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Monday Call– 11/14/2011
Introductory Notes by Wynn Free
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Channeled and Edited by Terry Brown
Transcribed by Connie O'Brien
Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee


Wynn:  This is Monday, November 14th, [2011] Wynn and Terry in Sedona on our conference call. Terry has been ‘bitching’ at me today, she says we always start the recording and we never hear her introduction on BBS. Terry?

Terry:  However, it’s recorded on BBS; people can go to BBS and hear right from the start of the show.

Wynn:  If you’d like to hear Terry’s introductions you have to go to BBS. Now we’re recording – we record two ways. We record on the conference calls and we record on BBS. Now we’re recording on the conference call. Terry would you like to continue your introduction?

Terry:  Wynn chooses a topic and he has very unique and interesting topics. I almost never know what the topics are beforehand, but tonight I read my email and it said the topic was on “Persistence”, and I’m sure that’s only a part of the topic.

Wynn:  Thank you. The reason Terry doesn’t read her emails is because on these calls she has voices speaking to us through her. As most of you who are regulars are aware, we have sources that claim to be at the beginning of the Universe and they talk through Terry. Some of you are aware, but if you’re not, when this was all occurring through me initially it was about three years that I said “I think they really are who they say they are, or they might be.”  I mean, would you believe it? You have a friend that kind of hits you on the shoulder and says “Those guys want to talk to you” and this voice comes through and says they created the Universe. It wasn’t quite that way, that clipped, but nonetheless they’re answering questions about all these profound things.

There were a number of things that led me to believe that they were who they said they were. One of (those things) had to do with Terry, because I asked in one of the sessions: “Was Terry ever anybody famous?”  And they said, “Look up St. Catherine of Siena” who was a Catholic saint. I googled St. Catherine of Siena; I never heard of her. I ended up reading (the) story of this young woman in Siena, Italy who would go down to the local church and they would ask her questions and she would answer questions or she would just come up with saying things. They wrote everything down. She had scribes following her around, because they thought God was speaking to them through her. There was (a) book called St. Catherine’s Dialogues with God which are still available on Amazon which are officially sanctioned by the Catholic Church. Terry was the spitting image of St. Catherine. I did put up a webpage on that, if you’ve never looked on the webpage I think it’s called

Terry:  Yes –

Wynn: and you can see the picture comparisons. There is even a free download of St. Catherine’s Dialogues with God. When you read that book, I had to read a good portion of it, to see if it all made sense. Like, was I talking to the same source that was talking through St. Catherine? The immediate thing I noticed when I studied St. Catherine was that it did refer to Christianity in somewhat conventional way(s). I think it had to do that in order to get in the door of the church. In between the references to Christianity in a conventional way, there was this great wisdom, and the wisdom was much larger than you would find in a conventional Catholic Christian. Now I’m going to get in trouble for saying that – let me say what I mean by that. That is:  Wisdom is something that comes from experience. It doesn’t come from quoting the book, even if the book is the Bible. There may be wisdom in the Bible, but for someone to have wisdom in this realm; they need certain kinds of experience that lead to wisdom. Wisdom demonstrates a true empathy and compassion for life.

Oftentimes, religious people can have an empathy and compassion for life, but they don’t often understand it at a nitty-gritty level. They’re kind of insulated, oftentimes (and I stress oftentimes) – that doesn’t mean necessarily so. What I notice in the St. Catherine book was an immense wisdom, an understanding at a very high level. It was a bit of a shocker, because suddenly what I was seeing was a track record that very few people, if any, have ever gotten a chance to look at; (to) look at these sources who have been interacting with this realm, our realm, for thousands of years. (I was) getting an inner view of how they interacted with us overtime; (also) getting a kind of validation that it was true.

Terry was only one incident; of course, there was the David Wilcock story also interacting with one of these group souls; there was the Carla Rueckert story, also interacting with one of these group souls. There was the Akhenaton story also interacting with one of these group souls and there was a pattern. The pattern was becoming pretty obvious to me, that what their agenda (was):  not to create fanatical believers, but to create people that had an experience of connecting with their energies. (And) within the context of connecting with their energies, there was an opportunity for a being to have a certain kind of personal evolution, a DNA acceleration, an opportunity for people to come together in this realm in a higher state of love. It seemed like those same sources are using this circumstance that we’re doing here as an opportunity to create that in this time period.

