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Waves, Particles and Your Ability to Manifest


Monday 11.07.2011
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Host: Wynn Free
Channeled by Terry Brown
Transcribed by Terry Brown and Valerie Hawes
Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee

Terry:  Good evening ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, wherever you are. Wherever in the world you are or when you may be reading a transcript or when you may be listening to an audio of a replay, we welcome you. This is the BBS Wynn Free Monday night hour. My name is Terry Brown and I’m the co-host of the show and he is out rounding up the people on the conference line. This is a simulcast, meaning people are on a conference and people are on BBS Radio. If someone calls in on a conference line then they are patched in and can hear the show that way. On BBS Radio they can hear it on their computer. 

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Wynn has three conference calls a week. One of them is a grid healing which is on Sunday and we make information available. We do a healing, a grid healing and I do a channeling and we have individuals tell what their concerns are and what they would like to put in the Light that week, such things as growth situations, economic situations and sometimes people will put people that they know in the Light that are having a difficult situation or time. Then we have the Monday night call and I do a channeling on this call often; however, I never know what the topic is beforehand. I don’t know what the topic is tonight and I prefer to not know beforehand.

Wynn:  She tells that to everybody; we rehearsed this all day.

Terry:  Ladies and gentlemen:  Wynn Free.

Wynn:  That’s right. We get up in the morning and I say “How about if I say this and you say that?” We work it all out so we look good. 

This is Wynn Free; this is Monday, November 7, 2011 in Sedona, with my co-host Terry Brown. We’re actually both co-hosts and we’re doing our Monday night conference call coordinated with our conference line. We have a really interesting topic tonight. 

These calls are very interesting to me. You have to find out if it’s interesting to you. Those of you who have been listening regularly know that I have been involved in an on-going dialogue with some Sources in other dimensions; at least they identify themselves that way. They have explained themselves to be group souls, two group souls. One of them is the Elohim group which created the physical Universe and the other is the Ra group, which is made up of graduates, souls that went through periods in physical bodies and graduated and act as helpers and guides for those of us who are still here in confusion. I always tell people; “Don’t believe any of that; that’s how they describe themselves. But the best way to come to your own conclusion is by the nature of their answers on these calls.”

If you’d like to go check out our archives, they’re not very well presented at this point but they are there at You can listen to our archives and in some cases read them, because there are transcripts. Again I say, the best way to decide as to the source of our communications is by your own impact. There should be an impact if they are who they say they are. For many of the people who have been paying attention to these calls there has been an impact. There have been a lot of transformations, personal growth, all kinds of things. There is a reason why that happens and how that works.

One of the topics tonight has to do with the reason. This is one of those calls where I’m going try to make this simple, so that you all can understand it and in spite of the fact that I barely understand it. I had a lot of ah-ha’s this past week as I listened to a video that was on YouTube, an excerpt from the movie What the *Bleep* Do We Know?

Did any of you watch the part of the video about particle versus wave? Yes, you did. Oh, thank you. It was on the particle versus wave phenomena and it was showing some things that were very interesting. Seth is prepared to play the audio tract of the video, but first I thought I would tell you what I saw when I watched that video. After we hear the audio I will give my cognitions on it and then we’re going to talk to our Sources and see if we’re going in the right direction and what they can share from that perspective. 

This goes right to the very nature of the physical Universe, the very fundamental nature. If we’re talking to the Elohim and if they created the physical Universe then they should be able to answer this. Can Terry’s mind bring through the answers? It has to go through the formation of her vocabulary; sometimes there are limitations to concepts that she can understand, although there are times when she has brought through concepts which she didn’t understand and still make them understandable.

 We do this live; really, we haven’t rehearsed this; Terry has no idea what we’re talking about and what we are going to be asking about. She has demonstrated the ability over and over again to go into a trance, or an altered state, where she is able to pick up on her antenna these voices from other dimensions. This has been going on in my life for probably eight years. 

We do it publicly. It was a little scary the very first time we ever did it publicly. It’s always a little scary. One of the reasons it’s scary is because any time you do something like this there is always the chance that whoever talks to you is not who they say they are. I don’t believe that’s happened much on our calls. I think what protects us is the high intent of both Terry and myself. I tell people you must decide; we’re not presenting this as truth. What we can present as truth is the experiments that were done on the wave particle stuff. Let’s see if I can describe this verbally.

