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Monday –
We’re all going to die sooner or later

Introductory Notes by Wynn Free

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Channeled and Edited by Terry Brown

Transcribed by Connie O'Brien


Terry:  Good afternoon, good evening ladies and gentlemen, wherever you are.  It is really good to talk to you tonight.  This is Terry Brown; I’m the co-host of the Wynn Free Monday night show, the BBS Show which is a simulcast between internet radio and between a conference call line where Wynn has individuals who call into the conference call line.  He patches them into BBS Radio.  He’s out rounding up the conference line, and he should be with us shortly.

It’s very exciting what’s going on, because BBS Radio is going to be putting up the transcripts of our talks.  We do transcripts of our talks on Monday night and Connie transcribes the Monday night call.  Then, I edit it and we send it to BBS Radio to put up.  They don’t have any up yet, but they’re going to be working on that, and getting them up.

We also have something called ‘The Spirit Channel’ which one can subscribe to and then can get the conference calls.  Someone can go also to and can get our conference calls and the transcripts of our conference calls on Monday night.  Wynn picks a topic, and he has really super-interesting topics.  Sometimes, since he and I were both physics majors, he asks some questions along the line of physics.  They always come up with answers which are really fascinating, even to the point of getting a little bit into string theory and how that works.  They come from a very clear explanation of how things work.  It might take a little bit of re-reading to get it, but to me it seems really amazing and really clear on how things came about and how things are maintained and how come things keep going.

I think I hear them now; do I hear Wynn Free?

Wynn:  Yep.  Tonight’s a difficult night.

Terry:  What’s difficult about tonight?

Wynn:  First of all, BBS changed all their phone numbers, so when I tried to call in none of them were working.  So I had to call Seth.

Terry:  Seth was telling me he wanted you to call in on line 1 because they’ve changed the rest of the lines.

Wynn:  He gave me the new number.  Then, we have our conference call on and I started to start the recording and it said, “We’re experiencing technical difficulties right now.”  Actually, we’re still recording because we get a recording from BBS.

Terry:  Yes, from the very start – BBS has the recording from the very start.

Wynn:  Terry likes it when we use the BBS Recording, because then her introduction gets on there; otherwise, it doesn’t.

Terry:  That’s right – and Daphne’s and David Wilcock’s music gets on there at the very start.

Wynn:  You know what we should do – we should record a five minute introduction, you and I, and have Seth run that while we’re waiting to get on the line.  That way, we don’t have to panic at the beginning, and it’s all professionally done.  Everyone is listening to us now; we’re hanging up all of our processes in front of the small world that’s paying attention to us.

Hello everybody – welcome to our Monday call.  We do sessions on these calls - ‘sessions’ is the right word; dialogues, conversations with beings, intelligences, energies – in other dimensions that say they’re at the top of the universe; at the beginning of creation.  They can flow energy into this dimension.  We ask them questions on Monday about how things work - all kinds of things.  If you have not been our call, you’ll note the spectrum of topics on our Monday call is very wide; everything from…  [Last week] we talked about ‘Guilt’?  Right?  Was that last week, Terry – guilt?

Terry:  Yes, I think it was.

Wynn:  We talk about, individually, how to get through some of the obstacles that plague humans in this realm.  Can everyone on the conference line hear me?

Callers:  Yes. 

Wynn:  There’s really not any restriction on the kinds of questions we can ask, and it’s an inside look, an inside view, on ways in which the greater universe works that are not normally available to a human.  One of the most consistent points that come through on all this is that you who are listening are multi-dimensional; you are not just a physical body.  In this realm on the earth, there’s a compression, there’s a contraction – so, it’s an illusion that you’re just a body.

You could maybe compare it to a guy who was in quarantine in a cell who everyday got up in his cell.  Maybe he thought that’s all there was; I guess he would have had to have been born in the cell which compares it to life on earth.  You’re born in quarantine; you’re born in a box.  The illusion is that’s all we are.  Yet, there’s a lot of clues, loads of clues – that if you look for the clues you start to realize that you’re far more than this box that you’re in, this suit, this armor – which you call your body; which is inhabited by a spirit.  The soul/spirit is certainly more you than the body that it’s occupying.  It’s hard to know that, isn’t it?