This is something you all have to watch carefully and see… it’s not something you can agree to the first time you get exposed to this. It’s too big!  You have to look at the things I’ve looked at, read the books – we talk about it all the time. (It’s) not to believe things just because we say them, but because you see the pattern for yourself. If you want to see the pattern, you have to pay attention for a while. It’s not a snap decision; it’s not like being a quick convert to a point of view, even if there are different ways of explaining the Universe and different models of it. People vie for the correct explanation. There are thousands (or more) of people:  philosophers, theologians, Buddhists (or) whatever making their point as to how the Universe works. On one hand, this could be another point. The problem is, it’s based somewhat on research, but it’s also based on direct communication (and) being able to ask questions. If you are paying attention to us, then I don’t want you to believe what we say. Even if we it right, even if we have the cosmology that is the overview cosmology for the working of the Universe and the workings of how God works and many other questions answered – even if it’s correct, if you just believed it and said “Wynn has all the answers, this is correct”, you’re falling into the trap of every other doctrine of anyone who has ever done that and had a point of view and wrote books about it.

That does not change life; it doesn’t even change you. At one point in my life I had the idea that if I could find the right thing to believe in, then my life would be set; but, I didn’t know what to believe in. Now I’ve learned that believing in anything and thinking that you’re anywhere is something that can prevent you from experiencing something and knowing it. The goal is to have an experience and to know. If you’re going to believe something, have the belief come from due diligence, from study, through applying yourself, through checking it out – through challenging it, and coming to a conclusion that is based on the best use of your logical mind. Just having a belief because Wynn says this or the Elohim says that (and) “Now I know what’s true” doesn’t get you very far. Are you feeling the connection with the energy? Are you able to demonstrate love in your life? I don’t emotional love; I mean unconditional love, spiritual love. That is not necessarily wearing your heart on your sleeve; it doesn’t even mean necessarily being a nice guy all the time. That helps; it’s good to be a nice person, to be considerate of other people. Unconditional love is far beyond that.

The topic we picked for tonight was “Persistence”. I don’t know why I picked that; I don’t know why I pick any of these things. I try to tune in on the energy of our group and see what comes up as being relevant. Before I go full-blast into the topic, there are a couple of people who checked in and I’ll open the lines a second and let them say ‘hello’. If anyone has a question about persistence and how it impacted them in their life, or lack of it, or their use of it to come to a conclusion – we’ll give you a chance to share that.

Wynn: Everyone has more potential - I’m sure of this – than they own up to (through) probably fear…  The fact that I’m doing this now, and I don’t even think I’m doing that much – I think I should have thousands of people on this line. I say, “What am I not doing to bring thousands of people on the line”? You see, I figured out that if something is going to happen, ultimately I’m responsible for it to happen. I think in terms of synchronicities so I think this magic person is going to come along, or somebody is going to give a bunch of money, or somebody is going to know Oprah and Oprah is going to flip out over this. And, it doesn’t happen. And, I say, “Why isn’t it happening?” 

One of the reasons is because I have to cope with the world, I have to make sure everything flows financially which is not my best role, but I’m doing it. I have to be able to go where I need to go to make something happen. I do know how that works, I’ve had so many synchronicities in my life, and I know the state of mind that I go into that brings that in. I know if I direct energy towards something, but I have to direct it long enough that it happens. I can’t just go out one day and say “It’s going to happen today.”  I have to hold the thought of something until it happens. If I didn’t do that, I wouldn’t be here now, believe me. For a few years, I was saying, “I know this is important. How do I do this? What do I do?”  I tried different things, and this worked and this worked and this didn’t work and this worked, and I would go more in the direction of what seems to be.

I don’t think I’ve ever learned about persistence as much as I have in getting this work to the place that it’s at – which isn’t even a big place!  But, it’s grounded. There is a bunch of people who believe that it’s real. I didn’t know that would happen. I remember when I was in L.A. I had a friend Sam whom I’ve known for years. Sam is kind of Jewish; he’s not religious, he’s New Age but he definitely comes from a Jewish background. ‘Elohim’ is the word for God in the Old Testament, and so when I was talking to the Elohim through Daphne I remember calling Sam up and saying “Sam, I gotta tell you – I’m talking to the Elohim. I mean, they’re talking to me through my girlfriend.”  I thought he’d have a genuine sense of “Wow!”  I hope he’s not listening; “Sam, I love you.”  This is just what happened, it’s just history. He said “mazal tov”  Do you know what mazal tov means? It means “Congratulations!”  It’s what you would tell somebody when they graduated high school, like I have an accomplishment because I was talking to the Elohim, but he wasn’t curious about what they were saying or how it came about. It was just a point of being recognized.