If you imaged shooting marbles out of a gun through a slit, some of the marbles, would bounce off the metal before there was a slit (the slit is in the metal). Others would go through the slit, and if they passed through the slit, if there was a screen you could capture them and you were shooting hundreds of marbles, you would have a solid line of marbles hitting that screen. It would all be a reflection of the slit; the screen would look like the slit. That’s a physical object going through a slit. If you had a second slit and you were shooting marbles and it was going through both slits now, and it was hitting the screen on the other side of the slit you’d have two lines on that screen that were looking like the slits, the same geometries of the slits, because the slit would define the trajectory or the path of the marbles. Do you understand that Terry?

Terry:  So far. 

Wynn:  I’m just checking to see if I’m explaining this correctly. On this video it was saying suppose you put water through one slit, there were waves of water hitting the slit instead of marbles. What would happen with water is that you’d get waves on the other side.

If the screen was showing the water, it would show at the center of the screen the brightest area where the water was hitting. Then it would fade off along to the side with more slits in waves. If you put two slits and the water was going through, you now have these two waves coming through each of the slits. It’s really quite different than with marbles, because the waves interact and they either add or they subtract and you get multiple forms on the screen. 

With that, I think I’m going to have Seth play the tape and that will give you the visualization of what he’s talking about, when he talks about a slit that they’re shooting electrons through or they’re having water come towards.  Are you there, Seth? Can you play that audio?

The Audio:  Here we are, the granddaddy of all quantum weirdness: the infamous double-slit experiment. To understand this experiment, we first need to see how particles, or little balls of matter act. If we randomly shoot a small object, say a marble, at the screen, we see a pattern on the back wall where they went through the slit and hit. Now if we add a second slit, we would expect to see a second band duplicated to the right.

Let’s look at waves. The waves hit the slit and radiate out, striking the back wall with the most intensity directly in line with the slit. The line of brightness on the back screen shows that intensity. This is similar to the line the marbles make.

But when we add the second slit, something different happens. If the top of one wave meets the bottom of another wave, they cancel each other out. So now there is an interference pattern on the back wall, places where the two tops meet are the highest intensity, the bright lines and where they cancel, there is nothing.

So when we throw things, that is, matter, through two slits, we get these two bands of hits. And with waves, we get an interference pattern of many bands. Good so far; now let’s go quantum.

An electron is a tiny, tiny bit of matter like a tiny marble. Let’s fire a stream through one slit. It behaves just like the marble: a single band. So if we shoot these tiny bits through two slits, we should get, like the marbles, two bands.

What—an interference pattern? We fired electrons, tiny bits of matter, through but we get a pattern like waves, not like little marbles. How? How could pieces of matter create an interference pattern like a wave? It doesn’t make sense.

But, physicists are clever. They thought maybe those little balls are bouncing off each other and creating that pattern.  So they decide to shoot electrons through one at a time; there is no way they could interfere with each other. But after an hour of this, the same interference pattern is seen to emerge.


The conclusion is inescapable: the single electron leaves as a particle, becomes a wave of potentials, goes through both slits and interferes with itself to hit the wall like a particle. 

Mathematically, it’s even stranger. It goes through both slits AND it goes through neither. And it goes through just one and it goes through just the other. All of these possibilities are in superposition with each other. Physicists were completely baffled by this. They decided to peek and see which slit it actually goes through. They put a measuring device by one slit and see which one it went through and let it fly.

But the quantum world is far more mysterious than they could have imaged. When they observed, the electron went back to behaving like a little marble; it produced the pattern of two bands, not an interference pattern of many.

The very act of measuring, or observing, which slit it went through meant it only went through one, not both. The electron decided to act differently, as though it was aware it was being watched. And it was here that physicists stepped forever into the strange, never-world of quantum events: What is matter--marbles or waves?

And, waves of what? And what does an observer have to do with any of this? The observer collapsed the wave function simply by observing.

Wynn:  I don’t know if you guys could understand that, or visualize it, but the thing that it was saying is:  they weren’t talking about marbles; now they were talking about electrons being shot through a slit.

When electrons were just shot through one slit, when there was only one slit, it would look like marbles hitting the screen, it would look like a line on the other side.

When electrons were shot through two slits, there was some kind of interaction, so the pattern on the screen looked like a wave. The Physicists were experimenting and even when they sent one electron out at a time, it still looked like a wave. Somehow or another, it was as if that electron divided between the two slits and had a wave function on the screen.

So, through one slit it looked like a particle; through two slits it looked like a wave. When they started to observe the electrons, before they hit the slit on the front side of the slit, the act of observation turned it back into a particle. However they were measuring it, the act of observation turned it into a particle. I’m going to open the lines up and see if everyone understands that so far. Are you guys following this?

Caller:  Yes; of course it helped to watch it this afternoon.

