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Wednesday Calls; 2011 Conferences
Wednesday – 11/23/2011
Energy work clearing the residuals of trauma; Importance of Flow; etc.
Host: Wynn Free
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Channeled and Edited by Terry Brown

Transcribed by Cindy McDonald


Wynn: This is Wednesday, November 23rd, (2011) the day before Thanksgiving. My name is Wynn Free and on our Wednesday call we ask questions that you guys submit and if you never have submitted a question, don’t be afraid to do so. I actually give priority to people who are submitting for the first time.


Just one of the things to be aware of with our sources, that this is not exactly a psychic hotline and there’s a different criteria that they use in answering questions which we’ve learned over time and the real goal of all these calls is to make connection with the energy of these sources and get the wisdom to apply that energy and that discernment in your own life. (You need discernment because) a source, and this could be the local neighborhood psychic, a source that answers questions and tells you what to do, may not be a positive source, at least by the criteria of our sources, and that would be a lower source, even a mixed polarity source. Particularly if they are making money from answering questions because often times there’s an agenda to make you dependent ~ if you understand the difference--in making you dependent, they make more money and you become afraid to make your own decisions and have discernment.. So, that’s a very good way, initially of any criteria, of evaluating sources from other realms.


In general, on these calls, they don’t make decisions for you. Although occasionally they’ll tell you how to make a decision and sometimes they’ll help lean you in a certain direction, particularly if you’re about to do something that’s going to be tragic or really upset the rest of your life ~ because some decisions are like that. But mostly, they just are like our friends and they see patterns and they can help ~ and they’re an energy.


The Elohim, in my original talks with them, when I asked them how do they relate to this realm ~ and of course, I was very much a novice, when I asked that question, I didn’t really believe I was talking to the Elohim; I didn’t believe I was talking to the source that created the physical universe. If you’re listening for the first time, I tell people, “Don’t believe that.” Even if they say that’s their name, don’t believe they are who they say they are but evaluate them by the nature of the way they answer questions; evaluate them by the wisdom that they deliver. Evaluate them by the loving energy that you feel on these calls and that can very well leak over into your regular life as you start coming to the calls regularly ~ if you’re moved in that direction.


This is not for everybody. But for certain people, I’ve watched it make huge shifts in their lives ~ and some of those people are on the line right now. It just happens kind of by happenstance; it doesn’t happen because of the answer to a question, although sometimes it helps, sometimes the answers to questions help. It’s kind of a non-linear thing that suddenly, you get it.


Particularly on our Sunday calls, we have an emphasis on connecting with the energy, as opposed to answering questions. The whole call is centered around connecting with the energy, creating a group energy, creating group intentions that can shift the planet and shift ourselves and shift the people we care about and sometimes there’s healings, but not every time, so there’s no guarantee, but everyone’s welcome to put those things out and see what happens.


Wynn: Terry, are you on the line? Hello, Terry?


Terry: Yeah, I’m here.


Wynn: I’m just checking. So, for those of you who studied my work, or read the book, or that didn’t ~ if you read the book, you know this. There were a lot of things that happened to me that said, “Geez, I think this is real.” One of them was, oh, I guess about two or three years into it, I asked, “Was Terry ever anybody famous?” They said, “Look up St. Catherine of Sienna.” I looked up St. Catherine, I never heard of her, and I found a story of this young women who would go to the local church, the Catholic church in Sienna, Italy, and they would write down everything she said because they thought God was speaking to them through her and St. Catherine’s Dialogues with God became an officially recognized document by the Catholic church and it’s still available on Amazon.


So, as I was writing The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce, I had learned something that I didn’t know about reincarnation ~ and that was, people tend to look like their past lives and they meet the same people from life time to life time, often, and David Wilcock was the spitting image of Edgar Cayce, his father looked like Edgar Cayce’s father ~ it was very striking, if you’ve ever looked at the pictures. And, so, Terry happened to look like St. Catherine. So, this was virtually impossible that they picked a name out of a hat who happened to be a person who was recognized for channeling God and that Terry looked like her.