A lot of people see things in terms of recognition. Some of you even, if you look at it, will see that you gauge a lot of things by recognition. I’ve done the same thing; when everybody has heard about something and everyone is talking about it, it’s recognized and it has now an energy that’s kind of planted into the world. You think of that as something special; you think of them as being famous and then you have a hard time talking to them because you think they’re different from you or they’re better than you or that they wouldn’t be interested in you. So, you separate yourself from things that are recognized. You might learning even though you’re separating – it might be somebody who has wisdom to impart.

I’ve watched that in myself. I remember when I was young – not that I’m not still young – but, when I was younger and I listened to a lot of music. I loved discovering somebody who was not discovered yet and I was really endeared to them. Once somebody was discovered and got famous, even though they were really talented, it was harder for me to be interested in paying a lot of attention to them. I won’t say that never occurred. But, I watched the pattern, that I like discovering something that was still “under the covers” so to speak. I think on some level, I understood that my energy was going to help that thing get discovered. It was using me more; it needed me more. You’re needed; you guys are needed here. Because you are there, you really increase the chance of this being discovered; somebody can look at it and they can see “Look at the people being impacted, look how it’s influencing people.” 

Terry, I started out talking about you, talking about St. Catherine. Then, I dropped it. I wanted to give you a chance to make any comments if you have some.

Terry:  Oh. Um. Er..

Wynn:  Alright, thank you very much. (laughter)

Gjis:  Terry, I love you!  I love you too, Wynn.

Wynn:  Thank you. Terry? You’re not getting shy, are you?

Terry:  You caught me unprepared there.

Wynn:  That’s the best time!  There is no room to try to figure out how to be safe. Somebody is going to play music behind us today. All the mics are still open. You guys got to be good, okay? Does that make sense, what I just said? Is that a new way of looking at things when I talk about recognition in that way and the way things get created through group consciousness, and how important you are to be grounding the energy of this? You’re making it real – it’s like if a tree falls in the woods (that famous thing) does it really make any sound if no one ever listens. Who would like to say anything about anything?

Mary Lou:  Wynn, I love you and Terry. Thank you for everything you do.

Wynn:  Thank you so much. That’s Mary Lou – right? Mary Lou, we love you, too. It’s great being on this line. I can feel your energy and I guess thought I knew you because I was answering some of your emails. Anyone else want to say anything besides that they love us? Okay, you can say that if you want, but don’t make it too mushy.

Gjis:  If you just asked if it made sense what you all had said. I wanted to say is what you said sounded beautiful, but I can’t remember what you said.

Wynn:  That’s how I know that I’m on target because I can’t remember what I said either. I am sure that whatever I say – I know that in this lifetime I would certainly say that I’ve gathered wisdom, because I lived in so many different ways and so many different hats. I wanted to learn about life. I’m not like thirsting to learn about things because I think I got a Ph.D. But, it wasn’t easy – I can’t even tell you. Sometimes I’m not sure if I would have survived; in fact, I’m not sure if it wasn’t for Terry that I would have survived. This stuff was so far-out; I explained that my friends comment was “mazal tov,” and the other comment would be like “What is this?” 

The first thing that happens is you have this kind of experience of talking to other realms and you want to share it with people who are your friends. You talk to them then suddenly you don’t hear from them for about a year. Then, they call you up and they say “Are you still doing that crazy thing you were telling me about?”  That’s perseverance, to hold to something when that’s going on. That’s not rewarding, to have all the people you thought were friends thinking you’re crazy or thinking that you’re nuts. Some of you know the experience because you’ve gotten excited about this work and you’ve talked about it to someone else and they thought you were nuts. Anyone (on the line) have that experience?

You guys want to share anything? When I say “share something” there’s a really good chance to see if you’ll look good. If you’re scared of looking good, or not looking good, you’ll be scared to say something because the problem with public speaking is that you have loads of people listening to it. However you look, you’ve made a big imprint; you have hundreds of people saying “I heard her and she really sounded dumb.”  Terry? How does it feel to have hundreds of people hear you stumble?

Terry:  If you look at it, a hundred years from now it won’t make any difference at all.