Wynn:  Anyone on the call tracking what I’m saying and is totally confused?

Michael:  I thought this was really great. It’s another demonstration of the dual nature of the Universe that we’re in. Even when we’re looking at the Ra group and the Elohim, one has had bodies, one hasn’t. It’s very cool that we’re seeing again that dualism that we live in.

Wynn:  Yes. I am going to go somewhere here on this, because I had this cognition when I watched that video. That’s why I played it tonight; because I want to make it so it’s helpful in a way that you can take it home with you and have more tools for changing your life. Who was it said they didn’t understand it at all? Kim?

Kim:  I just don’t get it and I can watch that and watch that, but my mind has a block for some reason. I’ve seen that many times, yes. That doesn’t matter.  Don’t stop the show for me.

Gijs:  I don’t get it either, Kim. I saw it, it was very understandable from the video, that’s amazing. I’m very anxious to hear what they had to say tonight.

Wynn:  It’s not logical, so you can’t understand it in a logical way. Nonetheless, using the tools of measurement in this realm this is the way it comes out. I don’t think you can understand in a logical way, in the way that two plus two equals four, because this does not make logical sense. The difference between a particle and a wave, perhaps you don’t understand that.  Let’s look at understanding that for a moment.

Let’s look at particles.  We’re used to a physical Universe that is made up of particles. Your table is solid; your body is solid. We have this intuitive sense that there is something present there, physical; we know what that means, but we may not understand all the ramifications of it. But, we know what it means.

Let’s go now look at a wave. Since we’re using waves here in terms of the ocean for example and we see waves coming in. Of course, this is not an exact analogy to quantum physics, because the waves are still physical, they’re still ‘solid’ in one way. But, they are waves in another. They act differently as waves than they would as solids. Waves, when they go through…

Gijs:  It is fluid, right? That makes a big difference, I think.

Wynn:  Well, it’s fluid. But, we’re still at waves in physical. 

For example, put your hand out in front of you, so it’s extended from your body and put all your fingers together and move your hand back and forth from left to right, left, right, left, right, left, right.

Actually, you are creating a wave motion. If you notice that wave is moving air back and forth, left and right. If you’re doing it at the speed I’m saying, it would be like one cycle per second--left, right, left right.  Suppose you speed it up, maybe that’s four cycles per second. That’s taking a solid object and moving it back and forth.

We can look at radio waves. Radio waves are not solid objects at all, as far as I know; they’re frequencies of electromagnetism that can move through the air. Where you’re sitting right now, you’re in the middle of a bunch of radio waves; they’re all passing through your body. You’re probably in the middle of a bunch of HAARP waves that are being generated for negative reasons; your television set can pick up radio waves and convert them into visual images.

Waves have different properties than particles. For example, if you throw a marble at your wall, when it hits the wall it stops. When you aim a radio wave at  your wall, it continues. We’re all talking on cell phones right now and we’re all using waves going through all kinds of instruments everywhere.

 It starts out from my voice going into an audio, into a microphone and coming out, going through a bunch of wave forms, and coming out on the other end. You guys are listening through your ears and the same thing is happening over the internet. Waves and particles are different.

When you start looking at the building blocks of the Universe, you’re looking at an electron for example, as they were talking about. The electron will sometimes behave as a particle and sometimes behave as a wave. That is an incredible mystery, as to why it should do that. Perhaps it’s always a wave, but the wave can look like a particle and we can ask those questions. I have asked them. I don’t completely understand the answers.

Where it started triggering me when I watched that video, see if you can follow this with me. Oftentimes we talk about our body and our energy bodies. Our bodies are rigid in this dimension and yet our energy bodies move through dimensions. In a sense, it seems to me that our energy bodies are more like waves.

For example, if you’re on our grid healing Sunday, we move our energy bodies through the ceiling; at least we say we do. Things happen; we feel shifts. We feel ourselves connecting. If our energy bodies are waves, then when we all connect by the laws of quantum mechanics, the waves, we’re making frequencies beating against each other.

There’s something new that comes into the mix when we combine our energies. It seems that is what happens. It seems like when Jesus said, “When two or more are gathered, I am also present”. It seems that might be what he was talking about, energies coming together and creating new frequencies that were not there before they came together.

I was thinking about this and I was thinking about myself. I was thinking about how, when I’m creating something for the first time, I have this idea of not talking to anyone about it. I’ve learned even in metaphysical stuff there is this idea of holding the energy. When you’re starting something, don’t talk about it until it gets anchored.

I know sometimes, Terry can watch this; I have this little RV. If I have to make a bunch of phone calls, sometimes I will leave the house, go into my little RV and make phone calls, because I don’t want my frequencies to be encumbered. 