So that was one of the many events that convinced me that I was onto something. You know when we say someone was a Saint or someone was channeling God, those of you who paid attention to the line and what we bring forth, is that in current time, the explanations are far more sophisticated than ‘channeling God’. As soon as you hear the word ‘channeling God,’ it sounds like you’re suppose to give up your power and that’s not the way they’re explaining it in current time. They explain themselves to be a group soul who is a break-away from what they call the “One Infinite Creator.”


It’s explained that there’s two group souls: there’s the Elohim group soul and the Ra group soul. The Elohim group soul explains themselves to have created this realm and they work in the energy of the matrices ~ and by in large, they’ve never had bodies. The Ra group souls have had series of reincarnations and they graduated this realm and they form a group in other dimensions and then act as a helper for planets at lower levels of evolution like ours. So, on this call, and I say the way they identify themselves, because I think each person just has to listen, the way they identify themselves is not nearly as important as what you take out of this and can apply to your life and make a transformation.


The way they identify themselves is they are a conglomerate of both group souls and they both have their respective expertise. For example, the Ra group has a little more understanding of what it’s like to be in this realm because they’ve been there and done that. The Elohim group has greater ability to project love/light energy from higher dimensions into this realm. So depending on the questions we ask, sometimes it will go to one group or the other group.


You have to listen to this for a while and see if you can feel that, If that makes sense based on their answers, not because you give up your power.


With regards to channeling—we call this channeling, bringing in a voice from another dimension—it’s been said to me many times and I’ve learned this from my own experience that both the negative and the positive can use this thing called channeling to impact our planet. So for example, that would mean that because we’re talking to the Elohim group last week, it is possible that another source could take over the line and say they were the Elohim and mislead us. Now what keeps that from happening is the intent of the people that are doing this—Terry and myself. Hopefully that’s not happening, I don’t think it is. I don’t think it has happened. But I believe it may have happened. In the history of my doing this there have been times when I wasn’t sure. So that means to take everything and put it through your own scrutiny. Also in channeling there is a possibility that there can be bleed through from the unconscious mind of the person who is the channel,


In this kind of channeling that we are doing since we’re channeling group souls, Terry becomes part of the group during this. Her energy becomes part of the group and, in fact, so does all of our energy to a certain degree. become part of the group.


The highest law in the universe is what they call, “The Law of One.” That means, we are all one energy. So when we come together, we’re not just separate bodies on the phone line. There’s a part of our energies that all intertwines during these calls—it may not happen the first time you’re on the call, it may never happen for you but it happens for a lot of people. They can feel the energies of the line. My way of interpreting it is that we are all, I won’t say all, but those of us that are, are volunteering by being here to allow our energies to join in a group consciousness and they join that group consciousness with us, but in particular I know that Terry joins their consciousness and they join Terry’s consciousness.


So often times when somebody asks a question on health, Terry will refer them to her favorite health practitioner, Dr. Marshall, but I guess they think Dr. Marshall’s okay or she probably wouldn’t say it, because she knows other practitioners as well. That’s been one of Terry’s interests, all her life, healing and health.


I’m going to call in the light as an invocation to create this group energy I’m talking about and if you’re here for the first time, you can just stay neutral and observe from the distance. You don’t have to try to do anything and just let the energy flow as that feels comfortable for you.


Father Mother God we ask for the presence of the light to surround and protect each person here and any negativity be taken to the higher realms of light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the outer energy fields of the solar system, and the planets and the sun, through the energy fields of the earth, through our bodies and into the center of the earth. Right now, we invoke a group energy connection amongst all of us present who chose to participate and we invite those sources that are positive, service to others, honoring the Law of one to join with us and we create a protected space that only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now and we wait for our source to introduce themselves through Terry.