Wynn:  Somebody might have the tapes. My point of view is that we can look at it a hundred years from now I’m going to say “Thank God the human race is lasting that long.”  Our first goal is graduate this realm and our second goal is to see if we can have the human race endure in a more positive way. The first one you can definitely succeed in, but the second one you need a lot of other people on the same page to succeed. Did you guys ever think of that? Are people still muted?

Gjis:  Yes. But, Wynn if you go to the next realm…

Wynn:  If you have your internet on and your phone on both could you walk away from the internet so I don’t have to hear myself twice? Everybody is unmuted except for the ones that have muted yourself. What were you saying Gjis?

Gjis:  You say that humanity – I do hear the internet. Once we get to the next level then things will be a lot better. I don’t think there will be – you Won’t need to worry about humanity. How did you just say it? We’ll do things okay?

Wynn:  I have a feeling, Gjis, that what’s going to happen – there is going to be a bunch of souls going to the hell planet and they’re going to be there for hundreds of thousands of years. Then, there is gong to be some older souls who say “If we don’t incarnate on that planet, they’re just going to be under the spell of the negative forever”. And, those older souls will probably be US!

Gjis:  I hear you – you’re telling me we have to prepare, those who ascend, who go to the hell planet here after a while…

Wynn:  Do you think we are all going to be going “la de da” in some other realm singing Christmas music? Why does the Ra group call themselves through Carla Rueckert the - something of sorrow – because they’re the graduates and they’re hanging in to help realms like ours? Their greatest reason to exist is to help those that are still struggling. They said if they didn’t have a group soul helping them when they were struggling they would have never graduated.

Gjis:  There is actually two right now, with Daphne being here. She’s also from – to my understanding – a way higher…

Wynn:  You come here and you choose to come back and sometimes when you get here and you forget everything and you need a crazy bunch of circumstances and synchronicities to wake yourself up. Yet, many of you on this line probably went through that. That is persistence to the nth degree, right? Terry says that she remembers when we were not in this realm, and the realm was being created or at the beginning stages of it which could have been God knows how much into it - she could be crazy so this may not be true. (She says that) I jumped into it and I disappeared and she expected me to come back and I didn’t come back. She said, “I wonder what happened to him – I better go and get him.”  That was a few million years ago.

Terry:  More than that!

Gjis:  Wynn, I will volunteer for the hell planet as long as I can turn water into wine at that point.

Wynn:  The problem is that if you turn water into wine, keep in mind that Ra group has said through Carla Rueckert that they have found that doing miracles was not the best way to work with this realm. That doing miracles caused blind followers; that by causing people to reach back, you created group energy. But, doing miracles creates blind followers. I still get emails from people that say “Tell the Elohim to heal this or heal that.” They think that there is a divine dispensation and in watching the calls, we have had miracles. I just as soon not take any credit for any miracle and say, “It’s just happening.”  That keeps me more human. The last thing I would like is a bunch of people who were blind followers. That scared me when I started doing this – I said “How do I do this?”  And, I really didn’t know. Anyone else want to say something about perseverance?

Edna:  This is Edna. I’d like to share something. I started to follow the group about two and a half years ago. When I started I really felt that something was there that I was looking for and I didn’t know what, and I really wanted to feel the energies. It was not easy and I couldn’t but I knew that I just had to persist. I had to persist for a while and I finally felt it. I started to pay attention to my body, started to pay attention in my mind, and to the crown chakra and all my chakras. I started to feel it. Again, some people think that it comes right away but you have to adapt yourself; you have to get tuned into the energy. It was through this persistence the way I got it.

Wynn:  They couldn’t handle it if it came right away. They couldn’t handle in an ordinary way. You start to think “I got it, I’m enlightened. What do I do now? I can feel the energy.”  Then you think… there it goes. It comes and goes, comes and goes. You have to take it in an ordinary way. The more ordinary you can be that means your ego is out of the way; it’s just happening. You’re not doing it. I do something – you know what I do and what Terry does? We show up. I think showing up is one of the greatest aspects of persistence – showing up. When you want something, show up. When you want a job, show up. Don’t make two phone calls and feel like “Oh, there’s no work.”  There’s a thing of every time you show up you’re making a dent in all your resistance patterns.

Kim:  I have to say something on the lines of what you’re saying. I just started a business here and I don’t have any clients right now, but I go there every single day and I just go there and sit. I feel as though I am putting my energy there and today, after two weeks, someone came by and was looking for a treatment. It’ll happen if you’re persistent.

