to bring Spirit to America and he used a form of yoga to do that. If you’ve never been exposed to him you can look him up: Paramahansa Yogananda.

One of the things that is so unique about my experience is; whether you think I have an angle or not, we do things very publicly all the time. We have so many circumstances of people who are having experiences, people who have had healings and anyone can listen in and watch it.

There are things that I couldn’t make up, starting with my sister’s healing, starting with having two women in my life who started channeling a voice that says it created this realm; having the opportunity to ask endless questions; walking into the room to give a talk and the room floods with Light and I ask them, “Could you explain that Light?” and they tell me, “That was us helping you.”

The thing about this is, if you’re here and checking this out for the first time and if you’ve read the book, the book was the beginning. It’s not the end. It’s a book; it’s freezing a series of events that happened to me so that other people can partake. The truth of the matter is that this has been going on non-stop.

We do conference calls three times a week; we do planetary healings. One of the most amazing phenomenon that occurs when we do these, particularly on our Sunday call, is that people can feel energy on the line.

If you can, imagine there is such a thing as a bunch of energies at the beginning of the Universe, outside of time. We have to imagine it, because we can’t see it; I have to imagine it. I said, “How do I know they are who they say they are? How do I know this can be real?” I asked them, “How do you work with this realm?” and they said, “We project Love-Light energy into your realm when people ask.” That was way at the beginning, in 2002. At that time, I may have been experiencing the energy, but I didn’t identify it as such; I didn’t recognize it. It’s a rather subtle energy and it kind of blends so seamlessly with your own energy that it takes a while to say, “That’s it; I can feel it”.

If you’re a skeptic—I happen to be a skeptic, so I always ask questions. I’ve said, “I wonder if it’s the power of suggestion? I wonder whether we’re being hypnotized? I wonder if Terry is crazy and making it up? Is Daphne crazy?” I had to test for years.

There were a couple of incidents that were actual phenomenal shifts in the sense of the very first time, I said “Can you predict a newspaper headline?” and then they successfully did so. They said, “Watch for this in two weeks” and two weeks later there it was.

Four months later, there was a phone call from my brother-in-law and my sister going in the hospital, expected to die. I asked if they could help, and they said they could; my sister survived this very critical operation. At that point I thought it was coincidence, I was sure it was coincidence.

A few weeks later I get another call from my brother-in-law, he said “Something really strange happened: Joanne had to go into the hospital for tests and the nurse said the cancer had disappeared, that there was something wrong with her test because her lupus had disappeared, and lupus never goes away.”

That was quite a striking kind of revelation and now I say, “Gee, I think they did it.” I went back and asked them in a session, “How did you guys do that?” And they said “We just projected a filter into her blood and took the lupus out.”

Now, when we’re on this line, they say they’re paying attention to everyone on the line and that as you open up, you can feel the way their attention feels to you. You notice as I’m saying this, I said, “They’re paying attention”; did you notice a shift in that moment? It happens every time; I’m not doing that. I’ve learned when I start talking about them and when I start saying how they function, how they operate, suddenly there’s a shift. If you are listening and you have your kids screaming in the background, the television on and the radio on, whatever, you may not feel the energy. If you want to, please go into a quiet place; shut the door; tell everyone to leave you alone; don’t answer your cell phone. Too many people have felt the energy on these lines for it to be a coincidence.

We’re not charging anything for these phone calls; not because we have a lot of money, but because I have this conviction that this kind of experience should be available to anyone who reaches for it. It’s also very hard to sell. Imagine me running a big ad saying, “Wynn Free is talking to the Source that created the physical Universe; he’ll be showing up tonight at the First Unitarian Church and you’ll feel them in the room.”

People will read an ad like that and they will go unconscious and say, “This guy’s a wacko”; I can’t advertise it. This has got to be done in such a way so that people are given the time to have an experience themselves, to have their own experience and not to be charged for it, or not to be charged very much. This is not a ‘commodity’.

You know what a ‘commodity’ is? ‘Commodity’ is something like eggs. Everyone knows what eggs are. Everyone knows if they go to the supermarket and they get medium grade eggs, it might cost $1.99; it might cost $3.00, but everyone knows what an egg is.

