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Wednesday Calls; 2011 Conferences
Wednesday –
Host: Wynn Free
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Channeled and Edited by Terry Brown
Transcribed by Cindy McDonald


Wynn: This is Wednesday, December 14th, 2011. Welcome everybody to our Wednesday conference call. All of you who are listening to the replays, we are right there with you in the future. Can you feel it? We’re flowing into the future and jumping out of your computer and jumping off your telephone line. We have a bunch of great questions for tonight.


My name is Wynn Free and my associate, Terry Brown. We’re going to jump right into it and call in the light and I think you all know what the light is by this time, calling in the light. It’s our quick…quickie, keyboard shortcut for our Sunday conference calls, where we just go [zip] and bring the energy in and if you track these words carefully and go with the flow, you might feel the shift in your energy as we go through this.


(Wynn calls in the light)


Father, Mother, God, we ask for the presence of the light to surround and protect each person on this call, each person on the replays and any negativity be taken to the higher realms of light and transmuted. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the universe, through the galaxies, through the milky way ~ through the solar system, through the energy fields of all the planets and the sun, through the outer energy fields of the earth, through our bodies and into the center of the earth and right now we invoke a group energy connection for all of us listening and the replays and we maintain the sovereign integrity of our souls and we invite those sources who are positive, service to others, honoring the Law of One to join with us and create a protective space that only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now! We wait for our sources to greet us….


Ra’An: This is Ra’An. This is December 14, 2011, and we greet you in the love light of One Infinite Creator. We are beaming in from our non-location as we have the ability to be not located or to locate and we are delighted with the question about the particles and the vibrations.


It is true that everything is happening, is created in the now, and patterns are established that affect the creations in the now by past creations. When one is anywhere, they are focused within the localized field of that particular area and the area is created by the interactions of the vibrating…you might say housings which are created…time and space are created by the putting into motion of flows and intersection of flows.


So your question concerning whether everything might be in your area, areas are created space, it’s created time, it’s created and where you are is based upon your focusing to a certain vibration, focusing within a certain framework or housing . If you refocus, even while your body is in the third dimension and is stabilizing you within the third dimension in whatever housing or area it’s in, if you refocus your…for lack of a better word we might say mind or intentions or focus your awareness, then you can begin to pick up, while still be tacked down within your own personal framework, you can begin to have peeks into other areas, other dimensions, other realities, and you can bring that information into your own awareness and perceive it.


Do you have other questions within that area?

Wynn: Let me see here… There was a question specifically about the way this works in relationship to subatomic particles. (1) I just read the electrons revolving around the nuclei of atoms have a sort of elemental memory and they move from one atom to another leaving an atom minus an electron which gets replaced by an electron from a close atom and basically, slingshotting dosey doe fashion from atom to atom, carrying that elemental knowledge along a chain of atoms, then molecules, then cells, then larger structures sharing the awareness throughout the system. Is this true? We don’t know that’s true…is this true and is this the basic way atomic structures exchange information? I think that’s understandable to say that atoms are not discreet items that the electrons go from one to the other to the other? Okay, they’re polygamists. They’re carrying information all along that which then transfers to the rest of the universe. The question is, “Is that true?”


Ra’An: Yes. This is a flow that established as there is charge involved and the creation…..


Give us a moment………..


Within the creation of the atom, the intersection of vibratory fields create charge so that the charge of the electron is negative and when another atom is lacking the proper balancing charges within that atom, it can bleed off electrons from other nearby atoms. There is a certain healing aspect to negative charge as these electrons, when they move into a positively charged area, can provide balancing and can provide healing.


Within a person’s body, if they have a metal implant…say….it can steal electrons from the surrounding areas to balance it and can leave these surrounding areas of the body with a deficit of electrons which then would place the body under stress. So when you have a healing situation you have to have an alkalinity within the body to have enough electrons available to create healing circumstances to move into balancing with positively charged atoms to then provide healing and balance within that area. So it is true that electrons can move from atom to atom to atom and it is a balancing act of the charges that are existing within the atoms in the surrounding areas. That’s our answer.


Wynn: How about moving from one object to another? In other words, a lamp sitting on the table ~ will the electrons move from the table to the lamp? If two people are touching each other or making love, say in an extreme connection, will the electrons of one move into the electrons of the atoms of the other?


Ra’An: This is entirely possible. It depends upon the relative charges of the atoms that are in proximity to each other. When you have a rain storm, you have negative ions that are available to move into the body through the breathing in of the air and through the skin to balance the body. So it can be very refreshing to be in a rain storm and receive negative ions from that source. There are negative ions generators that can provide negative ions for the body to balance atoms within the body that are positively charged and need to be balanced.