Years ago, I used to do this. I used to have to make phone calls; I would go to a phone booth. There weren’t as many cell phones at that time. It was funny, but somehow I had this feeling of being encumbered when I was in someone else’s field.

I took that to the idea of when they started monitoring the electrons that were going through the slit, the act of monitoring them shifted them from being a wave to a particle. I started to think about myself. “If somebody is watching what I’m doing, there is a whole other shift in the way my energy works.”

Oftentimes, I set things up so nobody can watch what I’m doing or nobody can hear what I’m doing. I’m not even in the field of someone who can monitor my field to see what I’m doing, because I’ve had the experience of having these amazing synchronicities in my life. I didn’t quite understand it.

I’m applying these principles of quantum mechanics; when something observes the electron it turns into a particle. I kept thinking, “That feels like what I experience, that when somebody observes me, I turn into a particle.” Another way of saying that would be; I’m linear; I’m solid. When I’m a wave I can travel anywhere; I can move through walls and suddenly there are synchronicities and there’s magic.

I said, “I think this wave function of a human is another way of looking at spiritual energy.” There’s this field; all of you have heard this field referred to one way or another, whether it’s the Unified field, the infinite ocean of Divine love and mercy, the Holy Spirit. That field, I’m hypothesizing, is a wave and it follows the patterns of waves. I may have it completely wrong, because we’re going to talk them and they may say, “Wynn, you’re wrong. You don’t have it.”

Continuing this postulate is that all of us want to do things and change our lives, most of us, in one way or another. Usually the first thing we do is talk it over with our spouse; we call our friends up and tell everybody what we’re doing and suddenly it doesn’t happen. I’ve looked at it in the past; it’s like saying you have all these people’s energies, or thought-forms, in your own mind and they don’t believe you could do that. If they don’t believe you can do that and you’ve talked about them, you’ve told them what you’re going to do and they don’t believe it can happen. You’ve told them what you’re going to do before it happens. Then essentially, you’ve blocked your own mind from expanding into the field that can create that to happen. 

Things happen non-linearly. When you do things without moving into the field you’re operating, the Bible calls it “by the sweat of the brow”. Anyone could get a job, work and do productions, so somebody else earns money off of them and they get a percentage of the money called their paycheck. That’s very linear.

Imagine that you went out one day and you said, “I’m getting this feeling; I’m going into this coffeehouse or this place and have a cup of coffee”. I do this all the time; I walk in and I sit next to somebody and I start talking to them and it is like they are the embodiment of something I was thinking about.

Let’s suppose I was looking for a job and I sat next to that guy and he said, “Man, you’re just the person. I really like having you around. You can do this for me”, whatever it is. Suddenly I have a job where I’m not just creating money for someone else. There’s nothing wrong with creating money for someone else, but I have a job where somebody really likes me, appreciates me at a deeper level and I’m supporting the energy of his business. 

I look at some of these businesses that have become very successful because there is a cohesive energy in the business that radiates out to the customers. Two of the businesses I think about are Starbucks and Kinkos. When you go in those businesses, whoever works there usually feels like they’re really being themselves, particularly in Starbucks. They don’t feel like they’re working; they’re greeting you; they’re happy to see you; they’re happy to have a job; they connect well with the other people there.

There’s a magic in that kind of relationship; there’s a magic because the energy is grounded all the way from the human side to the big business. Another place where you can see that magic manifested; let’s look at the Beatles; let’s look at John Lennon and Paul McCartney. Why did they get so successful? I think because they all went into their energy fields and combined energies and it blasted the world in a very magical way. They also had the right managers; they also grounded everything in the physical.

The magic part of it, like the magic part of Starbucks, the magic part of Kinkos and I’m sure there are many other companies, like maybe Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, I’m picking little things that I’m fairly certain that energy was present.

Certainly, if we look at Jesus it was present and it created a foundation of energy that went far beyond those people, whether they cared about whether they were earning money or not earning money, they were dedicated to something and they created the field. In that field are our Sources; in that quantum field are the, I call them Sources; they’re a big part of the field. They can jump into the field; they can be right next to you because there’s no time in the field. They jump into the field; maybe the reason Terry can bring them through is because she has learned to merge her field in a quantum way with the field of the Universe and they can then talk through her field and she can formulate words. Are you there, Terry?

Terry:  I’m here. Can you hear me?

Wynn:  Is any of this making any sense to you?

Terry:  Well, I want to kind of get what the parameters of this thing are. So can I run it by you? So, I can see if understand it my own self?