Everyone knows who Barry Manilow is or most people do. If you put a sign up that says Barry Manilow is playing at the local theater, people will show up because they know what to expect. They’ll pay $40 at the door to get a seat.

If you put a sign that said Wynn Free will be talking to the Elohim at the local theatre and it’s $750 or $100 or $30, I don’t think anyone would show up because I’m not a ‘commodity’.

The fact of having these kinds of conversations is something that is really out there. People have to get their own experience. I tell them, “Don’t even believe it; just show up and feel it”. On our Monday night calls we have had discussions with them through Terry and I just pick a topic, usually a half hour before the call or an hour before the call. Quite frankly, it took me a while to develop the courage to ask about certain topics, because if they are who they say they are, what can and what can’t I ask in front of a public group like this?

We ask questions like “How did you create the Universe? How did sex get started? Tell us about flying saucers.” We have a whole archive section; you can go through it and listen. “Where do humans come from? How does DNA work? What about this graduation that we’re hearing about? What is this shift?”

We may be getting it from the horse’s mouth. We have hundreds of these calls; they’re not very well organized, but they’re available in an archive. Many of them have been transcribed and anyone can browse them and draw their own conclusions.

It took me probably a few years of this, to believe that maybe they were who they said they were. I left myself in a very neutral space from the beginning; even after my sister’s healing, I was not about to prostrate myself and believe they were who they say they were. But I was open to the possibility. If you look my position, if you put yourself in my shoes, there I was writing the book The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?. Of course, that book is about David Wilcock, written with David Wilcock.

It’s the story about David in a period of his life when he was being a voice for interdimensional Sources and I happened to discover him. I started reading his channelings and I said, “This is really important.” I interviewed him for a magazine I was writing for and the editor casually said after the interview, “Wynn, I think you’re right. I think he’s Edgar Cayce and I think you’re the guy who is supposed to write the book about it,” which I did, with David.

In the book there was this premise that David was channeling the group soul that was composed of graduates of this realm, souls that got off the wheel of reincarnation and that now teamed up in other dimensions to be a helper and guide for beings still in this realm, stuck in reincarnation. The implication was that throughout the history of mankind this group soul has made huge interventions, including having spoken through Edgar Cayce; including having been the voice that inspired many spiritual movements and religions, including Christianity.

I was writing the book and I was saying, “Can I really be writing the book that brings forth the messages from the Source that Jesus called ‘Father’?” It was a whole new look at Christianity and a whole new look at who Jesus was; a new way of understanding that. Yet, it all fit in with the traditional Jesus, but it added a whole new dimension of understanding about Jesus.

I’m in the middle of writing this book and two years into it I had a new personal relationship and we were driving from Los Angeles to Portland, Oregon. It was pouring rain; I did a prayer of protection. At the end of the prayer I said, “Does anybody want to talk to me?” Truthfully I was joking, because I was writing this book. She answers and says, “We’re here; what are your questions?”

I was sure she was joking with me; I was sure she was kidding me. I asked some questions and there was this voice coming through her that answered them and after a few minutes she said, “That’s the strangest thing that ever happened to me.” I didn’t know what to make of it; I didn’t know who I was talking to.

I certainly had the concern at that time that maybe I had a negative source. In studying the Wilcock channelings, I became very knowledgeable about something I had never even thought of before; that when somebody channels, how do you know who is talking to you? There are negative sources from other dimensions that speak through people that are designed to mislead you. Of course, I had never read David Icke or heard of reptilians or grays or any of that stuff. I was a guy who was well-read metaphysically, but I didn’t know all the intricacies of the greater Universe.

When Daphne started channeling, my first thing was, “I better be careful; who was this talking to me?” A few days later, we were in Portland and we tried it again. That’s when I said, “How come she can do this?” They said she was from another dimension; she was like a living cosmic library and there were different intelligences that were coming through her. They identified themselves differently, but I also could also start to feel the difference between them. I could feel the difference in energies between them. On one level there was a being that said they were P’tah; then there was the Council of Ahn. They didn’t clarify themselves at first, but eventually they said they were a division of the Elohim. Then, there was the Council of Elohim. I Googled the word Elohim and I came up with “the Creator Gods of the physical Universe; a name for God in the Old Testament; the name the Mormons use for God”. I asked them, “Are you the same Elohim?” They said, “We’re part of the same.” I didn’t believe them. Put yourself in my position.