Wynn: Does that mean that…when that happens, does the negative ion generator help the body become more alkaline?


Ra’An: It can, however, it can easily be overbalanced by the diet of the person in eating acidic foods that then steal the negative charges from the body and make it more difficult for the body to heal or function.


Wynn: Was this property of atoms, the way the electrons move, was that part of an original design template or was it something that evolved?


Ra’An: Give us a moment……


It is a byproduct of the way that the atoms are formed, as when you have a spinning housing which an atom would be within. The forces within the center due to the spinningness becomes more positive and the forces on the outside are where balance to the positive center come in with negative charges revolving around the positive center. The negativity is within a flow so that flow is very important to life and the creation of life so that the flow is where the electrons are formed and the center tends to be more stagnant and not in as much of a flow but as the results of the flow and therefore it becomes more positive.


Wynn: Thank you. You know what…I could ask a lot of questions here on this and maybe for Monday, we’ll do a quantum physics, atoms and learn more about it.


Ra’An: We appreciate your questions.


Wynn: I think I want to go now to a question for a person that wants to remain anonymous. That’s why I muted the phone before because I wanted Terry to know who the person was so that they could tune in on the person.


They’ve been feeling very tired and depressed lately with a great deal of cervical and spinal pain. It seems that I can only function for a few hours a day. Sometimes I feel like I’m in another dark night of the soul. I’m determined not to use traditional pharmaceutical treatment for the depression or surgery for the spinal issue. I’ve been treating it with supplements and energy work for several months but I’m not sure it’s having an effect. Can you comment? Is there progress being made? I’ve heard about many light workers going through depressions. Does it have any bearing on the work I’m doing while asleep?


He didn’t ask this but I should ask this…I hope…I’m sure it’s okay. I’ll add, “Is there any way you can help from other dimensions with what I’m going through?”


Ra’An: Give us a moment……


We see a blockage of flow of energy in the lower part of the body.


Give us a moment……


There is a lowered electrical potential in the area of the pain. There is a stagnation.


Give us a moment……


We would suggest drinking enough liquids, some water that has a good alkaline pH. This is one of the things that can help with depression and help with establishing flow of energy. Perhaps check out your local health food store and see what water has an alkaline pH. Be sure to drink enough of this water every day which would be… perhaps to one to two bottles of the larger size of the water. Gauge by what your system can tolerate and build it up slowly. The important thing is to get flow moving again in the area. We see a blockage.


Give us a moment……


We suggest having enough salt, sea salt, not Morten salt ~ perhaps a teaspoon a day on your food. It is important to have enough salt so that you can make within your body enough hydrochloric acid to be able to adequately digest your food.


Give us a moment……


We, in the silence are working with the area…………………


We will work with the area. Give us a report back in about a week.


Wynn: I have a question related to this. This may or may not be true for this particular person but if somebody is having a great deal of lower back, hip pain… could there be a connection between sexual release or lack of it and a symptom like this?


Ra’An: Yes, as in sexual release there is establishment of the flow in the opening of the chakras. The lack of that can create a stagnation within the flows within that area of the body so it does have a relationship.


Wynn: OK. In this particular case, could a person just sexually release themselves or do they need a partner to make it work right?


Ra’An: Either way.


Wynn: Either way, OK ~ so experiment and see what works.


Ra’An: We would like to comment further on the last question in relationship to your question. It is more than simply lack sexual release in this case.


Wynn: Next question is from Georgina. “My boyfriend finished our relationship and I cannot seem to get over the sadness that what seemed a nearly perfect relationship ~ any tips?” It seems like it was very high romance and she felt abandoned. Thank you


Ra’An: Alright, we move to your next question.


You indicated Georgina?


Wynn: Yes, she’s going through tremendous sadness after the end of a relationship.


Ra’An: Thank you.


Wynn: And I think actually Suzanne on the line is going through a similar thing.


Ra’An: Thank you. We look at this question from different points of view. We see the sadness at not experiencing the connection, at not experiencing the joy. We suggest, although we are not in the third dimension and we see the different connections, the opening of the chakras, the closing of the chakras, and the response to the disconnection and the sadness, but we take another look from a different viewpoint and that is…this is a different look. You and he are in the now.


We are reminded of Bill’s question where all of the ‘all that is’ is in the now. You, in one sense, are connected by that. You are connected with the other person by that and so if you refocus then you picture your own matrix and your own sadness feelings and then you focus upon the other person. What does his essence, his vibration signature feel like? Then you send him, not disconnection and sadness, but send him love and understanding for his situation.