Your mind tries to use the senses – the eyes, the smell, and the feel – and all your life you’re drawing conclusions about how things work from those senses.  [That’s probably not true for] everyone on this line, because those people who are attracted to be on these calls have usually made quite a bit of self-awareness of this idea that they’re more than body long before they discovered us.  There is a bigger picture, and we are communicating with guys that know the bigger picture.  I don’t tell you to believe them – I say “Follow it; pay attention and see if it resonates.”

What does it mean to ‘resonate’?  Here: there has to be some kind of indication that is real, that you can practically apply to your life.  There has to be an ‘aha’ experience, where somebody explains something and you didn’t quite know it but you almost knew it.  When you heard them explain it, something inside of you goes, “Aha!  That’s it.”  And, you kind of know; you already knew it.  You didn’t know it in your mind, you knew it intuitively and when you hear it, it clicks in.  When you hear these dialogues, these conversations, oftentimes people have ‘aha!’ experiences; it makes sense.  It fits missing pieces of the puzzle together.  It helps you open your matrix.

We have a really interesting topic tonight.  We started this topic – sometimes we have a topic [as] a thread [that] we pick up again.  You could almost take some of these topics and do them for six months because they’re so profound.  It’s so unusual to have a source intelligence that actually can tell us how it works.  I said that this was going to be a topic of high relevance to everyone, because everyone is going to die.  In this realm, dying is usually looked upon as something to be afraid of.  [The sources] tell us it’s just a transition; it’s going from one place to another.  Many of us, maybe all of us, carry a thread of awareness that goes all the way through from the time we die to the time we’re somewhere else, and how the levels works, and where you go through and how the choices you make [affect it]– can you make decisions when you die, on the other side?  We’re going to explore those things tonight with our sources.

Are you ready, Terry?  Terry is muted; I actually hear her talking in the other room.

Terry:  I guess I’m as ready as I will ever be; but, I don’t want to go too long tonight having been up all day and all night and all day.

Wynn:  Alright, we won’t go too long.  We’re hitting the ground running; it’s 7:16 so we’ll go for 45 minutes.

When Terry channels there’s an activation that occurs in her head that seems so natural when she’s talking.  To tell you the truth, when Terry first started channeling, it sounded so much like her I said, “She can’t be channeling.”  Then I would ask questions and I’d say, “That doesn’t sound like her; where did that come from?”  So it’s deceptive.  Daphne sometimes, when she channels, is very authoritative and it immediately sounds like somewhere else.  With Terry, it sounds like Terry except it’s information that Terry couldn’t possibly come through.

Terry:  I had a lot of trouble when I first started channeling because first of all, I would feel more intelligence when I was channeling – it felt really good.

Then, they would use words that I didn’t know the meaning of, and then I’d [say] “I don’t know about using that word because I don’t know the meaning of it.”  And they said, “Maybe you could learn some words; maybe you could learn five words a day.”  Daphne has a bigger vocabulary than I do, and so when they present me with a concept, I have to figure out the words to go with it.  Sometimes, the explanation is kind of dumbed down, because I don’t know the words.  Sometimes they give me words and then I [say] “I don’t know the meaning of that word.”  If they keep insisting on saying it, then I’ll say it.  It’s always been really right on.

Wynn:  They never think you’re stubborn, do they?

Terry:  They might think I’m stubborn.

Wynn:  I think they like you, though.

Terry:  They like that they can talk and that they can get some words in.

Wynn:  The voices that speak through us; there are a lot of people who channel; the stuff we’re doing is different from a lot of people because the sources explain themselves in such a high way.  One of them says they created the physical universe and the other one says they’re made up of graduates of this realm who have graduated – in other words, have gotten off the Wheel of Reincarnation.  They’re here to help those of us who are still stuck here.

We’re really quite lucky to have this access.

Terry:  We’re very lucky.

Wynn:  With this luck there is also a responsibility.  Really, when we started doing this, I didn’t dream that I’d being doing three conference calls a week.  I said, “I’m just going to do this once a week.”  As I started to realize how it worked and how people were benefitting from the connection, and how evolution worked; it’s not easy to stay tapped into these energies.  As you all know, you move in and out, in and out – and, to hold the space of the connection is a gradual thing.  I don’t think you can have enough impact from them.

That’s why we have three conference calls a week, we have Team Shift.  People are learning – it’s not intellectual learning.  I don’t even know what the process is – they’re learning; they’re shifting.  They’re shifting just by exposure, and I’m shifting by exposure and Terry is shifting by exposure.  We’re part of you, we’re learning just as well as you are.

