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Monday Calls; 2011 Conferences

Monday – 11/21/2011

What is Prayer
Introductory Notes by Wynn Free
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Also recorded in BBS Radio Archives.

Channeled and Edited by Terry Brown

Transcribed by Connie O'Brien


Music:  Chiron Wind, 2003, Daphne Karandanis on flute with David Wilcock back up.


Terry:  Hello everybody where ever you are.  Ladies and gentlemen: Wynn Free.

Wynn:  Is that Terry Brown?

Terry:  That’s Terry Brown.

Wynn:  Hello ladies and gentlemen I’m introducing Terry Brown.

Terry:  Hello everybody.  This is the co-host of the Wynn Free Monday night conference call show on BBS Radio.  It’s a simulcast, where he brings in people from the conference line and then the people also listen on BBS Radio.  Some people do both.

Gijs:  We have this wonderful lady, Terry Brown, doing all this work for society out of Sedona, Arizona.  Terry, I love you and thank you so much for what you’re all doing for everybody.

Terry:  Thank you, Gijs.  Gijs is located in California, and he introduces our calls with such grace – I love it.

Wynn:  Actually, he said he was going to send me a bill for saying nice things about you. 

This show is – in fact, most of what we do – is kind of like a wild ride.

You know we do three shows a week.  We have lots of emails and I couldn’t imagine myself doing this at one point in time.  I said, “Oh my God people are going to get tired of me.”  I said, “The only way for me to do this is for me to entertain myself” because if I made sure I was entertaining myself, everyone else would be entertained.  But if I had the slightest idea that I had to keep you guys entertained, I’d screw up.  So that’s why it’s the seat of the pants, because the only way I can entertain myself is not knowing what’s happening next.  Although we do make up topics and we do have really amazing conversations. 

Terry is finally catching up on some of the transcripts and some of you are noticing a bunch of new transcripts coming in.  This is like three calls a week and then having three transcripts a week.  Terry is not really doing them.  Other people are doing them – there’s Suzanne that’s been doing them, there’s Gina, there’s Connie.  The problem is, Terry has to edit them because oftentimes people make mistakes, and suddenly we are quoting our sources and they are saying exactly the opposite of what the transcript (is saying because) there’s one little word off and it says exactly the opposite.  So it’s a lot of responsibility to put this out and give instructions from the Elohim that are just opposite of what they said.  So Terry is editing the transcripts and she has had a very hard time editing the transcripts and when I ask her about it, one of the reasons is because she’s been making pretend that she’s not really doing it. 

I make pretend I’m not really doing it, also.  It’s like when I put (it) up in front of my face and say, “Are you really doing this?”  If I am, I don’t want to know about it because it’s too much responsibility, except you guys are screwing it up because you’re having so many amazing results out of this work and I know you’re going through transformations around it.  In spite of the fact that Terry and I not doing it, something is going on.

(Wynn welcomes more people.)

Steven:  Sorry I’m late.  Steven Jong in Starbucks.

Wynn:  Hi, Steven.  Are you in Starbucks?

Steven:  No, no, I’m home, it’s a block away.

Wynn:  Steven, you are setting a record by being here.  Let me just tell you why. 

Some years ago I asked the Elohim, “How I am supposed to get this out to people?”  And they said, “Talk to one person at a time.”

So I would be in Starbucks and if someone was sitting next to me I’d start a conversation.  I’d say, “I’m an author,” and they’d be very interested.  Everyone wants to talk to an author, right?  Then I started talking about the Elohim and my girlfriends and driving and this stuff.  Suddenly they’d look at me and they’d get up and they’d go to another table.  (Laughter) 

Steven:  Whacko.  (Laughter). Well, I’m the one that needs the most help, so I come back for help; I’m seriously messed up.  My chakras are all closed down, man I’ve got to open them up. 

Wynn:  You set the record Steven.  You set the record. You’re the first guy from Starbucks to show up on our call… That Starbucks is right across the street from you, isn’t it? 

Steven:  Yeah, a half a block from me on the hill. I go there every morning. ..

Wynn:  I met Steven at Starbucks two months ago when we were in L.A. and Terry had something to do – she was getting her hair done.  It was a few miles from that Starbucks.  When Terry was living downtown (she lived near that Starbucks)… You guys don’t know how crazy our life has been.  It’s not so crazy now. 

Steven:  You know how crazy mine is, right?  I’ve already given you an example of my craziness in my emails. 

Wynn:  I know Steven but don’t tell everybody because this is my show. 

Steven:  I’m not a triple-whammy Gemini like you, I’m a Gemini in my composite chart, my Vedic chart, but I’m not really a Gemini … 

Wynn:  Terry was doing a great introduction, then I started talking about her and now we’ve overridden her and she’s not saying anything. Terry, do you have any comment? 

Terry:  We’re back in the normal routine of the show. 

Wynn:  We are.  Alright, now I’m going blank.  Terry, my mind just went blank just now. 

Steven:  I’m sorry I overwhelmed you with all that stuff. 

