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Wednesday Calls; 2011 Conferences
Wednesday - 11/30/2011
Host: Wynn Free
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Channeled and Edited by Terry Brown
Transcribed by Cindy McDonald


Wynn:  This is Wednesday, November 30th, 2011.   My name is Wynn Free and my co-host, Terry Brown, here in Sedona.  This is the call that we traditionally have questions that people submit.



There’s only a couple of questions and maybe that means people are getting more answers internally which I think could very well be the case because part of the purpose of all this work is not to give you all the answers but help tap you into the energy of your own inner self so that you can start to feel answers.


In fact, those of you who have been listening to these calls regularly know that our sources don’t really take the role of saying ‘do this’ or ‘do that’ but they do give really wise guidance on how to make decisions which is more important than having an answer and having a decision made for you.  It’s my contention that people that have been on this call regularly, many of them have (gotten wise guidance)… I get emails from them all the time so I know that’s true and we just have a small group on the line tonight, and I asked before we started if some people would come forward and say things they’ve noticed that have changed in themselves as a result of being on these calls and connecting with these energies.


I think there are two things that change people:  (1) One is wisdom because wisdom can help you look at a pattern that you have and understand it and redirect it in a more positive way and (2) The energy of the connection with higher realms can help you.  What does it help you with?  It helps you feel more complete.  It helps you feel not so alone and alienated.  It can help give you support on patterns you’re working on in yourself and it can give you a sense of, this is my take, feeling loved when you’re not feeling loved in the world and things are not loving you.  It gives you courage that there’s something out there and there’s something to your future other than just this physical planet we exist in.


I think those are things I can say for myself are true and I can say for myself, doing these calls, because I’m a participant just as you are.  I happen to be, I guess, creating the continuity and a little bit of leadership but I am not perfect. I don’t present myself to be that way and I don’t even expect to be that way.  I’m not sure that the idea of being perfect is possible in this realm.  I used to, when I was younger. I use to think it was possible that there was such thing as perfection and perfect masters and perfect enlightenment but I haven’t seen that to be exhibited.


But there are, I wrote an article about this, maybe some of you read it, there are perfect moments; there’s moments when everything comes together.  You can feel that moment and it feels very complete.  You can feel the love and it’s very real.  You can feel the connection with other people and it stands on its own.


The key for me is, always, how to have more perfect moments.  What creates the perfect moment?  For me, it seems that if I can be myself, if I can be authentic and there’s resonance with other people that happens and higher sources come in and you can feel that energy ~ it probably gets as good as it can get in this realm for a perfect moment.


One of the ways to evaluate one’s growth is, “Are you having more perfect moments than you used to ~ more real connections with people?”  That’s one way.  Everyone’s going to have their own way of evaluating how these calls have impacted them.


Maybe before I ask any questions… since we have some time… we’ll just ask that question.  Then we’ll ask the questions that people have asked.  Then I think I’m going to do a mini-planetary healing session because things are pretty teeter-totter positioning in many areas of the planet right now.  I’d like to add our energies to the potential for positive outcomes.


Do we have any volunteers that want to share ~ things that have shifted in their lives as a result of being on the call?


Mary Lou:  Wynn, this is Mary Lou.  I’ll share.


Wynn:  Thank you, Mary Lou.


Mary Lou:  Everything just seems to… I don’t know… everything seems to have fallen into place.  All my life, the questions that I’ve had and the gut feelings that I’ve had and things that I really couldn’t completely accept and I felt like I was a bad person because I couldn’t accept them, it’s all open in the light now and I just look at everything differently.  I’ve gotten so many answers as to why things are the way they are.


Wynn:  Did you get the answers on the calls or also in your own laboratory?


Mary Lou:  Both, because before I started participating in the calls, I was reading your work and David Wilcock and it’s a combination.  It’s really exciting to be participating in the calls because where more of us are gathered together it seems like we can bring in more energy.


Wynn: Thank you, thank you so much for sharing.  You broke the ice.