I’m really grateful for those of you who listen often and send emails, because if it wasn’t for knowing how people were being impacted I wouldn’t be here.  Why [would I]?  I don’t need to do this three times a week.  I know it’s helping you and I’m so glad and I’m honored that I’m able to hold the energy for this.  All of those whom this is impacting is so amazing to watch.

On that note, I’m going to shut up and call in the light and we’re going to go through our questions for this evening.  Terry keep your mike close to your mouth because that particular microphone is not as loud as the other one.

Terry:  I’m not using the mike right now; I’m using just the phone.

Wynn:  Do you have the mike there?  Would you rather use it – would that make it easier?

Terry:  No, I don’t think I’ll use it because I can’t find it.

Wynn:  That’s a good reason not to use it.  Is that called “Channeler’s Alzheimer’s”?  You guys wouldn’t believe how forgetful Terry can be.  Next week we’ll do a show on Terry’s forgetfulness.  We go through headsets!  *laughter*  [Wynn gives Terry a mike.]

Let me know when you have that mike plugged in. 

Terry:  Okay – mike check:  Is this okay?

Wynn:  Yes, that’s good, that’s better too.

Gijs:  Terry, did I tell you I love you tonight?

Terry:  You’re so wonderful – you give me confidence.

Wynn:  I unmuted everybody because I don’t want you to feel left out.  Anybody else want to tell Terry that they love her?

[Lots of people love her]:  “I love you Terry” – in unison.

Terry:  Thank you.

Wynn:  I don’t want everyone to think Gijs has special privileges, even though he’s my producer.

Father Mother God, we ask for the presence of the light to surround and protect Terry, myself everyone on this line, everyone listening to the replays, everyone reading the transcripts.  We take all of our negativity and let it go and release it into the highest realms of light to be transmuted for the highest good of all concerned.  We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the energy fields of the planets, through the outer energy fields of earth, through our bodies and into the center of the earth.  Right now, we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls - and we invite those sources that are positive, service to others, honoring the Law of One - to join with us as we create a protected space that only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now.  We wait for our sources to identify themselves.

Ra’An:  We greet you in the love light of the One Infinite Creator.  This is Ra’An and it is the 19th of December, 2011.  We move towards the time when your earth will be in alignment with the center of the galaxy, which will mean that the density of energy hitting the Solar System will be at a maximum; after that, it will begin to wane gradually as the planet earth moves into a different configuration, as it follows its path through the galaxy as a Solar System follows it’s path through the galaxy.

We are honored to be with you and we greet each and every one of you and we feel very – we use the word again – honored by the connection that you make with us.  Do you have questions?

Wynn:  We have a topic tonight on – we started it probably when Terry’s friend John passed and we talked about what happened to John – the angel pulling John through the Tunnel of Light, and the assistance that Terry gave when she was with him.

There is this great mystery about death, and I understand we can’t get a simple answer because everyone is going to follow a very unique trajectory when they die depending upon who they are; depending upon their consciousness, depending on their track, depending on their awareness.  Maybe you could give us a broad-spectrum look at all the different possibilities that can happen for different kinds of people when they die.

Ra’An:  Thank you.  We give you information that is always the same.  We can tell you a little bit about John, which is an example of one of the trajectories one can take.

John, in being in Terry’s field and having the telepathic guidance of Terry, [did not have] a break in communication as he was passing away. In the very few days before that, he was disconnecting more and more from his body.  His body was more and more shutting down.  Terry would observe that he was listening and aware of everything that was going on around him, even though it did not appear to be that way.  When he would get disconnected from the energy of the daughter, Jane, and Terry – he would get disconnected from that and begin to look at it as separate from what was going on – hence to separate out.  Terry would bring him back into the conversation by talking to him, knowing that he was comprehending everything that the people in the room said.

This continued after he left his body into a rapport, a telepathic communication, which then he was able to be directed to the Tunnel of Light, and Terry went into the Tunnel of Light after him to make sure that he got off okay to the heavenly realm.  The communication continued in the Tunnel of Light between the two of them and he became, without a break but within the flow, oriented into the Tunnel of Light and then went into the heavenly realm. 

In the heavenly realm he was met by some of his friends, and there were two of his dear, close friends that met him there and he was excited to see them as they had been long-term friends.  One of them, particularly, had been long-term friends of his and had repeatedly been in his life.  As such, he went through processes of looking into the Book of Knowledge; he was able to read – he was so intrigued by that, because the light, the wisdom, that was imparted to him.  It started in the tunnel, as the tunnel changed his frequency so that he was able to match the frequency of heaven and to be in the heavenly realm.

