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Monday Calls; 2011 Conferences
Monday – 11/28/2011
What’s Wynn got to do with it?
Host:  Wynn Free
Audio Link -
Channeled and Edited by Terry Brown
Transcribed by Connie O'Brien 

Terry:  Good afternoon, good evening ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, where ever you are out there in BBS Radio land.  Wynn’s out rounding up the people for the conference call and he will be with us in just a minute.

I’m actually quite excited because I found out that BBS Radio has a place in their archives for the transcripts and we have done transcripts of the major amount of the calls.  So we’re going to be sending transcripts to BBS Radio to be put up in the Archive Section.  They also have the audio in the BBS Archive Section.

Wynn:  This is Wynn Free; it’s Monday, November 28th, (2011).  This is our Monday night conference call.  We’re not yet on the line with BBS – in just a moment we’re going to do that.  Everybody be quiet for just moment; we’ll check up on Terry.

Terry:  Today is November 28, 2011, planet earth. Wynn and Terry are going to be broadcasting from Sedona, Arizona. The host of the show is Wynn Free and my name is Terry Brown and I’m the co-host of the show. 

Wynn picks a different topic every time.  Sometimes there’s a continuation of topics.  One of the topics was DNA.

Wynn asks the sources whom I channel; they are a combination of the Elohim and the Ra group called Ra’An, and they bring answers in.  So the information is really quite fascinating. 

Another topic was the origin of mankind.  Creation was another topic.  There was one topic on money and economics and what to do in the falling economy. 

Wynn:  We’re listening to you.

Terry:  Hello, Wynn.  Are you on the line?

Wynn:  You should tell people if they want to read any of those things, we have a very sloppy web presence on it.  It deserves better but we haven’t done it yet.  We have a history of all our calls at, and every time we send a call out on our list it gets posted there. So there’s a Table of Contents, there’s the audios, the transcripts when they are sent out.  You’re invited to browse that, look through the titles and find a title that sounds appealing to you or that stimulates your curiosity because a lot of the things we’re bringing through I don’t know if it ever has been presented to mankind before—it’s unusual.

I tell people that you really have to evaluate this work.  You have to evaluate it by how it impacts you, not by the claim that it might be.  We have voices talking to us that say they created the physical universe – how do you know that’s true?  You don’t.  But, if you read them for a while you can decide if it impacts you.  One of the things about them is they don’t really want you to be their follower.  This is not a religion; this is not a belief system.  This is an interactive, co-creative interaction between dimensions, between us and beings from the other dimensions that have our best interests at heart (and) they have a very hard time making themselves known in this realm.  They may be making themselves known on these calls.  So pay close attention and make your own decision. 

(Wynn welcomes callers who are checking in on the conference line.)

I only sent tonight’s title out, minutes before – did you guys notice what the title of the talk was tonight?

Suzanne:  What’s Wynn got to do with it?”

Wynn:  Who said that?

Suzanne:  Suzanne did.  I like the picture.  I’m trying to figure out who you are with.

Wynn:  I guess I’ll have to tell the story.  Now everyone is going to have to go look at the picture.  I’ll tell you the story behind the picture because it’s kind of fun.  Terry?  Have you finished your introduction?

Terry:  Yes.

Wynn:  Sorry we’re coming in late; Terry is doing the transcribing and she’s saying “Good – they always leave out my introduction.”  We’ll see if we can fit that in.  You don’t know the topic for tonight, do you Terry?

Terry:  No, I don’t.

Wynn:  It’s called, “What’s Wynn got to do with it?”

Terry:  That’s a good one.

Wynn:  Occasionally I get emails from people that the tone (says) – and I don’t take this personally, I’ve gotten to the point where I’m confident in how this works so I thought I’d do a call and try to explain for those people that have that thought in their mind because some people were thinking – “Well, why don’t you just get out of the way and just let them talk.  Why do you talk so much?  Terry and Daphne are so pure…” etc.  I wanted to share a little bit about my take on that and how this works, because it’s not just me – it’s you, it’s us.