I’m writing The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?. It took me a year to believe David Wilcock was really Edgar Cayce and that the Source coming through Wilcock was responsible for the founding of Christianity and many other spiritual movements and was one of the main interveners from other realms that were positive through the millennia of mankind.

I’m writing the book about them, bringing their current message in a public forum and suddenly I have a new personal relationship that announces to me that they’re the Elohim and that they created the physical Universe. That’s a lot to believe. Walk in my shoes. Believe me when I say “I didn’t want to believe it.” It was too much responsibility.

If they really were who they said they were, then there was something I was supposed to do with it and I had no idea what that was at the time. I was with Daphne; we had no money; we were living in a little apartment near Pomona, California and she was freaking out all the time.

I’ve learned now that they were panic attacks; I’ve learned that when you go really high and you reach into a Source like the Elohim, you go through a lot of areas to get there that you could say are funky. As you go through those areas, there are demonic forces; there are reptilians; they all want to grab you and grab your energy and keep you from going.

If you’re going to reach a Source like the Elohim, if anyone aspires to do that, forget about ‘halfway-house’; you can’t go there and come back, because then you get attacked. You have to hold the energy for it or else you get a negative source that says they’re the Elohim and they will mislead people. This is one of the things I learned; I didn’t know this at the time.

All I know is that I have this woman that is tapping me on the shoulder saying, “Those guys want to talk to you.” I turn the tape recorder on, I’m having these conversations and I’m asking these really profound questions and I said, “She could not answer that question.” And then of course, I mentioned earlier, they saved my sister’s life.

This is going on for a few years. I should say that at the very beginning of this, in 2002, perhaps at the beginning of August, Daphne was freaking out so much of the time, she was so out of balance, it was almost like I could not pay attention to her. At the time I remember thinking, “I’m not doing very good with high-maintenance women”. It was much more than ‘high maintenance’, but that would have been the vocabulary I used at the time.

I had the feeling she was going to leave me. I invited my friend Terry; we’ve known each other for years. We did business together; we sold things together; we were in multi-level marketing together. I invited her over, because I wanted somebody to witness Daphne channeling. That was kind of a classic channeling. Are you on the line, Terry?

Terry: I’m on the line: I’m here.

Wynn: I thought I would share with you. I’m going to let Terry talk about what happened. That’s one of the unique things about this; it didn’t happen in a vacuum. All the players, including Daphne, have decided that it was really important, and are all staying in the loop of being available and making it happen in the world. Why don’t you just share, Terry, what happened when I invited you to that session with Daphne?

Terry: I really liked the energy and I really liked the answers to the questions that they gave. So I used that time [to ask a couple questions.] Wynn told me I could ask a couple questions, so I asked about them [the Elohim], which was very interesting. Then I asked if there was a way that I could learn to channel them, because I’d had a course in channeling in 1995 and they said, yes, I could.

I asked later on, after Daphne left. Wynn invited me over and it was like there was a tapping, a pressure tapping on the right side of my head. I recognized the frequencies from having been in the channeling with Daphne and so they said that they wanted to speak with Wynn.

I said, “Wynn’s asleep. Can you speak to me and we’ll talk and get acquainted with each other?” They said, “No, we want to talk to Wynn.” So I woke Wynn up and said get the tape recorder out and then they started coming through me and he asked questions of me and I was giving the answers. It was really a good experience to be able to connect with them.

Wynn: When this was going on, I think in 2003, I just decided I’d better document my experiences, just write them down. I wrote a book called Conversations with my Girlfriend and it was the original version of The Creator Gods of the Physical Universe Want to Talk to You. I thought I would read a couple of the questions I was asking in that period of time. Here are some of the original dialogs:

In researching the Elohim, they were described as one of the Creator Gods of the Solar System. Are we talking to the same Elohim?” They answered, “We are a division of what you would say.” I asked them, “So when the original One Infinite Creator broke off and started creating the Universe, where did the Elohim enter—into the third dimension, into being into existence?”

They answered, “Eta Carinae”, which is the name of a galaxy in the Universe. “That’s the location in the Universe?” They said, “Yes, in Earth years, how many years ago?” “78 billion years.” “At what point did the Elohim participate in this Solar System?” “Four million years ago.”