Do not try to change what is and have him conform to your desire, but love him in the now for what is there in the now ~ what he is going through, what he is trying to establish. Love him in the now. That is what can reestablish the connection. Not a wishing for something that is not, which is a further disconnection from what is. If you stay with him in connection with what is in reality in the now, then you can…even though you are not talking to him, to reestablish a--and we work with the words on this one to say it--a connection with him that allows him to be who he is or to go for the goals or to get the growth that he needs. That is more of a true love and keeps the situation in the now and keeps the connection available there.


We hope we have made sense to you and sense in our looking at the situation and we feel your sadness and your lack of willingness to change with the situation. If you can find a little bit of area for connection and wishing above, even though the current situation is of a disconnectedness, you have some hope of reestablishing some sort of affinity and of maybe even eventually communication as you can communicate even though you are not physically present in each other’s space.


So, if you think that you may be communicating whatever it is that you are feeling--resentment, sadness--that you are communicating that, that in itself is a disconnection. It is something to work with.


We realize your emotions and honor you as you go through this difficult time.


Wynn: You know, when one has a very close intimate connection and has not established what could be called unconditional love with that person, then I think what you’re saying is that…take the opportunity, if that connection fails, the intimate part of it, to move into an unconditional loving space inside of yourself, and not necessarily to try to express anything to the person but to allow them their freedom. So whatever the reason is, there was a disconnect and you can transform that loss into unconditional love.


Whereas the other kind of way of looking at it is where you possess somebody’s energy and you get something from the energy that they share and when that stops, the love stops and it was…even though it might have been a peak experience, it was not necessarily a spiritual peak experience included into it. Am I saying that correctly?


Ra’An: Yes, you are.


Wynn: Okay, thank you. We have Judith here who is asking again…


Ra’An: We would like to look at (Georgina’s) question some more. We see…


Give us a moment……


different emotions and we see that there has been a wonderful experience and a wonderful connection and a beautiful expansion within the relationship that had been. We do not wish to discount that as that experience was very much an experience of growth and happiness. We wish to honor that experience that you have had and…you may wish to re-experience within your mind that experience or to even dream about that experience as that is very possible to have on a more permanent basis and that you have experienced that in time is very important. Those are our comments.


Wynn: Thank you. The next question…Judith is asking for a healing or help or advice with her body mind energy field ~ especially, hip, lower back, ankles, and teeth which I think are in pain.


Ra’An: Think of it as what?


Wynn: In pain.


Ra’An: Where is Judith located?


Wynn: She is in northern California ~ I think about 20 miles from Santa Rosa, California.


Ra’An: OK.


Wynn: Her hip, lower back, ankles, and teeth and to strengthen and support her optimum physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, health, and vitality.


Ra’An: The teeth are very important in the maintaining of health. The gums are very important to take good care of. You might consider a Sonicare toothbrush with the ability for it to be sterile between uses. It is sold at different stores ~ Walgreens…different drug stores. Pay particular attention to the brushing of your teeth and your gums and to not use fluoride toothpaste as that tends to calcify the pineal gland and to cause a problem to the thyroid hormones.


We suggest seeing a very good alternate dentist. Dr. Randolph Aguilera in Irvine, California is one such dentist, although that is a little ways away. One might call him and ask if he knows a dentist in your area ~ Dr. Randolph Aguilera in Irvine, California (949-936-0021).


The teeth are connected to the meridians of the body and can create problems along the meridian lines of the body if there is infection in the teeth. We suggest also having enough omega oils within the body to lubricate the body, a good quality omega oils. We see that these problems have built up over time. They are related to nutrition, lack of alignment in the body, stress that you’ve been under which has drawn heavily upon the adrenals. It would help to build up the strength of the kidneys.


We would suggest that you may want to call Dr. Marshall at (310) 320-1132 or Dr. Medici and ask one of the staff there to comment upon what is bothering you as it may give some helpful information to you. We see some chronic calcification. There is a rigidness in the area and a lack of the proper electrical potential in the area that has built up over a period of time.


We are speaking slowly as we are looking at this……


There is a certain withdrawal of your spirit from the area of the body because of the pain in that area. As the spirit withdraws from this area of the body, then the energy is not replenished in this area. Those are our comments.


Wynn: Thank you. Now when people ask questions for healing, I know sometimes they refer to my sister’s situation where the Elohim said they projected a filter into her blood and took the lupus off, out, filtered it out. What does a person have to do in order to have a miraculous transformation like that?


Ra’An: In your sister’s case, there were several factors. There was you being a cheer-up committee for your sister that brought fresh energy within her body. There was a shock to her system of the surgery that caused the body to rebound and to draw resources to rebound and your support and the laughter with the nurses, of telling jokes, brought healing energy into the whole body and established the flow moving again. It is very important to have flow moving in the body.