I’m just going to be honest with you and tell you my experience.  You go back and most of you know the story.  Daphne started channeling and Terry started channeling and I am in of what would be the middle a science fiction movie.  I have these guys talking to me and pretty early on, I said “What they’re saying is really profound.  But, how am I supposed to work this in the world?” 

At the time I was writing the book with David Wilcock and I don’t think David was responding too favorably that I was having this experience.  Here I am writing a book about The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce.  Initially I remember I would call David up and say, “David, what do you think about this?”  I remember when I first started talking to David it was like, “Oh my God! This is Edgar Cayce on the other line.”  I was totally intimidated until I found out he was very human and his outer expression was not relating to Edgar Cayce, it was just David. 

I started putting things up on the web and I remember in 2003 I just decided “I’ll just put up a website; I’ll put these things up.”  I think that website is still up; I don’t refer to it anymore but all you listening tonight will get a chance to look at it if you want.  But, I said, “I don’t really want to be out there.  I just want to put a website up and have everybody read these things.”  I put a website up called  I told the story and I said, “Well, I’m going to have millions of visitors any moment and people are going to be really interested in this” and nobody ever looked at my website.  I had these conversations and nobody would show up.  At the time I was writing the book on Wilcock and I asked (in a conversation with our sources): “Could you give me a recommendation on how this is supposed to reach people because no one is paying attention.”  And they said, “Talk to one person at a time and it will get its own legs.”

So, I started talking to people.  I told the story last week about how people would sit next to me in Starbucks and I’d tell the story.  Most of them would change their table quickly, except for Steve who is on the line tonight.  As important as I was perceiving this might be, no one was interested.  I’m sure all know now, we don’t have a very big presence here after eight years.  Maybe there are a couple hundred people listening to these calls; sometimes 20, 30, 40 coming into them. 

I work a process which I call “reverse engineering.”  I have to watch a pattern and see how it works and decide from observing the pattern how to understand it rather than believe it.  I recommend that all of you do the same thing when you’re working with your own patterns. Watch it over and over again and you see a pattern and if you apply your mind, you may be able to figure out how it works. 

When Daphne started channeling I had no idea why this was happening to me, and why they were choosing me to talk to.  It was a mystery.  Then when Terry started channeling, the mystery continued – “Why are they talking to me?”  It was like they were tracking me.  Eventually I came up with two main reasons why that was taking place. 

One of them was – and I’m going to let Terry give her feedback on this – there is an aspect of all of this which has to do with holograms.  Oftentimes, I make the model of a human as being a body in the middle of an energy field and that these energy field(s) – you can’t see it.  You can’t see it, it’s invisible.  You don’t even know you have an energy field yet you walk inside of it all of the time.  One way you can learn that you have an energy field is when you come into the Sunday grid healings and you feel that energy on the call.  Now you have a contrast that you can compare to the normal way you feel.  Then, you have to ask yourself if you felt that, how does that happen?   How does that work?  That is part of reverse engineering, having an experience like that and asking, “How does it work?”  Then, I’ll give an explanation and you can say, “That makes sense; that’s a reasonable explanation for the way it works”.  Then consider it; then, you can adapt it if all systems say ‘go’. 

Apparently, I came into this realm with a fairly expanded energy field.  I didn’t know that; because I’m sitting inside of it it just feels like who I am.  I do know for many years of my life I had the experience of feeling trapped very easily.  I didn’t understand it, but when I go back and look at it I can say that when I was involving myself in normal realities it felt like a trap because my energy field had to compress into that reality to fit into it.  I was more expanded by myself.  But, I didn’t understand that at the time; it just made me feel like a misfit, like I didn’t belong anywhere – “What am I doing here?”  Of course, that was a very good indication of being a Wanderer.  Then when I started to really experience my expansion was when I started playing music and travelling around the country because I would say it was the first time in my life that I didn’t feel trapped.  Otherwise I felt trapped.  My shoulders were tight.  I actually was in pain and I didn’t understand it.  It was when I was travelling that I untrapped myself. 