What was the incentive to start that interaction?” “—to protect the fledging humanoid species.” Then I asked them, “Was that human population bred or brought from another world?” “A combination of both, they were both brought and bred.” “Where were they brought from?” They said, “We see the star Sirius.”

I asked “I believe the Mormon religion was started as an interaction between Joseph Smith and the Elohim. Is this the same Elohim?” And they said, “Yes”. Then I said, “The same council we’re speaking with right now is the same council impacting the beginning of the Mormons?” And they said, “Yes.”

That’s an honorable position, to be in communication.

Here’s the session where Terry began channeling; I’ll just read a couple of things here. “So anyone anywhere who is sincerely seeking could find a way to connect with this kind of communication?” Their answer: “If that is the intent of the recipient. Our frequencies, our information, our beingness is present for those who can properly receive it.”

How could someone who doesn’t have the ability of this kind of channel”—a channel such as Daphne—“…how can they connect with the support of your council?” The answer was, “By going deeply within the self for the answers that you seek, available universally to all.”

Question: “Why is it on this level that people cannot connect with or experience their connection with Divine Source?” Elohim: “Because there are veils in place in this level and continue to be, until you reach fifth and sixth density. You have chosen this as part of your evolutionary makeup, part of the design.” Wynn: “If someone is living within their veils, what can they do to penetrate through their veils? What kind of exercise, if they had decided this is something they would like to lift above?”

I remember when I asked that question, the answer was really profound and I thought about it for many days thereafter. If you look at wisdom, you look at somebody who is bringing forth wisdom that stands on its own; it doesn’t matter whether it’s the Elohim; it doesn’t matter whether it’s Einstein or Sartre; it doesn’t matter, because it just stands on its own.

So I asked this question, “How do you lift through these veils?” They’re saying that we have these veils and that humans are stuck behind those veils. They said the answer to that was, “First, there must be intention. Then, there must be persistence. Then there must be vision of that which could be beyond the veil. These combined provide the backdrop for further dissolution of the mental structures holding in a person.”

I think it was that answer that [caused me], a couple of years later to say, “I’m going to start these conference calls,” because I realized that when someone became aware that one had veils and that one was blocked, it was not easy to get through that. They said one needed persistence, one needed intention and one needed vision of what was behind the veil. We’ve been doing these conference calls every week and really that is the intent behind these calls.

We have talked about how things work on the other side. We’ve talked about so many different things. We have an archive of it. It’s actually worked, because there are many people who are listening to these calls that have had a great movement of consciousness and shift as a result of the way this has impacted them.

Then I asked them, “Does your council monitor and notice this, even though they haven’t penetrated the veil directly?” Then they said, “The council notices and guides, as much as is able, those entities willing to perceive us on what you would term the other side”.

Then I said, “Many entities might be highly skeptical that such a council could be actually paying attention to these things on such an individual level, with so many billions of people on this planet. Could you describe a little bit how that process works; how that noticing takes place?”

Elohim: “We see you as energy systems, as energy circuits. When there are particular bright spots, we know to pay attention to these. The bright spots are indicative that a person in your density has tapped into the greater collective field and is thus accessing consciously the required information to further free themselves from the confines of the third density. In this manner, we are able to pay attention to those among billions, who are able to make the initial sojourn into the greater development of developed mental entities awaiting higher galactic consciousness connection.”

That was kind of blowing my mind. Yet at the time that we did that and the time they said that, I had no idea how that actually worked. Now, every Sunday on these conference calls we do a planetary and personal healing meditation and we move our energies through the veil and people can experience the expansion, they connect with us and they talk with us as a group. We’ll be doing that tonight before we’re finished.

There is this huge kind of inertia for someone new to figure this out and to get it. That’s not always true, because we have emails from people that have said, “I’ve understood these things for years and it’s so nice to hear you saying them in your book”. There are many people who have individually made connection, or at least they believe they have.

Well, in any case, I’m asking all these questions. Finally I said, “Terry, do you have questions?” and she asked, “What is it like to be you and what is your relationship to Love and Light?”

Elohim: “This is an interesting question. We do not experience physical bodies as you would deem them on your Earth plane.

We are an amalgamation of Light intensities in these frequencies; our life is centered around a central purpose or focus. We experience the Collective of the Oneness; we build using frequency of light harmonics, sacred geometry forms, such as what would appear in your inner eye.