Wynn:  I’m going to tell you guys a story.  I’m reminded of this story and it’s kind of funny.  I don’t think you realize how crazy it is to do this.  It’s stabilizing a little now, but it’s like some of the stuff we’ve gone through, some of it’s really funny except it was tragic at the time.  It’s funny when you go back and look at it. 

For example, there was this period of time when Terry was talking to me and she kept saying, “They want to talk to you” and I’d turn on the tape recorder, we were having these conversations.

Terry was living in Pasadena and for some reason it was time for her to move.  I went and there was a minister who I met somewhere who was renting (out) a room in her house (I don’t want to say her name, I don’t want to say where). Terry moved in; in fact, both of us moved in to her little room in this little (apartment). 

(The minister’s) first impulse was, “I read this book; I love Wynn’s book.  I love David Wilcock.”  Then we started talking about all these conversations we were having.  We were in the second bedroom in the very small little apartment and she didn’t have much interest in what we were doing. (I thought), “She’s a minister; why doesn’t she have interest?  If we’re really doing this, (why doesn’t she have interest?)”  But, she didn’t have interest, but she was very interested in David Wilcock/Edgar Cayce.  I started to see, I think she was interested in that because I had a book out.  Edgar Cayce was so famous and I made the case for Edgar Cayce and David Wilcock being together.  But, the fact that we were in the bedroom talking to the Elohim, I think we wrote a lot of that book The Creator Gods of the Physical Universe Want to Talk to You book in that room.  I would come out and say, “Look at this!  Look at what just came through.”  She would be kind of indifferent.  Eventually, she decided I was on drugs. 

There were all these strange phenomena that would happen.  For some reason, she was looking at some piece of furniture in her house and she was thinking wood was disappearing from the base of the furniture.  Somehow she got the idea that people that were using drugs would take wood off furniture, I guess, to burn cocaine.  Whenever I would walk through she would look at me like “a little weird.”  Finally, I think I spilled something on the rug and Terry had to replace the rug. 

Terry:  It cost a lot of money to replace that rug. 

Wynn:  It cost a lot of money to replace the rug.  She was thinking, she just thought I was terrible.  Finally, there was this one episode where I said, “I think Terry, (we) should move from there.  Where are we going to move to?”  We’re not normal roommates; we didn’t have a lot of money to rent a big apartment.  We’re not normal roommates, so I was doing some research.  I start looking for places to live and I realize: we’re really weird.  (It surfaces other people’s negativity) to be roommates with somebody.  They can’t make it familiar so they try to find something wrong with it.  At that time, nobody’s really giving us any acknowledgment; we’re just two weird people in Los Angeles. 

I found a place two blocks from downtown L.A. that used to be a Catholic nunnery.  They still have a little chapel in it.  I took Terry down there and it wasn’t in the best neighborhood but it was like a fortress.  It was totally isolated; it had little parking in it.  It had about 40 people living in it.  It had a community kitchen and there was a really nice lady who managed it who was very religious in her own way.  It was no longer a religious institution; it was owned by a Korean who was just renting it out.  Koreans do this all the time; they have rooming houses and they’re nice.  She was pretty fussy about who lived there; she had kind of an international community.  There were people from all over the world.  We were moving from (the minister’s apartment) and we were moving to the nunnery and what happened, Terry? 

Terry:  I’d replaced the rug for $500, and the rug was so old.  It was wall-to-wall carpeting, it had been flooded over and over again by the toilet overflowing so the whole underside of it was all water-marked and it wasn’t in very good shape in the first place.  But, we replaced the rug and then we were moving everything out of the place and out of the room.  We were loading everything in the car and Wynn and I somehow misplaced the key.

Wynn:  Before that wasn’t there the graffiti incident before that?

Terry:  When we were loading the car, somebody wrote on the car all over the windows with some kind of a crayon: blues and whites and greens.  They said “You’re a Jewish rug-eater” – or something like that.  I thought “A rug eater?  I just replaced this rug.”  Who on earth would write that on my car?

Wynn:  At that moment, the woman came back and she saw that on Terry’s car and she got the idea that I did it.

Terry:  Right.  So she called the police.

Wynn:  So I said, “I’m getting out of here.  I’m outta here.  This is too crazy.”

Terry:  She said, “See!  That means he did it because he doesn’t want to wait for the police.  He’s getting out of here; that means he did it!”  I thought who could have done that?  My car was fine, I was loading my car, I went inside, I come back out and somebody (had) written all over (it).

Wynn:  This is a really nice neighborhood too.  You would think that would have happened near the nunnery in downtown L.A.  That was a funky neighborhood.  But, this is a nice suburban neighborhood. 

The next thing that happened was about ten miles from where this house was there was a Mexican Restaurant that Terry and this woman would go to sometimes.  It was after this happened to the car, (I think) they went to the restaurant.  I wasn’t there.

Terry:  The lady went to the restaurant.  (Someone) put the same things all over the windows of the restaurant.

Wynn:  Did it say “rug-eater” on the window of the restaurant?

Terry:  I don’t know if they said rug-eater, but they all used the same kind of chalk and crayon and writing on the restaurant window.