That’s one of the things that happens in the Tunnel of Light – the person is raised in frequency and is moved into a space that can connect easily with the heavenly realm.  It releases the connections within the earthly realm that would hold someone into the lower frequencies.  After he had read in the Book of Life, he would alternately have de-stimulation sessions where one is within a de-stimulation – you could call it a ‘cloud’, but it is a cloud of vibration – that helps the individual to de-stimulate.  Then, he would alternately move to see his friends.

In one of the processes that can happen there, the individual who has not the heavier frequencies, the lower frequencies of the earth realm, but has the frequencies of the higher realms and the connections with the higher realms, then it is genned into their matrix, as they take their soul matrix with them, it is genned into their matrix.  The surroundings of the heavenly realm then helps them stabilize within that realm and orient within that realm.  As such, not having the lower frequencies that slow down one, one can move with the flow easier and can transform their body into the earlier version of their body, and can look at themselves and others and can see them in their younger body.  If the individual then comes back to visit in the earth realm and sticks around for some time, they can then again move into the framework that they were in at the time and their body, their soul matrix, taking on the manifestation of the looks of the body will again possibly – it doesn’t have to be this way – they may fall back into the older version of their body.

We hope this makes some sense.  This is one version of what can happen after one dies; there are other versions of what can happen.  We take a look at another example, the man in Vermont who was the owner of the apartment house.  He was very attached and felt very successful and he was able to feel useful and have some control over his life when he was the owner of the apartment house; but then he passed away.

Sometimes when a person passes away, they don’t realize that they’ve still got their soul matrix and they can still operate in their surroundings and they can still have vision of what is around them and can still see and even hear; they do not realize that they have modified their version of who they are to the point that they have let go of the larger or more heavy body.

This gentlemen in the Vermont, the owner of the apartment house, still considered that he owned the apartment house and would come around as a ghost and knock on people’s doors.  He was very confused by it all because he couldn’t make himself heard, although he would try to talk and he could even muster up an appearance of who he had been, and people could see him manifesting, but he couldn’t muster up physicality enough to be able to stick in it.  He was stuck, so to say.

We think of other examples, where a person has suddenly has crossed over and they’ve lost their life suddenly.  Like in the castles in England where there’s a girl who had been executed and she kept re-living the pre-time of the execution trying to make herself heard, trying to get through to somebody so that she didn’t have to be executed - and she stayed in this state.  She had a communication that had to be heard, she felt, and she could even make her communication heard and felt by individuals who were in the castle, as she would run screaming down the hall.  However, it didn’t resolve the situation because the situation - she was expecting, hoping that the situation would be resolved then and there, and in her life it had not been resolved and she had been executed, and she kept hoping for a different outcome; hoping that somebody would listen; hoping somebody would be there for her, somebody would comprehend, somebody would understand and would give her some solace. 

There she sat, in this redundant cycle of frustration, trying to make herself heard - and there she sits today, weeping or alternately running down the hall. 

So there are communications that are unfulfilled, that didn’t get across that one felt they must get across and they keep staying there – hoping, hoping forever – that it will get across somehow and then they could move on with their life, if somebody could comprehend.  There is some room there for somebody who could do telepathy to go to that area and to work with that woman, but it would take a bunch of work because she keeps hoping for a different outcome than she got.  The outcome that she got, the execution, was totally unacceptable to her.  The life before of being respected, of being looked up to – that was the life before that was in such contrast to being executed – this contrast made it very hard for her to adjust.

When you have contrasting things [such as] sudden death; [where in the person] was living their life and then suddenly it changed.  They were unwilling to change, so they kept on trying to make their life what it had been before, and not even realizing that [they had died because] it had been so sudden they didn’t even realize that they had lost their body because they still had their psychic body there; they still [had] their matrix and they still [had] power of locomotion and still [had] power of thought.

When one gets interiorized into a situation such as that, it can hold one up for quite a long time in trying to break through the pattern, the cycle, that they wish to have it come out the way they want it to come out, the way it had been - and they, in a sense, are caught between those two things – how it had been and how it was now and only accepting really how it had been.  [They are] not wishing whatever it is that happened and not wishing the change, not even realizing - and in a lot of the circumstances - that there has been a change, and that holds up the progress and it sticks them in the terrible circumstance that they really don’t want to be in.  If they could move through it they could set up a whole new circumstance of life and again feel the joys that they felt before this sudden change.  Those are some of the ways that an individual, after they die, can move.