When I try to look back on it and explain it by the things I’ve learned since then, it was that when I was travelling I was disconnected from everything except playing music for people and doing astrology charts.  I was doing astrology charts at the time.  The things I was doing were very high levels of service, they were uplifting things.  It was very magical and I had all these synchronicities daily.  As soon as I stopped travelling it would collapse again.  When I was travelling it was as if I was almost anonymous.  There was no recognition – there was nothing to hold on to.  There was only the moment I was engaged with somebody, that I was playing music or doing something.  I was getting really good feedback from the Universe that I was contributing to people in that way.  When I look back on it now, I see that it was my way of being able to expand my hologram in a way that I could feel I was really who I was. 

So here I am, walking around with an expanded hologram, and I still keep getting trapped.  I didn’t know how to take that experience of being untrapped and turn it into a life other than being a Wanderer and being disconnected.  (I was) going from town to town (and) sleeping in people’s living rooms, because whenever I would stop and try to make it more substantial, I would feel trapped again.  Then, I’d feel trapped for a while and then I’d rebel and do something rebellious, going back and forth between being trapped and rebelling.  I remember I would be travelling around the country doing all this. 

Then, I got a job in Philadelphia for the summer selling soft ice cream in south Philly for three months because my parents were there and I felt like I was supposed to develop a career.  Somehow, I didn’t think I was supposed to be an ice cream man. 

What happens is, there are people who have the talent to channel and it’s a talent like playing a guitar.  Perhaps it’s something that goes back ancient; they’re very old souls and they’ve had this experience in higher realms.  But, like everyone, they’re in this realm and they’re trapped and they can’t just start channeling.  Take yourself in your life – you’re married and you have a comfortable life and your husband comes home and you suddenly start channeling and you say, “Honey, I’m talking to the Elohim.”  He says “What??”  Why would they bother talking to you unless there was some way to make a difference in the world? 

They will talk to people and give them guidance.  They’ll come in dreams, the Ra group, and they don’t have limitations, but usually, if they’re going to do something like they did with me; they will do it because the person involved is going to get it out there and make a difference.  Hopefully, it won’t get corrupted. 

Look at “What is the corruption involved?” Well, the person’s ego gets involved and they say, “Wow, I’m talking to the Elohim.  My God! Everyone is going to love me.  I’m going to be famous.”  I’m not saying that never crossed my mind at different times, but as I saw how it worked, I said, “It’s got to be way beyond that; it can’t stop there because now it loses its co-creative flow.” 

So what happens is a person that is an old soul that has had these connections in the past, and maybe in their life they’ve been somewhat trapped by the circumstances of their life, meets someone that has an expansive energy and suddenly (it) triggers them back to the place where they can make these connections.  Then channeling is the result.  Terry and Daphne both had been adepts of some sorts of making connections. 

For example, at one point Daphne did readings at the local metaphysical shop in northern California.  She was probably channeling but she didn’t call it channeling, it would just be psychic.  I don’t even know what she called it, but they certainly didn’t have names and they didn’t say, “This is the Ra group and we have a message for you.”  And Terry had gone through a period where she would attend channelings in Los Angeles with this lady by the name of Cheryl Taylor who I believe was channeling the Council of Light.  At one point, Cheryl was teaching people and Terry went in front of the room and it seemed like Terry was channeling.  At that time, I knew Terry. In fact, I dropped her off at Cheryl’s house one time; I didn’t even want to go in.  I was not interested in channeling.  I was afraid that something would take me over.  Some of you listening to this can have that fear, that you’re suddenly going to become a blind follower to some huge intelligence in another realm that is going to tell you what to do.  I was afraid of that. 

Terry and I, even though we’ve known each other all this time, she never started channeling with me because I wouldn’t have known what to do with it.  I would probably have ran away and said, “She’s too crazy; this is too weird.” 

So it’s a combination of two factors:  one is you need someone to hold the hologram, the expansion, and then you need a person that has natural talent.  I’m sure there are people who have natural talent that never do it because they never run across someone to hold the energy.

