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Monday Calls; 2011 Conferences
Monday –
Host:  Wynn Free
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Channeled and Edited by Terry Brown
Transcribed by Connie O'Brien

Terry:  Good evening ladies and gentlemen.  This is Terry Brown, the co-host of the Wynn Free Monday night show.  We are on the air and welcome to each and every one of you.  Wynn and I are in Sedona - and it’s a rainy day.  The rain is pleasantly coming down on the roof and we’re really enjoying it. 

Wynn is rounding up the conference call people, as what we have is a simulcast.  We have people on BBS Radio and we have people that call into the conference line.  Wynn then patches these people into BBS Radio so they’re able to interchange.  If you wanted to interchange you could call up BBS Radio and ask if you could ask a question.

I’m not sure what Wynn has planned tonight; the topics are chosen by him and I don’t know the topics beforehand, unless I accidentally see them on the computer or something.  This is my preference because he asks me to do channeling and I prefer not to know what the questions are beforehand because I might agonize over it or think about it or think, “I don’t know anything about that.”   It always turns out really good.  I’m really tickled and honored by being able to bring through information. 

Wynn should be here in a minute or two with the conference line people – usually I can tell that he’s there because I hear some kind of sounds in the background.

BBS Radio has an archive section where they put up the audios after the call.   Someone can subscribe to BBS Radio and access the archive section.  Our calls go back to 2007. 

We’ve been putting up transcripts and audios at 

Sounds like Wynn is here with the conference call people – Wynn are you there?

Wynn:  We were just trying to sneak in.

This is Monday, December 12th, 2011 and this our Monday night conference call.  We have this little thing that happens on Monday nights where I get the conference call together and Terry talks to the BBS people.  When I record the call, I start recording it on the conference call and it never includes those beautiful introductions that Terry is making.  Terry, is there anything exciting we missed on the introduction?

Terry:  People can go into the BBS archives and can hear it from the beginning.  Sometimes I put it on the transcript.

(Wynn welcomes people).

Wynn:  The topic tonight is ‘Guilt’. I have a question.  Do you guys think you really understand guilt?

Caller:  We understand how it feels but not always where it comes from.

Wynn:  That’s why I thought this was going to be an important topic.  I was thinking of some of the people that I know, including myself, untangling my own guilt and realizing how subtle guilt is in the way that it disables us.  Do you ever feel apologetic, unworthy, dread [or] shame? 

Caller:  All the above. 

Wynn:  I think that all those things are a product of guilt.  I said them all but I didn’t think about this in advance so I might revise myself.

If there is anyone new listening tonight, I welcome you all.  We’ve been doing these Monday night meetings for quite some time, and the people who come in regularly have all gotten to know each other just by saying ‘hello’.

If you’re new, we have this idea that sooner or later, you’ll either think we’re the biggest wackos in the world or we’re the greatest things in the world.  There is no where in between.  While we’re on this call we have a couple of group souls - one of them who says they created the physical universe – also on the call, but they’re not on the telephone.  How is that?

They are in the psychic space, and they say that they’re paying attention to all of us just because we’re on the call and we’re reaching for this kind of experience; and, they have the ability to touch into our energy fields.  We have the ability to touch into their energy fields [and] make an energetic connection with them.  In doing so it creates opportunities in our lives for growth, for self-awareness, for expansion that may not have existed previously.  Basically, at the biggest level of looking at it, they’re us – I’m you, we’re each other.  We’re all everything.  John Lennon said, “I am you and you are me and we are we and we are all together”.  That’s always true, but it’s usually not within our experience to know that and feel it all the time.

On this call, one of the underlying agendas is to feel that – not only with each other but with these high energies in the universe – that they’re present with us.  Many people can feel energies on the call; many psychics have come in and felt the energy of the call.  I don’t see them, I feel the energies but I don’t see them.  Terry, do you see them?  Terry hears them.

Terry:  No, it’s not even hearing them.  What I see, I can see a pink energy – light, light pink energy.  It’s real to me to be able to communicate by telepathy, and so it’s like they project a concept.  Sometimes it’s words.