In the case of John, there was a gradual transition over a period of days as he disconnected from the body.  In the case of the lady in the castle, the queen or the mistress in the castle, there was a sudden, unacceptable change.  In the case where you had a sudden death, on a roadway, on a highway – sudden death in an automobile accident, you can get the ghost.  The person [is] still trying to continue their life from that point, hitchhiking; trying to get home.  People will stop and pick them up, and they’ll sit in the back seat, say, and the driver turns around they don’t see them anymore.  You get these cases where they’re trying very hard to continue their life.

One of the things that can happen if you have an open heart, and you are able to be broad in your outlook, then you can connect with situations and you can change with the situation and adapt – ‘adapt’ is an important word because the love is there; the love is there for you.  If you focus upon the love, it will carry you through and help you change.

Wynn:  One question that came up for me is:  When you described that woman who was executed and was kind of stuck – is it possible for someone from the Ra group [to help her?]

You were talking about somebody down here could be telepathic.  There have been times when Terry has done a reading for somebody and she contacted someone who was dear to the person and made a connection and that connection helped release that person – at if anyone is interested.  We don’t promote those too much, but I’ll just throw it because in the next couple of weeks we have some room to do some readings.  Is it possible for another entity somewhere else to help that person?  For example, let’s suppose that person who was executed had someone that loved her in a previous lifetime that was discarnate.  Could they contact her?  Could someone from the Ra group contact her and help release the situation?  Or is it required for someone in this realm to contact someone in that situation?

Ra’An:  One can always try to contact one, and just sending the aura of understanding that one gets it might help calm this person down, as there’s an element of them that is open to that.  However, there are other elements within that being that is demanding to be heard, demanding this to not occur, which was happening before the execution.  It’s an insistence upon this unreality that makes it hard for this person to listen, as they do not want any other outcome but to not have the execution occur.

Wynn:  So that Ra group is not able to manifest in a way that person can perceive them?

Ra’An:  This person perceives mainly one thing, and that’s that the outcome of that incident is totally unacceptable, completely and totally, and they have no capability to accept that.  Because they are a tender being, and it is unreal that brutality can happen; so they keep insisting that that reality not enter their life.  Of course, it has entered their life already.  As we talk about it, there begins to be a little bit of a change in that person and the person moves from hecticness and franticness to a really angry, sad grief over the reality of what happened.  Go ahead.

Wynn:  If we take the example of John:  I knew John, I guess I still know him, I would say [he] was a very wise being and a very old soul.  I would have suspected that there were past epochs where he had graduated from this realm and came back.  When he came back he lost his flight-path, so to speak, and got stuck in the realm again.  Even somebody [who] has been an angelic being and come in from higher, every time they take a life it seems like there’s a pretty good chance they’re going to get lost down here another time, and then it takes so many lives to untangle that until they have another opportunity to move into higher realms.  Am I correct?  Can you explain a little bit about how that works?

Ra’An:  When one moves into the earth realm from the higher realms, one takes on characteristics of the veil within the body that they choose, within the framework of the consensus reality in which they live, within the framework of the earth, which provides them with frequencies of the earth which shifts them into the lower frequency.

As such, they lose touch with where they have been, although to stay in the lower realm they need to generally – to do this.  The higher realm is a different frequency, so one has an opportunity for growth by coming into third dimension and learning how to intermix his own Divine Self with the manifestations in the third dimension, the third density.  It gives one the opportunity to learn to be themselves in spite of all of the impulses that try to convince one to be otherwise for survival purposes.

Wynn:  What is then required in this person’s track to let them graduate?  Since one has fallen back into this realm; come in and gotten lost in the density of this realm.  Now they’re going to go through many lifetimes in this realm.  What event has to occur for them that gives them the opportunity to go back to that higher place?

Ra’An:  They have to be willing to go back to the higher place; they have to have a spirit of adventure to move back into the higher realm, as now they are oriented to the lower realm.  It is like moving, like changing towns, although the higher realm is a part of them that they have simply moved their focus off of.  To move back into it simply takes moving one’s focus to include the higher realm.

Wynn:  When we do our grid healings on Sunday we have this experience of great expansion during certain parts of that session.  When we are expanded are we moving into the space where discarnate entities are as well, even though we can’t see them?