We are not limited by those things which you would term ‘Earth limitations’. We are not afraid of death. We do not take birth in the physical. Our life span would number many thousands of years of your life span. We pass consciously from one density to another; we perceive holographically. We do not experience fear, as you experience fear. Does this answer your questions?”

Terry: “How does time appear to you in relationship to us? Do we seem to be much slower in thought or beingness?”

Elohim: “Much more localized; we exist outside of what you would call time as a linear construct. Therefore, we have the option of jumping around, in and out of it, as you would jump in and out of a swimming pool.”

I asked about Daphne, who was going through huge changes and they said, “The current instrument is going through severe detoxification and realignment of energy patterns and nodes and grids within the body. It is taking time; taking its toll. It is good for the entity to balance ‘alone time’ with ‘people time’ with even more grounding and calling on her guides.

There is intense internal trauma and doubt surfacing inside this instrument. She has reservations as to the nature of the work that is being presented to her. She must take it at her own pace and understand that it is free will and shall not be forced.”

Terry said; “I love your energies and I hope I will be able to stabilize myself enough to contact you directly”. They said, “It is a matter of willing and perseverance. If you try, you cannot help but to eventually succeed. It is in blessings and service that we give this time and information to you.” Three weeks later, Daphne had left and Terry comes over, wakes me up in the middle of the night and says, “Get the tape recorder out”.

She was describing how she heard this tapping on her head and they were saying they wanted her to relay a message to me. They didn’t really have a message; they just kept saying, “Ask us questions”. If they had given me messages and they said “Do this, do that”, I probably would have not continued, because I’m too independent, personally, just to follow their messages, even if they are who they say they are.

As I came to understand this, that it was my independence that was of great value in the connection, because I was so hard and critical in believing this for myself. Once I did, once I took it to be real, I had the ability to help other people believe it’s real.

The other thing I’ve learned, and this is a biggie, I’ll try to say it a couple of times: the key element in this realm is not following the Elohim; it is co-creating with each other. ‘Co-creation’, in other words, when we do our call on Sunday and we bring in their energies, we are co-creating together as a group, to lift the energies above the veil. Even now, this is subtle; even though I am talking and I’m kind of leading the conversation, my nature is co-creative.

Co-creative does not mean partnership, it doesn’t mean equal time and it doesn’t mean ‘It’s my turn’. It could mean all those things, but what it means at this level is that I am feeling the energies of you. As I feel them, I send them back. In that interaction, we are co-creating. We are co-creating the space. And of course, it’s voluntary on your part.

Those of you listening are all at your own levels. Some of you are right with me, tracking the energy from second to second, others of you are in your mind and are thinking, “Is he for real? Is he a wacko? Is he insane? What’s he doing? I don’t feel anything.”

If you approach a circumstance with a given thought form, the thought form that you approach it with is what you’re going to find when you look at it. In other words, the best way to approach all of this is with neutrality, meaning “I don’t know if it’s real, I don’t know if it’s not real but I’m open to the possibility.”

If you approach it with doubt, that’s not neutral, that’s having a spin on the approach; it’s like having a prejudice and that is, “I don’t think it’s real. Let me find what’s wrong with it.” If you approach it with doubt, you’re going to find reasons to justify your doubt, in spite of the fact you can look at this whole thing and keep on turning stones and there’s absolutely nothing that is being exaggerated; there’s nothing that’s not taped; everyone is here and now, the people are here and now. Can you convert that into an experience that’s valuable to you?

One of the things that happened with Terry is that at a certain point Daphne started to think that maybe this was important, and we started having conversations over the telephone and she would channel. At one point I believe I asked Daphne “Was Terry ever anybody famous?”

I didn’t expect them to answer; they don’t answer questions to appease my curiosity. They also don’t answer questions to clarify religious things that are working, that would jeopardize the belief systems of other people. For example, if somebody is a traditional Christian and they’re using the traditional model of Jesus and it’s working for them because it can work. If it’s working for those people, the Elohim don’t want to go on record to do anything to upset that apple cart that’s working.

I did ask “Was Terry anybody famous?” They said, “Look up Saint Catherine of Siena”, who I’d never heard of. Many of you are familiar with the pictures. I had learned in writing The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?—about David Wilcock, that people tend to look like their past lifetimes. They also meet the same people.