One time recently when I was channeling, they were giving me a word that I didn’t know the meaning of, and I didn’t want to say it because they had the thought and I didn’t know if it was right or not.  So I kept asking them and they kept repeating the word over and over.  So finally I said the word.  Then I looked it up afterwards and, it was the exact right word to describe the thing in the channeling.

There I did hear the word in my head over and over. 

Wynn:  Hey, what was the word?

Terry:  Cortisol. 

Wynn:  Cortisol, like port potty but with ‘sol’ at the end?

Terry:  Oh, no, no, nothing to do with that.  It starts with a ‘C’.

Wynn:  Cortisol!  I remember when you said that.

Terry:  I don’t even know how to talk about it.

Wynn:  Is that a supplement, Cortisol?

Terry:  No, it’s something that the body secretes to help the body adjust to the [fight]/flight syndrome.  So when they say something over and over, after they said it three times then I will go ahead and say it.

Wynn:  Some people, when they channel, it’s more like ventriloquism where they just repeat the words that their source says.  They give up their own power to do that.  Supposedly, Edgar Cayce might have done that, I’m not sure.  They said David Wilcock did that. They feed words into [him] and he’s a very, very good translator of their words.  It seems like Daphne might do that more than you do.  They’re still using her vocabulary so – I don’t know if that’s true or not completely with her.  I think when that happens there might be more of a chance of getting a negative source, because you don’t have the energetic affinity, perhaps, with the source.

Terry:  I don’t think that it has to be that way; you can make the space for them.

Wynn:  That may not be true. I don’t know I’m just hypothesizing.  All of you who listening realize that we are certainly not experts at this; we’re at the affect of it, just as you’re at the affect of it.  We’ve learned how to do this and we’ve learned to create group energy.  Within the context of group energy, it doesn’t seem to get boring.  It’s always an adventure.  I would never have believed that we could do this three times a week and people wouldn’t get bored.

I used to be an entertainer and I used to do events.  If I played at a certain venue, you couldn’t play there again for like three months, four months, six months – because you needed to be fresh.  People kind of had to forget your last performance.  I would create really high connections with audiences sometimes. 

I had a reading from David Wilcock at the very beginning of all this, when I was first studying David and he was doing readings.  I was really trying to convince myself that he was Edgar Cayce.  It was amazing for me because I had read so many Edgar Cayce books and studied Edgar Cayce so extensively when I was younger.  They said [three] things to me that really stuck. 

At the time my life was really stuck.  I didn’t know what I was doing and I didn’t want to do what I was doing and I didn’t know what I was supposed to be doing and I was thinking, “Should I be going out and playing music again?” anything, because I got stuck in a rut.  I know a lot of people get stuck in ruts.  So when I had this reading they said three things to me.  I’ll tell you all three.  There were more than that, but three that were outstanding.

One of the things they said was that when the performance is over and they’re sweeping up the stage, the performance never really stops because there is no such thing as a performance.  It’s always me, not separating myself from the performance. 

I remember that I didn’t actually feel worthy of what I was saying in my songs.  I felt like, “I can’t live up to this, how can I?”  I think it probably blocked me from becoming famous at the time because I didn’t feel I could live up to the kind of wisdom, depth, compassion, [and] care that my songs were expressing. 

The [second] thing they said, “You have unplayed coins in the jukebox of your soul.”  I had no idea what that meant, although something in me always said, “Gee, there is something I could be doing.  I think I can do something, but I don’t know what I’m supposed to do or how to do it.”  So, I had unplayed coins in the jukebox of my soul – [It] really made me think, “I wonder what those unplayed coins are?”

This was probably in the year 2000 when I had this reading. 

The third thing they said was there were times I was going to get up and look in the mirror and I would look like Frankenstein.  I didn’t like that one, and I wondered what that meant.  When I go back and try to interpret that, what did they mean by that?  They said I was going to go through a dark night of the soul and all this garbage was going to come up through me and there were going to be days when I didn’t look good.  When those things surfaced, I wouldn’t like how I looked.  That did happen, and I had to bite the bullet and go through that for quite some time.  Those of you who say you want to get close to spirit that might happen for.  You may go through periods of time [like that].