Ra’An: We greet you in the love/light of the one infinite creator. We are here with you nonlinearly, with each and every one of you and with the other people of planet earth. We see that many families are working hard and that this Thanksgiving that is coming up is more difficult than many others in that families wish to keep the trend, the tradition, however, the money is not as forthright in coming as normal and many people are having to go without much and they wish to provide for their families the same standard that they have been having but many are not able and they are concerned about it because the tradition is well placed into the society. So we send all of those people love light and we take a look at the first Thanksgiving when the hunters would put the birds that they had caught onto the table and prayed and thanked the lord for their survival and for what they did have.

Do you have questions?

Wynn: Yes, we do. This is a question from myself on behalf of, I guess a lot of people would be thinking this. Are there any imminent things that we can know about that are going to happen on our planet whether it’s an earth change, or an economic collapse and how can we best prepare for those things.

Ra’An: Yes. We are reminded of what your group, which is our group, is doing in getting together on the Team Shift calls, of getting together in homes, having little meetings, meeting people in the neighborhood, having a true interest in these individuals and seeing which ones you can bond with because this is where true connection and true growth and ultimately, in the third dimension, it can affect one’s ability to survive in difficult times in that a group of people that are like-minded and working together, each sharing their talents and their skills, can set up some structure that can serve them when times are difficult and allow them to have someone to turn to, as there is strength in numbers, and in like-minded camaraderie that can buoy one up and carry them through difficult times.. Many people have skills. Homemakers have, sometimes, skills of baking, of canning, of drying food. Putting away something in case of an emergency, some water that one can rely on, a back pack that is ready to go, grab and go, if it should be needed. Those are our comments.

Wynn: Thank you, and perhaps even some gallons of gasoline put away in really tight lids but in an emergency in case there’s no gasoline you still have the ability to get (somewhere).

Ra’An: One need be careful with gasoline in that in warmer weather with a tight lid, it could expand.

Wynn: Thank you.

Ra’An: You had asked a second part of this question: Was there anything imminent?

This question can be looked at as if with a telescope, looking at something far away and bringing it up close or looking through a microscope and seeing something and bringing it up close.

There are areas which are going to be affected by cold weather in the winter and these people will be having a difficult time if there is not enough money for both food and heat. We suggest in this case to buy some good warm blankets. You can get them at thrift stores and wash them good and keep them in supply in case of power outages, in case of really cold weather that one needs to keep warm. There are certain guidelines one can study to have proper ventilation. Do not use heat from a gas oven, or a charcoal burner (to heat with). There are certain guidelines one can know and some members of the community could be versed in how to get together and educate each other in the event of certain circumstances.

There are also earth changes which we on the call are working with you to moderate. It pays to pay attention to the earth and the signs that the earth can give before disturbances such as volcanic activity and to respect nature, to live in harmony with nature. Those are our comments.

Wynn: Thank you. This is a question from Ame. I’ll read it her question and then maybe I’ll give a little answer to it, since I’ve asked many questions about this and then I’ll turn it over to our sources.

Question: I was raised in a very strict religion Jehovah’s Witness that took the Bible quite literally especially with the end of times and Armageddon scenarios they based the entire religion around. My question is: Should we be taking the Bible and its predictions as literal or as a guide book written in parables and symbolism? If it’s the later, how do we reconcile the Book of Revelations with our time? Of course, I’ll leave it up to the sources to deem if they can answer this question. Thank you and Terry for your work.

Maybe I’ll just (give) a little answer because we’ve asked a lot of questions on that. One of the things is that the Bible, in spite of the fact that many religions say to take it literally, was a good part of it written and edited over many hundreds of years by men. There was even a council called the Council of Nicaea that did a total edit of it, and there was the thought that some of these things were put in there. I’m not saying this is true, but the idea that when a voice talks to you from another realm, (one needs to apply discernment.)

If you recall earlier I said, from this week, to the next week, to the week after, we have to revalidate our voice every time. If you start to believe it blindly and a negative source comes in, then there can be agendas and one of the agendas of a negative source is to create fear and to create predictions of fear.