Carla Rueckert has this very precise ritual that she does before she channels.  She has three people around here; they light a candle – they have all these things to make her feel safe. 

So in the terminologies that I’m using now, it was: myself and the other person would create a group energy.  The channeling would come through our group energy – the group energy would create protection.  Those of you on this line have been feeling those energies on the line that I keep saying, “This is a group energy.”  Where did you ever hear a group of people coming together creating a group energy by intention?  That’s something I’ve learned by doing these calls. 

When we create a group energy amongst all of us on the call it creates protection because what we have is a oneness, an energy of oneness which they can become one with the oneness and talk to the oneness that we’ve created.  We give them the platform to talk to us. 

I said there were two things about why I was a good person to do this job as I’ve learned it in retrospect.  One of them is that I can hold the space of expansion that creates group energy.  What we do on Sunday – I didn’t know I could do that.  I probably had some experience of creating group energy when I used to perform and play music, although I wouldn’t call it that.  I would say that there was that moment when I was in front of an audience and everything stopped.  The energy became so delicate I could feel everybody, they could feel me.  In retrospect, I was causing a group energy to create through my music but I didn’t understand it.  I didn’t have any vocabulary for it then, but I did have the experience of doing that. 

The other aspect of this that makes me a candidate to be able to do it is the fact that I’d been a performer, that I’d been in front of audiences and that I’d created group energies even though I didn’t know I was doing that when I was performing.  It is within the ability to do that that (one) creates the environment that makes it very easy for them to talk to us without there being a them-us, it’s just a ‘we’. 

My ability to talk, to not take myself seriously, to be funny – is all part of creating a group energy that creates comfort.  Some people take it as irreverence.  I apologize if it appears that way because there’s an aspect to this that is very sacred and I recognize that.  I also recognize that part of me that can connect with people on a human level in a way that is an enjoyable connection that can be funny; it starts to create the bridge that makes it easier to open to those energies. 

One way of looking at it – and this is my reverse engineering – is that at a certain period of time we got comfortable enough with the energy where they stay in my field and they stay in Terry’s field.  If you connect in an authentic way, their energy kind of moves through the connection to you through the human side of us.  That is something some of you are starting to understand because you’ve been coming to these calls long enough where you’re learning that they’re in your field – they really are there. You can connect with somebody at different times and it becomes very magical, the connection.  They may not understand what it is; they may not understand it’s the Elohim.  Then I started to realize they were monitoring me because it was really unusual for someone to be doing what I’m doing in a public way. 

Oftentimes people do this is private, in secret.  They don’t want anyone to know about it because it gets corrupted so easily, because it could be dangerous.  It could be dangerous because on one level it is threatening to a lot of people’s belief systems.  So I was a little bit nervous about going out in a public way in a way that could threaten people’s belief systems, in a way that you could leave yourself (open) to be labeled something negative or “This is the guy Jesus warned about” – or, whatever.  It was a learning experience to be able (to do this). Everyone who is listening has helped immensely with because you have helped create the acceptance that says, “This is possible.”  We’re in a laboratory and we’re doing things that haven’t been done very often, especially in this way.  When something hasn’t been done, you don’t know it can be done until it’s done.  The fact that we’re doing this and that you’re there and you’re part of the doing, you’re not just listening, keeps teaching me how to do it better and Terry how to do it better. 

So that’s why I think in my own words, my own perception, that I’m important to the process.  At those moments when you’re listening to a call and it seems that I’m being irreverent I hope you think of this if you happen to have listened to this one and realize it’s part of the process of making it ordinary.  The problem is you have something that is sacred. It is sacred. Traditionally it gets put on a pedestal, it gets exalted, the people who do it get exalted and suddenly it’s like “I couldn’t ever do that because they’re special.”  What we’re meant to learn is maybe you’re not going to channel; maybe you’re not going to be as entertaining as me but everyone has that ability to connect with them in their matrix.  They’re connecting with you all while I’m talking – I can feel the energy coming in. 