Wynn:  This is how the negative operates.  Something out there is impulsing people and it starts to look like I’m doing it and this woman was convinced that I’m doing it.  Finally, we had to go back to the house to pick up some stuff and Terry forgot her key and I said, “I want to get out of here, fast.” 

Terry:  Without a key.

Wynn:  We go around the house to see if any windows were open and the window is open into her bedroom.  I start crawling in the window, and I break it all over her bed.

Terry:  There were these big (foot)-prints all over her pillow-dirty (foot)-prints. 

Wynn:  So I’m sharing this with you guys – I don’t know why we’re sharing this today – It’s because I want you to know that we’re human and the fact that we’re on these calls and sharing this stuff is a bloody miracle because it’s so far-out.  I know some of you are going through stuff, and trying to figure things out. 

I remember when I was in grade school I had this incident with this one teacher that was very much like what was happening with this minister.  Everything I would do would look like I was bad because circumstances would do it.  She was already in this idea that there was something wrong with me.  There was this woman named Cynthia who had lost her hat and she had a cold and she asked the room, “Could every one look for Cynthia’s hat?”  I think the teacher’s name was Mrs. Scott – I don’t think she’s listening so I can use her name.  She’s probably not alive anymore.  She was a nice lady. 

The whole room was looking for Cynthia’s hat and Cynthia was just about to leave.  At that point I went into the closet and I took my coat off the hook.  When I took the coat off the hook, this hat fell down to the ground; it was in the folds of my coat.  I went up and I gave it to Mrs. Scott and I said, “I found Cynthia’s hat”.  Cynthia was just about to leave or out the door and she had to call her back. 

There is no way that Mrs. Scott thought that was an accident; she thought I had absconded with Cynthia’s hat.  For the next month she would look at me and I would feel guilty even though I didn’t do anything. 

These are funny little things; maybe we’ll talk about how these things happen?  It’s almost like, “Could that really have been an accident?  Was something setting me up?”  People can turn on you and think you’re bad.  That’s one of the challenges, those of you who love the idea of expanding your hologram and connecting to higher realms, it’s not going to happen for everybody but some of you are going to do that and then you’re going to attract some of this stuff and you have to be prepared to handle it because there’s a lot of little gremlins and glitches out there. 

One thing I did learn is that the negative can impulse people; it can impulse people who are on drugs, who are schizophrenic, who are heavily drinking.  Many people have heard how there are negative beings in bars.  As you go through your life, particularly if you are doing something of a high nature, it’s something they would prefer not to happen.  Until you get a certain level of protection, I think this is true, you’re vulnerable.  They will do what they can to de-commission you in some way.

The very first grid healing was when Daphne and I were in New York years ago and we did the first grid healing at the World Trade Center.  We did a channeling and they said, “Be very careful because New York is filled with a lot of strange energies.  Don’t take your eyes off of Daphne, because she picks it all up.”  So we were driving out of New York and we went to a Starbucks and it was raining.  I was going to go there because I wanted to look up on the internet the correct route out of the New York City and I dropped her off in front of Starbucks so she didn’t have to walk in the rain and I parked the car. 

I went back to Starbucks and she is totally freaked out.  Just at the moment I walked in, this woman threw coffee on Daphne’s face.  Luckily it was not hot and (the woman) was jumbled out and walking out the door.  They were running after her; they were going to call the cops.  The guy at Starbucks said, “She comes in here all the time; she’s kind of crazy.  Sorry that happened.  Can we send the cleaners to clean your friend’s blouse?”  I got it; I got that she was kind of crazy; that we were on a very high vibration and if I was going to say what happened, I’d say she was impulsed and they threw coffee on (Daphne’s) face.  It really did scare Daphne, really badly. 

So when you’re doing this, when you have a high vibration and you’re in this realm, you must be very aware; aware of your surroundings, aware of what you do, who you talk to, who you communicate with, who you move in with if you are renting a house – because you will attract the negative from other people towards you.  They won’t understand it; that’s why it’s not so easy to talk about it.  That’s why when Steven says he wants to hand out flyers for my book, he should do it carefully.  Do it for people you have a resonance with because I’m not sure you can do it with strangers successfully, particularly if it’s a city where you live and a coffee shop where you go to.  You can go to a strange place and do it and then leave.  Whatever good comes from it will and you don’t have to worry about anything negative coming back to you.

We’ve called this prayer, we’ve called this prayer, and I announced that I was going to do a workshop.  Ever since I announced that I’ve been having a queasy feeling in my stomach like maybe I shouldn’t do that workshop.  Maybe people are going to take it wrong.  So I’m going to decide about it tomorrow if I’m actually going to do it.  I even put the wrong date on it; I meant it to be this Saturday.  If I say things in the wrong way, people think I’m presumptuous.  I’m thinking prayer is one of the sacred cows that really defines the relationship of a human to higher forces.  Who am I to teach how to pray?  Maybe I can do it; we’re learning it just by being on these calls.  I don’t think you can learn it in a classroom setting, although you can give ideas about it. 