Wynn:  You’re going to try to repeat back to me your understanding of what I just said, right?

Terry:  Right.  When you put electrons through a slit or marbles through a slit, they show up on the other side in a slit pattern on the wall.

Wynn:  Right, exactly.

Terry:  Okay.  Then if you have two slits and you put marbles through the slits, they show up there as two marble patterns on the wall.

Wynn:  Right.  Two of the slit patterns on the wall.

Terry:  Right. Then if you put a wave through, then it shows up, with one slit, with the brightest spot like one slit on the wall.

Wynn:  It has a bright spot then it has declining bright spots as you go to the left or the right of where the slit is.  The slit is the brightest spot.

Terry:  The slit is the brightest spot. 

Wynn:  When you put two waves through, all we’re doing now is explaining the nature of waves as opposed to particles. Whereas a particle will only have one line on the other side, on the screen, even the one wave will have multiple lines, but the strongest line is in the center right across from the slit. Then it has lines of deteriorating magnitude.

Terry:  It was my understanding when you put one wave through, that there is a bright spot like in a slit on the other side; but, you don’t have multiple ones.

Wynn:  No, when you put a wave through you have multiple ones, but you have one bright spot. A way of looking is, suppose you were in a body of water and you threw a big boulder into the water so it created waves. Then you were monitoring the strength of the waves when they came to shore that there would not just be one wave as you went to the left and right, there would be other parts of the wave that were hitting the shore at lesser magnitudes. But right at the center, directly, it would be the strongest magnitude of wave.

Terry:  So you would have a bright spot and then that would be less bright as you went out. 

Wynn:  That’s exactly right.

Terry:  The next one is, if you have an electron beam going on one slit, then it looks like particles, right?

Wynn:  Right.

Terry: Then if you have two slits you would have multiple lines on the wall.

Wynn:  If you have two slits, it starts to look like a wave.  Two slits turn up multiple lines on the wall.

If you start monitoring the electrons, watching them by some measuring device, suddenly you no longer have a wave-form coming through those two slits. You have what seems to be a particle form. When it’s a particle you only have just a single line on the screen coming through, a single line for each slit. So, if you have two slits you have two lines coming through the screen.

Terry:  When you have an electron that’s hitting the wall…

Wynn:  Even if you have one particle and there are two slits, the particle seems to divide between the two slits and starts to create a wave-form. Now you can’t understand why that occurs because it makes no logical sense. That’s just the way it works.

Terry:  If you have two slits you have multiple lines that are bright, right?

Wynn:  Exactly - until you start to measure what’s coming towards the slits, and suddenly it changes.

Terry:  Observe it and it changes.

Wynn:  The jump I’m making is that the human energy field is a wave, or a complicated series of waves. I’m not pretending that I could begin to understand it. Whatever is paying attention to the wave is changing it. 

Whereas a wave can move through walls, has no limitations in certain ways of understanding; a particle is limited. When it hits the wall it stops. If we have Sources like the Elohim group and the Ra group observing our waves, they are probably enhancing the wave-form aspect of it.

If I go and tell somebody what I’m going to do and that person is contracted in the physical, then it’s going to turn me back into particles if I tell that to the wrong person. The right person, “when two or more are gathered”, can increase it. Like on Sunday we’re gathering in a wave-function, so to speak.

I think I’m on to something and I think if people can grasp this principle, they can learn how to manifest. I think that the secret of manifestation is within this principle. That’s my hypothesis.

Terry:  There’s one section here that I want to make sure I understand. When you have one electron at a time going through one slit then it acts like a wave, right? And, you have multiple bands of light?

Wynn:  No, if it’s only going through one slit, as I recall, it acts like a particle. It’s only when there are two slits does it act like a wave.

Terry:  Okay, it goes through one slit and it acts like a particle; it goes through two slits it has multiple bands of brightness, right?

Wynn:  That’s right, until somebody starts watching it. It’s not somebody; it’s some kind of high-tech measuring device that can detect electrons. Immediately, because as the electron is being detected, somehow the Universe knows it’s being detected and it turns back into a particle, in the way that it’s measured through the slit.

In a sense, since there is no such thing as time and time is an illusion, now you have something looking at something. The way it works in time changes as a result of it being observed. Let’s suppose there was somebody walking by your window every day on their way to school. Whenever you didn’t watch them, they took one path but as soon as you were watching them, they took another path; but, they didn’t know they were being watched.

That’s kind of what is being described with the electron; that it’s being watched.  When we pay attention to things on our Sunday grid healings and we’re in our energy bodies, I think this is part of the way of understanding how that works and how it interacts.