As you connect with them in your matrix and learn to be comfortable with their presence you’ll find yourself being in the world and being a liaison in your own way through your own personality of that energy to other people.  They may not know it’s the Elohim, they may not know it’s the Ra group.  If you start talking about it they may think you’re nuts.  The smart way to introduce this to people is to (invite) them read my book or don’t tell them anything, call them up, and invite to a grid healing just before the call.  When you’re living with people in a community you don’t want to be branded as being a wacko and that’s why people don’t talk about it because once you open the door now people are going to have a judgment or an opinion.  If you’re strong enough in yourself you don’t care and you’ll do better. 

Even now I think all the time about different things I do, it’s like: can I do this?  Is this going to screw it up?  Am I going to damage my credibility?  I have to weigh that because you do one wrong mistake, really big mistake, and when you’re doing things publicly you can’t ever take it back – it’s done.  If it’s really a big mistake, everyone will be talking about it; they’ll be talking about you behind your back.  They’ll be saying, “Did you see what Wynn did?  Wynn did this, Wynn did that?  Wynn was at this show and he looked at this woman – did you see how he looked at her?”  Whatever comes up in terms of judgments then it reflects on the work.  You’ve got to be really good so you’re a good representative for the work.  But, you’re still human. 

So here I am talking and somebody’s thinking, “Why isn’t he letting Terry talk?”  Terry?

Terry:  I really like it when you talk.

Wynn:  You do? Why don’t you talk about that experience of bringing in the hologram and how it makes the channeling easy when I do that – you can bring the messages through?  That’s what I think happens.  You can say whatever you want, but say it from your perspective how it feels, because people are interested.

Terry:  Okay.  Wynn carries the frequencies that are very grounded and also very high.  So when he’s talking, he’s not just simply talking into air.  He is bringing in the frequencies of the earth plane and of the higher planes.  He’s making a space, a hologram that makes it easier to bring the Elohim and the Ra group in.  So when he’s talking, he’s preparing the way, the channel, the highway, for the energies to come in, and he’s starting to bring them in.  (It’s) like priming the pump, so that when I channel it’s all there and it’s easier for me to step into the channeling. 

If he was just going to say, “Here ladies and gentlemen is Terry, and she’s going to channel” it would be very, very much harder because there wouldn’t be all this preparation with the holographic highway that connects me to the higher forces.  So essentially, when Wynn talks it’s making me more available, more connected and giving me more of the ability to connect.  I think it’s important that people know that he’s just not talking away egotistically or filling up the space when the channeling could be going on.  He is preparing the way for the channeling and bringing in the higher realms, the frequencies, connecting them up, so that it can be a successful channeling.  Those are my comments.

Wynn:  I think that also brings protection in.  If a person just brings in a voice from another realm, there’s like hundreds or thousands or millions of entities in other realms that would love to talk to us, love being paid attention to, love to mislead us if they’re one of the really bad guys. A lot of them aren’t really bad guys. 

There are a lot of very wise beings that somehow got stuck in the astral plane and they feel isolated there.  Oftentimes, they’ll find someone down here that they can speak through and they’re wise enough and they say they’re an ascended master.  But, they are very much in need of the attention of that communication.  This is why, with channelings, you have to be so discerning even when something sounds like it’s what we talk about. It could easily be something mimicking that.  I would guess there are loads of beings watching us when we do this and we start to expand.  We give them the access to pay attention. 

Some of them may be learning – I never asked that question.  Maybe this evening we’ll ask that.  Some of them may be learning; some of them may be looking for weaknesses and holes in your hologram.  As a human, it’s hard to figure all this out.  It’s hard to figure out what’s up from down.  I’ve had to do a huge amount of reverse engineering to have some idea, to have confidence in what we’re doing.  One of the things that gives me confidence is the emails you guys send me that are having so much results and growth and connection because of the work we’re doing.  If you think about it, it’s amazing that we’ve put together a system that people can start listening to this, start reading the emails and we don’t even have to personally know them. 