Wynn:  The very first time that somebody does something like that, it’s like a huge dam has broken energetically and sometimes you have to work really hard to get that first thing to happen - and then the second one – and the third. One thing Kim – when you’re doing a business and you don’t seem to be getting muun a sale – run an incredible sale that no one can say ‘no’ to. But just put a time limit on the sale, like if you’re doing massage therapy – obviously people who do massage charge $30 to $40 an hour usually. Run a sale and be totally transparent (meaning) “I’m starting my business and I want to help people. While I’m building my business for the next month, anyone who wants a massage - $15 – I know you can afford it:  Come Out!” I’m not saying you should pick $15, but pick a price that people that would be hesitant will come. Some of those people will then come back and be your regular clients at full price because they need to because their stress keeps coming up and they say, “This is really worth it.”  At the moment, there are a lot of people out there that don’t know that they would benefit from you. If you touch those people and make them feel good, certain ones will come back.

In fact, those people who are grounding you – let’s suppose you raise your prices to $40 an hour – tell them, “You helped me start my business; you can come in for $30 an hour for the next six months, any time you want.”  As you are busy, you build an energy and it attracts more people. There’s a mystical aspect to this, it’s mystical. If you’ve never experienced it, I’ll explain it because I’ve experienced it many times. (This is) you can put in your consciousness the potential for this mystical aspect to come forth because it’s like you’re changing your signal to the Universe. Then, something switches – suddenly you’re more confident. You’re not needy. You’re not pleading and feeling empty. You’re busy all the time.

I would go out and sell sunglasses for a period of my life. In the beginning of the day, I was really not upbeat; in fact, I was depressed. I didn’t actually want to do it; I used to fight doing it. But, I had to do it to make money. I would say, “I don’t want to be here, no one is going to buy.”  One day I called somebody over - we would sell these things for $12 or $15 – I called a stranger over and I said, “I need help. Could you just help me look busy? Just try some of my glasses on?”  He thought I was joking but I was serious. He would try them on, and then he would find one that he kind of liked a little bit. I would say “I know you weren’t looking for a sunglass today, but I gotta get my energies going. If you want that sunglass you can have it for $5.”  Of course, the retail was $15, and so he would buy it. I would do that one or two times and before you know it my energy was totally full-blast; I was no longer feeling like I didn’t want to be there. People would start walking up all day and I would break sales records there.

Terry used to work with me in those events, she remembers. It was like magic. It was building an energy; if I looked back it at now, I would say I was building a vortex of energy at that location and when I got the vortex going, everybody would show up. Everybody would be there. I know that’s the quality of transforming something. It took me a while to learn it, because there were days when I would sit there and nobody would buy. At the end of the day I’d have $50 and I spent $75 for the location. I said “I’m just no good!  Nobody is ever going to buy from me!  Everybody’s walking by and they see my shadow, they see I don’t want to be here. How can I sell to people when I don’t want to be here?”  I had to make myself enjoy being there – it didn’t matter whether I made money; it mattered that I started to enjoy it. As soon as I enjoyed being there, people would spend money – hand over fist.

In anything you’re doing in the world that you’re starting from nothing, you’re building an energy in the non-physical realm. When you start, there is no energy in it. As you keep doing it, the energy comes. Like the call we’re doing tonight – those of you who are listening to the calls I’m sure you can see that I’m a lot different tonight than I was two or three  years ago and a lot different from four years ago. First of all, it was scary “How are people going to react to this? How do I approach it?”  When we first started doing conference calls, on every call I would tell the story of my two girlfriends and what happened because I felt that story lent some credibility. I would never go in to say “Here is the message of the Elohim.”  I said “How do they know it’s the Elohim?”  My story said “Well people will think maybe there’s something really happening with this guy.”  I didn’t know how to do it. You people who keep coming back, and I say, “This is really benefitting people. I can just be myself. I don’t have to be an act. I’m even more interesting when I’m myself than when I’m trying to be somebody.” 

When you’re running a business, when you’re starting a business, build to the place where you can be yourself. It may take a while; but it will bring you the best endearment from people, the most returning customers. I remember thinking, “I can’t do three conference calls a week; I’m going to over-expose myself. People shouldn’t hear me more than once every three months. They’re going to get tired of me.”  When I would tell the story over and over again, people that were coming into the calls at times would say, “We’re tired of hearing your story” but I would tell it for the new people. I wouldn’t tell it for the people who were coming. Otherwise, it becomes like a clique.