I don’t even like to use the word ‘pray’ because it’s a word that people have an idea of what it means.  I don’t think I use it in the same way, just like the word ‘God’.  Nonetheless, when people think of those words, they have their own sacred relationship with those ideas and who am I to come in to their world and say, “Here’s how it works.”  They’d have to gravitate towards me.  So it’s one of those things that I’m not sure it’d work, I never did it before.  So I am considering it. 

Terry is there anything you want to say?  I’m hogging all the space here.

Terry:  No, go ahead.

Wynn:  This is another thing that I have been thinking about for a long time.  I think the energy is clear for me to share this.  The thing abut doing things publicly is once you do it you can never take it back, it’s out there.  People that are going to make their opinions about you or judge you, it’s done.  You say the wrong thing and you can’t help but say the wrong thing.  You can’t help it because you can’t please everybody.  You say certain things that are going to change people’s lives and you say other things that make people hostile.  This is one of the Catch-22s of being in this realm and learning how to be totally authentic to yourself. 

I think that what I’m projecting, or what I’m creating or hoping that within our group we create a safe environment for people to be authentic with each other.  That’s why we’re doing more and more things with people interacting, like the little calls at the end on Sunday or the TeamShift.  I realize that any time two people come together and interact and they are really able to interact with each other as spiritual beings it changes the universe, it changes the planet because this work, the kind of stuff we’re doing, has to ground.

I get emails from people who have been listening to us for a long time that I don’t know, that nobody knows, they are just on our replays.  Suddenly, out of the blue they tell me, “I’ve been listening to you and you’ve changed my life” and things shifted for them.  They never really grounded into the group —there’s a group, there’s people who get to know each other on these lines—but (these people never grounded into the group).  They took the information and they shifted their life.  So it’s not necessary for people to ground into rapport with other people in the group, but for many people I see it being a great blessing to have that opportunity because otherwise, you’re a weirdo everywhere.  You start paying attention to these kinds of ideas, you start experiencing things, and it’s really nice to have other people that you connect with, that you commune with, to help hold the energy for it because most people won’t or can’t – even when you think they should. 

Like I really thought that minister should have been really, really open, more than open, like “Wow!  These guys are here and they’re doing that!”  And yet, it just provoked her.  I began to understand how it worked:  When people have a reality system and particularly when they’re making money from their reality system, making money from a reality system makes you very committed to that system.  So if somebody comes in that has a reality system that would tend to upset yours, you’re automatically going to be very defensive because you’re going to think, “Oh, oh, how am I going to make money if everything I’m doing is wrong?”  This person had a fairly rigid (outlook), even though she was in a more liberal church, she was fairly rigid in her ways of thinking, and she had a congregation.  Now if she was totally saying, “What’s for the highest good of everyone?” she would have looked at our work and said, “This is very special.  Wow!  Let me read that.  That makes sense.”  She would have had me come in and talk to her congregation.  But, that would have been upsetting because it’s too strong.  You wonder why it’s so hard to put something like this into the world and that’s the reason. 

Why isn’t the A.R.E. giving David Wilcock any attention, aside from the fact that if they did he’d probably run away from them in a year and screw it up?  Nonetheless, there’s an institute that has people in it that are on salary, that are making money; they have buildings, they have mailing lists.  How could they possibly recognize that David Wilcock was Edgar Cayce?  How could they do it?  Even though, it’s true. David heard somebody say when they were living in Virginia Beach that, “Even if he was Edgar Cayce, we could never admit it.”  (It’s) because they (would be) jeopardizing all their finances. They have this institute totally dedicated to Edgar Cayce that’s paying people and now this fairly radical, fairly unpredictable young guy is saying he was Edgar Cayce.  If they acknowledged it, then suddenly they said it to their constituents, the people who were in the Edgar Cayce Institute, maybe they’d send all their money to David instead of to the institute and they wouldn’t have jobs anymore. 

You see what a Catch-22 it is?  Once money is involved, it can so easily corrupt things.  It’s one of the reasons that I do these things for free.  Why are we on the line three days per week?  Why are we sending emails out to people?  (It’s) because it keeps me from being corrupted.  What happens is, once money is involved you start thinking in terms of amassing money and how many people can I get to buy my book?  What do people want to hear so I can sell more books?

Gijs:  Wynn, why do you think your last name is what it is?

Wynn:  Free?  I don’t know.  In any case, the big problem is while it’s nice to do that except at one point I imagined when I was living in L.A. that maybe someday I’ll be doing conference calls on skid row.  Then I’d just have to pay for my Blackberry and have a nice tent, because on some level this has to support itself.  So that has been a challenge.  I want to say that many of you have made donations and occasionally we’ve gotten a really generous donation and it’s helped us keep going and we really appreciate that. 

If I had 30 or 40 thousand people on my list, we could probably make enough money through our little three and four dollar sales and donations to survive and even prosper.  But, it’s a double-edged sword because how does this grow?  Let’s just say money were no object.  I’d be going and doing workshops everywhere.  I wouldn’t care about whether I made money because the money was no object.  If somebody that was wealthy made a big donation, I would be putting banners up all over the internet The Creator Gods of the Physical Universe Want to Talk to You and have them go and download my book.  I’d get 30 or 40 thousand people and then it would support itself.  It’s been kind of a spinning-wheel situation.  There is probably someone out there that would support it and if you keep doing something eventually you find that person. 