So it is possible that some of the things that we see in the Bible could be predictions that are fear based and that the negative actually planted those as a way of creating fear with the hope of bringing them about. I’m not saying that is true but I do know that fear based things that create fear in general are from negative sources or mixed sources and that at the higher levels of creation, and this universe is a creation, there are very high levels of negative sources. It’s not like we’re going around the world and saying, this is positive and this is negative and then holding our hands up and crossing it.

The whole of creation is somewhat convoluted in the sense that we, humans, are partially a product of genetic engineering by a source that you might say is a mixed polarity. This has come through our channelings and has come through a lot of other people. So it’s complex because if there was no negative, we might not be here. So we’re here and now the goal is regardless of the original source of our creation, all creation started with the one infinite creator and each of us has the potential to move back into a divine realization. So trying to get an answer specific is complicated and it may not even help.

The key that I’ve come to that seems to work for me is if you can keep a loving heart, if you’re not afraid of death, If you can make connection with positive beings in other realms then you do your best, and what ever happens, you’re going to be okay. You don’t have to sit in anticipation of fear of dark agendas. That’s my answer to the question. I’m going to turn it over to our sources and let them put their take on it and maybe even tell me I’m wrong. It’s okay.

Ra’An: Thank you. We have looked at this answer and you are correct in the way that the Bible has been edited in the Council of Nicaea where they have taken out certain factors in the original works because they felt that individuals could be controlled better if certain things such as references to reincarnation were taken out. In that if people felt they had more than one chance, then they might use that as an excuse to not follow the commandments. So these individuals put their own spin on the material and censored some of the things that were in the books.

The other thing is time is in the now. Things are created in the now and there is the ability of individuals to create in the now and to build themselves a good life that can sidestep some of the effects that may be brought to bear.

There is another factor and that is a section of individuals in control that feel that they can use the biblical material to bring things about and they can do it under the cover that it’s been predicted.

Give us a moment as there is more.

The biblical material is partly based on past truths that certain effects go in cycles and therefore can be to some degree predicted. The earth and the solar system travel through certain sections of the galaxy. Much as the earth travels around the sun, the solar system travels around the galaxy and as such it comes into in its orbit, comes in alignment with the center of the galaxy at certain intervals and in those intervals the earth is subjected to higher density of bombardment, the sun is subjected to higher density of bombardment of particles. The earth and the solar system then are under greater stress at those times and it can jar and jostle at a fine tuned level, molecular configurations upon earth and within the solar system which can create greater earth changes or settling out or volcanic activity. And as such, these cycles come and go and so some of these things have been actually predicted.

The best way is to connect with the higher realms, connect with God, connect with Christ Consciousness, which is a stabilizing factor that can help you through any physical changes, as well as what we had said earlier in getting together in groups.

Be prepared for eventualities, possibilities, difficulties but maintain your own equilibrium and your own sense of connection with your friends and your family, as well as with all-that-is and God and the higher forces, higher realms, Ra and the Elohim, as all-that-is supports you, God supports you, and supports your being, no matter where you are in your travels within the physical universe and know that you as a being are all right.

So concerning your readings, take what resonates with you as being true and it is part of your growth process, moving within the earth plane, and possibilities and difficulties also that may happen to you. It is part of the growth process. We hope that helps.

Wynn: Thank you. Gary Brownlee does body work and when he does his body work, there are times when people have very deep emotional releases. Their body starts to shiver, it’s as if they’re cold, their teeth chatter for maybe 10 minutes. Then they feel like that can’t move as if they are paralyzed and he would have to teach them to walk again and usually within 15 minutes they were fine again and feeling no paralysis. Usually if they look into a mirror afterward, they hardly recognize themselves. Can you tell me what is happening internally when someone is having this experience?

Ra’An: Yes.

Wynn: Is it dangerous? They seem to have no ill effects.

Ra’An: When an individual has received trauma, either in this life, or in a past life they hold it within their matrix often and they withdraw energy from the area that has been traumatized as they do not want to re-feel the pain.