This has happened, where I get an email from someone who is far away, who has been listening to this and then they tell me their life totally changed as a result of listening to my calls for a year.  That gives me the idea that maybe what we think we’re doing we’re really doing.  It gives me the idea that this could have the potential to impact millions of people.  The constant thought is “How do we go from here to there?  How do people get to find out about it?”  I’m always experimenting because if we can impact millions of people and bring these energies in with that then we can make a serious dent on the consciousness of the entire planet. 

Right now all of you who are volunteering, who are helping doing anything, are making it one step closer because I don’t feel alone.  I don’t want to be the single guy out there and you’re helping to be part of making me and Terry feel more secure.  That’s part of it all. 

I’ll open the lines; what time is it?  Terry we can’t go too long; it’s 7:46.  We can bring them in and ask some questions on this topic.  Maybe before I do I’ll unmute everybody and see if you guys have any human questions to ask about what we’re talking about.  Has anyone ever had the thought that I talk too much?

Steve:  No.  I think its part of your process.

Lisa:  Did you say we all have holograms?

Wynn:  Absolutely.  The problem is, we’re not aware of our own hologram.  It’s like being in the city or being in the country.  When you first come there, you’re aware of the scenery, you’re aware of everything. You say, “Wow, this is beautiful.”  After a while, it’s just there, it’s you.  You live with it and you don’t feel it.  When you go from one situation to another is when you start to get the idea of you have a hologram.  If you go from Los Angeles to Sedona you’re suddenly in this really nice environment with beautiful mountains where there is a lot of space.  You feel your energy expand because you don’t have people all around you. 

Even New York City is a better example. People in New York City are contracted because they have to build walls to protect themselves from all the people.  They don’t have, to but in general that’s what happens.  So they’re all stuffed in the city.  When they leave the city and they go to the country they say, “Wow, I’m expanded again!” and they know there was a shift.  Their energy actually expanded; it wasn’t just an emotional thing, their energy – what I call their hologram – expanded.  If you come into a Sunday grid healing and we do the meditation and you feel that energy come in or even when I’m talking at the beginning of this call.  There were times when energy was coming in which I think some of you could feel and you could feel the contrast: “I feel this expansion now; and now I don’t feel it.”  That’s the example of your hologram. 

Ultimately, your hologram is always changing.  When I talk and I feel expanded it’s not like I feel that way 24/7.  I move into the space of it.  As you learn to have more mastery, your hologram becomes more fluid and it just constantly re-adjusts to whatever you’re doing and whomever you’re with.  It expands around it.  Now I could probably be an ice cream man and not feel contracted because I know how to flow around that and hold my space together.  When I was younger it was like “What am I doing here?”  I did get a little bit of expansion when I was in my Mr. Softee truck and I would look out the window and all these happy kids were running up. That was a moment of joy. 

A hologram is not a rigid thing.  It’s an energy field in a constant flow.  That’s the way it optimally would be.  To some extent or another, for most of us our holograms are rigid.  They become rigid and solidified by our environments, by our thought-forms, by our habits, by the fact that we haven’t expanded for like twenty lifetimes.  The first time you feel that expansion it feels like: somebody on the line sent me and email and – said “Wynn, guess what?  I’m enlightened!” because it’s such an amazing thing to break free of a contraction and to feel that expansion.  But, until you learn that it’s a flow, the key word is: “etcetera – What’s next?”  Because then you get into a flow and you don’t hold onto anything.  As the English poet William Blake said, “He who catches the joy as it flies lives in eternity’s sunrise.  But, he who binds himself to a joy does the winged life destroy.”  It’s another way of saying that it’s all about flow; it’s about not holding on, not being rigid and letting your energy flow from one thing to another. 

You can experiment:  Leave your home, walk around, stand in front of a store.  How does my energy feel flowing into this store?  Then, go somewhere else – “How does my energy feel here?”  If you really become sensitive you’ll realize your energy is always readjusting itself to the environment and see if you can notice the readjustments.  You will start to get the feel.  How does it feel to be around this person?  How does it feel when I come into the conference call?  How does it feel while I’m in my apartment and feeling lonely for a week on end and I feel totally stuck, like nobody cares about me?  That is all your field readjusting. 