In the meantime, the world as I observe at a grass-roots level, there are so many people that would like to find this work.  How do you get through the cracks and get to the people on a grass-root level with no compromise, with no control mechanisms.  That’s one of the problems with money – as soon as somebody puts up money they think of it as a business and want to make money.  As soon as they want to make money it becomes a control mechanism unless you’re doing exactly what you want to do. 

I’m introducing something because a year ago we started experimenting with something. 

I really like it when everyone is live because when I say something and people laugh it makes me feel good.  I haven’t resorted to a laugh-track yet.  We’re having a conversation and I’m not really performing.  Many of you who keep coming on these calls are starting to appreciate the quality of what is coming through and integrating it into your life.  In a couple of calls they said, “We’re creating the basis for a new civilization.”   When we come together in such a loving way and we hold that space; this is not about following me.  This is not about having a best-seller; we are grounding a way of being which is very rare in this realm.  If it reaches enough people it could change (the world).  Who knows what could happen? 

You understand the challenge:  on one hand, you need money to reach people but money corrupts.  Money controls.  Money even can control potentially me.  I’m just a guy here.  I don’t want to live on skid-row.

So we started something last year and I’m going to share it with you because there’s something that you may have to do with it.

I was learning about some technologies that were going on in Asia and people were selling these products multi-level that were supposed to put out energy.  I bought some samples and thought I liked them.  It didn’t hit me over the head, but it was pleasant.  It was a pendant.  We live in Sedona and said to myself, “I wonder if this would sell in the stores in Sedona?”  So I made a little display and took it to the local health food store and I had to beg the woman to let me stick it down on this counter; it was on this cluttered counter with a lot of other products.  I had to leave it on consignment, she wouldn’t buy them.  I said, “I wonder what will happen?”  So I came back a week later and the guy tells me, “What’s in these things?”  They were selling like crazy!  The next week all the employees were wearing them. 

This was in Christmas period and we sold about fifty in the month of December in this store out of this little display that almost no one noticed.  Then I got the idea, we live in Sedona, what happens if we take these things (to other stores) – Sedona is like the energy center of the Universe at least to tourists; it has vortexes.  There are all these stores, these touristy places with crystals and everything to boost your energy, so we put it in another store and the same thing happened and we put it in another store and the same thing happened, and this has been going on for a year.  We’ve been running this business. 

I haven’t talked about it, because if you notice I never sell anything; I don’t have affiliate programs.  I don’t put other people on the show that want exposure; there are people that ask me all the time, “Will you sell this through your list?”  I don’t even want to sell my things through my list. 

So I did not want to talk about this in the group; it was just something I was saying “I wonder if we can make some money?”  So we did; we started making money from all these stores.  So at the present time, we have about fifty stores.  We put them in a store and suddenly a store in Santa Fe said, “These are the fastest-moving products we’ve seen in three years, and I’ve only worked here three years.”

Do you guys know why they’re selling?  I’m not going to tell you, but just think about it.  We have a source that can project energy into this realm.  They want us to be successful.  These things have like an extra zip to them – I’m not going to even ask them this because I’d like this to be my little fantasy.  I don’t want to make any more controversy about it.  People are responding to these things better than other pendants that are out there.  Our pendants have a special little deal on them, special energy on them.  So I’m going to tell you that you guys can buy them and this is the first time I’ve ever done a commercial.  They’re selling on the web for $29.  If you use the discount code ‘earth’, it goes down to $20.  If you like what we’re doing, if you like our work, not only this a great and economical product, but it’s a great Christmas present.  I’m going to be talking them up just as a way of raising money to support us.  All of you that are going to give any Christmas presents can consider these pendants.  Does that sound neat?

Caller:  Yeah.

Wynn: The website is  I don’t think I’m going to send e-mails out about this, I don’t think so.  This is only going to be for people who listen to me on this show, because I think if I send e-mails out, people will judge it.  Certain people never listen to the shows and will pick up an e-mail and they’ll say, “Oh, he’s just exploiting it.”

Caller:  Can we pay for it through PayPal?

Wynn:  Yes, you can.  You can pay for it through PayPal.  You can get as many as you want.  We have them gift-boxed; Terry is shipping them, Terry’s been helping.  It’s  You can pay for it with PayPal or credit card, or you can send money.  The discount code is ‘earth’.

Another thing that happened to us about ten months (or so) ago; I think it was in February (2011).  We were in Los Angeles and we were doing the Expo there.  There was a guy that had a booth near us who had aura cameras.  It’s a camera that you sit in front of and it takes a picture of your aura, so he says.  People are lining up all day and they all have different colors in their auras.  He takes their pictures and charges them for the picture.  He came to our booth and said, “I wonder what these pendants will do to somebody’s aura?”  He took it down to his booth, and somebody was sitting there in front of the camera and he took a picture and then he put a pendant on them and their aura totally changed!  You can go to the website and see the pictures, because we are using those pictures to market (it)– people have a hard time believing these things work.  For some people, it knocks their socks off and (for) some people, it works over time.  (In other words, it takes some time to work.) We have so many testimonials from people at this point; you can read them on the website.