Connecting with that area, as you do in your work, to bring the energy through that area begins to reconnect and reestablish that area within the matrix as a viable part of the matrix instead of a withdrawn part that they don’t wish to own or to be part of or to be part of that space, because it has brought them difficulty in the past in being part of that space.

So when you bring the energy through that area and cause it to heal or become whole or to set up the energy movement through that area, it brings into the person’s body some of the trauma that the body felt when the person withdrew from it. Perhaps in a last lifetime or some earlier death or some traumatic incident in this life where, as they withdrew from it, they shivered and they shook and they couldn’t figure out how to get the energy through and so when you reestablish it, it takes them back through that withdrawal process in reverse.

It is a very good process. It is wise to not push it. You just gently as possible let them go through it. It may happen more than one time when working with the same person that they go through a similar process to do with a certain area. And you’ll find that it is usually within the same area, from time to time, until their body learns the holding of their matrix; they learn that they can hold their matrix so they don’t have to withdraw from that area of their body anymore and that body part can heal. At that place where the shivering starts, it will be generated from a certain place in the body. You possibly could find abnormalities in that part of the body based upon past trauma. Those are our comments.

Wynn: Thank you. I would suggest that anyone else that does body work or does healing work may also create this kind of reaction. If you are somebody who is going for healing work and you have this kind of reaction that maybe this will help you understand it and go with it and not be afraid of it.

The next question here is from Martin in Norway. This is a healing question. He says he’s been having skin problems his entire life, eczema, dry and sensitive skin. Nobody’s been able to ever find a clear solution to it whether it’s food intolerances or sensitivity. He’s also having chronic neck problems, stiffness, which leads to headaches the last two or three months. He’d love to be healed from this. So he’s been considering some different modalities. One of them is Reconnective Healing as presented by Eric Pearl. He wants to know if this is something that might work.

He received a remote session and got a reaction that felt like a panic attack during the session and he had to drag himself up from laying position to stop it. It’s interesting Martin’s question is right after Gary’s question. He says, “I’ve never experienced anything like this before and I’m not sure if it’s normal or if it’s what’s supposed to happen.”

He has one more little part 2 but I’ll just let the question stand there and see where we go.

Ra’An: Thank you. There are some nutritional areas here that would help in the area of getting enough omega oil, one of them would be omega 3, omega 6, and omega 9. This is found in fish oil. It should be of very high quality as this will help lubricate the body and can help with stiffness. Also eczema is connected with the digestive track and the liver and to have omega oils will help with digestion. Also, to have kefir or some probiotics to increase the viability of your digestive system. This is very important. When things are free flowing through the body, then there can be release of toxins.

The skin is one of the areas that releases toxins when the rest of the system is falling down on the job. So support of nutrients for the kidneys and for the adrenal system would all help. One very good source of information concerning all of this would be from Dr. Marshall or Dr. Medici. There office is in Santa Monica (California). The telephone number is 1-310-320-1132.

Also, good care of the teeth as the teeth are on meridians that affect the body. Those are our initial comments on that subject.

Wynn: His last question is: “What are the most effective healing energies we can easily access on the earth today and how to use this to the best way possible.”

Ra’An: One of the basics of healing is free flow of energy through the body. Free flow of liquids through the body, which would take an alkaline constitution, to keep your constitution alkaline, exercise, (and) Yoga can all help to keep the free flow. As a basis to keep free flow: is everything is in the now. Everything is created in the now and to keep the body system from being stagnant, from having residual build up (keep the free flow of energy through the body.) These are basics which you can find in many modalities.

Wynn: Thank you. We have a question here from Steve Jong in Los Angeles and he talks about his smoking problem he’s had for 42 years. He’s 61 years old, 62 on Thursday October 13. He wants to live a full life.