But, I don’t know. I don’t think anyone has ever asked this question before. We’re talking to a Source energy here that is working with us. Somebody would have to be communicating with them to ask the question. Plus they’d have to have somewhat of a scientific bent to ask the question. Does that all make sense?

Gijs:  Do you understand, Terry?

Terry:  I’m not sure I totally understand.

Gijs:  May I say the bottom line:  If you have the one slot, that’s a vertical slot and you have electrons going through it you have a vertical line at the screen behind it. If you make two vertical slots and you shoot electrons through it then you get the wave shape so you get two bright lines with multiple other lines left and right of it. As soon as you put a measuring device on it and you keep shooting through the two slots, all of a sudden it becomes only two bright lines and the other lines fade away. Does that make sense?

Michael:  I think the point is that the act of observation changes it so that a wave goes back to particle through the act of observation. I think Einstein observed this also, or one of the other famous scientists, observed that the act of observing a scientific reaction, some type of reaction, alters the reaction. I think what Wynn might be possibly alluding to is that this observation is also perhaps the influence of consciousness that we have in our world and shows the power that we have to create.

Wynn:  Right. To either observe things, to let ourselves to observed, to decide what we’re observing, to decide what we let observe us and how that works energetically on a quantum level to create shifts in other dimensions, that download into manifested realities.

Gina:  Waves are made of particles; they are interchangeable with each other and they function together, really.

Wynn:  Waves are made of particles?

Gina:  Yes – and particles are made of waves.

Michael:  I don’t think that’s quite…

Wynn:  I don’t think we can understand it. We could say that, but we don’t understand it. All we know is how to measure things.

Michael:  In a wave, you’re looking really a vector of energy and that’s what more quantum mechanics looks at. If you looked at a Newtonian atom you’d see a nucleus with electrons running around it, and if you looked at a quantum picture of an atom you would see nothing, because it’s all about the movement of energy. It’s all about how you define it; I think the whole point in this thing is that the act of observation changes what’s going on. Your consciousness makes a difference.

Wynn:  Don’t think you’re going to understand quantum physics and wave-particle physics, because you’re not going to understand it, because no one understands it. To explain it is not to understand it. It’s like to explain how miracles occur is not to understand what’s going on when they occur. I’m just making the postulate that there’s a connection between us and I’m trying to create an intuitive understanding so that maybe we all will be more effective at learning how to work this. It’s not in the understanding, because it can’t be understood. But there is the intuitive grasp of something which when you grasp it intuitively you can apply it. 

We’re going really a long time; we’re up to 7:55 and we haven’t even started talking to our Sources. I would like to open this up. Our planet needs miracles now; it needs people of very high intention. I believe that all of you who keep coming into these calls have those high intentions. The goal is to learn even further how we can each become individually more effective. I’m going to mute everybody. Terry, you’re there, right?

Terry:  I’m here.

Wynn:  For some reason on this show tonight I’m thinking of that guy Chris Angel on TV and how they set it up. All his magic tricks are fakes; if you go on YouTube and look up Chris Angel fake there are all these people that are showing how he does his tricks. They set him up, so we’re doing that kind of set up to find these answers out.

I’m going to call in the Light. Calling in the Light is our routine for creating a quantum field, creating a group energy, creating a wave-form amongst all of us. It’s not the words; those of you who get it wrong do it like a ritual or a dogma, it becomes like magical words. If you’re doing it right, you’re creating a very high intention as you say it to interface with the Universe under the Law of One. We’re going to do that and we’re going to ask some questions about this whole topic.

Father-Mother God, we ask for the presence of the Light to surround and protect Terry, myself, everyone on this line and everyone who is listening to the replays and reading the transcripts. Right now, we see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe, through all the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through all the energy fields of planet Earth and the Solar System, through our bodies and into the center of the earth. We invoke a group consciousness, a blending of energies, or perhaps wave-forms in this way that we’re looking at it tonight, while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls. We invite those Sources that are positive, service to others, honoring the Law of One, to join with us and we create a protected space that only the positive has access to, and anything not of that nature must leave now.

Do we have our sources present?

Ra’An:  We greet you in the Love Light of The One Infinite Creator. This is the 7th of November, 2011 and we are mindful of the information that you are seeking by watching this experiment with particles. We refer you to information that is available in The Creator God Book about the creation of matter and the reason that electrons have both particles and waves. When you get more basic, then the marble, the particle, you see that it is all a wave function that is then created into particles by the intersection of spinningnesses within different intentionally spinning units, so that when two units are similar, they are in a housing and spinning in their own (unit); each unit is spinning.