I spent all this time, and I’ve done a commercial; we going to go into prayer.  I was praying for more money. 

Isis:  Wynn, could I say something about the pendant? 

Wynn:  Yeah.

Isis:  My friend got me one last Christmas from you and then he told me he was going to send me something as a surprise.  So I was looking forward to this.  I didn’t know what to expect so I opened it.  It was a pendant.  Then I put it on and I have connected to Ra’An really strongly many, many times, and when I put it on it was such a strong energy.  It was almost the same. I told my friend, “Wow, what is this? It’s amazing.”  So I just wanted to share that with everybody.  I know everyone has different experiences, but I just wanted to share it.  So I highly recommend it.

Wynn:  Thank you so much.  That’s another paid testimonial.  Thank you.

Isis:  My two cents.

Wynn:  Thank you for sharing.

There’s a money back guarantee; they’re $29.  We’re selling them for $20 to everyone who is listening to this call.  It’s worth trying.  Eventually, I’m going to put a little card in them and people that buy them in the stores, I’m going to say “Join us in our Sunday grid healing”.  Most people are not going to know what that is and then I’m going to have to do these long introductions on the grid healings explaining what we’re doing in some ways that sound acceptable to people.  In a sneaky way, it ties in with our work because we’re starting to get metaphysical bookstores and I talk about The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce and they never heard about the book. 

Last Saturday we went to the Professional Women’s Bazaar in Cottonwood, and Terry sold them.  There was almost nobody there and she sold six.  This may be a way for some of you to make a living somewhere going to little places, who knows where it will unfold.  Right now we have about fifty stores, and a lot of them are selling (the pendants) like crazy and a lot of people who don’t know about our work, that don’t (know) anything about it, are just buying (the pendants) cold (and) are saying, “Wow! What are these things?” 

I’m going to say it one more time, being a good salesman; this is me when I used to sell at fairs –  The discount code is ‘earth’, you can see the aura pictures.  I tell the story there but I don’t put my name on it.  We tell the story of what happened in that store in Sedona. 

Check it out and think about it, as maybe getting bunches of them for Christmas present.  If you give it to somebody as a Christmas present and they notice the energy it’s a real opening to start talking to them about the work we’re doing.  Just say, “This guy does these phone calls, there is a lot of energy on the phone lines.”  The thing is, do not try to explain too much.

The early part of the call was the explanation(s) – Steve started this because he met me in Starbucks and he won the award of the first person that I ever talked to in Starbucks that comes in on the line.  So Steve, thank you very much.  That started me thinking about all the crazy things that have happened to us when we talk to people. 

I wasn’t even sure I was going to talk about the pendant tonight.  I said (to myself), “I’m not going to talk about it.  I announced this workshop but I don’t want to do that.  If I talk about the pendant, I’m going to get in trouble.”  There you go; I did it – the cats out of the bag.  Now I can’t take it back.  Terry, are you there?

Terry:  I’m here.

Wynn:  If anyone is listening to the call for the first time tonight, this is not a normal call.  If you remember what I said at the beginning of the call, “They’re never normal calls.  They are always seat of the pants; anything can happen.”  Usually I don’t talk so much, sometimes I do.  Sometimes we’re just very strict, we’re on topic.  We have so many archives that I feel that we have to get our archives up and just make them available.  Let people discover us through the archives of all these calls. 

Many of you are finding yourself part of this; many of you who come into these calls are finding yourself part of this and you’re part of this because you are part of this.  This is not my thing; I’m just doing my part of it.  Other people now are starting to do little parts of their own.  There’s no hierarchy here – it’s just what you have to contribute, if you want to.  Part of the reward of that, of making a contribution, is being of value.

What keeps people alive is the value they create for others.  For many people, it’s the value to their husband or their wife, or their children, or their family or their church.  Once somebody has no way of being of value to anything in this realm, oftentimes they die.  That’s the time they say to themselves, “I’m finished here.”  Being of value is a way to keep energies going in you, to keep yourself motivated, to have a reason to get up every day because if that reason goes away, you’re gone. 

When you want to create value, and you also want to graduate this realm, it helps if your value is connected with the evolution of the realm, of the planet.  If your value is totally connected with things of this earth, like your family, like a husband, like a business – there is nothing wrong with that, but if it’s totally connected with that, then the energy is all connected with that.  That’s why people reincarnate, because they reincarnate to where their energy is connected.  When you start creating value, not only does it keep you alive but it creates service to the planet and it doesn’t bind you to the planet, to the energies of the planet, by doing high service.  Even if you do have responsibilities in the physical realm to other people, it’s good to be doing high service at the same time.  It doesn’t mean you have to leave those people, or abandon your families; in fact, you’ll probably do the job better, because you don’t feel trapped by it. 