In the case of Judith, she has withdrawn some of her energy from the lower area of her body because of the pain. Therefore it has lessened the life force in that area. Reestablishment of life force in an area is imperative for healing.


Wynn: Thank you. Second question from Judith, and I think this is a question a lot of people might want to ask, “How can I fully experience connection with you and have interchange with you, if that’s possible, now and ongoingly?”


Ra’An: Thank you. Listen to this tape. We are connecting with you and have been connecting with you and your body as we have been giving this reading.


Wynn: Thank you. I’m going to ask…and I know there’s more questions here than I can get to tonight and I think in the future on Wednesday, if you’re listening to this, I’m going to start promptly at 7:00 p.m. and if you’re not here, you’re just going to be muted so that we can do this because I have promised Terry that I was going to stop at 8:00 p.m. and it’s 8:09 p.m. and if I ask all these questions, we’ll be going another 15 minutes so that first 15 minutes, I am going to start like really quickly at 7:00 p.m. If you’d like to call in and say “Hello”, come in at 5 of 7 rather than 5 after and it’s okay to come in at 5 after, but you’ll be muted and we won’t hear the ding.


I promised Tamara that I’d ask her question. She asked it last week.


I totally agree the shift is impacting our planet so does that mean the shift is actually increasing atmospheric carbons somehow? Humans do produce a lot of carbon emissions from cars and diesels, heating our homes coal burning. So, where does it go? Does it have zero impact? I’m trying not to take an either/or view where the earth changes are either all from planetary shift or all from human produced carbon emissions.”


And we should add to that. This is Wynn saying it. ”…or from artificially produced waves or explosions which I believe are occurring.”


Either/or thinking often seems to stop people from seeing the whole picture. Ultimately what I’m asking, “What is the composite picture here between what the shift is contributing to planetary changes and the actual impact, if any, of human carbon emissions, which are physically real. And it would be odd if a physically real chemical in our environment had zero impact. Most pollution isn’t neutral but has a measurable effect. For example: More asthmatics visit hospitals and smog days and such.”


Okay, she’s saying, “…earth changes, earth shifts. How much of that is being caused by carbon emissions? How much is being caused by the energy coming in, the higher energy coming in~ the 2012 energy that’s coming in? And I added…” and any other sources of transformations that she’s not mentioning.

Ra’An: Thank you. The majority of the changes are being caused by the positioning of the earth and the solar system within the galaxy at this time as there is a greater impact from particulate matter in the solar system at this time. It is heating up the planet to some degree and melting the ice bergs. It is not only on Earth that this is happening. It is happening on Mars and the other planets as the earth is changing and the solar system is changing as a result of being in the field of the plane of the galaxy and its orbital path within the galaxy at this time.


There is some affect of the carbon of the burning of the gasoline. There is some effect that is not known. Generally, for instance, over Europe, the manufacturing evolution created heat that is changing weather patterns and is then creating different flows of …clouds of…different flows of the streams of air within the air currents ~ within the planet which is then routing moisture in different configurations in creating drought in certain areas of Africa as the result of the changing air currents due to the carbon emissions that came from manufacturers in certain countries.


So there is a definite result of the carbon emissions which you have correctly stated ~ that there need be a result of this. This is minor compared to the place within the solar system within the galaxy at this time which is creating a major amount of change. That’s our answer.


Wynn: Thank you. Alright, I’m just going to close tonight with a silent meditation for about a minute. There’s a couple of people…all those people who are having pain in their bodies…Dee sent a thing…I’m not going to ask her question because there’s too many other questions, but she had some kind of miraculous thing occur and she wanted to know if that was our sources helping her and I said, “Some other day.”


Let me see…who had a healing thing here?


Let’s see… Gretchi Duwal from South Africa, submit your question next week and I will ask it, okay?


Let’s see… We have a question about a star gate bed. We can try it again next week. I won’t promise. It’s kind of like that kind of question only affects you and you never know though what’s going to come through ~ but if I have time, I will ask it.


Beau had a question about God forces in the galaxy. That’s a good one. We’ll ask it next week if you resubmit it. I might ask it anyway.

So in the mean time, let’s just take a moment… all those people on the line or even on the replay line, take a moment and bring the energy in for healing, into your own body and……


Let’s put Carla Reuckert, my sister……


I don’t have a good list in front of me…..


Judith, (and) anonymous. Let’s put the Middle East and peace and synchronicities and interventions to control the negative elite and their nefarious plots of upsetting things right now. We just see that energy flowing from us into all those circumstances in a positive way………………


And on that note… I’m unmuting everybody. Okay, we will see you all, some of you on Sunday! Thanks for being here!



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