Maybe some of that stuff that was coming up in me was related to guilt, things that I had done in past lives.  For a good portion of this life, I was really compressed, and I can relate now to how guilt works.  It can be so overwhelming.  The thing about it is, it feels like that’s who you are. 

Every day you get up, you feel a certain way:  you feel withdrawn, you feel overwhelmed, you feel incompetent, and you feel nobody likes you.  It’s like “Maybe that’s who I really am and I’ll never change.”  Some of those things are very, very hard to change.  I think if I had found this kind of group it would have helped me immensely in those periods of time because you can start to see yourself in a different way and observe your frailties, your weaknesses, and your dark side.  You don’t have to feel bad about it.  Feeling bad about it is like guilty.

There is a New Age theme that goes something like, “You have to love yourself; you can’t love anyone else until you love yourself.”  Within the context or thought of that, it’s like, “One day I’m going to get up and I’m just going to feel perfect and then I’ll be able to love people and they’re going to love me back.” 

You wait and wait and wait to feel perfect and you never do.  You’re avoiding love from other people because you don’t think you love yourself and you wake up and you do not love yourself.  These are things that I think are prevalent for many, many, many people. 

I’m not going to talk too long about it today.  I think we’ll go into a session and we’ll ask questions about it.  I wouldn’t be surprised if we get the Ra group with us emphasizing the answers to this because I have a feeling the Elohim group has never felt guilt – maybe they have, but the Ra group who has had other bodies here, lifetimes here - has felt guilt.

I welcome all those people who are joining us for the first time today listening on BBS.  We do this every Monday and we always have really unusual interesting things that we talk about. 

We also do it on Wednesday and we also do it on Sunday morning.  On Wednesday we actually answer questions that you send us.  If you’re interested in asking a question – I don’t promise to answer every question, we don’t have time.  I pick the questions that I answer by following criteria:

#1 it’s relevance to the most people;

#2 is the personal urgency that you have, personally, who is asking the question.  Like, you’re up against the wall and you’re really stuck.  If I think that our questions and our answers could help you, I will ask it. 

The #3 thing is: have you ever asked a question before?  If you’ve never asked a question before, I will [ask it], as long as the other two criteria fit somewhere there.  Sometimes people ask philosophical, theological questions of curiosity of how things work and those kinds of questions are okay.

What we don’t do, we don’t tell you who is good and who is bad.  There are a lot of people out there under the banner of spirituality, under the banner of channeling – some are negative and some are not.  It’s hard to tell the difference because the negative will use all the words that the positive uses when they’re in that kind of context.  So, because somebody’s channeling and saying, “Service to self, service to others, dimensional shift” does not mean it’s a positive source.  You have to look deeper than that to figure it out.  Even if they sound like they’re saying the things we’re saying, it doesn’t mean it’s positive.  In fact, I don’t tell people we’re positive – I think we are.  I think each person has to come to their own realization that something is positive because if I were to say, “I was positive; believe in me,” it takes the whole process of discovery out of the equation.  Discovery is where you validate something for yourself.  Check it out; check your feelings out.

I’ll tell you one of the things about things that are positive is that they don’t just talk about platitudes, but you feel the energy.  A negative source might say, “We all have to love each other.  Humanity has to love each other or they’re doomed.  We need to come together and work together.  We need to establish community.”  All those things are true; but saying them doesn’t make you feel loved, doesn’t make you feel cared for, and doesn’t bring in energy from higher realms.  They’re mental concepts.  That doesn’t mean that somebody who is saying that is negative; it doesn’t mean that.  It’s still cause for reflection.

Another thing I’ve noticed about negative or mixed sources is that oftentimes they will talk about some event that’s going to happen in the future and their whole expression/dialogue/thought revolves around that event.  We don’t have to worry about loving each other now; we don’t have to worry about connecting to higher dimensions now, because something is going to happen in the future that’ll make everything okay – like spaceships landing, like Jesus coming back, or whatever.  Those kinds of messages give you hope but they don’t give you energy, they don’t build community, they don’t create love.   But, they do create a wanting to keep coming back because the message feels good – it’s a good message to say, “We don’t have to worry about anything now because we’ll just wait until the E.T.s land.”