Normally, if you’re what I would call a high-matrix person, or an old soul, and you’re surrounded with people who are not as old as you – this is not a hierarchy, now.  This is a dilemma.  You tend to feel trapped by those people that are around you and then you get antsy, you get rebellious, and you’re not easy to be around because part of your high self wants you to connect with this higher stuff.  Once you start connecting with the higher stuff, it takes the pressure off, you’re doing it then you can be much better around those people.  You can just be what they need, because they need you to be something without being trapped by what they need – you can just do it.

Wynn:  Does that make sense?  (Silence.)  No one’s answering.

Callers:  Yes.  Yes. Yes, it does. 

Wynn:  Why are wanderers alienated?  It’s because they have such a hard time having affinity with anything down here, because if they’re a wanderer, they’re an older, experienced soul.  They’re in this realm – they’ve chosen to come in here to be of service.  Now, they’re in this realm and everything is contracting them to a lower, more contracted way because they are more evolved. 

‘More evolved’ does not mean to go on an ego-trip and think you’re more evolved and you’re better than.  It’s not better than, it’s (that) everything is part of the Law of One and we’re all at different places.  If you’re of service, being ‘more evolved’ means you have to become of service to those people here to fulfill your mission.  It’s not standing on a pedestal and saying, “Look at me!  I’m more evolved; I’ve got something to share with you.”  Those people whom you serve are giving you a reason to be of value; they’re giving you a reason to be alive.  That is important, because otherwise you’ll end up in trouble.  You’ll be looking for love in all the wrong places and then you’ll have karmic patterns on top of you.

What is prayer?  Prayer – for most people, prayer sets up a hierarchy:  there’s a God and I have to pray to God because if I win God’s favor nice things will happen and I can cause things to change.  I think the more real way of looking at prayer is that everything is God, but there are higher forms, just like you may be more evolved than other people but that doesn’t make you stand on a pedestal and say, “Worship me because I’m more evolved.”  It means that other people whom you can really hold for and be of service to are giving you the opportunity to be of value and justify your existence. 

I never asked this question – I’m just going to say what I think might be true – we have these sources that have worked very hard to evolve humans and the indications have been when the Elohim first created the physical universe and when they gave free will or extended free will to all the beings who were evolving here, they didn’t know what was going to happen.  They didn’t know how bad it would turn out and how oppressed people could be and how enslaved people could be.  I sense they might feel a certain amount of responsibility for wanting to make a contribution to shift things.  They have a hard time finding an anchor here that can hold the space, who is willing to do it, and doesn’t corrupt it.  In this circumstance here, I think they see that potential.  We who are listening to these calls regularly and have learned to feel this sense of camaraderie with the Elohim like they’re our energy friends; they want, they bless, these kinds of connections because this is probably the only way they have of interfacing with this realm.

I’m speaking from my own gut instincts; I haven’t asked these questions to them.  I have observed the interaction; I’ve asked many other questions.  So they would like to answer prayers; take out the word ‘prayer’, and put in the word ‘interface’ with us, and we need to make requests so they don’t violate our free will.  It does seem to me, the more that you connect with their energy the easier it is for them to hear you and to answer and work with you.  The more you’re dedicated to service, to really serving the planet, the more it (fulfills one). 

If I would say the (Elohim and Ra) had an agenda, their agenda  would be to create opportunities for evolution through people loving each other and not being in such compressed, contracted, depressed states that so many people end up in in this realm.  So they want to help; they want to make a difference and it’s through people like us that they can bridge from their realm into this realm.  Prayer is your part of creating a bridge. Just say a request, a connection, affiliation, camaraderie, a communion.  It’s not easy to get the right words to explain this.  You who are on these lines regularly are in the experience of it, and I think many of you understand exactly what I’m saying.  I’m just trying to bring into words, refining the experience we’ve been having.

We’ve been talking about the Elohim.  If I were talking about the Ra Group I would say they may also appreciate the opportunity.  A good question is, when we have prayers in which case would the Ra group come in and work with a prayer, and in which case would the Elohim group come in?  What kind of requests, if there’s a difference, would make that difference between those two groups?  That’s a good preamble on this topic – Terry, are you by the microphone?

Terry:  I’m right here.  I was just looking up prayer.  It has an interesting definition:

“Prayer is a form of religious practice that seeks to activate a volitional rapport to a deity through deliberate practice.  Prayer may be either individual or communal and take place in public or in private.  It may involve the use of words or song.  When language is used, prayer may take the form of a hymn, incantation, formal creed or spontaneous utterance in the praying person.”

Wynn:  One of the things that started me in thinking of doing this workshop on Saturday was Terry.  She was sharing with me stuff – if Terry was not able to do planetary service, she wouldn’t be in this realm.  She doesn’t fit.  Would I say the same thing about me?  I guess everything I’ve ever done in my life on some level had some kind of service to it – even when I was playing music and playing around.  I think Terry even more than me. 

She has a friend Ken, and Ken was really on the verge of dying.  She was telling me that she was looking at his liver and it was all inflamed on a certain day.  Then she called him up and told him what she saw and he was already sick and he told her that he was at the airport and somebody punched him.