In its spinningness, it intersects in certain cycles of its spinning; it intersects another housing that is also spinning. It then creates the apparentcy of solid matter. So when you have a slit that you are moving one electron at a time through, there is the interaction of the spinningnesses within that solid matter and the edge of the slit.

Now when you consider a human consciousness, human consciousnesses are spinningnesses that are together, that move at certain frequencies and collection of frequencies, depending upon the frequency collection of the individual and they use these frequencies in their grasping and connection with the world.

They use their spinningnesses, give us a moment, they use their frequencies in connection to the world around them and this is how they ground to the World.

If you take a blanket that has been used by an individual for a period of time, it carries the frequencies of that individual. When one holds the blanket and they’re sensitive they can feel the frequencies, within the blanket, of that person, so there are radiating energies from the blanket. There are radiating energies-frequencies from the individual person. So these interact when you have an observer; these interact with the electrons that are being shot out into the space that goes through the slit.

This interaction “dumbs down” the vibration, the effects and interacts with the vibration to so to speak, “dumb it down”, so that when it goes through the slits then it has already been dumbed down by the observation and acts more like the marble.

Wynn:  I’m trying to understand it. There was an area where you were talking about, this has been a stumbling in my own understanding, a frequency that’s in a ‘housing’. I keep asking myself, “What is the housing? What is the housing made of? If a frequency is in a housing, what is the housing? And how does the housing get created? Is the housing the beat frequency between two crisscrossing frequencies? Does that create a housing? Where does the housing come from to hold the energy of the spinningness?”

Ra’an:  The housing can be more of a wide-ranging term; it can refer to the space that is then created by a spinningness. It can refer then, to the space or the area that is projected out by the intention for the spinning to occupy a certain space. Although “Housing” is a very loose term because there is no physical housing there. It is merely the space which didn’t used to be a space but is now defined as a space by the activity going on within that space. Does that make sense?

Wynn:  I’m not sure. Let me ask another question and see where it goes. When we talk about the unified field, when we talk about toroid-wave radiation as it was referred by the Russians and in The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?, how does this tie in to this wave-particle phenomena, if it does?

Ra’An:  The toroid-wave is a more complex collection of waves that are generating a life-force within a certain pattern. It is an organization of wave-forms.

Wynn:  Right at this moment, as we’re communicating with you, are our wave-forms are intersecting with your wave-forms and creating new beat frequencies of the Universe?

Ra’An:  They are intersecting with your frequencies; depending upon the welcome given by the individual, so that if an individual is not wishing this intersection, it does not occur. If an individual is wishing closer connection, then there can be a degree of shared space moving into more shared space and even more shared space. Within the individual there, within their framework, are complex patterns of wave-forms, which then are organized into structures and on a lighter level, are organized into thought.

We then do not interfere with these, or we can blend with them if it is desired and we can raise then the tone level of the individual or move the organized thoughts into lighter configurations, into less depression, or cheer-up the individual.

Wynn:  Are some of the people on the line having that experience right now, having their depression lifted for example?

Ra’An:  Some, yes.

Wynn:  Let’s suppose we’re intersecting our energies and then we put my sister in the Light, for example. What takes place on the quantum field energy levels when we do that?

Ra’An:  There is a raising of the vibration and an intermingling of the vibration and a clearing out of stagnancies within the system of the sister.

Wynn:  For those people who are on the line right now, if they want to partake of doing this with someone, on someone else’s behalf, can they just think of the person or would they have to say their name?

Ra’An:  They can just think of the person and when they think of the person there is a Light that goes to that person. As when they think of the person, they think of the frequency of that person and the closer they think of the frequency of that person the more the Light goes to that person from the person that is thinking.  We can bring our energies to that person also, depending upon the openness of that person to receive, as some people are within a rigorous, strict non-yielding pattern that they are holding on to very strongly.

To change this would border on (their) free-will; however, many people who are in such a rigid pattern are not doing this of their own free will, but have become totally stuck within their rigid framework of their body matrix.

Wynn:  If somebody says the name, is there a propensity for it to have more intention and more power than just thinking of the person?

Ra’an:  It can have more propensity to bring the energy to that person, but it isn’t necessarily in all cases. Part of it is the intention with which the person brings the thought and part of it is the individual, the person that is being thought of, their willingness and openness to receive.

Wynn:  It would be two things:  It would be the openness of the person who is making the request or asking and it would be the openness of the person who is the receiver of that request.

Ra’An:  That is correct; but it would also be the strength of the request of the person that is making the request. They’re intermingling attention with the person who is the recipient of the request; their intermingling of intention, as the individual who is receiving the request has the ability to totally block out the receipt.