Mary Lou:  OK.


Wynn:  Anyone else?


IsisI will say something.  It’s Isis.  It’s been like a process for me. I struggled with it in the beginning, even trying to explain to people what I was going through and I wanted to share with everybody but I was trying to explain it with my mind and how I understood it and it wasn’t very successful.


Then later on, it was a combination of coming to the calls and reading the Ra material.  I guess I started understanding better of what it was about and it was about seeing the Creator in everybody and sharing the love.  It’s something that really helped me connect with people.  Now I just look at the positive traits of people ~ at their gifts.  I’m able to love them so much, regardless.  I never see their flaws.  I just focus on their positive energy and I love them and send them all my love.  It seems that everything has shifted; everything seems to be more magical, every part of what I go through.  It’s just like, it’s this magical life and it’s like I’m floating and it’s really beautiful so thank you.


Wynn:  Thank you.  Thank you so much for sharing ~ anyone else?


Gijs:   Yeah, Wynn this is Gijs. I want to share that being involved really has, for me, opened up a connection.  Honestly, I didn’t think God existed.  Now, you start asking, “Who’s God or what is God?”  Just being on those calls, you really get the feeling around you that you’re part of the whole.  It also opens you up in seeing differently ~ the power of attraction and things like that.  I feel great about it.


Wynn: Gijs, how did you ever find our calls?


Gijs: I had signed up for Message a Day through some Link.   I don’t know where it came from.


Wynn: OK, you didn’t even know what you were getting yourself into, right?


Gijs:  That’s right.


Wynn: OK.


Gijs:  But then rereading Message a day, that’s a great thing. I think that’s a great program you have.  It loosens you up.  When you’re open minded, and I also really like it so much the way you say, “Don’t believe anything ~ have it resonate ~ just be open to things.”  That’s the great thing--what matters today, that you get valuable information out there from a different perspective.


Wynn: I was recently having a conversation with somebody and they were saying the value of faith.  I know for myself, and this is just for me, faith is something to start with. It says, “Maybe there’s something there?” Some of you are listening to this, you see.  “Maybe there’s something there?” It gives you the impetus to research it further.


I think what is really unique about this whole work we’re doing is that there’s so much validation that happens that the logical mind can look at it and say, “How are all these things happening?” Starting off, when it first started with the David Wilcock/Edgar Cayce connection and the explanation through that, and then my sister’s healing and so many little synchronicities and people that look like people from other lifetimes.


When you start studying all that, the whole thing fits together and there’s not a good explanation except that this is real.  At that point, you start having your own experience in some way and your own personal validations.  So I think that’s a very neat aspect of what we’re doing.  Anyone else have something they’d like to share with us?


Tina:  I want to say that I actually read the transcripts and listened to the calls, you know the playbacks for like almost 10-11 months.  I felt the energy resonated heavily with me and I felt like it just put my life in perspective, like the puzzle pieces just fit.  From a very young age, I had some deep feelings about the information that you, Terry, and Daphne and sources had presented.  It just made sense of my life and my feelings and my intuitions.  It just opened up this whole new world and allowed me to go forward.  I didn’t question myself anymore; I just stayed in the flow at that point.  So it had a huge impact on my life.  Somehow I don’t have that sense of fear anymore about having to be right, about being wrong with myself, meaning being right about me. Just allowing myself to be me is completely OK.


I like the fact that, when you’re talking about people thinking you’re whacko,  like, “Oh! There are more of us there.” (Laughter) People look at me like, you know… when they look at you like you have two heads, you’re like, “Oh, OK, it’s a little odd.” But, when you start looking like you have three or four heads, they start alienating you…you feel that sense of alienation almost amongst the people that you feel so much caring towards, even if you don’t know them, you have a deep sense of unity…


Wynn:  Maybe we’re a community of whackos?


Tina:  (Laughter) It very refreshing, though. It is nice to know you’re not alone. It’s nice to know you’re not alone.