Wilcock looked like Cayce; his father looked like Cayce’s father and the reason this is so is because DNA transfers in your soul matrix. So, when you die and your soul leaves your body, it has a computer program of your DNA in it, and when the soul comes into another incarnation and occupies a body, it programs that new body with the DNA of the old body. This is a speculative thing; you can’t prove that. You can’t even prove that reincarnation exists. But you can prove that David Wilcock looks like Edgar Cayce. You can prove that David’s father looks like Cayce’s father. And numerous other people that look like people.

When I asked about Terry and they said, “Look up Saint Catherine”. Who did we find, but the story of a young Catholic woman in Siena, Italy that would go down to the local church and the priests and the nuns would write down everything she said because they thought God was speaking to them through her. Saint Catherine’s Dialogues with God are an official part of Catholic history, still available on Amazon.

Terry is the spitting image of Saint Catherine. That was amazing; that was like hitting me over the head with a sledge hammer, saying “Wynn, this is real.” There were many episodes like that; where circumstances unfolded that just couldn’t have been coincidence. They went beyond the realm of probability, that this voice coming through Daphne pulled a name out of the air and I look it up and it’s a person who channeled that is the spitting image of Terry. There were many other things in the story that made me feel connected to Terry’s energy as I read the story of Saint Catherine.

Basically, this is not about creating a new belief system; this is about creating a pivotal point where you can experience the resonance of these Sources, where we make the premise that they can flow from wherever they are into this realm.

Their criterion is that somebody has to ask for their presence and that we have the ability to ask for their presence and to feel them in our space. As we do that over and over again, we learn to live within what I call an expanded hologram. We live within a space where we are no longer confined by the veil of the Earth; we are outside of that veil and things happen in our life to validate that that’s going on.

When you do that, when you hear that idea for the first time, it’s like when I first heard that idea, I thought that we’re going to be out there in space and I’m going to be seeing asteroids passing me by. That’s not the way that it’s worked for me; I have this great sense of expansion. I feel this energy and it’s hard to explain until you feel it. It is extending from my body and around my body and way beyond my body and I can feel the energy but I can’t see anything, because my visual equipment is all just lined up to work with the body.

It’s kind of like developing this testing-relationship where you feel an energy and you say, “Is that it?” Then you go back and feel it and say “Is that it?” until you have certainty that “Yes, that is it”. Now, you’ve made a connection with these Sources.

If I am to believe all that they’ve told me over the past years, then they’re watching us right now. They’re looking at you, even if you’re here for the first time and you might feel a presence near you. You might feel an opening of your energies; you might feel an expansion of your field, a tingling, tingling around your body. If you look up in your forehead you might notice energy; you might notice Light energy.

One of the things we can do on these calls is let them talk to you and they can talk to us through Terry. The leap of faith here is that this voice that’s talking to us through Terry is the same energy, the same consciousness that we’re feeling on our foreheads. Terry, are you on the line?

Terry: Yes, I am.

Wynn: Are you open to bringing in a little message?

Terry: Okay, it’s after 7:00, so it’d be short.

Wynn: Usually we can go on a little late because I don’t think they have a show coming on after us. This will just be a short one. Again, we’ll make the idea that this voice that we’re hearing, this consciousness, they actually don’t just say they’re the Elohim. If you’ve been reading the work and paying attention, they are a combination of both group souls, the group soul made up of graduates and the Elohim group at the beginning of Creation. They can move through all the dimensions and arrive here as what they call Love Light energy. I’m going to do a protective invocation and then I’ll turn it over to them to greet us.

Father-Mother God, we ask for the presence of the Light to surround and protect Terry and myself and everyone present and everyone on the replay lines and we take any negativity and release it into the highest realms of Light, for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the Solar System, through the outer energy fields of Earth, through our physical bodies coming in from the top of our heads through our bodies and into the center of the Earth. Right now, we invoke a group energy, a blending of the energies of all of us present on this line and all those in the future on the replay lines. We see our energies touching each other. We invite those Sources that are positive, service to others, honoring the Law of One, to join with us while we create a protected space that only the Positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now.

We’ll wait for their message.