Every morning I wake up and my mouth is stinging from nicotinic acid in my lungs and mouth. I am addicted psychologically and chemically to cigarettes and every time I try to quit, I get in my own way. I have asthma, emphysema, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and I can’t seem to quit knowing I must because it is a health hazard. The majority of persons with the mental disability die of smoking. I am asking for intervention or help so I can stop smoking. Can you give me any take on this?”

Ra’An: Thank you. You have within your system, the “nicotine syndrome,” wherein the nicotine raises the blood sugar level and then it is desired to get that hit again and it is difficult to get that out of your system.

Living in Los Angeles, there is that black film within the air which also leads to difficulties within the lungs. We would suggest that you get an air purifier to keep in your room and in your bedroom so that the air can be cleaned out of the black carbon film upon things.

We would also suggest that to get rid of as much nicotine out of your system as possible can begin to delete the attraction to some degree.

To get rid of the nicotine, if you would gently breathe (in once and then breathe deeply) out in your air purified room. (When you) breathe out (breathe out) as much (air) as you can (be careful to sense how much your lungs can take as they are weak right now). Get rid of as much air as you can breathe out and then (take an old magazine and) wave the fumes away from your mouth that you breathed out. Wave the fumes away. You could even notice a stinging on your lips as the nicotinic air leaves your mouth.

Do that exercise, to breathe (in once and then breathe) out, a couple times a day. Breathe out the toxic air and then breathe in the purified air. (Work with your lungs and sense what they are capable on this so you do not over stress them. This is very important. The purpose is to get the nicotine out of your lungs and body.)

(This method of stopping smoking was devised by John Sanborn, who was able to quit smoking cold when he used the method.)

We would also suggest drinking some alkaline water every day to help your system flush the toxins out.

Give us a moment.

We would also suggest having enough minerals within your diet to supply the body with adequate minerals and keep the body at an alkaline PH. There is a protocol that Dr. Marshall has to keep the body at the proper PH. There is also something called medi-pack that Dr. Marshall has that you could put upon your body and (something to) soak your feet (in) that could help take out some of the toxins. Some castor oil packs on the chest and the lung area may also help you. You may experience some coughing during that. Pamper your body with a foot soak and be kind to yourself. There is another way, there is some gum that one could chew to help bring your blood sugar level up. Those are our comments. (It is recommended to work under the guidance of Dr. Marshall or Dr. Medici (310) 320-1132 or an appropriate health care professional.)


Wynn: That’s the last question for this evening. There are a couple of questions. Please if you asked a question tonight (and we didn’t ask your question) would you resubmit it for next week? There were a couple of people that have asked questions before many times and I thought I would (focus on people that haven’t asked questions before.) We’ll ask those next week and thank you for your patience. Thank you our sources for coming in and we’ll just leave space for some closing comments and we’ll close this session.

Ra’An: We thank each and every one for the opportunity to connect as we feel the isolation and separation that is felt in the third density and it does our energy hearts good to be able to connect and we send each and every one of you love, and “send” is a funny word because we’re right there. Adonai.

Wynn: Thank you. One thing that occurred to me when they were saying, have little groups in your local area and that is that you could, knock on doors and say that you were going to have a non-denominational meeting maybe with prayers or something spiritual, but not bring in all the stuff that we do. I don’t think you need to bring it in to hold the energy of the space of it. If you hold the energy of the space, other people will get it. Probably there are a number of the people that might say, “I’m glad this is going on.” So that people can just say, we want to group together in case anything breaks down and then we want to connect. But the thing is in doing those kinds of meetings, it’s good to create some kind of use of the word “spiritual” so it’s not just survival, so that the energy has the right attitude. Maybe not to meet at your house but to meet at a restaurant or something the first time so that you maintain some kind of testing of it, so they’re not in your personal space. If anyone does this, they can let me know how it works.

On that note, we thank everyone who’s participating, volunteering, holding the energies, and donating money. If you’ve never had the chance to donate money: Even little amounts make a big difference.

We’ll see some of you on Sunday for our grid healing. If you’re listening to this and you don’t have the whole schedule of our calls: and you’ll find the schedule. We’ll see you next time.



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