Wynn:  Terry, are you going to volunteer to say anything?


Terry:  I’ve been making the gradual shift and it’s been a real revelation for me.  I was trying to pretend I wasn’t doing it (the channeling) because I didn’t want to enter myself into it.  I wanted it to be pure.  But then I’ve been doing the transcripts.  So I read it and listen to it on the playbacks, it’s really good stuff.


Wynn:  Yeah, Terry is reading her transcripts and she’s saying, “Wow, I’m learning something about this.”


Terry:  Yeah, it’s like I read it and I go, “Wow, I wonder how they’re going to answer that?”


Wynn: Anyone else have something?


Gijs: I wanted to mention earlier, again. I happened to be talking to my son about it yesterday: What happened during the 1st Sunday call of this year (was) that he requested for his warts to be gone, the day before.  Then on Sunday call, it came up and I requested it for him and on Monday, they started disappearing. Half of it was gone!  It’s just one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen happen.


Wynn:  How long did he have his warts for?


Gijs:  For I guess a year and a half or so?


Wynn:  And the next day they started disappearing?


Gijs:  Yes, and now they’re all gone.


Wynn:  You know, I might make a mention… I’m sure this is not true in all cases but in some cases, it’s true… that Gijs has been coming in on the calls, probably for a couple years now, at least, saying Hello to everybody at the beginning of the call and greeting them. I think the first time it happened, I was late and he said, “Oh, I think I’ll help.”  It’s just been happening ever since.


I think that by coming into the calls, being on the calls, it’s like they get to know your frequency and you get to know their frequency, so that when you ask for something, of course asking is always for the highest good of all concerned and honoring free will, but when you ask for something, there is more of a predisposition for something to happen.


As opposed, there are some people that come into the calls and they hear we are talking to the Elohim and the Elohim are an exalted name historically and so they do the old fashioned way of asking.  Do you know what I mean by the old fashioned way?  Like, “God, please help this, please heal this ~ do this.”  They don’t come into the calls enough to establish the frequency connection.  They just come in because they want something and then they go. I think that doesn’t work so well.  I’m not saying it’ll never work.  I don’t know. I’m just a bozo here. I watch how it all unfolds.


I think that this is an opportunity to make an energetic connection and when you avail yourself in making that connection, I think that the responses from the universe are greatly, greatly, enhanced.  I think that’s why Gijs had that happen so easily with his son and the warts going away.  Anyone else want to say anything?


OK, well, on that note, I’ll mute everyone. Thank you all for sharing.


Gijs:  And Wynn, thank you for sharing on Monday.  That was a great call.  I appreciate it.


Wynn: Did you like that?


Gijs: That was a great call, yes.


Wynn:  Thank you. For those of you that didn’t listen to Monday’s, it was, “What does Wynn have to do with it?” I was sharing from my own perspectives.


Sometimes I get emails from people that say, “Wynn, why don’t you shut up?” Sometimes I think that when people hang up after the first five minutes when I start talking, it’s like they’re coming and they’re expecting, “Here’s the Elohim!” and  when they don’t hear that right away, they go somewhere else.


I was trying to explain on Monday, the role that I think that I play here and its importance to it, being the human bridge between realms and helping.


It’s like if you’re going somewhere, going from point A to point B.  To get to point B, you have to go through a whole bunch of terrain. You have to go through different states, different cities.  Let’s suppose you’re going from Los Angeles to St. Louis.  You have to go through a whole bunch of places.  You don’t just say, “Bump… here we are in St. Louis!”  It doesn’t work.


Now, we’re traveling through dimensions and realms. We’re building… the way that I look at it is we’re building an energy bridge from here to somewhere else and meeting it somewhere.  When you’re building that bridge, part of it is going through the human quality that each of us has.  It’s not to deny your human side ~ your grounding.  So part of my role is to bridge the human side into the other realms and be an example, that if I can do it, so can you.  Otherwise it seems really far away, really distant.