Terry:  They punched him repeatedly - it was one of the guards and they were trying to make him throw up so that they wouldn’t have to let him on the plane.

Wynn:  Did they think he was on drugs or something?

Terry:  No, but he had all of his medicines with him that the doctor had prescribed and they were all in these things that were more than three ounces.  They took a look at this and they were confiscating everything and started treating him very meanly and just rude and hitting him repeatedly.

Wynn:  Ken would come under the category of spiritual teacher; he is a very wise person.  He brings through messages from other realms, not the Elohim and Ra group, but usually when people do that they aren’t really interested in our work because they compete with it.  Terry has known him for a few years now, and he’s actually been paying attention to our work.  At some point we might have him on one of the calls and talk to him.  So when you start doing that, you do attract negative stuff.  Ken was beat up at the airport by the guards, his liver went from bad to really bad.

Terry:  His liver turned raspberry-red.  It was shown to me what his liver looked like.  So I said to him, “What happened on Thursday?”  He said “This guy was hitting me repeatedly.”  I said “Your liver was burning up.”  He said, “Yeah it was really hot.”  Also I said, “Your liver, in spite of it being raspberry-red and really inflamed from this beating, your liver looks 100% better than it did about nine months ago,”  when I was praying for him for three days because he was so sick he couldn’t even get out of bed.  I was praying for him to be cured.  After three days, they finally said, “Okay,” and I called him up at that point and he said twenty minutes before that he had started feeling good enough to get out of bed.  They were showing me his liver before and his liver had big black spots in it and it was all this milky-white liquid just all over that couldn’t be absorbed by his liver and so his liver’s 100% better now.  He has to really protect himself (however) he can’t get beaten up at airports.  That’s not good.

Wynn:  I wanted to make an important point here – Terry actually was lying in bed for three days.  I said, “What are you doing?”   She said she was praying for Ken.  When you normally think about prayer, what I would normally think about prayer – you’d sit down in a reverent moment and say, “Could you please help Ken?” and then you’d go on with your day.  Here she spent three days.  What I’m getting is that she was part of the energy; it wasn’t just asking them to do it and then disappearing.  She was there holding the mop, sweeping the floor all the time being part of it because that keeps the energy in attendance.  We create the grounding for the higher energies.  It’s not like asking for something, like,“Please do me a favor.”  I don’t think there’s a wrong way to ask, so asking in any way is good.  But asking in the most effective way is – if you really care, if you really care, instead of deferring all your power to them, realize that the consistency of the energy is part of what holds us together.  That’s what I get. 

Terry, we’re going a long time, okay.

Terry:  Let’s see, what time is it?

Wynn:  It’s 8:30.  We’ve been on for an hour and a half.

Terry:  We had done a couple of shows on prayer previously.  There was one show that we did that is going to be sent out shortly on Spirit Channel, that’s on connection.  There is so much good information in there, the channeled information on how to connect with the higher realms.  It’s invaluable information and before that Carla did a show with us on prayer.

Wynn:  One of the things is there is so much we should be putting up on the internet.  When I’m anxious about money, I have a really hard time taking the time to do it.  Thank goodness there are people like Gary and Bogden in Sweden who are helping maintain things.  Maybe these pendants will be a vehicle that can create enough money so we can really max out this work in this realm.  Lisa is starting to help and Edna – there are so many people now who are volunteering little bits of stuff.  If any of you are really, really good editors and want to help with transcripts Pauline is helping to co-ordinate transcribers.


Terry:  Yes.

Wynn:  We won’t do a long session with them.  I’ll just call in the light and let them make their comments on the topics we’ve been discussing and then we’ll close the show.  Is that okay?

Terry:  It’s not going to be very long because this is very late.

Wynn:  No, I mean like five minutes.  Just anything relevant on prayer or any of the ways that I’ve talked about them; just give them a little space and then we’ll close.

Father Mother God we ask for the presence of the light to surround and protect each person on this line and any negativity be taken to the highest realms of light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned.  We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the Solar System, through the outer energy fields of Earth, through our bodies and into the center of the Earth.  Right now we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls.  We invite those sources that are positive, service to others, honoring the Law of One to join with us and we create a protected space that only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now.  We create a space for our sources to come in and address us.

Ra’An:  We greet you in the love light of the One Infinite Creator.  We are here with you non-linearly, with each and every person on the line, each and every person who is on BBS Radio listening or anyone that would read a transcript later.  We connect, we feel your energy.  We feel your love.  We send you love - love of connection and we are there for you.  We –give is a moment- we use this time to connect with people all over the world who are in need of connection, people who are reaching, people who in their own daily tasks are bringing forth higher energy and higher connection into their own individual lives and bringing it into the lives of other individuals all over the world.  We see and connect with all those people who are reaching and are caring and are nurturing, and we send them support and we send them love and we reach out and touch each and every person on this line.  Adonai.

Wynn:  Thank you.  We’ll close this call now and thank all of you for being here and holding these energies.  We’ll see you Wednesday.



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