Ra’An:  We would not call the entities ‘discarnate entities’ as they are perhaps more whole than they were in the earth’s realm, more mobile than they were in the earth realm – more able to travel doing different means of travel in the higher realms; more able to talk in terms of telepathy because they do not have the lower realm to bind their energy or to hold their energy from being available to them.

Wynn:  Can they feel our energies?  Can they feel our presence in their realm even though we can’t see them?

Ra’An: If the individual focuses upon the third dimension, the third density realm, they then have the ability to perceive it based upon whatever their orientation is, that what they are seeing can be interpreted and have meaning to them.

Wynn:  If someone had someone that they were connected with in the third density that passed, is that a good time to send that person loving energy, or connection?

Ra’An:  That is a very good time to send them loving energy.  One also though, should not place any hold or possession upon that connection line, because that can hold the individual into the third density realm and keep them from moving into the higher realms because they’re in a very suggestible state or in a somewhat suggestible in that: if someone is suggesting that they do not move into a higher realm but they stay around, then the individual – still looking for guidance – may take them up on it.

Wynn:  Terry did a kind of extraordinary thing with John when he passed because she’s telepathic enough to have connected with him while he was leaving.  If someone else who doesn’t have that telepathic ability of Terry, wanted to help somebody when they’re passing – would just being next to them and praying and holding their hand potentially have the same kind of help that Terry gave John?

Ra’An:  It may not be the intensity of connection, which is one of the things that made it [the passing] totally congruent, because there was no separation in the dying, and it was all continuous.  It is continuous anyway; however, if the person who is dying is less stranded or without knowledge of what to do, then that person, him/herself, can instate a feeling of separation or abandonment and that could hinder the person from moving into a higher realm.

Wynn:  When you were talking about John, you used the word that John could ‘see’ his friends.

Ra’An:  Yes. 

Wynn:  Could you share what the experience of ‘seeing’ is, since in this realm the word ‘seeing’ directly relates to our eyes which are physical and patterns of light that come into our eyes and go to our brain.  How does a person ‘see’ in other realms?

Ra’An:  It is similar, although the body is thinner, the astral body is thinner, but to an individual who has transmitted into that realm, all of the senses are combined, are congruent; they are all simultaneously transferred/transmuted into the higher realm, and so the perception in the higher realm is that the individual is solid.  So there is a much thinner vision of the person in that realm, but when two people are in that realm, they see each other as solid.

Wynn:  Basically, the person is in some kind of an astral body, and the astral body holds the imprint of the former physical body – like, at what age?  The age they died, or an earlier age?  How do they look?

Ra’An:  At what age what?

Wynn:  If they are perceiving each other, are they perceiving each other as their former body looked when they died, or earlier?  How does their look look?

Ra’An:  They perceive themselves as [what they are] putting out.  In other words, they will perceive what is there, much as they would now perceive what is there.

Wynn:  Do they have a similar-looking body?  The question was:  Do they have a similar-looking body-look as the moment they died, or at some other time in their life?  Or, does it change?

Ra’An:  After they leave their body, some of them - look like they did at some previous time in their life, at the time when their body was much younger.  There is ability to move into that, and to then talk about it.

Wynn:  It’s 8:05, I told Terry we would stop at 8:00 and we’ve gone five minutes over.  Is there anything else you’d like to share with us before we close this evening?

Ra’An: Our energy hearts go out to you, as you are exposed to much that you can learn.  Moving ahead with the transcriptions, with typing the channelings, can be a greater satisfaction than it is now.  

We are very happy to serve you.

Wynn:  Thank you very much; thanks for being here – thank everyone who is involved the production of this.

Some of you, if you look tonight, we have these energy pendants that we have on the email tonight that we gave a great price to for those people who are on our mailing list.  They really work; they help keep your energy balanced; they help; a lot of people, at least, have said.  In this world of changing energies, it’s a little bit grounding – so, you might consider getting one.

On that note I’m now going to stop the recording.


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mind of the channel. It is possible that a negative Source may
interfere. Apply your own discernment, take only what
resonates and discard the rest. An answer to a question is
meant for the person asking the question and you have the
privilege of listening in because sometimes you can gain
insights from the answer. However,  even though the
circumstances may be similar, do not merely assume the answer
applies to you.. This is not meant to replace seeing your
doctor, dentist or any alternative practitioner.  Some people
get healings here, so you can be open to it.