I think that’s how most people, many people feel about God and Spirit.  It’s just “out there” and it’s inaccessible and humans can feel unworthy of it.  The Monday call was about that.  If you haven’t listened, you might listen.  It was a different kind of call.


Right now, I’m going to call in the light and ask these three questions and then we’ll do a group planetary healing while they’re still on the line and we’ll close the call.


Wynn:  Father Mother God we ask for the presence of the light to surround and protect each person here and each person listening to the replays, and, any negativity be taken to the higher realms of light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned.  We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the outer energy fields of planet earth, through our bodies and into the center of the earth.  Right now, we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls.  We invite those sources that are positive, service to others, honoring the Law of one to join with us and we create a protected space that only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now and we wait for an identification from our sources.


Ra’An:  We greet you in the love light of the One Infinite Creator.  This is Ra’An, November 30th, 2011 and we humbly thank all of the people that are volunteering to help get this information out.  As it spreads out like rivulets through the society and it strengthens the connection between your realm-- the earth realm--and home and we consider where we reside as being the borderland, the border crossing between the material and the nonmaterial.  We find in our energy hearts a fullness, and it does our heart good to connect with each and every one of you.  You are our long lost brothers and sisters who have been on a journey and we feel a warm welcoming for the connection with you.

Do you have questions?


Wynn:  Yes.  The first question is from Isis.  “I was recently told that I had a strong connection with the feminine and connective energy of the Elohim and that I had an affinity for the Ra group. Were these connections made by coming to these calls or were they developed during previous lifetimes?”


Ra’An:  Give us a moment…


We see that you have had long time interests in the areas of the Elohim and the Ra group.  Particularly, the Ra group in the time of Egypt and you were very curious and very interested in knowledge and very interested in bringing the information, the energies into your life. 


We see that before that you were a part of the higher densities and you were very curious and looking for answers and… we are looking further… In the time of Egypt, you came very close in spirit to the Ra group and were very excited about the pyramids and about the daily life and about information and were exuberant.


This life, the calls have brought that back into your life as you are connecting, reconnecting and resuming some of the goals you had in your earlier life. 


Those are our comments.


Wynn:  Thank you.  Somebody told Isis that she was being sent protection from an angelic realm.  She didn’t ask this but I think we should ask, “Is that true and if it is true, how did this come about? How did this connection come about?” 


Ra’An:  Thank you. Thank you.  You have spent time in the angelic realm and some of your ancestors and past friends have gone to the heavenly angelic realm and they have a great bond with you and they send you love light and caring.


How did this come about? It was through some past that you had when you were in this (the heavenly) realm and in-between journeys out of the angelic realm (and returning to the angelic realm). You left memories of you and they remember you with great love. 


Wynn:  Thank you and this is from Edna. “Is there a way to best take advantage of the energy shift and use it for the highest good of service to others?  My awareness is increasing, my senses are sharpening and my heart is filling with love and compassion.  I would like to use this to help be of service to others.” 


When I read that, I’m thinking, in my opinion, she should be saying, “I’d like to use this to be of more help, service to others,” because I believe she’s already doing that.  “…and I would like to ask Elohim and Ra if they would help me with synchronicities so that I can get to the places and the people where my services may be most needed.  I would like to thank Elohim and Ra’An of the wonderful connection I have with them.


Ra’An:  Thank you.  Gives us a moment…


Working with the energies, and say (by) having some body work, as Gary was mentioning, touching can help open your chakras further which would then strengthen connections and help to bring in synchronicities.


Wynn:  OK, is that it?


Ra’An:  Give us a moment…


Yes, there were not as many words but the import is there.


Wynn:  Thank you.  Then from Gary who is a kind of massage therapist, “Touch is so important.  What is the connection between touch and lack of violence?”  


Ra’An:  Thank you.  When one is separate and one has grown up separate and has not had the care and touching that would help nurture him, (we include her in this, too) they do not know the comfort that can come in the connection between people, that can come from having been nurtured and held when they were small.