There is one point of view that if E.T.s land they may try to look positive and not be positive just to fool us to capitulate to them.  Our sources – not just our sources but Carla Rueckert’s –have said that if E.T.s land it probably won’t be positive.  Positive sources wouldn’t land, and according to Carla the reason is it would depolarize people, it would cause them to give up their power.  The whole goal of positive sources is to empower you, to make you feel loved in the moment, to make you love yourself, to connect with higher possibilities – not to turn you into a blind believer which is what would happen if E.T.s which seemed to be positive landed.  I’m not going to say that’s etched in stone because I don’t know, but it makes sense to me.  Your own discovery and your own discernment over time is your best tool to figure things out.  If you watch something over time from a neutral point of view, if there are agendas it will reveal itself; if there is not, that will reveal itself.  You have to test it in that way just as I do.

On that note – are you ready, Terry?

Terry:  Yes. 

Wynn:  So we do an invocation, it’s the calling in of the light.  Before I do this, if any of you are listening that are new, that want to come to our Wednesday or Sunday calls, go to and they are listed there. 

If you want to ask a question on a Wednesday, send it to  Those of you who are on the calls regularly, know just the fact that you are here you’re holding the energy for the call (and) you’re creating a great service.  You’re creating a landing-place for the energy so as new people start coming into the calls, we are hitting the ground running because we’ve already created a strong energy and a protective energy that holds the space that new people can show up.

Father Mother God we ask for the presence of the light to surround and protect each person here and any negativity be taken to the highest realms of light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned.  We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the universe, through the galaxies through the Milky Way, through the Solar System, through the energy fields of the planets, through the outer energy fields of earth, through our bodies and into the center of the earth.  Right now we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls, and we invite those sources that are positive, service to others honoring the Law of One to join with us and we create a protected space that only the positive has access to, and any thing not of that nature must leave now.  We wait for the identification of our sources.

Ra’An:  We greet you in the love light of the One Infinite Creator.  This is Ra’An - December 12th 2011.  We take a moment and make connection with each and every person on the line and each and every person on BBS Radio and we will make connection with everyone who reads the transcript and listens to the audio, as the energy of connection is carried in the words even if it is on the paper.

It is our delight to come into manifestation to be able to be with you this day, and it makes a light in your plane where the connections are made.

 We are mindful of the topic that you had; it is very good topic, and we ask if you have specific questions concerning this topic.

Wynn:  Let me open the door and have you explain to us what guilt is, what it looks like from your vantage point.

Ra’An:  Thank you. From our vantage point it looks like a stuck point where an individual is cycling back into what they have experienced before and are wishing that it could have been different, have wished that their actions could have made a different outcome. 

There is some change that was made by their actions, or inactions that cause a vacuum in the energies, a cycling back, and then wishing something could have been different.  A feeling that one had been responsible and that they did not fulfill their responsibility in a correct manner.

Sometimes earth situations lead to - because of the necessity for survival tasks - they lead to a place where the individual, in providing those survival tasks, was not able to do other tasks that they deemed should have been done and wished could have been done and it creates a situation where they feel that they have lost control, that they have taken responsibility for something that they could not provide.  We remind you when individuals are in the earth plane, they are gathering growth experiences.

These turn-backs in intentions, those looking-backs - can provide growth experiences wherein the individual can do better planning in the future, or can learn valuable lessons, or how to connect.  For instance, if someone had not communicated with someone, had lost touch, and then the other person passed on and they lost the chance to have contact with them in the third dimensional realm; of course they could, within the purview of all that is, can put out whatever communication they had wished to convey to the individual even though the individual is no longer in the earth plane right then.