I don’t think we sound like a clique on this call. You guys are talking; we sound like we’ve grown together. We’ve learned from each other, because I have learned from you. If someone was listening, it might sound like a really neat group of people to get involved with. There is no following with me; it’s us. Who else wants to say something?

Edna:  One other thing I want to share when we started Team Shift, we had all these people that wants to join. I went every night to the conference call and for weeks nobody showed up, I was just sitting there and waiting. I really wanted the group to happen; I want to have the energy going. I kept coming and coming; eventually one person started, then another one and they felt the energy and so they would have beautiful group that’s very stable. We are always there for each other. My persistence wanted that to happen. (And) the energy - that helped.

Wynn:  You’re absolutely right. What was that Field of Dreams? ‘Build it and they will come’.

Caller:  I wanted to say congratulations to Kim in Florida with her new business. Kim, if I were closer I would be down there tomorrow but I live in Tennessee. I feel like I’m isolated. It’s supposed to be denser in this part of the country and I really believe it is.

Wynn:  that’s why you’re there; because they need someone that can handle it. Kim, I don’t know if you’re in a Team Shift group; I will tell you if you get into one of those groups and get on the phone every day…

Kim:  Would I be a millionaire?

Wynn:  I can’t tell what is going to happen. But, I can tell you the more you can keep your energy shifted into higher realms, the more your intentions manifest in this realm in a more clear way. I know that I’ve had reports from people – two people that had houses for sale and they started coming into Team Shift everyday and they both sold their houses very shortly thereafter.

You’re an antenna; everyone is an antenna. You’re an antenna to other realms and when your antenna is functioning, you’re broadcasting a signal to the Universe that brings things to you in a magical way. The challenge is to keep your antenna up there and high. For some people, Team Shift is a way to help keep your antenna high. Anyone who is listening to this on replays: 

One of the things about being in a difficult place is when you’re in a place where your energies are backed up and you’re not charismatic, you don’t think you want anyone to see you because of your pride. You want people to see you when you’re looking good. With a lot of people, it’s valid to feel that. It’s valid because people will judge you based on how you look and they’ll make opinions of you. (If) you look bad one day, you have a bad day, and they think that’s how you are your entire life. You have a good day, they’ll think that’s how you are. There are times in my life when I have really good days and I didn’t want anyone to see me because I said, “They’re going to think I’m always like that.” 

This is like navigating in the real world, learning how to work it. Team Shift is designed so that you’ll be acceptable no matter how you are when you come. Having a group that will accept you as you are, good days and bad days, is a great tool for speeding up your evolution. If anyone is listening and they have pride and they say “My life is really screwed up; why do I want to be on a call with a bunch of people? I’m so screwed up, I don’t want them to see this.”  That doesn’t mean you’re supposed to go on and complain “Woe is me” all the time, because that doesn’t work, either. There is a whole level of life where the “Woe is me” people bond with each other and always talk about how bad things are. That’s not a way to evolve; that’s locking your consciousness into helplessness and getting a group around you that is hopeless with you. At least you have some community of hopelessness. The goal is to take hopelessness and other people, give each other support and encouragement and unconditional love, and that starts to change the hopelessness. That starts to create the healing. Anyone else want to say anything about perseverance?

Jean:  I just want to say how wonderful Team Shift is and I really appreciate all of our group.

Wynn:  Thank you. When you want something to change and you’re doing something, you have to persevere until you get to the finish line. You have to know that it’s going to change; it may not change in your time. It’ll change in God’s time; it’ll change when you’ve paid your dues. There is something going on inside of everybody that holds them in their positioning. They have to hold the line, have perseverance; they have to hold to their vision.

In the very first six months with Daphne I had asked the question:  “When someone hears that there is a shift going on (on) the planet and they want to make sure that they graduate what should they do?”  The first thing was, this was Elohim, they said “Have a vision that’s possible.”  The next thing was: persistence. (I forget what) the third thing was. It’s in the Creator Gods of the Physical Universe Want to Talk to You. If you want to download that, If you haven’t read it, it’s free. That really took me for a loop when I read that – it took me for a loop because it was so obviously wise and it gave me great respect for the source that told me that:  Have a vision; persistence; (I forget). The third thing was also part of the wisdom of it, and I said “Whoever said that has a lot of understanding how things work.”  Anyone else want to share anything?