Wynn:  And when we do planetary healing, is it a similar process?

Ra’An:  Yes, it is. Although sometimes in planetary healings there are more factors involved, more individuals involved, more consensus realities involved.

Wynn:  I know as we’re talking about this we’re creating a space. I should take a moment while we’re in this space to let everyone ask; I think we’ll do it quietly and everyone who is listening on the replays and reading the transcripts, take this moment and if there are people in your space who you want this energy to intermingle with, to interact with, for the highest good for healing, for balance, whatever, let’s take a moment of silence and do that now.

Moment of silence:

Wynn:  I would ask the question; “If you’re working with someone and you want to create the potential for a shift, it could be your child or your parent or your sister or your friend, doing this for longer periods has more chance of positive results. Could we say that?

Ra’An:  Yes, you could say that, as it gives more chance for interaction, more chance to allow movement on the part of the individual should the individual choose to move.

Wynn:  I’m going to suggest that when we finish the call today, nobody says ‘goodbye’ and that if you want to, hold the space of the call, take some time and hold the energy for the people that you’d like to do that with. Is that a good idea? Is that a good suggestion?

Ra’An:  Yes, it is. And we would suggest also, which comes from Terry, sending this energy to anybody involved in the decisions in the Mid East right now.

Wynn:  Okay, so add that to your list of things to send energy to.

Going back to our original question that had to do with the particle-wave theory, I’m not sure I got a clear answer or I might have missed it. Is a human a representative of particle-wave? In other words, is our consciousness potentially a wave-form as opposed to our physical body, which is a particle-form? Is there a connection there?

Ra’An:  We look at all as being both particles and waves, as they contain both. If you look at the nature of the particle, you see that it contains waves and you see it contains intersecting waves that then act like particles, but are really the effect of the action and interaction of wave-forms.

You ask about consciousness:  consciousness is an intelligence and it can contain wave-forms within it; it can make wave-forms. It can have a signature wave-form; it can create particles by creating intersecting wave-forms.

Wynn:  So, to repeat back: what you’re saying is; particles really are made of waves? There is no such thing as a particle.

Ra’An:  That is correct.

Wynn:  But, something would behave as a particle under certain circumstances?

Ra’An:  That is correct. That is one of the reasons that you experience the anomalies in the wave-particle experiment that you’re talking about.

Wynn:  Is it possible to understand why that when the particle is observed it reverts back into the manifestation of a wave-form?

Ra’An:  Give us a moment. Would you repeat that?

Wynn:  We’re going to look at the idea that there is no such thing as a particle, that a particle is just a way that a wave-form manifests differently. A wave-form can manifest in one way, in which way we call it a wave. And a wave-form can manifest in another way, in which case we call it a particle. But it’s all the wave-form. 

The question is:  Why is it that when the wave-form is manifesting as a particle and something then observes that particle, it reverts back into manifesting as a wave? Is it because the observing object creates a wave-form in the act of observation, that then interacts with the other wave-form and causes it revert from what looks like a particle to what looks like a wave?

Ra’An:  Give us a moment. Are you indicating, then, when the observer is observing the particles moving through the two slots?

Wynn:  Yes. According to the video, when the particles are moving through the two slots and when they’re observed, they’re observed by some kind of electronic method of observing electrons. When they’re observed, their manifestation reverts to a wave manifestation.

Ra’An:  It reverts back into two. The two slots then have two lines; is that correct?

Wynn:  Yes, it reverts back to a particle. I’m sorry; I said that wrong.

Ra’An:  It reverts to particles, correct?

Wynn:  It reverts back to a particle, that’s right.

Ra’An:  That is correct; that is what we were…

Wynn:  I said it wrong; I’m sorry.

Ra’An:  Yes.

Wynn:  Why is it that the observation creates that?

Ra’An:  Give us a moment. The observation enters another wave-form into the stream of the electrons and this observation then creates more intersecting wave-forms, which act as particles.

Wynn:  Okay. I’m not sure I understand that completely. I think we’re going to end this call, but we’re not going to really end this call. For those of you who want to continue, hold the space of this call and hold the space for the people you want to send healing energy to, for as long as you want.

And also, hold the space for the Middle East, for peace in the Middle East right now and to those people who are in powerful positions, who have the ability to change things according to their decisions. Do our Sources want to say anything before we ‘flow out’ of this call?

Ra’An:  We appreciate you and your inquisitive questioning into the creation of manifestation. We send Love Light to each and every person who is listening and hearing and looking and inquisiting and is concerned and caring about their environment.


Wynn:  Thank you.

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