So, those are a few of our comments – growth is one of the reasons that individuals move into the third density, as the parameters, the limitations within the third density, provide very good opportunities for growth wherein the individual needs to harmonize with his surroundings and needs to operate within certain limitations, that then strengthen his ability to interface with other individuals and to grow from this interface.  Those are some of our comments.

Wynn:  Thank you.  In my preamble I went through a number of symptoms/qualities which I was connecting to the idea of guilt.  One of them is shame, self-rejection, unworthiness, maybe even self-sabotage – I didn’t say that earlier.  Are they connected with guilt?

Ra’An:  They can be a result of guilt, where the individual feels that they have lost connection [or control] due to some incident, or some blame that another has put on them.  For instance, the child that could never seem to clean his room and was subjected to very great criticism by his father for the state of his room - to the point that the individual went down what you might call ‘the tone scale’ where the individual may have been angry and then have gone past anger into sort of a dejected state, or kind of a hopeless state.  Then this could have ramifications that became attached to it that the individual then felt that they were worthless, that they were hopeless [and] that there was no way that they could ever meet the expectations of the father and [they] have then become ashamed of themselves [and] of their room - and then gone into an apathy about the whole thing [and] then gone into a catatonic [state], almost a wish for death, at the thought that they could not please their father.

There is a range of emotions that guilt is like an action against oneself; a thought-action against oneself that there is some blame, some self-blame in that; and then this self-blame can then affect these other areas such as self-worth and such as their emotional state toward connecting with their surroundings and with the world.  Does that help?

Wynn:  Yes.  Guilt is not just something you do, like the common idea of guilt is you do something that hurts somebody or you do something that is unethical and you feel bad about it afterwards and you judge yourself.  There’s also, similar to what you just described in a certain area, where – let’s suppose somebody had a parent that didn’t accept them, that made them not good enough.  I had a father like that.  You’re constantly thinking you’re not good enough because your father has projected that upon you.  That would be a kind of guilt, yes?

Ra’An:  Yes, that would result in a guilt that would not be able to be solved, since the father is placing this pall over the child and placing this judgment or criticism over the child constantly in merely a look, an attitude, or a way that he carried his body.  Any of these things would trigger the shame of not being good enough which then could trigger guilt at not being good enough - but this would be sort of an unsolvable problem, because the source of this was the opinion or the criticism of the father which could not be solved within the framework of the life with the father.

Wynn:  One question might be, since I’m drawing on my own personal experience here:  if I had a father like that, and I chose the father – why did I choose the father, or why does one choose a parent that is going to create such a difficult obstacle to overcome?

Ra’An:  When you choose a difficult obstacle to overcome, it creates an opportunity for the greatest growth and it opens up areas of questioning that you might not have had with another parent who accepted you.  We see in this case, you had another parent who doted on you.  So, there was a big opportunity for growth with your father and a respite with your mother.  This provided a very good opportunity for questioning and for bringing up of emotions that you would like to then resolve and a very good fertile ground for realizing yourself and an opportunity to search, an impetus to search, for answers.

Wynn:  Did my high self know and decide to choose these parents – I’m getting a reading here guys, excuse me – did I do things in other lifetimes that would make me choose parents, or a father, who would make me feel guilty?

Ra’An:  It is a complex question, as you have had more than one lifetime and your lifetimes have been very creative in bringing forth benefit to mankind as a whole.  There is a questioning and openness and a desire to bring through a fertile ground for growth and then also, to include others in this opportunity to grow and to share the seeds of your growth with others so that mankind as a whole can progress by your experience.  

Did you choose parents based upon this?  You could tell beforehand the leanings and the orientations and the general moods of these individuals, and there was an attraction to the gentleness of your mother and an opportunity to test yourself and your ability to come out of shell against opposition from your father’s hand, but to be supported by your mother.

Wynn:  Thank you.  [One might have] a guilt program running in the background, which I think is really common.  There is one kind of guilt where you know you did something and you know you felt bad about it and you wish you didn’t do it.  That’s [easier] to deal with. It’s when it’s running in the background, it’s making you feel worthless, it’s contracting your energy, maybe it’s carried through from past lifetimes.  Maybe it goes through from lifetime to lifetime to lifetime to lifetime until it finally gets worked out.  I want to be sure and ask, “How do you identify if your background program is guilt?”