See, this has been going on for a whole hour and somebody is going to send me an email and say, “Wynn, how come you talk so long? How come you didn’t put them on?”  They used to say that to me all the time. There are a couple of reasons why I’m important here, which I recognize. One of them is that I’m sitting here just like you guys, I’m in a human body. I have the same issues you have; I’m not immune to issues. I can be an example of how to work this. I am working it and I am learning. The other thing is the more we develop a loving energy between us, the easier it is for Terry to bring them through. There’s a great protection from negative sources – our loving energies protect us. The negative sources don’t come when there’s a loving energy. When you’re just doing something and you’re being recognized “Here is the Elohim” and we set the stage, and they’re the creators of this realm, you get a lower source and maybe even a negative source. This is my take on this. I’ve watched it and observed it and I’m fairly sure that’s true. Terry, are you there?

Terry:  Yes. I’m here.

Wynn:  Does your human side want to say anything?

Terry:  Some people would like me to start to channel at the start but it helps an awful lot when Wynn introduces everything and brings in the energy – it helps an awful lot. It helps a whole lot, I just can get into the space more and more as he’s talking.

Wynn:  If we closed the show right now, I don’t think anyone would be disappointed because each of us on the line – we’ve had a lot of talking with each other – has played a part of showing their own divine nature and their little contributions. One of the things about contributing when we do a call like this is that people who are listening can relate to you and they can relate to the shifts you’re going through and how it works. And, it gives them hope. It’s not just me and listening to me, because if it only works for me it really doesn’t work. It has to work for more than me. When you all are going through changes, growing and sharing those things you’re being of great service to people.

You have to be authentic, you can’t just do it. Some of you are learning that if you jump in and talk, and you don’t try to prepare what you’re going to say, the right words come through you. One time we did a telephone workshop that was called “The I am Ra Workshop.”  Were you there? No? We went around to each person and the goal of the workshop was to start talking and say what you’re high self would say to you if you were getting counsel from your high self. We created a sacred environment and we went around and every person was wiser than you’d ever believe!  But they had to jump in and not censor, worry about what they said, how they looked. And suddenly, they were saying it exactly right!  Isn’t that a neat idea? We’ll do that one time again. We’re going to call in the light; that’s our way of invoking a group energy connection, and we’re going to get our sources views on the idea of persistence to get where we want to get in this world and how to do it.

Father Mother God we ask for the presence of the light to surround and protect each person on this line and any negativity be taken to the higher realms of light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. I add:  not only for each person on this line, but for each person that is listening to the replays, downloading the replays. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the universe, through the Galaxies, through our Galaxy, through the Solar System, through the outer energy fields of the earth, through our bodies, and into the center of the earth. Right now, we invoke a group energy connection amongst all of us present while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls. We invite those souls that are positive, service to others, honoring the Law of One to join with us and create a protected space that only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now. Do we have a source stepping forward to work with us on the concept of persistence and manifestation?

Ra’an:  We greet you in the love light of the One Infinite Creator. This is the 14th of November, 2011. We are with you on planet Earth on this day. We greet each and every one of your individually.

We are aware of your topic; this is the topic of persistence, of making something happen, endeavoring to stay with it until it is brought forth and manifested. This realm, the third density realm, is slower than the higher realm where we live and operate. In the higher realm it is easier to manifest. In the third density events are slower.

Within the third density you have the veil. You have the complex system of molecules making up an object. These molecules through being set in parallel motion to whatever it is you wish to manifest to help bring it about, can absorb energy and absorb the thought-processes can, to get set in motion take more time and require more persistence to get it going. (It is) as if you were going to start a fire and you needed to have more particles of matter to burn to catch fire before you can get the whole fire going to the extent that you wish. In the third density it takes more energy to get everything in alignment, all the molecules, all of the factors in alignment to begin your manifestation. So persistence is very valuable in the third density towards bringing your project into manifestation. Those are our comments.

Wynn:  I recall in the Creator Gods of the Physical Realm book there was a story of making an omelet. You start out with an egg and you have to go through all of the changes that an egg has to go through – you have to crack it, you have to put it in a frying pan, you have to beat up the milk. Before you know it, you have an omelet.