That’s one of the reasons these phone calls we do can be so important because there is the constant reiteration of what I’m calling an expanded space, an expanded hologram, that when you feel it over and over again you start to own it.  You realize it’s not the call that’s doing it; it’s in you.  It’s your ability to hold those energies and learn how to work with them.

At the beginning, when you first come across something like this, it’s strange, it’s weird, you have to check it out, you have to kick the tires, you have to make sure I’m not a psychopath and Terry’s not schizophrenic – and, all the ways consensus reality has of invalidating something like this can be real. 

Then you start to feel the energies and it feels different.  You come to one of these calls and your depression lifts.  The anxiety lifts; the call’s over, you’re in a certain state of mind.  Then, you have to say “What happened?  How did that work?  How do I have more of that?”  So there’s a learning by going into these calls, not a learning like in school where you’re teaching something and you have to memorize it.  There is a learning of how to expand your energies and how to hold an expanded energy in your body and in the space around you. 

Before you know it, you’re lifting everybody else’s energy up and you say “Geez, I always wanted to do that” and “Geez, I’m doing it.”  It takes persistence. I’ve watched people who are coming on these calls go through that, which is the only way I know it’s working.

We don’t have a lot of time and it’s 7:55 and Terry said, “Could we stop at 8:00?”  It’s actually 6:55 where most of you are; we’re in Arizona, and Arizona doesn’t go on Daylight Savings Time so it doesn’t go off of it.  So it’s an hour off.  We could probably go for ten minutes and ask some questions about this. 

See, I think one of the things is that when I can bring in the energies as a human it makes a very strong statement that you can bring in the energies as a human as opposed to always listening to an exalted source that can do things that we can’t do.  So it’s the thing that we can do; we can do that.  We can learn to hold the energy of the expansion; we can learn to hold the space where other people feel the energy around us, where the physical realm around us shifts and changes.  We truly are a divine creature in a physical body, in a human body, and you learn how to work it – not just to claim it, but feel it, work it.  It doesn’t matter if anyone else knows – that can screw it up.  It’s just like when I was hitchhiking and I had all these miracles – I thought I was really special; I wanted to tell everybody.  No one cared! It screwed it up – it was my ego wanting to tell people about all these amazing things that had happened to me.  When you can just take them in stride, the energy never drops.  You just stay in the energy.  So that’s what we’re learning how to do, all of us.

I’m learning. Whatever I do – I’m learning.  I have no idea how to do this.  I have to constantly re-evaluate according to everyone who’s paying attention because on a certain level – this is my way of looking at it – we are a group energy in the physical realm.  At this point now, the energy of our group is something which I can access; I can feel it through the day when I look at it.  It’s a stability – it’s there; it’s there for anyone.  Some of you are feeling it.  The reason it’s there is because you’re not just holding the energy on these calls, you’ve started to hold the energy in your daily life.  So we are all inwardly supporting each other as a group and we don’t have to try.  If you’re listening to this and you’re not feeling that, or maybe you’re feeling some energy on this call – I can only tell you, keep coming to calls, read the materials, listen to transcripts and still have a life.  You have to be in your life and live but there’s an energy in all of this stuff that if you give yourself enough input it will shift you. 

Are you ready Terry?

Terry:  Yes.

Wynn:  Father Mother God we ask for the presence of the light to surround and protect Terry, myself, everyone on this line, everyone on the replays, everyone on the downloads; and, any negativity be taken to the higher realms of light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned.  We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the solar system, through the outer energies of earth, through our bodies and into the center of the earth.  Right now, we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls.  We invite those sources that are positive, service to others, honoring the Law of one to join with us and we create a protected space that only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now.  We await the entry of our sources verbally into our space to share their presence.

Ra’An:  We greet you in the love light of the One Infinite Creator.  We travel, extend ourselves, sense, move. Some of these words don’t fully explain what we do because we are from another dimension, in another dimension, in another density.  So, we have the ability to be somewhere non-linearly - to appear. 