Ra’An: We greet you in the Love Light of The One Infinite Creator on this day of the spirit of giving of Halloween and the children’s day for trick and treat. We greet you in the spirit of giving and we are available to connect with each and every person on the line or who reads the transcript or listens to an audio, we are here to offer our services and assistance and we are available to connect to you.

We have a very high frequency, which for some who are connected so with the Earth, with the minerals and the body and with the frequencies of the third dimension, it is sometimes hard to know that we are there and to feel our frequencies. We do see your frequencies and see you and as we extend to you and you extend to us through the crown chakra we meet and we do hear your requests and we note at this time there are many more asking for assistance, which is good and will bring such assistance as needed as it is deemed for the highest good. Do you have questions?

Wynn: This is meant to be an introductory call and I’m sure we have a few new people listening. Could you explain what would be the advantage to someone who is on the Earth plane who was able to make a connection with your frequencies?

Ra’An: It is a frequency that brings love, it brings stabilization and it brings a wider range of grounding to you. If you connect very solidly with us you begin to know that you are a valuable person; you are a treasured person. Your life is not totally about economic situations and you are a treasured individual that is superior to the situations in which you find them; situations which you are attempting to work through.

You are a valued Source; you are a creator in your own right. You are the Source of your creations. There are concepts beyond words here, of the value of being a creator within your own life framework, of your potential to grow and to learn and you are a life-force that is participating and is a child of All That Is and not merely a clay body within the third dimension.

Wynn: One of the things I’ve learned, that as you tune in to these higher frequencies, as you make connections, your vibration changes in this realm and you start to impact things around you, not through your personality, not through your willpower, but through your vibratory field, which is now extending outside of your body, grounding into the Earth and touching other people.

When you start doing this, you are doing an extremely high service in this realm, because you’re changing the nature of reality in your space. You’re turning it into a more loving space. You don’t always get thanks for this; not everyone notices because it’s subtle. I know that’s working and I know that’s one of the great benefits that has occurred for people that start making these connections.

Sometimes it changes the nature of relationships you’re involved in; the people you love and care about if you have the ability to—I think oftentimes when people use the word ‘love’ in terms of their family, ‘love’ turns into ‘worry’.

Worry’ is not a loving energy, it’s a concerned energy and a caring energy, but it can actually get close to ‘fear’. ‘Worry’ and ‘fear’ go hand in hand. When you learn how to get above that and hold a loving energy, then you’re creating an energy that gives the people around you the chance to lift themselves up and match your space, as opposed to be worried about them. When you’re worried about people, oftentimes they can use you, they can abuse you because of your worry. Sometimes worry doesn’t allow you to have the proper boundaries. I think that I’ve experienced that and various people who have come into our lines have experienced that.

We have three calls a week. If this resonates with you, then you’re welcome to join our calls. Occasionally we sell things for small amounts or ask for donations. We hope you’ll consider being supportive of us, because this is being done and we’re not making a profit; it usually loses money, in spite of the fact that this is a very special thing in the world that we’re doing.

I believe it is. It probably will get most of the support after everyone’s dead. If you get into it and enjoy it, we really appreciate your donations and I thank you on behalf of Terry, myself and Daphne, those of you who have been supportive of us.

If you’d like to make a donation you can go to: You can give any amount and it’s highly appreciated. It also helps to connect you with the energies. The truth of the matter, in the oneness of everything, who are you? You’re us. By supporting us and feeling the connection, then you move into the oneness of the experience and the energy comes back to you.

Terry, I don’t know if you want to say anything from your human side, or if they’d like to say anything from their cosmic side I’ll just leave a space here. Then we’ll close this show.

Terry: I’d like to thank everybody that is working with us. We’ve started sending blessings out every day. To all of you, I feel your participation and it’s really a good connection. I want to thank everybody.

Wynn: Thank you, Terry. Thank you for being so supportive of this work for all this time, and your own sacrifices, yes, thank you, Terry.

I don’t know if anybody new is listening, but we did this call for you if you; thank you for being here. It’ll be available on our replays, so those people who didn’t hear it can listen to it on a replay. I thank everybody who has been regularly attending the conference calls and helping to hold the energy and space that makes this possible and creating a protection, because this does need protection; and all those people who have volunteered.

We’ll see you all next call. Thank you!

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