I think I’ve been guilty of this and I’m sure other people have:  when you have a vision of something and you can see it happening, it seems like it’s happening in the astral plane but it’s not in the physical. But, because it’s happening in the astral, you think it’s happened, but you haven’t cracked the egg; you haven’t added the milk; you haven’t turned the stove on. It’s really important to go through all the steps that cause the vision to come about. Maybe you have to write it down on a piece of paper – the steps. Am I correct when I say this? That things happen in the astral when you have a vision, and you’re thinking about them and it creates the illusion that it has already happened and then you don’t follow through?

Ra’An:  Yes, in that you haven’t brought all the pieces together to bring it into the physical universe in order to get it in the manifest physical universe you need to build it with pieces of physical universe and this is a step that is required for manifestation.

Wynn:  If one has a vision, how can one know that their vision has the potential to actually manifest?

Ra’An:  They can look at their experience – the experience of others. They can use their knowledge of materials, whether the materials are capable of holding up. They can use experimentation to see which way it is best to be put into the physical universe and which ways of doing it will last and survive and be available for the purposes of the things that one has put together - whether it will work or not. So, there is experimentation and there is intuition that will tell you that this can work.

Wynn:  Thank you. One of the things in the physical world is your ability to project your own vibrations into the world and some people have potential but they have blocks on their ability to project. Maybe they have traumas in their body and they feel helpless – I had this for a long time so it’s from my own experience – they feel that they can’t project in such a way as to reach others. How can one work with that kind of issue if that’s something they’re experiencing?

Ra’An:  Often that is due to childhood experiences where there have been blockages placed upon a child’s development by parents, or disbelief by parents that the child can bring something into existence. Parents have a great deal to do with the way a small child can see his/her potential in the ability to reach out. Many times it was only some block that the parents had that the child then picked up and distorted their capability; the way that individual looked at his/her capabilities. If one has this issue, they can begin to cut corners off it by reaching out – a little bit here and a little bit there – and trying, and then seeing that indeed they are capable of reaching out and of connecting with others and of bringing things into existence in the manifest world.

Sometimes it can be blocks that have come and that they have experienced from past life experiences and they bring it into this experience. Belief systems about what one can and cannot do sometimes come in from society, and this makes a big difference in what an individual can do. For instance, one example is: a child may come into the world and have abilities and remember being from the past and the parents say, “Oh, it’s just your imagination.”  This then tends to shut the individual down as to what he can observe and what he can bring through. An individual can break out of these locks and blocks that are within the third density and remember his spiritual heritage and increase his/her potential in looking at having faith in one’s own abilities and one’s own reaching out, that they can connect and that there will be people that are receptive and to increase their reach into the world.

Wynn:  Thank you. Final question:  It is my understanding that we have some choice in terms of the parents we come into and oftentimes, we choose parents that we had past track with in other lifetimes. Why would we pick parents that are going to make our lives, are going to program us, in such a way as to make our lives so difficult. Is this an accident, or is it part of the choices we’ve made in order to have the lessons we need?

Ra’An:  This is, in part, to have the lessons that one needs in order to grow, in that when there are blocks and one has to overcome these challenges, then they can grow in miraculous ways. Sometimes it is an ongoing issue with an entity that one has been with before and it is the attempt to break through and to be heard by the other person, and to re-establish some connection that has been broken in an earlier time. It is a challenge that one takes up to solve the problem or to connect where the connection has been desired in the past, but has been blocked in some way, and one continues to work on the problem in this life to re-establish connection and to solve the situation that has been difficult before.

Wynn:  Thank you. Are there times when people, so to speak, make mistakes in this area? Or, is it all part of divine flow?

Ra’An:  Sometimes an individual may attempt to choose, before they come in, one family or another family and it may be a difficult choice. Perhaps the family they pick has some difficulty, but then it is all part of the growth that one can experience and the challenges that one can overcome, and therefore learn, in the third density.

Wynn:  Thank you. Do you have any closing comments before we leave the call?

Ra’An:  We … sometimes experience sadness in that when we look we see that the individuals are so separated in the third density, and they do not realize that we are there, their brothers and sisters are there; that the great love is there for them and they have separated from it and it is available to all and the thought that it is there and that one day they may know that is it there and feel the joy of the love. We know that the whales and the dolphins can feel the love and connect. We send love to each and every individual out there, on the line, on the radio, listening to the audio, reading transcripts – and we are there. And although we end the transmission, we do not leave. Adonai.

Wynn:  We’ll close this call for tonight, and thank everybody who is here and listening and thank everyone who is volunteering and helping to make sure everything gets out. We’ll see you Wednesday – send me questions if you have them: A special thanks to Terry.

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