After I ask that I’m going to ask, “How do you release it?”  But, let’s ask the first question first.

Ra’An:  In your case there were previous lifetimes where you had been curtailed by circumstances and you had come up against great resistance against your personal reach to expand and to bring forth knowledge.  With your father you found a way to limit your own reach, your own connection and manifesting in the physical world that helped you to deal with previous times when you had been curtailed in your building of groups and bringing through of information.

So it is an attempt to limit your power and your reach so that you didn’t experience the [huge] curtailment [which you experienced in some of your past lives]- so by curtailing yourself in the circumstances [in this life] you didn’t expose yourself to the reach out that you had in a previous life.  [It] made things seem safer to cut your reach.  Here was the enforcement [of your father] on cutting your reach out to connection with people and expansion.  Yet, your mother cheered you on and was the hope that the reach would be made and you could overcome the limitations that your father projected, which was a continuous effort from a past life to learn how to overcome circumstances that cut you down, but learn how to stay with it and learn how to expand in spite of this hindrance.

Is there another part to that question?

Wynn:  You’re answering the question as it relates to me, but I wanted to ask the question as it relates to everyone who has this quality of guilt and would they know they have it.  How can they identify it? -- Because when it is a background program, as it was with me for many years, I didn’t know it.  I didn’t recognize it; I thought that’s who I was.  So how can someone recognize this background program of guilt?

Ra’An:  There were background programs upon background programs; overlaying of background programs [for a majority].  There are ancient times when such programs were laid into the populace as a whole, and they were led to believe that they were the slime of the earth, and they were worthless, and they were no good.  [It was laid into] most everyone, the majority of people.  A small percentage does not have this, but we would say a majority of people have had this.  So it runs as a background program and as then generations go by, it runs in the parents and then they imbue it to the children and it runs as a background program. 

The way it runs as a background [may be triggered by the person’s] chosen occupation, their chosen expertise, their chosen creative interests [and the fear of failure]– and [also] generally the background program [can be] related to one area that they may have failed at, some occupation they’ve tried very hard at and failed at; they’ve crashed the plane.  Something has gone totally wrong and so they become sensitized toward that area so when something happens concerning that particular area within their life, it’s very sensitive and the guilt kicks in; maybe even then coming up to a level where they can spot it or they can realize that they feel it.  [Life in the third density and the desire to survive and succeed, can naturally create a program which becomes centered around a person’s main areas of interest and it can become very sensitive, fueled by worry about failure.]

With each individual there are different things that can trigger [the guilt], but [with that] very ancient background thing [where guilt] has been laid in, when a child is in the first six years, there can be an incident where this triggers.  [It can be some trauma, or] something the parent has said or some action of the parent [against the child] that the child has taken personally and has then formed a more solid area within that area of guilt that then they feel nervous about.  In general, it is an individual thing and it is based upon a person’s track and the person’s interest and how their parents treated them.

For instance, when they were very little they may have tried to tell their parents about a past life that they remembered and the parents tell them, “Oh, that’s just your imagination,” or, like has happened with Chris, where the parents just don’t recognize that what’s going on with the child is anything beyond imagination and so it gets set into the child at a very young age.

Some area that the individual has trouble dealing with or [has a lack] control over; this is the area where the individual can make the most growth.  They can establish routines that could help them.  For instance, they could get massage to help them connect their body up to their surroundings better; they can venture out into acting, to act through certain circumstances and they can see how they can move inch by inch, little by little, through this area of irritation or hesitancy or a feeling of incompetency like they failed at it or they have no aptitude - and learn little by little how to take more control.

Wynn:  Yes, thank you.  So we could assume that almost everyone on the line listening to this probably has, at some level, this as an issue?

Ra’An:  Yes – it is one of the things that individuals in the third dimension, in connection with their life and progress through their life, in dealing with survival issues run up against and it is one of the biggest areas that they can achieve growth in, just through their daily living.