We look at planet earth and we see the different countries and the different activities, much as one would look at a 3-D movie and be part of it.  We extend ourselves to each and every person on this call, or each and every person who reads a transcript and wishes to make connection.  Our energies are very delicate and very high.  Our channelings, the transcriptions of the channelings, the Creator God book – these all have the frequency signature that we carry.  It is much like the tuning of a radio station and we carry our frequencies. 

One of the reasons that we include parts of the Ra group in our channelings is to increase the frequency that we have available so we increase the signature, the frequency signature, our imprint (so)  that individual can latch on to it and sense us better. 

Wynn has a very broad frequency signature and carries the frequencies of the higher realms and the earth realm, so he makes a super highway that helps individuals to be able to connect.  We do not say ‘up’ or ‘down’ because we are not connected with up and down, but we are able locate ourselves non-linearly and in the midst of things.  Do you have questions?

Wynn:  You know we’re talking a lot this evening about expanding holograms, contracting holograms – what is the benefit of expanding your hologram?  Why would someone think that was something they wanted to do?

Ra’An:  When we look at it from our standpoint, it is one can simply move into manifestation and one has the ability to be very big and to take in very much space; or to be very, in fact, infinitesimally small.  It is like re-focusing oneself - to be very big and to take in a lot or to move into a smaller space; or in the ultimate, one has the ability to step outside of the physical universe and to be outside of it; to be part of the being that has the ability to manifest or to not manifest.

Wynn:  Would that be the One Infinite Creator or would that be the Elohim?  Those realms?

Ra’An:  That would be the One Infinite Creator.

Wynn:  So one has the ability to expand into the space of the One Infinite Creator?

Ra’An:  The One Infinite Creator is beyond space; it is before space and there are not a lot of words to describe this.  It is like knowledge of all points.

Wynn:  Thank you.  I had a very good question and I just forgot it.  It seems to me there’s a very interesting paradox that as you expand your hologram high enough, you start to approach non-existence, or chaos, at the same time, just as I was going to say something, and I forgot it.  But, there’s a connection between chaos and all-that-is that’s very close that maybe it is the ultimate of duality – that connection, that closeness.  Am I correct or can you say it in a way how it appears from your position?

Ra’An:  We do not say it in the terms that you are using; one of the difficulties you are having is because you are in the before where there is nothing, and as such the ability to framework things begins to disappear.  When you mention chaos, we can see a randomness of the beginning of manifestation.  However, in the place where there is no words, the place where the One Infinite Creator (resides) – all words are, to some degree, meaningless. because in order to reside--which we were going to say--where the One Infinite Creator resides, it is before space and so it is not truly residing, as there is really no place to be. It is before manifestation, it is peaceful however all words are indescriptive; they do not describe what cannot be described.  It is moving into a mystery of the precursor to existence.

Wynn:  Thank you.  Well, I could feel an energy as you were saying that.  Thank you for trying to explain the inexplicable.  We’re going to close this session; is there anything to share with us before we disconnect?

Ra’An:  In the space which is not space, before words, is what could be described as Nirvana which certain Eastern Religions seek to achieve rather than to come back over and over again into reincarnated lifetimes, and seeking the exit, and the entrance into the Infinite, one, in some of these Eastern Religions (may) feel, thence know that they have then made it.

We leave you with the precursor energy of this, the wholeness of this, the love that comes shining from this.  Adonai.

Wynn:  Thank you very much and thank every one on the line; thank Terry.  We’ll see you Wednesday.


Channeled information is not meant to be believed blindly.
Sometimes information may bleed through from the conscious
mind of the channel. It is possible that a negative Source may
interfere. Apply your own discernment, take only what
resonates and discard the rest. An answer to a question is
meant for the person asking the question and you have the
privilege of listening in because sometimes you can gain
insights from the answer. However,  even though the
circumstances may be similar, do not merely assume the answer
applies to you.. This is not meant to replace seeing your
doctor, dentist or any alternative practitioner.  Some people
get healings here, so you can be open to it.