When the caring includes touching, it opens up and connects nerve centers within the body.  The chakras respond to touching by opening and feeling safer, that it is OK to open and to connect and feel this sense of connection.


It is the tactile sense that is developed in touching that many people do not get to experience.  They do not know the connection it can bring and the sense of the caring it can bring with the opening up of the nerve centers and the stimulation of the body’s medians and their so to speak lay lines, their acupuncture lines.


There are some animals that when they are born, like kittens, that the mother licks them all over which gets their body centers moving ~ circulation moving, livens them in the souls connection with the body and let’s the soul know and the body know that there’s a connection there. 


When the connection is made, then the person can operate with more senses.  They can be more psychic, more communicative, more loving and more in power and have more control over their life and not so afraid of being close in a relationship and more connected with the ground and with the earth, more connected with the higher centers, and open to change and flow.


Give us a moment…


When one feels connected, it increases their sense of self worth, their sense of creativity, of being able to participate, and they do not get the sense of separateness and the sense that they have been somehow isolated out and left out and abandoned.  They do not then feel resentment and get stuck in the bands of resentment and hostility and they become a warm and communicative individual in general.  So your question is very spot on about the importance of touching. 


Wynn:  Thank you.  I’d like to ask one more question and just from my side, my question, and that is, “What is the relationship between reverence, or relationship, or the appropriate function of reverence and what we would call humanity?”


Ra’An: Thank you. Give us a moment…


Reverence is a derivative of revere.  It is the act of revering and revering is holding something in a place of esteem.  When one looks at the magnificent creations, even into their infinitesimal beauty as the composite minor parts intermesh, like the beautiful workings of a well-oiled mechanism and all work together in synchronicity ~ the life centers shimmering, twinkling, glowing, and interfacing, it is like a sacred moment, at the harmony that it takes for a body to exist ~ a harmony between all of the composite centers within the body and the way it functions in conjunction with its surroundings.  We look at this with reverence.


Do you have another part to that question?


Wynn:  Yes, the other part related to humanity, the human side ~ juxtaposition of reverence and humanity. 


Ra’An:  Humanity, at times, looks at this juxtaposition and sees that it is worthy of reverence and other times it totally misses and takes for granted and takes advantage of parts of the whole. 


Wynn:  Thank you.  Let’s take a moment and tap into the place of unity and connection with each other, and connection with our sources and let’s bring this light through all the densities to the earth plane, in particular, every area of major out-of-balance on our planet that has the potential to throw our world into havoc.


Let’s look at the Middle East, we look at Iran, we look at the potential for war, of missiles, and ask that all of these things be skirted with assistance from the higher realms so that humanity doesn’t go into fear and contraction, that there might be more time for more people to have the proper epiphany to open their hearts and become part of the upward movement of energy, consciousness, and love. 


I focus on the Middle East and Iran but if there’s any other location anywhere on our planet that has that potential to create havoc, I’d like this to be applied to all those locations.  I’d like to ask for weapons to not function, for synchronicities to create mishaps and that any obstacles that can be put in the way of we’ve referred to as nefarious plots of the negative, that they be put in the way.


And on that note… do we have any closing comments from our sources before we close out the call?


Ra’An:  Thank you.  As we look at the Mid East, we are reminded of our comments about lack of reverence, lack of concern for human life and the insane obsession with power and fire power.  It is similar to the energy to the gold fever that some people get ~ a preoccupation with a force that has hypnotized them.


We are working with this as we speak and we thank you for bringing it to our attention.  We’ll work on this.  We thank you for being you in the halls of time to reconnect us up with humanity and to then help humanity reconnect to its own humanity.  Each and every person on the call who’s listening is a part of grounding the love light into the third dimension and gives mankind more of a hope, more of a reconnection, a rekindling of love. Adonai


Wynn:  Thank you so much and thank all of you for being here.  Everybody is unmuted and we’ll see you Sunday.  Thanks.

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