Wynn:  I would imagine it’s a good idea to pay close attention to those things that might create guilt.  In other words, if you’re dishonest or if you lie to someone or if you betray a trust then you’re going to build on top of whatever guilt is already running.  It’s going to be hard to heal it if you keep engaged in activities like that.  Am I correct there?

Ra’An:  That is correct; it makes it difficult to sustain interactions. For instance, a car recently was stopped by the police and the police suspected that there were some drugs in the car.  The driver said, “Go head and search the car” and as the policeman got near to the drugs the person was shaking.  So it triggers a fight/flight response when an individual is holding something back that could be of importance and the individual [sees] that the other party is getting close to seeing that and exposing it and it makes areas where an individual can’t interface and be open and makes areas where they then tend to close down and not be able to connect with society, and it isolates them out from a large part of society when they have something they are attempting to hide.

Wynn:  Thank you.  I got an email from someone who had read the topic and they thought it addressed their own problem.  I thought I’d ask their question and then we’ll close the evening.  This is from Michelle in New South Wales, Australia.

She said, “I have a question about guilt.  I feel like I have some kind of self-sabotage mechanism in me that when I get an opportunity, instead of enjoying what I’ve been given, I start telling myself I don’t deserve it.  I know I have a lot of guilt and fear that I’m carrying from past lives because of alliances that I had with darker energies.  I sold myself because I didn’t love myself enough; I have cleared these alliances but I still carry the guilt and shame of what I did and I am not sure how to move it so that I can move into a space of self-love.  I know that’s stopping me from moving forward in a joyful way.  Can you give any help on this?

Ra’An:  Thank you.  Everything is in the now and there are factors within your soul group, your matrix, that you do not have total control over, but if you just layer by layer, little by little, one area by one area – just choose an area within your matrix, within your space, and see if that is a place that is generating this feeling of unworthiness as from ancient times this was laid in pretty heavy.

To eliminate this: It is as if it is in your own mind, your own self – but it was programmed in, and as we don’t say anything here for a minute, we look at you and we tell you that you are okay; and, it is an effort to hold your abilities down and to hold yourself back so that you will be worthy.  Each part of you is worthy; there is certain--you might call it--rage at the injustice from the past, and this is okay as in the time it was totally the right emotion.  There are emotions that one might not want to experience; however, in the time they were totally appropriate.  You can know that you are okay; let yourself be okay and release anything that is wishing to release, let it go, and implore it to have the release and to again know self-love and worthiness.  Remember this moment and read the transcript and send self-love to that part or parts.

Wynn:  Thank you.  Great.  I’m going to close this with one little question that has to do with forgiveness.  It seems that there is a connection between forgiveness and guilt, because guilt leaves the idea that you did something wrong, and as you explained, it doesn’t have to come from that way; it can come because somebody projects it on to you and you take it on. 

There’s the Christian concept of forgiveness, of grace - that we were forgiven our sins.  How does that fit in to this discussion on guilt?

Ra’An:  One can forgive another and this can remove guilt from outside [which] that person that is now forgiving has placed previously on the other, and that is very healing [to both parties.]  [One can also unilaterally forgive the person who is judging him which also helps clear the field.]

Concerning oneself, if one were able to moment-by-moment review their own history with everything taken into account, they could see the reasons, the logical progression that led from one thing to the other and it would make it easier for them to erase the past and move into the now.  Then, when they have taken into account all factors they would not even need so much forgiveness of themselves, as they could see what a good job they have done although it [has] not seemed like it. 

There is a striving that is important and when taking into account all factors that went into anything that happened, then they would know that was an opportunity to grow and learn, and that the growth and the learning, [then can give them] the ability to not only put past them what has happened and to move past it, but to eliminate future factors of exposing oneself to a similar circumstance.

Those are our comments.

Wynn:  Thank you.  Thank you for being here.  Thank you, Terry.  Thank you everyone who is on the line.  We’ll close this session; we’ll see some of you on Wednesday.

This is Wynn Free and Terry Brown and all those beings on the line who are helping to hold our space.  We’ll see you next time.  Thank you.

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